Dreams Don't Die (1982) - full transcript

Two young kids in love, one young graffiti artist and the other a foster-child, find trouble on the mean streets on the other side of the river in New York City. Officer Charles Banks finds...




Ready to go mom?

No, I got two hours overtime.

I told 'em I needed it.

Here, my check.

You're not goin' out
tonight are ya Danny?


I'm workin' on a design.

You're gonna get arrested again.

I told ya it's dangerous.

I wanna know how hot that steam is.

What's not dangerous?

I'm makin' you steam 'em, huh?

Look, I go down to those
tracks and I'm special.

They call me the King, I earned that.

It feels good.

See ya later.

My mother's workin' two
hours over time tonight.

Gee, a person
who's able to draw

that good ought to be
gettin' dollars for it.

Oh yeah?

How are you payin' off a
washing machine you know?

Washing machine?

Whenever you get a wife, and kids.

Like a wife named um, Teresa.

Read me the instructions, huh?


The tail should be in
proportion to its broadest point.

Just like yours huh T?

You wanna get hit?

You wanna get hit really hard?

You're gonna have to catch me first!

I am gonna catch you.

Oh yeah?

- Oh yeah?

Come on, come on.

It doesn't always
have to be a joke Danny,

because it's not a joke.

You're gonna be gettin' outta school soon.

We gotta make some plans.

What are we gonna do?

How are we gonna get outta here?

Who gets out?

We do.

At least I do.

I've been in foster homes
since I can remember.

Now I want a place of my
own, a life of my own.

Why don't you grow up T?

Look where you are.

I know where I am.

I'm gonna be gettin' far away from here

and I'm not gonna wait forever to do it.

I'm not.

Morning my good man.

Lots is goin' down.

Let's be liftin' off son.

You're talkin' about a 10 dime

drop and outta my usual territory.

Well, just so long you
understand Kirk don't fly

his spaceship into unknown
galaxies you know what I mean?

Pull over.

That's cool then.

You know and I know.

I'll be there with the girl.

I'm gonna use a lady for this one.


Get in.


Well maybe I don't feel like
drivin' around with you.

Come on.

We're just gonna talk
about the punk, that's all.

Hell man, he was walkin' along.

He was showin' himself,
showin' his dollars.

My dollars.

Well I didn't know that man.

You don't carry his dollars.

He carry Kirk's dollars and
that's what you took goofball.

Well I didn't know.

I didn't know he jock for you man.

So what'd he have, 162?

You be tellin' me you gonna miss that?

Yeah I tell you man.

How you be tellin' me?

You don't be talkin' up into my face.

Hey stop on over there.

Hey, what I got I keep and if

I let somebody take a nickel or a penny,

then pretty soon they're gonna

be takin' my limousine or my hat.

You wanna be takin' my hat, huh?

You wanna be takin' my hat?

Hey come here.

Come on, let me see ya!

The more you got the more they take away

and a man protects himself.

Kirk protects himself.

Let's book it Captain.

You, you're crazy!

Let's go man!

Stop on over there.

You all right Captain?

I think I'll conduct
myself on an interview.

What's that?

Look at that car.

That's cool.

Oh yeah.

Hey it's you!

Beg your pardon young lady but I uh,

could not help but
notice that you're usin'

re energized not say new dress.

Be mine and to buy said new dress.

Get lost.

You perhaps insulted that
I mentioned your wardrobe?

I'm no whore.

I see.

You think I'm a pimp.

May I ask what you're reading?

Huckleberry Finn.

Afraid I haven't read that mans books.

That's the title you ape.

Of course you will realize

that I never had your education.

Yet I guess I've still
managed in my ignorance.

Can I take you for a short drive?


I just wanna talk to
you about earning money

and not having to hurt no one.

Now how much money am I talkin' about?

Oh I'm filled with suspense.


Many thousands.

Now you're a bright girl with old clothes.

That's gotta be interesting to you.

You think I'd dress in threads

like these if I had the girls?

That's 42nd Street sweet lady.

Then what do you handle?

Only what I can get away with.

You're under 16 aren't you girl?


So what?

You're under 16
you got plans don't you?

Bright girl with the plans.

Where are they?

Over some rainbow am I not right?

Come on, take a drive with me.

Nothing's gonna happen to you,

except you're gonna hear about money.

You know what money is don't you?

Money is the future.

Money is respect.

Money is love, and money
makes plans happen.

Come on, let's take a short drive.

Would you like a drink
or something to smoke?


Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Kirk, Captain of this ship.

In it I see all the galaxies
of the city.

That's ridiculous.

So tell me, how can I earn all this money?

Well, that's easy.

When do you turn 16 pretty lady?

In April.

April 10.

Ah well, Aires huh?

Aires do real well in this line of work.

Ever been arrested?


I didn't think so.

I saw you sitting there reading.

I was--

What line of work?

Now you're thinkin' I
put stuff in little kids.



Something for rich folks to do

that ain't got anything
better to do with their time

then to stuff something up their nose.

No, let me tell--

Now listen here girl.

This isn't for kids.

There's some fine money for you here.

We sell a kinda cocktail for
grownups who like cocktails.

What do you care about that?

You clean, under 16, won't
get tried as an adult.

Worse can happen to you is
you get your hand slapped.

You got six months pretty eyes.

It could mean about
50,000 or there abouts.


Then you retire.

I got a birthday in just a couple of days.

Then I got a hard retirement
ahead of me.

A hard, hard retirement.

You're not an idiot girl.

You're no fool.

Sell the rich folks what they want.

Permit me to uh, reenergize your dress.

Take us to a store.

What are you doin'?

Standin' around.

What are you gonna
do, give me a hard time?


Why should I care?

You care.

Don't act with me.

Well talk to me.

Since you're here say something.

Nice dress.

That's right.

It's a good dress.

He's garbage.

What do you know about it?

Look, I know enough.

I woulda thought you had more brains.

Oh I got brains Danny.

I wanna get far away from
here and that's a fact.

You don't, another fact.

See how smart I am?

Look, it's gonna get all over you.

What are you worried about Danny?

That it's against the law?

Well what are you?

King 65?

You're King of the Line.

Most famous dude burnin'
trains in the city.

There's a difference.

Sure there is.

Hold it!

Get in here boy.

Move it!

Come on.

All right, sit down.

Now lookie here.

A white boy, a white boy writer.

You must be a toy, huh?

Where you from, Flatbush?


I ain't no toy.

You ever seen the tag King 65?

Yeah, I seen it.

So what?

Is that your tag?

Look, that's all I gotta say to you.

I'm the King of the Line is what I am.

Oh my.

Feel those goosebumps
risin' up and down my arms.

Well King you sure picked
the wrong tunnel tonight.

This platform's had two rapes this week.

As a matter of fact I was
countin' on catchin' that creep.

I thought for a minute you were my man

'til I heard all that sprayin' and then

I knew I just had me another damn pest.


I'm an artist.

All right, you're an artist.

Ask any one of the other writers.

Just ask 'em who's the best.

You're an artist.

Every couple of weeks they strip

these cars down to the buff.

Then your so called works of
art go down in an acid bath.

Well they don't all.

I've had some cars on the line for months.

You call yourself an artist?

Look, all you do is
paint over these windows

so that some cop like me can't see

some poor new gettin' his head bashed in.

Or some lady gettin' hassled.

All right, on your feet.

Assume the position.

What's your name King?

Danny Baker.

Am I goin' in?

No I got more important
things to do but look,

I know your face now so you'd be makin'

a big mistake to hit this line again.

Now what do we got here?

It's my sketch.

Don't tear it up, huh?

If you saw that up on another car,

would you know it's mine?

Yeah I might.

It's got a style.

You got real talent Danny.

It's a shame you waste it.

I mean most people who see this

just so much trouble in their
life you know what I mean?

They hate it.

They hate what you do.

They only like it when
it's been washed off.

We'll see how good you really are.

Smell those fumes.

How do you kids keep
from being asphyxiated.

You ought to be in art school.

Art school?

Now you know what that is.

Here's how you do an arm.

Here's the way a tree's
supposed to be done.

It's just more law.

You know what I mean.

Nah, this is pure.

I mean this is just the way I wanna do it

and there's no rule right?

I mean, that's the point.

The whole point's for it to be lawless.

Where's your daddy?

The last time I saw him he
was runnin' away from home.

Well I know what I could do you know?

Trespassing, defacing public property.

But listen, you keep drawing.

Let me see some of your stuff, all right?

But look, this time, hey?

Keep it off the walls and if I catch

you again I'll haul you in righteous.

Hey, it's cool.

Maybe I'll draw you a picture.


You do that.

I'm easy to find.

I'm all over the place just
like graffiti.

Be gentle and expect the new Teresa.

Be in that lobby across the street.

He'll have an ivory necklace
and he'll be a white man.

Are you nervous?


Get your head at rest young lady.

After all you're just a charm.

They don't apply the
adult law to you Teresa.

Not for six months.

So you here to deliver something?


Give it to me.

Thank you.

Uh, you want any wine?

I keep forgetting when
children aren't here.

Well now Mr. Gavin your bank

account don't forget that fact.

Kirk, no need to talk business.

Let's just uh, get acquainted meeting

with this new friend of yours.

That job you did for me
yesterday wasn't hard was it?

Teresa, beautiful name.



I lost my folks when I was a baby

but the best I've been able to figure

is I'm Puerto Rican and
some kind of European.

I myself am Northern.

North everywhere.

You got a birthday comin' up Kirk.

September 25 my good man.

Just over a week.

I am then retired and
looking for other work.

Oh there's always work for
a man with responsibility.

I like the girl, she'll do well.

Captain Kirk knows who up.


Mr. Gavin, I don't wanna get nervous

about my birthday you know I mean?

We all know the rules Kirk.

Get caught dealing after
you're 16 there's no escape.

You pull hard time.

Right, so?

So, don't turn 16.

Stay young forever like me.

Kirk, Kirk!



I was asleep.

I was just takin' a nap.

What are you talkin' about?

Captain, you ain't gonna believe this.

Come on man.

Oh man!

I just
closed my eyes, that's all.

Hey get over here miss thang.

I shoulda kicked
in your door last night.

What are you talkin' about?

You followed me.

You trashed his car.

He wanted to kill somebody last night.

Do you think I'm kidding?


Look, I did it yesterday.

I didn't like it but I did it.

I'm in it now Danny and
you can't change that.

Do what you want to T, so will I.

He's just having it
repainted, that's all.

He's havin' it repainted today.

I mean what does he care?

He's got a lotta money.

Sure, so he buys things.

He's buying you.

Look, he's buying you Teresa.

All I've heard from you
are bright ideas and plans.

And then when someone sticks
money in your nose you gave up.

You gave up easy.

No, not easy.

I've asked you a long
time to work with me,

how to get out of here and what to do.

But you never cared.

You don't need me.

So don't play it big with me now Danny.

You stay out of it.

Good afternoon.

Afternoon officer.

You know there was a man
in that building over there,

had a big beard.

Had lots of rings on his fingers.

I didn't like the way it looked.

So I had a squad car run him in.

Oh yeah?

I seen you around before.

You do the dude keepin' all
the streets safe and sound.

Well someday they'll give
you a gold watch for it.

Hey, you have a warrant for searchin' her?

Probable cause?

No way.

Hope this isn't what I think it is.

Just earned my gold watch.

Okay, come on let's go.

Hey man, you wastin'
my time you know that?

This dude's more scared
then I'm supposed to be.

Oh relax.

I think I should represent him Officer.

I have to inform you

that under the--
- Hey, Lieutenant Steadman?

Lieutenant Steadman this
is a very anxious attorney.

How do you do?

I have to inform you
that under the laws--

You're new at this.

You firm sure sent you to
the wrong part of town man.

Under the laws minors are--

Yes I know they're both under 16.

And furthermore--

Yes, I know there was no transaction.

Possession by a juvenile of
a small amount of cannabis--

Man, they sent down a
real turkey didn't they?

Where's my regular lawyer turkey?

It's a real bad trip isn't it Charlie?

I mean a man put his
six years in law school

and he ends up in the garbage cans

of New York bailing out little kids.

Hey, who's your client?

Albert Gavin?

I bet you had other plans
didn't you Counselor?

Officer you know the DA won't file.

Furthermore, Mr. Kirk was clean.

So take him.

No him not her.

What are you crazy man?

Hey, she's comin' with us.

Okay it isn't so easy now is it?

Oh no possession's not easy at all.

Is it?

Uh, no.


So, get him out of here.

Hey just hold on man,
she's comin' with us man.

Yo, I'm gettin' my regular lawyer.

I'm getting him and coming back too!

Say finish these for me will ya dude?

Give Teresa a little tour of the resort.

Hey Charlie?

You can't do this.

I'm under 16.

Don't tell me what I can't do girl.

I can hold you here for 24 hours

and I can make it very unpleasant.

Nothing like a jail cell is there?

Everybody think they got it
all worked out in their heads.

When they get behind these bars

you realize they haven't got
anything worked out at all.

It doesn't make any sense.

You were clean, never been arrested.

Yeah, I've been a very good little girl.

You were.

Possession of drugs by a
juvenile's a tough wrap

and don't you kid yourself about that.

What kinda grades do you get?

Pretty good I'll bet, huh?

When I want 'em I get 'em.

Then why?

Explain it to me.

Look, what I am is case
number F2121-L on the city

of New York's books with a foster family

that never has less than five
kids floating around in it.

So I get good grades.

So I never got arrested.

Well so what?


You all right?

Well, it's the King.

Word sure travels fast on these streets.

What is this Banks?

What are you gonna do with her?

Why don't the three of
us talk about that huh?

Come on in here.

Gimme a couple of minutes to sign out.

Why don't you two chat?

You two could help me and cheat
work is always the best way.

You know that.

Gavin sure knows it.

He and Kirk make a good team.

Look at the bundle they pull in.

They don't run any risk.

Teresa's the only one that runs any risk.

Look, Banks you wanna bust Gavin

but there's nothin' we can do to help ya.

Why sure there is.

It's a little matter
of teamwork that's all.

You know that.

I mean all you subway
artists got your little club,

your little groups, your
little clicks, your little--

Yeah and I don't belong to any of 'em.

I work alone.

Look Danny, let me
put it to you like this.

You already owe me one favor.

Now we need to make it two.

Teresa's already working with Gavin.

I mean I could use that now.

Just call it my own creativity all right?

What's the matter Baker?

You think you're the only
street artist around here?

Come on.

How is your drawings coming anyway?

I'm clean.

Oh I see.

Look how he's wearing these
little dainty doctors gloves.

Really cute.

But where's my drawing?

Come on, you promised me
a painting didn't you?

Let's go down to the tracks.

I'll pick one out for you.

Uh huh.

No, you promised me a painting.

I don't wanna see that horrible garbage.

I mean you really think that a punk

with a spray can is ever anything

but a punk with a spray can?

Hey, hey, Danny is an artist.

An artist?

So where's my painting?

You're sure just a punk with a spray can

that's all kid.
- You want a painting?

How 'bout an old gram on a rocking chair

or maybe a baby with a pair
of wings or something huh?

That's painting for you right?

Yeah right, boring.

When was the last
time he opened your eyes

and saw what real artists were up to?

You wanna see some art?

I'll show you some art.

Come on.

Let's catch a train.

I got the time.

Oh come on.

Where to?

Across the river to
the land of surprises.

Are you scared to even look?

Let's go.

Thank you.

It's on me King.

Just have a look at it now.

I'll see ya later.

Well what do you think?

Told you in the tunnels what I thought.

These paintings hang in
the middle of Manhattan.

So do mine.

Yeah, but a lot of these people

get paid for what they do Danny.

How 'bout you?

You get paid for trashin' trains?

How 'bout it Danny?

Wouldn't you like to
get paid for what you do?

I may know someone who can help.

I'll be in touch Teresa.

Look, I need good teamwork
and you need a chance.

I'll be in touch.

You see that?

The writer who tagged himself Snow.

I see his tag every now and then.

Why Snow?

Why does he call himself that?

I don't know.

He's called himself that
for a long time now.

He's gotta be 26 by now.

Lives with his mom.

It's stupid.

Anyone 26 who's still writin'
on walls is just stupid.

Hey T?

You ever been there before?

The museum?

No, Manhattan.

You ever been there before?



Me neither.

Weird huh?

The land of surprises.


What's the matter?

You mad about somethin'?


Go to your room Danny.


I yelled at him and he slapped me.

It's nothing--

Look he ought to be
shoved down a toilet.

Danny, it's nothing.

It's the way we are.

It's not your problem honey please.

No, it's not.

Danny, it's not your problem.

You leave my mother
alone you stinkin' garbage.

Shut up.

Your old lady and me will take care

of our problems in our way.

Why don't you go paint a train car.

You're so tough.

Maybe there's something else you wanna do.

Maybe there's something
else you think you can do.

It's done.

Well you were up there too long.

I was tired.

Hey look, just shut up all right?

Look a dudes got a right

to catch some sleep.
- I don't wanna

hear it anymore.

How you treat somebody like this.


Shut up man!


I don't need this man.

Oh my mother's heart!

Look, what
you throwin' things for?

This ain't broke.
- So move!

Next time move all right?

- All right.

All right.

Run man, run!


Mr. Gavin, how are you
this fine morning sir?

I'd like for you
and me to take a little walk.

Must be somethin' I can do for you.

You can answer a question.

What happened yesterday
with you and that girl?

It's just a hassle, nothin' big.

That nigger cop just done me man.

I don't know why.

You know who he was Captain?

His name is Banks.

Oh yeah, I seen his face around before.

His name is Banks.

You know his face?

You're gonna be 16 in a couple of days.

So you got two choices.

You can uh, walk away from it all,

your own territory, your girls.

Yeah, no.

I don't want to.

You can deal with men like Banks.

You good enough?

Are you tough enough to be of use

when you're no longer a juvenile?

You gonna grow up Kirk?

Be a man?


Some fool callin' himself Captain Kirk

say he wanna talk to you.


- Hey King,

what's the word?

The word, the word's interesting.

I'll walk along with you okay?

Sure, just don't effect my view.

A man in my position
needs his view you know?

Hey look uh, you said maybe
I could get paid for drawin'.

Uh, well I'm interested.

I wanna talk about it.

Where you are Danny?

Been smokin' angel dust?

No man I don't use dope.

That's for losers.

You wrote somethin' tonight right?

Must be a thing of beauty,
a real burner okay?

Mm hm.

Man it looks perfect.

It was so good I had a
whole gang of toys sittin'

on top of a car watchin' me
with their eyes popped out.

So now you're high on it right?

You're up and you wanna talk
about a distinguished career?

Step into my office here.

Hey Charlie you're early tonight.

Tonight I'm bein' interrogated.

That's why I'm off my schedule.

Sit down Danny.

What are you havin', coffee?

No, I'll take a strawberry milkshake.

Where do you think
you are, in Scarsdale?

We'll have coffee and
a strawberry shake Ken.

So what's the offer Banks?

Well the conditions.

I yeah I know, I gotta
help you squash the toad.

It's no problem.

My pleasure.

There's one other.

There'll be no more burners,

no more writing on public walls anyplace.

All right, tell me Banks.

Comic books.

You do know what they are right?

Well I have this friend
who owes me favors.

I've always found that favors are better

then money in the pocket.

So who is he?

An executive.

Works for the firm that puts out

what they like to call
illustrated publications.

I even told him about you and you know

he'd never hear of King 65?

All right, so
what's the arrangement?

There is none.

He only guarantee us the interview,

but our deal still stands.

As of now, there'll be no more burnin',

no more trashin' trains.

Now is it a deal?


That's the man to call.

Dale Sherman?

Do it Danny.

Be nice to yourself.

Do it for Teresa too.

You don't know what it's like,

about to bury the one that you love.

It's a mistake.

Level Banks.

I mean do you think anyone's really

gonna care what I write or how?

I don't know.

The only guarantee is the interview.

The world's full of chances Danny.

Take one.

Listen, you learn how to
make coffee I'll be back Ken.

Hey, thanks!

Banks, Banks, Banks?


Help, somebody please help me!


Help somebody please!

Call an ambulance!

Please, go call an ambulance or somethin'.

Don't just stand there.

Please help!

Go call an ambulance.

Don't worry, you'll be all right.

You'll be all right.

Just don't move.

Don't move.

You'll be all right.


Okay, bring them in.

Uh, you look right through here Danny.

That's him, the
one with the busted up face.

We're about to have fun.

Well we've had little
Obi in a lineup before.

That's a bad news kid.

We never could hold him.

Nice job Officer.

Nice job.

We couldn't try him as an
adult 'cause he's only 13.

So we said hey, put him over
on hold over at family court.

When they do they'd lost him.

His file was lost in the shuffle.

Somehow he just walked out.

Yeah and then he kills Charlie Banks.


Now you saw the shooting right?

Look he did it, I saw it from the diner.

Wait a minute, Charlie
wasn't killed in the diner.

Did you see the shooting?

Look he did it.

I grabbed him,

I saw him there.
- But did you see

him shooting?

Are you an eye witness or aren't ya?

Look, he wasn't found with a weapon.

If you're not an eye
witness I've got nothing.


I didn't see you all day yesterday.

God, I was so worried after
I heard about what happened.

What's this?

I promised Banks I'd go see this guy.

About drawing?


It won't mean anything but I gotta go.

It does mean something Danny, it does.

I gotta do this and then
I gotta do somethin' else.


Danny, don't do anything stupid.

I gotta get Kirk.

There's no future.

Not 'til I've settled that.

Danny let go.

You can't change things.

I can't walk away from this T.

Banks cared and he did somethin' about it.

How often does that ever happen?

Will you help me Teresa?

Help me out?


It's okay Banks.

It's just a little shot
to get me through the day.

Here, have a seat.

So, tell me, how'd you happen
to meet Charlie and how is he?

He's dead.


That's why I'm here.



Kid killed him.

A kid?

How old?


14 years old.

Charlie Banks cared about what he did.

Can't tell you how
sorry I am to hear this.

Well, all right let's, let's talk about

what Charlie wanted us to talk about.

What is it that you want?

What is it you're looking for?

Well you see this is the first time

I ever really thought about anything like,

permanent you know?

You wanna be a commercial artist huh?

This is something you
really wanna do, a career?


How old are ya Danny?



You still in school?


But it's useless.

I wanna draw.

I really do.

This is, this is graffiti.

This is just graffiti.

Well that's what I do.

Banks thought that well, he
said that maybe you might be--

All right.

All right, let's just take it easy.

I'll tell you what.

Uh, I wanna show this to some
other people who work here.

Just take it easy.

Just uh, sit tight all right?

Relax, I'll be, I'll be back.


This is Agnes Shields.

Agnes, Danny Baker.

Hello Danny.


Why don't
we all sit down, huh?

Danny, do you think
you'd like to apprentice?

Agnes thinks you might
do well in her department.


Uh, does that mean like
try out or somethin'?

No, apprentice means you're hired

but at less pay then you'll be
getting if the job works out.



That's right.

Danny it's not that you just have talent.

For someone with no formal training

you have remarkable technique too.

Charlie would be very pleased.



They like me.

Yeah, they said I was good.

Oh but they said I gotta learn,

and there's all kinda other
things I gotta learn but,

but they said it wouldn't
be like a miracle

or nothin' for me to learn it you know?


Oh T.

Everything's buzzin' inside me.

Listen, I want us to do
everything right okay?


Yeah, Banks.

Um, look at your place okay?

So I'll see ya T.

Yeah, September 25th, 1965.

Now you're sure?

I want his birthday I
don't want any other date.

Kirk was born September 25th, 1965.

It's uh, it's a Monday.

That's three days.

What's the big deal?

What are you gonna throw
him a birthday party?

Yeah, somethin' like that.

Hey Danny--

Hey let me see it huh?

Come on Steadman,
- What are you doin'?

let me see it.

What are you gonna do?

Take the law in your own hands?

Now what about the lineup huh?

What about Obi, Kirk?

Sit down Danny.

No, I ain't gonna sit down.

I got somethin' to take care of.

No, we got somethin' to take care of.

Now it's Monday, 10 p.m. at Coney.

Now you listen kid--

No, you and your partner, you be there.

Now it's Monday, 10 p.m. at Coney.

I got a debt and you're
gonna help me settle it.

Hey Danny!

Who did that?

You know who did that?

King, King 65.

Yeah that's gotta be the King.

Are you sure?

Best to be sure.

Yeah, yeah.

We're sure.

You can tell by his style.

Where does this King live?

I don't know.

But you can find out can't you?


Now they're strong T, real strong.

After eight hours you wake him up,

give him another dose and
then again eight hours later.

Well what if he's busy or something?

What if he turns me down?

He won't.

Now you can do it T, I know you can.

You sure about this stuff?

Where'd you get it?

I got it.

Danny, what if something goes wrong?

What if I kill him?

It will be a pleasure sweet thing.

No problem at all.

We'll land on your street momentarily.

Yeah okay.


We'll meet the girl on Bushwick.

Then you find Obi and send him

to our friend the painter, the King.

King gonna be dethroned.

For $280 give me

the name of the president
who was Commander and Chief

in United States during World War I.

Abraham Lincoln.
- What?

and Chief, World War I.

Come on turkey, Abraham Lincoln.

Woodrow Wilson.

For $280 Woodrow Wilson!

Woodrow Wilson?

Who the hell is Woodrow Wilson?

Hey you ever heard of any Woodrow Wilson?

Naw, never heard of no Wilson.

Some jive question that was.

Famous star.

If you can tell us her name and the movie

that she won an Oscar
you'll win the prize.

Yeah, they're
friends of my father from work.

And they got the money?

They already got it?

One of 'em had a wife die.

He got some insurance money.

Got his old lady to pop for his score.

Now that's a dude who knows
how things should work.

When they asked me if
you could handle quantity,

I told them you could do anything.

I like gratitude my woman.

I like it very much.

And I remember you said
Monday was your birthday right?

So true.

But this bein' only
Saturday we still have time.

Did you want me to set it up?

Sunday night.

Lord rested and Kirk did
his last steal.

Maybe we should celebrate.

Little party before the job.

Quiet, private.

Just you and me.


Well I don't know your friends.

Some motel okay?

Forgive my impoliteness pretty eyes,

but since when you been
spreading it around?

You didn't have the thought of love

the first time you and me talked.

Well fine, we'll do the drop.

No party.

Wait now, hold on don't get outta orbit.

Look, I told you I'm no whore.

Now what I say?

Didn't I say I was honored?

No you said--

Sure I did.

Jus come around, that's all.

I mean I know I'm worth it I

just didn't realize you knew
it so well too.

Hey, you know who was
chief during the war?

Will Wood.

Will Wood was chief.

And I didn't even go to school.

When do you turn 16 Teresa?

Six months.

Oh, well here's what I think.

Day after tomorrow Kirk joins

the ranks of tax paying adults
and you and I will talk.

Make a lotta money in six months Teresa.

Mr. Gavin?

Maybe you'd like to know I found out

who defaced our properties
and where he lives.

Got little Obi waiting
to greet him right now.


Just some punk subway rider.

Local punk, big shot calls himself King.

King 65.

Kirk shut up.

Do a king like a did the cop.

Shut up.

What's goin' on?

Kirk knows it's you.

He's got somebody over
there waiting to kill you.

Okay, so they know.

That's good, I'm glad they know.

You can't go home Danny.

Well then I'll go somewhere else.

I'm not backin' down, not for anything.


I don't know.

I've never lived any place else but here.

I'm goin' with you Danny.

Do you want me to?

I don't wanna go alone.

I love you Teresa.

Room 212.

Don't turn on the light.

I wanna see where we are.

All right.

The King gets one more
night before he falls.

That's how I see it.

Now you listen to me Obadiah.

I need you to do somethin' else.

I got a meeting tonight, 10 o'clock.

Hey man, listen to me.



This car ain't ours.

This paint belongs to someone else.

Don't that mean nothin' to you?

Do you mind listenin' to me?

Tonight, 10 o'clock, Coney Island

in front of the big hotdog stand.

Be there Obadiah.

I need a little backup.

I want you there by nine.

You wait until I get there.

You hear me?

Be there.

You hear me?

Be there.

Danny where have you been?

Why weren't you home last night?

I got a surprise for ya.

Close your eyes huh?

Come on close 'em.

What's this?

It's a man.

He offered me a job.

A job?

Everything's crazy.

I didn't even know I was comin' here.

Some would say a lotta steam
helps you keep lookin' young.

Oh sure.

Look at the walkin' proof.

I just want you know that I know

it ain't ever been easy for you.

I mean I, I know it's always been hard.

You've always worked hard.

What's wrong Danny?

You worked hard and you raised a kid.

I wanted to tell you that,

tell you that I love you.

I'm gonna be okay.

You don't have to worry about me

'cause I ain't gonna let you down.

I love you Danny.

How you doin'?

You lookin' fine.

We're gonna have a good time tonight.

That's right Captain.

So uh, I didn't want my driver hangin'

around while you and I had our
party you know what I mean?


So I'm gonna be drivin' myself.

Now legally I'm not old
enough to be drivin'.

It's gonna be very cool you know?

I'd sure hate to get a ticket.

Let's get in.

This must be 100 proof momma.

Or Captain Kirk's feeling spacey.

But you just take it easy
Kirk 'cause it's your birthday.

Well I'm gonna have a lot
of good birthdays momma.

You know what I mean?


I earned them.

I hustled.

Some people hate me you know?

But I don't know why.

I mean, what did I ever do
that I wasn't told I could do?

Well you did right by me Kirk

and I'm not gonna forget it.

Well you're the only one girl.

I don't know.

I don't know what
anybody expects you know.

I mean, what do they want?

You did it right Kirk.

Now rest easy.

Fix me up.

You did that first one real good.

I'll mellow out.

Then we'll get real close.

Think I'll be able to do
what Mr. Gavin wants me to do?

Now don't fall in love
with this job pretty eyes.

Gonna be a boss.

Just treats you along.

Hey girl, I'm gonna nap before we party,

'cause we gotta be up for tonight.

That's right Kirk.

Are you thirsty Kirk?

Five, four, three, two, one.

Happy birthday dear Kirk

Happy birthday dear Kirk

Happy birthday dear Kirk

Happy birthday dear Kirk

All right, you can have
the room for another day.

But a young girl like
you should be in school.

I am in school.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Go back to sleep.

Go back to sleep.

Go back to sleep.

Lay down.

Just lay down.

You were just dreamin'.

It's nothin'.

Go to sleep.

Go to sleep.

Okay now the guy's gonna be
wearing a red baseball hat.

I'll be right across the street.


Time to wake up Captain.

Time to make your last run.

Hey, he's gonna be here.

Hey Dan, what's goin' down?

Just walk.

Come on, come on, let's take a walk.

Come on.

There he is, the man with the red cap.

Go make the drop girl.


Be nice to the Captain.

I can't.

Well, he's my dad's boss.

I told him I knew someone.

He can't know I deal.

I, I can't do it.

Well, you'll get over
those sort of hangups fast.

Got somethin' for the Captain?

Yeah, if you're him then
you got somethin' for me.

Let's see it.

You're under arrest.

Hey what's this jive man?

You have the
right to remain silent.

Hey what are you talkin' about?

Get off me.

Hey you wastin' a good time man.

You don't know who
you're dealin' with man.

Captain Kirk bro.

Captain Kirk.

That's right.

Hey, cocaine huh?

You guys are wastin' your time.

Good quality.

It's a good enough to earn
you a good long hot stretch.

Pig you a thing earning a dollar short.

I'm under age.

I'm not a fool, we going to family court.

No man, family court is closed to you.

Doors are shut.

You turned 16 today.


Not 'til tomorrow.

No today man.

You turned 16 at midnight last night.

And I was there to wish you

a happy birthday Kirk
or don't you remember?

Yeah, yeah sure you remember.

25th Kirk.

It's September 25th.

Let's go.

Hey Mr. Gavin's gonna
be looking for you man.

Evidence is evidence Kirk.

Yo come on, give me a break man.

Yeah, this time you're
gonna be in with the animals.

Yo, come on man.

So you're gonna have to have a talk

about Mr. Gavin won't we?
- Please.


Just you and me, yeah, won't we?

Come on man.


You and I will have a
little talk about it.

Yo, come on man I help
you, you help me man!

Come on!

Please, come on man, come on.

Please man come on!

Please, come on man, come on.

I gotta take you kids
down to the station.

I'm afraid I gotta hear
how you did all this.

Yeah well, just as long as we

get some sleep pretty soon huh?

Well to tell you the truth son,

where you live is not
gonna be safe for awhile.

Maybe not.

Well that's okay.

We're already outta there.

What do you mean out?

Where you gonna go?

The land of surprises.

Manhattan is as far as I've
ever gone and it's far enough.

I'm an apprentice.

Easy, easy!

It's all over.

It's all over.