Drengen der forsvandt (1984) - full transcript

A 13 year old boy runs away from his wealthy parents in protest of their endless quarreling. He seeks freedom in the woods and befriends a drunken pilot, who offers him some warmth and understanding.

It's me, how are you?

I'm doing what I can...

Try to understand me.

I've got to consider Birthe
and the kids, you know.

She says she understands me.

We'll have the two first
days of the holidays together.



I'll take Birthe and the
kids to the summer house.

I'll pick you up.

See you.



- 237.
- Jonas.


Get dressed and come in. OK?

The guests will be here soon.

I don't wanna go on vacation,
can't I stay here?

What's gotten into you?

We got to stay together.

Can't I go to camp, then?

I'm going over to Peter's.

Get Mikkel dressed first.

Can't I do that later?
Peter's waiting for me.

First take care of
your little brother. OK?

Don't do that now.
Come on.

Incredible how big you've become.

13 years.

Where have you been?

I can't get Mikkel to do anything.
He keeps running away.

Then leave him alone, darling.

Why are we having a party?

Because it's your birthday.

But we had that already.

OK, then because
we're going on holiday.

Let's have a good time.

Take care. OK?

- I don't need a babysitter.
- I'll get Mikkel dressed. 

Is the train going over here?

- Yes.
- OK.

Let's get you dressed.

This is Jorgen.
Good thing you called.

Just come with your high spirits.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.



That's the group!

I look forward to seeing you.

Hello, welcome.

Is it a birthday present?

But I've got that.

- What about mine?
- No.


Just a moment, you'll see.

How lucky is that.

Hi, Jonas.
Aren't you going to join us?

Can you win anything?


You're lucky
you're going on holiday!

Aren't you glad?

Sure I'm glad.


You just invite guests,
right? What about me?

What about your kids?
You completely ignore them

- Me?
- You're so unfair.

How can you do that?

Shut up!

- Isn't this great?
- No...

Sure, I have 3 nice children.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Don't Mikkel.

Can Peter visit me at the
house for a few days?


That's out of the question.


We gotta pack.
Have you begun?

Don't worry. I'm doing it.

You're a good boy.

Stay there.

My name is Frank.

My name is Frank Jensen.
I live in the summer camp at Ejby.

Let's take a break.


You want something to drink?


If you want a soda pop,
you'll have to go in and get it.

Your name was Frank, right?


I'm Tom.

Frank Jensen,
I'm staying at the summer camp at Ejby.


A man can't be himself these days.

All that crap about Denmark being
a free country. It's all Big Brother.

Social security, tax authorities,
registration office, they all chase you.

As far as I'm concerned, they can
keep all their shit to themselves.

You know how fast that flies?


2,300 km an hour. 3 hours,
50 minutes, N.Y.-London.

Have you flown one?

No, SAS hasn't got any of them.

What about that beer?

When the box is full, you go
and make your own stack.

Put the trays in the frames,
and put your number there


Good, Frank. You'll manage.

Bon appetite.

(all) Thanks.

Anything happened?

Not really.

I'm Lena.


The police are looking for the
63 year old Jonna Frederiksen.

She left home yesterday at 2 pm
in a state of depression.

She may have been involved in
an accident.

Less than yesterday?

Must be the heat.


My name isn't really Frank.

- My name is Jonas.
- What?


I'm on vacation at my uncle and
aunts'. I do that every summer.

Where do you live?

In Copenhagen.

My parents are always so busy.

They give me everything I want.

But I often get bored.

I've thought of running away
from home sometimes.

I'm not as brave as you.
You just did it.

- You have any
sisters and brothers?


A big sister and a smaller brother.


Are you gonna stay here?

Sure... of course.

Can you do that?

I don't have to ask
anybody for permission.

If you get 1000, you
win a Moroccan cushion.

Moroccan cushion. What's that?

Kind of a bag with sawdust inside.

You don't like?

The police are searching for
the 13 year old Jonas Dahl. -

- who left his home last Saturday.
Jonas Dahl is 160 cm tall -

- normal build. He has light blond
semi-long hair. He was last seen -

wearing khaki pants, and a yellow,
red and white t-shirt. He was also -

wearing red tennis shoes and had
red, yellow and black Burner bike...

The police would to talk to
anybody who knows about the boy...

I have to act like nothing's wrong.

Or else I'll have to
change my looks.

I'm afraid to go on.

It's too dangerous.

Ouch! Dammit!

What happened?

A wasp, I think.

One of them got you!
Let me see.

It's all right.

Wasps aren't very friendly.

Once somebody got
stung 14 times in one day.

But she quit then too.
So you shouldn't complain.

Hi Tom.

I almost thought I wouldn't
see you again, mate.

We had to go for a trip
for a few days.

Do you bike around?

You know how the cars drive?

They almost kill you.

The small roads are the worst.
People drive like they own everything.

Can I borrow one of yours?

Sure. What do you need it for?

I have to give back the one
I have. I borrowed it.

Well, I don't need it.
Take it.

Take a look...

The DC-3. The VW of the sky.

Did you know they built
over 10,000 of them?

It's old, too.

The first ones were
built in the thirties.

Incredible machines.
A lot of them are still flying.

Two years ago
I flew one in South America.

What were you doing there?


Got tired of doing nothing here.

Over there they aren't so fussy
about medical certificates.

That Concorde sure is neat.

Yep, they really did a good job.

When I'm finished with it,
you can have it.

I only have fun as long as
I'm building it.

And this too?

Where are the pants from?

They belonged to my cousin.

Nice, huh?

Really nice.

Just cut away.

Is it OK now?

No, a little more.

That didn't make me look
any better.

My God, it's you.

- Where are you parked?
- Right round the corner.

Let's see what we got here.

I'd like some batteries, too.

What kind?

Those... for a transistor. Those.

There you go.

That'll be 57.65.


There you go.

Your name was Frank Jensen,

You got any I.D.?

No, it's in the camp.

I'll check the search notice.


P 14 inquiry. 1493 over.

1493 come in. P 14 over.

P 14. Could we have
description of the missing boy?

1493, not understood.
Please repeat. Over.

P 14. The description
of the missing boy.

1493. Received. One moment. Wait.

Here it is. 1493. He's 145 cm
tall, thin build, dark blond hair -

- wears glasses with square
frame. Without glasses he is almost -

helpless. He was last seen wearing
blue jeans, light plaid shirt -

- and a light jacket.

The missing person is the 12 year
old Henrik Jorgensen, Skovly.

Received. 1493 over.

Don't do that again.
You might get killed.

OK, run off.

Drive properly in the future.

When was that taken?

A year ago.

He's sweet... A real loser.

Yes, he's getting big.

Mom and dad should never
have married each other.

There's always been problems.

Especially when they drink,
then things go completely crazy.

Some years ago,
dad found a girlfriend.

Someone from his work.

That summer I finished first grade.

They quarreled and cried.
Didn't speak to each other for days.

Dad moved out once, too...

He came back.

Suddenly everything was OK again,
and nobody talked about the past.

Next spring,
my little brother was born.

But that didn't change anything.

Dad still has the other lady.

Shall I make you a sandwich too?

No, I'm not hungry.

You know what you remind me of?

No, what?

An American pilot.

Oh, this?

All the American pilots had
crew cuts.

Of course we had to be as tough
as them. You should have seen us!

Were you a pilot in USA?

I was there for 1 1/2 years.

All Danish pilots
get trained over there.

Hell of a heat. Last time I was
in a heat like this -

- was in El Salvador, -
three years ago.

The heat - and the stench
from the corpses - shit.

Every night there was shooting
in the streets -

- in the morning there were
bodies everywhere.

In horrible conditions.
One English journalist I met -

- had seen 600 people get massacred
by the government soldiers.

Women, children and old people.
Refugees on the way to Honduras.

Infants, which were thrown up
in the air and used as targets

In the night the bodies
were thrown in the river.

One fisherman got five dead
children in his net.

Well, mate...

At least you got the haircut now.


What is it?

I'm going home the day
after tomorrow.

What about you?
You can't stay here forever.

I'll manage.

I don't mean just tomorrow
or next week.

You think you're on top of that?

No, of course not.

But you can't just let time pass.

I have made my choice.

I promise I'll never tell
a living soul about you.

I know.

The police are still searching
for the 13 year old Jonas, -

- whom nobody has seen, in
spite of a massive search attempts.

Police inspector Pedersen says
the police will intensify the search.

The forests in the area will be
combed. The police request people -

- to check barns, sheds and empty
buildings. The boy may be hiding there.

I can't stand listening to that.

It suits you by now!


Will you write?


I'll go crazy,
if something doesn't happen soon.

I need a real boozer
in Copenhagen.

I haven't seen my flat
for a long time anyway.

Hardly anything is worth
hearing any more.

In connection with the search
for the 13 year old Jonas Dahl, -

- who's been gone for 8 days now,
the police will check the Hvide lake.

Witnesses have seen a boy
matching the description near the lake.

The police have only received
very few leads.

You know the story about the
Japanese marathon runner?


No, what about him?

Kanakuri, a Japanese, vanished
during the Stockholm Olympics 1912.


How the hell...

I guess he just ran away...

It's a true story.

Siso Kanakuri was registered
for the start, started and got -

- his time clocked. Lots of
witnesses to that. He also ran.

Since then, nobody has seen
him. He disappeared without a trace.

- Just like that?
- Right.

Are you having something?

Yeah, take a bottle
in the cupboard.


Christ, are you already reading
newspapers? Don't believe them!

Lies and propaganda
every bit of it!

Maybe you ought to lie down.

You bet I'm not.

You know how many countries
I've been to?

Sixty nine.

All of them independent states.
I don't count colonies and so on.

No. 69 that was Nicaragua...
Las Mercedes, the airport's name.

And now look at me rotting away.

The police have still not found
the missing 13 year old Jonas.

In spite of several days of
intensive search, nothing was found.

Here is a report from the site.

A few days ago the police found
Jonas' bike and clothes in a lake, -

- the area has been combed,
helicopters and dogs have been used -

- to find any tracks. Until now
the police have almost no leads, -

- and the public has only provided
little information in the case.

Do his clothes and bike mean
a quick solution to the case?

The boy's bike has been hit by
a car, and a crime is possible.

Anybody who knows about the
boy, please contact the police.

Check sheds, barns
and empty buildings.

You can call 03 43 14 48,
where the police will answer.

Each year 2000 youngsters run away
but most show up soon after.

I think I'll start flying again.


South America.
I'm going there.

I thought you were
going to Copenhagen.


So did I.

Same thing being here and wasting
money on women and booze there.

Frank... you can always
count on me.

My real friends have always
been able to count on me.

Same applies to you, mate.

Tom, I want to tell
you something...

About me... My real name is...

So many assholes... All those
I thought were real friends -

Jesus Christ...

How old are you?

13 years.


What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

You can always count on me.


A Hughes 500!
What the hell's it doing here?

Nobody's home.

Has he left?

You could say that.

I didn't think he was
going already.

It can suddenly happen to a man.

I had to ask the neighbours to
help get him down. Bad scene.

What happened? Where is he?

He hanged himself from one
of the beams in the workshop.

He hung there among
all the planes.

The police have received very
few leads from the public after the

- newscast about the missing Jonas.
The police still have no clues -

- and the intensive search will be
suspended until new information -

- appears in the case.



Going home now?



- Jonas!
- Jonas!

Jonas! Jonas!

Oh, celebrate!

- Jonas.
- Come.


- Jonas.
- Yes?

- I'll get Jonas.
- No, don't.

I think he wants to be alone a little.

I just thought he should be with us.

It can wait. There'll be time.
Plenty of time...

Subtitles by
DreamScape & Tabarnak