Drei Väter sind besser als keiner (2016) - full transcript

Jasper wants to meet his father, but his mother has no clue. She needs to find him and it comes down to 3 very diffrent men.

- I should let you know
when we are in reserve.

Aaahhh... sh... crap.

OK. All engines off?

- Check! - create oxygen masks!

- We will not be able to do it!

Stay positive, positive!

Come on, come on! Last
chance, Lord Jasper!

Hyperwind drive activated.

All good. If necessary, we run.

Daring proposal: We
fill up like others too.

Are we like everyone?

Nah, we are not.


All right, honey, we can do it!

I have to go!

How many more miles to Füdrum?

- Seventeen and a half kilometers.
- I have to do it now!

All right. Then...


- And?

- Pretty much area.
- Mm, though.

- Is Jasper's dad also
a goldsmith like mine?

- Not all dads are goldsmiths.

Why does Jaspers dad
have such a long name?

Hinnerk Ole Torben.
Are they all so funny?

These are three
names of three men.

He has three fathers?
That's unfair!

Nah, only one.

But mom does not know which.

But we find out.

And how?

We have a plan.

Take all three, it's better!

Yes, top idea!

Ah! Kick it on,
the lodge Hansen!

Exactly these!

- You want the sheep, right?
- Exactly!

And? How much?

Are we saying 50?

- Ah! 100th


51 and...

And what?

The sheep stinks!

Yes, sheep stink, right?

What are we doing with it?

We save it!

Oh, right.

- Does grandma know we're coming?

Not directly.

- But maybe she is not home?

For the time sure!

Grandma Inge lives
after the tides.

This only goes out at low tide.

When Grandma gets in contact
with water, she becomes a cancer.

No! You flunk around!

That's Torben.

Say, that was...


That was her.

That was Ole.

This is Hinnerk.

Moin, Inge.

Moin, Malte.

This is your grandma Inge.

These are your two grandchildren.
Luise and Jasper.


Hello, Luise.

You smell good.


I just baked bread.

You bake that yourself?

- Yes of course.

- Hello, Jasper.



- We ate on the way.
- I'm hungry!

Well then!

Jasper wants to meet his dad.

I still want some bread.

I would like another bread, please.

Really? You also?

No, it says, "I would like
another piece of bread, please."

- I would like another bread, please.

With pleasure!


- Now eat the first one.

What? No!

Jasper has three dads.

Completely unfair!
- That is not true!

I just do not know who it is.

- I thought...

I mean: three? - Do you see!

Grandma thinks too,
that's not normal!

Normal is boring too, right?

So. Who feeds the sheep?

At six there's supper.

But I am full. We had bread.

Yes, with grandma even
the hunger is punctual.

I used to rescue all black sheep.
- Why?

They will otherwise be slaughtered.

I thought you need black sheep.


Because you only see a
difference with white sheep.

- What do we call it?

I know it! Dunja!
Sounds like "dark".

Darth Vader!

You always with the
stupid Star Wars!

OK. What do you think about...


What will that be?

- Our sleeping place.

That's nonsense!

You can in the house...

Nope. We do not
want to be a burden.

We do not stay long, we
only do the paternity test.

I have to be in Bremen on Thursday.

- The food is ready. - Yeah!

Do not forget to wash your hands!

- Why now?
- Because it was not an issue before?

And then three fathers?

Is not it important
to know the father?

That's why we're here. That
you are not on my side, sure.

I do not mean that!

- You never said that three...

That never interested you!

- You just wanted that...
- What?

No matter. I do
not want to argue.

No more.

We never eat anything like that!

Do not you cook for the little ones?

- Of course I cook!
- Most of the time you warm up.

But mom tells stories.

She can do that best.

Can you do that too?

Of course I can do that.

But not with the food.

- Why not?

The food is not spoken.

Are you doing yourself!

Okay, are you done?

Do you want to get
your things to the car?

They have what they need.

And they grow up with openness.

There are answers to questions,
not just the fucking church.

As I said, we are soon gone.

Thank you for the food.
Good night.

- Why do I have to
have three fathers?

And not one like everyone else?

That is very complicated.

Why is everything
complicated with us?

Well, we are just different.

We lead a life
full of adventure.

Not everybody understands that.

You do not have to
worry about that, okay?

And why did we have to change
things in the first place?

I love you, mom.

And the sheep too.

And grandma Inge.


I saw you yesterday.

- Do not you screw around mopeds anymore?
- Nah, they bring in more.

And you got lost? Fuel out?

I'm sorry I did not contact you.

Just let.

That's what makes
you best friends.

I want to call you,
really, but...

No idea, then you were here...

Oh, fuck it!

You are here now!

There is a reason.

- Mm.

The reason is called Jasper, is
eleven and is looking for his dad.

Yes and?

You, Torben or Hinnerk.


- Good day!

Yes... that's Tim.

- Hey. - This is my partner.

He does the bills and
the writing stuff.

- And that is... - I know.

The legendary Maike. - Oh!

But I'm curious!

Well, you broke Ole's heart.

There are not many
people who can say that.

- Pedro!

Watch out! 'Sorry!

All right, nothing happened!

Tach, Gesa!


- And who are you? - Pedro.

- Tach! - That's Maike.



Long time no see.

Eleven years.

Your son?

For three years, yes.

I think you'll be a big striker!


But the big striker needs
to quickly take a shower,

we have to vaccinate.
- Good luck!

- Bye!

- Hm.

That Gesa would tame you

I did not think so. - Nah?

Neither do I.

But she was easy.

That she has such a
bad taste for men...


Full of beauty.

And you? Do you have children?

I... I have a
daughter and a son.


That's exactly what I
want to talk to you about.

I do not want them to
treat you like that again!

That's my business, mother.

Ole, please!

You leave Maike
alone, understand ?!


I do not want you
to worry that much.

I am old enough.


That's exactly what I mean yes.
- Huh?

You are old enough.
For wife and child.

And only because of,
Maike, nothing is in sight!

- Morning, Beate.

How did you get to that?

Please explain it to him.

Well, Ole, no wife, no kids.

And all because... Maike.

Wicked, evil Maike.

Do not you have to
go back to the store?

- Nope, is not yet...


See you later.


You know it exactly.



N / A?

How is your mother?
Is that there too?

She now lives with her sister.

Well, give her a nice hug.

The barn had better days, right?

She comes away.

Ah. And with her all memories.

I know you are still with Amke,

and I'll put you in a
stupid situation...

What do you want, Maike?


I knew it!

- Tach, Maike!

- Hello.

Well, what is driving you to us?

I have a job in
Bremen, so I thought

I'll look over here
on the way there.


I do not like Bremen at all.

That's so... cold
and anonymous.

Can not trust
anyone in the city.

Does that mean you
come more often now?

It could be.

You have not changed!

Yes. Thank you.

Where you turn up,

are nothing but restlessness.

OK. I'll go, ne.

- Report to you about um...
- The apples? Yes.

I am at my mother's. Take care.

What did she want here?

Apples for Inge.

- Mother and daughter have reconciled.
Did you know that?

- Nope! - But!

- Hello! - Hello.

- Will you please give
me five of the Hellen?

Make ten.


My grandchildren.

Where is your dad?

My dad does not live with us.

Look at it.

And Jaspers...

- Luise, do we want to play outside?
- Yes, foot tick!

What should that mean with:

"Well look at it" ?!


I do not know, Inge.

Only like that.

Inge, Maike,

Ole has a lot to do,
no time for visits.


- Once a bitch is always bitch.

Granny? What is a hussy?

That's the name of the
bright bread rolls.

- Are you even eligible?

I mean...

Could Gesa not have children?

That's not funny.

- We did not want to know exactly.
- Then you are still in the game?


If Torben was first,
who was second?

- Who was the second. - you!

Did she tell you that?

I was her best friend.

- Nevertheless, I...
- Speaking of best friends.

How did that happen?



We were hacked.


It was only me to wipe Amke one.

- The number "big love" was fake.
- That's not true.

- They already had a beef.
- Really?!

Guys, the question is:

What do we do now?

- Boah... - I do not know.

- no. No idea.

- Mummy!

N / A?

Do you want a hussy?


Yes, we got them in the bakery.

- They are so delicious!

Sluts are the best!

- Hm...

Has the sheep been fed?

Jasper is with him right now.

Are you going to
help him, Mausepiep?

- Mm. - Mm.

And who frees me
from my shackles?

Funny that you still
have the disguise.

Had sworn that you threw
everything away from me.

- Who came with the slut?
- Alice.

- Mm.

Did she mean you or me?

If in doubt, both of us.

She can not get out of her skin.

Please stop defending them!

Yes, her sister has been
in a coma for years.

Still, she does not have
to make life hell for us.

She is the sister-in-law of
the damn pastor! Charity?


I can tell her with him.

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible.

He died.

- Really? - Mm.

The pastor?

He was always nice to us.

One of the few.

- Are not many. - And?


Everyone knows it.
We'll meet soon,

make the envelope with the
hair samples and send it off.

Do you have everything with you?

So... we thought of something.

Is not what you imagined

but I... we think
it's the best.

The best solution for everyone.

Especially for your lodge.



What's this?

Yes, take it as a kind of
collective maintenance payment.

- Yes, small cash injection.

- Build something up somewhere.

A boutique or something.

How much is this?


- So what, yes.

- We do not have more.


So much am I worthy of you?


Jasper is looking for his
father, no source of income.

He wants to know who he is.
Can you understand that?

Okay, watch out.

Because of me you are not here.

It's about Jasper.

He can not help you
being stuffy assholes.

Moin, Mrs. Olsen!

The manners here are
pretty special, right?


And what exactly did
you mean by "delay"?

We have to give the three time.

This is a kind of shock
for the first time.

How so?

You dont even know me!

Come here.

If they knew you, they would
tear themselves around you.

Yes, probably.

I'm going to check Blacky.

Mummy? I sleep with
grandma today in the tent.


- It's funnier in the tent.
- But otherwise grandma is alone.

The two are great.

We are one opinion.

But we are probably the only
ones who see it that way.


Maybe the three right,

and it upsets everything.

Maybe you should take the money.

I do not give a fuck if
everything gets mixed up.

My son should know his father.

Even if it turns out
to be an asshole,

is it a thousand times
better than not knowing!


Did you do it all
alone, Mausepiep?

Grandma says everybody has
to do a job in the family.

Where is the grandma?

Bring slut.

Alone. For speeding
up the process.

- Hello.

- Hello.

And? Ready for our big mission?

- Hello.


You have to be Jasper!

- Exactly. - N / A?

- I'm the Ole. How are you?
- Quite well.

Do you like cars?


Want to sit down?

May I? Really?


- Come over!


- So, master. Where
is that going?

- To the sea.

- Oh, I've always
had so much work...

- Was Mama's dad already dead?
- Hm?

Mama said her dad died
when she was little.

So small that she forgot
what his name was.

- Aha. - What was his name?

Oh, uh...

You know, that was
so long ago, that...

I forgot too.

You're old, too.

We used to live with a woman
who always asked for my name.

She was old too.

Dad said that happens
when you get old.

Do you see your dad often?

Sometimes on the weekend.
And during the holidays.

Do you still love him?

Ha, why not?

Well, I... I just ask

because he does not
live with you any more.

You also live somewhere else
and you love Mum. Or not?


A lot.

- Hello!


May I introduce: Lord Jasper.

Jasper, that's Torben.

Hello, Jasper.


- Hey!

I thought we had
clarified everything?

- We have not clarified anything!
- What?

What are you thinking?

Hinnerk has been fooled

Now I'm turning
him on a bastard ?!

I beg your pardon?

Come, sweetheart.

I completely forgot that
grandma is waiting for us.

- Mom mom! I have
a surprise for you.


- Where is Jasper?
- In the garden.


- Jasper!


What's wrong with you?

Since we were there, you
were not in the church.

You were something
like the caretaker.


Do not tell me you're not
going to church any more?

Why not?

So, take care of
the lodge invalid.

Ooohhh... yeah...

Sushhh... yes.

Why are black sheep
actually being slaughtered?

Because they are black.

Black wool is worthless,
can not be dyed.

If you mix it with white,
it is no longer white.

Then the wool is just gray.

That's what your mother always said.
Do you remember?


N / A?

N / A?

- You, what Hinnerk said...
- I did not hear anything.

You were there?

Mom, I'm really busy.

Are you coming to bed right now?

I want to know if he is my son.

And if he is not?

Then it's not possible.

And that does not stir up everything?

The question, if it
was not up to you?

That's why I'm not less man.

I know that.

And I do not or what?

Then forget it.

Pedro is not our natural son

but we love him.

- Why is that so important?
- It's important to me.


- Hey.


What's up?

Apples for Inge.

I'm sorry, what I said
was not meant that way.

But that's it.

When did you become
such an asshole?

- Or have you always been one?
- Maike, I...

Come on, let it be!

I am here to meet the boy.

Um, getting to know Jasper.


No idea if he still wants that.

Yes, he wants that.

Do you always emerge from
nowhere like a Jedi Knight?

By the way, I'm Hinnerk.

I do not want Torben
to do the test.

Can I understand that
this is difficult.

No, you can not understand that.

Right. Of course, you're right.

It's not like that
at all with me.

I mean, you know how
Torben used to be.

He could have all
women and he had many.

- Yes. Not to say: everyone.
- Yes.

And then you came.

He was after me, months.

I did not think he
changes, but he has.

No more woman stories.

He even sold the biting machine!

I always wanted a family.

Torben was there
immediately, and then...

it did not work.

Everything has lost its
lightness, was so...

Well, it was a long
way to get out of here

and that was only because we did
not ask the question of guilt.

So nobody feels like...
failure, you understand?

And you think if
Torben does the test

and the negative is that...

he then ponders?

And what about Jasper?

- I would not mind if Pedro
had a big brother. - Hm.

I just do not need a test for that.


You mean...

That's exactly what I mean.

Then the wool is just gray.

- I need a cordless screwdriver.

You know, then just
do what you want!



That's the best way!

- The best? For whom?

- For all.

- Tim! - Hey.


Business differences?

- Where is the cordless screwdriver?
- I do not know.

I just saw you.

With the son of the Sch...

You know.

I do not know what it's
playing, but it's no good.

I'm very open-pored, that...
you know that.

And my ear goes crazy for
days, that's not good!

Sit down.

We need to talk.


- Then... is... Tim... your...
- Exactly.

I had sex with a gay man. hot!

We never had sex.

If we did not have?

Huh? Wait a moment...

Did I dream that or what?


We have a little...


What, dude, cuddled?

Man, you were so
unhappy about Hinnerk.

We gave ourselves
the edge and...

You were so full,
you just talked:

"Ole, look, the full moon!"

That was the lantern at the parking lot.
You were so full.


Man, dude, why did
not you say anything?

Well, because...



I was not your alibi, right?

You know what would happen
if they knew all about it.

Mother could shut down the
store when it comes out

that her son is gay. - Indeed.

But I do not know, so...

That's why you're hiding,

is not it... too shit.

Ah, sure!

What about Tim?

Yes, what about Tim.

Did you argue about that?

But actually because of...


Huh? As?

It is clear that you
are not the father.

Yes, yes. How do I say that...

My mother is not...
good to talk to you.

She hates me!

It will be rather difficult
with the daughter-in-law.


But... I can give
her a grandson.



Assuming, of course, you agree

and especially Jasper.

Fuck the genes!

I like the...

the lodge really like.

I think he likes me too. Or not?

Then the wool is just gray.



N / A?


- Here please! - Thank you.


You're just like me.

- Mummy?

The tent has to go somewhere
else, I need space!


N / A...

I build a tree house.

Oh! And for what?

Well to live!

It will be a bit
close until Thursday.

Bremen is not far.
That was the plan.

Wait. The plan is,

you can come here and
see your father, not...

- The bad grandma! What
is the job in Bremen?

One who earns enough
to care for all of us.

Like the last eleven years.
- As a goldsmith!


You have found someone who
will train you to the end?

- How... - I slept with him.

Sex against journeyman,
very simple.

- It's Luise's father.
- Grandma!

- We have been separated for a long time.

I'm hungry.


Come on, Mousepiece, I'll
make you a loaf of bread.

I could also hit
the waffle iron.


- Well then.
- I would take one too!


- Come over!

You and waffles? Since when?

Yes why not?

- Well, have fun!
You water flea!

- And if I forbid you the test?
- What?

You can not ban this!

Do not you see what she's up to?

She wanted to drive
a wedge between us.

That's the only reason you are.

That does not make sense.

Oh no?

Then believe me, what you want!

If this continues, I'm a wreck!

First the ear, then the
eyes, and who is to blame?

The bitch! And you too!

Mummy? Grandma said there is
enough space for us inside.

It is more comfortable anyway.

We can always set up the tent
somewhere else, so nomadically.

Nope, leave me, I like it,
I like to sleep in the house.

I thought: What would be

if we do not do the test?

Mom, I want a father.
That's why we're here.

Yes, you should have a father.
But also think

whether such a genetic test
should decide who it is.

I'll take a look at Luise.

Hey, honey, dig up!

- No, I go to the sheep!

Let me, I'll do it.

Did not you preach to me

that you have to educate children
to become self-reliant. Yes.

But is so nice weather today.

How is the search going?

Takes very special moves.

I can understand that Jasper
wants to find his father.

That pleases me.

Was something different with me.

- You can not understand it.
- No, I can not.

Do you know that I used to think

that I came into being like Jesus?

That you just got so pregnant.

Later I realized that Jesus
and I have something in common.

Not the birth, but the rejection,
because you are different.

I would like to spare
my children this.

Whatever you want
with the waffles

and the tree house.
We will not stay here.

If I had listened to you,
do not give it to Jasper!

When the paternity is
clear, we are gone.

You have no idea...

What? What?!

Can you not quarrel?
It's holidays!

Come on, we play hide and seek.

Are you playing, Grandma?

OK. Then you play with
grandma and I clear away.

- Hello!

- Hello!

N / A?

And what did he say?

At any rate, he did not say no.

- Really? - Mm.


- Moin, Jasper!

- What do you think of help?
- Help would not be bad.

Not bad.

- So...

Wow, that even holds me.


- Sorry. - Nothing happens.

Very well!

N / A?


- took a while. - Thank you!

- The screws too.

I will be back.

- Do you want to join in?

Sure, why not.

- Can I have another bread, please?

There are only sluts left.

Thank you.

- Do you want to go to the beach?
- Yes!

- Oh yes! You too, Mom? - Hm?

- We are going to the beach!


I put on the new bathing suit.

- Are you coming with me?

- Mm.

You can not ask more than questions.

Then I also look
for my swimsuit.

Please mom!

I do not know.

Maybe Torben, Ole and
Hinnerk have time too?

I can play soccer with Pedro.

Alright. You can not
ask more than questions.


You sound like grandma.

OK. It's gonna be
bloody time we get away.

Moin, favorite Ole.

Do you still have this
hot, green bathing pant?

Exactly that.

Oh, too bad, I would
have liked to see you.

Okay, watch out.

- Oh!

- Will you come with me?
- Mhm, I thought about it.


- That will work again!

I repaired!

- Grandma!

- Mom, gone!

- Hui, hui, hui!

- Aaahh!

- Grandma! Grandma Inge!
Have a look!

- Thank you! - For what?

You're there.

Is beautiful.

- Yes.

- Great boy.

Come completely after the fathers.


I think Maike wants that...

you are the father.

Nonsense! This is chicken shit!

You're such an idiot,
Hinnerk, you know that?

You broke her heart. You!

Because you did not leave Amke.

Why did you even promise it?

- And why is she going to bed with you?
- She is not.

It was hailstorm because of you.

Because she thought that...

No matter.

Main thing, she loved you.

And she still does.

And as for Amke, she is lying!

I am ten years...

Oh, forget it!

Forget it!

Oh yes...

People are lying, Hinnerk.

They have their reasons, but
they lie, do you understand?

Let that be said of a master!

Mom, why do not we stay here?

Because it's getting cold.

No, I mean forever.


That's not possible, honey.

We have an apartment in
Bremen and I have to work,

to buy marshmallows!

- Then find something here!

- That's not so easy.

You have always found
work and a flat.

And we can live with
grandma, or grandma?

- Nah, we can not!

- Why not? - Yes why not?

The apartment is not a problem.

I can help with the job search.

- Please mom!

Yes, please!

Okay, I think about it.

- Yeah!

Sweet! I said, I think
about it, that's not a yes!

- Aaahh!

You're not a very
good role model!


Some things do not change.


Done thinking?

I do not know.

Living here contradicts
everything I ever planned to do.

Your children seem to
see it differently.

They do not know
what it's like here.

What's that about?

- You can see that! I
cook something! Hey!

Come on.

Come on? What better
do not you have?

Man, what do you want ?!

Just because today I am
without you to the beach?

Today, tomorrow, the next years.

It will not change. You
will continue to lie.

And I will continue
to hide here.

Okay, okay, okay.

Excuse me!

Honestly, sorry!

Even if you are today with...

Yes, your mother! The store.
A thousand other things.

When Maike showed up,
I thought, this is the chance!

For you, for us.

The truth is that you do
not want a chance, right?

Do you want me?

I thought so.

Farewell, Ole.


Man, Tim!

Man, wait!

That was the best
day in my life.


Are we staying here?

Let's see where the wind
is going to take us.

Good night, my little lamb.

Sweet Dreams.

You also.

We mess things up a lot.


Go or stay?

That's not so easy.

Where have you been?

At the beach.

- At the beach.
- Yes, on the beach.

With the woman who makes me sick.
Makes us all sick.

- With the asocial... - Amke!

- She's playing with you!
- Ah yes?

And what are you playing?

I ask that only once.

I advise you to tell the truth.

Did Maike say she slept with me,

to wipe you out?
- You know that!

I know what you have told me.
When I wanted to leave you.

She never loved you.

She just wanted
to take us apart,

because she hates me so much.

Maike did not have anything against you.

She never talked badly about others.
She knows, that's shit.

- You think she stayed? - Yes.

Had helped on the farm when
your dad died, like me?

She would have left her
cuckoo-child, would be up and away.

You should be grateful.

I want you to move out.

It is enough.

Pack your things, I want
you to move out tomorrow.



you have to pack your things
please, we are going today.

You are mean, I hate you!

I'm not driving! You
can not force me!

Many Thanks.

You with your beach trips
and healing world shit!

That's not how it is
here and never was!

You should only feel at home!

The children have a home.
That's where I am!

I am not like you.


I can stay with you, Grandma!


- You said you'd like it if we stayed here.
- Yes.

Why did mum ever leave?

She always does what she wants!
That's mean!

She is only mean to you.

She is allowed to do that too.

I hurt your mother a lot.


very hurt.

I've never protected her
the way she protects you.

She is the much better mom.
Much better than me.

And she is brave,
she has always been.

Your home is where your mom is.

But I want to stay here.

You do not believe how much
I wish that was possible.

Nevertheless, I ask you
to go with your mom.

But I come to visit
you quite often!

Woe, if not!

Otherwise I'll pull the
spoons for you, little bunny!

My children will not grow up,

where one is afraid
to say who one loves.

Where one is insulted,
if one is different.

If you can live the
bigot nonsense, please.

I can not do it.
I can not bear that.

You do not have to.

Before you go away,

I want to show you something else.



I can not be Jasper's father.

Where do you want to get that from?

Because I did not
sleep with Maike.

Man, actually I only used them.

How used?

I have...


Forget your wallet.

Hey, Torben.

Hey, Tim.

- Thought he had quit.
- Yes. Yes / Yes.

- Until then.


I forgot something too.

What happens there?

Oh so...

Oh, right! D...

Inge, I really do not feel
like going for a walk with you!



That can not be all my sheep!

A few of them already.

I've collected the
rest over the years.


Must be in the family.

It takes a lot of
courage to endure this.

Maximum punishment, I would say.

Why did not you leave?

How, where?

I tried!

When your father
died a few years ago.

He is dead?


Your father...

has always loved you, always.

He could have called himself.

No. That did not work.

Now I'm curious.



Sven Aurich.

I do not know!


The pastor, Sven Aurich.

Holy shit!



Holy shit!

That's why you
sent me to church?

So he can see you, you talk...

What would you have
done if I had told you

when you were as old as Jasper?
A loving pastor.

Since the village would be crazy.

And... who cheats on his wife.

Which is in a coma.

And her sister has
a crush on him.

- Nonsense! - But!

How did you get to that?

I do not know.
I always thought that!

Did she know?


I think.

That does not exist.

Boah, the old snake.
She wanted him!

The husband of her sister?

Sure, that's why she hates us!

Oh man...

Poor Alice.

Oh God!

That's impossible!

Can you...

Can you please stop
defending them all the time?

The woman is crazy.

You have to fight back, Mom!

She can not leave her skin.

- Mm!

- Hello.


How's the little family?

What can I do for you, Inge?

A couple of sluts maybe?

No thanks.

Nothing at all.

Honestly, I never
liked your baked goods.

I just came

because I want to know something from you.

How does it feel
to live like you?

How does that feel with
so much contempt, malice?

That really interests me!

- Mother? - Yes?

That's Tim!


My man. So.


And that's just as well.

Good luck, Tim, Ole.

Thanks, I uh...

Yes... Come on, Tim.

Good luck to you too.


I want to say goodbye.

I have to talk to you.

I really thought you
were ashamed of me.

- I thought you were a coward.
- Yes...

No idea... When my dad died,

I had so much responsibility:
the farm, the mother.

I do not know.

And when Amke said I
was one on your list,

everything was too much.

And then you were gone.

I could not believe that
I'm faking everything.

It was nice.

That is not conceited.

Watch out!

If I can do something that makes
you think twice about staying...

- You said the barn is coming.
- Yes.

What if... when I renovate
it, put in a few windows?

And then?

Then I have light forging.

- Hey!

Oh, people!

Who is your father now?
Hinnerk, Torben or Ole?

All three.

Mom, why does Jasper
have three dads?

I also want three dads!

This is not possible, honey.

Okay, but then Grandma
Inge is just for me!

The End