Dressed to Marry (2014) - full transcript

- Gifts in the study, please.
- Yes, ma'am.

What was I thinking when I
came up with this wedding idea?

I told you.

Look, there you are lying again.

- I never lie.
- You don't?

You can fool anyone but me.
I am your aunt.

You do lie a lot.

And what's worse, when you lie,

you scratch your ear
like a maniac.

That's not lying, it's finding
a better way to coexist.

I know.

You know it's your fault, right?

I was buying a ring for you
and Narinha showed up.

I couldn't say the ring
was for another woman.

Another woman? Fernando!
I'm your aunt, I raised you.

She wouldn't understand.

You got engaged to that hick
and I was left without a ring.

That girl came into my life
robbing me.

That girl has a name, it's Nara.

It's the best thing
that ever happened to me.

I don't know
but, when I'm with Nara,

I feel happy, excited,
and also calm.

That's it, calm.

Sometimes lying isn't bad.

You complained
about the wedding.

About the party,
not the wedding.

- Sign this, dear.
- Give it to me.

A thousand bucks in sweets?
Are they made of gold?

- Don't complain.
- I won't let anyone eat it.

They're cheap, very cheap.

The party is the best part
of the wedding.

- It's about time...
- Time!

It's time to pick up Nara!
Auntie, I forgot!

Almeida, get me
out of these clothes.

- I can feel the pins!
- Don't you prick my boy!

Why do you pick on Narinha?

She's a hick and has nothing
to do with you.

After traveling for so long,

finding that cute Brazilian
squishing grapes in France

was magical.

- For God's sake!
- She's a hick, a hick, a hick!

Go to arrivals
while I park the car.

Remove your seat belt and go.

- Thank you.
- I can't believe you, auntie.

Watch out!
Did you bribe the DMV?

Oh, my.

Hello, excuse me.
Good day to you too.

Do you have
"Travel More, Spend Less"?

- Yes.
- Why isn't it on the shelf?

- Because it doesn't sell.
- Because it's not on the shelf.

It's an agreement
with the publisher.

Get me the book.

Take your time.
No one here is in a hurry.



Hi. By the pictures,
you must be Narinha.

and you must be aunt Nené.

To Fernando, I am aunt Nené.

You can call me Mrs. Nadir.

Yes, of course.
And where is Fernando?

He is parking the car.

He's probably having trouble
finding a parking spot.

Yeah... Let's just hope
it's not a problem.

To make me wait here...

I thought he was
crazy to see me.

You can't imagine
how crazy he is.

Excuse me.

- Hello?
- Is she there yet?

I'll be right there, auntie.

I agreed with the publisher
to show my book on the shelf,

not behind
the "Guide to Mogi Mirim".

What do you have
against Mogi Mirim?

Nothing, I'm just
in favor of my book.

Mogi Mirim is a town
full of hard-working people.

I told you I have nothing
against Mogi Mirim.

I don't like certain people
who interrupt conversations.

That's funny... One book, and
he's already full of himself.

You're not better than anyone,

specially people
from Mogi Mirim.

However, I am,
I was Miss Mogi Mirim.

- But not anymore.
- I'm beautiful.

- Not anymore, it's over.
- Just look at me.


My love!

Instead of getting me,
you're talking to a nobody?

I'm not a nobody.

What's all this? Just because
I'm from Mogi Mirim?

She's from Mogi Mirim.
I missed you!

- It doesn't seem like it.
- But I did.

- No, you sent aunt Nené.
- Mrs. Nadir.

You sent Mrs. Nadir
while you chatted with this...

Proud citizen of Mogi Mirim.

So, are you buying the book?

No! Why would I buy
the book I wrote?

If you don't want it,
imagine the others.

It's going back behind
the "Guide to Mogi Mirim".

Do you have a problem
with Mogi Mirim?

I don't have a single problem
with Mogi Mirim.

Would you like to buy
the "Guide to Mogi Mirim"?

- No, what for?
- Please, excuse me.

See? You're from Mogi Mirim
and you don't even care.

You're still ignoring me
to talk about Mogi Mirim.

I don't care about it.
I've never been to Mogi Mirim.

It could explode for all I care.

Where do you know her from?

I've never seen
this fat cat before.

I'm not fat and never was.

Of course he knows me.
He's pretending he doesn't.

I don't know you.

Celebrities have stopped
hitting their wives,

driving drunk,
walking naked out on the street.

Where's the passion?

Talking about passion,
look at that beauty.

She was on "Big Brother".
I don't know her name.

Has she posed naked?


She's making a scene.

- Is she really famous?
- Everyone knows her.

Go back to Mogi Mirim
annoy other people.

There are amazing things
to do in Mogi Mirim.

Fernando, I think
you do know her.

- The girl is leaving.
- I couldn't see who she was.

I'm going after her.

If I don't get any photos,
my boss will kill me.


Put it on the cuff.

Nara, I've never seen
that woman in my life.

- Oh, Fernando.
- My love, I missed you.

- Me too.
- I missed you a lot.

- Do you believe me?
- We'll see.

Calm down, my love.

- Are you okay?
- Everything's great.

I am going to trust you.

- But, dear...
- Yes?

Don't lie to me.

Fernando, I accept anything

but lies.

Since we are at the airport,
why don't you go back?

Aunt, instead of being funny,
help me with the luggage.

Go outside with Narinha
while I get the car.

It's easier than taking
all this to the car.

- Did you bring rocks? Bricks?
- Just go, my love.

Don't take too long.


Hurry. We need to figure out
a lot of things for the party.

Oh, my...

I thought you'd never show up.

Don't you know me?

- Not here, dear.
- Why not?

- There's no one here.
- Take me somewhere else.

- Where's the car?
- My car, I think...

I had to leave it there.
No, on the other side.

- Where's my car?
- Oh, dear.

I'm sure it's over there.


- I can't do this, I'm famous.
- You're my famous girl.

Yes, I am.

Not in public.

Come here, come with me.

- You, again?
- Can you believe it?

He's stalking me!

It's just a coincidence.

Valentina, who is this guy?

A crazy fan who is stalking me.

- I'm not your fan.
- Don't lie.

- I'm not lying.
- Didn't you run me over?

I didn't run you over.

Then you offended me
at the bookstore.

And Mogi Mirim too.

Mogi Mirim sucks, but not you.

- Now you tried to attack me!
- I did not!

I just bumped into you.

Look what you did to my dress.

I want an explanation!

- Why are you yelling?
- I can yell all I want!

You're right, with that voice
you should be a baritone.

Come on, guys.
Let's sort this out.

- Can we try and be civilized?
- Please.

A little bit.
Let's just be friends forever,

maybe add each other
on some social network.

- I'll pay for the dress.
- What are you getting at?

- He wants to pay!
- I can afford it.

This is a Jean Luc dress.

- Is it yours?
- Jean Luc is a dressmaker.

You look like a dressmaker.
A manly dressmaker.

I'll pay for it.
How much was it?

Since you insist,
it was 8 thousand dollars.

Let's talk,
I haven't filled it out yet.

Hold this for me.

Let's forget about "paying."
It's like throwing away money.

Give me that part.
We can just place it here.

Let me put it back on.

Get your hand out of there!

Now it ripped completely!

Look what you did, you idiot!

- If we place the fabric here.
- Don't touch my boobs.

- Get your hands off her boobs.
- You too!

Let him do it,
it calms him down.

Let me tell you something,
my friend.

Lady, please relax.

I'll just leave my hands here.

No more hands.

My God!
He caught me!

- Do something.
- Where's your car?

Over there.

- Do you fit in it?
- Are you calling me fat?

- Yes.
- I'm a little bit out of shape.

- Let's run away.
- Not with you.

- Yes, you are.
- Which way should we go?

Let's just go.

I'll open the door.
Calm down, guys.

Let's go, guys.

Let's run away.

- Someone has to drive.
- Come to the front!

I'm going.
Don't you want to drive?

- Wait!
- Sorry.

Let's go!

Put your seat belt on.

It seems you have
magnets in your boobs.

they're rock hard!

Do you have implants?

I never liked implants
but yours are...


It's Fernando's car.
Come, sweetie.

But I have
to pick my fiancée up.

You can do that later.
Let's get out of here.

- Step on the gas!
- Go, go!


- Aunt, it's me.
- Yes.

You know, Aunt.

Step on the gas,
for the love of God!

Get off the phone!

Take Nara to a hotel,
make up something.

I'll explain later.

Let's take a cab,
I'll explain on the way.

Come with me.

Step on it!

- Come on!
- Go, go, go!

Let's go, we lost him.

I might be able to fix it.

- Come!
- Help me!

Let's go!

Look what you did, fat ass!

- What did you call me?
- Fat ass!

- Let's go!
- Go on.

- Hey, boss.
[-Moron, I'm waiting for you.

- I know.
[-Are you letting me down again?

Calm down, I'm sending
some photos down.

"Mystery troublemaker."

Find out about the major fuss
at the airport.”

- Yes, I guarantee!

I'm sending them.

My husband is going to kill me!

Unless this is a special way
of addressing him,

I believe this nice guy
is not your husband.

If you think I'm nice,
you'll love her husband.

How will I explain to my husband
when I come home wearing this...


How will I explain to my fiancée
a half-naked lady in my room?

You have to leave.

With the paparazzi outside?
Over my dead body!


Fernando, for someone
who didn't know her,

you've quickly made friends

with former Miss Mogi Mirim
over here.

What's all that about?

It was before "Big Brother".

- "Big Brother Brazil"?
- Are you still insisting?

So you didn't know
I was on "BBB"?

That explains the photographer!

He wasn't interested
in a former MMM,

- Former MMM?
- Yes, Miss Mogi Mirim.

Are you going to keep
insulting Mogi Mirim?

Mogi Mirim sucks!

What's up with that?

I didn't mean to be rude
to such a nice person.

You're full of life.
You must be Libra.

- Very well.
- What a nice conversation!

Your fiancée should join us.
She's in the living room.

- Is Narinha here?
- Yes.

She made a scene
and refused to go to a hotel.

What did you tell her?

I made something up,
like you asked.

But I'd never imagine
that the former Miss Mogi Mirim

- would be half-naked here.
- My God.

The best thing to do
is to tell the truth.

Are you crazy?
No, you've totally lost it.

Everyone here lost it,
except for you, kind sir,

an admirable person.

Aunt, did you see her
at the book store?

- There will be no wedding.
- Exactly.

Telling the truth
is the best way.

I'll think of something.
Want water? Juice?

My darling.

So that's it?


- What Aunt Nené told me.
- Mrs. Nadir.

- What Mrs. Nadir...
- Aunt Nené.

Mrs. Nené sometimes...

She said you didn't stop,
because you are unsure.

Exactly, he is not sure.

I, however, am.

Can you go to my room
and see if the leak was fixed?

If not, try to fix it.

- The leak?
- Yes, the leak.

I'm on it.

Not sure of what?

Why didn't you stop the car?

I remembered, right,

that I wasn't sure
if they had cleaned this place.

They scrubbed the roof,
but they didn't clean it.

I decided to come first
to clean some of the dust

before you arrived.
That's it.

And you weren't sure of that?

That's not what aunt Nené said.

You've got
some explaining to do!

Can we do something with this?

A cleaning rag.
Very fancy, but still a rag.

My God, I'm doomed!

What if we get another dress

and say someone spilled
coffee on her dress?

What a great excuse!

More useless than my dress,
smart ass.

My husband is a control freak!

I need a much better
story than that.

My God, I hope it's not him.

Oh, God...

- It's him.
- Answer it.

Hi, Theo!
Did you miss me?

What do you mean?

A picture of me?

On the internet?

It wasn't me, my love.

If I ripped my dress?

Of course not!
Where did you get that?

You are so funny!

No, I can't go home right now.

If I leave the spa now,
the treatment will be ruined.

Don't you want me all pretty,
smelling nice,

well dressed, hot for you?

Of course, with the dress.

I'm hanging up.

I have to go.
I'm taking a chocolate bath.

Bye, baby.
Kisses, miss you.


I'm done.

Fortunately, he can only see
the woman's back in the photo,

but he recognized the dress.

I have to wear that dress.

- Did he believe you?
- Of course, he trusts me.

It's mine now.

Hello, sir, how are you?

If I know where Valentina is?

No! Why would I know
where she is?

Don't you remember you gave me
the day off to visit my mom?

It's not good, sir.
I think she's leaving us.

Are you firing me?

I'll be right there.
See you.

- I have to help him find you.
- That's trust!

I hope your fat nephew
fixes this. It's his fault.

Do you swear that was it?

Of course I swear! I love you
and I want what's best for you.

My love, we'd better not.

- We're almost married.
- Yeah, almost.

We will be married
when my father

makes the wedding toast,

in our wedding bed
with the wine he makes,

and the entire family
together. It's tradition.

That's a lot of information.
Your father, his wine,

family in the wedding bed,
a toast.

- Are they going to grade us?
- No, it's only a toast.

They're coming to our civil
and religious ceremony.

Wait, Narinha,
we agreed on just a party.

I'm still married. I'm taking
care of the paperwork.

You promised you'd do it.

I promised,
but it takes a while.

You'd better hurry.
They are almost here.

And you know how it is, right?

No honeymoon
until we're really married.

What else could happen?


I wasn't able
to contain the leak.

You should go over there
before disaster strikes.

But did you even try?

Oh, yes, very much so,
but I couldn't do it.

It was hard
with this cleaning rag.

It's a fancy cleaning rag.

I have to go out,
but I'll be right back.


You have to go.
My father-in-law is coming.

I'm not leaving
without my Jean Luc.

Where am I going to find
a dress with this fabric?

Designers lie a lot.

Go to his studio with this rag
and get me another one like it.

You don't understand!

I think it's you
who doesn't understand.

Go to Jean Luc's studio now
and bring us the dress.

You got the message now, right?

You express yourself well,
unlike her.

You should work on the radio.

- Here's the address.
- Okay.

And I thought my problem
was the sweets.

- What?
- You have my mom's eyes.

- Go!
- I'm on my way!

He thinks he's funny.

Hi, Dad, let me introduce you.

This is my father, Eraldo,

that's my uncle, Belisario,

and my cousin, Pompilho.

Cousin, you look stunning!

Thank you.

Thank you, cousin.

And this is Fernando, my fiancé.

I have one thing to say,

- this wedding is over.
- Dad!

My pleasure, I am the groom's...
Or is it former groom's aunt?

My pleasure, Mrs...

You can call me aunt Nené.

I loved the idea
of canceling this wedding.

- Is everyone against me?
- Don't cry!

She isn't crying.
Don't touch her.

He's kind of forward.

They were raised together.

- They're hand in glove.
- Cousins are allowed.

First off, I'd like to say
it's a pleasure

to meet my future father-in-law.

And secondly,

why is the wedding over?

This house is in no condition
to welcome my daughter.

You are completely right.

They didn't finish
the remodeling on time.

We will stay at a hotel
until the remodeling is over.

Awesome! I've always wanted
to sleep in a hotel.

Narinha and I used to play
presidential suite, remember?

- On that...
- No need to tell us.

The hotel suite
is for Nara and 1.

I'll give you one more chance!

Either way, I'll leave some
boxes of my wine for the party.

Bring in the wine!

And be careful with the boxes.

They're valuable.

Dad is one of the best
winemakers of our city.

- Not one of the best. The best!
- That's true.

There's also Vitto.
His wine is delicious.

But aside from Vitto's,
mine is the best.

There's Mr. Matoso's wine.
It's wonderful.

Aside from those two,
mine is the best.

Is uncle Leôncio
still making wine?

He's dead!
Uncle Leôncio died.

Enough of this ruckus.
What's going on here?

And this one here

is going with us
to the clerk's office.

I told him we'd go
to the clerk's office.

Clerk's office?

Yes, of course,
we are all going.

So let's go now.

- Now?
- Let's go.

- Right?
- To the clerk's office.

The house wine,
the traditional wine.

Come on, dude.

- My love.
- Yeah?

Why is he taking our picture?

I hired a photographer
to record every moment.

Get in!

Let's get going.

- Mrs. Leticia.
- Yeah?

Have you seen this?

16ft of silk, 1,500 dollars.
It adds up.

32ft of Belgian linen,
1,700 dollars.

It also adds up.

But look at this one,

40 bottles of Bordeaux wine,
2,200 dollars.

- It doesn't add up.
- No, it can't be.

40 bottles of Bordeaux wine?

No, Mrs. Leticia, it's
40 bottles of Bordeaux wine.

Without a receipt, nothing.

This is a serious problem.

Jean Luc drinking
is a serious problem.

We are losing our clients
because of it.

I agree with you.

A serious company can't make
purchases without receipts.

Where did he hide those bottles?

He can't have drunk them
all at once.

I'll find them
and throw everything away.

Number 110, here we are.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Let's sort this out.

No, stay here.
I'll check the documents.

Okay, let's help him.

Not yet, my love,
I'll be back to get you.

Take this bottle
and put it on ice.

The wine must be
at the perfect temperature.

Hey, dude,

please remove your hand
from my fiancée's leg;

- Cousins are allowed.
- Of course.

On ice!

I'm a bit in a hurry,
but I need...

I know,
you are the wine supplier.

I'm glad you are here.

I need the receipt
for a purchase of 40 bottles.

No, this is my father-in-law's.
He's a winemaker.

He wants to pop it open
in the wedding bed

and he thinks
this a clerk's office.

No need to explain.

What I need is here.

I need a dress with this print.

This is a fine cleaning rag.

But don't try to trick me.

I need that receipt.

Receipt? Cleaning rag?

It's all wrong.
Are you deaf?

Deaf as a door.

I must be getting blind.
Is it really you, Fernando?


What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?
I work here.

Did you sign the divorce papers?

I'll sign them.

You're lying again.
You don't change.

- That's why we separated.
- They say lying is bad.

- Yes?
- What?

- Why?
- What?


Since you're not signing
anything, why are you here?

I need a dress with this...

Where is the...

I need a dress with this print.

Can you help me?

- No.
- Fantastic. Why not?

Do you have the nerve to ask?

When will you sign
our divorce papers?

- The alimony is outrageous!
- After what I went through...

Hey! Take it down!

Take it down a notch,
because you are wrong here.

Even Mr. Gerardo, who is deaf,
knows you're wrong.

He heard what you said.
Do you want 500 bucks?

How is he deaf?
He is messing with me.

- Since birth.
- Yeah, right.

- Mrs. Leticia is right.
- Yes.

If you sold us the bottles,
you must give us a receipt.

- I want the receipt.
- This is a nightmare.

I say one thing,
he hears something else.

The receipts are here.
You can go back to work now!

Mrs. Leticia,
why are you yelling?


This conversation
makes no sense, Leticia.

Leticia, I don't want to argue.

No, you don't.

- So, you want the dress.
- Yes, the dress.

You want the dress,
right, honey?

- I'll get you the dress.
- You will? Great.

But first you must sign
the divorce papers!

Okay, Leticia, I'll sign them.

- Repeat that.
- I'll sign them.

Stay right here,
I'll get the papers.

I'll be right back.
Don't breathe.

Thank God.

Fernando, what is going on,
my love?

My father is about to explode.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?
I am...

I'm waiting.

- Waiting for what?
- What?

- Waiting for what?
- Waiting?

- What?
- What?

Stop screwing around.
Is this the clerk's office?

Of course this is
the clerk's office.

There's a dressing room.

Yeah, it's kind of different.

Mr. Gerardo,
is everything okay?

Mr. Gerardo, hey!
Is everything ready?

Wait a bit,
I'll need your signature.

It is a clerk's office.

Now I have to sign the divorce
and I'm all yours.

- You promise?
- We'll be happy.

- I love you.
- Me too.

Now I know who the dress is for.

- How are you, dear?
- What dress?

A surprise I had planned
for you, if no one ruins it.

Come here, Fernando.

Excuse me, I'll just...

You know, right?

Let me introduce you,
Satan, Nara.

- Hi, how are you?
- How are you?

- She's skinny.
- You used to be.

- I got fat because of you.
- Surely.

Done, my love.

Wait, there's more,
before I let you go.

- Thank God.
- Now...

Wait, there's more here.
The alimony.

I'll just sign it all.

So you stop tormenting me, okay?


- Thank you.
- My pleasure.

Thank God! It's the happiest
day of my life.

I'm going inside
to call the lawyers.

I'm all yours now.

That's great!

Where is that man with my dress?

That fat guy is so slow.
He'll never get the dress.

I haven't ripped the rest
because there's nothing left.

Calm down, I'll fix it.

- I have some contacts.
- Thank God!

Atilio, call Renan,
I have a job for you guys.

Go to Jean Luc's studio.

You don't know what a studio is?

What's a studio?
Find out somehow.

It's a good job for you.

Behind that folding screen.

This wedding is over!

Is this how you treat
the father of the bride?

And the uncle.

And Narinha's favorite cousin.

Calm down, guys.

Fernando just cleared
the annoying paperwork.

Now we have the good part.

Is he the clerk?
How are you?

Mr. Gerardo,
may I sign the papers?

No, sir.
First you must sign here.

Alright, I'll do it.
Come, Narinha, sign it too.

I'm signing here,
now you sign below.

Let's make sure
it doesn't fly away.

Sign it.

There you go! Wonderful.
Here's the paper!

Thank you very much.
Long live the happy couple!

What about the ring?

- What?
- You must give her a ring.

Why do I have to do that?

What do you mean, why?
It's tradition.

The groom gives the ring.

Come on, guys!

The bride and the groom
must have wedding rings!

The wedding bands, my love.
In my city they are rings.

The wedding bands
will be given at the party.

And don't be cheap.
They must be good jewelry.

Leave it to me.
Let's go.

What about the wine?

We have to open the wine.
Is it cold?

The clerk didn't let us
open the wine here.


We must drink the wine now.
It's tradition.

What's going on?
This is my wine.

You're confused.
This is my wine.

- Let go of the wine.
- I have the receipt.

This is my brother's wine!

- It's from my farm.
- Here's the receipt.

- Give me the wine!
- Here's the receipt.

- Let go of my dad's wine.
- No, it's my wine.

Let go!

- Watch where you're going.
- What's going on?

- What's up with the noise?
- Family issues. They're arguing.

Will you hold your end
of the deal?

I was looking for that dress.

Where's the dress?
Give it to me.

- I can't. We ran out.
- Ran out?

- There's none left.
- That's impossible.

Let me explain very clearly
to your challenged brain.

- Here's the thing.
- Don't make words up.

Pay attention!

In haute couture,
it's one or two dresses.

Okay? We ran out.

I knew I couldn't trust you.
I'm so stupid!

Why do I even try?
You're in my way.

I know you can push me
down the stairs.

Listen. If you really
want that dress,

I have the other
customer's address.

If you go to Maria's house,
she'll even enjoy it.

I'll go. What else
could happen in my life?

Jesus Christ, what is going on?

Who are these people
you brought over?

He stepped on the grapes!

Grab it, Dad.
Take it!

- Stop it!
- You bunch of drunks!

But this wine is mine,
and I'll drink it.

This is horrible!

How can Jean Luc
drink something like this?

- No one can.
- Let me show you who can.

Let's go.
I'm a little bit late.

- He drank from my bottle.
- Calm down, Dad.

They stepped
on my chilblained feet.

Get out of here!

Hey, wino, take this!

- Get him!
- Calm down.

Come here, you bastard!





- What is it?
- Are the guests here?

They're coming.

Make sure we have everything.

I loved the lighting.

It's very neat, bright.
It looks like daylight.

It is daylight.
You planned a day party.

- I did?
- Yes.

It's the latest fad.
Now I remember.

Where's the clown I hired?

Mary, he is not a clown,
he's a stand-up comedian.

- He's not here yet.
- Yes, "stand-up".

It's the latest fad.
Is he actually good?

He's great. He's serious,
but has a dumb-looking face.

When you least expect it
he lets out a joke.

To put in today's terms,
he "tears it up."

He tears it up,
so that's what people say.

He tore up his last show.
He's got some rough comedy.

Excellent. It's a secret,
a surprise. No one knows.

Keep your mouth shut,
you gossiper.

Why are you scratching your ear?

Because it itches.

- So, where are we going?
- Good question.

Where are we going?
Where, right?

We are going to the party.

There's no wedding
without a party.

I'll get to dance
with my cousin.

Get your hand off her!

Cousins are allowed.
It's normal.

Normal in Parana, not here.
Get your hand off her.

- Pay attention!
- Watch the road!


You must be the guy
who tore it up.

- You already know?
- That's what they say.

The truth is, it was only once.

At the airport parking lot.


That's a good one!

They told me it was a good one!

It was an accident.

- It's a secret, you know?
- Of course, I do.

I'm going in the kitchen
to order some hors d'oeuvres.

I have to talk to you
about the dress.

I'd like to ask you something.

I have a great opening line.

- What?
- I want to open up for you.

No, I'm not into that.
It must be my clothes.

I thought about saying,
"Hello, I am your host.

Fortunately my name isn't Beef,
or else I'd be 'Host Beef."

Oh, that's wonderful!

- What do you think?
- Yeah...

Listen, I'm here after a dress.

I like exclusive dresses.
I like them rare.

I really need the dress,
the Jean Luc.

Oh, Jean Luc,
Mrs. Maria loves that designer.

She just bought one.
It's super exclusive.

There are only two in the world.

Where is it?
Where can I get it?

Get it?
Does Mrs. Maria know?

She knows everything,
even that it ripped.

She gets easily distracted.
You'd better get it yourself.

Her room is up the stairs.
It's the first one on the left.

As soon as I find it,
we can stop fooling around.

Fooling around?

Dear God, what's wrong with him?

I'm going up there, okay?

- Please do.
- Thank you.

Good afternoon!
How can I help you?

We are looking for Jean Luc.

If you're looking for Jean Luc,
you'll find it here.

- And you really need some.
- What?

The wedding is over.

- You're right, uncle.
- Why, daddy?

- What a crappy ceremony.
- It's crappy!

He didn't give you a ring.

Stop it, guys!

And he leaves us
waiting in the car.

Maybe he has a surprise for me.

A surprise?

We are surprising him now.

\ -Now!
Ow, now, now!

- Now?
- Yeah, now.

Come on, Nara.

Come, honey.


- How isn't this nice?
- It sucks!

Let's be honest.
It's a great party.

Look at the size of this.

Where I come from this is
the dressing of the snack.

But look at the ladies!

The ladies are wonderful!

I'm going to walk around.

- Watch the pressure!
- Leave me.

Take care, uncle.

- Where's that hottie?
- Who?

The comedian, Ronaldo.
I liked him.

I think he's flirting with me.

An affair with a comedian
is the latest fad.

It makes sense.
He went up to your room.

Ronaldo, what a daring man!

I love it!

This is horrible!
Tomato on the cheese.

- Do you need anything?
- Yes, I do.

Call the waiters, now!


I'm going to teach you how
to make this crappy food better.

Grab the salami,
put it on the cheese,

cross it with the pickle,
and another cheese,

place a tomato on top.
Presentation is everything.

And here's a double.

This is food.

What are you doing there?

Hi, what?

What do you mean?

Do you like those panties?

Did you know
they're one of my favorites?

Really? Do you
like them small?

It depends,

some things,
I prefer, let's say,

big, if you know what I mean.

I think I do.

If you need anything,
let me know.

I do need something.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

I need you to put on this dress.

Here. Put this on for me.
Come on.

How daring!

It's a Jean Luc.

Stay here. I'll be right back
with this on.

Presentation is everything.

Daddy, what are you doing?

Can't you see?

I'm trying to fix
this crappy food.

The music is crappy too!

It is!

Can't you play some swing?

You're dancing
traditional music!

Let's go! Let's show them!

show them how it's done.

Do you like it?

Is it what you wanted, Fernando?

Everyone's half-naked today.

What do you mean?

You are the second person

to get like that in front of me.

What an insatiable man!

One woman in her underwear
is hard to explain.

Two is even harder.

Don't you like it?

You're so meaty!

I loved it. Tsunami!
Mommy taking a shower.

Slap me, slap me!
I mean, don't slap me.

Let me tell you...

I really like
women in their underwear...

Mommy taking a shower!
I like it all.

I love women in their underwear,
but today is my wedding day.

You are getting married?

I'm trying to.

You're performing a comedy show
on your wedding day?

A comedy show, me?

Aren't you the comedian?

What are you doing here?
I'm calling the cops.

No! Don't call the cops.
I am the comedian.

I am whatever you want.
But this is between us.

Now we are talking.


Fernando disappeared.

- I'm going after that punk.
- No, Dad.

Yes, I am.

I just have
to tell you one thing.

Shut up. Let's go straight
to business. Trust me.

- What?
- I'm getting married today.

This can be
your bachelor's party.

I don't know if I can do this.

Yes, you can.

Don't say that,
don't be insecure.

Relax, everyone
can do it with me,

unless you are gay.

- What?
- Unless you're gay.

Oh, yes, but I am!

You got me, girlfriend,

That's it. I am gay.

Now I'm hurt.

It's a shame, but I am.

You also hurt me a little.

No, you are not.

Yes, I am a gay comedian.

- But I almost converted you.
- Almost.

I could feel it.

I'm sorry,
but I really have to go.

Just give me a second.
I have to concentrate.

I mixed good and bad here.

- Now I'm going.
- Take care.

Unfortunately, I'm really gay.
Really, really gay.

Can you tell me
what you are doing

- inside the room?
- I can explain.

No need to.
The wedding is over.

Sir, they are asking for more
of your sandwiches.


Do you think I'd let you
serve that crappy food?

Sir, the guests
want more traditional music.

No more music.
The wedding is over.

- I can't believe this.
- What's going on here?

The wedding is over!

Maria, didn't I tell you
about him?

- He is very temperamental.
- Temperamental?

Oh, is that him?

Yes, he's the reason
of my happiness.

- He's brings me joy.
- What?

He's the man I love
the most in life.


What the heck is going on?

You are my family.

[Family, your name is Eraldo

Calm down.
What are you doing?

- Nose to nose.
- What are you doing?


Why did you disappear?

Your father wants
to end the wedding.

She's his daughter
and she's okay with it?

What do you mean, okay?
It's my lifelong dream.

That's wonderful!

This is very modern.
It must be the latest fad.

I wouldn't miss
this show for nothing.

Let's go.

Narinha, tell your dad I'm
giving the speech downstairs.

[Family, your name is Eraldo

Narinha, what's going on?

This wedding is over.

Mrs. Maria
has a surprise for us.

We have a great comedian here,

and I was asked
to introduce him.

I am your host.

I'm glad my name isn't Beef,
or else I'd be "Host Beef."

I think I can
do better than that.

Let me show you.

He wants to show us.
A big hand for him!


Hello, like he said,

I'm going to show you something.

I am a comedian and I'm gay.

I'm just kidding,
I'm not a comedian.

Today is my wedding day,
but I'm not sure

I am the groom or the bride.

There is my bride!

We need to have a serious talk!

And my happiness
depends on this man here.

It does!

His approval will change
my life. How great!

I want to see the ring.

I will show you the ring later.

I'm not going to show it
in front of everyone,

because if it's a ring,
it's not in the front,

it's in the back.

Did you bring Jean Luc?

For the love of God.
It was hard, but we did it.

Atilio, my boy!

Let me go get it.

I told you I was going
to fix this for you.

What's that?

What you asked for, boss.
It's Jean Luc.

You idiots!

Little Mary, I'd like
to ask you a favor.

You know, a favor.

You know, I'm getting married,

and I'd love to get married
wearing a Jean Luc.

I heard you have
a Jean Luc dress

with this print.

Can I borrow it?

It's for the wedding.
I'll give it back to you later.

Look, I did buy that dress,

but I gave it to a friend
to give it to his wife.

I'll give you the address,
maybe you'll get it.


Here, take your fabric,
the check, what we agreed on.

Great, what we agreed on.

These comedians
take things seriously.

That was a good one!

Can you tell me
what sort of joke this is?

You asked for us
to bring Jean Luc.

The dress! You weren't
suppose to kidnap someone.


What's going on?

Who are these men?

Who are these people?

- Mrs. Nadir, right?
- Yes.

Some friends I called
to fix that problem.

Yeah, that's it.

So please fix it.

Don't give me any more trouble.

Where are we going now?

We must be going
to the honeymoon.

Yes, the honeymoon.

Great, I want to make a toast
in the wedding bed.

They're giving away my cousin!
How exciting!

Calm down, or she will have
nothing left to give to me.

I don't know which one
of you to kill first.

Calm down, we will fix
the situation.

Just get him out of the carpet.

Don't be nervous.
I will fix this.

Why would I be nervous?

Because I could be
murdered by my husband?

Because I could go to jail
for Kidnapping a famous person??

- It's trouble.
- I have no reason to be nervous.

Relax! We'll return
Jean Luc to the studio

before they notice
he's gone, okay?

Have I ever disappointed you?
Don't answer.

Can you give me a detailed
description of the suspects?

A tall tanned man, and
a skinny, short man. Very short.

Yes, and the boss
was the fat one.

He took the receipts.

Was there also a fat man?

Were they two or three?

This is something else.
Thank you, Mr. Gerardo.

A tall tan man
and a short man took Jean Luc.

Officer, you must arrest
the fat man's gang

because they are
drunk and dangerous.

I don't get any of this.

Of course. I'm a lieutenant
and I don't understand.

Imagine you,
who's just an officer.

Excuse my insubordinate

Can you repeat
the part with the fat drunkard?


What a nice house!
Did you rent it for us?

Yes, I did.

More or less,
I borrowed from a friend.

- The wedding is over.
- Dad?

Why now?

A honeymoon in a borrowed house
must be crappy!

- Crappy.
- Really crappy.

Don't be sad, cousin.
I'll take you to a hotel.

You're crossing the line.

Come on, they are cousins.
It's not a big deal.

This house is beautiful!
Let's go in.

Not yet.
Wait in the car.

I have a few thing to take
care of. I'll be right back.

- Hurry.
- I'll be right back.

It's so crappy!

Mrs. Valentina, the senator...

Hi, I'd like to speak
to Senator Theodoro.

He's busy.
Come back later.

Please, it's a matter
of life and death.

He is in the shower.

Great! Things will be neater.
I'll find him.


- Security!
- Senator!

Where did you get these morons?
You two shut up!

I'm cutting your hair
and sending you back to Ceara.

Where am I?

Where am I?

Where am I?

Relax, Mr. Jean Luc.

This is a misunderstanding.
We will fix it.

Please don't kill me.
I'll give you anything.

- Just don't hurt me.
- No one is going to hurt you.

Jean Luc, I am a huge fan.

So take me home.
I don't feel very well.

We will, but first
you will do us a favor.

What favor?

You'll sew up another
of your exclusive dresses.

Sew? What do you mean?

To sew with thread and needle.

Isn't that what you do?

I create dresses, dear.

I create!

Do I look like someone who sits
behind a sewing machine?

What, shortie?

Senator, how are you?

- What is this?
- I tried to stop him.

He tried, but we need
to negotiate something.

I don't deal with terrorists.

I'm not a terrorist,
I'm desperate.

A very desperate man here
to buy an outfit,

a Jean Luc dress.

Mrs. Maria gave your wife
a dress like this.

- Here, take a look.
- You're right.

- What do you have to do with it?
- Everything.


Nothing, until a lunatic
came to my house

with her lover
wearing a torn dress.

A torn dress and a lover?

An ugly lover.

A monster, armed to his teeth.

He's handsome,
but so aggressive.

They won't leave my house
unless I show up with the dress.

It seems like the bozo,
the cuckold, the ass...

is extremely violent
and jealous.

But it doesn't matter.

Let the cuckold deal with it.

We need to negotiate.

I need this dress.
I'll pay anything.

The dress? The lover?

- The cuckold.
- The cuckold.

Hold this. I'm going to fetch
something in the attic.

Who keeps dresses in the attic?

Senator, are you alright?

Senator, wait up.

A designer is a creator,
like Beethoven, Picasso.

A god of sensitivity!

And passion.

Do you think

that a god

would use a needle

- to sew things up?
- Can I rough him up?

Shut up! You can't hit
an artist, a genius.

Get him something
to drink, and fast.


there's some wine here.

Mr. Jean Luc,
do you like wine?

I'm in a hurry
so please be quick.

I'm sorry, uncle.

Fernando, where are you?

My goodness, this boy
doesn't sound reliable.

I think he wants to go
on a honeymoon without his wife.

- Enough talk.
- Right.

Let's look for the wedding bed.

Fernando is my husband.
He'll explain everything.

I hope so!

Calm down, Dad.

Come with me.
Come, Belisario.

- This is a beautiful house.
- It is.

I'm in a hurry. My fiancée
and her dad are downstairs...

No need for that.
It's just a dress.

She'll see.

Who does she think I am?
How could she do that?

Theodoro Monteiro de Sa
is not one to be humiliated.

- Wait, Senator.
- And I'm never cheated on.

Yes, he is!

Today I'll have my revenge.

If my name should be stained,
let it be stained with blood.

I agree, Senator. But shouldn't
you get dressed first?

Hold this.
I'll be right back.

Senator, this is
a misunderstanding.

Lower that gun, please!

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea

to go after
some lunatic kidnappers.

Poor Jean Luc.

I agree, Mrs. Leticia.
It's unbearably hot!

If we had the address
of that crazy fat guy,

it would be much easier
to get the receipts.

Crazy fat guy?


He had never been to the store
and today wanted that dress.

Mr. Gerardo!
You're a genius!

You should be a detective.

I did, dear.
But she died.

Very well.

Since he won't show up,
let's rehearse.

At this very moment,
I'll open the wine...

No. I open the wine
and you make the speech.

That's right.
You open the wine, and I say,

"Just like this wine was made
from these squashed

stepped on,
squeezed grapes..."

What's going on here?
Who are you?

I ask you the same!

How can you come here
uninvited? It's outrageous!

Are you crazy?
Get out of my house!

- My husband rent this house.
- He borrowed it.

It's the same thing.
Please, get out!

You get out, right now!

- I'm calling the police.
- Do it.

What's going on?

It's me who wants to know
what's going on here.

Where were you?

Who are these men?

Who are you?

- He's asking that.
- I'm the father of the bride.

And my honor has been insulted.

Yours? Imagine mine!

My wife is at this man's house
with a lover.

At his house?

Fernando, what's going on?

Honey, the thing is...

He's itching.
It's herpes.

I don't have herpes.

I want to know

about this woman
with a lover in your house.

Honey, trust me.
Everything will make sense.

Look at that!

Is this your lady?
My God!

Respect me!
Give it to me!

I was being respectful.

- No, you weren't.
- Yes, I was.

- Representative!
- Senator!

- Trust me.
- Fernando.

Trust me.


My son-in-law crossed the line.

- Yes, he did.
- Are you listening...

- Where did he go?
- He disappeared again.

We must find him.

Does anyone know where he lives?

I do.

And if you're going after him,

I'll be more than glad
to tell you where to go.

I know, boss.
I had a small problem.

Boss, I have to work.

I'll call you back.

- Look at what you did!
- I'm sorry.

- Are you ok, Senator?
- No! We have a flat tire.

Change the tire for me.

I won't kill you
just to save my bullets.

- Idiot!
- Irresponsible.

Come on, guys.

Where's the wine?
With no wine, this is over.

Jean Luc, I'm really sorry.

There's no more wine.

Bad girl! Liar!

I know there is.

Let me show you.
I'll get it.


- Should I rough him up?
- No, just go after him.

Be careful!

That's Fernando's car.

It's the fat guy
from the receipts!

Quiet, Mr. Gerardo.

That guy must be
his security guard.

This really strange!

Be careful with him!

You're touching me!
I love it!

See that, aunt Nené?

Fernando has to come back soon!


- Put it on. Don't ask anything.
- It's not a Jean Luc.

It's yours.
I got it at your house.

- What were you doing there?
- It's not what you're thinking.

It's a beautiful house!

I have a lot to explain to you,
my fiancée, and to myself.

- But not now. Put this on.
- No, I won't.

I'm only leaving
with a Jean Luc dress.

You want my husband to kill me.

On the contrary.
You have to put this on.

He's coming here to kill us.

- Oh, my God!
- Now you're scared!

- Quiet, guys.
- Let's go, Valentina.

The paparazzi is outside.
If he takes my photo, I'm done.

- I'm a dead woman.
- I'll take care of him.

What are you doing here?
Who are you?

- Whose picture are you taking?
- No one's.

Give me this camera.

They're arguing.
There's something going on.

- Thank you.
- I need it for my job.

- They're coming. Let's go.
- Get your hands off me.

The group of drunks.

Gerardo, the man is hiding.

There's something going on.
Let me call the lieutenant.

Why don't you call
the lieutenant?

- No!
- Don't be stubborn.

You'll end up dying.

If someone sees me on this,
I'll die anyway.

- At least you won't die naked.
- And you think it's nice.


I can't believe this!

Wait! Isn't she the lady
from the airport?

That Miss Mogi Mirim?

That's it!
The wedding is over.

Narinha, let's go.

I can explain.
She's the senator's wife.

- Her life is in danger.
- So is mine.

- This is not the time for jokes.
- Enough!

Enough, Fernando!

I've been putting up
with your stories all this time.

I told you.

I can take anything but lies.

I put up with it
because I thought you loved me.

- But I love you.
- I thought you respected me.

Or do you think I believed
that it was the clerk's office?

And that crazy woman's party?

But you did worse.

- You betrayed me.
- No, I didn't.

I pretended I believed your lies

because I love you.

I love you too.

I wanted to protect you.


our wedding is over.

I don't mean to intrude,

but what about my dress?

- I won't leave without it.
- For God's sake!

Help me!

Tell them what's going on.
It's not my fault!

I don't want
to explain anything.

I want my dress!

Nara, I need you to trust me
one more time.

Just one more time.
I love you.

But I must save
this lunatic's neck.

I must save her!


Calm down, cousin.

The wedding is over.

So, to make up
for this whole situation,

maybe you should take the gifts.

- There is some great stuff!
- Where are they?


Let's go.

You are so boring!
Don't you know how to have fun?

He's a fun little queer.

Jean Luc?

I'm going to faint. Hold me!

Let go of me.

Give me a hug.
What are you doing here?

I never thought
I'd see you again

after our stay in Provence.

I can't believe it!
I'm so happy to see you!

How did you end up here?

I no longer try to understand
where I wake up.

They want me to sew a dress.

I'm not sure you understand
how bad this situation is.

- Your husband wants to kill you.
- If he doesn't, the police will.

- What?
- Ceicao kidnapped Jean Luc

by accident
and brought him here.

Holy Moses!

Now I don't know
what to tell you.

This is no good.

Thank God you're here!

There's something
strange going on.

I think my ex-husband
kidnapped Jean Luc.

And they took the receipt.

Kidnappers now
give away receipts?

I'm talking about Jean Luc.

Is Jean Luc the short skinny
one, the tall dark one

or the fat drunkard?

- Or the guy with the receipt?
- No, he is...

Oh, my God!
It's them!

They kidnapped Jean Luc!

Don't move!

Calm down!
We're friends.

- I know chief Mota.
- I don't care.

Officer, get them on the ground.

- Down!
- I know people from the station.


Chubby boy,

who do you think you are?

Listen, no one messes around
with my best friend,

my sister.

There's a man on his briefs
in front of my fiancée.

First, they are not briefs,
they are panties.

And second,
I don't see a man here.

Do you?

I see a rat!

Jean Luc, can you please
help me with my fiancée?

What fiancée?
Miss Mogi Mirim?

Help me here with Nara.

Aren't your dresses

Didn't you make a dress
with this print?

Of course, I did, honey.

I only made two samples
with that print,

one was for Maria,
a crazy socialite.

And the other one
was for you, Narinha,

as a wedding gift.

- Did you get it?
- No, I didn't.

Or did I?

But I sent it
to the right address, I'm sure!

If you sent it
to the right address,

it must be with the gifts.

That's it!
We're safe!

Honey, one more time, trust me.

I've had it.

I need backup
to go into the house.

No! I know Fernando,
this story is confusing.

Let me talk to him.
It's a misunderstanding.

I need the receipts.

Mr. Gerardo, stay here,

in case someone tries
to run with the receipts.

Why are you yelling?

I'll take this.

Why are they taking the gifts?

Since the wedding is over,

it would be fair
that they took the gifts.

The wedding hasn't started yet!

My daughter said
the wedding is over.

There is no bride.

- I'm taking all the gifts.
- Some of them are mine.

So we'll open one by one,
see which belongs to whom

and I'll take my daughter's.

Seeing the gifts
before the wedding

is worse than seeing the bride.
It's a curse!

But you're already married.

Fernando, don't start.

I'll open every
single one of them.

This is my daughter's.

Look at this. I'll take it.

The Jean Luc's.


- The Jean Luc's is mine.
- Fernando!

This dress is practically
part of the family,

an inheritance.

I don't care!
I'm taking Jean Luc,

the inheritance,
the dress, everything!

You can take anything you want,
but not my Jean Luc!

I'll get it.

This house is busy today.
Excuse me.

This is so strange...

He's worried about the dress.
It's probably worth a lot.

I'm leaving all the presents
and taking the Jean Luc.


Fernando, it's for you,
your ex-wife.

- She said you'll be arrested.
- Ex-wife?

Do you have an ex-wife?

And you'll be arrested?

The wedding is over.

Please, give me 5 minutes.
I'll be right back.

This man is crazy,
has an ex-wife, has herpes...

What else?

Why am I going to be arrested?

Didn't you like our agreement?

I did, but my boss
was kidnapped.

Are you talking about Jean Luc?

I have nothing to do with it.

I knew it was you!

Admit it! It was you!

Why is everything my fault?

"We ran out of water.
It's Fernando's fault."

"The price of meat went up.
It's Fernando's fault."

"The spaceship exploded;
It's Fernando's fault."

- What's that?
- I know.

Even if he begs me, he'll never
have his Jean Luc back.

Don't move! I heard
something about "Jean Luc."”

Do you know where he is?

Sir, ask him about the receipt.

Fernando sent you
to intimidate us.

- What's going on?
- Police?

Why is it always the hard way?

Officer, get them on the ground.

Down on the ground!


Sit down.

Lieutenant, what about
the receipt guy?

Yeah, just to be
on the safe side.

- Do you understand?
- I don't believe you.

- I haven't in a long time.
- You never believe what I say.

- Jean Luc?
- Leticia, my love.

- Nara, we have to talk.
- No, we don't.

I was having more fun
in the kitchen.

I think I believe you now.
Valentina is inside,

and her husband
is about to arrive?

I told you.
Help me, Leticia.

Make that lunatic
jump out of the window.

Please, help me, Leticia.
Go! Go!

Have you been working out?
You look good.

- Yes?
- Where is my wife?

- Excuse me?
- Where is my wife?

- Your wife?
- I know she's here.

- No way, Senator.
- You don't fool me.

You're a pimp.
Where is she?

What are you talking about?

- I'm not joking.
- Calm down!

- Where is my wife? Upstairs?
- No.

Check down here.
I'm going upstairs.

It's my room.
You're trespassing.

You may find my underwear...

My God!

- What a day!
- Men, darling! Men!

Why are they running?

Now you'll pay, you tramp.

- Yes?
- Who are you?

- Who are you?
- I asked first.

Who's he?

- Where's my wife?
- Where is she?

- I'm asking you.
- Where is she?

Ceicao is useless.

- I want to help you.
- Who's she?

Let's go.

- Don't move!
- Freeze!

Do you know who I am?

I am Senator Theodoro
Monteiro de Sa's wife.

I don't care!
You're going with the others.

Officer, investigate
what's going on here.

- Go!
- Yes, sir!


- Where's my wife?
- I've been trying to tell you,

she's not your wife.

Then who is she?

It's not that.
She's an ex.

- Is she a transvestite?
- I'm looking for Jean Luc.

You're looking for Jean Luc,
half-naked in my husband's room.

- Hold me or I'll explode this.
- Do it!

I'll explode with it.

No one will explode anything!

You're under arrest.
On the ground!

- Thank God!
- On the ground. I told you.

Me? On this dirty ground?
No, I'm allergic!

This is my house.
I'm not lying on the floor.

- Quiet! You too.
- I'm a senator. I have immunity.

If he does, so do 1.

- What about me?
- I want immunity too.

Me too.
This is my house!

What's going on here?

Officer, brief me.

This half-naked lady
is the Senator's ex-wife...

- No...
- She has nothing to do with me.

I don't care.
Officer, take everyone in.

- You're under arrest.
- Are you happy now?


Wait! Not you, ma'am.

You called the police.
Stay here.

Excuse me?

Where is my wife?


Senator Theodoro!

I got you, tramp!

No! No!
I made a mistake.

I like that.
Come here, bad boy!

It's not what you're thinking!

Calm down, auntie.
It will be fine.

I'm sorry, honey.


Keep an eye on them.
I'm going inside.

Son-in-law, it's over.

This is so embarrassing!

- Don't cry, cousin.
- Don't touch her!

Cousins are allowed.

It's all those idiots' fault.

Not mine! His!

It's all my ex-future
son-in-law's fault.

I can explain.

I'd like to know what my fiancé,

on the day of our wedding,

was doing with two
half-naked women.

He's going to be arrested.

Why am I being arrested?

Why can't I hold my cousin?

You can't!

- Why not?
- You can't!

- Don't touch my son.
- Calm down!

No one touches my Pompilho.

Wait! Enough!


- Let me explain.
- Do it.

- Let me explain.
- Sit.

Sit down, uncle.

Let him sit down.

The thing is...

- I was...
- Fernando.

The truth, honey.

I'll tell you.

It's all my fault.

It all started at the airport
when I picked Nara up.

That's what I'm saying.
I never meant to...

Up here, officer.

Fernando is a nice guy,
but he has a problem...

Are you alright?
Up here, please.

[It's mine.

- Give me the camera.
- I work with it.

- What's going on, Senator?
- Senator?

- That camera is mine.
- Wait!

I work with it.

Give the camera to the Senator!

Give the camera to the Senator!

What's going on here?

Officer, you have
to arrest this maniac

for public indecency

and for violating
my moral rights.

What moral rights?
You have to take them both.

When I came here,
they were all over each other.

- This is outrageous!
- I have evidence.

It's all recorded here.

So everyone came over,
and it was a mess!

Police, we're arrested.
That's it.

And all I wanted was to solve
the problem with the dress

and marry Nara.

That was it.

Fernando, you lied once...

You lied many times.

How do I know it's the truth?

I won't say another word.

I won't.

Whenever I say something,
I harm someone with my lies.

When in fact,

the only truth in my life

is that I love you.

I love you

more than anything, Nara.

It's true.

I can give you a hint.

If he doesn't scratch his ear,
he's telling the truth.

Thank you, Mrs. Nadir.

Aunt Nené.

- Oh, Fernando.
- I love you.

I love you too.

Why didn't you tell
the truth from the beginning?

I thought a little lie
wouldn't hurt.

All this trouble because
of this stupid little dress?

The dress!

It's a Jean Luc.
Give it to me!

- This is it?
- Man, it's ugly!

Where's the receipt?

- What receipt?
- Give this to me!

Calm down!
Officer, bring everyone in.

I want to talk to everyone.

Are you cold?

And you in here, move!

I have immunity.
I'm a senator!

I'm going.
I want to see the officer.

Where's the officer?
I want the officer.

Go in slowly.


- Alright.
- Come with me.

Easy, guys.

Go! One at a time.

Alright, in order.

- I have an idea.
- Let's run.

That was my idea.

So Mrs. Leticia
and Mr. Jean Luc,

since you withdrew
the complaint,

you're all free to go.

But, please, no more trouble!

Officer, release them!

- Yes, sir!
- One moment!

One moment!
It's all fine and dandy,

but I'd like to know...

I demand to know
where my wife is.

So far no one has proven to me
that she...

She is waiting for her husband
this late at night.

Now I ask you, baby,

what are you doing out?

Valentina, my love.

Are you still wearing
that dress?

No, I'm on my lingerie.
Are you blind?

Of course, I'm wearing a dress.

Hello, Senator!
I've been looking for you.

Ceicao, how did you find us?

Senator, I've installed
a microchip in your suit,

to find out where you are.

I worry a lot about you.

Ceicdao, my good man.

Now I'm touched.

I'm speechless.

Anyway, everything worked out.
It's alright.

Ah, it's alright.


It's great!
That's what he thinks.

Do you think everything
is alright?

Let's go home 'cause you...

No kissing.

You have a lot
of explaining to do.

Go home, now!

Before this beautiful
couple leaves,

Narinha and I

would like to invite you all
to our wedding tomorrow.


Thank you!

- To us.
- To us.

- You look beautiful!
- I love you!

Are you enjoying the party?

Mrs. Leticia,
I know we found the receipts,

but was it necessary
to throw a party?

It's a stricter education,

linked to religious
and moral principles.

We must be this paradigm
that guides the...

I didn't know you were coming.

- What's going on?
- Where were we?

- Are you alright, Senator?
- How can I be alright?

Excuse me, but I have...
Excuse me.


Excuse me.
The best wine

for the most beautiful woman
of the party.

Great! Let's drink it
in the gazebo.

- Where?
- In the gazebo. Right, Ronaldo?

Yes, in the gazebo.

If Ronaldo doesn't mind,
I'd rather drink it here.

I see Valentina and you
get along really well.

I have great respect
for Mrs. Valentina.

I know you do.

That's why I made a decision.

You'll be my wife's bodyguard.

I'll do anything for you.
I won't leave her side.

That's great!
Are you happy?

It wasn't necessary.

I won't let her go.

- Fernando.
- Yes.

Do you really have to read
that book now?

You won't believe this.

I've been to Mogi Mirim,
but I didn't remember.

- Really?
- It says here:

"A great town to visit."

That's not why I'm reading it.

I'm looking for the best

to travel on our honeymoon,
something cheaper.

No, honey.
You're not doing that.

You're not trying to save money
on our honeymoon.

I have an agreement
with the publisher,

and I can only go to places
in the book.

But we won't go to Mogi Mirim.

But I found
this other place here.

You'll love it.
Do you know why?

The music there is just great!

5,6,7, 8!


- Alone, at last!
- Yeah!

"Just like this wine
was made from squashed,"

stepped on, squeezed grapes,

"my daughter was born..."

I love you!

Wake up, Belisario!