Dream Moms (2023) - full transcript

Two moms whose Broadway dreams got deferred, enter a TV talent show competition together and learn that it's never too late to become what or who you want to be.

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I hear they're not even hiring anyone new

for this Broadway show.


Hey, you keep up with that noise,

and you're fired, okay?

What are you doin'?

All right, show us what you've got.

* Curtains up *

* Chin up, buttercup *

* Can't you hear the knocking
of an opportunity? *

* Don't you know
that's it's on with the show? *

* If don't let it bring you to your knees *

* Pay no attention *

* To what the newspapers say *

* If you've got good intentions *

* It's all workin' out anyway *

* It's written in our DNA *

* You just gotta believe *

* That if you want to be a shootin' star *

* You just dream that dream *

* Ooh *

* Dream that dream! *

Thank you. Next.

- I'm next!
- I'm next!

- I'm next!
- No, I'm next.

I'm nex-No, I'm next!

Hey, no, 'm as.

- Hey!
- It's my console.

Hey, hey, hey.
It's my console,

just like everything else in this house.

We know, we know.

We only borrow everything till we're 18.

Besides, you have to wait
until after school

to destroy your brain cells.


Hey. Did you even feed Quinn?

Come on, Phillip!

- Coming.
- Hey.

Oh, hey.
Sorry I'm late.

Oh, well, you know the old saying,

one person's "late"

is another person's...
"right on time."

Uh, hey, Phillip.
How's it going?

My mom forgot my dentist appointment.

I definitely did not.

Oh, do you need help?

Can I... do you want me
to take him?

I'm not teaching till 1:00.

I was onna be grading papers

at the diner down the block.


You'd be helping me out, actually.

No, it's okay.

Why is this the...
escape room of dog leashes?

Seriously, Claire.
Let me help.


Okay. You know what?

Yeah, that would actually be great.

Do you know where the spare key is?

Yeah, on the... under the...

Yeah, back there. Thanks!

Thank you!

Got it. Not a problem.

- Mom?
- Mm?

Did you remember to schedule
my fitting for...

Before school? I know.

Okay, 'cause I have that new workshop

with the new instructor...

After school. I know.

Sorry, Mom.

It's just the spring showcase
is right around the corner...

And this is the most important time

of your life.

It's crazy that I've worked so hard

for this long, and it...

And it all comes down to one performance.

Believe me... I know.

Ah, yes.

No, I appreciate you putting me
as lead on my case.

Yeah, it was clear they needed some...

how do I say, uh, guidance?

Oh, yes.
Oh, that makes perfect sense.

Of course.


Uh... oh, I'm not sure
Friday will work.

My wife has this weekly...

No, no, no, no. I'll skip it.

On second thought, no,
Friday will be perfect.

This is it, babe.

Jameson would like

for you and I to join he and his wife

at Osteria Andretti Friday night.

Osteria Andretti?

That's not just a typical steak dinner.

No, that's partner prime rib.

Ah! Ho, ho!


You know who makes
an even better prime rib?

Well, of course...

but are you sure?

You want to impress them, right?

You're always saying

Jameson is always talking about
strong family values.

Why not invite 'em over for dinner?

But are you sure about Friday?

How loving are you gonna be

if you miss another choir rehearsal?

The church choir will understand.

We are about to be blessed
with two stars in the family...

one, my baby prima ballerina,

and my honey,

a partner

at Jameson, Sloss, and Keating.

No! No.

Jameson, Sloss, Keating...

and Smith!


* I need the touch of a humankind *

* Lay your head on my shoulder *

* Well, I've been looking
for peace in my mind *

We are a fashion house.

You can't come to work lookin' like that.

You're tracking water
all through the warehouse.

That's couture.

Okay, look.

Um, look, the, uh, accounting firm,

they need those, um...
expenses you were reviewing.

Yes. I am on track
to have it delivered

by the deadline.

Well, they need this
by 11 a.m.,

but all the delivery services are backed up

because of the rain.

You want me to transport this...

to Brooklyn?



* Well, I've been looking
for peace in my mind *

Safe travels.

This doesn't make sense.

Am I in the wrong place?

Where is 5J?

* Right, now, are you ready?
Are you ready? *

* Whoa, oh, oh, oh Whoa, oh, oh, oh *

* Let's get this started *

* Right now *

* Are you ready?
Are you ready? *

* Whoa, oh, oh, oh Whoa, oh, oh, oh *

* Let's get this started *


And who are you, Miss Looky-Loo?

Oh, nobody.
I'm looking for suite 5J.

It's an accounting firm.
Maybe you can help me.

Well, all right, Nobody.

I think you can tell
this is not an accounting firm.

I need you

to bop that little body
back down to the lobby

and tell Curtis to start doing his job

and stop letting everybody up in here...

...or you could
bop on into this class.

The schedule's posted on the door.

At least, that's the schedule
for the next three months.

If business doesn't go up,
I'm likely shutting down.

But until then,
you're welcome to come back...

with a credit card.

See you next time.
All right.

Whoo! Here we go!

Let me see that again.

And a-five, six, seven, eight,

and one, two, three,

four, five and a-six, and seven, eight...

* Let's get this started *

* Right now *

Two minutes.

Wallford application...

Oh, here it is.

Get everything delivered?


Oh, personal business on company time?

I have two minutes
to submit Paul's application.

So I see.


Oh, posh!

No. No.

Yeah, well, not only was it not good,

it was questionably legal.

But Mark caught it!

And he called the other side out on it.

The judge agreed.

He single-handedly saved the case.

Well, not single-handedly.

Don't be modest, Smith.

You're doing good work.

We all see that.

Thank you.

And thank you both for coming.

I want to say a special thanks to Danielle,

who did single-handedly prepare this meal.

Danielle, this meal is perfection.


I hate that I'll be repaying
your hospitality

by keeping Mark at the office even more.

We support Mark's work 100 percent.

Everything he and the firm
have done for the community...

really valuable.


A man of Mark's values...
very valuable to the firm.

* Some days I don't know your face *

* Running out of things to say *

* You must be crazy to think I'd stay *

* For one more day *

Have you eaten your breakfast yet?

What are you doing, missy?

It's just a stupid TikTok dance challenge.

If your instructor saw you...

I don't know what my instructors want.

I pick up the choreography flawlessly.

I dance with clean lines,

complete extensions,

but I dance without the soul,
Boris keeps saying.

They want me to be
exactly like every other dancer,

perfectly in sync,

yet they want me to be unique!

Believe me, baby...

the Metropolitan School of Ballet

wants precision,

not unique.

Unique is overrated.


I have been there, done that,

and I have a drawer full of
unpublished music to prove it,

but you...

my perfect little ballerina,

you stay focused

and keep your eye on the prize.


You want coffee?

I'll take it to go.

I-I know it's Saturday, but...

I get it.

Handle your business.

Let me make it up to you.

How about I take you
on a special date night,

uh, Thursday?

Sandra's got aquatic therapy for her knee.

Ah, that's right.

How about next Saturday?

I'm helping RJ with his fundraiser.

Your brother's dance studio's
not gonna make or break

over some $9 rib tips

or peach cobbler

at a cookout fundraiser.

Don't knock my peach cobbler!

We could really use a date night, Dani.

I haven't had your peach cobbler
in quite a while.

Well, it's hard for you
to enjoy my peach cobbler

when you're always working
until almost midnight.

Oh, touché.

Don't "touché" me
when you have to go to work.


All right. Rain check?

Hey, what about Friday?

I mean, I know you have choir rehearsal,

but maybe after.

No. No more choir rehearsal
for now.

I lost my solo.


Because I haven't been able
to make enough practices.

Bye, Mom.
Bye, Dad.

What's she up to?

Something tells me no good.

Okay, come on.


- Oh, hey.
- Hi.

Thanks again for
taking Quinn the other day.

Oh, you're welcome.

Hey, what are you up to right now?

Uh, well, Paul has a study group,

and Phillip's down the street at Tracy's,

doing his science project.

Okay, so that's the boys,
but I was asking about you.


Occupational hazard.

So, I have an idea.

How about you get dressed...

not that you don't look great,

but, uh, get dressed,

and come out to breakfast with me.

I mean, you gotta eat, right?

My treat.

You don't need to treat me, Sam.

I'm inviting you out.


meet you back here at 10:00?

Is that enough time?

I'm really sorry, I'd love to,

but I just remembered
I have to be somewhere at 10:00.

Um, can I take a rain check?

Sure. No, yeah. Of course.



Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Sandra, does your mother know you're here?

All right!

Let me see it.
Here we go.

And a-five, six, seven, eight, and...

* Let's get this started *

* Right now *

* Are you ready, are you ready *

* Whoa, oh, oh, oh Whoa, oh, oh, oh *

* Let's get this started *

* Right now *

* Are you ready, are you ready *

* Whoa, oh, oh, oh *

* Let's get this started *

All right, freestyle!

* Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-dum-dum *

* Whoa, oh, whoa-oh-oh *

* Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-dum-dum *

* Whoa, oh, whoa-oh-oh *

* Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-dum-dum *

* Whoa, oh, whoa-oh-oh *

* Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-dum-dum *

* Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh *

* Let's get this started *

* Right now * Sorry.

* Are you ready, are you ready *

* Whoa, oh, oh, oh... *


What is this person doing?

RJ? Make this stop!

* Are you ready, are you ready *

Okay, you wanna come at me?

You're gonna have to come
a lot harder than that!


I came for...

I came for my daughter...
not for whatever this is.

Take five.


Yes, child.
I texted your mother.


You know the school vehemently
forbids outside dance classes...

especially in this style.

I'm just trying to find some of the soul

my new instructor insists I don't have.

Sandra, believe me,

this is not the soul
Boris was talking about.

No offense, RJ.

None taken.

Sorry, so you're not a dancer?

Oh, don't let her fool you.

Dani can dance, but she's really a singer.

But you, little miss,

you were holding out on me.

This isn't hobby-level dancing.

You've been a professional?
Any Broadway?

Plenty of talented performers
never made it to Broadway.

Right, Dani?

But that doesn't
have to mean it's too late.

What are you up to, RJ?

"Take Two."

A new competition show...

a spinoff of "America's Next Superstar,"

but all the acts are duos.

No. No.

One class does not mean I'm a professional.

I watch those shows, and I am not that.

You have that in you,

and what's missing I can get out of you.

So you'd be my partner?

Not exactly.


Oh, no.



Dani, this show isn't
just about the performers.

They send a camera crew
to record rehearsals

and really dig into the process.

It would be

a chance for people to see me
do my magic as a choreographer.

This kind of exposure
could be a game-changer.

You have all these young
professional dancers

to choose from.

Just like every other number.

I want to present a duo
that will stand out,

something unique.

Unique is overrated!

Imagine it, Danielle.

Two old... I mean...

former performers

getting a second take on Take Two.

The show will eat it up.

Okay, so what's in it for me?

Besides, of course,
the priceless embarrassment

of my children having to watch their mother

dance on live TV?

A $100,000 grand prize split three ways?


I'm in!

My mom... on TV?

No. No.

Uh... I'd be helping
your uncle to get on TV.

That's different.

Then you'll help me?

I didn't say that! No.

There's a lot going on, RJ.

Mark's job...

Sandra's showcase in May.

You know I am always down
to help you out, but...

Then help me.

So here's the deal...

the acts who make it to the finals

will have docu-style film crews
sent to their hometowns,

so getting to that point is our main focus.

My sons are gonna be
so excited to be on TV.

What about your husband and Sandra?

I'm not too worried about Mark.

Is your partner okay with being filmed?


he's on Broadway...

in Los Angeles.

He was supposed to come back for us,

but I think he got stuck
in that infamous L.A. traffic...

10 years ago.

Props to you for doing that
on your own, Claire.

I can't imagine raising Sandra on my own.

You ladies need to find your power.

What do you want to say
with your performance?

"Give me a lot of cash

so I can pay for my son's

insanely expensive
private-school tuition."

If I'm honest...

...I always wanted
the chance to play Effie

in Dreamgirls.

Sing... and act.

We both dreamed of being on Broadway.

Your dream role is Dreamgirls.

We're the Dream Moms.

I don't hate it.

All right.

All right, Dream Moms.

You've got a name.

Now... you need a routine.

I want you both to come
to our next rehearsal

ready to exemplify this dream.

Um, do you want to go for a coffee,

and we can work this out?

I have to get home.

I have so many pointe-shoe ribbons to sew.


Well, we can always
talk about it at my house.


This is your house?


Why do you say it like that?

No, it's just...

I can't believe anybody lives here.

It's like a museum.

All the art, and it's so...

"So" what?



How do you manage it all?

Between my volunteer work,

networking events with my husband,

and keeping Sandra's schedule,

it's a lot!

I don't know how I'd get it done

if I didn't have any help.

I'm a single mom.
I am the help.

What are you saying, Claire?

Oh! No. No, no, no, no, no.
I didn't mean...

My husband and I both
came from humble beginnings.

We worked really hard to get here.

I know.

But remember what RJ said about us?

Where are you in your life?

I think we might need something

a little stronger than camomile

to have this conversation.

When I wanted to be a star,
life was just too messy.

There were auditions

and babysitting.

Mark was...

...starting to regain momentum
as a staff lawyer,

and the note was always...

..."unique voice."

"Unique" couldn't pay the bills.

So you hitched your star to theirs?

I like to think of it more

as a "wind beneath my wings" situation,

thank you very much.

You helped your husband advance his career.

I get it, believe me.

And then there was Sandra, and now RJ.

Everyone needs
a cheerleader in their corner.

I know that smile.

Every mom knows that smile.

Wouldn't it be

so great

if this show could get us
off of the sidelines

and back onto center stage?

All I know

is that I want to help my little brother

get some exposure.

What about you?

I need the cash.

And exposure's not gonna cut it.

We need to win for that.

Was that you, Mom?

Me a million years ago, yeah.

You look so... young.

I'm gonna choose
to not be offended by that.

Look at this one, Mom.

What were you,
some kind of street performer?


We would, um...

we would hang out at this cafe
in between rehearsals,

and without a doubt, someone would get up

and start dancing out of nowhere...

in the streets, yes,

but we weren't street performers.

We were...
- Crazy, looks like.

No, we were inspired.

What happened to you?

I'm gonna tell you

what happened to me today, smarty-pants.

I spoke to the admissions counselor

at the Wallford School.


I'm the reason that you didn't
get that scholarship,

and I want to make sure

that you're gonna go to that school.

What's that mean?

I spoke to her, mom to mom,

and she told me

that if you do a supplemental essay,

she will consider
giving it to the committee

as a late submission.

"What makes
a Wallford man?"

I don't know. What?

No, that's the essay topic.

If it's this complicated,

maybe this just isn't meant to be.

I didn't make it to Broadway...

but a school like Wallford...

...it can help you
get your dream.

Sandra, what...?

I know, Mom.
I know. It just...

No, no, no, no, no.

What is this song?

I love it!

Oh, it's "Bring It Back."


Come on, Mom.
It's super fine.

Oh! It is super fine!

Hey! Hey...


Show me what you were doing.

Okay, okay. So it's...

- 'Kay.

Okay. Gotta find that beat.

One, two, three, and four.

Uh-huh, I can do that.

- Okay, ready?
- Yeah.

One, two, three, and four.

- Hey!
- Hey!


Oh, eh, eh.

I love this beat. Boop!

Boop. Boop.

My shoe fell off!

* My patience ain't gonna last *

* No, no *

* So bring it back *

* Never want to be
the one you've forgotten *

* Because here I come *

* Only want to be the one you adore *

* I want you back *

* You and me Chemistry *

* Settin' fire to the dance floor *

* Yeah, yeah! *


No, it was good.

It was...

It was really... good.


Mm-hmm, but good ain't great,

and you two are gonna have to be great

if you want to make any kind

of serious impression with the judges.

Was it sharp?

Is it flat? I...

I don't understand.

Technically, perfection,

but inspirationally,

it was...

It was a little flat.

Okay, Claire.

Well, let's see where
you're at with the choreography.


* I got this feeling *

* It's so impossible to ignore *

* Or am I dreamin'? *

* This déjà vu gonna leave me *

* Wanting more and more and more *

* Imma gonna get a little personal *

* You're never gonna get
another chance, you know *

* Of taking it home *

* Yeah, can you feel it *

* It's getting clo... *

It was that bad, huh?

Not that bad, per se.

You need to build up your stamina.

Sing from your diaphragm.

Clean up your isolations.

Your kicks are high,
but they need some extending.

Your flicks are sharp,
but they have no narrative.

Your runs need more support, and more...

I don't know, flavor?

Just a few things to clean up
before the auditions.

"Just a few things"?
We only have a few weeks.

Just bottom-line it, RJ.

What really is the problem?


Check the lost and found,
because without it,

this ship has sunk before it even set sail.

Okay, let's... let's...
let's do it again.

Let's try it again.

Thrift shopping is my inspiration.

Well, we're both certainly
passionate about our kids.


You know, I read this magazine article once

about finding your passion after divorce.

Don't ask.

But it was all about
connecting to your senses.

Okay. Sounds promising.

There was a buffet
and a blindfold involved.

It's a start.

That looks like I'm gonna
get elected to the PTA.

This is cashmere!

It's expensive.

Okay, fine.

Okay, so when you're not
dressing for the PTA,

who are you dressing for?

Uh, warmer weather?
I don't get...

Is there someone special in your life?

No! No.

I have two special boys in my life,

and their names are Paul Jr.
and Phillip.

They are constantly vying for my attention,

so, no, there's no man,

if that's what you're getting at.

Well, I mean, there is.

Okay. A little tea.


Sam... is not a man.

He's my neighbor.

If you say so.

Look, we really got to start thinking about

wardrobe for our act.

You know, my boss says

"the first step to feeling good
is looking good."


Look at this!

That... is a look.

I thought you'd like it!

It's so elegant.

It looks like something you'd wear

waiting on a gentleman caller

called "Beauregard"
or "Langston."

I'm gonna get it.

Okay, Blanche. Get it!

What about you?

I just don't see anything

that sparks in me
as much joy as that robe...

Dressing gown.

...as that robe
is sparking in you.



Then you're gonna have to find
your spark somewhere else.

Well, okay, PTA!

Challenge accepted.



Would you come down here for a moment?

Uh, what is it, babe?

I gotta finish this brief by morning.


oh, the brief can wait!


Put this on me.

Yes, ma'am.


Whatever this is, I like it.

But, um, what are we doing?

Well, let's just, uh...

call it

date night.


Claire read an article about...


to your passion through the senses.

Oh. Okay, well, remind me
to thank this Claire.


you allow yourself to experience
all the other senses

in a more... heightened way.

Let's try it.

Let's go.
All right, here we go.

Here we go.



an orange.

Ooh, you're good!
You're good.

All right, all right,
let's try something else.



I know this one.

It's strawberry.

Mm. The best of the berries.

There's something stuck.

I think I got a strawberry seed stuck.

Right here.

L-let's try something else.

open your hands.


Ow! What was that?

A molten stone?

you could've fed that to me!

I mean, you said you wanted

to experience all your senses
in a more heightened way.

Not a third-degree burn.

I mean, what is all this, Dani?

I mean, the strawberries I get,
but a hot potato?

Okay, okay, okay, you got me.

This is not exactly a date night.

You know that thing I'm doing for RJ?

Oh, this is about RJ?

He says I need to regain my passion.

I mean... you've got passion.

I mean, passion for your family

and for...

your choir

and your philanthropic work,

but maybe the passion RJ's talking about

is something you may have
lost for yourself, and...

Oh, my goodness.
I'm agreeing with RJ.

Forget RJ.

No, you're agreeing with RJ.

No, no, no! I mean, we...

Don't you have a brief to work on?

The brief can wait, all right?


Fire! Mom? Fire!

Dinner's on fire!

Oh, my god.

Peanut butter and jelly?

Mom, I...
I think you're molting.


I'll get it.

Hey. I heard the smoke alarm.
What's happening?

Um, Sam... we're fine.

Do you need help?

No. Stay right there.

I do not need any help.
It's okay.

Uh, uh, are you wearing a...
is that a ball gown?

It's a dressing gown.
It's vintage.

Hey, you're bleeding.
Are you...?

Um, it's grape jelly.

I, um...

I'm doing an experiment.


You know, um, we really
don't need your help,

but I appreciate it.


Yeah, okay.

We are okay.

Are you sure you guys don't need anything?

Other than maybe
a psychological evaluation, no.

We really do appreciate your help, Sam.

Good night, Sam.

Good night... Claire.

Night, Sam!


What is that?

Either Quinn ate a pigeon,
or he's coughing up your dress.

It's a vintage dressing gown.

* Every day you gotta give it some more *

* We've been working out
down on the floor *

* Every day you gotta give it your all *

So sorry.

Phillip had a baseball game.

I'm doing my best.

What is this supposed to be?


Claire was right about you, Dani.

You do need to loosen up.

Hold on. I don't know
that I said that,

in so many words.

You want me to sing here?


It's okay.

Don't worry about it, Danielle.
Nobody's really watching.

Your job is to make them look.

This is silly!

I-I don't need to do this!

Well, you might be right.

If joggers

and bubble-blowing toddlers
can distract you,

imagine how you're gonna react

when you've got three cameras

in and out of your face
at the round-one audition.

This isn't my first time
on a big stage, RJ.

But it will be your first time on camera.


All right, let's do it.

And five, six, seven, eight...

* So bring it back *

* Never want to be
the one you've forgotten *

* 'Cause here I come *

* I only wanna be the one you adore *

* I want you back *

* You and me Chemistry *

* Setting fire to the dance floor *

* Yeah, yeah *

Hmm. Again.

Everybody, listen up!

If you can stay an extra 10,

it would help these mamas out.

If not, get gone.

Quickly, quickly.

We need eyes...
critical, brutally honest.

Tell it like it T-I- "is" eyes.

The Take Two round-one audition

is this weekend,

and these little mamas have
been playin' at this routine

when they need to be slayin'.

Come on, you two.

Cue music!

* I got this feeling *

* It's so impossible to ignore *

* Or am I dreaming? *

* This déjà vu gonna leave me wanting *

* More and more *

* And more *

* Imma gonna get a little personal *

* You're never gonna
get another chance, you know *

* Of taking it home *

* Yeah, can you feel it? *

* It's getting closer
and closer and closer *

* Than before *

* So bring it back *

* If you want to be a part of my future *

* 'Cause here I come *

* Or you're gonna be a part of my past *

* I want you back... *


* Ooh, ooh *

I'm okay.

I'm fine. I'm fine.


That doesn't sound okay.

She's okay.

Pigheaded, but okay.

I was trying to get them to watch.

You're trying too hard.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Danielle.
"Unique is overrated," right?

Your ankle sure seems to think so.

All right, all right, you two.

Keep to the routine, Claire, please.

Let's just get through to the next round.

Take a little bit of a wave.




Try it.

Oh, hey. You okay?

It's fine.
It's just a little strain.

Are you sure?

That looks like more than a strain.

You should... yeah, take a seat.
I'll go get you some ice.

There you go.

Did it erupt?

Uh, it kind of leaked a little bit.

It's pretty cool.
You can try again tomorrow.

Okay, I'll be up in a few.

I haven't danced like that since...

well, since I became a mom.

So I'm guessing that
"How was rehearsal?"

would be a dumb question.

Danielle is finally
starting to warm up to me,

and then this happened.

Well, warming up to you is not difficult.

Just relax and let people see you.

Danielle thinks that I'm a mess.

Why on Earth would she think that?

Ow! I'm kidding.

Honestly, you...

you amaze me

with everything you manage
to get done on your own,

and if this lady can't see that,

see how amazing you are, then she's...

...she's blind.


Um, are you gonna go, or...

Uh, no.

I was gonna get another...

ice pack...

unless, should I go?


No, um.

I think I should maybe
just put some pressure on it.

You sure?

You think that's a good ide...
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Sorry.
- That's okay.



I'm coming.

Good night, Claire.

Good night, Sam.

* Mm, mm, mm *

* Mm, mm *

* Born on the wrong side of the street *

* He laid it down to his own beat *

Uh... okay.
Who do we have next here?

Pardon me.

Claire Ryan?

That's me.

Hey, Claire. And your partner,
Danielle Smith?

Danielle! I'm here.

You're late.

I'm rubbing off on you.

Don't make me laugh.
I'm nervous!

Okay. Uh, Dream Moms.

That's us.

Hey, you're up.

Come on in.
No pressure.

* Yeah, and use my name *

* I got this feeling *

* It's so impossible to ignore *

* Or am I dreaming *

* This déjà vu Gonna leave me wanting *

* More and more and more *

* Imma gonna get a little personal *

* You're never gonna get
another chance, you know *

* Of taking it home *

* Yeah, can you feel it? *

* It's gettin' closer
and closer and closer *

* Than before *

* So bring it back *

* If you wanna be a part of my future *

* 'Cause here I come *

* Or you gonna be a part of my past *

* I want you back *

* Gotta be a better way *

* 'Cause my patience *

* Ain't gonna last *

* No, no *

* So bring it back *

* Never wanna be the one you've forgotten *

* 'Cause here I come *

* Only wanna be the one you adore *

* I want you back *

* You and me Chemistry *

* Setting fire to the dance floor *

* Yeah, yeah! *


Okay, everyone,
thank you for your patience,

your perseverance, your passion.

Unfortunately, for most of you,

this will be the end of your journey,

but please don't let that stop you.

You got to keep persevering, okay?

Out of the remaining contestants

still with us this evening,

we have three more finalists

that will make it to the final rounds.

So without further ado,

the three acts that will be
going through to the finals


...the Stringer Sisters!

Oh! The Delta Dolls!

And the final act is...

Dream Moms.

Congratulations, performers,

and we'll see you May 27th for the finals,

so please, rest well, rehearse a lot,

good night,

and good luck.

Take care.

Did he just say May 27th?


* Now are you getting enough *

* Now are you ready? *

* K-keep it, keep it movin' *

* 'Cause we just got started *

* Now are you getting enough *

* Now are you ready? *

* K-keep it, keep it movin' *

* Movin', movin', movin' *

* Fire it up *

* It's about to get crazy *

* Fire it up *


Claire, what are you doing
here alone at night?



I was wondering

if you guys wanted to come
for dinner tomorrow night.

Tomorrow's actually pretty light,

besides rehearsal.


You know, we've been working so hard,

I thought it'd be really nice
to take a night off.

I need to talk to you about something.


I've had a really hard time
with my boss today,

so why don't we just
take a night and have fun?


Let's chat tomorrow.


Paul, where's Phillip?

I want him to start chopping up the salad.

All I want to chop is this tie.

Do I have to wear this thing?

Phillip's insisting on tying his own tie.

He's been up there for, like, 20 minutes.

Okay, then you chop the salad.

Um, is that the chicken or the potatoes?

Uh, are those supposed
to be doing something?

Yeah, they're supposed
to have done something.

Here. Stick a fork in them,
see if they're ready.


love of my life...

did you turn the burner on when
I said to start the potatoes?

Y-you just told me
to put them on the stove.

We really need to get you into that school.

Very funny.

How's that essay going along, by the way?

Uh, a lot like the potatoes...

not done.

Very funny.

The chicken!


Turns out I didn't have any cornstarch,

but I had creamed corn,
and, uh... these guys.

Hi. Come on in.

Phillip, what are you doing?

Me and Quinn are searching for ingredients.

Okay, put that thing on properly.

Can you guys help me clean up, please?

Hi! What do you need from us?

What do you want us to do?

Well, don't worry about us.

You just, um, you just act naturally.

You know, pretend like we're not even here.

We just want to kind of
capture what you're doing

in your natural environment

and really just share it
with the world, okay?

So you're doing great.

You just go about your normal life.

Do you want to grab in there
for a two-shot?

Okay, whenever you're ready, though, guys.

Okay, I found the cornstarch.

Okay, so... just relax.

Um, don't try so hard.
You know, just be yourself.


Um, not too much.

All righty!

Okay, I need...
a half sweet onion,

fresh basil, stick of butter,

and heavy cream.

Okay, I have dried basil,

a can of crispy fried onions,

butter, and then,

there's at least two cans of
evaporated milk in the pantry.

I didn't have time

to get groceries because I was rehearsing.

It's perfect.

It's not perfect.
This is a disaster.

No, this is family.

This is what happens
when I don't try too hard.

Yeah, and it's beautiful...
just like you.

Aw, that was good.

That was good.
That was so, so, so, so good.

Can you do that line again?

The, um... so, "just like you"?

You said just,
"Perfect, just like you."

Yeah, try it, try it, try it.


Dinner is... served.

Mark, why don't you carve the chicken?


No, no, it's okay.

I'll go.

Here, let me do it.
Let me do it.

I got you.
I got you.

Uh, maybe it's this angle.

I had a...
- Oh, yes, yes.

Thank you.
You know, it is tricky.

It's... you've got to take it,
uh, just, uh...

Okay, okay, okay!
Look. Look, look, look.

I'm sorry.

The timer had gone off,
so it's a little overdone.

- Ah.
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, well, compared to how
she usually cooks it, it's...

it's a lot overdone.


It's true.

Omelets all around?

Sounds good!


What's going on with those two?


the great male equalizer.

Not those two.
Those two.

I know, right?

I have never seen him like that.

Does my son have game?

I don't think Sandra
has talked to a teenager

outside of ballet

since winter break.

I don't even know if Paul would need game

to get her attention.

Hey, she could do a lot worse.

No, no, no, no, no, no.
Paul, he's adorable.

Well, he's about to be a Wallford man.

Well, speaking of impressive men...


Sam the neighbor, not the man.

He certainly is the kind to...

make you stop by to borrow a cup of sugar,

if you know what I mean.

I do not know what
you're talking about, Danielle.

You can call me Dani.



you two did a good job at round one,

but "good" isn't gonna be
good enough to win this thing.

We've got to up the game.

How likely is that to happen, RJ?

I mean, really, what are the odds?

I can't say,

but the top three acts from the last season

of America's Next Superstar

all got recording deals,

and one is even starring

in the Broadway revival of Sweeney Todd.

The same thing could happen with Take Two.

But there's only one way
to get the cash prize,

and that's to win.

I have an idea.

I've been working on something.

It's not ready yet,
but I think it might be cute.

What is it?

I'm thinking... a look.

I'm working on costumes.

Claire, when do you have time to do that

with your job, the boys?

I can work on that!

Ladies, this is bigger than outfits.

You need a new routine.

A new routine?

In three weeks?

A song like this

perfectly captures where you two are

as moms, as performers.

I could sing that.

I think I've got it.


you're not quite getting it.

This duo just leveled up to a duet.

* 'Cause I'm gonna make you *

* I'm gonna make you feel so alive *

Orenstein, I swear, I...

Did you make all this with scraps?

Yes, I promise.

None of it belongs to you.


Well, this is...


I think you should add some trim,

but that's just me.

Well, come on!

You don't have all day
to dilly-dally around.

You know couture takes time, my dear.



Just, yeah...
where the trim goes.

Oh, right.

Baby, I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.

Look, I brought your favorite...

moo shu pork and blueberries.

It's okay, Mom.

I made him a grilled cheese.

It is not okay.

Thank you so much for being with him.

Phillip, you can watch some TV.

Two episodes.

You totally earned more TV time.

I don't get it, Mom.

I mean, you're late all the time now,

but to miss an entire game?

That's not okay.

I know.

You're right.
It's not okay.

I'm sorry.
I got caught up at work.

At work or at rehearsal?

I was at work...

working on my act.

See, Mom?
I knew it.

Th-this is so unfair.


Paul, I know I messed up,
but how is this unfair?

You're always telling me,

"Be a man of your word, Paul.

You have nothing
if you don't have integrity."

I said I messed up.

Why are you so upset?
This isn't your game.

You know what he said to me?

He asked if you missed his games,

you'd go to L.A. and get famous,
like Dad did.


you know I would never
put anything above you guys.

But tonight you kind of did, didn't you?

Mom... ugh!

I cannot get Boris to give me the nod.

The nod?

When you're doing it right
with that special savoir faire,

he does this thing with his head,

and you just know you're "in."

Ah... the nod.

Yes, the nod,

but with me, it's just shaking his head.

Wait, what are you doing?

Me? Nothing.

I mean...

...just this thing
your uncle has us doing.

Were you doing choreography?

You won't even let me
do Uncle RJ's choreography.

Do you even dance?

I had an entire performance
career before you, missy.

Yes! I can dance!

Okay, show me what you got.

What, now?

Yes, now.


Five, six, seven, eight.

Okay! Okay!
Get it, Aunt Viv.

Give me more. More...

- More?
- ...fierce.

Fierce. Fierce. Okay.

Hey, hey.

- Hey!
- Ho!


Not bad.

"Not bad," or "good"?

Let's just say

you and I are both gonna need
a little more practice

before we earn the Boris nod...

as long as he's nodding on showcase night.

Uh... about that, baby.


I know this showcase is important to you.


Only the performance

that will determine
the fate of my entire life.

Is everything okay?

No problem.

No problem at all.

Great job today, kiddo.

Thanks, Mom.

Okay, so I have rehearsal again tonight,

but your brother's gonna order food...

hopefully something healthy.

Oh, hey!

Slow down there.

How's it going?


Uh, say, Paul,

I was just gonna go, uh,

shoot some hoops.

Want a bit of one-on-one?

All right, yeah, sure. Whatever.

Okay. There you go.

Let's do it.

Thank you.


You should get mad more often.

Who said I was mad?

I thought it was pretty obvious...

that, and your mom might've mentioned

you guys kind of had a fight.

I can't believe she told you that.

Did she tell you she completely
missed Phillip's game?

Yeah. Yeah, she did.

She feels terrible.

I mean, she's trying her best.

Is she?

Because it seems like
she's hardly around lately.

Well, you know, your mom, she...

she dedicates her entire life to you kids.

She's just trying
to do something for herself.

You really gonna hold that against her?

I'm not trying to be a jerk.

well, you know, try harder.

I'm glad she's doing the show.

I-I want her to win.

I-I just don't want her to win for me.

Why not?

She's so set on me becoming a Wallford man.

What if I won't fit in?

Not possible.

What? That I won't fit in,
or I won't disappoint my mom?

Bit of both.

She wouldn't be trying so hard
to get you there otherwise.

That's just it.
She's... she's trying so hard.

It's a lot of pressure.

I-I don't know how kids
at these schools make it work.

Like Sandra.

She says when she first started,

everyone treated her like an outsider.

Now she's on her way
to a professional company,

and I can't even handle prep school.


Sandra's a hard worker.

But so are you.

You get that from your mom.


you like Sandra, huh?

Who said that?

I think you just did.

You should ask her out.

Really? Relationship advice
coming from you?


I know a lot about relationships.

Are you listening to yourself?

What are you talking about?


I'm a kid...

not an idiot.

I see the way you look at my mom.

She never lets anyone help her,

but that doesn't stop you from trying.

"Try harder."

Take your shot, man.

Relationship advice from a 16-year-old.

Well, look who's early!

Well, the early bird catches the worm,

and I need about a third of 100,000 worms.

You can have worms and...

...ah, wardrobe!

Isn't it fabulous?

That looks like it's a month's rent.

Oh, don't worry about it.

It's a gift...

for you,

for us.

I just wanted to take it off your plate.

What's with that look, Claire?

We were just talking
about new costumes, and...

Oh, you showed her the robes!

What robes?


I thought you meant
like "robes."

It's... an actual robe.

It's not just a robe.

It's a whole concept.

I put a lot of time and labor into these.

I was just trying to help.


What happened?

Oh, Jameson basically told me

that I've got partner in the bag!

Oh, baby!

I'm so proud of you!

When is it a done deal?

I'm not sure,

but I've invited him to Sandra's showcase

to kind of seal it up.

I mean, he's always talking
about how important it is

for the firm to be
a pillar of the community,

and nothing says "community support"

like a supportive family.

On the 27th, right?


What's wrong?

It is on the 27th, right?

I-I put it in my calendar like you told me.

Yeah, Sandra's showcase is on the 27th.

And so is mine.

Oh, Dani.

I didn't know what to tell you.


I didn't know what to tell Claire.

Well, that one's easy.

Tell her you're devoted to your family.

And what about her family?
She needs the money!

I mean, she'll figure it out.

I mean, and Paul's up
for a scholarship, right?

- Yeah, but I...
- Dani.

I said I...

I know. I...

I will take care of it.


I'll... I'll just go
put these in water.

Are we supposed to be here?

We're good.
I wanted to show you

this special place
my family used to come to.


Come on.

I thought this would be a good spot

to film your next TikTok video.

I... I could help with it.

Laying it on a little thick, huh?

I am trying to impress you.

I've actually never been here before.

Jumping a fence?

My mom would be mortified.

You know you're gonna be
a star one day, right?

Ah, so that's what
the starlit tour is all about...

my inevitable stardom?

The first step is my showcase.

How do you do it, Sandra?

Do what?

Keep the nerves from
making you just go A.W.O.L.?

I guess I care about it more

than I care what people think about me.

Except Boris.

I care what Boris thinks about me.

All right, let's see what you got.

I bet this video will get enough likes

to shut down any doubters...

especially Boris.


- Wait, are you all right?

Yeah. I just twisted my ankle.


You can't be here.

Just go. Run!

I'm not gonna leave you here.


You two just stay right here.


He did what?


Thank you for being there.

I'm gonna come now.
I'll be right there. Bye.

Oh, where do you think you're going?

Still lots of work to do.

Orenstein, I gotta go.

It's my kid.

Family first.

I get it.

All right.
Get out of here.

Thank you.

- Yeah.
- I really appreciate it.


Hey, uh, so he called me

because he was embarrassed to tell you,

so maybe go easy on him.

What is going on, Paul?

Mom, I-I can explain.

Sandra Yvette Smith!


Are you okay?
How's your foot?

It's just my toe, and it's fine.

It's not as bad as it looks.

It's actually really very sweet.

Save it!

Your father will have plenty
to say about this. Plenty!

And I'm gonna deal with you later.

These rehearsals are putting
a strain on our family.

Clearly, we have to put
our attention back on our kids.

Dani, come on!

Mom... Mom...


Come on.

Oh, how is

your half-caf low-fat Americano misto?

I know.
It's an embarrassing order,

but I kinda like that you know it.

I listen too.

This is a beautiful park.

I've never actually been here before.

Yeah, I used to come here with the kids

all the time when they were younger.

A lot of good memories here.

Now a bad one too.

I cannot believe Paul did that.

Maybe he's right. Maybe I...

Maybe I'm not being
present enough as a mom.

No, hey, listen.
You're a great mom.

I want to thank you for always being there.

I know I'm not always the best
at asking for help.

Oh, really?

Hadn't noticed.

No, look, I...
I get it. I do.

You've had to do everything on your own.

It's hard to allow yourself
to depend on anyone.

I just want you to know
that when you're ready to,

you can... depend on me.

Good to know.

Come on, Mom!
You're on.

Welcome toTake Two Recap and Tell-All

that will take us

to next week's final ofTake Two.


Kicking off the tell-all are two moms...

the elders of this
inauguralTake Two season,

who are looking at their second chance

to make their dreams come true...

the Dream Moms.

I've been on my own for over a decade now.

It's just been my sons and me

and my work, and nowTake Two,

and this is really my opportunity

at making two of my biggest
dreams come true...

my dream of putting my son through school

and becoming a professional dancer.

Is that where

the "dream" in "Dream Moms" come in?

Kind of.
Not exactly.

That really came from my partner, Danielle.

Danielle Smith...

a one-time off-Broadway performer

and backup singer

for Ray Gray and the Doo-Wops,

and a mother of a rising star
in the ballet world.

I had an entire performance
career before you, missy.

You must be really proud of your daughter.



Watch this.

She has a performance coming up.

I take it

you're very excited to see her perform?

Do you even dance?

Yes, I can dance!

Dinner is served.

And how was dinner at Clai?

Did you enjoy her cooking?

Will this mother's dreams

be threatened by her da's rising star?

Tune in next to find out.

I'm Brian Breacrest,

and we'll catch you
when we're looking at ya...

next week onTake Two.

I don't believe this.

Mom, this is awful and totally untrue.

Excuse me.

Hello. Claire?

Are you seeing this?

It's a lot.

It's a hatchet job!

They've taken everything out of context!

Look, I'm sure

they're just trying to get some ratings,

and the producers
will never see the wrap-up.

Do you want to know who might see it?

Someone at Sandra's school,

or the partners at Mark's job!

We look ridiculous.

Correction. I look ridiculous.

They made me out to be
some kind of villain.

I'm sorry, Claire,

but I can't go through with this.

Are you serious?

I obviously need

to just redirect my energy
back to where it belongs...

with my family.

Please, Dani.

Don't let some bogus little video

stop us from our chance.

It's not just the show.

Sandra's showcase is May 27th...

the same night as the Take Twotaping.

And you're just telling me this now.

I didn't know what to say!
I didn't know what to do.

And what about my child?

What about him?

You know what this prize money means to us.

Hopefully he can get that scholarship.


I should've given up hope a long time ago.

I know that this might be
some stupid pipe dream,

but this is my pipe dream.

I should have never, ever
relied on someone else.

I'm sorry, Claire.

I can't just not show up for my daughter.

Of course you can't,
but this isn't about Sandra.

This is about you not being
able to show up for yourself,

so why would I ever think
that you could show up for me?

Okay, we have leftover...

um, eggs.

I can make you an egg-salad sandwich.

We're good, Mom.

You sure?

Did you eat something?
Do you want anything?

Yeah, I-I do want something.

I want you to go to that competition.

- Hey.
- Hi, Sam.

What are you doing here?

Well, I'm here to help you guys
get ready for your show.

Okay, I think you all have amnesia.

No, Mom.

I think you're the one who's
forgotten what you always say...

"the show must..."

"Go on"?


So go on, do the show.


I really appreciate it,
but my partner left me.

I can't exactly do it alone.

You've had partners leave you before.

That's never stopped you.

If anything, it's made you stronger.

Come on, Phillip.
Let's get dressed.

It's very sweet.

It's a nice idea, but it's crazy.


What is this?

I think this is Paul's essay.

He'd probably kill me if I snooped.


I mean, if you read it,

then I technically didn't read it.


Yeah, I don't...

Read it. Come on, please?

Just read it!


"I don't know that I'm sure
of what makes a Wallford man,

but I know that a woman
made a man out of me."

"My mother works a very demanding job,

where she makes money and friends,

but now she's working
to make an old dream come true.

She never gives up...

on herself or on me.

You can say that about every parent...

but I know my mom would do anything

to make sure I had the best life possible,

and I owe it to her

to do anything
for that too."

He wrote that?


"When my mother is faced with a challenge,

she mans up like nobody I've ever seen,

and because of her,

I'm ready to face

the challenge of college preparation,

which is all about being curious,

taking risks,

learning who you really are,

and gaining the skill and confidence

to make your dreams a reality.

So to answer the thesis question,

"What makes a Wallford man?"

my answer is...
a mother."

I don't know what you said to Paul

on the basketball court...

but thank you.


Actually, he was the one
giving out the good advice.


- Yeah.
- Really?

And what was that?

He said it was time I took my shot.

Time! I gotta go.

Right. Yeah.

To be continued?


We'll be right behind you.



I'm ready.

You look beautiful.

I am so proud of you.

Thanks, Mom.

Of course, baby.

No, really.

Thanks, Mom...
for everything.

I know how much you sacrificed

for me to have the opportunities
that I have,

and I would never jeopardize that.

I know, baby.

I should have never gone out with Paul.

I get it.

No socializing, no injuries, no boys...

just dance.

Well, yes... but no.

Sandra, I want you to have a full life.

You gave up everything
that wasn't about me or Dad,

and I guess when I have a family someday,

I might have to do that too.

Right, Mom?

You almost ready?


I need a minute.


You okay?

You know I'm proud of you, right, Mark?

Of course.

Really proud of you.

I've been a team player, Mark.

I have kept my eye on the prize.

What you and Sandra wanted

became what I wanted, and...

what I really wanted for myself...

...I let that go.

I never wanted that for you

or for us.

It's not you.

It's on me.

Even this Take Twothing,

I started all of it

because I wanted to help my brother.

What I didn't realize is,

while I was focused
on making everyone else happy,

I forgot...

what makes me happy...

...what lights me up...

...what God has
blessed me to do...

our daughter is seeing that.

She's also seeing that her mother's

incredibly generous with her time

and devoted to her family.

She's also seeing

that her mother is not devoted to herself.

I've been teaching her an either/or life...

to have one is not to have the other.

I want both, Mark.

I've been to every recital, every show...

...but this time,

I gotta show up for me.

I want to be proud of me.

There's that peach cobbler.

You've come a long way.

I'm proud of you.

So proud, in fact,

I invited an old friend
to the show tonight.

He's casting a new show

and saw you on that ghastly
Take Twowrap-up show,

but then he called me.

Maybe something good

can come from that tabloid mess.



I need you to get Claire to the show.

A million steps ahead of you there.

She's already here.

Is that him?


The show is gonna
start soon... Bruce.

I'd hate to disappoint her
by telling her you're coming

unless you're sure.

She's been disappointed enough.

I know.

Well, you've got 20 minutes
till Claire's call.


I certainly hope you don't miss her, Bruce.

Hurry up, sir. Please?

Come on, Dani.

Keep the change.
Thank you.

Hey, PTA.

I'm sorry, Claire.

I shouldn't have given up on you.

You wouldn't be the first.

You can trust people to be there for you,

to help you.

We're moms, right?

What did you say?

"We arethe help."

You've had one foot out
since we started this thing.

You're right.

I have.

But this partnership we found,

I don't know how,

but through all the chaos,

we managed to create something special.

And I promise,

I'm not ready to give up on that.

I'm not ready to give up on me.

And you...
you help me to see that.

I was just scared
to want all of this again.

You think I'm not scared?

I'm terrified.


are we ready to do this thing?

Dream Mom, Dream Mom, Dream Mom.

Dream Mom.


Hi. It's "Dream Moms."

Dream Moms, right. Sorry.


We're ready for you.

You look great, by the way.

Come on.

* Time *

* Has a funny way *

* Of making memories *

* Just fade away *

* I've taken that bet *

* Ain't forgetting you yet *

* Because only you *

* Make me feel *

* This *

* Way *

* Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah *

* You caught us slaying
on a Saturday night *

* No way I'm playing *

* Got the moves
Gonna make you feel all right *

* Just get up fill your cup *

* We're making it last all night *

* Ooh, yeah *

* 'Cause that's just what we came for *

* We know what to do *

* We'll take it to the limit *

* If you want to come too *

* Gonna do it, gonna do it Right *

* Gonna do it so right for you *

* Yeah, yeah *

* Gonna do it gonna do it right *

* Gonna do it so right tonight *

* Gonna do it gonna do it *

* Right Gonna do it so right tonight *

* Gonna do it gonna do it right *

* Gonna do it so right tonight *

* Gonna do it gonna do it right *

* Gonna do it so right tonight *

And we're back

for the moment
we've all been waiting for...

to see who will be
the Next America's Superstar.

Will it be

the Stringer Sisters,

the Dream Moms,

or the Delta Dolls?

And this year's winners

of Take Two


...hoo, the suspense!

Here we go.

The Delta Dolls!

Wow! Congratulations.

Thank you for watching.

Tune in next season of Take Two.

And we're out.

Hey, we got to perform on Broadway.


the theater's on Broadway.

We're not on Broadway.

There's always next season.

Mom, you were so robbed!



Aunt Viv ain't got nothing on you.

I can't believe you made it!




I am so proud of you.

Thanks, Mom.

Oh, my goodness.

And we are proud of you.

What did Jameson say
about me not being there?

Ah, he said it was odd.

I'm sorry, Mark.

He said it was odd

that a mother wouldn't choose
to support her family,

and I said

it's odd that a family wouldn't
choose to support the mother.

Mm. Come here.

And this is for you, Mom.

I promise, I wasn't snooping.

Mom, I know you weren't snooping.

If you were snooping...
you would have seen this.

"After careful consideration,

the Scholarship Committee
of the Wallford School is..."

"...happy to extend..."

You got it?

Oh, I'm so proud of you!

That was amazing,

although it feels like
there's something missing.

If I recall,

you said something
about a "to be continued."

Well, okay, PTA!



This is Bruce.


"Bruce" is Bruce Tallin?

TheBruce Tallin?

It's great to meet you too.

I was so stoked to realize

my buddy RJ was working
with such a unique act.

You two would make

such a great addition
to my new Broadway show.

And, RJ, we've got to talk

about you choreographing for me again.

You did a great job with these two.


Well, I won't argue with facts.

Perfect timing!

- Okay!
- Here we go.

Well... here.

To the Dream Moms.

To Broadway.

To family.

To a unique act.

Guess it's not so overrated after all.