Drengen der gik baglæns (1995) - full transcript

Nine-year old Andreas carries the heaviest burden. At his mothers birthday party he and his beloved brother Mikkel performed and Andreas got drunk on Martini. The following morning their father drove Mikkel to school on his motorbike, but they crashed and Mikkel is dead and their father is tormented. The family moves to begin again, but not even the new school and the new friends he makes can ease his enormous pain.

You have to watch your step.

If you step on a line,
everything can fall apart.

If you step on a line between the tiles,

the entire world will die.

This happened to me.

Not with the entire world...


...but almost

It's Lene's birthday
Yes, indeed, and it's today

It's Lene's birthday
Yes, and it's today

Hi, my name is Andreas.

I like Martini. And I'm nine years old.

I also like luxury things
and my big brother Mikkel.

And to pee. And our old house,
where we had a lot of parties.

And where I got drunk.

Here I come! Damn!

-Come on, hurry up.
-Come on, hurry up.

But I liked Mikkel the most, the old lad.

He once called the fire station,
just to meet some new people.

I was a little weirdo
who had to knock on everything.

Congrats, congrats, congrats!

Damn, Andreas. We have to hurry up.

Hey, boys!

-Where the hell is that crap?

-Damn it.
-Andreas, you're ridiculous. This is nuts.

If you take this one, I'll take the hat.

And then what?

Then we'll burst in, and...

-then we'll bow.
-No, we'll bow after.

We'll say: "Ladies and gentlemen,
we want to show you something."

Or, "tell you something,"
and then we start.

M, o, o, s, e...

Are you drunk?

Yes, I think so.

-You're not sick, right?
-No, I don't think so.

Good. Have another sip.


Tastes good.

You always knew when to say stop.

And you did this without hesitation.

In your time as a happy model,
you slapped a wolfish photographer...

Andreas, how's it going?

He learned his lesson.

Lene, you horrible woman,
congrats with your new life.

And now the boys, Mikkel and Andreas,
want to put on a show for you.

Give them a big hand! I made them!

We'd like to present a dumb, old joke,

which our dad forced us to recite.

Now you'll get it again. Too bad for him.

It's a ridiculous joke that our mom Lene
told us on our trip to Skanne in summer.

Only hit the crosses,
or all will go wrong.

It's a scary, dark Swedish forest,
full of moose.

Well, they're trying to hunt these moose.

Well, there is this old Swedish king
who can't see or hear shit

He's totally retarded.

He believes that he's the greatest hunter
in the entire country of Sweden.

But then a dark shadow approaches him.

It's his servant who follows him.

The king aims at him,
and the servant shouts...

The servant shouts.

Don't shoot, Your Majesty!
I'm not the moose!


The king shoots
and hits the servant in the shoulder.

And the servant says,

"But I said I'm not the moose!"

"Did you?" says the king,
"I thought you said you're a moose!"

Well, that was it.

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I passed out because I was drunk.
And Mikkel had to bring me to bed.

It was pretty wild, and people cheered.

It was my last night with Mikkel.

The next morning seemed like someone
had dropped a bomb.

Almost like in World War II.

It was as if everyone was dead.

Mikkel and I were the only ones alive
in the entire universe.

We often imagined things like that.

I slept in your bed, old lad.

Brush, brush, brush!

Imagine if we were in Hollywood.

Then we could talk into megaphones
all the time.

We actually are in Hollywood.

This is a marble bathroom,
full of hot girls.

Goodbye! I need to take a bath.

And our fans are waiting outside.

And we have a private train.

With lots of servants running around.

-Good Lord!
-Brush, brush, brush!

Andreas, you're weird.

Good Lord, Ole! Are you sleeping in here?

Isn't this is a little exaggerated?

-Isn't it time for school?
-Here we go.

-I start at midday today.
-I have to be there now.

-Then hurry up!
-Calm down!

Mikkel, if you have to start now,
I can bring you.

Hi, Ole.


-Hi. I just need some aspirin.

-Come in!
-I just need some water.

Come on, you guys!
I'm sitting here, trying to take a dump!

-Well, sorry.
-Sorry, sorry, sorry.

That was the morning of the accident.

Imagine, I'd known it was going to happen.

Damn, Ole. This looks like 20 years ago.

Shit, it's too small.

Or your head got too big.
You're getting fat!

-This is mine.
-Then where is mine?

-At school. So I'm going with him.
-Mogens, we'll take the car.

-No, we're leaving. No!

-See you at lunch.
-See you at lunch.

-Shut up!
-And shut up!

Damn. Mogens? The keys?

You're too small and too dumb
to ride a motorbike.

-Bug off!
-Shut up!


Come on! Drive!

Bye, girls!

You assholes!


Mom, come here!

What's wrong?

Nothing. Nothing happened. Nothing.

155, 156, 157, 158,

159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165,

166, 167, 168, 169, 170.

171,172,173, 174, 175, 176,

177,178, 179, 190. No.

-One hundred... 181, 182, 183...
-Watch out.

Watch out, Lene, damn it!
You're driving into the others!

-191 —

Calling! Radio Foxtrot Charley.


Mikkel died in an accident

And we're moving out of our old house.

Sorry for having stepped on the lines.
I'll never do it again.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Oh, I don't know...

Can you break a window, Andreas?

-You can't find the key?

Can you just break a window, boy?

Hello, hello, hello!

Perfect, my boy, I must say.

-In all the empires...
-Can I smash a window too?

- I really want to break a window.
-Wherever Andreas goes —

Well, go ahead and break another,
now we're at it.

Totally new house, new house, new house!

Hello, hello! A luxury suite!

Yes, and this is where we live.

Calling Mikkel!

Mikkel, Foxtrot Radio.

Everything's fine.

Do you hear me?


Everything with three means luck.

One, two, three.

There are three brown doors.

One, two, three.

They're turning back time on television.

They made the world turn backwards.

We'll turn back time, Mikkel.

Then we'll be famous
in the entire universe.

We'll get a luxury servant
who runs backwards.

And a huge waterbed.

With some hot girls in it.

We'll do a show for the ones
who return to Earth.

You have to walk backwards, Mikkel.

Then you travel back in time.

I'm not the moose.

I'm not the moose.

-Are you nervous?
-Yes. I'm late.

You're allowed to be late
on your first day.

I'm late too.

Think about it this way:

You and I are two battle buddies
who went to war together.

But now we have to separate.

Because now our civilian life begins.

And out there

everyone is ready to celebrate us,
with a brass ensemble and all that.

-Say hello on your journey.

-Here we go.

Can you carry it?

-All right, Sergeant.


Hi Andreas. Welcome to your new school!

-Sorry I'm late.
-It's okay, for today.

I'm Sten, with the three legs.

-Calm down, fans.
-Come on, you'll sit here.


Hi, I'm Charlotte.

And I'm Ulrik.

Sorry I'm late.

It's getting serious tomorrow.

We'll do a writing test.

And it's a very, very hard task.

All right, sing!

Welcome, welcome, Andreas!

The newest guy in our class

Andreas, your eyes are so blue

That's why we're singing for you!

Calling Mikkel! They're singing for me.

There are seven buttons on the shirt
of my teacher.

I guess he'll die soon.

The girl has evil eyes.
You can't look into them too long.

I'll have to get home within six minutes,
or something bad will happen.


Damn it.

Andreas calling Mikkel! Foxtrot Radio!

I didn't make it home
before the alarm went off. Damn it!

I think there's a car coming.
I'll count to 100 on the street.

I can make it.

I prefer the center.

It's ridiculous to start with the edge.

Well, as long as I can hold it.
The edge has to go first.

I'll start with the edge.

Then a bite from the center.

A bite from the edge.

And a bite from the center.

If I don't do it this way

I'll die.


Mikkel never ate the edge.


Welcome, young man, in the classroom

Maybe you could tell a joke
in front of your new classmates.

A joke?

Yes, you know good jokes, Mikkel.

Hold on...



What's the difference
between a drunk Indian and a chicken?

They both have feathers.

That was kind of funny.

-Do you know a good joke, Andreas?

I can do the moose.

Right, the moose.

Do you remember that one?

We'd like to present a dumb, old joke

which our dad forced us to recite.

We should never have sold the piano.

It's a scary, dark Swedish forest,
full of moose.

Well, they're trying to hunt these moose.

Well, there is this old Swedish king
who can't see or hear shit

He believes that he's the greatest hunter
in the entire country of Sweden.

But then a dark shadow approaches him.

It's his servant.

The king aims at him,
and the servant shouts...

The servant shouts.

Your Majesty! I'm not the moose!

It's because I was drunk.

Bang! The king shoots
and hits the servant in the shoulder.

The servant says,

"Your Majesty.

But I said I'm not the moose!"

"Did you?" says the king.

"I thought you said you're a moose!"

And days of Auld Lang Syne?

For Auld Lang Syne, my dear

For Auld Lang Syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And days of Auld Lang Syne?

This is nuts!

I'm drunk.
Sven behind the camera is drunk.

Mom and Dad are drunk,
Andreas is super drunk!

I just put him to bed,
and he's nine years old!

This is crazy!

Good evening!

- I brought you a beer.
-Just a minute.

Just put it down.

I'll take this junk apart.
I don't give a shit.


Oh, that's the old key.

We don't need it, we'll toss it.
Hold this.


Oh, hello.

Does it taste good?

Well, cheers!

It makes you sleep well.

Do you want it?

Then I'll take this. Thanks.

-I'm not the moose.
-"Jag är inte elgen."

Yes, I know. But we have to look ahead.

Yes. Sleep well.

Sit down, Andreas. Sit!

Don't worry. You can have more beer.

We managed the first adjustments
to our civilian life.

-Is all okay?
-All is fine, Sergeant.

"Oberst"! Colonel.

Don't get it wrong now.

I've driven around the world
on this machine.

And then I met your mom in Stockholm
at Gustav Vasa Hotel.

And she was a model, wow!

I traveled with Jesper, the old lad.

We didn't have one penny.

We snuck up on your mother.

I wonder where Jesper is now.

I'd love to have a chat with old Jepper.

Well, just turn back time.

Do everything backwards
and you go back in time.

Mikkel, old lad.
I think I'm a little drunk.

Andreas. My name is Andreas.

You keep on calling me Mikkel.

It's not going too well, Andreas.

Damn it!

God damn it! Shit!

Is all okay, Colonel?

Is all okay, Colonel?

Good morning. I didn't bring you a beer.

We need to turn back time, Mikkel.


I think Dad is about to die.

Soon, I'll be all alone.

Hooray, hooray...


Look, Andreas.

We got new cigarettes.

I'm only saying it
because I love you, Andreas.


-My name is not Mikkel.

My name is King!

-Who was it?
-I don't know.

Pick up next time.

You can't just let the phone ring.

That's stupid.

Come here, Andreas, I need to talk to you.

We need to move back to our old house.

We can't do that, Andreas.

It's no longer our house.

I think the new owner's name is Bent.
Well, he didn't move in by himself.

Come and sit down.

I'll be late for school.

Mikkel, Mikkel. Calling Mikkel.

Mikkel, Mikkel. Calling Mikkel.

It's not going too well.

I dreamt of you last night.

Just take it easy, Andreas.

Is something wrong?


The question is:

If you were an animal,
what animal would you be, and why?

-Does this sound stupid?

-I'm a zebra.

And I'm a sea lion.

-You won't get graded.

It's to train your imagination.

If you have any questions, then...

All right, Andreas.

Can I borrow a pencil?



What are you doing?


Don't touch the lines.

I can't read what you're writing.

You're not supposed to.


What kind of animal are you?

I'm not the moose.

"Jag är inte elgen."


Where are you going?

Sorry for not being late.



I started to turn back time.

Sounds crazy. But that's what I did.

I imagined the cars driving backwards.

And all people would drive back in time.

A long way back in time.

When I got home to the old house,
it was as if we still lived there.

Everyone was there, waiting for me.


Hi there!

Here you go, Mikkel.


And Mom.


Mom, where is the table cloth?

In the kitchen cabinet.




Mom or Dad?

Do you have a match?

Oh, well. We'll do without.

Uncle Sven, old swinger!

Cheers, Birthe and Knud.

Now Mikkel and I will recite the joke.

I'm not the moose.

I'm not the moose!

Hi, Andreas. Are you doing okay?

Are you still doing this...

Not too often.

I wrote a speech.

Dear Andreas,

why are you and I so happy

when the rest of the world is crappy?

Does it sound stupid?


Well, okay.

I don't see you a lot these days.

Now you're an adult,

who goes out and gets drunk.

We could go out together... if you like.


Back when we got you, Andreas,

Mom told me
that I put you in the garbage can.

But... I'm pretty happy
that we recovered you from there.

Because with you and Mom and Dad,
the two nutcases,

I had the best life in the entire world.

Cheers, Andreas!


You're dead.

Yes. I guess I am.

Old lad.



Hi. My name is not Mikkel.
I'm Bent. Who are you?

Well, goodbye.

Calling Mikkel.

Mikkel Foxtrot Radio.

Thanks for the speech. I liked it.

We probably won't see each other again.


It's been a while now since Mikkel died.

It's going pretty well at school.

Mom and Dad are traveling to Stockholm
in a week.

Everything is actually just fine.

But I'll always think of Mikkel.