Dressage (2018) - full transcript

Golsa, a 16 year old girl from suburb of Tehran, who is motivated primarily by boredom rather than greed, robs a corner shop with her friends. But while sharing the booty they are ...

"In the Name of God"



Go! Go!


A film by Pooya Badkoobeh

If I stood there watching like you,
we'd all be fucked up now.

We were lucky
nothing happened to him.

- 78,000.
- The food we took costs more!

You wouldn't have so much fun
even if you spent tenfold.

The police will go there tomorrow,
investigation, interrogation, fingerprints!

Wish we were there too!

Let's get the cuts.

I don't want any.
Keep all of it.

The whole fun is in sharing it.

I give my share to Golsa.

My share is enough for me.

Why do you get pissed off?

I give my share to Shirin.

I'll give my share to her too
to make her happier.

Knock it off!
I'll take it all.

Cut the crap!
Let's watch the film.

- What film?
- The shop's CCTV.

Who has it?

Who took it?

Mehran, you went to take it.

I didn't after I saw
the worker coming.

- You didn't return afterwards?
- Golsa went there afterwards.

Nobody told me to take it.

You didn't know we were to take it?

I did, but you didn't
tell me to take it.

Why did you go there?
I thought you'd taken it.


Shut that up!

The cops will see the film tomorrow.
They'll catch us all.

- I told you we must cover our faces.
- Shut up, you!

- What's the matter with you?
- We must bring the film.

- You must.
- What is it to me?

You go.
Aren't you the tough guy?

You forgot it

You messed up.
Go bring it!

- Don't shout.
- Arash should go.

He should do something for once.

I didn't do anything?

You couldn't lob the supermarket
if I hadn't smashed its window.

Even better!
You think I'm happy now?

We must do something.
It's over when he comes to.

Why don't you go?

- What is it to me?
- We thought you had taken it.

You were wrong!

Amir, you go.

Why do you think
you must say something?


If I wasn't there,
he'd have turned in you all to the cops.

- I've done my job.
- You want to say you are the boss?

No, you are!
Now go bring it!

- Mehran, go bring it
- What if something's happened to him?

Cut the crap!
He was breathing.

- What if he's dead?
- Makes no difference.

We are all in the film.
We are all involved.

I want to go home.
Take me home.

Shut the fuck up!
You can't go home now.

If you go now, your mother will ask
why you returned from Golsa's home at 4 am.

She'll call her mother
and her mother will find out too.

Nobody goes anywhere.

Whoever goes
the shit will be for others.

We must clean the shit together.

Golsa! You go.


Only you have the guts.

- No!
- Golsa!

I said no!

You were to bring the film.

- Says Who?
- Everybody.

We must bring it in the end.

And they've all backed off.

- And I can't.
- Why not?

I'll be ruined if I'm caught.
My father will kill me!

- What if they catch me?
- They won't

They won't?
OK. you go!

- You forgot to bring it.
- I said the same from the first.

Don't worry!
There's nobody there.

- OK, you go!
- You forgot it.

Why do you think
you must babble whatever Amir says?

Do whatever you want.

We'll vote.

If you think it is Golsa's fault
and she must bring the film,

raise your hand.

- Why Vote?
- Why? You want to go?

I won't go!

You can't!

The hell you won't!
Everyone says it's your fault.

Everybody is shit wrong!

- You're bullshit! You'd be there by now if you'd gone.
- Do it yourself!

You think you're special
because I hang out with you and spend on you?

You think
I'll fuck my life up for you?

Go get the fucking film now!

I won't!






- Will you groom Alvand or should I?
- I'll do it.

I put the fruits on the table,
You put them in the fridge.

Come on!
Couldn't you do it yourself?

The fridge will get dirty.
Put them in the drawer.

You do it.

Come on! You're already in the kitchen.

- Golsa's home?
- No!

- Her shoes are at the door.
- I didn't see them.



- You are home?
- Yes

- Why don't you answer?
- I didn't hear you.

- Shirin was fine?
- Yes.

Tell her to come here
once for a change.

- Hello.
- Hello.

You're home!

Something wrong?


- Arash will come?
- I hope he doesn't!

Hello, Golsa.


- How are you?
- Hi!

You buy the meats,
I'll buy everything else.

We'll go at noon
and Golsa will come with me.

- What's the matter with you all?
- Golsa is still upset with us.

Nah! We'll take her to a party tomorrow
and she'll stop being upset.

- He was still on the floor?
- Yes.

He was so feisty!

He'd only bandaged his head.

You went there?

I sent someone in the morning.

Did you bring the film?



Where did you put it?

Where did you put it?

Somewhere nobody can find.

Let's go and give it to me.

I won't!

You won't?


You are cool now?

OK, now.
She'll bring it tomorrow.

Golsa, where did you put it?

Stop being a child! Bring the film!

- What is she talking about?
- It will be fine.



Are you kidding?


It isn't the first time we fight.

You know what will happen
if someone finds it.

- What will happen?
- You are in it too.

I took it and I'll keep it.

What do you want?

- OK, I'm sorry.
- That's all?

What do you want?

- You can't do it.
- I can do anything.

- Smash your father's car.
- How?

- Drive into the trees.
- Are you nuts?

What's in it for you?

Without my dad's car and
money you can't have fun either!

What? You think you're hot shit now?
Think I'll let you do whatever you want?

- Good night!
- Good night!

Good night.

What is it, sweetheart?

Who did this?

Where is the hose?

- He's pretty.
- Very much!

In two years his dressage
will knock everybody out.

- He's very clever.
- Very much!

Calm him down, boy!

Shorten the forelegs.


We're lucky nothing happened.
But it's still dangerous.

She doesn't want to be logical about it.

What's the point of all
this hardheadedness?

Golsa may think she's keeping
the film somewhere safe,

but it is still dangerous.

If someone uploads it,
we'll all be arrested.

I smashed your windshield,

because Golsa wanted to
smash my father's car.



Come here.

He's telling the truth?


Look at me!

Is this how you repay my trust?

We work hard all day
so you live comfortably, then you steal?


You hang out with this boy?

Where did you hide the film?

You think you have
no responsibility in this house?

And I let you do anything you like?

Where is the film?

There isn't brain in your head?

This boy understands more than you.

I have it.
And I won't give it to anybody.

Oh! Don't!

I'm an idiot for letting you do
whatever the hell you want.


- Behrooz?
- Don't say anything!

If you'd stopped her,
we wouldn't be in this shit now.

You've detached yourself from her.

She thinks
I don't care about my reputation.

Did you ever ask her who her friends are?

- Hello.
- Hello.

Wash up!
Let's have breakfast.

- You didn't go to work?
- No, I didn't.

Why you didn't tell me
what'd happened?

I thought we told
one another everything.


We don't talk about anything.

Why must we talk about everything?

Let's tidy up together.

Give a hand.

We are thinking of moving.


We want to go to Karaj
to be closer to Tehran.

It'll take us less time to go to work.

I don't want to go to Karaj.

We will rent this one out
and sell the flat we have prebought,

We will rent a place in Karaj.

I can't see Alvand if we go to Karaj.

We don't want to lose our house either.

We wanted to sell our prebought flat
when it was complete,

and have some profit on our money.

We're doing this because of you.

We can't let you hang out
with the likes of that boy, can we?

Where are you going?

- Out!
- No way!

I'll stay with you
till you give me the film.

What does it mean?

You can't go out till you give the film.

When should we have lunch?

- I'm not hungry.
- OK.

I'll take a nap.
Wake me up in half an hour.

When will you get the car
from the garage?


I was thinking I haven't stayed home
on a non holiday in ages.

Golsa and I had a very good time.

She tidied up her room
and I did the house chores.

We watched television together.

I was thinking
I don't like to go to work ever again.

You'll be fired
if you don't go to work for a few days.

Then you can stay at home forever.

How do you think
money is earned for this life?

You think we can live in Tehran some day
if we don't work like this?

I don't want to live in Tehran.

I want to be here.

Where is your other backpack?

I don't know.

I'll keep them.

We'll talk about it
when you give me the film.

Where is your jewellery?

I'll keep these too.


You can't work like a worker.

You don't have the time or strength.

And I can't give you a worker's salary.

I know how to work, Mr. Khosravi.
I have been taking care of Alvand.

What you're doing
is not "looking after" a horse.

You think he would survive
if the workers didn't look after him?

Just because I let you be beside Alvand
doesn't mean you can look after him.

I'll work more and
you pay me less than others.

Give me as much as you think
my job is worth.

- What's the matter, Golsa?
- Nothing!

OK, I can't give you
more than 150,000 a month.

Thank you.

- What do you want to do with 150,000?
- That's enough for me.

When will you pay me?

I'll give them their breakfast,
you give them their lunch.

When do I clean their place?

You are going to do that too?

Well, I'm going to work here.

A few times a day.
I'll tell you when.

Where are you?

Why my horse isn't saddled?

I'll come now.

What kind of working is that?

It has enough light too.

We've had no problem so far.

- You must give us a discount.
- We did!

Don't worry!
We'll work it out.

- It doesn't have a parking.
- It does.

It isn't roofed,
but we always park there.

No problem so far.

They broke
all our car's windows last week!

It is hard for her to leave here.
She likes here.

- OK! We'll talk to the realtor.
- All right.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

I'll see you to the door.

Your father was very considerate
he didn't tell you anything in front of them.

He was considerate
for his own sake!

You think only you know
what happened to the car?

We, who park the car two blocks away
because of fear, don't know?

Any idea what we think about
when we are walking to the car?

You know nothing!

I don't want us to leave here.

Take it or leave it.

Where to?

Come on up!

You're gonna run for
the rest of your life, dumbass?

What are you doing?

Look at her!

- Let me take it.
- No!

I'll do it myself.

How are you?


How is Alvand?

He seems to be down a little.

This place is one way for those
who come to have fun,

one way for those who work.

You'll get used to it.

Don't take it too hard.

I don't know why you've been
working here these two days.

It won't be forever.

Here comes Golsa!

I told you she'd come.

We missed you.

Yes, we did.

You brought the film?


Why did you come?

I'm the one who found this place.
Why shouldn't I come?

You don't want to finish it?

- Get out.
- I won't.

You're gonna hit me again?

Take your bag and get out.

I won't go anywhere.

Get lost!

Why are you doing this?

Never mind, Amir.

Leave her alone!

You go out, too.

What in the end?

What's the difference
you keep it or let us delete it?

I know, no difference.

You really don't understand
how dangerous it is?

Go after him.

If you don't
he won't let you hang out with him.

You've become a real jerk!


Why are you running?


You're running away from someone?


Where are you going?


Get in.

- It's OK. I can walk.
- I said get in.

- Hello!
- Hello!

- Mr. Moqaddami?
- Yes.

What's the matter?

- She is your daughter?
- Yes.

Step out.

She was running in the street
a few blocks away.

- She was frightened, as if she had a problem.
- What problem?

- She goes to the club?
- Yes, Horse racing club.

Look, a girl, this time of night, alone
You should be more mindful of her.

What's the matter?


The police are here.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

- Tell me!
- I'll tell you now.

Nothing's happened.
Just a second!

That's the only thing we lacked!
Are you satisfied now?

Our reputation doesn't matter to you?

Where did you hide the film?

Answer me!

Golsa, why are you doing this?

Sweetheart, use your head a little.

See the losses and benefits
in what you're doing.

If you don't learn to account
for yourself now, then when?

I must tell you
what's best for you?

You must know it!


- Will you tell me what's happened?
- I will!

Just a second.

- I'm worried!
- Just give me a minute.

I'll tell you!

Just give me a minute!

The police found her alone
and brought her home.

OK, you tell me what to do.

I can't stop looking after my family.

Police mustn't come to our house.

Any idea what will happen to us
if someone finds the film?

I can't watch my daughter
being taken to jail at this age.

Why don't you understand?

You are more stupid
than all your stupid friends!

Where is the film?

I won't let you see that horse again!



Get dressed.

Let's go.

That was a bad thing you did.

You give me the film
and I'll let you go there again.

- It was a terrible thing you did.
- Be quiet!


Hello, Mr. Khazaee.

No, I didn't notice.
I told Mr. Abdi too.

What does it mean?

Isn't that flat mine?

Is it or not?

You didn't say that
when we were signing the contract.

You said
it'd be the best investment.

You didn't talk like this
when you were getting money!

I must pay for your delay?

What is it to me
the others didn't pay their share?

- Hello.
- Hello.

1500 Toman.

I don't have money on me.


- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

It isn't there.
I've looked there.

Our life is in boxes!

- Nobody works on a weekend.
- I'm calling his mobile.

I texted him a few times today,
but he doesn't answer.

Who is it?


- The realtor has brought a customer again.
- Answer him.

We're not going to let the house.

He'll get on our nerve by ringing!

Let him ring!
I didn't answer him in the morning either.

He'll think
We're not in and leave.

- Just let it go!
- Nonsense!



No, I changed my mind.

Yes, I changed my mind right now!

It isn't proper this way.
Could've let him come up...

And remind us
we can't change our house?

And our investment was rubbish?

He's taken all our saving
and doesn't answer our calls!

Why do you want her?

Tell me I'm her father.

The horse harness?

You work in the club?

Hold on.

Where are you?

Someone from the club is looking
for a harness.

Talk to him.



Oh, yes!

No, it is in the wardrobe
in the back room.



Thank you.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- I'm late?
- No, you're in time.

Go to the stable.
Come from the other side.

Make the circle bigger.



How did you find our phone number?

Took it secretly from the office!


- Can I come again?
- Yes.

- I think Mr. Khosravi saw me.
- No problem I've told him.

He said not to let your father find out.

I missed here.

One gets used to this place.


I'll be off.

Must take some horses out.

- Take Alvand once too.
- No way!

He is a dressage horse.
His legs may be hurt on the field.

He is a horse, after all.
He likes to run on the open field.

That's how a dressage horse is.
It's more highly prized than other horses.

Must run only in the manége.

That's stupid!

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

Do you have small change?

- No! Sorry.
- Thanks! Bye.

- Hello.
- Hello.

You want something?

You don't need a worker here?

A worker?

Yes, I'm looking for a job.

I am a worker here.
You must talk to the owner.

- Where is he?
- Behind the shop.

Will you tell him?

Mr. Saeed?
A girl wants to see you.

She's looking for a job.


Go to the yard through that door.
The storeroom is on the corner.



Do you need a worker?

You don't look to be a worker.

I always work part time in summer.

Where are your parents?

Our house is in near here.

- How much salary do you want?
- I don't know.

As much as you think my job is worth.

How old are you?


16, at most 17, right?

- Your father knows you want to work?
- Yes.

OK, come for a few days
and we'll see.

- Nowruz will tell you what to do.
- Thank you.

Certainly, sir.

What should I do?

I don't know.
I've always worked alone.

- Can you put these in the fridge?
- Yes.

Take this.

I don't need it.

I put it here.

Come here.

Come on!


What's your name?

My name is Golsa.
What is yours?

Hi, Mahboob.

Your daughter?

No, Mr. Saeed's daughter.
My family are in Afghanistan.

- Really?
- Yes.

Why do you think
I sleep here at night?

- You don't miss them?
- Of course I do.

Haven't seen them for 1.5 years.
But I send money to them.

Don't you have anything to do
except talking?


- Sorry, it was my fault.
- No problem.

They don't work
if you don't watch them.

Don't give sweets to the kid.
All her teeth are decaying.

Sure, sir.

I don't know!

They say because some people
didn't pay their instalment on time,

the project stopped for some time,
the price of construction material went up,

and we owe them now.

We must pay a lot
to own our half-built flat.

If we want to sell, they'll buy half-price
because the market is slack.

And they deduct the money we owe them
for the construction material.

We can have half the money
we gave two years ago.

If it is sold, that is.

- They are swindling.
- Right.

Didn't we pay for it as fully built?
We can sue them.

We can't.

What they're doing is legal.

They've mentioned all these
in the contract.

The others have accepted it.
They say it is logical.

Logical fraud!

Yes, but it is legal
because it is in the contract.

Get a lawyer.

It'll cost a lot.
And they have 100 lawyers.

They'll do same
when they give the flats too.

I don't know!

If we sue them,
they'll become hostile.

If we don't sue them,

they may get along with us
and may not get more money from us.

What do you want to do now?

We must find some money somehow.


We have no choice.
We have a contract.

How did you do all this by yourself?

Making money is hard!

Why do you think
they gave me a job here?

I work as much as three people,
get paid for one.

And I'm a guard at night!

They broke into the shop some time ago,

Hit me on the head
and took the money.

I know who did it.

I was with them too!

Saeed doesn't want
to make a complaint.

Told me not to go
if the police wanted me.

- You've come to find out these?
- No.

You paid him to forget it.

- I don't know about it.
- Then, why are you working here?

I don't know!

How much did he give you?

Give me money?
I was lucky he didn't fire me.



Come here.

Did you guys
pay off the store owner?

Something's happened?

You did?


How much?

5 million.

Who gave the money?

All of us!
But Amir paid most of it.

- Who took the money to him?
- Amir's friend.

You don't know him.
Doesn't live here.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

- What if he makes a complaint?
- They got a receipt from him.

If we're caught,
he is involved too.

Don't worry.

Listen Golsa.
Amir is very upset.

He always talks about you with me.


I wanted to tell you something.


You know our situation.
We need money.

Your dad sold the car today
and I'll sell my jewellery.

But they're not enough.

I wanted to ask for your permission
to sell your jewellery too.

- You have them.
- Yes, but they are two different issues.

I am only keeping them for you.


I'll buy them for you later again.

- Do you have time?
- What is it?

We must move those barrels
to make room for the new pickles.

I'll think of something.

- About the money?
- You must work for a month first.

You must give some money to Nowruz
from the one you got.

- What money?
- We have your receipt.

Most of it belongs to Nowruz.

Remember I said
you didn't look the type to work?

You think you're clever?
You don't watch your back.

I know even your address.
Why do you think I let you work here?

- Your father knows you are a thief?
- Yes.

Out! Get out!

Remember what I said!

If I see you here once again,
I'll thrash you cheeky girl!



What did you do?

That is your money.
He must give it to you.

What do you think?
You want him to fire me?

- He's robbing you.
- I am his worker.

Forget it.
Don't come here again.

Leave her alone.

Let her go
before you make trouble.


If you give the film,
I'll tell them to leave the villa.


What do you want?

If someone uploads it on the internet,
we won't be able to do anything.

It carries at least one year sentence.

Give the film now.

You said you'd give it
if I smashed my father's car.

My father will kill me now!

Isn't it what you wanted?
Give me the film!

What are you doing
in the supermarket?


Let's go downstairs.
This boy's father is here.

Can I talk to her alone?


I don't have time to waste
on your childish games.

I'm not the type someone's
foolishness can smash my car.

I won't bother with you now.
Add the car to the other costs, too.

Where is the film?

It's none of your business.

You think I'm Amir?
Or your father?

Or maybe you think
you can play games with me.

You are happy you did something
she cannot go to the club.

She is there every day.
My son sees her.

You don't interfere.
I'll solve it.

I won't let your child's foolishness
send my child to jail.

Knock it off!

Hold your horses!

Who do you think you are?

If you could,
you'd stop your own son.

Still you go to the club?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Mr. Khosravi wants to see you.


You can't go to Alvand.

Mr. Khosravi said that.
Go see him.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

Then why should Amir's father buy
Alvand for more than it's worth,

on the condition you don't see him
or even come to this club?

- Why did you sell him?
- He paid higher than its price.

But he said he'd leave him here.
He'll pay for his pension too.

You mustn't come here again.

I was serious
Please, don't come.

I told Milad too.

If you come here,
Milad will be fired.

My dad said if you give the film,

you can look after the horse like before.

Filth bag!

Let go!

Let go!



- Do you want to see Alvand one more time?
- Yes.

Come before dawn tomorrow
behind the trees.

They didn't do anything to you?

No, just said they'd would fire me
if I fight again.


Open the door.


Why did you lock the door?

- What?
- Open the door.

I don't want to.

Open it!
Or I'll tell your father to break it.

Open up!

Why are you doing this?


Why did you lock the door?

My dear, give them the film.

Don't make the situation worse.

It can't be worse than this.

This boy's father is a Jerry-builder.

He knows the people in that company.

He's told your father
if we give them the film,

he'll do something we get
the flat's money with its interest.

He isn't a bad man.
Poor man is worried for his son's future.

If we get the flat's money,
we'll buy you a horse.

Then you'll have your own horse.

Here keep it.

He missed you.

- Take him back before they find out.
- Don't worry.




Hello, mum.

No, I'm fine.

I had to take something from the club

Call whenever you like.

I know.



- What's the matter?
- I think Milad took Alvand out.

- Where is he now?
- He was fired.

- Where is Milad?
- I don't know.

- Where is uncle?
- In his room.

I'm Golsa.

He told me last night
he wanted to leave.

But he didn't say
he wanted to take the horse out.

I don't know!

That horse mustn't walk outside.

If he sprained his ankle,
they'd give Milad hell.

I don't know what to say!

Where did he go?

To his town.

He won't return?

Return to do what?

Considering what he did,
they won't let him in.

It isn't your fault.

Maybe he didn't do a bad thing.

Do you think he would
end up any better than me?

I was careful all my life
so this would be mine at old age.

I didn't make even one mistake.

I didn't cross my limit even one step.

You know
what makes you attached here?

Horses and girls!

But you mustn't get attached to them.

And if you do,
you mustn't tell anybody.

They'll throw you out.

It was the first thing I taught him.

But he didn't listen.

Maybe he didn't make such a bad decision.

It wasn't only theft.
Grievous bodily harm too.

Their film has gone viral.
We've arrested her friends too.

You want to take her away now?


"The End"

Ali Nasrabadi