Dream City (1973) - full transcript

A married couple of artists move to a utopian town known for its absolute freedom, but behind the surface perversion and violence are spreading.



Oh. It's you, Anna!

Everything's alright.

No, no nothing is going on.

No, I'm not feeling bad!

No, no. Go and take care of
your stock exchange people!

No, that's not necessary.

I'll cook something up.

Stop treating me like a little child!

Call me when you are done. Ciao.


Flori, open the door!

Why did you lock the door?

I don't know.
By accident.

Dear me, what a day!

- Nobody knows what's going on.
They're all going crazy! - Anna?

- Anna!
- Yes?

Come over here!


- You see, down there?
There he is again. - Who?

That man.
It's been going on for 3 days now.

Sometimes he's following me and
sometimes I run into him at some place..

It's just your imagination.

In the Dream City,

the free place for all those who are
dissatisfied with the modern culture,

all physical needs are taken care of.

Material woes are impossible.

The most noble goals of this society are
not so much to preserve actual values...

Indeed, it's very difficult for me
to explain with simple words

what Patera actually aims
to do with his dream empire.

Why don't you use your
old technique anymore?

Which one?

I know your etchings for Genet's
"Notre Dame de Fleur".

Isn't it a shame to use such
technical means as photography?


Pardon me. I didn't mean to
intrude into your personality.

I... I have problems.

A blank piece of paper...

or a blank canvas...

It just paralizes me.

I can't express it.

And I don't want to.
Excuse me.

Would you like tea?
Or some coffee?

No, thank you.
Your port wine tastes excellent.

I may add that nowadays,
it's surprising to be offered

port wine by your host.

It was explicitly mentioned in the dossier
about you. But back to my assignment:

To a citizen of Dream City, the only
thing of importance is his dream.

We nourish and grow it.

To disturb it would be
unthinkable high treason.

Hence, the careful checking on the people

we invite to be part of
this social experiment.

To make it short: Klaus Patera,
the sole ruler of the Dream Empire

ordered me as his agent to invite you

to emigrate to his empire.

Well, that's... that's amiable of you.

I will talk to my wife about it.

I can't decide it right away, Mr. Gautsch.

Can I call you? You will get my
answer tomorrow. If that's okay.

I see why you don't believe me.
You think I'm a little... overstrung.

But I can assure you
that I'm not insane.

Just like you or anybody else.

I'm dead serious about
what I'm telling you.

Although I do admit
that it might sound strange.

Maybe you'll calm down a little
after you've had a look at this.

- Where did you get this picture?
- But I told you.

But that's nonsense!
It's a joke.

But you recognise the picture of
your old school friend Klaus Patera.

Yes, of course. Although it's been
a long time. He hardly changed.

Anyway, I'm asking you

to sign this receipt for the
photograph and this cheque.

The sum of 100.000 DM should cover
your properties here and the journey.

He says that money doesn't matter there.

And that people
can live as they please.

Just like that. Free.

We should do it, Anna.

100.000 marks...

The whole thing sounds crazy.

But don't forget that you take your
inner self with you wherever you go.

Terrible, this noise.
All this noise is getting on my nerves.

Flori, escape is no solution.

Listen Anna. I can't live here any longer.
And I don't want to live here any longer.

And I can't work here anymore.

I'm sick of running from
one gallery to another.

I'm suffocating in this quagmire
of connections and ingratiations.

I need to find myself again.

I need to get away from here.

Away. Away.

No one here to welcome us.

I knew it.
We've been taken in by an idiot.

I find it exciting.

Well, if my passport isn't sufficient...
Is this what you need?

Let me have a look.

Yes, thank you. That's sufficient.

What's happening? Why are
we stopping? Have we arrived already?

No. You still have a long way ahead
of you. But it's worth it. You will see.

Aren't you coming with us?

No. I will leave you here.
We won't see each other again.

Anna... Anna, wake up.
I think we are leaving.

Is it past sunrise? I missed it again.
Why didn't you wake me earlier?

I dreamt that

we were home and the
stock exchange was on fire.

And there was this strange sound...

That was the piano.

Strange, a piano...
and an oriental city.

They changed the camels last night.

Are you cold?
- It's alright.

- Do you regret it?
- No.

He want's us to go down there.

Why is no one picking us up?

What kind of country
needs to hide itself like this?

My bag.

Hey! Flori, my bag!


Come! Come!
You made it!

What were you expecting?

Minarets and mosques?

Palaces like in the Arabian Nights?

Are you disappointed?

Just imagine - the whole city was
brought here piece by piece.

A quiet and peaceful town without the
terrible acquisitions of the old world.

And it was created by just one man!

Klaus Patera!


Come! Come!
What are you waiting for?

Flori... Flori, please let us go back.

- I don't want to go any further.
- Anna, please. We are almost there.

- I'm scared of this city!
- Come on, be brave, just like before!

I know I'm hysterical but
I don't want to... I know...

You don't know what it's like!

You two delight me a lot.

Stop it! My wife is completely
exhausted after the long trip.

You know, I have
specialised myself in amazement.

I'm happy about everyone who's amazed
or disappointed. That's my specialty.

Alright then. The carriage
is waiting for us down there.

Please step out, ladies and gentlemen!

Please let go of me.

- Come! Come!
- Come Flori. Come.


Mr. Gautsch probably indicated,

and you will understand

that he couldn't make
more than indications,

that our state is founded
on the following principle.

Every citizen has the right to
fulfill himself directly and purely.

Every mood can be expressed,

every need can be fulfilled and
every nature can be pursued.

There is only one restriction.
I would say the only law of our state

is the total respect

of the individuality of the others.

And when can I talk
to my friend Klaus Patera?

Whenever you wish.

But I would suggest that you
find yourself an apartment first.

Why? Aren't there any hotels here?

We were invited.
Have there been no preparations?

Everything has been taken care of.
You will find what you need.

Wherever you'd like to live,
an apartment will be available.

Everything has been taken care of.

And our luggage?

We will send it to you as
soon as you've settled in.

Here's some money.

Just pay me a visit
if you have any problems.

But unfortunately I will have
to wait for your visit to no avail.

Usually all problems
resolve themselves here.

- And what is this worth?
- Nothing. It has no value!

You don't need any money.

Just so you can give something back
to those who gave something to you.


What a shame.

What a shame that we
won't see each other again.


There is something in the air.
The feathers are flying.

Woe to those
who weigh their children!

He looked a lot like this guy Gautsch.

I have to say that

I always wanted to
live in a city like this.

No cars, no stink...

and I like the smell of horse dung.

Look. Up here!
They made a statue of our dwarf.

Maybe he's a famous man?
What do you think?

Can you decipher what it says?



Excuse me, have you seen a
man with long hair and a beard?

- Good day!
- Good day.


Is anybody there?


Is anybody there?


Yes. What would the gentleman like?

A city map. Do you have
a city map by any chance?

A city map... the new ones
haven't arrived yet, but...

I guess an old one will do.

Here... Here I have something...
Take a look... Take it...

I'm sure you can use it.
You must have it!

It costs only 72 Guilders.

That's a real bargain.

Thank you, that's enough. Here.

- Yes but that's just one coin.
- That's alright.

And on top of that I give
you this beautiful nail clipper.

Thank you, thank you.

What are you doing, Florian?
You just left me alone on the street.

I just wanted to quickly buy
a map of the city.

Let me have a look. What are we
supposed to do with this thing?

They old guy in there thought
that I needed it desperately.

Anyway, it's nice. At home we
bought stuff we didn't need, too.

Good day!


Would you like to eat something?

Yes, thank you.
Do you have a menu?

I am sure you will be pleased.

In all these years no one has yet
dared to complain about my food.


What is this?

- What is it?
- I don't know.

An orange.

Feels like a Kindergarten.

I don't know if I can hang in there.

All I want now is a large wiener
schnitzel and a glass of beer.

And who knows
what he'll bring me.

There you are, sir.
Your pork roast with extra sauerkraut.



Oh, I'm bummed...

Back home they had
these beautiful silk blouses.

I should've bought them.

The only piece fitting in here
here is my long evening dress.

And that is too delicate.


One moment please.

- But how did you know?
- A schnitzel.

- Is this how you imagined it?
- No.

Of course not.
We wanted to go to the orient.

There, this is where I'd like to live.
You too?

Let's go inside and ask.

- Are you coming with me?
- No, you go.

- Wait here for me!
- Yes.

Can't you watch your feet?

Who are you anyway?

- How did you get in here?
- Please excuse me, but...

My name is Florian.

My name is Florian Sand and I wanted to
inquire if there's an apartment available.

- Sorry if I'm disturbing you.
- Are you new here? Please, come in.

Come in.

- Come closer.
- Thank you.

Come in.

Take a seat. Oh, Felicitas.
Come, sit down.

How exciting to meet someone
who just came from outside.

There you go.
You sit down here.

What was I...

Where is it?
Here it is...

Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet.

Beatrice Bellestri.

- Florian Sand.
- Beatrice Principessa Bellestri.

Where do you come from?

- I'm from Munich. In Germany.
- Ah, Munich.

Here you are.

Munich... Mountains.
Chiemsee. King Ludwig.

My third husband was from Munich
but he didn't bring me any luck.

Do you know if there's
a vacant apartment?

That's me. Back in the days.
My father taught me.

Very nice.

- I was 17. How time flies.
- Yes.

Could you please tell me if there
are any apartments available here?

I left there so long ago.
What's new in the old world?

Oh my god, I can't
even imagine anymore.

How many years is it now?

I don't even know.

It doesn't matter anyway.

Nothing ever happens here anyway.

All my friends are here.

What was your question?

I only wanted to know if
there's a vacant apartment.

Of course there is. I thought
that's what you came for!

Have you seen Dr. Lampenbogen yet?
A charming man, but his wife is terrible!

And he's a bad doctor but
luckily you don't need one here.

I was real happy when they moved.

One isn't supposed to need a doctor here.

Hold this. May I offer you something?
I had these nice petit fours somewhere.

Wait, I'll find it.

No no, one mustn't need a doctor here!

Oh, there they are.

I knew they had
to be over there.

Maybe you could give me
Dr. Lampenbogen's address...

My eyes!

Just move in there.

But I can't... just like this.
I have to ask him at least.

But why not?
If you like the apartment.

You are leaving already?

Yes, I have to. I don't want to keep
my wife waiting for too long.

The long journey has
tired her quite a bit.

So you have a wife.
How annoying!

- Nice to see you working, for once.
- Why?


How many cats did you
say that princess has?

At least 20.
And two dogs.

You know what I find
particularly nice?

The entire city seems
to be full of music.

Ah, the whole wardrobe
is stuffed with clothes.

Velvet and silk.

You have no idea how good
butter milk is for your skin!

I'll try on something.

Well, I can dump all
of my clothes anyway.

Have you seen the
purple leather dress?

- I really like it.
- We should've left all our stuff at home.

Though I do feel a little silly.

It's almost like carnival.

Ah! That's good!

I'm so excited about
taking this bath.

All I will do here is taking
baths and going for walks.

It feels like heaven not having
to earn money anymore.

This is fantastic!

It fits as if it's been tailored
for me. Just perfect.

Do you think these are all
Lampenbogen's clothes?

What was that?

Do you think all the clothes
belong to Lampenbogen's?

Maybe, but right now
I'd rather not think about it.

They are here.
They are beautiful. And they fit.

They look beautiful.

And so do you!

- Where are you going?
- I'll try to see Patera.

- For two...
- Not with me.

How is it going?
Did I miss anything?

Excuse me, I'm looking for
the Audience Card Office.

Can you tell me where
to get an audience card?

- An audience card!
- No we can't.

Can you tell me where
audience cards are handed out?

Over there?

Good day.

So... who asked you to come in?
Do you have a summon?

Which documents
have you brought along?

To get an audience card the following
documents are absolutely necessary:

A wedding certificate, a certificate
of baptism and proof of identity.

You also need your father's
vaccination certificate,

an unobjectionable
approval of your mother

and a certificate of good conduct
for your sister, if you have one.

In room # 16, first door down
the left hallway you have to

list all badges of honour that have ever
been awarded or dispossessed of you.

A character reference of your
father-in-law is only necessary if he had

smallpox, syphilis or suffered from
similar contagious diseases.

However, it is absolutely crucial
that none of your family members

have been deprived of their social
and human rights at any time.

All I have is a passport and
a certificate of vaccination.

But I'm a school friend of Klaus Patera.

Well now, that changes
the circumstances completely.

May I ask your name, please.
Your first and last name, please.

Florian Sand.

Mr. Sand would you do me a
favour and come back in again?

Walk out and come back inside.
It would make me very happy.

Walk out and come back inside.
Yes, please? Yes, please?

And please knock on the door, ok?


Come in!

Do you have a summon?
What documents have you brought along?

To get an audience card the following
documents are absolutely necessary:

A wedding certificate, a certificate
of baptism and proof of identity.

You also need your father's
vaccination certificate,

an unobjectionable
approval of your mother

and a certificate of good conduct
of your sister, if you have one.

Room # 16 is in charge of all
badges and medals of honour.

A character reference
of your father-in-law

is requested but not necessary.

Lastly, I must inform you that you need
to submit 14 copies of each document.

- I told you that I'm...
- I know, I know.

You have to excuse me but it's too
much fun to repeat it all over again.

Very few people have been coming
to me lately and I love my job.

Pardon me, but there's
one thing I'd like to know.

What was your father's job?
Let me guess.

- Was he a professor?
- No.

- Doctor?
- No.

- He wasn't a butcher, was he?
- Hell no!

Yes. Yes, I understand.

It's a bad destiny.

My father was one and I
had to become one as well.

Well, I'm sure it's hard.

But right now, I just want
to see my school friend Klaus Patera!

Yeah, yeah I knew you would
understand me. I knew it from the start.

The moment you came in I knew
that you'd understand me.

The audience card, please!

You don't get the audience card here

but from his Excellency!

Required documents will include your
baptism and wedding certificate

as well as your
school records, etc. etc. etc.

As I said you'll need to go to
room # 16 first and then to room # 17.

And to room # 23.

Let me tell you something:

I'll neither set foot into
room # 16, 18 nor 99.

I wouldn't dream of it.
I'm not willing to...

I'm not willing to...
satisfy this absurd...

civil servant madness!

I already told you that I'm
a school friend of Klaus Patera!

And I am sure that he will...



Good day.

My name is Florian Sand.

I'm a school friend of
Klaus Patera and I don't want to...

Mr. Sand!
Oh, I'm very pleased.

We've been waiting for you.

- You are being expected.
- Expected?

You want to request an audience?

But of course!
It goes without saying.

The card will be issued immediately.


In the interest of the public well being

and our reputation

the government takes full responsibility

for issues of welfare.

You'll always have an
eager listener in me.

Our next goal

shall be the perfection
of the theaters.

And I hope to have your fullest


The experiences we had after
approving of certain institutions...

in the french quarters...

concern us, gentlemen!

I am convinced that
I'm speaking your mind when...



So, I'll be awaiting
the audience card and...

say thank you.

Soul, soul... The human soul,
ladies and gentlemen, is located...

A little more to the right, my dear...

Ramos pasalis anterior.

A growing branch.

The human being,
always a new mystery.

Regio mammaria.

The mammary's equivalent field.

Enchanting. Enchanting.





I feel like a caterpillar.

When I was a child, I kept a
caterpillar in the basement all winter.

We pampered it and fed it leaves.

And then it pupated and eventually
became a beautiful butterfly.

Real tender and the wings
stuck together like this.

We put it on a plate and

carefully carried it out in the garden.
The whole family was watching.

The sun warmed its wings
and then he unfolded them.

It was shining in purple and violet.

And then it flew into
the beautiful, blue sky.

And suddenly
a sparrow flew by

and 'Snap!'
Right in front of our eyes.

He ate it.
It was terribly saddening.

We all cried.

- There is the new guy.
- Yeah.

There are no children in the
whole city? Why aren't there any?

Children would abuse our
structural conditions too much.

Is that so?
And adults don't?

Some do and it's a problem.
Actually it's our state's main problem.

And what happens if
someone gets pregnant?

You seem to forget that
the citizens of this city

have been selected by certain criteria.

Once, a long time ago,
someone was in this situation.

Word has it that
she was expelled.

Excuse me. Can you tell me
what everyone is looking at?

You better go and see for yourself.

Stop. Put on the bandage!

- You have to wear the blindfold.
- Excuse me. I'm looking for a girl.

- A girl in a red dress.
- Go. You have to go!

I can't guarantee that it will work.

The last one I made in...


You know, at the boarding school.

With Patera!


- You and your Patera.
- Higher. Hold it a little bit higher.

Everytime I start feeling comfortable
here, you start talking about Patera.

Where do you think it's going?

I wish I could fly away, too.

Open up! Please open! Open!

Take this with you.

In this case, only music can help.

It's a little quieter over here.

It really upset you, didn't it?

What do you mean?

Looking at you I could tell that
it was the first time for you.

You haven't been here
for too long, have you?


My dear young friend,

I've been living here
since the city was founded.

Nearly 13 years.
A long time for someone my age.

And I still find interesting things.
Even the smallest things can bring joy.

You see, I for instance,
collect mites. Dust mites.

Acarina Felicitas.

A very special species,
discovered by me.

In the archives of
Mr. Patera's castle. Room # 169.

Oh, please forgive me.

Sometimes I forget things.
I haven't introduced myself.

- Professor Kornteuer.
- Pleased to meet you.

Well, I need to go back to my work.
Would you like some good advice?

Work! This place is ideal for working.
A tired body leads to a satisfied mind.

Try it out. Farewell!



It's cheese.
Cheese crust!

Have you ever seen
something like this?

Flori, you can't imagine
what a day I had.

First, the princess comes and accuses
me of putting something in her cat bowl.

The cats haven't eaten for 3 days.

Me? Who grew up with cats?
They are up here all the time anyway.

Meow, meow...

It's gone now.
Look at this, darling.


Yes, very nice.

And what do you think is in here?

Cheese crust!

- You are being silly.
- Come on. A delivery man came

and brought a package
that said "Mr. and Mrs. Sand,

# 19 and no sender. I thought
it's a welcome present from Patera.

and then it's something silly like this.
Did you meet him?

No. No, I wasn't there
but I heard that...

...the archive hands out audience cards.

- Aren't you curious?
- Oh, excuse me.

And what else?
Any news?

Something interesting?
Or funny?

Yes, I had a weird experience.
I walked across...

Ah. Listen to this.

Then the student from the attic suddenly
stood here in the middle of the room.

Without knocking and totally drunk!
Then he screamed:

"You are too good for this man,
you are too good!"

Then he knelt down and started rhyming.
It took me an hour to get him out of here.

And then I gave him a present.
The nail clipper from the first day.

It cuts through the friendship.

- Are you mad?
- No, no.

- Oh...
- Do you like it? Yes?

And it comes with a veil.

- Are you sure they're playing today?
- Yes. Sir Edward wanted to come, too.

- We're too late. All because of your hair
- Look at the time. What... My hair?

- You and your ribbon took so long.
- Forget about the ribbon and come.

- They already started.
- See?


Hello, is anybody there?

Shhh! Keep your voice down!

Do you remember when I
accidentally sat on that fat man's lap?

His wife got all upset.
- Shhh!

Let's wait until the break.

We are only disturbing them.
Come on.

A horse!
A kingdom for a horse!

A kingdom for a horse!

A kingdom for a horse!

To be, or not to be.

To be, or not to be.
That is the question.

To be, or not to be.
That is the question!

What's the matter?
Wait a moment!

Move on my little cows! Move on!

Move on my little cows!


Come my little cows!
Yes, come!

Listen to my sweet tunes,
listen to this sweet love song.

Listen to my sweet tunes...

Wet the skin.
I'll lick you!

Stop it, you horny pig!

A cock in the pants!

Fucking! Cock!

Oh Romeo, let us walk together.
Oh, Romeo.

A horse!
A kingdom for a horse!

A horse!

A cock in the pants!

Licking! Licking!

A horse!
A kingdom for a horse!


- A kingdom for a horse!
- Coooock!

Cock in the pants!

A horse! A kingdom for a horse!

A horse! A kingdom for a horse!



Would you like some Bordeaux?

...don't swear by
the ever changing moon...

Yes, oh yes, love is like
a hundred birds...

Ah! Florian Sand!

I'm glad to see that you made it.
What are you playing?

May I introduce you to my wife.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Mrs. Lampenbogen!

- I'm pleased to meet you!
- I've heard so much about you.

Can you sing or do you cite?

Neither. We just came to watch.

To watch?
No one just watches!

That's not why we
had the theater ship here.

Did you know that it arrived
from Uppsala just 6 months ago?

Touch each other!

Please touch each other!

Slowly! Yes!

Touch yourselves softly! Yes!


Softly! Yes!

- Come and join the play with us.
- No, no.

Is there nothing you can do?

I, uh...

At school I once played...

...Maria Stuart.

Ha ha ha... Please excuse
me if I'm laughing... ha ha ha!

Oh please, Santa Lucia, will you?

Oh, Santa Lucia, oh please!

But no, that's far too slow...

I will comply even to this...

Away with insensible pride...

I want to forget what I was,

what I am and what I suffered from.

I want to... I want...

I want to prostrate in front of her,
her, who pushed me down

into this dishonour!

You are where you belong, Lady Maria.

You are where you belong, Lady Maria.

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

Remember humanity's alterations,
there are gods...

that avenge pride.

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

You are where you belong, Lady Maria!

Stop! No!

No! No! No! Please, don't!

- Please, please. Mrs. Lampenbogen!
- Maria. Maria. Maria.

I don't want to act anymore!

Please help me! Help!

I don't want to play anymore.

Oh please, please!
Please help me!

Ouch, that hurts!

Ouch, that hurts!




Help me!

Anna! I'm coming!

Maria! Maria! Maria! Maria!

I embarrassed myself so much.

I embarrassed myself so much.

- At school I was... At school it was...
- Anna.

Everything was different.
At home everything was different.

I want to go home!
I want to go home!

I can't do it.

I can't live here!

Anna! Anna, stop it.
Don't act like a little child.

You were crazy to
take part in this circus.

It's all your own fault.

Please, no screaming.
Please, don't scream.

First it was your mood and
now you even start moaning.

- Don't scream at me!
- But it's true!

Mood! Mood! Mood!
What are you talking about! Mood?

I still believe in moods I don't have.
Oh, please.

- I like it here!
- Please.

Better than at home
and I want to...

Oh, please take me home!
Take me home!

Yeah, yeah, yeah but stop it.
You are being hysterical!

Oh please!

You must try to live like
everyone else here does.

Oh please take me home!
Take me home!

Yes, Anna, I'll try.
Calm down now.

Calm down.

Calm down.

My fourth request for an
audience was denied as well.

I didn't want to tell you.

Yes, but...


how will we...

Then we won't ever
get home!

- Quiet! Quiet!
- Shut your mouth!

Sand! Sand!
Talk to your wife!

How will we get home?

I'm gonna kill them all
one after another!

- I want a cigar! - Get out of here or
I'll throw you down the stairs!

- I won't tolerate all this noise
in the house! - Don't be offensive!

Right now, you look more
like a princess of filth!

- You ungroomed old pig!
- Talk to your wife!

It's enough! I'll kill you!

Stop it! Stop it!



Come, be quiet.

I feel sick.

Flori, we are going home.

We are going back home to Munich.

No, no, no and no again!
We can't change the law...

You are making it a little
too easy for yourself, gentlemen.

What did he say?

- You don't sail around that thing
this easily. - Yes, yes.

- Soon the world is...
- An ethical problem...

- You see...
- Space attracts time.

- What it attracts is death.
- You know...


- Yeah, yeah.
- Ethic? Look, Im a banker.

There is no such thing
as an ethical problem.


The center of all things
is the human being!

Particularly obvious in case of
of the purest human beings, the artists!

We put our souls
openly into out works.

So that eveybody can see what a
scoundrel the artist could've become.

Art is a safety relief valve!
Isn't that right, Mr. Sand?



I'd like to ask you something.

The other day I saw
a girl at the clock tower.

Sweat between a
woman's legs, that's art!

I can't stop thinking about her.

It's the first time in a long time
that I want to paint again.

Your terminology is
too simple for me.

Her hair is so tender and fragile.

Do you happen know her?

I'm very sorry but I don't know her.

By the way, do you know
what a charming wife you have?



You and me, Patera!
Black and white!

We could've built
a new world together!

And you?

And you?

What did you do?
You created a colony of lunatics.

A city of complete idiots and freaks.

For people like you, Louis!

It's ok. It's ok.

Do you think you'd
have done it better?

- You would've had to colonize
robots then. - Get out.

As you wish.

I'll open all your eyes.

What you need
is the sun, you fools.

You are just wasting your time
with this deaf-dumb whore, Mr. Bell.

If you really are serious,
I've got a great idea.

You know, just one word
from you and I get you

weapons, guns and cannons.

And we blow up the whole city!

- ...and it's all gone.
- You are a dreamer.

Get me the towel.

If you want Patera,
I know his first secretary.

You are wrong, Mr. Bell.
Only guns bring power.

Do you think Patera can help you?

Do you think the people
are listening to what you say?

Stop it.
You have to do something!

Leave me alone! Get out!

What's the matter, Anna?
Open up, it's me!

Ah, Florian.

Why is it lying around here?

I've seen him.

Your Patera.

At the market place. Dressed as
someone who lights the lanterns.

He walked past me,
touched me...

and then he suddenly
turned around and said:

"Excuse me, Mrs. Sand.", real quiet.
And that was your friend Patera.

I'm sure it was Patera.

Nonsense! Patera wouldn't walk
around like a common servant.

He was! His face looked like
a wax mask. All pale with red eyes.

Don't you hear anything?

Don't you hear anything?

Anna, that's the blacksmiths.
You can hear them when the wind is right.

It's coming from the well.
And today it was so loud that...

Look, the glass broke.

Anna, it's your nerves or just your
migraine that's coming back.

Can't you do something about it?
It's making me sick.

Don't stop.

What is it?

What is it?

What the hell are you doing?

I'm walling up the window.

Stop it, Anna.
The whole thing is a mistake.

Stop it!

But I love to do this.


You heard me!

Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this to me?

Why are you trying to kill me?

I am trying to kill you?

But Anna, you don't think that I...

- Nonsense!
- Yes you are.

It was all your doing.

You're trying to kill me!

But Anna!
You can't be serious.

Be reasonable, Anna.

- You're just overworked.
- You're trying to kill me.

That's not true!

That's not true!


You don't even sleep with me anymore.

You've barely touched me
since we came here.

What are you talking about?
Nothing has changed!

Nothing at all, you hear me?

Look at me.
Where has your trust gone?

I'm Florian, your husband.
And I love you.

I love you.

Everything about you.

Do you believe me?

Move over a little bit.

Everything's good, right?

It's all good again.

Come... Come on now. Let's go.

It's the best brothel in the city.

It's the only one in the city.

Florian, you haven't been at
the French quarters yet.

Please excuse me.
I have to talk to Dr. Lampenbogen.

My wife doesn't feel good.
Hasn't been feeling good for days.

Don't make this mistake, Sand!


Let the asshole go.
It's his own fault.

Don't go to to this quack!
Your wife mustn't be sick!

Shut up and come.

Do you know what
Lampenbogen used to be?

A building contractor!

Do you have the papers?

Let me see them.

Not now.

Sleep now!

In 8 days we will be home!

It will be cold, darling.

It's the middle of the winter.
Probably, there will be snow.

I'm looking forward to the snow.


Come in.

Come sit down.

- Good evening, I...
- Don't say anything.

- My name is Flori...
- Sit here, next to me.

Take off your coat.

Come, take a seat.

Thank you Ludwig, you may go.


It's a pleasure to see you
after all this time, Mr. Sand.

What brings you here?

Excuse me, I didn't mean
to disturb you but...

My wife is unwell.

I only came to ask whether the
doctor could have a look at her.

She's feeling ill. Very ill.

I'm sorry to hear that.

My husband went to the
opening of the new steam bath.

He'll probably come back late.

What's wrong with her?

Well, I think...

it's her nerves.

She has a fever
and is terribly anxious.

Well, if that's all... We all feel
like this from time to time.

It's inevitable here.

Do you want a glass too?

Only creative measures
work for nerves and anxiety.

Help yourself!

She was so nice at the theatre.
Why isn't she coming anymore?

I feel like I'm reborn every time.
As if I'd been cleansed.

Of course, it's easier for you.
You are a painter, an artist.

- I don't paint anymore.
- To our friendship.

On your health.

Still, you're an artist.

I haven't done anything for a year.
I simply feel incapable to do it.

But I don't miss it.

I always contradict myself but my
husband says that it's part of my charm.

Don't worry too much.

I'd like to distract you a little.

Shall we play something together?

The setting sun that
sinks into the river.

The animal with
four arms and four legs.


What if someone comes?


I can't...

I'm going home...

Anna! Anna!
Wait! Wait!

Wait? What are you doing?
You don't have the right!

Everything's alright!
Calm down!

Anna! Anna!

You mustn't let go of
yourself like this!

You are disturbing our order!

What you need now is a new home!

Calm down!
Everything's alright!

Don't refuse my invitation
to move in with me for now.

My wife would be happy too!
Lift him up slowly.

You'll calm down, you'll see!

You need to forget all this
as quickly as possible.

Wait! Stay here! There's no
reason in what you're doing!


No. No.

It's forbidden.

Don't! Turn around.

Please! Please!

Don't look. Don't look.


I know it's hard.
One refuses to accept it.


Come, sir.

Your perception is wrong.

For those up there...

everything's much easier
than for us.

Their eyes see the sky.

Until a grey veil covers them.

It doesn't take long...

and then they are...


Is your life damned already?
No! And no again!

But you are restless and distressed.

Each and everyone of you!
You'll have to admit it.

You've been taken in by an impostor!

And you paid with your health
and your peace of mind.

He made you forget
the value of money.

He has chiseled his
crazy ideas into your head.

And now you think of them
as your own thoughts!

That's how you let yourselves
be tortured to death.

And this... And this
devil up there rejoices!

My friends...

Well, if you ask me,
he impresses me.

I can tell you he's quite a guy...
He... If he had been here.

Everything would've been different then.

Lots of money.
Real money. Strong currency.

At least that's something
you can rely on.

But young friend,
what is real money?

It is an agreement

on giving a particular material
a specific value.

The only currency that
has stability is bread.

In whorehouses, they've had
a strong currency for a long time.

Unless it gets soft...

Just 50 years ago,
this coffee house was

an infamous coffee house
in the suburbs of Vienna.

And the palace was put
together with pieces of cities

which have been the scene
of bloody encounters.

- Pieces of the Bastille and...
- Why are they leaving?

I don't know how much longer I'm
supposed to listen to this hogwash.

Seriously, I get by very well
without money, don't I?

Here you are, Baron.

One moment.

There are two cockroaches
swimming in there.

That's not my fault.
Just take them out.

One day you'll lose your stupid grin.
You aristocratic slob!


Because you fell back

and squat in a swamp.

But it's not too late yet.

There is still time for the rescue.

- Come on, let's leave.
- And everyone who still has a

piece of mind left should
support me and my plans.


- Come, show me your little tits!
- Take your hands off, she's mine.

May I introduce to you...
This is Felice and this is...

The solace of the garrison!

Look at me.

I offer the sum...

of 1.000.000 Dollar
for the head...

of this man!

- Stay out of this lady, Castello!
- Pull down her skirt!

Excuse me gentlemen,
but there is an atmosphere here...

that doesn't match mine at all.

In your defence, I will assume
that that parvenu next door

influenced you in an unfortunate way.

What has this turned into?
Regrettable. Quite regrettable!

The strings.
The strings are missing.

Man wasn't made to bear freedom.

Disgusting, those proletarians
from the French quarters.

Now, they'll even show up
in our living rooms.

- Where are you going?
- Out.

- At five in the evening?
- At five in the morning!

Our house is gradually falling apart.

There already are big cracks in
the basement. Fancy to have a look?

Isabel was right.
These houses are cursed.

Have you seen this?

The most vulgar bunch
from the French quarters.

This is the end...

This is the end.

What's the matter?

Mrs. Lampenbogen!
Get your husband. Quick!

Just let him die outside.

Mrs. Lampenbogen!

Open the door! Open up!
Mrs. Lampenbogen!

Doctor Lampenbogen!

Doctor Lampenbogen!
A man is lying here...

He's dying...

Help me! Someone is hurt!

Six Guilders, please.

Six Guilders...

Six Guilders...
I don't even know if I...

Wait, a button will do
just as well. Here.

Thank you.

Hey, sweety!
Fancy to see something special?

I'll show you something.

Please, leave me alone.

- Don't be shy.
- Don't touch me! Let me go!

You'll regret it.

Have fun, folks!
Put on masks!

Life is short!
You'll be in your graves soon!

Come inside! Come inside!

- Please come closer, sir.
- Relax. It's just a little experiment.

- Come.
- Please, don't!

- What do you want from me?
- Calm down, just have seat.

- Please let go.
- We'll have it all sorted...

I don't want to...!

- We will...
- Leave me alone.

- Don't...
- And down with the panties.

So far, all the others liked it.
You'll see.

Let's stand up now.

Be good, stand up now!

Hand me the cloth.

- I don't want to!
- Wrap it around you.

No need to be embarrassed.


No! Let go of me!

Why, you're mad!
Give me my clothes!

- Get out of here. Quick!
- Please, there's the door!

Is that enough or would
you like another eel?

It's enough.

Stop following me.

Come here!

- We must go there, hurry up.
- It's pandemonium! Chaos!

Patera is supposed to come!

Quick! Quick!

Patera! Patera!

Patera! Patera!

Patera! Patera!

Listen to me!

Listen to me!

I have something to tell you.
I want to speak to you!

Stop calling for Patera!
Stop it! Stop it!

Listen to me!
I want to talk to you!

I am Hercules Bell.

And I have to tell you something.

I have to tell you something
that's important for all of us!

Something has to happen!
I believe that's clear to everyone.

Something must be done
to stop this madness!

You're calling for Patera. Why?
What do you expect from him?

Dreams? What have you gained
from Patera's dreams?

Your houses are falling apart.
Rotting away, breeding sodomy and disease.

Your relatives are being sacrificed
to an obscure death cult.

I tell you this is murder!
This man is a criminal!

Murder! Murder!

Free yourself from his hypnosis.
I will help you.

But only if everyone of you
is helping me. Everyone!

I will pay 1.000.000 Dollars for his head!

1.000.000 Dollars!

For the head of this criminal!

I am Hercules Bell!
Thank you very much! Thank you!

Hercules Bell!

Thank you! Yes! Thank you!

One million! One million!

I will help!

I will help you! I!

You might have noticed
that we live in special times...

You're licking his boots!
You're giving yourself up! Stand up!

- This must come to an end!
- I'm Hercules Bell and I will free you!

Don't listen to this criminal!
Don't listen to him!

- He hopes that...
- My name is Hercules Bell! Bell!

...from his highest position he wants to
see his subjects happy and content!

- Freaks! Cowards!
- Our highest Lord wants to...

...to see all of his subjects happy!

- ...to see the servants happy...
- Have all of you gone gaga?

- Servants... happy...
- Oh my god!

That pig!

Traitor of the people!
I'm going to kill you! I'm going to...

Damn you! Damn you!


He's dead! He's dead!

What do you want?
What do you want from me?

Give me some!

Hear me?
I want some too!

Go! Go away!


No! Don't!

Beat that cat-sow!
Beat her to death!

Finish her off!
Beat her to death!

That whore!
Kill her! Kill her!

It's Patera!