Drifting (2021) - full transcript

Just out of jail, Fai finds a spot on a street corner where other homeless people welcome him. But he doesn't get much time to settle in. The police soon chase them away, and their possessions disappear into a garbage truck. Young social worker Ms Ho thinks it's time to fight this in court. In the meantime, Fai and his friends have other concerns.

Need a referral to a halfway house?

I don't want to see you again.

Don't come back here, I warn you.

Just a bigger prison out there anyway.



It's your first day out.

This shot is on me.

Take it slow.

Wake up, street cleaning!

Wake up, street cleaning!

Bloody hell!

So keen on cleaning now!

The colder the keener!

- Fuck! I just got back.
- Get up, get up!

Get up!

Move away!

Just ride the wave, man.

Here comes the sweep troopers!

The ground's wet, how do we sleep?

Ian, what happened to your legs?

Better this way. Easier
to get public housing.

Brother fai.

Chan mui, you've put on weight.


You too.

But you're doping again,

you'll lose weight fast.

Not everyone can just quit like you two.

You quit already?

Start cleaning, guys.


Get your hands off my stuff!

Fuck you, don't touch them!

Stand down.

Don't Chuck my stuff!

We'll clear this block tonight.

All this trash here.

What trash? They're mine!

Stop it!

Listen, mister.

If they're so important,

- go file for lost property.
- What?

- You can clear those away first.
- They're mine! Why clear them up?

Chuck all the trash.

What trash? They're mine!

- Please cooperate, I'm warning you!
- What the fuck?

- Being on the street is illegal now?
- Second warning!

Don't you dare touch me!

- Go on!
- What now?

Why not clear the
construction waste over there first!

You don't tell the police what to do!

What're you doing?

Put it down!

You call everything trash.

Is picking trash illegal? Fucking mental.

That's me on the photo.

- Are you blind? Bloody cop!
- Put it down!

- Put it down!
- What now?

Keep cleaning!

A cabinet,

a radio,


A kerosene stove, a kettle,

a mattress and a duvet.

Just fucking forget it,
why bother making a list?

Everything's dumped.

Shut up, traitor.

You just saved your own stuff,

ours are all gone.

You hit back but you
lost everything anyway.

I was being rational.

I checked the statute,

they should've given notice
before clearing the streets,

and we can retrieve
the items in seven days.

If they ignore our complaint,

we can gather folks from tung chau,

nam cheong and yum chau streets,

take the case to the small claims tribunal.

If we sue them,

and words get out,

everyone's got to know we're junkies.

You want that?

- You?

Your face screams "junkie" anyway.

Anyone can tell.

This can be done anonymously.

Even on media interviews,

they can blur your face.

The whatever tribunal you mentioned,

is a court right?


We've all spent time in prison.

Did we ever win a single case?

Everyone should admit their fault.

Was it our fault?

This social worker said
they violated the statute.

They should've notified us,

but they just cleared everything straight.

Fuck it, can't stand you lot.



Go home kid. Stop bugging me.


It's ok, I can do it alone.

Stop fucking mess with me.



Let... me... help.

This is the place.

Hey, chan mui.

Can you get me a push cart?

What are all these boards for?

Building a house.

Found myself a spot.


Can you hammer stuff?

I was a professional carpenter.

How do you want it?



How about a brick wall?

How can I help you?

I'm renovating my home, need a water pipe.

Do you sell it?

Over here.


How about these ones?

I'm not sure.

These aren't good?

No good either.

And this?

This is too big!

What are you looking for?

- Those ones.
- No good?

Oops, forgot my wallet.

- No worries.
- I'm sorry.

Silly me.

Next time then.

It's nice having a job.

No need for dope.

If Ian didn't have an accident,

I'd probably still be hooked.

Ian said she applied for public housing.


Hope she'll bring me with her.

I'm fed up with you junkies.

No one would hire us,

how else do we pass the time?

Get high, time flies.

Street dope is so thin now,

and so expensive,

better just quit.

It all tastes the same now,

just want to kill time.

Aren't you suing the government?

Not busy enough?

Come have a look,

see what you like.

Big sis hoi!

It's been ages!

I thought you left the business.

My son got a promotion.

Just two weeks ago,

he took my old man and me on a cruise.

Your children take good care of you.

You should stop Hawking.

It's my hobby!

Oh right,

I heard your spot was cleared out.

Those people are heartless.

It's cold out here.

I ran into sister hoi just now,

it's from her.

It's so nice of her.

You must be tired, stop massaging me.


No worries.

It's ok, really.

If you don't want to
sue the government, so be it.

I'm fucking suing them.

Bloody bastards,

chucked my stuffs and called them trash.

We are the real trash.

Might as well Chuck us too.

We're in this together.

Either we sue them together, or we don't.

Go to sleep.

Stop grumbling.

It's been a while, son.

Payment is due for your son's shrine.

Has it been ten years already?

Well yes,

and you're one month late.

I see.

I just got out.

I'll pay as soon as I can.

Please, I'm really sorry.

What's your regular heroin dosage,

and how do you take it?

One rock,


For how long?

Almost two decades.

I recommend a 30mg dose for a start.

Depending on your tolerance to this dose,

we'll adjust your dosage.

Uh huh.

Come back on this date.

You'll be tested
regularly for urine toxins,

and serum methadone level.

Do you need a pamphlet
for your family or employer?

I don't have family or employer.

Mr. Ho kei fai,

may I ask,

you've been using heroin for a long time,

is there any particular reason why

you wish to join rehab this time?

I may be homeless.

But I am not worthless.

I may be homeless.

But I am not worthless.

Do you have confidence in winning the case?

We sleep on the street,

in sham shui po.

That night they came,

kicked us out,

without prior notice.

We demand that the government

gives us a fair compensation,

and a public apology.

I am homeless.

But I am not worthless.

I am homeless but I am not worthless.

I am homeless.

But I am not worthless.

I am homeless.

But I am not worthless.

I am worried that I missed something,

and screwed it up everyone.

Like what?

You were brilliant!

Let's go back.


How do we get home?

The bus ride here was so expensive.

When did that become so expensive?

Let's take a ferry,

it's cheaper.

Ferry it is, then.

I'm not taking ferry!

I'd rather die.

You guys can go.

I'll take a bus.

Go take a ferry,

I'll take a bus with master.


Why are you still wearing a mask?

There're still journalists around.

You must be really famous.

I wonder what Saigon looks like now.

Heard it's really beautiful.

You want to visit?

Let's get everyone there for a day trip.

It's not the one in Hong Kong,

but my hometown.

It's been renamed,

to Ho Chi Minh City.

Turns out that ho chi minh,

was in Hong Kong,

when he founded the
communist party of Vietnam.

Later the communists

took Vietnam,

while we ended up in Hong Kong.

So many new buildings.

Because there're more people.

All so fucking tall,

so packed.

How does this tiny land hold all these?

It's overflowing.

What can you do?

Everyone wants to come to Hong Kong.

What is so good about Hong Kong?

What shit can you do here?

This photo was taken at the camp.

I met my wife there.

My son was born there too.

Your son looks just like you!

What's his name?

His name is I am wun quang.

I call him thang quang.

Thang quang.

Is your family still in Hong Kong, master?

Enjoy the meal.

Dig in.


enjoy the meal.

Two boxes.

There you go.


you live in public housing now.

Stop coming back for free meals.

Sister hoi lives in public housing too,

why are you calling me out?

Sister hoi is different,

she's always been kind to us.

It's me who invited her for dinner.


Damn it.

Luk man is lonely.

He just wants company, right?


Yes, bitch.

Take a bbq pork.

You should be thankful for your bricks.

I'm dying to get one.

You don't know shit.

Public estates are built like a maze now.

Everyone bolts up their door.

I bet they're all from mainland China.

What's wrong with that?

They get a flat fresh off the boat.

Is that fair?


You didn't know?

Still applying as a single bloke?



Come eat with us.

Come on.

Who the fuck are you, kiddo?

Never seen you around.

Who's this goon, brother fai?

It's ok, son,

don't be scared,

he just barks.

Get your palm read by the psychic.

Can't be neighbours if
our horoscopes clash.

Did he say he wants to live with us?

Don't push him.


let me tell you,

there's a mole on your dick.

Go check it yourself.

If you've got one,

I'll tell your fortune.

If not,

I'll give you anything.

Do you have any new songs?

Yes I do.

I wrote six new songs.



"But once you came to Hong Kong,"

"you got sick."

"An infectious disease."

"On the first day you came,"

"you were hospitalised."

"When you got out the world's changed."

Is there a mole on your dick?

Choose to believe.

"You lost everything,"

"and die like a dog."

"But your heart was still beating."

Show me your palm.

Hapless in youth.

Mutual torment with parents.

Doom awaits you at age 28.

Harmed by your blood relative, apparently.

Sounds like deep shit.

Is there anyway to avoid it?

You can't escape your fate.

Would you go vegan for better Karma?

You can cry.

Cry it all out.

Don't be scared.

When my mom died,

I was still at the asylum.


My mom really loved me.

But I just milked her for money.

Why do I deserve to be fucking alive?

Choose to believe.

I won't be permitted
into heaven to see her.

Don't worry. You will.

Don't be silly.

Stop crying like a baby.

You think we have a place in heaven?

People like us belong to hell.

If you hadn't done anything bad,

how did you end up here?

I'm fucked! I'm fucked!

It's ok.

Hak's mom was murdered back home.

When she died,
he couldn't see her one last time.

Just like you.

But lord still loves you.

What's your name?

What... ever.


I'll just call you muk then.


What the fuck!

Selling dope here.

People are trying to quit!

What a prick!

You're just a junkie!

Acting high and mighty! Piss off!

Son of a bitch.


let me have a go.

Come on.



what're you smoking?


What is this shit?

Keep your dope to yourselves!

Come on, get up!

Don't give him this shit ever again!

Let's go.

Wake the fuck up!

Go play the harmonica if you're bored.

Don't get high with these tweakers.


Lend me a hundred, I'm begging you.

Welfare is due soon.

Hang in there.

I can't fucking hang in there!

Just wait a couple of days.

It won't kill you.

Brother fai,

lend me a hundred,


Stop mumbling.

Stop staring at me!

Stop tweaking with them.

You'll end up like him.

You are too high to hear me now.

Why are you drinking alone?

Just bored.

So I take a swig.

Why don't you just kill me?

I don't want to live anymore.

You've spoiled him.

He'll pester you next time.

When I was jonesing for dope,

I stole money from my sister.

She reported and put me in prison.

Dai shing never steals my cashbox away,

meaning he still wants
to live here together.

Let's be grateful we stay together.


Can cross... now.

Can you introduce yourself?

I'm big eye fai,

age 54.

I sleep under this flyover.

We clean up after ourselves,

around this street.

We take it as our home,

so we keep it tidy.

- Are they in frame?
- Yes.

No worries.

They didn't notify us last time,

out of nowhere,

truckloads of people came right at us,

got rid of all our stuff,

kicked us out.

Our ids, beddings were
taken as garbages and dumped.

We can't even get our things back,

they said they're all trash.

Big eye fai,

how long have you been homeless?

On and off for six, seven years.

Did you live elsewhere in between?

Like renting a place?

No, never.

I went to prison a few times.

I see.

Big eye fai, do you mind
sharing your story with us?

What story?


Why did you go to prison,

or how did you end up homeless.

We demand the government
compensate for our loss,

and their apology too.

They didn't want to hear about us

suing the government,
demanding an apology and all.

They're not interested.

They just want to know
why we became junkies.

Why we went to jail.

Why we're sleeping rough.

They want a tearjerking story,

to get people to pity us.

Those stories sell.

That's just ridiculous.

If I killed a guy,
would I tell everyone about it?


Did you kill someone, master?

I was in a war.

Of course I've killed,

I've eaten one too.

You should have

told them just now.

You are our representative.

Hey what're you doing?

- Hey stop messing around!
- Stop!

Fuck, what are you doing?

That's so weird.

That smells so weird.

Ok, whose turn is it?


Shall we give you a
haircut every two weeks?

I felt so bad for you
after watching the news.

Every two weeks?

I guess my hair can't catch up.

I'm a 2nd year landscape
architecture student from hku.

I'd like to give you a workshop today.

That's right.

I want you to build your ideal home.

This is too fucking tiny to be ideal.

In fact you have lots of sympathisers,

so these houses, handcrafted by yourselves,

will tell the society

that you're productive people.

Your homes are full of creativity.

Yes I built them.

Great let's get building!


- I'm Jenny...
- Betting closed, do this first.

Build your ideal home,


Doesn't look like real.

The bloody real ones are over there.

It's just a game, master.

We're giving an orientation camp,

to raise freshmen's sense of belonging,

and to let them experience

lives of different communities.

I ask for your pardon
for any inconvenience we cause.

These young people are incredible.

They actually want to try sleeping rough.

It's an opportunity for
you to educate them,

and give back to society.

Won't cost you a thing.


I've got a bed inside for girls.

I'm done.

- Let's call it a day.
- It's ok.

You'll be fine soon.

It hurts?

It fucking hurts.

I feel perfectly fine, doctor.

Let me take your pulse.


Did you see brother fai's foot?


He may need to have it cut one day.

You're kidding right?

It looks like an elephant's foot!

Rumour has it that

he's been taking methadone.

He should be fine.

Metho my ass.

It's bloody useless.

You'll realise it's not the real deal,

and then go back to dope.

5mg less.

We are 21 street sleepers.

During a cleaning
operation on 15th February,

we lost all our belongings,

including ID card, travelling documents,

cookwares and duvets.

We are aggrieved by
their failure to adhere the procedure.

What do you mean by "the procedure"?

Usually they'll put up a notice beforehand.

Our folks will stow away their belongings,

then return after the regular cleaning.

How do you intend to prove

the ownership of the items mentioned?

Do I need to prove my ID is mine?

There's a photo, number and everything.

Our operation staff
indeed notified the homeless

to pack up,

as they carried out the operation.

As they chucked the stuff?

Why were ids taken as trash?

They're likely hidden among other things,

so the staff didn't see them.

They'd be kept if they
were placed noticeable.

The homeless treated that place as home.

Why would they put
valuable items in the open?

Everything was taken as trash,

and sent away on dump trucks.


Let the judge speak.

The tribunal's endeavours to get both sides

settle out of court.

The homeless demand
a hkd 3000 damage per person.

If the respondent refuses,

I hope you could make a counter offer.

The plaintiff shouldn't overreach either.

Demanding an official apology

may hinder your claim.

When we're arrested,

the court asks if we plead guilty.

We pleaded guilty,

get sent to prison,

do our time.

Now that we're suing,

the court ask if we'll settle,

we refuse.

We wait for the next trial.

But when will they reach a judgement?

A thousand years, maybe more.

Let them take their time.

You have nothing else to do anyway.

This pitch used to be
a nice spot to sleep in.

Now it's nicely renovated.

But they fence people out at night.

They fucking lock everything now.

It's all meaningless.

Whose turn is it now?

Your turn.

Mine looks delicious. It's curry.

Have my fried egg.

It's curry.

Do you want some?

So delicious.

It's my favourite.

Hey, Singh.

Brother fai.

How much for a quickie?

I'm off already.

You look frail,

I don't want to get you killed.

It's not me.

Work a little harder today.

Take him as dessert.

The kid there.

Help him out.

You're his old man?

It's a good deal for you.

Fresh and virgin.

Deflower him.

Won the lottery?


Today muk...

Became a man.

You know he's always spritzing perfume,

I worried that he's not into girls.

So I got him one.

What do you know?

It's trendy now.

Wonky men and women
are on billboards everywhere.

Why give a fuck to what's tready.

You're so outdated you know.

We are old and obsolete. Who cares?

Brother fai,

did Ian tell you?

What about?

We are moving up to the bricks.


Let's drink to that then.

Come on.

You're lucky.

It's like winning the lottery.

Was the girl you got for muk pretty?

Quite pretty.

Not as pretty as you were.

Shut up.

Back in the days, my lads

came to you whenever they had money.

Stop talking crazy.

That's for real.

They were happy to
send you all their wages.

Cut this shit.

Let's go.

Club new Paris, right?

Beautiful new Paris.

Still searching for the family members?

Yes, still clueless.

Even if you find them,

they may not want to meet.

I'm telling you,

once you're clean,

you get sick all over.


be good and get treated.

Hospital is no place for the living.

It's for the dying.

Brother fai,

see how many friends care for you?

Even rich men don't get such a crowd.


Don't do that, muk.

Don't touch me,

it fucking hurts.

Brother fai it will only
get worse if not treated.

- It's rotten.
- Please go.

We can't take care of you.


Brother fai,

if you don't come with me,

I won't help you with the lawsuit.

I'm not obliged to help you with that.

I've been working outside my hours for you.

I could have just walked away.

The photo.

I probably won't come out alive.



Why didn't you come earlier?

The doctor will have a
thorough check up later.

Thank you.

Do as the doctor says, ok?

I got to go.

I'll visit again, bye now.

I know you aren't obliged to help me.

I'm not obliged to accept your help either.


go home first,

we're closed today.

Hurry up!

Chop chop!


Don't go,

it's too risky, you'll regret it!

Hak, let's go.

Come back!

Why don't you learn from my mistake?

If he gets caught,

no country will Grant him asylum.

My teeth can't stand sour food.

The oranges

seem dried up.

You've probably been scammed, kid.


They look funny.

Hospital food is fucking disgusting.

A few fish cakes,

plus some rotten veg, that's all for a day.

Let's... eat... out.

Alright, let's go.

Get some fish balls.

Haven't had fried pig uterus in ages too.

Lots of lads worked for me back then.

I kept some dope for myself,

gave some to my mates.

500 bucks for a deal.

I got 1800 bucks.

Selling a batch,

could make a lot of dough.

Hey, brat!

Territories were marked clearly,

nobody crossed the boundaries.

Otherwise you'd be
beaten like that property agent.

I got to kill you!

It's a dog eat dog world.

You sell the shit and you sell your soul.

Fuck your sad tunes.

Isn't life miserable enough.

This is great stuff.

Makes me want to bet on the jockey,

a triple trio.

If we win,

I'll get you a new flat.

Want... a... viewing?

A viewing?

Alright let's do that.

Watch out!


Don't get yourself killed.

Sham shui p0 is a slum.

Now they've built these expensive condos,

where can poor people live?

Hey you!

Stay there!

Stop running!

Come take a seat.

Come on sit down.

What's so mysterious?

Be patient, you'll find out soon.

That's you.

I don't speak much Vietnamese,

my cantonese is better.

You are...?

I'm thang quang.

Thang ouang?

Take your time.

Ms. Ho...

Didn't tell me I got to meet you.

She wants to give you a surprise.


How are you?

I'm very well.

And you?

How's life over there?

What do you do for a living?

I'm an architect.

So you build houses for people?

Are you married?

Yes I am,

you have two grandkids.

Your place...

Is cold isn't it?

Very cold,

but I'm used to it now.

Days are short in winter,

but there're the northern lights.

It must be really beautiful.

Yes it is.

I'll show you when you visit some day.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

Your father was such a loser.

Couldn't give you anything.

I could have moved to Norway with you all,

but I was caught here.

They wouldn't let me go.

I can come back to see you.


Don't come back to see me!

Actually chatting with you this way,

is nice enough.

Tell me more about yourself.

What would you like to know?


Everything about you.


That's a splurge.

Planning to treat your mates?


Hey brother fai!


How's your feet?

He went missing for two days,

then they found him
with a needle by the sea.


He kept to himself,

hell knows what's on his mind.

A goldfish is hard to keep.

Got to change the water often.

It will die in our hands.

Ms. Ho,

you should keep the fish for master.

Brother fai,

it's all my fault.

Master wasn't going to kill himself.

Don't be self-important.

His life was his.

No one can save anyone.

You're out!

Take a fag.

How long has it been?

A year and a half.

It just flew by.

You're in luck.

Master just passed.

You can take his bed.

It's the best spot.

New friend?

Hi, I'm Ms. Ho.


You have a hard-on!

- Just kidding.
- What the fuck was that?

Brother fai.

Don't worry, come in.

Let's celebrate, my treat.

Do you know why,

when someone gets out of prison,

we always offer them their first dope?


To drag them back down.

We love company.


Yes I am.

Please come in.

He was gone for eight years,

I thought I'd lost him forever.

It's like a dream when the police called.

Since he's back, he said nothing

about the last eight years.

Can you tell me

where he'd been,

and what happened?

An elderly took him in,

he'd been staying with him.

There're lots of elderlies in sham shui po.

We social workers often do home visits.

I always thought

he's the son of the man.

He's never talked much since I knew him.

Who is that old man?

A very nice person.

Muk just played chess with him,

tended his plants and goldfish.

He was little when he went missing.

I wonder what happened to him.

He wasn't like this before.

He used to be such a bright kid.

Muk is still bright,

just has some speech issue.

His name is ching hin.

It's a nice name.

A violent drunk.

So I told him,

I'll match you drink for drink.

Look who's back! Not used to the bricks?

It's perfectly comfortable.

We came back for master.

Are we ready yet?

"In the vast dark capital,"

"stands the vajra mountains."

You all know the funerary rituals?

Many of us died throughout the years.

Practice makes perfect.

Don't talk like I am amateur.

I'm a licensed priest!

If I hadn't become a junkie,

I'd have been a taoist Michael Jackson.

Stay focused!


"Lightning from the east,"

"strikes the precious tile."

"Save the righteous."

"Mr. Lam pat fook, exit the hell,"

"journey to the heaven now!"

Leave in peace, master!

A toast to master of the house.

You should drink with master too.

To master.

Gone one after another.

Even master's gone now.

It's become so quiet here.

"Our encounter tonight leaves me no rue,"

"as I've been blessed
with a heavenly song from you."

"I feel strangely at ease
when your sorrow is spewed."

"The moon shines again
and the sky is ever so blue."

The first court victory
in my entire life, finally!

So when can we get the money?

If everyone agrees with
the hkd 2000 compensation,

I'll inform the magistrate,

that we'll settle.

Within 21 days,

we shall be paid.

Let's sign the papers now,

before he changes his mind.

What about the apology?

Did they apologise?

They refused.

Big eye fai,

they're willing to pay us now,

that's admitting they screwed up.

I won't take the money
without their apology.

Ms. Ho,

can we take the money without him?

We need to negotiate again.

They most probably won't apologise,

meaning brother fai will keep suing them.

If they'll be sued anyway,

they may retract this offer.

Brother fai, are you allergic to money?

What's the chance of us winning the case?

I don't know.

Ms. Ho.

Something went wrong at the sheds.

The police found a
45cm long, black firearm,

and seven rounds of ammunition.

We've also found in this premise

different kinds of assault weapons,

such as baseball bats and machetes.

We'll trace the source of the firearm,

its intended use,

and whether triad activities are involved.

Are these sheds

the cause of rising crime rate?

Crime is indeed
worsening in this neighbourhood.

We'll monitor the situation.

Brother fai, this is bad.

They'll kick us out.

Let's settle, take the
compensation and leave.

Why should we leave?


They've put up a show to set us up.

Settling on one hand,

kicking us out on the other.

Who the fuck cares if it's a show?

They found weapons here,

of course they'll make good use of that.

Got better plans?

Those luxury condos will be sold soon.

Of course they'll kick us out.

Can you blame them?

You pay shitloads for a flat,

but these dicks keep
getting high at your doorstep,

you'll be pissed too.

Sham shui p0 is where poor folks live!

Who needs fucking luxury condos here?

Developers are cheats.

Only morons buy them.

Who's cheating him?

They got to pay us,

what does he want?

Just leave it, you know how brother fai is.

He's screwing us over!

There's money up for grabs,

what more does he want?

If we settle and take the money,

fairly speaking,

we'll still be seen as the winner.

Is the apology that important?

Why did you suggest
we sue them in the first place?

Was it for money?

Of course not.

What was it for then?

Brother fai.

The wind is against us.

They'll tear down this place for sure.

Brother fai.

We can build the sheds again.

You and I are crafty,

aren't we?

After the deadline, fuck
knows what they'll do.

That's right, they'll
Chuck our stuff again.


Let's make it through winter together.

No worries, you guys can leave.

What about the case?

Do we take the money?

Do we settle?

I don't settle.

Brother fai don't be so fucking stubborn,

quit while you're ahead.

If we lose after all the fuss,

we'll end up with nothing at all.

The government is asking nicely,

what do you want?

Tell me.

Ask what?

Just apologise.

I want an apology.

With all that vanity,

you're still a fucking junkie!

The government should
apologise for its faults!

Whether I am a junkie or not!

Brother fai, we're leaving.

Take care,

don't drink too much.

Don't be such a dick, brother shing.

The cable is mine!

Fuck it.

He thinks he knows it all,

but who gave him electricity!

Let's go.

Fucking take it with you.

I don't need your charity.


Let's move.

Let's say grace.

Ms. Ho.

Having lunch?


It's getting cold.

I have some duvets and clothes for you.

I'll leave them here.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you, you still look
after us after we moved in.

Don't mention it.

I serve everyone in the neighbourhood.

Do you need more
electrical appliances or anything?

Don't worry, we have everything.

Have you eaten yet?

Get her chopsticks.

No thanks, I got to visit others too.

Enjoy your meal,


Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

I wonder if this winter
will be cold as last year's.


Excuse me,

can I get in?

No, it's off limit.

Can't let you in.

I'm looking for a friend.


It's dangerous, nobody's here.

I'll leave the stuff and go.

Sorry miss,

please go, no entry.

I see.

Brother fai?


Brother fai.

Ms. Ho.

I've got you supplies.


Thank you so much.

That's nice, thank you.

They're taking down the sheds one by one.

Let them, I'm not leaving.

I won't settle.

I'm not pushing you.

Would you consider evading,
just for the short term?

I go where my house goes.

Certain things can't be evaded.

People like us...

You're very kind.

Take care of yourself, brother fai.

I will.

I won't keep you then.

You still have a choice.

Why force yourself to the dead end?

Why did you give up on yourself then?

I had no choice.

Don't make it sound
like everything is forced on you.

You said you'd match me drink for drink.

You sounded so ballsy, didn't you?

Why did you push me?

I just wanted to save you.

No one can save anyone.

I really just wanted to save you.

But you killed me.

I raised you, gave you an education.

You were well fed with
money in your pocket.

What the fuck were you sad about?

I was not sad,

I was angry.

Angry about what?

Now that we're fucked,

what's left to be angry about?

Then why wouldn't you give in?

What the fuck did I do wrong?

I want justice.

I want those pricks to apologise.

How could we settle?

I won't fucking settle.

If you don't settle,
you'll screw everyone up.

Let them burn with us then.