Dresden (2006) - full transcript

Like other TV movies of the production company teamWorx, Dresden (2006) focuses on an extraordinary historic event in connection with a tragic love story of a woman between two men. In January 1945, the young nurse Anna Mauth, working at a hospital in Dresden, becomes engaged to senior physician Benjamin Wenninger. At the same time, an English Lancaster bomber is shot down. The pilot Robert Newman, the only survivor, manages to reach the city severely injured and hides in the hospital's cellar. Anna discovers him incidentally thinking he is a German deserter, but finally decides to help Robert...

January, 1945.
World War II is in its sixth year.

In the west, the Wehrmacht's
Ardennes offensive has failed.

In the east, the Red Army's decisive
offensive began on January 12th.

Two weeks later, it will free
the Auschwitz concentration camp.

American and British air power
controls German airspace.

British bombers are now able
to attack German cities at will.

And yet, there are still cities
almost untouched by the bombs.

- And the morphine?
- It's finished.

- What?
- All gone.

Pincers, forceps.

Shrapnel in lower abdomen.

Loss of blood.

Clean and disinfect.

- Air raid.
- Scalpel.

- We have to move.
- Then he'll die.

Americans. Everyone to the cellar.

Scissors, forceps.

- Dr. Wenninger?
- Go on. I'm fine.

- What about him?
- To the cellar.


- And you?
- You can't operate alone.

- Go, Anna.
- No!

Make sure he doesn't
bite through his tongue.

You have to be strong.
We don't have any morphine.

I know you can take it.

Hold him here.


Purse-string suture.

We did it!

Those damn Americans.
This damn war!

I should take better care of you.

- When do you finish?
- Eight. Why?


Sounds promising.

Alexander the Great. My hero.

See you later.


Why the red crosses on the roof?
They bomb hospitals anyway.

Surely a mistake.
The bombs were meant for a refinery.

Freital or Ruhland.
20 minutes, my office.

Right away.

Are you alright?

The medicine is still not here.

We had to operate
without morphine.

I know.
I'm doing what I can.

- Good work by Alexander.
- Yes.

Next time you go to the cellar.

I thought Dresden
won't be bombed.

No more of my children shall die.

Please go and see
how your mother and sister are doing.


- Are you alright?
- Look. She just dropped it.

I'm sorry, Ma'am.

- It's only porcelain.
- Only porcelain?

- It was a Scheurich.
- Heinz, come here.

- What time is it?
- 12:30.

Did you sleep upstairs?


The Soviets reached
the Neisse river near Görlitz.

I was helping refugees all night
at the main station.

Dresden and Cottbus,

and a series of railways
in the Rhineland

were bombed during the night.

- Bastards!
- Turn that off, Eva.


Mom, I have to get going.

- Can't you stay a while?
- I'm on duty.

You should take care
of yourself.

And you should do up
your buttons.

What you would you do
if there were no war?

I'd go away...



A little hotel on the Arno.

With a view of the Ponte Vecchio.


The Uffizi and the cathedral
during the day and at night...

The promenade!

They say no one whistles at girls

better than the Italians.

La bella bionda!

The four of us could go together.

Sorry, silly of me.
How is it at home?

Well, we're alright.
New horrors every night in the news.

- Did you ever think about...
- Divorcing him? Never.

You are very brave.



My conqueror.

- Let's dance.
- American music?

Why don't we just hang a white flag
out the window?

Can't we be happy
for five minutes?

You know what happens
if someone sees you?

- I am 24.
- Stay how you are.

- Anna, I'll be off.
- Stay a while.

No. Excuse me...

- Bye.
- Bye. See you tomorrow.

Good night.

Darling, I...

I'll stop in later.

Look there!

He's dead.

- Chocolate!
- A whistle!


Oh, a pistol!

- Give me that.
- He speaks German!

You bastards
bomb our women and children!

My wife burned in Hamburg.

No Swiss rules for her!

Another one!


- Morning, Nurse Eva. New patients?
- Yes. One moment.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Morning, dear.

I brought breakfast.

So late?

Sorry. You were waiting
last night.

I entertained myself.

Remember how we met
three years ago?

Sure. Your first day here.
A fresh graduate.

- You examined me like I was a patient.
- You said you couldn't breathe.

I said it was warm and we should
open a window, not my blouse.

In any case,
I think it's been long enough.

- Was that a proposal?
- What?

You just proposed to me.

It sounded like a proposal.


conqueror of the Amazons,
ruler of...

I... I want children.

- What about my degree?
- Your father says it can wait.

- You discussed it with him?
- Yes.

- Your parents are very excited.
- Then it's all been decided.

No, of course not. The...

Shouldn't you
kneel and recite a poem?

- A poem?
- Yes.

In certain circles it is customary
to court your maiden with poetry.

Like so...

- Kneel down.
- No.

Yes, Alexander, please.
Kneel down.

Now give me your hands.


- No.
- 'And lo...

- And lo...
- They shall live and multiply.

- They shall live and multiply.
- And will not be bent by time.

And will not be bent by time.

- And they shall grow...
- And they shall grow...

like the fruit of the forest.

- Like the fruit of the forest.
- The earth mounded with sweetness.

The earth mounded with sweetness.

- Thus holy are...
- Thus holy are...'

Pardon me. I...

Tell my father to wait.
I am being proposed to.

I'll be right there.
We're done here. Thank you, nurse.

They are not German, are they?

Jewish son of a bitch!
All this is your fault!

'Jew-boy, Jew-boy, tell us quick,

how you pull your dirty tricks!

Jew-boy, Jew-boy, for your crimes,

You'll have to pay for sure this time.


Wounded coming in, 15 or 20.

We don't have beds.
What about the front hospital?

Maybe we are the front hospital.

Do you know how little time we have?

Yes. Breslau... I know.




My heart of gold!

How was your day?

'Two Jews are to be executed.
Just before, they hear

that they won't be shot,
but hanged instead.

'You see?, ' says one,
'Not even bullets they have now!'

The four-week rations
have to last four and a half now.

'What's the difference
between India and Germany?

In India, one man
starves for his people.

In Germany, the people starve
for one man.'

From your girlfriend again?

You know what?

We should be happy to have this ham.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Tell her!

Eva talked with
the Gauleiter's adjutant.


- Good morning.
- Morning.

- Tell Alexander to come to my office.
- He promised Eva

that your engagement party
will be sumptuous.

- Carl...
- Strength through joy?

Triumph of the will.

- I hope it wasn't a sacrifice for you.
- One must think of others.

How did he manage
not to be sent to the front?

I know who that's for.

- Maria should have divorced long ago.
- Anna, where are you going?

Don't say you forgot.
It's your day off today.

- I just...
- You promised.


- May I?
- Yes.


A Meissner service at that price!

My husband will be thrilled.


Don't look!

Do you love him?


- I just want you to be happy.
- I know.

- Eva.
- The station is a madhouse.

What they say about the Russians!


They've reached Breslau now.

The English bombed Mönchengladbach,
Karlsruhe and Wiesbaden.

My sister found a leaflet:

'We'll bomb you and your cities,

each one worse than the last.'

- You see who the terrorists are.
- You get so worried.

They say we'll win,

but with all the 'realignments'
what can one think?

You know what the Gauleiter
does to defeatists?

I was only saying...

People are working night and day
for Germany's victory.

Of course.

- Must you?
- She wouldn't stop.

The cinemas are closing tomorrow.
I got tickets for today.

'The Great Love.'

A bit of distraction.

- Mother, I really have to...
- No. Today is our day together.

Come on.

Don't you have to work?

Help win the war?

We'll win it two hours later.

From the invasion front:

The south coast of England
seen through a telephoto lens.

This is the V1 in action!

The German surprise weapon,
Germany's answer

to Anglo-American terror bombing.

The V1 begins its dive.

The V1's storm
sweeps over southern England.

Wait till the new weapon is ready!

London and the south

are under constant attack
by the V1s.

American newsreel images

show the effects
of German revenge.

According to foreign sources,
London is covered

by the highest concentration of flak
ever seen...

It's not the end of the world!

Even if it's sometimes gray,

Things will be brighter,

It will be blue again!

Through all the ups and downs,

Even when it hurts our heads,

It's not the end of the world...


Every night I pray to God
to destroy this place.


I said, 'Every night I pray to God
to destroy this place.'

Simon Goldberg,
how can you talk such nonsense?

Eisenmann said the British
threatened to get serious

- If Germany won't capitulate.
- We've held out so long.

12 years.
We can't give up so close to the end.

- A couple of weeks...
- They'll kill us all before then.

That's what makes us Germans great,
our thoroughness.

After a half a million,
they'll manage the last 200 Jews too.

When you're neck deep,
don't hang your head.

Nothing will happen to you
as long as I don't divorce you.

You could have.

Now you tell me,
when the Aryans are losing.


Everything alright?


Daddy, we have to talk.

I was remembering
when you learned to walk.

Here, with this funny little

proud face.

And now my daughter is grown up.

He would have made a good doctor.

A good doctor protects life

and doesn't sacrifice his own
by volunteering for the front.

I know what you did, Anna.

You put off medical school for me

because I needed nurses.
That wasn't easy for you.

I have to tell you...

The day will come

when you'll hate me.

Why? Why would I ever
hate you?

Anna, we have to think
of ourselves now.

- I love you, my child.
- I love you too.

- So what did you want to say?
- Nothing.

Don't you think Mom has been taking
a few too many pills?

She can take
a whole box of those.

Every day.


See you tomorrow.

You're very strong.

You were lucky.

It went through.

A centimeter to the right
and it would've hit your liver.

You'd have died.

Listen, I...

I don't know who you are
or why you're here.

I don't want to know.

But I can't help you anymore.

You must leave.



Good luck.

And when someone asks for help?

Do you know what Solomon said?

'Withhold... Withhold not good
from them to whom it is due.'

Yes, but he continues:

'When it is in your power to act.'

But how can you go on living
when you don't help?

Check everything.

Can I help you?

- We're looking for a spy.
- A spy?

- Where's this go?
- The basement, but no one's there.

- Should I show you?
- Please.

Have a look around.


Is anyone here?

- What are you doing down here?
- Professor Mauth.

I am the hospital's director.

- We're looking for a spy hiding here.
- A spy?

What is this?

How dare you? Stand to attention.

If I may, sir, we are not
under your jurisdiction.

- What?
- The Gauleiter has ordered...

I know his orders.

I am his personal adjutant. So,

any spies here?

No, of course not, sir.

Very good.

Well then...


- Daddy, what...
- Take the gentlemen upstairs.

- Shoot that arrogant asshole.
- Yes.

- Come on.
- Out of the way.


Can you hold my hand, buddy?

Not long now.

I am the last...
All the others already...

It's not enough.
My customers want twice as much.

Here we have Wilhelm...
he has a cut to the throat.

Cool it down.

Disinfect. I'll stitch him up.

Holler, Kurt. Suspected fracture...

Get him ready.

Richter, Gotthold.
Projectile wound in thorax.

Sit him up and drain him.

What's this? Prepare him.

We could also...

Wipe up the blood. Let's see...

Clean and disinfect the wound.

Anything else?

Yes. Mayer, Hans.
Shot to the head.

What's this?

A stomach wound.

My fault.
I must have mixed them up.

- Are you Hans Mayer?
- Trauma.

Disinfect and bandage it.
Any more new ones?



Oh, thank God.

About time.


What's that?

Our future. In Basel.

That was the second payment.

Here. For our new clinic.

Actually, your new clinic later.

We'll send the women ahead

and join them when they're safe
in Switzerland.

- Without morphine the patients...
- I know.

- I am a doctor.
- Just like me.

And a father and husband.

You too, soon.

I can't.

You say you can't?

But when I saved you
from enlistment

you didn't have a problem.

Don't tell the women.

Especially not Anna.

Where'd you get hit, buddy?

My type.

Shot in the stomach.

Emergency surgery, theater 3.

- What is it?
- His stomach lining is torn.

Alexander, we can at least try.

We can't leave him to die.

He's dying. We hardly have...
It's a waste of medicine.

- If you won't, I will.
- What?

You're a nurse.
I'm the doctor.

Never criticize me
in front of the other nurses.

You are so cold.

Cold? Thousands are dying here.

You can't cry over every single one.

- What's with my brother?
- What?

- What's with my brother?
- Shot in the stomach?

- Is he better?
- Sorry. He didn't make it.

Oh, God.


What do you want to be
when you grow up?

An engine-driver?


- When I was your age I wanted...
- Circus.

In the circus.

You know who is
the best juggler in the world?

Enrico Rastelli.

Guess how many balls
he can juggle.





No one's ever been able
to juggle ten balls since him.

How do you know him?

I met him once.

Did you know I'm a magician?


You didn't know.

Here's another one.

We were playing.
I didn't know it was...

- Will they shoot me like...
- Whom?

Like the man who said
we'll lose the war?


You won't die.

And now?

That's why.

That's why you wouldn't speak.

You're English.

A spy.

If I'd known,
I'd have handed you in.

You still can.

Hey, here you are.

What are you doing here?

- What is he doing here?
- I was...

bandaging him.

Be careful.

- Is something wrong?
- No.

- And you?
- No, me neither.

They shot us.

They shot us.
First Claus, then me.

- They shot us.
- I see. Have a seat. I'll make tea.

They shot us.

Sit right here.
Call Dr. Wenninger.

- It isn't wrong to love someone.
- No, it isn't.

- They shot us.
- A doctor is coming. Stay calm.

- I don't want to go back.
- You don't have to. Don't be afraid.

- Hide me.
- We'll take it from here.

- Let's go.
- Stop it.

She is wounded. She needs help.

What did she do?

She hid her husband, a deserter.

- But a loyal German reported them.
- She stays here.

My father, Dr. Mauth, is the director.

Wait until I get him.

Leave that woman here.
This is a hospital.

- For helping a deserter you get...
- I don't care.


Dr. Wenninger. Assistant director.
I need her for an operation.

We have soldiers from the front.

Surely you want us to help them?

The Führer needs every soldier.

You can get in big trouble
very quickly these days, nurse.

Alexander, that woman-
they'll shoot her.

Rules are rules.

Don't turn around.

Do you like it?

Anna. It's your engagement.


- You look wonderful.
- Thanks.

Wait here. I'll get my parents.

What are you doing here?

You must leave.
Yesterday... I was just...

- You have no right to be here.
- I know.

- What do you want?
- You know very well.

- This is my engagement.
- Is it really?

- You Can be proud of your son.
- Yes, we really are.

- He's going to make his way in life.
- Professor...

Call me Carl.

What does it feel like
to bomb women and Children?

Ask your Luftwaffe.
Forgotten who started the war?

- You're no better than the Nazis.
- You mean your invited guests?

I didn't invite them.

Remember that sentence
for afterwards.

But you Germans are good at that.


- May I introduce my parents?
- Yes.


So it was your idea.

Even though he works
day and night for our people.

- He organized the music too.
- But with our fleet, we Can't lose.

- With the world's biggest destroyer.
- You'll get in trouble...

- Gauleiter.
- Thank you for the invitation.

Who is the lucky woman?


You honor us.
With all of your duties

- In these heroic times...
- Heroic.

Heroic and, in the end, victorious.

Thank you.

How is our Führer?
He looked tired in the latest photos.

I just telephoned with him.

Believe me,
he is in excellent health.

It is still a secret, but our
miracle weapon will debut soon.

It will be a bloodbath
for our enemies.

How-? Father, what does it say
in your Bible?

"Render them, Lord, a recompense,
according to the work of their hands.

And it rained fire and brimstone
and destroyed them all."


We will pay back the enemy
a hundredfold for his deeds.

Dear friends.


It is my great honor

to announce the engagement
of my daughter Anna

and Dr. Alexander Wenninger.


Are you ready?

That, even in times like these,
two young people...

Yes... Raise your glasses

to a nervous bride.

Anna, what is going on?

How long have you known?

- How long?
- Just a Couple of days.

- He's your father. I didn't...
- You're a doctor too.

I Can explain everything.
Your father has plans for us.


- I'm sorry. I Can explain.
- How does it go?

"I will, according to my
ability and judgment,

keep the sick
from harm and injustice."

You are such a Coward.

I don't Come
from a rich doctor's family.

My father is a house painter.

Do you know how painter's sons become

You sit through 10 hours
of lectures

and then go wipe tables
every night for a nickel

where the other students
have spilled their beers.

You have no idea.

You know nothing.

Don't talk to me about

Courage and integrity.


Wait here till they've gone.
We leave before dawn.

There are steamers on the Elbe.

I know someone
who knows a Captain.

How quickly life changes.

When we were little,
we used to hide up here

and pretend we were
on a deserted island.

She knew about the hiding place?


So how did she find out?

I don't know.

Stay here. Watch her.

We have to get out of here. Tonight.

- Is that...?
- Yes.

The "Lilienstein."
She's tied up at the quay.

Good luck.


My mother was German.

She moved to London with my father.

He fell for England
in November, 1918.

Two days before
the German Capitulation.

I was two.

My mother wanted to stay in England.

To open a bakery.

I see.
It's your mother in the photo.

What's this?

Pilots are superstitious.

A talisman?

We all have one.
William has a fishing hook.

- A fishing hook?
- A fishing hook.

Who is William?

My best friend.

When do you think the war will end?

It's already over.
You just don't believe it yet.

Find her, Heinz.

Get back.

- Stop it! Stop it!
- Come out.

- Alexander!
- I told you to Come out here!

Daddy, you're hurting me.

You know what this means?

Anna hid an English soldier.

What do we do with him?

As soon as the women are gone
and the handover has taken place,

we give him to the Gestapo.

He knows about the morphine.

Who's going to believe a spy?

- They will execute him.
- Yes. Him or us.

Don't let Anna out of your sight
until she leaves.

I need the passes.

Why? We agreed that when...

My daughter found out.
She has to leave the City.

- The last delivery Comes tomorrow.
- I don't have them here.


February 13, 8:30 PM

Why did you go there?
You want to help her too?

If you don't help
your best friend, then whom?

What is it?


I'll be late Coming home tonight.

I have letters to deliver.

Letters? From whom?

Dr. Ernst Neumark,

of the Reich Jewish Organization.

To whom?

The addressees are to gather
at the synagogue Friday morning.

In working Clothes,
with hand luggage

that is easily Carried
and food for two to three days.

It's not a property confiscation,

just a work assignment.

I'm not on the list.

Now the Aryans need their last
Couple of Jews for their victory.

Budapest has been liberated.

The Russians are at the Oder river.

If we have to,
we Can hide in the hills a few days

and wait till it's all over.

I would never let you go,
you know that.


Mr. Simon Goldberg

Eat something, dear.

- Mother, let me see him.
- You Can't.


I spoke with your father.
They won't hurt him.

He'll be put in a POW camp.


They'll be on the train to Munich
tonight, just after 10:00.

Yes. See you then.

Mr. Goldberg.
Would you like to Come in?

I have a letter for you.

Our time has Come.

At least the waiting is over.

- When?
- Friday.

It says it's only a work assignment.

- Good day.
- Sure.

You may not bring any money,
foreign Currency, bank-books,

matches or candles.

He's Called August.
And you?


Like the one who took Jesus
from the Cross.

Yes, just like him.

What am I do to with him?

He has to come.

- Please sign here.
- Of Course.

German thoroughness.

How long are you gong to
keep your daughter locked in?

She is a danger to us all.

If you want to bring anything,
you need to start packing.

- Anna.
- Maria.

What's going on? Where were you?

- Did anyone see you?
- No. What's going on?

I Can't explain right now.
I have to go.

Thank you.

Oh, God. Robert?

Oh, Robert. Can you hear me?


Robert, you have to wake up.

We have to get out of here.
Come, I'll help you. Stand up.

Please stand up.

Robert. I can't do this alone.

He's here. Go get her.

- Stop it. You Can't take everything.
- We Can't just leave everything.

We have to go. My Coat.

Francs: 5,000 Check.
20,000 in notes...


You have to hurry.

One more time:
Your train leaves in 30 minutes.

Call once you're in Basel.

Alexander and I
will Come in a few days.

Remember what I told you?

There will be a moment
when you hate me.

But even if you hate me now,
you'll thank me later

for deciding in your favor.

I love you, my Child.

Attention. Attention.

This is 1st Flak Command, Berlin.

Enemy bombers in the air over

Hanover, Brunswick.

More reports to follow.

What do you need it for?

If you only knew
who uses this to dream of victory.

Until it's all over.
Flying Carpets and 1001 nights.

The visa is good for two weeks.
Don't forget, this is high treason.

Quick. Hurry. It's 10 past.
The train leaves in 8 minutes.

Come on.

Heinz, Come here.

Come here.

Squadron of British planes

from Martha Heinrich 1

to Martha Heinrich 8.

Martha Heinrich 8, that's us.
Go to the bunker.

Cornelius, Come on.


Heil Hitler.

- Let the women in.
- Impossible.

We have a train to Catch.

It's been Canceled.
Please go to the bunker.



What's going on?


Let us through.
You've already lived your life.

I am the Gauleiter's secretary.

Then go to his private bunker.

There's plenty of room there.

Stay where you are.

This way.

What has gotten into you.

Maria, go to the bunker. Please.

Go go. Move. Down here.

No, not you, Schwartzkopf.
No Jews allowed in here.

Quickly. Keep moving.

In this door. Quicker.

Go. Get moving. Quicker.

Schwarzkopf. No, Schwartzkopf.

Go people.

Get in there.

Air Raid Shelter


Anna Mauth.


Light the Candles.

You Can't smell Carbon monoxide.

Can you do a giraffe?

I see a camel.

A bird!

Fritz, it's starting!

Oh, God. Are you sure?

Is there a midwife here?

We have wounded.

I have to go get some too.
At the station.

- They need a hospital.
- Call.

All the telephones are dead.
They need help now.

- I can't.
- He's escaping.


- Give me my briefcase.
- What?

I'm taking it.


Well done.
- Thank you.

It stopped.

- I'll go have a look.
- Nobody leaves. They said

the British use time-delay fuses.
We'll be torn apart.

It's hot. The house is burning.

If we stay, we'll suffocate.

If we do the right thing we'll live,
do the wrong thing and we'll die.

I am the block warden.

There's no voting here.

What you did, was

incredibly stupid.

That's why I married
such a Clever Jew.

The jars! Get down.

- God. The door's on fire.
- Get out, quick.

Women and Children first.


Air. Air.

Let go of me, Alexander.

We have to go. We'll burn.

Time-delay fuses. Watch out.

We have to stop the bleeding.
Alexander, we Can...

I only wanted to...

- I am so sorry.
- I know. I know.

Go. Do what you must.

Let's go.

God wants to play some more.


- Stop it.
- Watch out.

- It's getting Closer.
- Watch out.


We have to move.
Get underground.

The cellars are connected.

Maybe we Can get out.
We have to get to the river.

It's blocked.

We have to get through.

There are people in there.

- Suffocated.
- Carbon monoxide.

- There'll be another door.
- One has to go.

"In thee, O Lord, I put my trust.

Thou givest command to save me.

For Thou art
my rock and my fortress.

For Thou art my hope, O Lord,

Thou art my trust from my youth.

In Thee, O Lord,

I put my trust.
Thou givest Command to save me.

For Thou art my rock and my fortress.

For Thou art my hope, O Lord,

Thou art my trust from my youth.

In Thee, O Lord, do I put my trust.

Thou givest Command to save me.

For Thou art my rock and my fortress.

And lo, the kingdom is Thine.

For Thou art my hope, O Lord,
Thou art my trust from my youth."

The coal.

The Coal is burning.

Oh, God. Robert.

Help me. Please.

Can you hear me?






It opens up behind there.

Give me a match.

Are you alright?

My foot.

His foot is trapped.
Give me your hand.

Come on.


We have to go.


Anna, Come.

"Who art in heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom Come,

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who..."

Shoot us, please.

We Can go up there.

- No.
- We have no choice.

Please. We Can try.

- No we Can't.
- Anna, please.

Good luck.



- Leave.
- No.

Our Father, Who art in heaven,

- Hallowed be Thy name...
- Do it now.

- Thy kingdom Come.
- We're going to die anyway.

- As it is in heaven.
- It's quicker.

Give us this day
our daily bread...

- And forgive us our trespasses...
- Please.

As we forgive those
who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom...

You're Crazy.

You shouldn't have Come back.

No, I shouldn't have left.

But I'm free.

I'm free.

We're using up the oxygen.

It'll be used up anyway.

Bit by bit.

We'll die one way or another.

Are you thinking of home?

Hey. What're you doing?

Yes, you. Come down here.

Come on.

Give me that.

- What?
- Give it to me.

Lift up the pot.

Pot up. To your chest.




- What's her name?
- Lena.

- Where should we go?
- I want to see

if there's a way.


Don't say anything.

I love you.

They say the first victim of war
is innocence.

It is also the last.

Robert went back to England.

A few months after the war
his plane Crashed into the North Sea.

He was never found.

He was on his way to Dresden

for the birth of our daughter.

The Frauenkirche stood one more day.

Then the stone cupola collapsed

and brought down
the Church with it.

The 1000-degree heat

had made the sandstone
as porous as a sponge.

Only remains of the walls were left.

A ruin, an open wound
for over 45 years,

has been reborn.

Rebuilt as a sign of reconciliation,

of hope

and of faith.

It is hard to comprehend

what happened in February of '45,

but everyone who survived it

had the duty to make something new.

Gerhard Hauptmann said in 1945:

Who's cry was forgotten, learned the
again when Dresden was destroyed.

We can sixty years later add:

Whose hope is lost, find again at
the sight of the rebuilt Frauenkirche.

And creates the rebuilt Frauenkirche
a bond between people... worldwide.

People brought together
again between the nations.

And who want to see never war again.

Europe and not in the whole world.

Peace be with you.

Salaam Alaikum.

Que la paix soit avec vous.

Pokoi swami.

Friede sei mit euch.