Dreams (1955) - full transcript

In Stockholm, the fashion photographer Susanne Frank misses her married lover Henrik Lobelius that lives in Gothenburg with his wife and children, and the naive twenty years old model Doris has a troubled relationship with her boy friend Palle Palt. Susanne schedules a session of photo shoots in Gothenburg with Doris, and once there, she calls Henrik for an encounter. Meanwhile, Doris meets an elegant middle age gentleman on the street, the Consul Otto Sönderby, who buys expensive gifts for her: a dress, a pair of Italian gloves and valuable pearl necklace. They spend the afternoon together in an amusement park and later they go to Otto's mansion, where they are interrupted by his wicked daughter Marianne. Susanne has a love affair with Henrik in her room, but they are interrupted by his cynical wife. The incidents in these encounters affect their perspective of love.

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Is she angry?
Where did she go?

- What's with her?
- Don't you know?

She got together with some
businessman in Göteborg.

It was pretty hot
and went on for a while.

- It lasted a whole year!
- You serious?

But then it ended.
Just like that.

He was married, see.

Oh, no.

Susanne went mad.
She still loves him.

She visits Göteborg a lot.

They say she runs around
spying on his house.

- Really nuts, eh?
- Exactly.

Would you please stop highlighting
your bust with lipstick?

It stains the inside of the creations.

It's very difficult to remove.

Oh, shut up, you little creep!

I learned that at Dior.
Don't try to teach me.

I just spoke with Director Magnus.

We've agreed to shoot the rest
of the collection in Göteborg.

We travel tonight.
Can you go?

- I suppose so.
- Good.

That's all for today. Bye!

How maddening!

You don't want to go to Göteborg?

Palle took his exam today.
We were going to celebrate.

Are you still dating that squirt?

Yes, she is. Hello, everybody.

- Excuse me.
- I think I have to make a call.

Some goodies for our celebration.

- Hurry up and let's go.
- Oh, was that today?

"Was that today?"


Mosel wine, very pricey.



Your favorite cake.

- How about a kiss?
- Mind my makeup.

- Forget the party.
- What, no party?

I have to go to Göteborg
with Susanne for work.


I've got an idea.
You're sick, can't go!

- I would never stoop so low.
- Forget about your job for once.

Typical you. They could find someone else.
You think I'd stand for that?

They can put those rags on anyone.

Don't talk about my job like that!

- You only ever think of yourself!
- Look who's talking!

And I bought all this food...

- We're not married yet.
- Thank God for that!

Look, a flying saucer!

Let me tell you something.
I'm sick of your domineering ways.

I'm not your property.
I won't be Palle Palt's chattel.

I want to lead my own life.

I don't want to stand in the way
of your career, my dear Doris.

I yield, and wish you happiness,
my dear Doris.

Stop play acting,
you're lousy at it!

- Listen, Doris.
- Leave me alone.

Let's be nice.

I've been nice all along.

Forgive my temper.

- Do you forgive me?
- Forgiven.

Don't be so complacent.

Boy, what a quarrel.

Good thing we don't hold grudges.

- With our tempers.
- We scared off the others.

- Hurry up, let's go home.
- Home?

- To make that phone call.
- What call?

To say you're not going.

I certainly am going.

- Boy, can you piss me off.
- Stop it. Stop it.

I'll count to three.

If you haven't called by then,
it's all over.

- Seriously?
- Seriously.

Well, start counting.



Get lost and leave me alone!

You know your problem?

It's time some reasonable person
enlightened you about your...

- Character.
- Yes!

You're crazy about your clothes,
career and luxury.

All you care about
is your own image in the mirror.

You're mean, selfish and...

- Crazy about men.
- That, too! Stop prompting me!

And you're...

You're infantile!

Yes, infantile!

I don't know what that means!

It means you're childish,
naive, and a bit stupid.

I was going to marry him?





Dear God, let me see him.

Let me see him...

for just one moment!

I just want to touch him.

I won't say anything.

I won't cry.

God, I must see him.

I must.

I must.

Aren't you coming to bed?

Good night.

Good night.

Thank you.

Be outside the museum at 1:00 sharp.

Sundström asked us to be on time.
He only has an hour.

Bye, now. Have fun.

I'm going to take a nap.

Bye, then.

It would be madness.

Now I'm talking to myself.
I must be in bad shape.

May I use the phone?

Excuse me. May I use your phone?

May I speak to Mr. Lobelius?

Hold on.
Who's calling, please?

Susanne Frank.

I'm afraid it's not possible.
He's in a meeting.

- When can I reach him?
- It's impossible to say.

The meeting may last all afternoon.

Can't I speak to him now?

It's important.

I think he wants to talk to me.

Sorry, we're not to disturb him.

Don't you hear what I'm saying?

He asked me to call.

One moment, please.



Is that you?

Sorry to disturb you,
but I must talk to you.

I'm at the usual place.

It's going to be hard for me to make it.

I can't come
and I don't want to.

I don't want to.
Do you hear me?

I can't talk now.

Henrik, don't hang up!

Henrik, listen to me!

I won't cry, or make a scene.

I just want to see you,
talk to you...

No, not talk.

You can't deny me that.

I've got to go.
Nice of you to call,

but I can't...
I don't want to...

Susanne, are you there?


Okay, I'll be there.

I'll see you at 6:00.

That'll be five cents for the call.

Don't you have any change, madam?

No, I don't.

I could buy a pack of cigarettes.

Then you must eat something.


Forgive the intrusion, young lady,

but I noticed you admiring that gown.

- I see you really like it.
- Is that so?

Don't get me wrong.

I enjoyed picturing you in that gown.

- In my imagination, that is.
- Really?

Do you think it's improper of me
to entertain such thoughts?

I don't understand what you mean.

I didn't mean anything.

You're a pretty young girl, vivacious.

You make me feel happy.

That gown costs a fortune
and I'm not particularly rich.

You made me happy, young lady.

Will you allow me to present you
with the longed for gown?

You must be crazy.

Yes, it's improper to address
a pretty girl, a complete stranger.

- I have to run.
- I understand.

Let's speak no more,
but buy it at once then!

I don't think so. Thank you.

Why not?

Have I perhaps rigged a trapdoor?

Am I a blood-sucking vampire?

Or do I have a henchman
waiting behind the glass door,

ready to throw himself
upon my defenseless victim?

No, but...

"You don't receive gifts from older men
without there being something behind it."

But let's be the first to break
with such silly conventions.

All right, if you insist.

Thus speaks a brave woman!

After you, madam.

Good afternoon, Mrs. Arén.

This is my niece, Miss Sönderby.

She's come to keep her old,
lonely uncle company.

Tonight we'll be attending
a gala concert.

Therefore, we'll need
a lovely gown for the occasion.

Yes, of course.

I know exactly the right gown.

What do you think of the white one?

That's precisely the dress
she was delighted to see in the window.

- This way, miss. We'll try it on at once.
- Wonderful!

I'll sit here and wait.
Take your time.

I'm at my niece's disposal all day.

- Good day, my dear Maria.
- Good day.

My niece is here in town.
Kerstin Sönderby.

We're trying on a dress.

- Have you ever met her?
- I don't think so.

- Very pretty. You'll see.
- That will be nice.

I'd like you to meet Mrs. Berggren.

Yes, you are pretty!

It's a perfect fit.

Miss Sönderby has a model's figure.

We have a pair of Italian hand-sewn pumps
that go with it. But perhaps...

Yes, splendid!

Do have a seat, miss,
and try them on.

And how's your daughter?

I really can't say.

- Is she living at home?
- No.

I don't know where she's living now.

Last week, the police brought her home.

She was too drunk to stand.

Quiet, not so loud.

See anything else, Kerstin?
Anything that pleases you?

You speak to her as if she were
your girlfriend, not your relative.

Well, aren't you indiscreet, Maria!

Actually, she is my mistress,

but I call her my niece
for the sake of decency.

- Shall we deliver the whole ensemble?
- Yes, please.

I must get going.

Good-bye, Miss Sönderby.
My regards to your father.

I danced a waltz with him
at an officers' ball in 1912.

Come to think of it,
you're a lot like him.

But in a different way...

We're done. Thank you, Mrs. Arén.
Thank you, miss.

- We'll have the gown by 3:00?
- I promise.

Thank you.

Good-bye, ladies.

What am I thinking!

The young lady needs a lovely necklace
to go with the gown.

- I don't know...
- Still suspicious?

Were there any predators in there?

Yes, maybe...

You told them to deliver the gown
to your place.

For the simple reason
that I didn't know your address.

But I'll never come pick up the dress,
if that's your scheme.

Don't be angry.

I wasn't scheming.

I'm just cheered by your company,
as by the sunshine.

Come now.
Let's make the old jeweler happy.

I don't want to.
I really don't want to.

Yes, you do.

Deep down inside,
you don't mind gifts from an old fool.

If I were young and handsome,
there wouldn't be any problem,

but I'm old and fairly ugly.

Therefore, thoughts are racing
through your little head:

Is he a sex killer, a mental case,
a dirty old man or an idiot?

No, you're wrong.

Well, then.

Let's look at a necklace
of Canadian river pearls.

How do you do, Mr. Barse?

Good morning, Consul.

What can I do for you?

Your daughter just left...

Some weeks ago,
I admired a necklace of Canadian pearls.

- Has it sold?
- No, a few prospective buyers...

May we see it?

With utmost pleasure.

Mr. Barse and I play chess
every Thursday.

We've been doing so for 25 years.

Look at this, young lady.

Just look at it.

Each one is an individual

with its own characteristics
and temperament.

Yet together, they form a whole...

of enormous power.

An entire little orchestra
of perfect virtuosi.

How often do we encounter
such perfection, Consul?


this is absolute perfection.

Shall I clasp it on, miss?

Today is your big wishing day.

You can wish for anything.

It needn't be within
the bounds of reason.

I'd love some hot chocolate
with whipped cream and a fancy pastry.

Mr. Barse, my apologies.
We must interrupt our little visit.

The young lady longs for hot cocoa.

I'll settle this tomorrow.

Oh, God! My photo session!

- She ran off.
- Yes.

You won't catch up with her.

It would also look odd...

an elderly man chasing a young girl.

Here she comes!

I'm so sorry! Have you waited long?
You've been waiting a whole hour.

I'm so sorry.

Forgive me, Susanne.
Forgive me, everyone.

- Do you have an excuse?
- I forgot.

You forgot, did you?

Do you have any idea
how much this is costing us?

Well, Sundström has another job
and can't wait any longer.

Do you realize
we'll have to stay till tomorrow?

- I'll gladly do it for free.
- You won't do it at all.

You're going home tonight.

I won't be using you again.

Neither here nor anywhere else.

You can cry all you want.

It may impress the men, but not me.
I know your type.

Let's wrap it up. Thanks for today.

Now, now.

Don't cry, girlie.

It isn't the end of the world.

I won't charge for sitting here
and sunbathing for an hour.

There, there.

Good-bye now, and calm down.

Hurry up, Sundström.
You were in such a hurry before.

Okay, take it easy.

That indolent girl
has always annoyed me.

I know her kind.

Men, clothes and sex.

No sense of honesty.
No ambition to learn.

They just want the high life.

God, why am I so angry?
She's not worth it.

Was I harsh?

You don't even dare answer.
You're on her side, of course.


She's just a kid.

Why did I get so angry?

We weren't any wiser at 20,
or were we?


I'll walk. It'll calm my nerves.

- Good idea! See you later.
- Bye.


how about that hot chocolate
and pastry?

You're staring at me the whole time.

I find you pretty.

It's all a bit unusual, isn't it?

Yes, it is. It's true.

I don't care anymore.


About Susanne firing me.

I've broken up with Palle, too.

Mr. Palle?
Is he your fiancé?

Fiancé? Palle?

I see.

It's like I said.

It's all a bit unusual.

- You know what I'd like most of all?
- What?

I'd like to ride on a roller coaster!
Right now!

Well, that can be arranged.

- Can you arrange anything?
- Oh, yes.

I'm a great magician.

Haven't you noticed?

We have an even better ride.

We must try it!

It's called The Whirlwind.

The cars spin round and round.

And it goes up and down.

Do you understand?

How tempting!
We must try that one.

Let's conclude our tour
with The Horror Express.

- Oh, yes!
- It's a real thriller.


I must have slipped.

Most unpleasant.

Please forgive me.
This is ridiculous. I'll just...

- Shall I help you?
- No, thank you very much.

I'm perfectly capable.

I must have tripped
or slipped on something.

I don't know what.

Mrs. Helsing.

Ah, yes, the good Mrs. Helsing
has finished for today.

Would the young lady
help clean my hand?

I fear there's dirt in the wound.

- The first-aid kit is in the kitchen.
- Oh, dear!

My name is Doris.

Can't you call me Doris?

"Young lady" and "little miss"
sound so silly.

My name is Erik Otto Adalbert
Karl Henrik Kristoffer.

Take your pick.


I'd rather you didn't.

- Otto.
- Fine.

No one has called me Otto since I was 10
and had a French nanny.

Otto was the only one
she could pronounce.

What a fine bandage!

I feel like a hero
home from the war.

Mrs. Arén came through.
It's 3:00. The gown is here.

Just a moment.

Here you are, Doris. Your gown.

- Thank you. I must go now.
- Yes, now Doris must go.

Well, good-bye, and thanks so much.

Good-bye, little Doris.
Perhaps we'll meet again.

We could go to a concert together.

I'm not hot on concerts.

We could go to the cinema.
I haven't been since 1918.

Maybe we could.

- Shall I call for a taxi?
- No, thanks. I'll walk. It's not far.

It's sad having to part so soon.

- Don't you agree, Uncle Otto?
- Yes, "Uncle Otto" agrees.

We talk like we're the same age.

You think so, do you?

Perhaps you think I'm an idiot.

Shall we have a glass of champagne?

In the middle of the day?

That's crazy.

In my youth,
one had champagne for breakfast!

Okay. But in that case,
I'll wear my lovely gown.

A splendid idea.
You can change in there.

Right in there.

- Who's the beautiful girl?
- My wife.

- Is she dead?
- In a mental hospital for 23 years.

Since she gave birth.

She thought her baby girl
had a wolf's head.

- That daughter's your only child?
- Yes, my only child.

- Does she live here?
- Very seldom.

Do I ask too many questions?

I'm answering, aren't I?



What's wrong?
Are you sad?

You shouldn't be.

Look at Doris! She's happy!

Do you think I'm beautiful?

At times, I even think I'm quite pretty.

But I have a crooked tooth. Look.

There. That one's crooked, too.
Take a good look.

It doesn't really matter.

But I'll have that one capped.

But it's so expensive.

Would you pay for it?

Do you think I talk too much?

It's your fault,
for giving me champagne.

But I feel wonderful!

I feel fine, too. I'm not sad.

Hey, I know what we'll do!

We'll make a film!
You'll produce it and I'll star in it.

You'll state that as the condition,
of course.

Why not?

You have more money
than you know what to do with, right?

You can buy me a car.

A streamlined little sports car
that does 150 mph!

You know what else I'd like?

A house in the country.

A bungalow.

Can't you buy one?

How about some music?


You do understand I'm only joking,
don't you, Otto dear?

Are you completely sure
you understand?

I don't want anything from you.

I think you're so sweet.

That is, you're quite ugly,

but so ugly that you're sweet.

Don't you understand that
you shouldn't be giving me things,

'cause we'll never meet again.

And you'll only regret it tomorrow.

Are these your glasses?

Wow, they're strong!


Do you think Doris is drunk, Otto?

What if she is?

I don't feel drunk.

I can walk a tightrope
on the edge of the carpet.




I'm not drunk, the carpet's crooked.

That's confusing, I can tell you.

Join me on the bearskin here!

Come on, I want you to.

Don't be afraid of being silly.

Come on!

It's been a hard afternoon
for an old man.

I don't feel too well.


Wait, I'll give you a hand.

No, I don't need a nursemaid yet!

I went to see Mother.


We talked for five minutes,
then she started screaming.

It's odd having someone
think you have wolf fangs.

Don't you think?

- Dr. Bomark sends his regards.
- Thanks.

He asked why
you don't visit her anymore.

She feels neglected.

- I don't have the time.
- Of course, you're so busy.

And how are you otherwise?

- What do you want?
- What do I want? Worried?

- Do you want money?
- What else?

- You have your allowance.
- It's not enough.

No money.

I can't get the money
that's rightfully mine?

No, thank God.

- So you govern my property?
- You can say that if you like.

You leave me only one alternative.

To sue me? You wouldn't dare.

No lawyer would take on
such a shameful case.

I've already started proceedings.

Why do you hate me so, Marianne?
Can you tell me that?

For as long as I can remember,

there have been quarrels
over money in this house.

It's your special perversion.

You're so tight with money, it's sick.

I don't hate you.

You disgust me.
I find you ridiculous and repulsive.

It has occurred to me that maybe
your mother's hallucinations

aren't so preposterous after all.

The face of a wolf
lurks behind your beauty.

Inherited, I expect.

- But not from Mother.
- Quite right. You and I are alike.

We squabble and squabble
like two schoolkids, but get nowhere.

- How much?
- Nothing, I said!

If you don't give me money,
I'll pawn my gold box in there.

- It's not yours. Don't go in there.
- It's mine.

Grandma gave it to me on my birthday
as you so often try to forget.

I'll sign a check.
I'll give you the money.

If you'd just calm down.

Why do you look so scared?

You've gone quite white.

Not having a stroke, I hope?

No, you're out of luck.

Here. You're welcome.

I hope I don't see you for a while.

Thank you, Father dear.

I'll take that gold box anyway.

Father has a little hobby.

A nice little whore.

In an evening gown from Arén's,
price: 1,000.

And hand-sewn shoes, price: 300.

A pearl necklace,
shall we say: 18,000.

Grandmother's, Mother's
and my bracelet: priceless,

but appraised at 12,000.

How do you do, miss?
My name's Marianne.

May I have my bracelet back?

Give it to me,
or I'll call the police.

Do as she says.

Couldn't you find something
that looked a little bit cheaper,

or was a little bit cheaper,

in every sense of the word?

Lust overcame tightness this time.
It's a laughable sight.

You want a punch in the face?

I know how to handle
the likes of you!

Good-bye, I'm leaving.

Thanks for a nice afternoon.

You've been kind to me.

Get out.


Go, I said.

The gown and necklace are in there.

The shoes, too.

Hello, Henrik. Come in.

Hello. Thank you.

- Hello, Henrik.
- Hi, Susanne.

Good to see you one more time.

I hope you're well.

I'm fine, thanks.

- And you?
- I'm all right, thank you.

- You look tired.
- Just a damn meeting I had all day.

That's all, really.

Otherwise, I'm fine.


How about some tea and a sandwich?

No, thank you.

- Won't you sit down?
- Sure.

May I sit here?
Or is that your favorite chair?

Where will you sit?

Okay, I'll sit here and you there.

Is that okay?

- It's been a long time.
- Yes, rather.

- Seven months.
- That's correct.

We briefly met in Hamburg.
You got there just as I was leaving.

Do you travel much these days?

No, not much.

- Would you like a cigarette?
- No, thanks.

I feel tired and worn.

I'll probably be bankrupt
within six months.

Poor Henrik.

Money never meant much to me.

But I'm feeling old.

I have no desire, no energy
to start all over again.

I really long for
a little peace and quiet.

I understand.

I'm like a hamster on the wheel.

Everything is only as meaningful
as the rotation of the wheel.

If you want to go,
don't let me stop you.

I shouldn't have made you come.

My dear Susanne...

Yes, it was foolish of me.

I'm not the same Henrik you once loved.

As you probably notice.

I'm not the same, either.


You're even more beautiful.

Sweet of you to say so.

I mean it.

If only I could take you in my hands

and carry you around in my pocket.

Yes, if only you could.

Has it been difficult for you?

Yes, it's been hell.

I've tried to forget you,
to hate you.

I've tried everything...

to get you out of my system.

With no success.

I'm completely helpless.

Us meeting won't improve things.


Are you leaving now?

Yes, I'm leaving.

Good-bye, Henrik.

We shouldn't see each other again.

It just becomes complicated.

We couldn't cope with it.

One mustn't lose face.

You're right.
Saving face is important.

At times as I fell asleep,
you were so near I could reach out...

I could almost feel
your breath on my cheek.

When I woke and you weren't there,

I'd have searched all over for you.

I didn't think I could live
a minute longer...

without having you close.

But you go on living,

hour after hour, day after day.

You even laugh sometimes.

Sometimes I even forget you.

That's the saddest bit.

That there are moments
when you don't exist.

If only we had a child together.

You know what I want?

No, I don't.

Well, yes, I do.

To say to your wife,

"Can't I just borrow him
a few weeks a year?

I'll make do with that.

You'll get him back unharmed."

You should, you know.

It's awful how humble I've become.

I'm almost on my knees begging.


But you're mine anyway.

I'm nothing, Susanne.

A used-up article of consumption
ready to be thrown in the trash.

Nonetheless, you're mine.

A child needs his worn-out
old teddy to get to sleep.

His love for it defies explanation.

I'm your old teddy bear, aren't I?

- Couldn't we have a child?
- It would be terrible.

- And completely senseless.
- Not for me.

My kids are mine.

I want to live with them
and watch them grow up.

I don't want some poor little kid
I can't even reach.

Your hand's so warm and dry.

I've longed for your hand.

Will you regret this afternoon?
Answer honestly.

I'll both regret and cherish it.

I don't want you to regret it.

Think if I could do magic.

Sometimes I wish I were a witch.

- A funny wish.
- It's not funny.

I wish your wife dead.

Your wife and your children.

I want it so badly it scares me.

Do you hate me for that?

I don't understand you.

I'm almost sick with hatred!

Let's kiss instead of talking
about such horrid things.

I'm going to Oslo on the 20th.
Can you come?

I'll be there five days.

I can't, but I'll be there.

I'm so happy. How I'll long for it!

Do you really want to meet me?

I wouldn't suggest it otherwise.

God, I'm so happy I could cry!

I'm sorry.

Every afternoon and night together.

Swimming, concerts, the cinema.

We'll have so much time together.

Just imagine, Susanne, five days...

Yes, a fortune.

- I'll book us some nice weather.
- It can rain for all I care.

- Your lip's bleeding.
- You did that!

Your cheeks are downy.

Oh, you broke your fingernail.

The finger of a child
on a man's hand.

- Sorry, no answer.
- Let it ring.

I don't think anyone's there.

The key is gone.


There's a lady here to see you.

How do you do, I'm Marta Lobelius.
I'd like to talk to you.

Both of you.


Tell me, what's the time?


Thank you.

- Where is room 18?
- Third door on the left.

Thank you.

- Good day.
- Good day.

- I thought I should talk to you.
- How did you know...

My dear, I saw you this morning
outside the house.

I was going to come talk with you,

but I had the kids with me.

Still, I knew you always stay here.

- Was it you who called earlier?
- Of course.

I wanted to make sure you were in.

- So are you going to Oslo together?
- We're going to Oslo?

Yes, we plan to.

Henrik asked me to come to Oslo.
We'll be there for five days.

We were discussing it
when you called.

And you think he's happy
about what you've decided?


He's not, I assure you.

He's in torment.

And tomorrow he'll be worse.

- You're certain?
- I know him.

- And I don't?
- I don't think so.

But I love him.

I don't doubt that at all.

You had a wonderful year together.

You've given him a lot.

Can we bring an end
to this embarrassing discussion?

- I feel pretty silly.
- You do?

As was your intention, Marta.

The tortured becomes the torturer.
It's only natural.

- Tell me something.
- You can always ask.

- Have you considered the future?
- It's all gone to hell anyway.

Whatever happens,
don't become desperate.

One must always keep a cool head.

- That's your strength, Marta.
- Our mutual strength, Henrik.

Don't look at me that way.

If he'd really loved you,

he'd have left me
and all we have together.

Don't you think?

- I was the one who broke it off.
- Sure.

You broke it off and said,
"Either I'll have it all or nothing.

No compromises for me."

So what?

You're prepared to compromise now.

You miscalculated that time.

You thought he loved you enough
to leave everything and live with you.

But he stayed with me.

Not because he loves me,

but because he's tired.

He can't start over.

He's too tied to everything
we own together.

Don't you see that?

Being with you means life,
strong emotions

and all kinds of demands.

And remorse.

He can't help being filled with remorse,
poor Henrik.

Life together with me

means peace, serenity
and good sleep.

And life with the children.

You know children
are the strongest factor.

That's why you want a child by Henrik.

Yes, you want a child
to have a hold on him,

or as a memento of a lost love.

- Do you think I'm cruel?
- It's not true.

We women romanticize our motives.
You're no exception.

- Can't you leave now?
- Certainly.

One more thing.

Henrik is bankrupt, yes.

But I have independent means.

We'll go on living as we have.

In the same comfort, no worries.

To women, material well-being
isn't that important, as we both know.

But it's vital to a man.

I understand.

I feel so sorry for you.

Don't you believe me?

Well, you don't have to.

It's all over.

What do you mean by that?

To me, everything is over.

Even the jealousy.

Isn't it strange?

Before you and Henrik met,

I was terribly jealous.

I made Henrik suffer a lot for it.

I was so afraid of losing him.

Then I lost him.

That burnt out my jealousy.

It's as simple as that.

I'm leaving now.

But why hate me so?


I've only told you things
you already know.

You just didn't want to face them.

You must go now, Henrik.

I'm so terribly ashamed.

But why?

I feel naked.

Why do people lie so much?
Can you tell me that?

You must go now, Henrik.

We won't see each other again.


God, I've been stupid.

So incredibly,


terribly stupid!



Come in.

Oh, my love...

You came back.

I forgot my briefcase.

Forgive me.

Lovely evening.

Splendid evening.

May I come in?

Not now, Doris.

Just for a minute.

I broke up with Palle.

It's been such an awful day.

Absolutely incredible.

Like a nightmare.

People are so horribly cruel
to one another.

I said I was coming here with you.
Palle didn't want me to.

So we started to quarrel
and he went away.

Then you fired me.

I've got nothing to live for!
I might as well die!

Listen, little one.
Sit up and we'll talk.

Blow your nose and dry your eyes.
Here's a hankie.


Being a working woman isn't easy.

Balancing a private life and a job.

What a problem.

Haven't you noticed?

No, I don't think so.

Palle is so sweet!

Listen, Doris.

We'll return to Stockholm tonight

and go on as if nothing's happened.

But what about Palle?

I'll handle Palle.

Let's have a drink
and a bite to eat.

We could use that,
two working women like us!

I hope your trip to Göteborg
gave you good results.

- You could say that.
- Fresh ideas and great pictures?

- It rained, so we had to cancel.
- Oh, that's too bad.

I hope the trip itself was nice,

as a break from the daily grind.

Moisten your lips, Doris.

And try not to look so stupid.

Letter for Susanne.

And a visitor for Doris.

- May I? Two minutes?
- Be quick, then.



- I have a hangover.
- So I see.

- You wanted to see me.
- I did?

According to Susanne, anyway.

A misunderstanding.

How are you?


You already said that.

Well, if that was all... Bye.


- Bye.
- Bye.

- Palle!
- Yes?

You're wonderful, I love you so.

Congratulations on your exam!

You're smearing me with lipstick.

I'm so fond of you.

I was so lonely without you.

We'll never fight again.

How sweet of you to come.

I'll be sweet, too...

my darling.

"Dear Susanne, What a ridiculous
and uncomfortable evening.

My wife's tactlessness
and my inability to act

must have left an awful impression.

But I suggest we still go to Oslo..."

Not a demand note, I hope!

Just another begging letter.

Well, charity must stop somewhere.

Especially with today's taxes!

- One has to say no at some point.
- Exactly!

Isn't everything just wonderful?

Hurry up now!