Dream Demon (1988) - full transcript

A young woman about to be married begins having terrifying dreams about demons. When she wakes, however, the demons are real and begin to commit gruesome murders.

I think you're gorgeous.

Thank you.

You must be very happy.


Diana Alice Markham,

do you take this man
to be your lawful wedded husband,

to have and to hold,
to love and to cherish,

in sickness and in health,

till death do you part?

I... I can't.

Diana, what are you saying?

I'm sorry, Oliver.

I can't marry you.

You can't mean it.

I can't explain right now.

I just can't.

Are you mad?

How can you do this to me
in front of my whole family?

And the Admiral.

I'm really very sorry.

Something's happened.

How dare you humiliate me like this?

You bastard.

Oh, yes!

Any comment on the honeymoon?

Oliver, darling.

- Thank God it's you.
- Hey, it's all right.

What's the matter?
What is all this?



I just had a rotten dream.

- I feel so silly.
- It's OK, I'm here.

It's all right.

And then I woke up
and you were there.

Oh, I'm sorry, Olly.
I don't know what's the matter with me.

Don't worry, darling.

Everyone has nightmares sometimes.

It's just that I don't seem
to have had a decent night's sleep

since I moved into the new house.

Not long now
and I'll be there to look after you.

Oh, I can't wait.

All I want is for the wedding to be over
and for us to be together.

Everything's going to be fine.

I love you.

Me too.

Ah, there you are.

- Reverend Webb.
- Oliver.

My fiancée, Diana Markham.

- Delighted to meet you.
- How do you do?

We're so proud that Oliver and you
have decided to get married here.

- It's a great honour for us.
- Thank you.

We're rather small
for a celebrity wedding, I'm afraid,

but I'm sure we shall cope.

I imagine we shall have
to be prepared

for an army of newsmen
and photographers

Yes, I'm afraid so.

We haven't had a minute's peace
since we announced the engagement.

Not to worry.

Actually, we're all rather excited.

It's not every clay that a Falklands hero
is married in this little church.

Well, shall we get on
with the rehearsal?

Here. Keep the change.

Hi. I'm Jenny Hoffman.
I've got a reservation here.


What about the Haverstocks?

- Are they coming?
- Of course they are.

It wouldn't be a wedding
without them.

Hello, Oliver.

How dare you!

You slut!


'Hello, Diana.'

- Oh, Oliver.
- 'I can't really hear you.

'It's me. I just got back.

'Are you OK? You sound funny.'

Er, I fell asleep
waiting for your call.

I was... I was dreaming.

'About me, I hope.'


But it was...

I was...

'Listen, Diana,
I can hardly hear you.

'I just want you to know
I'm back safe and sound.

'With a bit of luck
I'll be able to see you tomorrow.

'You take care, now.
Just keep dreaming about me.


How are you feeling?

Oh, I'm all right.
Just a little tired, that's all.

How are you sleeping?


Still having nightmares?


They're really beginning to worry me.

From what you've told me so far,

I'd say the dreams
are the least of your worries.

In fact, I think you should see them
as a healthy release.


I dreamt that Oliver raped me.

You're actually fine.

You're confronting
your subconscious fears

in a very natural, normal way.

Why should I be frightened of Oliver?

We love each other.

Maybe it's not the real Oliver
that scares you, hmm?

It's what he stands for
in your dreams.

He's a symbol.

For what?

Oh, I don't know.

I could hazard a guess, but...

I really think it's up to you
to work it out.

- Morning. Diana Markham?
- Yes.

Hello. My name's Paul Lawrence.
I'm from the Post & Echo.

- Do you have a minute?
- I'm going to be late for school.

- It won't take a moment.
- Child bride, eh? That's a classic angle.

What we'd like to do is a nice little
article on your impending nuptials.

I mean, you're marrying
a Falklands hero.

You'll appreciate
that's big news round here.

- Well, just quickly, then.
- Yeah? Great.

Sorry, this is Russell Peck,
our staff photographer.

Would you mind if he just rattled
a few shots off as we spoke'?

- I suppose not.
- I'm quite harmless.

Right, well, if I could start,
Miss Markham,

with how long you've worked
at this particular establishment?

- About a year.
- About a year? Right.

You're obviously very good
with children.

- Any kids planned?
- Hope so.

Any help needed?

Can we move onto Oliver,
your fiance?

I mean, must be quite exciting.

- You're about to be married to a guy who...
- murdered a lot of Argentinians.

That turn you on, does it, darling?

You've got a bloody nerve.

Nice one.

Stuck-up cow.
What's got up her knickers?

Not me, unfortunately.

Filthy animal.



- When you're ready.
- Right.


Oh, please, just leave me alone.

We just want to ask you
a couple of questions, usual thing.

How did he pop the question?

Where are you going
on your honeymoon?

Are there going to be
any royals at the do?

- Get away from me or I'll call the police.
- Come on, darling, do us a favour.

- We're only trying to do a job here.
- The public has a right to know.

Know what, precisely?

- Is he any good at it?
- Yeah, how big is his wanger?

- His what?
- His wanger,

his dong, his schlong, his plonker,

his mutton cutlass, his pork sword,
his beef bayonet.

I don't know what you're referring to.

You don't, eh?
Because you haven't done it before.

I bet you ten to one
she hasn't even seen it.

You're still a virgin, aren't you?

How dare you?

That's a denial, is it?

- We'll print that.
- Print that and I'll sue.

You'll sue because we say
you're a virgin?

Oh, beautiful.
"The deb who does it"!

You're disgusting.

Hey! Hey, come on,
leave her alone.

What do you think she is?
Dog meat?

Piss off, darling.
We're the press.

Oh, yeah?
Well, print this, dickhead.

Come on, quick, inside.

Oh, my ball sack.

Right, that's no comment.

Bloody muckrakers.
Why can't they leave me alone?


Oh, I'm sorry.

I've been terribly rude.
I'm Diana Markham.

- Oh, Jenny Hoffman.
- How do you do?


Would you like to come in
until the coast's clear?


I understand
they have a job to do,

but why they have to be
so beastly about it is beyond me.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

- Come in.
- Great.

- Would you like some tea?
- Wow, cool place.

- Actually, I think I need a drink.
- Oh, that would be great.

I've got some champagne
in the fridge. Will that do?


Hey, are you a celebrity
or something?

No, I'm completely ordinary.
Daddy has a few horses, that's all.

That's all?
Sounds pretty uptown to me.

It's not all roses, you know.

No, life's a bitch, huh?

Bollinger or Moét?


Uh, yeah, the French one.

Make yourself at home.

Oh, I see Hamish
has taken a liking to you.

Oh, yeah, it was love at first sight.

He's a little old for me,
but what the hell, huh?

Hamish belonged to my grandmother
and then my mother before me.

Hey, Hamish, you never said
you were a family man.

- There you are.
- Thanks.

Well, er, death
to the scumbag muckrakers, huh?


Who's the military dude, huh?


You mean Olly?

That's the dude
I'm going to marry.

Oh! Well, here's to you and the Captain.
I hope you both will be real happy.

Thank you.

So, er...

How long have you lived here?

About two weeks.

Who lived here before you?

I don't know.

You're not a reporter
as well, are you?

No, I'm just curious.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I really don't know. Daddy bought
the whole house as a wedding present.

Where are you from?



I don't know, it's so weird.


I think I'm from here.


- You mean London?
- No, no, I mean here.

I mean... this house.

I think.

You don't know?

Well, I thought coming here
I could pick up on some vibes.

Memories or just anything
a kid would remember.

I don't even know
what they look like, my mum and dad.

I just... can't remember.

Oh, Jesus.

I'm gonna... bleeding ram
that zoom lens right down her throat.


Nice photo. Interesting.

But you've got to get in there first.


Never underestimate
the power of the press.


I spend my whole life trying to figure out
Jenny Hoffman of Hollyweird,

which was hard enough for starters.

I can imagine.

And then Ernest and May tell me
they're not my real parents after all.

I suddenly realise
I got this whole other life,

that I'm somebody else.

I'm English.

Go on.

I must have blocked it out, though,
because I can't remember any of it.

It's like...

It's like that time belonged
to a different person.

To me, Ernest and May
were always my real mum and dad.

You know, I never knew any different.

- Do you know who your real parents were?
- No.

Only that they were English
and that they used to live in this house.

We could find out
where they moved.

That's easy.

No, this was
their last known address.

They, er, died here.

- Careful.
- What?

Those reporters are bound
to be somewhere.

Oh, come on.
Where I come from,

we wipe the sidewalks
with guys like that.

- I'll see you.
- See you tomorrow.




'Hello, messroom,
HMS Warlock.'

Yes, Flight Lieutenant Hall, please.

- 'One moment.'
- Thank you.

'No, I'm sorry.
He's not here today.'

But I know he's there.

'No, he's definitely not here today.
I'm sorry, ma'am.'

Look, get him to ring me, will you?

'Who shall I say called, Miss?'

Diana Markham.

'Diana Markham. OK, Miss.'

- Thank you.
- 'Goodbye.'


Anybody here?


Hello, dog meat.

What are you doing here?

That's my ring.

Give it back.

You want this back?


Well, um...

You're gonna, uh...

just have to...
give me what I want.




That's really, really something else.
Smashing. Hold that.


Ah, yes.

Oh, lovely, lovely.
Keep moving, darling.

Keep moving.
I love... I love action shots.

'Help me.

'Help me.


♪ Here comes the bride

♪ All fat and wide

♪ La, la, la-la... ♪

Help! No!

Oh, that's lovely.

Just hold that pose
for a second. Lovely.

Help me.

Not, er... Not quite working.

Lick your lips, darling.
Just lick your...

Lovely. OK.

- Right, let's try it again.
- Please.

Oh, yes.

Oh, no, that was really something.
That was really...

Let's try something else, shall we?
Try this, shall we?

OK, let's try this.

No! No!

Oh, that's...
No, that's very good.

That's really very good.

Oh, smashing.
That is something special.

Yes, really eerie.

Oh, my God.

My ring!

Wow, what an amazing dream.

It was much more real
than a normal dream.

I can remember it
as though it actually happened.

It was absolutely terrifying.

Oh, God, I wish
I had dreams like that.

I never dream,
not that I can remember anyway.

I guess even a spooky one
would be OK.

Not like this.

Even you wouldn't like this.

Jenny, I don't want to go.
What if he's down there, dead?

Diana, come on.
Are you awake?

- Yes.
- Are you dreaming?


All right, then. There's got to be
an explanation for it, OK?

Maybe you dropped the ring,
maybe you were sleepwalking,

but there's no way that fat creep
could have gotten down there.


- Right.
- OK, come on.

Diana, come on.

- The lights aren't working.
- There's another torch in the toolbox.

A what? You mean a flashlight.

A torch!

See, Diana?

It's just an ordinary basement.
All right? There are no headless stiffs.

Jenny, don't.

There are no decomposing werewolves.


Hell, there aren't even any rats.


Nothing. I just thought I saw...


What gives you the right
to break into my house?

- Yeah.
- I'm an investigative reporter.

The door was open
so... I'm investigating.

Yeah? Well,
this is private property.

- Oh.
- Diana, call the cops.

Yeah, that's a good idea, Diana.
Why don't you call the... cops?

Maybe I should call the cops, hm?

Mr Peck, my photographer,

his car's outside, but, uh...

he hasn't been seen
since yesterday.

So, where is he, hmm?

What makes you think I know?

Circumstantial evidence,
darling, that's what.

They're his.

So where's the rest of him? Hmm?

Hey, you got one minute
to get the hell out of here.

Yeah? Or what?

Or you're in deep shit, asshole.

- Deep shit?
- Yeah. Now go.

Never underestimate
the power of the press.

Things don't happen
because you dream them, do they?

Well, I dreamed
of marrying you, didn't I?


I mean, bad things.

I dreamt that photographer died
in the most horrible way

and now nobody's seen him.

Look, darling!

You're just exhausted.

It's the wedding,
the press bothering you.

Don't let it get on top of you.

- But Olly, I'm really scared.
- Listen, Diana,

in two weeks
we'll be on our honeymoon in Venice,

just the two of us.

Now, you dream about that.

Aw, you two are so romantic.

I say, would you mind awfully if I had
a few words with my fiancée in private?

No, no. Sorry.

I'm sorry.

- What a bizarre girl.
- She's actually very nice.

Yes, well...

Look, Diana, I'm afraid
my duty roster has been changed

and I'm going to have
to cancel our weekend.

Oliver, must you?
I've been counting on it.

No, I'm sorry,
but I do have a job to do.

- It's hard for me too, you know.
- I know that.

- But it's just...
- If you're worried about those dreams,

just take a pill or two,
go and see the doctor in the morning.

Look, I must dash.
I'm late already.

Goodbye, Jenny.
Have a safe journey home.

Home? I just got here.

You shouldn't be alone right now.

I'll be all right.

What about your mum and dad?

They're away in Portugal.

Well, friends, then. Why don't you
have one of them stay over?

They're all in the country,

weekend house parties,
that sort of thing, you know?

Go with them.

Come on,
take your mind off all of this.

I can't.

I've got so much to do
for the wedding.

And I can't go away
in case Olly needs me.

Well, somebody's got to stay with you.

Wait, I know just the person.

She's tall, she's got an incredible
sense of humour, a fabulous body...

Oh, Jenny, would you?

If you get some
of that funny French beer on ice

and send out for a pizza,

then you got yourself a house guest.

I'll go get some stuff from the hotel.

Oh, my God!


- Diana, what's wrong?
- Something strange just happened.

- What?
- In the house.

OK, come on. Show me.
Let's check it out.

Would you look at that?
You're giving the house nightmares now.

You're both cracking up.

But it was...

"Many women find
that at some stage in their lives

"they have dreams
which contain sexual fantasies

"of a violent or brutal nature."

You had one of those?

Stop it, this is serious.

I'm sorry, I'm being a jerk.
OK, go on.

"These stem
from a deep-rooted anxiety

"at the idea of sexual relations."

No, I cannot relate to this stuff at all.

Well, it means
that I'm frightened of marrying Oliver.

That's why I'm having
all these horrible dreams about him.

Why would it make any difference
after you've been married?

Well, after we're married,
we'll have...

Well, that is, we haven't...

- You know!
- You have never...

Wait, let me get this straight.
You have never done it before, ever?

Well, what's so strange about that?

No, I haven't done it with Oliver,
nor with anyone else for that matter.

- Why should I apologise?
- Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Oliver's the first man I've met
that I've really liked.

And even he scares me sometimes.

I couldn't wait
to see what it was like.


Well, uh, it was like
a bowl full of cherries, all right?

Some are fat and juicy,
some are small and shrivelled.

Some are the pits.


I don't know.

Sometimes I wish I waited
for Prince Charming.

There was a guy who came close, though.
His name was George.

He was a peach.

What happened?

Oh, I don't know.
It was years ago.

It doesn't matter.

- I tell you what, though...
- What?

I'm hungry.
Would you like a sandwich?

Yes, please.

And some coffee.





Diana, come on!

Diana, you up there?

Diana, you in there?

What the hell are you doing?

I told you never to come in here.

Mummy said I could.

Mummy isn't here anymore.

She's gone.

Can't you understand?

Leave me alone.
I'm not coming.

Oh, yes, you damn well are.

Get downstairs this minute!

I won't. I don't want to.

Oh, yes, you will.

I'm not coming.

Come on!

Come here at once!

Damn you!

You brat.

I've had enough
of your little games.

Come out and do
as you're damn well told.

Come on, sweetheart.
Game's over.

We must finish our present
for Mummy, mustn't we?

Mummy's little angel
must do as she's told.

She must be a good little girl,
mustn't she?

See what happens
to naughty little girls?

This isn't happening.

- This isn't real.
- No. No.

If I close my eyes,
you'll go away.



No, don't.


No, please!

I'm gonna get you.


Wake up.
Diana, come on, wake up.

Diana, please.

Diana, wake up, come on.
Come on, Diana.

Shit. Wake up.


I had a terrible, terrible nightmare.
He was right outside the door.

I know, I know, I know.
I was there.

- But that's not possible.
- I know, but...

If I hadn't woken you up,

what would have happened to me?

I don't have all the answers

but there's some kind of energy
being passed between you two.

This can happen
between women who are close.

Even their menstrual cycles
become synchronised.

Oh, come on,
I've only known her for two days.

You know, all this astral body shit
is for hippies.

- Jenny, please.
- No, come on.

I was awake.
I was conscious.

I drank almost no alcohol.

I had no drugs.
I was... I was rational.

I was totally straight.

But if I hadn't woken Diana up
when I did,

I wouldn't be standing here right now,
I'd be a fucking ghost.

Take a camera.

Go down into the basement again,
and you'll see it's just an ordinary basement.

As simple as that.

Well, it's worth a try.

I'm all set. Let's go.

It's just a basement.

- 'Help me.'
- Shit. What was that?

I don't know.

There's not supposed
to be anyone down here.

Right, then,
it was just our imagination.

Or else it was the neighbour's kid.

- The neighbour's kid?
- Yeah.



Take a picture.

- Jenny, take a picture!
- Sorry.

Well, it photographs.

There must be someone in there.

Stay back.

Just in case.

I can't believe this.

This is impossible.

This is my flat.

But it's not right.

Everything's backwards.

It's all the wrong way round,
like in a mirror.


There's no glass.


It's cold.

Can you see anything?


Nothing at all.

You're supposed to always be able to see
something in the dark, right? I mean...

There's no such thing
as total darkness, is there?

Is there?

- Can you see anything?
- Nothing.

I can't even see myself.
There are no reflections.

This whole place...

feels... feels like...

It feels like it's waiting.

Waiting for what?

I don't know.

Jesus Christ!

Give me the camera.
Give it to me.



- Listen.
- No, I'm out of here.

I don't care who I am or who I was.

It's all bullshit. I'm out of here.

You can't leave me now.
I might die or go totally insane.

We've got to find out what's happening,
why it's happening.

217, please.

Listen, stay away from the house.
It's that simple.

None of this was happening
until you showed up.

Oh, come on, Diana.

You were having weird dreams
before I showed up.

- It's the house.
- Somehow you're making this happen.

You just don't want to face it,
whatever it is.

Look, I can't help you.
I can't help me.

I can't help anybody
except by leaving.

You know, if it is me, you ought to be glad.
It'll stop when I go.

Listen, I don't want to die
or go totally insane either.

Jenny, I need your help.

'Reception. Can I help you?'

Yeah, I'd like to make
a flight reservation to LAX

as soon as possible, please.

'Certainly, madam. I'll make a reservation
and call you back.'

Yeah, I'll be here.

Well, they're calling back.

Do you mind if I wait with you?

You don't look so good.
Why don't you take a nap?

I'll just get my junk together.

I don't know if I should.

If you so much as twitch,
I'll wake you up.

Please, God, no dreams.

Room service.

- I didn't order anything.
- I've a salad for Room 217.

No, it's a mistake.
Take it back.

Well, could you sign for it, please?

Right, now, listen, calm down.
Let's not have that Rambo routine again.

Listen, I've been doing
some investigating.

- Come on, she's trying to sleep.
- Ah, the sleeping beauty.

- Have I got news for you, darling!
- Hey, come on, now.

She needs her rest, you know, she's...

OK, OK, well, why don't you and I
have a little chat, hmm?

Well, why don't you just leave?

Listen, please, can you?
Just for once.

- Please.
- What?

Her boyfriend,

Mr High Flier,

I've been checking up on him,
and he's in deep, deep financial shit.

He doesn't need a wife,
he needs a bank he can bonk.

Oh, my God, she's dreaming.
I got to wake her up.

Wait a minute, you just said...

No, if we don't wake her up,
somebody else is going to die.

So Peck is dead.

Diana, wake up!

Oh, my...

She's dreaming about me.

It's happening to me.

Diana, please.

Wake up, Diana, please!

This hurts. Please, Diana.

Wake her up, goddammit.

Diana, please.

Please wake up.

Diana, wake up!

Help me.

- Help me, please, Diana. Help me.
- Jenny?

Oh, my God, help me!



Oh, no.

Leave me alone.






Paul, old son.
I didn't know you came down here.

Victim of circumstance.

You know how it is.

Uh, would you care to join us?

Would you care to join us?

May I have the pleasure?

Mm, be my guest.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Diana, come on.


Diana, come on, wake up.

- Diana, come on, wake up.
- Jenny!

I thought I'd better wake you.
It looked like you were having a bad one.

You're still here.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I couldn't get a flight
till next week, but, uh...

I don't know,
why shouldn't I be all right?

I... l thought I...

Oh, nothing.

No, you've been dreaming again.

It's as if I never sleep.

Or as if I'm in a dream all the time.

Diana, don't. Come on.
I just woke you up. You were asleep.

I think I'm awake
and then I keep waking up.

Oh, this is crazy. You better call
that doctor friend of yours.

I don't think Deborah can help.

Jenny, if I'm really awake,
then don't let me go to sleep again,

not until we've worked this out,
promise me.

- But you got to sleep sometime.
- Please!

OK, OK, I promise.

But if I'm still asleep
and this is a dream,

then for God's sake wake me up.

Come on.

Oh, no.

We'll take the stairs.

Oh, no.

Diana, please open up.
I can't get out.

Come on.
Diana, please.

Come on, Diana, please.

Please, he's coming.
Open up. Come on!

Diana, please.






- Come on, don't be so stupid.
- Let go!

- You're coming downstairs. Come on!
- Help me!

- Help me!
- Come with me. Come on!

Let go! Let go of me!


Help me!


Help me!



Oh, my God!

- Hello?
- 'Hello, Diana.

'Sorry I haven't been able to ring.
How have you been?'

Oh, Oliver, I don't know
what's happening to me.

Where are you?
Can you come over right away?

Look, you're not having
more of those crazy dreams, are you?

'Yes. No.'

There's this little girl here.

I don't know if she's real or not.
I don't know if she's dead or not.

But she's got ice on her skin.
Try and find Dr Groom.

But most of all, come...
come quick.

Please, tell me
I'm not going out of my mind.



How is it possible?

I really saved you?


Thank you.

Hello, dog meat.

You look nice enough to eat.

It's a dream.

It's a dream!

It's a dream!


It's a dream!


- Diana!
- No!

No, get away, get away.

Diana, darling, are you all right?

- Oliver.
- Are you all right?

Oliver, Deborah.

Oh, thank God.

Where am I?

- Am I awake?
- Of course you are, darling.

What the hell happened?

There was a fire down there
and I got the little girl out.

This terrible cold.
It was freezing.

She had ice all over her.

She was here in my bed.

This is insane.

Diana, for God's sake,
pull yourself together.

Where's Jenny?

She's... she's trapped.

I've got to get her out.

No, I can't sleep now.

I've got to get her out.


That's it. That's it.


Look, what the hell is going on?
People like Diana just don't do this.

Do what, Oliver?

Well, collapse like this.

There really is no excuse.


Diana doesn't need excuses, Oliver.
She's done nothing wrong.

We should get in touch with her parents.
They ought to be here.

I don't think they'd be much help.
The main thing is you're here.


What the hell can I do?

I can't help her
if she's cracking up.

These things can go on for years.

And I certainly can't afford to have her
in and out of a place like this.

My God.

You really don't give a damn, do you?

Poor Diana.

- When she wakes up, just tell her I...
- Tell her yourself.

I think she's heard
everything you've said.

- Diana, darling, l...
- Just leave me alone, Oliver.

Go away.

Diana? Diana?


'Now, dear,
I want you to tell me what happened.

'Were you all by yourself?

'Where was your daddy?'

'I can't remember.'

'Was your daddy there?
Try and remember.'

'I don't remember anything.'

This is Diana's new friend,

who seems to have vanished.

The last we heard of her,

she'd been sent to America
and adopted.

'I don't remember.'


'I don't remember.'

Oh, my God.

It's Jenny!

'When was the last time
you were with your daddy?'

'I don't remember.

'I don't remember anything.'



Oh, Jenny, where are you?





Hey! Hey...

Diana, come on!

Diana, I'm in here.

Come on!
Can you hear me?

Come on, Diana!

Please, Diana, please!



Come on, Diana.

Please help me!

I thought
I'd dreamt you away forever.

So did I.


Let's go this way.

Where are you going, girls?
The party's only just beginning.

- Jenny, come on.
- No, wait.

Come here now.
Now, wake up.

Come on, wake up.

- Wake up!
- I can't!

Don't you see? This is real.

Now, come on.




Where are you?

What the hell are you doing?

Come here at once!


I've had enough
of your little games.

Come out and do
as you're damn well told.

Come on, now, sweetheart.
Game's over.

We must finish our present
for Mummy, mustn't we?

Mummy's little angel
must do as she's told.

She must be a good little girl,
mustn't she?


- Come on, get off the floor.
- Don't! Let go of me.

- You're coming with me.
- Fucking let go!

Come on.

Stop it. No!

You're coming with me.
Come on.

- Come on. Come on!
- No!

- Don't be so stupid.
- Please, Daddy.

- Come on.
- No, Daddy.

- Get over here.
- Please, Daddy.

No. No!

Shut up and do as you're told.

Please, Daddy.


I hate you.

I hate you.

I wish you were dead.


Oh, my...!

Daddy, I didn't mean it.

I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it.

I didn't mean it, Daddy.


Help me.

Help me!

Help me!


Help, Diana!

- Diana!
- Jenny?

Please, please!
Help me, help me!


Oh, Diana, help me, please.

Please. Please!


HGIp me!




Jesus Christ!



On, Daddy.


I can remember.

I never missed them before.

You feel cold.

Are you all right?

It's over.

I'm sure of it.

I know.

What's the matter?


Well, thank Christ for that.


We're out.

About bleeding time.

Do you know something?

- What's that?
- I feel really hungry.

I think it's time we left.

- Yes.
- Yes.

How about a nice fry-up?

- I'd settle for a good skinful.
- Oh, no, I think a fry-up.

With lashings of ketchup.