Dressed to Fire (1988) - full transcript

(epic instrumental music)

(rapid intense music)

(revolver clicking)

(chamber whirring)

(revolver banging)

(tense music)

Where am I?

You'll know very soon.

(aggressive grunting)

[Goon] Come on, hurry up.

(James grunting)

Mr. Lamar, where's your friend?

What friend?

You told me to meet you
here, 'cause you had a friend

that you said that you
wanted me to entertain.

I've changed my mind, Jane.

It's time for you to retire
from that line of work.

I don't know what to say.

I was gonna ask if
you'd let me quit, soon.

In fact, I want out of
the entire organization.


You're not happy with me.

No, it's just...

A change of heart, huh?

No, please, Mr. Lamar, I...

Yeah, it's all Nick's idea, isn't it?



I love him.

I want to quit this and
start a normal life.

You know that's not possible.

You know too much.

Please, Mr. Lamar, you
don't have to worry about me.

I won't talk; my lips are sealed.

You wouldn't lie to me, would you, Jane?

I promise, I'll never talk.

You can be sure of that.

Oh, I can be sure of it.

(agonized yelling)
(tense instrumental music)

(cheerful instrumental music)
(turkeys gobbling)


It's me, Ma, I brought
you some medicine.

The pharmacist said
it'd be perfect for you.

Take it, all right?

It'll make you feel better.



Alan, was it expensive?

Of course not: $200.


$200 isn't expensive?

Ah, Alan, where did you get
so much money from, anyway?


Oh, Ma, I found work, as a day laborer,

at the harbor.


Is that really the truth, Alan?

Of course it is!

Ma, if you don't believe
me, feel my hands.

They're all calloused,

and my shoulders ache,
too. (Slight chuckling)

Ma, you should rest.

Alan, you must be very tired,

working hard all day.

(pained groaning)

Don't become like your brother, Alan.

Don't fall in with a bad
crowd and go gambling.

I couldn't bear to lose
both my sons to gambling.

Besides, we can't afford any more debt.

I think that gambling debt is a setup.

I'm not gonna pay it.

Ma, your tea.

No, Alan, Peter Feng
has shown me the IOU

with Eddie's signature.

Ah, we'll have to pay it off.

We're responsible.

Eddie was my son.

That's right, I'm glad to hear it.

It's only right to pay off your debts.

And by a happy coincidence,

I'm here to collect the money now.

Ah, hello, Mr. Feng.

Please accept my apology
for being so slow in paying,

but business is bad, and
I'm old and I'm slow.

Could you give us a little
bit longer, Mr. Feng?

No way.

- Why not?
- Huh?

Don't ask questions, pay it, buster!

(hits thudding)

Listen, you, I will pay up.

Now get out!

You better not run, Alan!


Alan Mark, you're a fool!

You're gonna be really sorry for this.

[Alan] I'll kill you!

- Yeah, well, you lay waste.
- Alan!


Ma, he insulted us.

I can't just stand there
and let him do that.

Alan, you shouldn't be so hard-headed.

Ma, I'm not.

Hm, your brother made mistakes.

He was hard-headed like you.

It just doesn't work
with these awful people.

You're gonna end up in jail.

I know that.

Ma, you don't have to worry.

I promise you.

(rhythmic clacking)

That business was nasty,

but I had to get that
sleazy bitch out of the way.

That whore deserved it.

That's right.

Now, Nick won't sit still.

I want you and James to look out for him,

and when you see him, kill him.

Yes, boss.

There's another bitch
that's getting on my nerves.

Mandy Heu?

(affirmative grunting)

I've told Robert to teach her a lesson.

I don't think he'll disappoint me anymore.

But Mandy's no pushover.

Maybe not, but when I
want something, I get it.

That's just how things are.

And if she fights back?

Then the world will have one less bitch

on heat to deal with (sinister laughing).

(rapid disco pop music)

(crowd chattering)

- Now, come on.
- Okay, fine.

[Customer] And that's my last offer.


[Customer] Five more.

- No way.
- Charlie Chan?

Who are you?

Raymond Yao, a friend of Mandy Heu.

I understand that you work
for Lamar, is that right?

So what?

Does it bother you?

Yes, it does.

Tough luck.

Don't talk to me that way.

And if I do?

Then you'll be real sorry.

(hits thudding)
(aggressive yelling)

Charlie Chan, you watch it.

You're out of your depth.

Stay away from gambling.

Just keep clear, or
you'll be in big trouble.

And remember, leave Mandy Heu alone.

(pained groaning)

I'm not too happy about
what happened last night.

Mandy made us look very bad.

I want you to do something about it.

All right, I'll show
her who she dealing with.


But you know, Raymond
can be a real problem.

Don't be careless.

[Robert] You can be sure of that, boss.


(rapid intense music)

(hits thudding)
(aggressive yelling)

Richard, you put on a
very good show last night.

(sinister laughing) It was nothing,

but we'll stop all this
if you jut oblige us.

No hassles, with just one little thing.

Just one?

Mr. Lamar wants you out.

Simple as that.

He seems to be a very greedy man.

Tell him for me, I'll give him a choice.

Oh, and what is it?

Get off my case or I'll kill him.

Hm, so you wanna fight.

(derisive snorting)

(hits thudding)
(aggressive yelling)

I told Charlie Chan,
you should leave us alone.

Seems he didn't get the message across!

I don't believe this.

You've had it now!

(furious yelling)
(hits thudding)

[Mandy] Richard, you can go tell Lamar

that whatever little tricks
he's got up his sleeve,

I'm ready for him.

(door knocking)

[Robert] Come in.

Mr. Hsiung, Raymond is
helping helping Mandy again.


If it hadn't been for him and her fury,

we'd have her place.

I see.

That's twice he's gone against us.

So, it's time to let his
enemy, Simon Peng sort him out.

(tense instrumental music)

(startled grunt)

- Sorry.
- It's okay.

(sinister instrumental music)

(speaks in foreign language)

(hits thudding)
(aggressive yelling)

- Simon, hold it.
- You shut up!

Hey, Simon, wait a minute.

(pained groans)
(hits thudding)

- Hurry up, come on!
- Right!

Why'd you help me?

It looked pretty unfair to me.

Five guys and just you?

Then, thanks.

I owe you one.

I'm Raymond Yao.

Alan Mark.

Call me Alan, my friends do,

and we're friends now.

Watch out!

(angered yells)
(punches thudding)

Oh, ah!

Shit, asshole!

You ruined my dinner!

(furious yelling)
(hits thumping)

(siren wailing)

It's the cops, let's go, come on!

Come on!


(sinister instrumental music)

Well, did everything work out?

Yeah, the exchange went as planned.

Did you test it?

Yeah, very good quality.

[James] Good. Let's go.

What a coincidence.

Nick, we were starting
to wonder about you.

You just disappeared into thin air.

I'm sure Mr. Lamar would like to see.

Hm, you mean he'd like to see me dead.

Tell me, did Lamar kill
Jane, or was it you?

Who did the dirty work for him?


Jane is dead?

What are you talking about?

Hm, you'll never get an Academy Award

with a line like that, James.

Fuck you!

(punches thudding)
(aggressive yelling)

(weapon banging)

(tense instrumental music)

Don't look so scared, James.

I'm not gonna kill you yet.

Go and tell Lamar that
I'm coming after him.


Hold it.

That's better.


Now get out.

(pistol clicking)

(gentle instrumental music)


Never heard of him.

Where's he from?

He just appeared out of nowhere.

He's a good guy.


How so?

What's so special?

He's young, he's brave, and he's strong.

Oh, sounds kind of useful.

I'm sure he's useful, all right.

I got a feeling about him.

I always trust your feelings.

Raymond, go find him for me.

(agreeable grunting)

(aggravated snorting)
He dumped the whole bag?

That's right, boss.

That bastard!

How dare he go against me?

I took him in when he was a nobody,

and this is the thanks I get.

It's all because of
that stupid bitch, Jane.

She's not our problem anymore.

Excuse me, Mr. Lamar, but I think

she's more of a problem
dead than she was alive.

Shut up, you idiot!

Nick is just feeling
the pangs of separation.

I think it's time

that we reunited the happy couple.


[Goon] Yes, boss.

Yes, boss.

You know what to do.

Go and find Nick and
kill that son of a bitch.

Okay, boss.

Now what's happening with Robert?

Has he settled the score with Mandy yet?

Well, Mandy's friend,
Raymond is in the way.

I thought Robert sent
Simon to take care of him.

He did, but no result yet.

We'll just have to wait and see.



(instrumental rock music)
(patrons chattering)

[Peter] I got hold of
him, if you don't pay up.

It'll help me to let me see that.

Hey, give me a big wet kiss, babe.

- No!
- Come on.

Sorry, it was an accident.

It's okay, it's okay.

Hey, it's him!

The guy wouldn't pay!

You're digging your own
grave, causing trouble, like.

I want the truth.

And if you don't talk, it'll
be your grave and not mine.

(punches thudding)
(aggressive yelling)

You still want that money back?

Listen, Alan, don't be so cocky.

We'll get you back for this.


I can't wait.

Come on.

Let's go.

[Lamar] So Robert, tell me,

who's this guy that's Paul's
been telling me all about?

Oh, Paul told you about him, too, huh?

That's right, Robert.

We can always use a good man.

I want him working for me.

You got, boss.

I'll tell Paul to arrange it.

We'll get him.

(electronic beeping)

(sinister instrumental music)

(hits thudding)
(angered yelling)

Who are you?

I'm a friend of his, and
I want to help him out.

What's the problem?

If you, if you wanna help him out,

then pay off his debt for him.

[Paul] How much is it?


All right.

Hold this.

Take 30,000.

About time, too.

Come on.

Why did you do that for me?

You don't even know who I am.

Someone wanted to pay it for you.

He's a good judge of character.

Who is he?

Robert Hsiung.

Mr. Hsiung, I appreciate it very much.

You're extremely kind,

but really, I can't let you do that.

I have to pay you back.

Alan, I helped you because I wanted to.

Don't talk about paying me back.

Mr. Hsiung, you have
your way and I have mine.

I want to repay you more than you gave.

Alan, how can you hope to do that?

I already know who you are.

Mr. Hsiang, you've many businesses.

Let me work for you.

No way.

And why not?

The work is quite difficult.

Many of our clients become
very hesitant about paying.

We have to take a very
firm line with them.

So, you see, it isn't easy.

I can do that.

I can make people pay.

You know, I'm very strong,

and I'm not afraid of hard work.

(hearty chuckling)
Well spoken, young man.

I like your style, Alan.

It's a very particular kind
of work I have in mind,

and it gets boring.

Tell me what it is.

Mr, Hsiung, I don't mind.

All right, my body guard.


(tense instrumental music)

Now my bet.

And I call.

Three fours.

(hearty laughing)

Dammit, I lost again.


Yeah, again, I can't go back.


Here, take this.


It's hard to earn money.

Don't waste it.

I know.

You see that Sam Shu?

He's a card sharp.

Why don't you just throw him out?

We don't know how he does it.

We can't prove it.


How much has he won?

Two and a half million.

Let him win.

I'll get it back with interest.

Mr. Shu?

You've made us lose a lot of money.

[Sam] Can you prove it?

Not yet, but I will.

I know you cheat us.

Hm, well, I gamble everywhere
and I win everywhere.

No one calls me a cheater,

not even you, Baby Face.

I know you're running
some kind of swindle.

I'm just here to let you know
we're onto your little tricks.

Be careful.

You little punk, I'll show you.

(punches thudding)
(aggressive yelling)

Mr. Shu, remember this:

don't cheat in our place again.

Got that, or it'll be worse, next time.

(pained groaning)

(hits thumping)

Okay, you win, this time.

- So it's you.
- Sure.

You helped me once,
and now it's my turn.

Thank you.

I came to visit you,
to see how you're doing.


What do you want?

You work for Robert Hsiung, now.

You know he works for Mr. Lamar?

Yeah, I know.

Alan, you know what kind of man he is.

(sinister instrumental trill)

Well, anyway, I hope
we can still be friends.

Alan, no matter what
happens, we'll still be fiends.

(hits thudding)
(angered yelling)

That's twice that's happened.

What's going on?

What did they want?

I have no choice in the matter.

That's just how things are.

Alan, it'll be the same for you.

- Hey, Alan?
- Huh?

Oh, Mr. Hsiung.

I'm happy with your work.

Hey, I'd like to pay you now.


Pay Alan now.

[Paul[ Right.

Uh, Mr Hsiung, I've spent the money

on my mother already.

I really can't accept any more.

Hey, you deserve it, Alan.

You've been very helpful, you know?

Now, relax.

I want you to enjoy your money.

Oh, thank you.

He's a good investment.

I want him to be manager.

He can deal with Mandy Heu.

There's no need.

[Paul] Oh?

Raymond Yao is Mandy's strongest ally.

With Simon Peng attacking
him so viciously,

we needn't interfere.

Just leave alone.

Even Lamar thinks Simon can do it.


You work for Lamar.

I used to work for him, but now I don't.

He killed someone I loved very much,

and now I'm gonna kill him.

So how about helping me?

Well, Nick, that's no problem.

I guess I can help you.

Suppose I do agree, what then?

What do I get out of it?

After all, I don't work for free.

You'll get Lamar out of the way.

Isn't that what you always wanted?

(sinister music)

(hits thudding)
(aggressive yelling)

(rapid instrumental music)

(girl squeaking)

Oh, hey, why don't you
watch where you're going, man?

I'm sorry.

Someone's after me.

Who was it?

Some thugs.

Hey, hold me.

- What?
- Come on.

Come on this way!

(agreeable grunt)

(muted moaning)

Where is he?

Where'd he go?

Hey, check that out.

(thugs laughing)

(shrill whistling)

- Hey!
- Hey.

Concentrate on business.

Go and find him, go on.

[Thug] Come on.

[Thug] This way.

(dismayed whimpering)

(slap cracking)

I rescued you and you took
advantage of me, you scum.

Alan, don't think you're so smart.

I'm gonna get you!
(girl squealing)

Come on, guys!
(quick music)

(hits thudding)
(aggressive yelling)

(brakes screeching)

Get in!

You're Alan Mark.

You know me?


That's why I arranged this meeting.

Huh, you arranged this?

Of course, for cocktails.

What would you like to drink?

Oh, anything.

I'll choose something.

How about Cognac?

(agreeable grunting)

Miss Heu, what are you really doing?

Why did you invite me here?

Because I really did want to meet you.

You see, I want to ask you something.

[Alan] What's that?

How much money did
Robert Hsiung give you?

= [Alan] I can't tell
you that; it's private.

If you like the idea, I'll
give you twice the amount,

whatever it might be.

(wry chuckle) I'm afraid it's too late.

I've given my word, to
Mr. Hsiung, already.

I can't go back on it.

As well as your salary,

I also provide other little
luxuries and hidden benefits.

Such as?


So what do you say?

Thank you.

Isn't that enough for you?

It isn't that.

I don't know what to say.

(hits thudding)
(assertive grunting)

(rapid tense music)

Your turn.

All right.

Is he here yet.

(thoughtful groaning) Not yet.


(forceful banging)

Hey, hold it!

Raymond, Lamar wants you dead today.

Simon, we're old friends.

You shouldn't listen to Lamar.

He's brainwashing you.

Finish him!

(hits smacking)
(vigorous yelling)

(pained groaning)

Simon, I told you I don't wanna fight.

You're just so bitter,

but I still think of
you as my good friend.

You're no friend of mine, bastard!

I'm gonna kill you!

(agonized groaning)

Simon! Simon!


[Goon] Oh, fuck.


How many years did he get?

Well, two years, and
Mandy's in a weak position.

Yeah, a very weak position.

She's nowhere without Raymond to help her.

But forget about Mandy for now.

Paul, how much does Tony Lin owe?

Two million.

I'm sure he can't pay us.

He's bankrupt,

so his only collateral now is,

uh, his daughter.

That is possible.

It puts us in a strong position.

He's vulnerable.

His daughter, she could be quite useful.

Wadda ya think?

Hey, what's his daughter like?

Is she beautiful?

Not bad.

Her father tried to
persuade her to work for us

but she wasn't interested,
so now I'm trying.

Right now, listen,

if she refuses, let Alan deal with her.

(sinister instrumental music)

(startled whimpers)

[Tony] Oh, please, Mister Du, I...

Save your breath.

You got the money, yet?

I don't have that much.

I've even mortgaged the house.

Mr. Du. Please extend the
deadline, just a little.

You've already had three months extra.

Mr. Lin, your daughter's very attractive.


Hello, there.

You'd like to help your
father, now wouldn't you?

Jeffrey, take her.

- Oh, no.
- Hey, leave her alone.

Let me go!

No, no!

Oh, Dad.

Be gone!

Be gone.

No, she's mine!

Oh, let me go, you're
bad, you're inhuman.

[Billy] No, I love her!

- Billy, Billy, no!
- Stop it!

- Yvonne, I'm so sorry.
- Daddy, Daddy!

Please forgive me!

Oh, oh!
Dad, dad!

(pained groaning)

(tense instrumental music)

The news we spread should work.

Nick will be here if he thinks
Lamar has a deal going down.


(leaves rustling)

You were right about one thing.

(music accelerating)

(rifle banging)

(pistol thumping)

(agonized yelling)

(weapon clicking)


(pained warbling)

(weapon banging)

(hits thudding)
(aggressive grunting)

Alan, Tony Lin can't pay.

He has a daughter, and Mr.
Lamar wants her to work for us,

but she's a stubborn young lady.

I'm afraid she's not very obliging.

I'd like you to talk to
her and try to persuade her

to what she's told.

Where is she?

I'll talk to her now.

Cloud Cuckoo Hotel.

(soft sobbing)

- Mr. Mark?
- Open up.

[Porter] All right, sir.


- Here, Steve.
- Yes.

Lin's daughter here?


- Show me.
- Right.

(soft whimpering)

[Alan] Hey!

Get outta here!

It's you.

Need any help, sir?

Uh, no, thanks, not at all.

(gentle music)

I know you.

Those thugs were chasing
you down the street.

I rescued you.

So, you're Yvonne Lin.

That's right.

And you?

Alan Mark.

You're working for Lamar?

That's right.

Alan, are you one of his thugs?

- Yes.
- Alan.

They want to turn me into a prostitute.

Is that true?

(sighs) Yes, it is.

But I, I don't want to.

I rescued you, and now it's your turn.

Please, you've just gotta help me.

(soft sobbing)

Alan, please help me.

I'll pay you back.

I don't know how, but I will, honest.

Your father, how much does he owe?

Two million.


I'll talk to Hsiung.

I'll help you.

Are you outta your mind?

Alan, what would Mr. Lamar think?

Think about that.

I'll pay off the debt with my salary.

I can't agree.

It wouldn't be enough.

Mr. Hsiung,

Yvonne Lin has no money.

Please reconsider and let her go.

Absolutely not.

Listen, Alan, I run a business,

not a registered charity.

Mr. Hsiung, I've never
asked for anything,

but now I'm begging you.

Alan, I thought that
you were a real man,

with no emotions, a heart of stone.

But you do have feelings.

You disappoint me.

(tense instrumental music)

Let go, let go of me!

- You're history.
- Let go!

(male shushing)
(sinister laughing)


Just the way I like them,
scared little birdies.

- You can leave.
- No, let go!

Let go!

She'll cost you $2,000.

That's payable in advance, of course.

Oh, no problem.


You're a disgusting pervert!

Don't touch me!

Now get out!

Get out!

(smarmy laughing)

Go on in.

Uh, listen, she's a big scared.

It's her first time.

So, you may have to use
a little bit of force.

Don't worry about it.

I have a certain way with women.

One look at my rippling muscles

and their legs spring wide open.

(hearty laughing)

No, please don't!

Get away from me!

Get away from me!

- Relax my pretty one.
- No.

I'll take care of you.

Don't you worry.

No, don't touch me, no!

You pig, get away.

I'm an expert, it's all right.

[Yvonne] No, no.

Now you know I won't hurt you at all.

It's okay.

[Yvonne] Get away from me.

Come on.

I know you can't wait.

You girls (chuckling),

you just like to play
hard to get, don't you?


[Customer] I'll hurt you.

[Yvonne] No.

(startled squealing)
(light thudding)

A girl with spirit, I like that.

You just wait and see
how good I am in bed.

(startled yelping)

- Hey, you.
- Huh?

Hey, hey!

Kid, get the fuck outta here.

Go away, come on.

(hits thumping)

(aggressive yelling)

All right, where's Yvonne?


Tell me, where is she?


(agonized groaning)

Now keep quiet.

You know nothing, or I'll kill you both.


Billy, wait over there.

- Uh huh.
- I'll be right back.

(aggressive growl)
(horrified screaming)

(hits thudding)
(pained yelping)

You, what are you doing?


Come on, talk!
("Night On Bald Mountain")

(hits thudding)
(Yvonne squealing)

[Yvonne] Get him!

- Hey, come on!
- Take cover!

- Billy!
- Oh, it's you.

- Let's go, and hurry!
- Billy, come on.

(gentle instrumental music)

I see you changed your mind.

I had to leave.

He was making girls into whores.

Well, if you left him,

he's bound to try and kill
you for betraying him.

Now is my chance to destroy him.

Mandy, Yvonne is my friend,

and Robert Hsiung is hunting for her.

But will you hide her
for me, keep her safe?

Yes, of course.

So, Alan's friend, you can
stay as long as you like.

Thank you.

Thank you, Aunty.

Alan, what about you?

Lamar will come after you now.

I know he will.

Hm, that's okay.

I can handle him.

I'm a tough guy.

Any trouble from him, and I'll crush him.

What happened to Kelly was bad.

I don't like it at all.

That Nick is one tough son of a bitch.

Tough or not, he's going down.

Should I go for him again?

No, not yet.

Why waste our energy?

He'll come for us.

That's true.

Now the whole business with Yvonne

is making me look like a fool.

I want you to call Robert and tell him

to bring that girl back to me.

Yes, boss.

Well, that's Lamar's order.

Yes, we've started
searching the hotels in town.

- And?
- We couldn't find them.

Well, Paul, search his house, all right?

(tense rock music)

(turkeys gobbling)


Old lady, is Alan here?

Oh, Alan's not home yet.

He's still out at work.

He hasn't come home yet.

I don't know how long he'll be.

You can sit down and wait for him.

Listen, Mom, he didn't
show up for work today.

We hired him as a bodyguard.

And now he's let us all down.

So tell me, what do
you think of that, huh?

(goons chuckling)

Old lady, tell me, did you bring him up

to behave like that, huh?

What are you saying?

Alan's working down at
the docks right now.

In fact, he's just been promoted.

(sly chuckling)

Listen to me.

How much can he earn at the docks?

And how much money do
you think you cost him?

Answer me that, old woman.

He's working for us.

He's a thug and a killer.

He's involved in gambling
and prostitution.

(evil chortling)

And now he's gone and bitten
the hand that feeds him.

You tell your son that Robert Hsiung

and Mr. Lamar are looking for him.

This will be the end for him.

He can't fool around with us.

We'll get him for everything he did.

Got it?

(sinister chuckling)

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Well, where do you think he is?

[Goon] I don't know.

(pained moaning)



Alan, I want the truth, now.

Those men told me you're
involved in gambling

and prostitution.

Is it true?

Tell me, Alan, is it true?

Yes, Ma.

You, you...

Damn you!






Nurse, turn off the oxygen.

(tender instrumental music)

I'm sorry, it was too late to save her.

We did everything we could.

Oh, Mother.



(broken sobbing)

(tense instrumental music)

(traffic rumbling)

Hello, Paul.

(nervous chuckling) Alan.

How ya been?

You're gonna pay.

Now, just stay cool.

You killed her.

It was a misunderstanding,
only misunderstanding.

(hits thudding)
(aggressive grunts)

Now, Alan, let me explain.

It was a mistake.

I'm taking revenge on your mistake.

You'll be able to apologize to my mother.

(pained groans)

(forceful yelling)

(hits thudding)

Stop it!

(tense music)

Alan's in jail.

Serves him right, that
double-crossing son of a bitch.

That'll teach him a lesson

and get Yvonne out as well.


Just what I had in mind.

And Mandy, you know
what to do about her.

Richard, see to it.

Oh, yes, sir.

I'll do it.

(melancholy instrumental music)

Yes, yes.

Right, okay.

Hey, friend.

This guy's the leader here.

- Uh huh.
- He's a perfectionist,

in evil.

He protects all his friends for just $100.

I'm sure you wanna be his friend.


Think it over for a while.

You may change you mind.
(derisive snorting)

Save your breath.

(evil chortling)

(liquid sloshing)

(tuneless whistling)

(hits thudding)
(pained groaning)

[Prisoner] Oh!

[Prisoner] Oh!

(agonized bellowing)

[Prisoner] I'll kill you!

(liquid sloshing)

(hits thudding)
(forceful groaning)

Hold up!

What's all the racket?

(prisoner whimpering)

It was him, he started it.

He started raiding us,
and (choking cough).

It's true, sir.

I'll swear to it, it was him!

And what have you got to say?


And you were good.

(soft sobbing)

Hey, are you thinking of Alan?

I'm worried about him.

He must be so lonely in there.

Your worrying doesn't help anything.

The sentence is almost over.

He'll be out soon, and the
first place he'll come is here.

(door knocking)


[Harry] It's me, Harry.

Hey, he's been handling Robert Hsiung.

That should make you feel better.

(startled gasping)

(aggressive grunting)
(slap cracking)

Well, look who's here.

Take her away.

[Harry] Hey, hey!

What do you think you're doing.

(sinister laughing) Nothing at all.

You told me to deal with Robert.

It's a shame, but he
offered me more money.

(slap cracking)
You bastard.

[Harry] How dare you hit me?

(hits thudding)
(aggressive grunting)

Oh, Mandy!

Oh, let go of me, let go!

(furious bellowing)


Let's go.

(frightened whimpers)

[Yvonne] No, let go, let go.

- Hao?
- Yes, sir?

Has our client arrived, yet?

Yes, sir, he's right upstairs.

He's waiting for her.

Right, take her up.

- No.
- Come on.

- No!
- Robert!

You rotten son of a bitch,

how can you destroy that innocent girl?

Mandy, you shouldn't
worry about her so much.

After all, your position
is no better than hers.

So be nice to me, or you'll be sorry.

No, no chance at all.

Rotten bitch!

(slap cracks)
(pained whimpering)

Have you changed your mind?

No, I have not.

Still stubborn?

Mandy, you're under my control now.

I can deal with you any way I please.


Go ahead.

(fabric ripping)

I'm not scared.

(evil chuckling) You should be.

Mandy, you have a good body,

and it gives you a lot of power
that should have been mine.

Now, you'll live, but I
will destroy your body.

Take this.
(agonized groaning)

No one would want her now.

Get rid of her.

- Yes, boss.
- Yep.

(thunder crackling)

(smarmy laughing)

Come on, don't be frightened.

I'll be very gentle with you, my darling.

Oh, don't worry.

Don't touch me!

(soft sobbing)

(gentle rock music)

(sharp groaning)
(lightening crackling)

(rhythmic rock music)

(chains rattling)

(low chuckling)

(door knocking)

(Yvonne snorting)


(excited chortling)

(deep sighing)

Raymond's getting out of jail.

Yeah, he's getting out on
parole now for good behavior.

He was very lucky, indeed.

Lamar wants you to watch him.

If he steps out of line, deal with him.

(rhythmic music)

It's been a long time, Doug.

Yes, it has.

I need a favor from you.

Why else would you want to see me?

I guess you'd know what I meant.

It is about that guy, Alan?

That's right.

He's getting out soon.

I don't want him to mess things up for me,

so I need a little accident.

You know what I'm saying?

You know I would help you, Mr. Lamar,

but that jail is out of my jurisdiction.

There's nothing I can do.

You sure you ain't
got no friends up there?

No, I'm sorry, Mr. Lamar.

- Hey!
- Huh?

I'm sure!

(rifle banging)

[Goon] Oh, skedaddle!

(pained groaning)

[Goon] Oh, c'mon.

(aggressive grunting)
(hits thudding)



(rapid tech music)

We had to close the place,

all because of Lamar.

- Mandy, it's me.
- Alan!

I just got out.

Alan, I'm so glad to see you.

I came here straight from prison.

It's good that you're out.

And you're just in time
for a little bit of action.

What do you want to do that for?

That bastard, he insulted me,

he ruined my business.

He just uses people.

I want to get rid of that shit.

Mandy, let me tell you,
I've had time to think,

and I don't want to get involved.

They're over, my days of revenge.

I hold no grudge.

I don't care about Lamar.

I can't help you.

All I want is Yvonne.

Thank you for looking after her.

She's all that I want.

(deep sighing) Where is she?

Alan, I'm sorry.

She's not here right now.

What do you mean?


Alan, Harry joined the
opposition, betrayed me.

Robert took her away.

I wish I could've done something, Alan,

but I was powerless.

And Billy?

I have no idea.

I lost track of him.

Yvonne, where's Yvonne?

You really wanna know?

Of course I do.

Tell me where she is.

All right.

She's in Cloud Nine.

(low instrumental music)

(girls giggling)

(tense instrumental music)

(soft sobbing)

Listen, let's not start.

I don't want trouble,

and I won't start it,

if you let me be.

Yvonne, come with me.



(harsh sobbing)



Chewing gum.

Chewing gum.

[Child] I want some chewing gum, Mom.

[Mom] Not now, dear.

[Child] But I want some!

[Mom] Not now, come on!

[Billy] Excuse me,
you wanna buy some gum?

Oh, all right, then.

Here you go, son.

Billy? Billy!

(tender electronic music)


Billy! (Soft sobbing)

(heartbroken wailing)


Billy, where's Pa?

Daddy, Daddy's dead.

(sinister musical trill)

What's that?

That can't be true.

I couldn't find you,
so I came down here.

I didn't know what else to do.

Sister, it's not nice.

Can you take me home?

I wanna go back home, Sister.

Please don't leave me again.




Don't worry.

She's not going away.

Billy, we won't leave you.

- Are you sure?
- Mm hmm.

Billy, I promise,

we'll never leave you alone
again. (Harsh sobbing)

Alan took Yvonne away?


You know what to do.

Find Yvonne at once, bring her back here.

[Paul] Yes.

(tender instrumental music)

Really gonna talk to Lamar?

Yes, Nick.

I don't think that's a good idea.

It'll be all right.

We can't just run and hide.

He'll come looking and find us,

no matter where we go.

This is the only way.

And if it doesn't work.

I guess we'll just have
to think of something else.

I've just got to try.

I love you, Nick, and we must be together.

I love you, too, Jane.

(magazine clacking)

(turkeys gobbling)




(tuneless humming)

(tense instrumental music)

(startled gasping)

You're coming with me, now.

No, I don't wanna go.

Well, that's too bad.

(hit thudding)
(pained yelping)

Change your mind, yet?

[Yvonne] No way.

You damn bitch!

[Yvonne] No, leave me.

[Paul] Move, come on, come on!

Alan Mark.

What do you want?

To see you dead.

(ferocious yelling)
(hits thudding)

(tense drumming music)


(music accelerating)

That bastard, he got away.

(frightened screeching) Oh, let me go.

Let me go!

Think hard!

[Goon] You get her!

You get her!

[Goon] Bitch!

(gasping gurgling)

Let's go!

(rapid tense music)







(Yvonne whimpering)

Yvonne, Yvonne, Yvonne!

Yvonne, Yvonne, look at me.


Sister, what happened?

What happened?



- I...
- Sister!

I (gasping breath)

- Yvonne!
- Sister!

- Yvonne!
- Please wake up!

Please, sister!

Sister, wake up!

Robert Hsiung, you rotten bastard,

you're gonna die!

(evil chuckling) What nonsense.

I knew you'd come,

and I've been waitin' for ya.

Alan, you double-crossed me,

and you're gonna pay for it.

We'll see.

(frenetic yelling)
(hits thumping)

(harsh music)

[Robert] Lead him around the back.

[Goon] Come on!

Alan, you'll die here in the forest,

and no one'll ever know.

I wouldn't count on it.

(aggressive yelling)
(hits thudding)

[Robert] Fight him!

(tense instrumental music)

Where is he?


There he is!

(agonized groaning)

(hits thudding)

Over there!

Where'd he go?

He's over there!

All right, spread out.

(rhythmic drumming music)

(aggressive yelling)
(hits thudding)

Alan, don't worry, I'm here.

Thank you.

Forget it, this game's over.

Whatever you do, you're finished.


Oh, you think so?

You're far too off to mistake.

I'm gonna show you just how wrong you are.

[Alan] You pig.

(bones cracking)

(aggressive yelling)
(hits thudding)

(pained grunting)

[Goon] I'll show you!


Killin' ya!


(terrified whimpering)

[Goon] Hey!



What are you doing here?

Well, to help you get these bastards,

what do you think?


(pained wailing)

(hits thudding)
(strident grunting)

(Mandy wailing)

Hm, that'll show you.

[Goon] Take that!

Come on!


Go on!

(tense instrumental music)

What is it?

[Goon] Go!

(aggressive grunting)

Hold it!

Let's get 'em.

You're next!

(rhythmic instrumental music)

Begging's too much for you, huh?

When are gonna learn, Nick?

You know you'll never defeat me.

Dream on, fool.

Fuckin' bastard.

(weapons booming)
(agonized groaning)


(rapid rock music)


(weapons blasting)

(pained whimpering)

(dry clicking)

(horrified squawking)

(aggressive yelling)

(sustained wailing)

(upbeat rock music)