Dreams of Eroticism (1977) - full transcript

Tale of the immoral private lives of the royal court's high officials. All the bed and body hopping is not exclusive to the family, either. Their maids and servants get involved as well, leading to flesh, fibs, and suicide, among other things.

Whose pouch is this?

It must be Master Rong's.

Nonsense! Why'd he need something
like this?

Where is he?

He's been away for days,

he's not back yet.

They're trying to uncover the secrets
behind the pouch.

Search carefully.

Go through every single trunk.

Check thoroughly.

Xiuju, you little whore!

Why are you hiding these cucumbers?

Speak up!

What is it?

Look, she's hiding the cucumbers in bed,

she's up to no good.

You rotten maid! You can't hide from me.

I know what you've been up to...

with these! Beat her up!

Beat the hell out of you.

What are the cucumbers for?

Madam Wang, you are a woman too,

and you've been a widow for so long.

I don't believe that you haven't used
cucumbers before.

You're no saint, I don't think
you could stand it.


Nothing here?

Search another room.

Yes, Lady Xifeng.

Who lives here?


Open the door.


Search carefully.

Dear cousin Siqi...

Call Siqi.

Yes, come here, Siqi.

Whose shoes are these?

Did you make them?

Who wrote this letter to you?

Good needlework.

Did you sew this?

Speak up.

Zhou Rui, the cane!

Strip her.

You whore!

Beat the hell out of you.

You whore!

How could you be so low?


Tell me, did you sew this?

Yes, I did.

Very well.

See if you're tougher

than the cane?

And who did you make it for?

My cousin.

Your cousin.

Who's your cousin? What's his name?

Pan Youan.

We grew up together,

we've never been separated.

Since I've come to work as a maid
in Rong Mansion,

we were separated.

My father passed away
when I was very young,

there were only me and my mother.

Being from a poor family, I asked...

grandma to sell me as a maid
to Rong Mansion.

After I've come here,

I'm not used to my new life,
with no friends.

I couldn't sleep.
Therefore I couldn't help...

pondering over what happened
between me and my cousin.

One night...

Come on? I can't wait.

Come on.

You're terrible.


So dirty things happen here often.

That's their way to be
physically fulfilled.

We're all made of flesh and blood,

we all have sexual needs.

I thought about my cousin naturally.

Then one day...

Cousin Siqi.

It's me!


I've a lot to tell you.

I've tried very hard to get in here.

Come over here.

You stupid thing!
Can't you do anything properly?

Go to hell! You useless thing!

Pick it up, be careful.

Are you alright?

Leave, don't stay.

I miss you so much.

I'll be waiting for you
in the back garden tonight.

Be there.

Siqi, after you've come to work
in Rong Mansion,

I've been thinking about you everyday.

I think about you all the time too.

When can you come home?

This place is living hell,

it's difficult to leave.

That's why I sneaked in

to see you, even it's a risk.

We'll be in trouble if someone sees us.

They'll put you in prison.

I'm not scared.

I could die for you.

Cousin Youan.

It's almost dawn. You better go now.

Take care of yourself.

I will, don't worry.

Whatever it takes,

I'll try to save up enough to
get you out of here.

When will I see you again?

We'll meet when there's a full moon.

I could wait.

We've been apart for half a month,

and it seems like it's been three years.

I've been thinking about you every night.

What have you been doing at night?

When I was alone at night,

I sewed this for you secretly.

Do you like it?

This would be me, and this would be who?


Siqi, you...

So audacious! You've broken
the rules here.

You'll be punished severely
should the madam find out.

Please help us.

Don't tell anyone.

We'll make it up to you.

We're all on the same ship,

don't worry, I won't tell.

Thank you for your help.

You better go now!

Thank you, Yuanyang.

I'm off.

Very well, you admitted yourself,

you've all heard her.

Do you know how you will

be punished?

I did what I did, you can punish me
whatever you want.

I'll send you to the judge tomorrow,

and you will be drowned in a pig's basket.

Zhou Rui.

Yes, Lady Xifeng.

Don't let her get dressed.

Tie her up in the cellar.

Yes, Lady Xifeng.

I'll hold you responsible
if she runs away.

Yes, Lady Xifeng.

Take her to the cellar.


You whore!

You should be punished for your own fault!

Because of you!
I'll have to stay here too!

Go to hell!

It's so hot here! Damn it!

Hey, what are you doing here?

Nothing, I'm here to see you.

I don't believe you.

You are terrible.

Come on.


I want it, come on.

Stop it, alright.

Going upstairs?

Siqi, Siqi...

Don't be afraid, I'm here to save you.

Get dressed.

Leave here right at once,

or you'll be dead tomorrow.

Thank you, Yuanyang.

We've raised some money among us.

I've sent the money to your cousin,

and we've told him to meet you
at your home.

Yuanyang, I don't know how to repay you.

Don't worry, just go.

Come on.


Siqi, come in first.


I've heard all about it!

People from the Jia Family
have been here a few times,

they claimed that you left on your own.

They forced me to give you up.

It's my fault, I'm sorry to
get you involved.

It's a dead end if you go back
to the Rong Mansion.

Don't go!

Don't worry about me.

I'll be yours forever,

dead or alive.

I won't let you down.

I won't let you go back.

If you insist, I'll go with you.

Shut your mouth!

You better leave now,
or I'll kick you out!



Don't ever come here again! Get out!

I don't want to see you again! Go away!


Just go!

Ignore him, Siqi.


I'm tired, I want to go upstairs to rest.

Go on.

I'll have to send you back tomorrow.





In "Dreams of the Red Chamber",

since Jia Lian took the
Second You Sister as concubine,

the Third You Sister also moved
into the Jia Family.

There's a touching love story between

her and the opera actor Liu Xianglian.

One night during an opera...


Did you enjoy it?

Not bad.

I've been introduced to Xianglian
for a while,

all the men are useless

playboys and drunks in the Jia Family.

There's no one like him, he's talented.

I hope after his performance,

he could stay here with me.

Behave yourself.

Eat up. Come on.

Yes, enjoy the show.

Please pass this on to Third You Sister.

Don't open it.

What is it? I won't pass it.

Go on.

I said NO.

I'll give you money.

No thanks.

Here you go!


Come on, do me a favor.

I said NO.

I'll give you a kiss then.


Thank you.

Only this once.

Thank you.

"Meet you in the garden at midnight, Liu"

Master Liu, what do you want to
talk to me about?

Third You Sister, it will take a while

before we meet again.


But I'll be thinking of you.

This Yuanyang Sword is a family treasure,

I'll give this to you now.

The next time I see you,
I'll come to marry you.

The Sword will keep you company.

What brought you here, cousin Zhen?

We're here to see you.

Really? You're here to see
my younger sister rather.

Please sit down.

Get the tea.

You look great,

my cousin must has served you well.

Is that so?

You're terrible.

Rong's wife is dead lately,

how could he live without a woman?

You know how serious

it could get for a man?

So you 3 together are having ideas
of my young sister.

Aunt, please help me out.

I've fallen for your sister for a while.

Rong and your sister are a good match.

Look at him! He's a good looking man.

When your sister gets here,

help to convince her!

We're all family here!

I don't care what you want to do,

but I don't want to get involved,
you know her temper.

If she's angry with you,

she'll tear you three into pieces.

Sister, are you looking for me?

Come join us for a drink.

Let's have a good time.

Come on, sit down for a drink.

Sit down.

Sit down, come on.

It's a rare opportunity.


Sister-in-law, why aren't you drinking?

Rong, pour wine for the lady.

Be smart for a change.

Drink with me, Miss You.

Go on, drink up.

After this drink,

we'll be a closer family, right?

What are you talking about?

I won't drink this,

I don't want to entertain you.

I know what you are up to.

Just because you are rich,

my older sister has fallen into
your trap, but not me!

Don't even think about it!

We just want to have a drink with you.

What? You want me to drink with you?

What kind of a person you take me for?

You want me to drink with you?

Fine, I will.

We will have a good drink then.

Rong, I've never had a drink with you,

drink up.


Drink up, is that enough?

Jia Zhen, you too.

I've had enough.

Come on.

And you? Brother-in-law?

No, thank you.

Come on.


I'm in love with someone,

if you treat me like this again,

you will end up like this cup.


What is it? Come on.

What are you doing? The dinner
was a disaster,

and my younger sister is angry,
I'm not in the mood.

I'll show you something,

you'll change your mind.

This prelude is
"Dragonfly skims the surface of water"

You're so clumsy. Hurry up.

Come here.

What are you doing here
in the middle of the night?

Leave now.

I will! It's not that great
to watch anyway.

Here I come!

Peeping Tom!

How dare you!

Drag him inside!

You've got some nerves!

Fat girl, teach him a lesson.

Yes, my lady.

Hold him!

Pull down his pants!



You've got some nerves!

"Rong Mansion"

"Grandview Garden"

This way please.

Please, sir.

Mr. Liu

Shiue Pan.

Family members of Rong Mansion
are unfriendly,

I really appreciate that

you've come all the way to see me.

Brother Shiue Pan.

I'm here because of my marriage,

so I thought I'd drop by.

Marriage? Who's the lucky lady?

Third You Sister.

She's very pretty,

no wonder you'll like her.

A lot of men are after her.

We are long time friends,

I must tell you something.

After you left,

Jia Zhen and his son
have been hassling her,

I don't want to go into
the shameful details.

You must think twice.

Everyone knows

about them.

I saw that she took off her top,

drinking, sitting on Master Rong's laps.

I've always been careful all my life,

I guess I'm wrong this time.

In the Rong, Ning Mansions,
no one is clean

except the two stone

Iions at the entrance.

I knew about you and my sister-in-law.

I'm glad that...

she has picked you as her husband.

I've prepared the dowry.

Have you set a date yet?

I appreciate your thoughts

regarding this.

No problem, we'll be family soon.

To be honest,

I'm here not because of the marriage.

I just want to take back my sword.


When I was away from home, my father

has promised me to be engaged to someone.

You would understand,

I can never go against my parents' wishes.

As for the Yuanyang Sword I gave to her,

it's a family treasure.

I must get it back.

Are you breaking off the engagement?


How could you?

Marriage is a serious matter,

you can't break off an engagement
just like that.

What about the Jia Family's reputation?

You can scold me all you want.

I must take back my sword.

You're unreasonable, it's not that simple.

My sister-in-law is a good maiden.

How could she live from now on?


Is she still one?

What do you mean?

I've heard a lot of gossips this time.

I'm not an official, and I don't have
any money.

But I've been an upright individual
my whole life.

I can never marry someone

who has a history.

I must take back my sword.

Master Liu.

I heard everything,

please stop talking.

If you want this sword back,

come and take it.

But you must know that

I'm not the person you think I am.

Third You Sister...

Third You Sister.

Third You Sister.

Third You Sister.

I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

It's in the past.

I couldn't leave you just like that.

But we won't be able to see
each other again.

Third You Sister.

Third You Sister...

Third You Sister.

Third You Sister.

What are you doing here?

I'm getting water for the young madam.

The young madam is inside?

Yes, inside.

Don't you have any manners talking to me?

Hurry up and go!

Yes, Master Zhen.

Anyone here?

Is that you? Father-in-law?

Yes, I want to talk to you
about something.

Please sit down, I'll be out right away.

Take your time, don't worry.

I can wait.

Father-in-law, are you alright?

I slipped and fell.

It hurts.

Someone help! Qizhu!

Don't call anyone here,
I'll be a laughing stork.

I can't get up, hurry and help me.

Come on.

Are you alright? Father-in-law?

I'm fine, I just need to rest.

Sit down.

I better lie down.

Are you alright?

My heart hurts.

I need a rub.

Is this yours?

No, it's not mine!

Don't deny!

What are you doing?

No! Father-in-law! No!

Master Zhen.

Qizhu, you're better in bed
than the young madam.

Your skin is silky smooth,

I'll try to keep you as my concubine.


I have to go now.

You think that you've struck gold?

Should I address you as Madam from now on?

I have to go and report to
the old madam now.

No, please.

Where's that piece of jade given
to you by Madam Qin?


Then I have no choice
but to report to the old madam.

I promise you, Linzhu,

but you must help me.

Don't tell anyone.

Of course.

I mean, since I'm compensated.

No wonder Master Zhen likes you.

Silky smooth skin, good in bed.

Madam Qin has hung herself to death.

What happened?

No! Let's go!

Master Zhen is here, look.

"To Jia Rong, my husband"

This stays in our family,
don't spread the news.

We'll tell the others that
she fell sick and died.

Write to my son and summon him home
right away.

Master Rong, you're home.

Who died?

Rong, don't be too sad.

Death is part of life.

My granddaughter-in-law died in peace.

Died in peace? It was a sudden death.

Rong, shut up.

The doctor said that she died
of over bleeding.

Why didn't you wait for me
for the funeral?

The weather's too hot,
the body can't be kept for long.

And it was very extravagant.

Don't worry.

Master Rong,

the old madam asked me
to serve you some chicken soup.

You must be tired after the day,

why don't you drink some soup
and head to bed?

I'll lay out your bed.


Where did you get that piece
of jade from?

Qizhu gave it to me.

Show me.

My wife gave this piece of jade to Qizhu.

When did she give this to you?

A few days ago.

Which day?

The 6th? The 7th? I can't recall.

When did my wife die?

The 6th.

When Qizhu gave you this,

was that before or after my wife died?

It was on the 6th.

This is a precious piece of jade,

why did you give it to her?

Does this belong to you? Speak up.

Hold her hands.

Go on.

Will you tell me or not?

How did my wife die?

Speak up.

Speak up.

Linzhu, help me.

You've promised you'd help.


Master Rong, it's not my fault.

Will you tell me or not?

It's not my fault.

Will you tell me or not?

It's not my fault.

Tell me...

I'll tell you...



Tell me...

Tell me...


Open up, Aunt Xifeng.

It's you! I'm coming.

Why are you here so late? This is fun.

Where did you get this from?

I wanted to ask you the same question.

What now? Are you suspecting me
for Keqing's death?

Regarding what happened to your wife.

And you always say that you love me.

What? Are you angry?

But I must find out the truth,

three people died.

I don't care how many died.

You're asking me because
you don't trust me.

Fine! It's my fault, I shouldn't ask you.

Sister-in-law, Xifeng, how are you?

It's you, Rui. You've scared me.

I'm sorry to have scared you.

I think it's fate that

we meet here.

I've just enjoyed a very good show.

What show?

Secret Rendezvous

It's very entertaining!

I've never heard of it.

Sister-in-law, you're a smart woman.

I think you know what I'm talking about.

You were with Jia Rong...

Sister-in-law, I think about you
all the time.

Careful! They'll see us.

Stop it.


Stop it, Rui.

Don't go.


Stop it.

I've told you to stop it.

People can see us.

Sister-in-law, I want to visit you,

can l?

Of course, we're family.

You can visit any time you want.

And I can leave any time I want?


You've kept your word, I miss you so much.

Don't go...Sister-in-law.

You're strong.

Uncle Rui.

You're in big trouble.

Aunt Xifeng has gone to the Madam,

she said that you've been
flirting with her.

The Madam is very angry,

right now, she's in bed...

Is she dying?

Not that serious.

She's waiting for the doctor.

And she ordered us to find you.

My dear nephews, Rong, Qiang.

help me! Tell the old madam that

you haven't seen anyone in the garden.

And there's no sight of me.

Then I'll be fine.

I'll thank you tomorrow.


Don't trust him,

I think you must sign a note.

Fine, I'll when I go home.

I have prepared one,

please stamp it.

Debt Due. October 8th, Year of Dingsi.

I was a guest at the Li Family
at Xiaonan Gate.

I owe my nephew Jia Rong
500 silver taels in gambling.

I'll return it all including interest
within 3 days.

I'll honour this agreement.

Signed, Jia Rui.

This is extortion!

Or else, wait till tomorrow at the temple,

when all members of the family
are there...

along with all the tools for
physical punishments.

And you'll know that
I'm only trying to help.

Can I go now?

Good night, Uncle Rui.

You two have no respects for your seniors.



Look at you! What did you do?

It was dark, the road was slippery.

I fell into the dung pit.

That's a lie.

I dare not.


Punish him for me!

30 strokes!

Yes, master.

No, grandfather. I won't do this again.

Old master, Master Rui isn't young

and he's still not married.

Even if he fools around,

it's only human nature.

Shut up.

Beat him!

Grandfather, no.

Aunt Xifeng.


Uncle Rui fell right into our trap.

Thank you, you two. Come and sit down.

I've prepared a small meal to thank you.



Doctor, what's wrong with my grandson?

It's hard to say.

If it's being treated wrongly,

I guess you will prepare his funeral

in half a month's time.

Please think of something.

Taking medicine is a waste of money,

it's a matter of the heart.

Matter of the heart.

Because of a woman?



He daydreams day and night,

he's love struck,
that's why he's getting weaker.

This is a very serious sickness.

Help the young master.

You can't just stand here.

There's a lame Taoist monk,

he is traveling around here.

He is very good at curing these cases.

Where can I find him?

I'll think of something.

Hurry and find him! Thank you.

Taoist monk.

You will die if you sow the seeds of evil.

Cow Spirits, Snake Spirits,
Horse Spirits...

Iisten up!

The Monitory Fairy directed me here.

Out! All evils!

Be gone with the wind!

Be gone with the rain!

I have something...a precious mirror
for you,

you'll only survive this
if you gaze at it everyday.

Emanating from primordial
confines of the Great Void

it's wrought in Spiritual Palace
by the Monitory Fairy.

It's for healing ailments originating
of evil thoughts

as by virtue it relieves mankind
and preserves life.

This is the front, and this is the back.

You can only look at the back,

but not the front side.


The back is to expel evil thoughts
and to light up

your spirits,

and front is nothing but illusion.

You will get a thrill at first,

but it will cause nothing except damage.


I'll come and fetch this
in three days' time,

and you should be recovered by then.


We talk outside.

The mirror is precious.

Only look into the back,
but not the front side.

Let me try!

That's scary.

Damn it!

Old Taoist monk, you want to
scare me to death?

And the front side?

Come on...hurry up, come here.

This is unique treasure.


Come on.



I miss you so much.



Sister-in-law...where are you?


Master Rui, Lady Xifeng is here
to see you.



I heard that you're not well,

and I've made this ginseng soup
especially for you.

Thank you.

Lie down, I'll help you.


Poor thing, you are so slim.

I miss you.

I know that.

Aunt Xifeng.

Uncle Rui.

Aunt Xifeng is family too,
it's fine that she's here.

We're here to see how you are,

and I'm here for the debt due.

Nephew, how could you bring this up now?

When it comes to money,
I treat everyone the same.

Tomorrow is the due date.

If not, I'll tell everyone about
what happened.

I don't think you'd want that.

That's enough.

Let's go.


Rui, I should go too.

I'll come back to see you tomorrow,
have some rest.

Don't go! Sister-in-law.

I have to go, just rest.


Where are you...?


Sister-in-law, I thought
you don't want to see me.

Here I come!

Here I come!




Here I come!


Here I come!

Give me back the mirror,
I will take it with me!

Give me back the mirror!

Master Rui's dead!

He gazed at the front side...

He was digging up his own grave.