Dream Castle (1934) - full transcript

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Request for the admiral.

The director would like to borrow
a few sailors for our film.

We're shooting over there.

Excuse me, Highness,

but a film crew has asked
to borrow 12 sailors as extras.

Permission granted.
Where are they shooting?

- Over there, at sea.
- I'll watch. I'm sure it'll be fun.

What? It wasn't good?

No! The two boats were too far apart.

- Then change lenses.
- Right. Hand me an apple.

Not like that. You need to speed up

so the men in pursuit
don't catch you immediately.

When you're near,
glide between them and save her.

Hold your fire as soon as you're near.

Here come the sailors!

Maria, be careful to -

Maria. Would you be so kind
as to give me your attention?

If you insist. What?

Be careful to stay in frame.

Let's try it again.


- What an idiot!
- Can't he look where he's going?


We'll need to reshoot it.

Why did you fall in?

I hope you're happy.

I told you not to use
an extra for that role.

You don't need Ramon Novarro
to say three words and wave.

At least hire an extra with a brain.

With a brain?
Thousands of miles from the city?

- Don't make me laugh.
- Laugh?

- You don't care if my film is ruined.
- I do care!

The critics won't attack you.

- No, but I'll get yelled at by you!
- Enough.

Return to shore and get dried off.

Who'll play the role now?

I don't know.

Who's the best looking of the bunch?

He's not bad.

- Which one?
- On the right, off by himself.

On the right, by himself?

Yes, he's got style.

Hey, sir!

- Yes, you!
- Hey!

- Hello! Sleeping, sir?
- No, sir.

What's your name?

I'm Mirano, sir.

That boy is charming.

Of course you'd notice.

Why didn't you cast him as the prince?

I hadn't seen him.


I'll sum up the scene.

The lady over there is being chased.

- By me?
- No.

Pity, I'd have enjoyed that.

We're not doing it for you.

Why chase such a lovely lady?

- She's a spy.
- In that case, fine.

Just when she's surrounded
by the other boats, you show up.

I forgot to tell you - you're a prince.

- How did you know?
- This is no time to joke.

Naturally, as a prince, you save the spy.

- Is that all?
- Yes.

- It sounds easy.
- Great.

Back in position, everyone.

- Are you ready?
- I was born ready. Give me an apple.




You were wonderful. Congratulations.

- Your first role?
- If you call that a role.

- It could make you famous.
- Really?

- You're too good for bit parts.
- What?

You're too good to be an extra.

- You'd succeed as an actor.
- Really? I'd like that.

I've been looking for a partner like you.

- Young, elegant, able-bodied.
- Careful.

You were great, Mr....


Right, whatever.
You've got a role in the film.

- But -
- See?

You'll be my partner, Mr. Mirano.

- I fear -
- You'll be a star.

I sensed it immediately.

Tell me, what's your profession?

What do you do when not being an extra?

- I don't dare tell you.
- What a sweetheart!

Yes, he's delightful.

- I bet you're a ballroom dancer.
- No.

- Lion tamer.
- No.

- Toreador.
- No way!

I'd certainly make something of you.

Hold on.

How wonderful!
You're already learning the ropes.

I've always loved cinema.

Where's my lunch?

Where's Ottoni's lunch?

Who stole my Camembert?

- Here it is.
- Thanks.

Quick, into the cars.
The next scene is in Porta Alba.

- It's a long trip.
- I'm not sure we can go.

What? You can't quit now.
You're already in the film.

- We were ordered -
- Ordered by whom?

- As you wish, Your Highn - Director.
- That's better.

We'll go with them, but mum's the word.

You ride in the back.

Mr. Mirano.

Hear that? I'm Mr. Mirano.

That's all.

You have a new partner.

- Mr. Mirano, where are you?
- Coming, dear lady.

- Can you drive?
- Of course.

- Take the wheel, please. I'm tired.
- With pleasure.

Into the cars, everyone.

We're ready to go.

Take care of my snacks.
There's a superb Camembert in there.

Forgive me, but I prefer
to travel with a pretty lady.

You're not bad, but still...

- I need a break from you anyway.
- Right. See you later.

- Can I ride with you?
- Sure. You're harmless.

Thanks a lot.

- Where are you going?
- I'm getting out.

- Why?
- If you only want harmless men...

- Get back in the car.
- Yes, madam!

Where is the man
who arrived in the car before us?

We haven't seen a car
in this town in two years.

- What?
- Isn't this Porta Alba?

You mean you're trying
to go to Porta Alba?

- You'll need to cross the mountains.
- Cross the mountains?

It's a four-hour drive.

What? Four more hours?

I'm too hungry.
My stomach can't wait that long.


Is it possible to get something
decent to eat and drink?

I should hope so!

Hope? Don't hope, I want you to be sure.

- What do you have?
- Corn au gratin.


Why not oats while you're at it?

- We're not livestock.
- My cooking is renowned.

Three years ago, the viscount
of Monterosso honored my table.

A viscount. What sort of title is that?

Do you know who that gentleman is?

- Prince Mirano.
- Prince Mirano?

Mirano. Mi-ra-no. Exactly.

Go on, my friend.

I believe we're in for a fine meal!

My lord!


I've just learned that Your Highness

is Your Highness.

- What?
- Our village has never been so honored.

- We are proud and happy!
- What?

Hurry! Spread the news!

- Your Highness.
- You're very kind,

but who told you that?

My valet?

Your valet?


What are they doing?

- Marquise?
- What?

Why not, while we're at it?

We've pulled the funniest prank!

We've convinced them
your colleague is a prince!

They'll probably figure it out,
but at least we'll eat well!

There's a prince in the village!

- A noble beast.
- How much do you want?

Twenty ducats.

Do I look that naive?

- Too high?
- Of course.

I'll ask my boss.

Not like that! It'll be underexposed.

Especially if you keep shoving me!

Give it to me.
I'll show you how it's done.

I'll give you a lesson.

How much is this cow?

Forty ducats.

- A fine specimen.
- Definitely.

So, 40 ducats?

- Fifty.
- Oh, sorry.

How much milk does it give per day?

Three gallons of milk.

And one gallon of cream.

- You'll take it now?
- Yes.

I mean, no.

Where shall I deliver it?

- To the ship Victoria at port.
- Agreed.

Transport is five ducats extra.

- This year, cows aren't expensive.
- Very cheap.

You know,
we should seal our deal with a drink.

It's a local custom.

- But not mine.
- No?

- It works marvelously.
- Yeah?

Hold this.

What are you doing here?

I just bought a cow.

- A cow?
- Yes, a cow.

How strange!

What will you do with it?

I don't know. But it's gorgeous.

Over here.

Hey, big boy!

You won't miss Japan.

Cheer up, my dears,
you'll be well taken care of.

You'll live in luxury. Run along, cutie.

Over here.

The scales. Measure out 20 grams.


The entire village is in uproar.
Guess what just arrived?

I know. My chickens from Japan!

No. A prince and his retinue
have stopped in the village.

Really? Don't worry, honey.
You won't get fleas here.

- So what?
- So what?

As one of the oldest families,
it's our duty to invite the prince.

Discuss it with your sister.

We don't make the decisions.

- Ask Béatrix.
- Béatrix!

We always have to ask Béatrix.
What's the point of being a man?

To raise chickens.


Gourmets claim

lard is tastier when thinly sliced.

They're correct.

But me,

I prefer thick slices.

Your Highness,

here comes the mayor,
the societies, and the fire brigade.

You've gone a bit too far.

- Who?
- You.

- Him?
- Me?

- Yes.
- No, you.

- Me?
- You started the whole thing.

I only did it to get something to eat.

- If they find out the truth...
- You'll be the first one punished.

Yeah? Maybe it's time
for us to tell them the truth.

Too late. They're throwing
a celebration in our honor.

If we ruin their fun, they might hang you.

Stop it! That's not funny.

Dear boy, I'm curious to see
how you play your new role.

You're off to quite a start.

I hope you'll give me
my first rave review.

It is my duty as mayor of this small town,

which deserves to be bigger
and certainly would be

if it weren't so far from the main roads.

In the name of this town...

which slumbers so peacefully
in this sleepy valley...

I wish...

I wish...

I wish,

in the name of all the townspeople,
a warm welcome to Your Highness.

Long live Prince Mirano!

Long live the prince!

No doubt about it, he's a fine orator.

Your Highness, would you honor us
by signing our guest book?


We'll see if that fellow
is capable of signing.

That fellow is capable of anything.

You dare to sign under a fake name?

Who reads the Porta Nigra guest book?

That's true.

I'm on tenterhooks.

Not me. I think it's exciting.

Mayor, dear friends,

I thank you for this charming welcome

which none of us expected.

Long live the prince!

Excuse me, Your Highness.
I'm Baron Billichini.

- It's a pleasure.
- I'm Lieutenant Tonio Billichini.

- Nice to meet you.
- Prince, would you honor us...

The boy is quite handsome too.

- He'd make a good romantic lead.
- How many do you need?

He goes too far.
We ate, now it's time to leave.

May I present my retinue?

Dear Count, please introduce everyone.

- Déri.
- No.

I'm Count Dérino.

- Marquise Foreni.
- Marquise.

These officers are
His Highness's private guard.

The baron has kindly
invited us to his castle.

I hope you didn't accept.
The joke has gone on long enough.

We'll have a lovely evening.

The local aristocrats
have been invited to dinner.

Leave that for now.
We need to prepare the rooms.

This way, please, ladies and gentlemen.

This is our butler.

- Everything ready, Auguste?
- Yes, Baron.

For His Highness, we've prepared
the Royal Bedroom on the second floor.

To his right and left,
the rooms of the marquise and the count.

- The officers' rooms are across the hall.
- Excellent.

Excuse me.

Where do I sleep in this arrangement,

in a hammock in the cellar?

I'd be obliged if you'd tell
the penguin that I'm upstairs too.

Please assign my valet
a room next to mine.

- Next to His Highness?
- Certainly.

- Provide him with a suit too.
- Yes, a suit.

Certainly, Highness. A livery.

- Naturally. A livery.
- No, no.

Remember your role.

I'm delighted.

- If I ever -
- What? Go on.



That way, dear colleague.

Yes, Auguste.

- This place is pretty old, right?
- No.

It's antique.

- What's that?
- For the camera.


I mean... chambermaid.

- What?
- Yes. When she...

Then I... You see?

Wait. Don't I get a bell-pull?




The marquise bids the valet
to rejoin her as soon as possible.

Her too? She goes too far.

I mean, the marquise goes too far.

I heard you. I'm going. Scram, valet.

Don't you look handsome!

Go on, laugh.
In this getup, I wonder what I look like.

You look like a Russian general.

A general? Doesn't surprise me.

Do me a favor, get my evening gown
from the trunk of the car.

So that's why!

Get yourself another general -
another fool to run your errands.

Don't pout. You're the only one
allowed near the car.

- Here are the keys.
- I refuse to play along. I -

I'm at the marquise's service.

- And don't dawdle.
- You -


There's a girl

In the Canaries

Whom you're ready to marry

There's a girl

In the Canary Islands

Whom you're ready to marry

Again and again

It's the same refrain

The same song

As the sailors sing

There's a girl

In the Canaries

The same love song

Always the same refrain

Your Highness!

We're neighbors.

- What a coincidence!
- Isn't it?

Would you do me a favor, Mirano?

Sorry! Highness.

Ottoni went to get my dress from the car,
but still isn't back.

At your service.

Good evening, young lady.

- What's your name?
- Bianca.

Bianca. Unusual name!

I'm the lady's maid.

- There's a lady here?
- Yes.


- Nice profile.
- What?

The castle. It has a nice profile.

What a pretty castle! Good Lord.

Tell me, miss,
you've worked here for a while?


Good. I have a very important question.

What time is dinner?

- 9:00 p.m.
- 9:00?

I can't believe how late you eat dinner
around here. I don't know if I can wait.

I'll do my best to help
His Highness's valet wait.

That's nice of you.

And I'll do my best to make you happy.


- Where is the marquise's dress?
- Here!


Hey, I'm back.

Where were we?

Making me happy.

Let's get started right away.

- Heads or tails?
- Tails.

- There it is!
- Got it!


Come on, buddy, don't play the general.

I must live up to this uniform.

As should you.

My apologies, Highness.
My daughter should arrive shortly.

There she is.

You were right, Your Highness.
In the country, we drink to seal a deal.

That's why I allowed my father
to invite you to taste our local wine.


you've caught me totally off guard.

First, I beg you to forgive me.

- Would you like your cow back?
- No, thank you.

A cow was never sold so well.

I don't understand.
You've already met His Highness?

A cow brought us together.

I see. A cow.

- Your guests, Father.
- Right.

May I introduce some of our neighbors?

Count and Countess Seremetti.

Marquis and Marquise Tornero.

The prince can't keep his eyes off you.

What a ham!

He's almost too natural as a prince.

Nonsense. If you'd seen me
in The Prince of Jericho...

What a charming surprise to find you here.

Highness, allow me to ask one question.

It's a matter of etiquette.

What is the marquise's exact standing
in your retinue?

Forgive me. I understand.

No, you don't.

- Here you go.
- At last.

Tell me, His Highness and the marquise...

Don't be indiscreet. It's a state secret.

Something smells good.

It's the flowers
I picked for you this morning.

Thank you. That's very romantic.

But it's not flowers I smell.
It smells like good grub.

We're right over the kitchen.

That's good
because I'm a compulsive eater.

- I compulsively -
- Yes, yes.

What is the marquise's real name?

Marquise de Pompadour.

- Pompadour?
- Yes.

Wasn't she Napoleon's mistress?

Napoleon stole her from Julius Caesar
at the Battle of Pavia.

- But don't tell anyone.
- Why not?

Because of spies.


Where did my valet disappear to?

It's his duty to stand behind me at meals.

My dear Count, would you be so kind as to...


- Summon the butler.
- Yes, sir.

To start, risotto.

I love risotto.

- I made it myself.
- That makes me love it more.

I'm in for a treat!

His Highness demands that
his valet rejoin him immediately.

- Tell His Highness that -
- That?

That I'm coming.

Watch out.

- What is it?
- Why aren't you in your spot?

- Where's my spot?
- Behind me.

I was about to dine.

- Excuse me?
- I said...

I couldn't find the dining room.

He's a bit odd, but very efficient.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I beg you to forgive me,
but tradition calls

for the valet to taste each dish
before it touches His Highness's lips.

You might not know it,

but the Borgias poisoned
two of His Highness's ancestors

with veal and green peas.

God rest their souls.

He stole that from a film we just shot.

Your Highness may now eat without fear.


Take it.

- It's tradition.
- Now, the wine.

- Enough.
- But I must.

- That's enough.
- If you say so.

Baron, please excuse
my servant's strange ways.

It's so hard to find good help these days.

Would you like to taste it?

Who, me? No.

You usually uphold tradition.

Highness, I wouldn't dare -

I give you permission.

- Drink.
- But...


It's wonderful.

Bottoms up, to my health.

- Permission to leave?
- Granted.

What a disaster! Know what we get to eat?

"Iced melon. Violet consommé.

Veal with artichoke hearts.
Mandarin pudding."

We're not rabbits! We don't eat veggies.

- Violet consommé?
- Violets go in a vase.

- Or in a buttonhole, but not in soup!
- I'd rather starve.

Listen, guys, I found the larder.

Come on, I'll show you.

Count, I assure you,

nowhere are hens treated better than here.

Would you excuse me for a minute?

I need to check on my men.

Go ahead. That's kind of you.

I'll be right back.

The prince is so charming.

- And you've only just met him.
- Unfortunately.

Have you known him long?


At attention! It's His Highness.

- Are you satisfied?
- Yes, Highness.

- Well fed?
- That's right, Highness.

I see you're enjoying it. Chicken?

Top quality, Highness.

I'll leave you to it.

- Good night, boys.
- Good night, Highness.

That filthy swine!

- I feel sick.
- What's wrong?

My mouth is burning. Just my luck!

Finally I meet a pretty girl
and my mouth is on fire.

- That's a shame.
- You have no idea.

It hurts. Give me something sweet.

How about... a kiss?

Good idea. A kiss is sweet.

I feel so sick!

- Want some vinegar?
- Yes.



looks like the girl stole your partner.

- So you noticed?
- Immediately.

It's exactly like the second act
of My Sister's Brother

in which I played Gontran -

Give it a rest. I'm sick of your stories.

You're wrong.

In the third act of My Sister's Brother,

the coquette goes to the young lady's room

and it all works out.

I don't see myself playing that scene.

And now, my friends,

it's time, if you will,

to fulfill His Highness's wish...

by singing his favorite song.

- Charming.
- Like every night.


I'm delighted.

What a ham.

What is this sweet mystery

Which makes life gayer?

Even the scent of jasmine

Is deeper and more sensual

What charm am I under?

Why does my hand tremble?

What is this joy

That makes my heart pound?

It's love that has entered my life

That brought back my desire

When close to me

My lover sighs

This tender sound

Makes me smile

It's love that has entered my life

That brought back my desire

Our discreet love affair

Is very secret

But our eyes say everything

Because our love

Is no one's business but ours

What a great shooting location!


I said, "What a secluded location."

Come closer.

Closer. You're not in the frame.


I said, "Come closer,
you're not in danger."

Here, we're perfectly safe.

- Give me a puff.
- With pleasure.

You're extremely photogenic, you know.

If you like, we can do a close-up.

How rude!

You misunderstand.

On the contrary, I'm such a romantic.

I'm also a big romantic.

Here we are, two romantics.



Oh, Bianca.

You don't know me,

but you wouldn't believe
how I burn with passion.

I'm all fire and flame.

Forgive me. Perhaps I went too far.

I don't know what's gotten into me.

I feel volcanic.

My heart is so heavy!

- Leave that cannonball alone.
- Sorry.

It's gone!

Look how pretty the stars are.

Yes, very pretty.

Such a pretty sky. Good Lord!

It's also pretty over there.

- Yes.
- Yes.

We understand each other so well.

We do, Mr.... What's your name?

That's right!

My name is Ottoni.


No, not "Sottoni."

I mean, I am Ottoni.


No. I mean, Ottoni.

Got it. Nottoni.

I'll tell you some other time.

You're sweet.



It's her.


Bianca, say something!
It's your Totto-Notto -



They still haven't arrived.

Not the stars, nor the extras,
nor the sailors.

They've vanished into thin air.
I've called everywhere!

In that case,
why don't you retrace yesterday's route?

- They have to be somewhere.
- I'll make them pay for this!

May I?

Lovely window, isn't it?

- Did I scare you?
- A bit.

It was just a shadow.
And a silly one, at that.

Leave me alone.

- I want to cry.
- Cry?

- I also want to laugh.
- Then laugh.

I can't do both at once.


Is it really your favorite song?

What song?

The one the marquise sings you
every night.

I met the marquise this morning.

- You expect me to believe you?
- Why not?


Tell me.

You two seem so intimate,

and the love in her voice as she sang...

Is that all?

When you're in love,

you sing that song very differently.

See over there

That beautiful dream castle?

It rises before us

On the banks of the river

A princess who sleeps

That's you, asleep

In my dreams

It's me that awakes you

A long kiss to pull you from your dream

Unfortunately, happiness is too fleeting

The hour when we must part

Has rung

Our fairy tale is done

And our lovely castle

Fades away


With all the respect I owe Your Highness...

what you are is enough for me.

What am I?


Come in.

- You?
- Yes.

Expecting someone else?

I saw your light was still on
so I came to borrow a book.

- I can't sleep.
- I'm glad to help.

Light reading or something serious?

I prefer things to stay light.

I prefer them to be serious.

Just as I thought.

I'd like to spare you some heartbreak.

Tell me.

First, I'm not a marquise.

I'm a movie star.

- And the prince -
- Is an actor?

No, not even.

Just an extra. Until now anyway.

He could be a great actor.
Maybe a famous lover.

- Lover?
- The officers are also extras.

We played a joke
which might get us in trouble.

So... it was just an act.

Thank you.

It was my duty to tell you the truth.

Quite right.

I'll keep quiet.
I don't want my father to find out.

Good night, miss.

Good night.

Come on.

Don't be so sad.

My hens! Where are my Japanese hens?

The sailors ate them.

Virginia, can you believe
what has befallen us?

And on your sixth birthday!

To be sacrificed for a prince
is a noble fate.

Let me.

What are you doing?

I'm filming.
You know what filming is, don't you?

- You're crazy!
- Not at all.

I think it's romantic.

I love cl - classicism.

- What if someone sees you?
- The whole castle is sleeping.

Put away your camera
or our cover is blown.

Too bad for your gigolo.

That'll teach him
to pretend to be a prince!

Get used to him. He'll be my next partner.

Your next partner? For this, sure!

- He has talent!
- Talent?

- His talent must be hidden.
- You're unfair.

- Are you leaving or not?
- I'm capturing the romance!

Go right ahead.

I'll eat my breakfast.

- Breakfast? It's already served?
- Of course.

- There's eggs.
- Eggs?

- Ham.
- Ham?

- Jam.
- Jam?

- Bread. Honey.
- Honey?

- Truffles.
- Truffles?

- Lobster à l'américaine.
- Lobster?




Lower arms.


- Good morning.
- Morning, Highness.

At ease.

- Dear Baron.
- Dear Prince.

Did you know that brevity
is the soul of wit?

- Excuse me?
- Make any excuse and leave.

- Baron?
- Extra.

- I see.
- Yes.

I ask only one thing,

that you leave as you came -


I beg you.

- Listen, I -
- No. Please.

- There you are!
- Go away, Tonio.

- You know who I am?
- Yes.

I'm leaving.

- But yesterday you said -
- That's not the point.

You should've told me the truth.

What if I'd confessed I was just an extra
who took a joke a bit too far?

My reaction might be different,

but my heart would remain the same.

I don't appreciate such pranks.

I want you to arrest the whole gang.

Yes, all of them,
when they go through Porta Nigra.

Certainly, Baron. Thank you.

Let the sailors pass.

In the name of the law,
you're under arrest.

- It was bound to happen.
- What's this all about?

About? You'll find out in court.

Take them away. Forward. March.


Mayor, enough joking.

I swear that I'm Prince Mirano.

If he keeps this up,
we won't even get a deferred sentence.

I demand you let me pass with my retinue.

Maybe we're mistaken?

There you are!

What got into you? You're all nuts!

You've caused me so much trouble!

Don't worry,
you'll hear it from the director!

Excuse me, who are you? And who are they?

Get away from me.

They are actors
and I'm the production manager.

Actors? Manager? Throw them into prison!

Baron, we've just gotten a call
from Porta Nigra.

The prince and his retinue
were just movie actors.

- He knows.
- You knew?

They've been arrested.

- Arrested.
- Arrested?

Now they'll eat my corn au gratin!

Corn au gratin.

Without leaving a tip!

You intend to imprison those people?

Yes. They've all been arrested.

Mayor, set those people free.

Sorry, Baroness,
but it's in the governor's hands.


We'll see about that.

Wait for His Highness.

What are you thinking about?

The Man in the Iron Mask.

Yes, it's a dire situation.

We'll probably starve to death.

- Starve?
- Starve.

What an awful fate!

- You're a swine.
- No, I'm a prince.

The prince of swine, like I said.

Where's His Highness?

His Highness? Where he deserves to be.

Listen, Mayor, and listen well.

These are real bullets.
They work with real rifles,

especially when shot by real sailors.

Would you like to try it out?

Over my dead body!

- Set them free.
- In the back!

Thank you.

Thank the baroness, Highness. She sent us.

Baroness Billichini? I know.

- Where is she now?
- She left, Your Highness.

- So the trick was on us!
- He certainly fooled us.

It reminds me of my stunning success
in The Charterhouse of Parma.

- You acted in it?
- No.

The prince.

I'm sorry, but I'll have
to resign from my part.

- I understand.
- I have another profession.

- You really are Prince Mirano.
- I am.

It's a pity. I lost my acting partner.

Unfortunately for me.

- Hello, miss.
- Governor, I must speak to you!

Sorry, but I must attend
to an urgent affair

involving Prince Mirano.


Prince Mirano. He's here with his ship.

Maybe it's the same affair
I needed to speak to you about.

An individual pretending to be the prince?

This individual...

Nothing bad must happen to him.


- Take me with you.
- As you wish.

You all know your lines?
We'll do it again with sound.

In this part, there's no more romance.

Pity. I love romance.

You're back on the boat.
The prince left. You cried.

It shows? I need powder.

No. I want the audience to see your tears.

Audiences love tears.

Use glycerin drops.

- This time, I don't need them.
- As you wish.

- You know your role?
- I know every role.

- Shall I list them for you?
- No.

- Ruy Blas -
- Stop!

You're missing out.

- You'd better fix your makeup.
- Really?

Let's do it.

I can't tell you where His Highness is
nor when he'll return.

Every minute counts!

Stop. Cut!

- Bravo, Maria. Your finest performance!
- Really?

As I watched you cry, my heart broke.

You played the scene like the prince,
totally naturally.

You're not so dumb.

I'm aware of that.
I'm a compulsive eater, not dumb.

Kiss me.

- Kid, you're really sad?
- Yes.

Eat something. It will help.

See, Ottoni,

we aren't made for castle life.

Why do you always look through
your contrast glass?

Because with this,

everything that's fake looks real
and everything that's real looks fake.

It's much better that way.

Back to work! Let's shoot.

We're filming.