Dream Boy (2008) - full transcript

Shy and withdrawn, Nathan (played by Stephan Bender) is new to his school, unusually smart (a grade ahead) and the silent tension at home nearly unbearable. Mom, Dad, and Nathan have moved constantly, town after town, landing, inexplicably, in god-fearing "St. Francesville". Roy (played by the multi-talented Max Roeg), a year older than Nathan, confident and hard-working, drives the bus to their school while a friendship blooms between them into a relationship that is fraught with confusion and yearning. But secrets pick at the relationship, the unspoken rules of their angst-driven interactions unravel as Nathan's world again comes crashing inwards. Tension crescendos as shame and terror, stress and disaster all compete to immobilize and destroy both of their worlds.

I hope you'll come back to us.

We will.
Thank you brother.

It's nice
to meet you.

Why you too, Sir.

What is it ?


We used to
live in Lake Charles ...

... but my dad got a job
where he moves around a lot.

Now we live
by the lake on Poke's Road.

Well welcome Nathan,
thank you.

Doesn't look like your daddy's
going to make it home for dinner.

Father, we come to you
in the name of Jesus.

We pray for each others needs,
as we know them to be ...

... and Father,
as you know them to be.

Give us the courage and the ability
to keep us strong witnesses ...

Why don't
you come sit here.

I got so much stuff to do
on top of my homework ...

... I'm about to go crazy.

You have to work ?

I got chores
to do for my dad.

I got a prayer
group meeting at church ...

... and I got this
paper to write in English ...

... and I don't want to.

I'm good at
that kind of stuff.

You are ?

I like English.

Well I'll come over
later and you can help me.

It's about railroads,
the paper is.

I can help with
some other stuff, like math.

I'm pretty
good at math.


See ya.


I like Brother Will.

I like him better
then Preacher Rutherford.

All he does is talk about
sinners and going to hell.

I'm tired.

I was dancing all day.

Got to let me come and
watch you practice some time.

You wanna ride ?


We should probably go.


You sure it's ok ?

Yeah, I was just finishing up my homework
while you were doing your chores.

Ms. Johnson said you skipped a grade.
You supposed to be pretty good at English.

Even if you are
younger then me.

I just hate
to write stuff.

I like it okay.

I copied this down from
The World Book Encyclopedia.

There's a lot
of information here.

You should really
narrow down your topic.

What about
just steam engines ?


I thought you boys
might want something to drink.

Thank you, Ma'am.

I guess I ought to be embarrassed getting
a kid like you to help me with my homework.

I take English
with the juniors.

It's just one grade below you,
I'm not a kid.

Why ...
I didn't mean it bad.

I just mean you're a bit
younger then me, that's all.

I appreciate the help.

You'll like living out
here in the summer time.

It's real peaceful,
nobody comes around.

Is it okay to
walk in the woods ?

Yeah, I go out there all the time.
There are some great places out there.

Camping grounds,
Indian burial mounds ...

... there's even a
haunted house and stuff !

I'll show you.

I bet you got a lot of work to do,
because it's a farm ?

Yeah ... it's all outdoor stuff.
I like that.

What about you,
Nathan ?

You ever live
on a farm before ?

No, we lived
in towns mostly before.

But my dad wanted
to live in the country this time.

So, why'd
you move out here ?

Nobody moves
to St. Francisville.

Well my dad got a job,
selling tractors in Shenandoah.

You sure do like
this school stuff don't you ?

It's alright I guess.

I don't see how
anyone could like school.

Beats staying
home all the time.

So you stay at
home too much, huh ?

We can fix that.

it's almost bedtime sweetheart.

It's good.

Thanks, Nathan.

You want to
hold onto these for me ?

Hey Nathan.


Hey my dad's got a new Marlin ... 30/30.
She got some real kick to her.

We should take it out this weekend,
do us some deer hunting.

You ever been
hunting before Nathan ?

- No.
- You should come.

Even if you don't kill
anything, hunting's fun.

We should go out for the
whole weekend, camp out.

I mean we've been
talking about going camping.

Yeah well all I say's
it's talk because ahh ...

... someone can't get away
from the girlfriend for a weekend ...

... spend time with his buddies.

Yeah ... you're the hold up Roy.
What do you say ?


See ya.

I told you I was coming,
you forget ?


Algebra's simple.

Learn to work from
both sides of the equation.

So, Mr. Sawyers'
department store sells socks.

Six a pair for $1.97.

How many
nickels in $1.97 ...

... if you have four quarters,
six dimes, and two pennies ?

Well, first you subtract.

Then divide to
find the value of X.

There is a graveyard
over yonder.

Can we go there ?

Sure you want to ?

I want to.

Kennicutt's used
to own all this land.

Thats what people say.

There were two
Kennicutt plantations.

One that burned down ...
another one, off in the wood.

Why is it
called Poke's Road ?

Poke's Road
stretches a long way.

There must have been
some Pokes on it once upon a time.

Bring my
books in the morning.

I going home.

Where'd you go ?

Out back.

There's a
graveyard out there.

By yourself ?

With the boy next door ...

... Roy.

Ahh ...

... he's a nice boy.

There's a
western on the TV.

You ought to come
watch it with your daddy.

No, Sir.

Alright ...

Go on to bed.

John, Chapter XIII,
verses 21-26.

Jesus was deeply troubled,
and he testified ...

... " One of you will betray me " ...

The disciples looked at one another
at a loss as to whom he meant.

One of his disciple,
the one Jesus loved ...

... was reclining
at his side.

John leaned back
on Jesus's chest, and said ...

... " Master, who is it ? " ...

And Jesus answered ...

... " It is the one " ...

... " to whom I will hand the morsel " ...

... " after I have dipped it. " ...

And so he dipped the morsel
and handed it ...

... to Judas.

Son of Simon the Iscariot.

Let us pray.

You coming in ?


What are
you doing after ?

I got homework,
and I got to run an errand.

You want
some company ?

No, I got to pick up
a prescription for my mama ...

... she's waiting on it.

- Is she okay ?
- Yeah, she is.

Do you want
to go inside ?

Touch me.

Did you ever do this before,
with anybody ?

You promise ?

I promise.
I've never done this with, anybody.

It's okay if
it's just me and you.

Hi boy.

Hi Mom.

Hi Nathan.


Roy tells me you just
moved here from somewhere ...

... but for the life of me
I can't think of where.

Lake Charles.

Yeah ...

... we used to live
in Slidell before that.

Then Pearl River.

Pearl River's
a nice town.

Don't you get tired
of moving around so much ?

Sometimes ...

... but it's
alright though.

Your family goes to
the Baptist church in Clinton ?

Yes, Ma'am.

You know, we go to
The Holiness Church in Jackson.

And I just wanted to tell you
that your daddy and your mama ...

... and you are
welcome to join us anytime.

Thanks, Ma'am.

I better go look
after Roy's daddy.

If you boys want
anything let me know.

Thanks, Ma'am.

- It was nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.

You want to go
riding around town tonight ?

I have to
ask my mom.

I'm sure she'll say yes,
if ... you come with me.

Hey, Mom.

Please Ma'am, I was hoping you might
let Nathan come out riding with us tonight.

Well you know your daddy
don't like you to run around ...

... and we got that
church supper tonight.

I don't have to
go this time do I ?

Well ...


Him and me and church is ...
plenty for one night.

Thanks, Mom.

Thanks, Ma'am. I 'll have him back
by eleven o'clock, I promise.

Get ready,
I'll meet you by my truck.

Nathan ...

Yes, Mama ?

You need
some money ?

I have five dollars.

You know your daddy's
been real nervous lately ...

... and I couldn't get
him to lay down last night.

He didn't rest.

So where
are we going ?

We're going to
meet Randy and Burke.

You drink beer ?

Yeah ...

You reckon you
can keep quiet about it ?

It doesn't bother
me that you drink beer.

It's okay.

Answer my question.

I can keep
quiet about it.

I can keep
quiet about anything.

We're going swimming.
That's where we're going.

But I can't swim.

You can watch me.

Did you see that ride,
now quick, in.

What did you
think about that ?

Pretty high.

High alright.

Bet you won't do it.

Bet I won't either.

I'm with you Nathan.

I ain't jumping
off that top part either.

I got no need
to break my neck.

Well I do.

Glad you came
out here with us Nathan.

Leave him alone
Burke, he can't swim.

Well maybe he'll
learn if I through him in.

Don't bother
him Burke, I mean it !

Are you going to be man enough
to jump in this water right now ...

... or am I going to have to throw you in ?
- I don't want you to throw me in !

- Then are you going to jump ?
- I want you to let me go !

- Leave him alone, let go of him.
- I didn't throw him in the water.

I should have though.

Nice try buddy.

Yes it was.

What did you think ?

Looked like something
was chasing you all the way down.

I wish I could swim.

I'll teach you.

Next time it
will be just us.

Want to go
somewhere now ?

Want to go to a
movie or something ?

I don't mind.

Do you mind ?

What ?

Coming out here.

No, I don't mind.

Maybe we can go
to a movie sometime too.

I ain't trying
to hurt anybody.

You ain't
hurt nobody.

Touch me.

Who've you
been screwing like that.

Huh ?

Who taught
you to screw like that ?

- Answer me !
- Nobody !

- You're lying !
- No, I'm not !

Roy ?

Roy, please ...

Harland !

Come on downstairs.

Nathan ?

I'm talking
to you Nathan.

I know you're awake,
I saw your eyes come open.

Did you have a
good time tonight ?

You better answer me,
or I'm coming in there.

Yes, Sir.

Your mama's the one who
said it was alright for you to go out.

It wasn't me.

Where'd you boys go ?


Did you go
swimming too ?

No, Sir.

That's right,
you don't know how.

Open your
eyes, Nathan.

Look at your dad.

I'm sleeping.

Open your eyes !

Harland !

what you doing up there ?

I talking to Nathan.

Come on downstairs,
leave him alone, he's tired.

Let me check on
Nathan for a moment ...

... and I'll be
down there in a little while.

You promised me,
that you wouldn't bother him.

I told
you it's alright.

I'm checking on him
to see if he had a good time.

You shouldn't
let him go out like that.

He ought to come
to church with us.

He can come to
church with us on Sunday.

Come on downstairs.


Come on.

Did he touch you ?
Did he touch you ?!?

Nathan !

you out here ?

I called you
a couple times.

alright ?

everything's fine.

I was kind of hoping
I'd get to see you on Friday.

I had some stuff
that I needed to do.

I know that there
is something wrong.

Why don't you
just tell me what it is ?

What is it ?

Did do something ?

- No, nothing, I just got to get home.
- Roy ...

Please ...

Nathan !

Nathan !

Roy !

Come back !

How long have
you been out here ?

Since after supper.

You were out
here last night too.


I got to go inside pretty soon,
my parents will be wondering where I am.

It's ok,
I'll be fine.

- You can't stay out here.
- Yes I can.

You should
come to my house.

Your parents
would send me home.

You can sleep in the
barn tonight, I'll show a place.

You and your
folks have a fight ?

Yeah ...
something like that.

You'll be
safe in here okay.



You sleep ?


Think your
mom's awake.

Light's on
in your kitchen.

I'll hide these.
You get ready for school, okay ?

Don't run from me !

Get away from him !

So I talked to
Burke and Randy.

We're going to go
camping this weekend.


About time you
lazy assholes got here.

I see you got your
mama to let you come with us.

That's good.

Nathan ain't no baby.

So ...

Where we going ?

A secret place
my uncle showed me.

A good long walk in the woods.
Pretty far from everything.

What the fuck's here ?

You'll see.

We'll see !?

Shut up Burke,
enjoy the walk.

So much
for nice weather.

You don't
want none for yourself ?


What's the matter ?

Want some more ?

No I'm good.

Alright, you
tell me when partner.

A lot of people
killed in these woods.

Don't start
now Roy.

No, I mean it.

Two men just killed
here last summer wasn't it ?

That's right.

Two of them.

Them two suckers
from East Baton Rouge.

They found one of them hanging
upside down with his nuts cut off.

You two son of a
bitches don't scare me.

You know a lot of
stories Roy, don't you.

What do you
say, Randy ?

Want to hear
some ghost story ?

Suit yourself.


So this man
from Madisonville ...

... going out with a girl,
shouldn't been going out with.

She was married.

She didn't wanted to
leave her husband because ...

... he was
a rich man and ...

... they lived in this
huge mansion together.

So, this man,
Jimmy Hicks ...

... decides he's
going to kill this guy.

Because he wants
this girl all to himself.

So he drives up
to this huge mansion.

The door's like
nearly twice the size of him.

He knocks on the door
... three times.

Woman's husband
comes out ...

... he pulls a hatchet
from behind his back.

The guy tries to plead with him
but it doesn't make any difference.

So he turns
and runs ...

... and Jimmy brings the hatchet
right down on the guys' back.

But he doesn't
stop there ...

... he keeps
on swinging.

He chops the
guy up into little bits.

With that
last swing ...

... cuts the
guys hand right off.

Now, he decides
he's going to bury him ...

... in his
own backyard.

He takes him
out back ...

digs a grave, tosses
the body in piece by piece.

Then when he's
finished he remembers ...

the bloody hand,
with all the fingers ...

Damn it Burke !
Cut it out !

But he goes back,
and the hand's not there.

So he figures he
must have buried it.

He goes home ...

... take a shower,
wash all the blood off.

When he comes
out it's dead quiet.

Hears a knock
at the door.

He goes up
to the peep hole ...

... no one there.

So, he figures his mind's
just playing tricks on him.

He turns,
goes to bed.

Now sometime in
the middle of the night ...

... he wakes up.

He can't breathe.

He reaches out but
there is nobody there.

There's a weight,
on his throat.

He tries
to get up ...

... and he goes to
the mirror by his bedside ...

... and he sees
the hand ...

... wrapped
around his throat.

Now every
now and then ...

... police in Madisonville
find two lovers dead.

They don't even bother
questioning anybody ...

... because
they know ...

... it's the curse that was brought
on by Jimmy Hicks that done them in.

Scared yet,
Nathan ?


Hear that ?

coming in.

Better get some
more wood for the fire.

Come on.

- Need some help ?
- No, that's okay.

Nathan !

What are
you looking at ?


Just listening to
the wind.

Listen a minute.
Wild !

It sounds like
someone's voice.

It's going to rain.

Come on.

Thank you for bringing
me out here.

I used to go camping when I was
little with my dad all the time.

We don't so much stuff like
that any more though.

I've never been camping
with my dad before.

I don't like your
dad much.

He came out to the barn the
other day to talk to me.

Talked about
you some.

He said he noticed we were
getting to be good friends.

He was glad you were
getting out of the house.

He said you
were too quiet.

You live
in your head.

You stay at
home too much.

Says you make up things
that never happened before.

I think he figured out I knew
where you were sleeping.

Do you mind that I don't do the
same thing back to you ?

I don't mind.

it's slippery.

Now go this way.

Lets rest
for a while.

Still got a ways
further to walk.

It's hot out here.

It sure is.

Well this place
is a little spooky.

People don't come
out here much anymore.

My Uncle Heben used to
take me out here when I was little.

Where ?

What the
hell's out here ?

There's a
farm at the end.

Big house.
Nobody lives there anymore.

No thanks,
not yet.

- Roy ?
- No.

more for myself.

Lets walk.

This is what I
wanted to show you.

It's a,
plantation house.

My dad told
me about this place.

He saw one time
when he was hunting.

I didn't know there was
ever any plantation out here.

Kennicutt's owned it.

They were kin to some of the people
who owned our farm where you live Nathan.

The place is
supposed to be haunted.

My Uncle Heben says he saw
it in a book about Louisiana ghosts.

The last full blooded
Kennicutt who lived there ...

... got killed by
one of the slaves.

They cut
off his head.

Legend has it ...

... he still walks around the
place looking for it.

My Uncle Heben
told me ...

... that every family
that's lived there since ...

... has had a tragedy.

It's been abandoned for
over thirty years.

Roy, sounds like you're
telling ghost stories again.

This is true.

I say we go
get a closer look.

That figures.

Let's go
upstairs first.

Nathan !

You awake,
Nathan ?

What is that ?

What's that
down there ?

That's blood
ain't it ?

Looks like it.

that smell ?

- It's sulphur.
- How do you know ?

They say the devil
used to smell like sulphur.

that's real funny.

- Shit.
- What is that ?

- Did you see that ?
- Yeah.

- I don't see anything.
- Shut up !

- He's there.
- Where, do you see him ?

I think he's full of shit, man.
There's nothing out there.

Just be quiet !

No man, he's trying to scare us.
Son of a bitch.

- Give me the flashlight.
- No I'll hold onto it.

Come on Randy,
lets see what's up there.

Come on.

That just sure scared
the shit out of me.

Did you really
see something ?

My uncle told me he
saw a ghost here one time.

Do you think
that's what we saw ?

I don't know.

But if it is a ghost
I bet it's that old man.

If someone cut my head,
I would want it back.

There's more
ghosts then that.

How do
you know ?

I don't, it just ... just feels
like there are all kinds of ghosts.

You try to
scare me now ?


But this place does
feel like there's people in it.

Don't you think so ?

I don't know.

Have you ever been
to a place ...

... where it feels like
you've been there before ?


You feel like
you been here before ?

Not quite.

More like
I'll never leave.

Nathan !

What is it ?

I thought I heard something.

It's probably
he guys.

Do you remember what we
did when you were a little boy ?

What is it ?

What's wrong ?
What do you see ?

I thought
I saw somebody.

Don't look.

I don't know what it is you see,
but don't look anymore.

What are you doing ?

So !

- This is what you guys do ?
- Get the hell out of here.

- Did you see that Randy ?
- Yeah.

Looks like Roy
sucks dick pretty good.

Jesus Roy !
You do that to him ?

Get away !!!

Nathan ?

I saw you !

When Roy had your dick
in his mouth.

When he was in front of you,
on his knees.

Did you suck
his cock ?

I wasn't doing that.
It wasn't like that.

Yes it was !

You don't
like me do you ?

You're not
going nowhere.

Jesus ...

Jesus he's
dead ain't he ?

Go catch up
with Burke.

You figure it happened
like Burke said ?

I don't trust
nothing Burke said.

Go on now.

He's over
here Mr Davies.

... and He shall dwell with them ...

... and they will be his people ...

... and He will be their God ...

... and God shall wipe away ...

... all tear from their eyes ...

... and there will be no more death ...

... neither sorrow ...

... nor crying ...

... neither shall there be any more pain ...

... for the former things are past away ...

... and He that sat on the throne said ...

" Behold, I make all things new "

Nathan !