Dream (2008) - full transcript

In the aftermath of a car crash, a man discovers his dreams are tied to a stranger's sleepwalking.

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A hit-and-run accident.

Check all the nearby
surveillance cameras.

Excuse me.

Did you witness
the hit-and-run accident?


Yes, the car hit them
and stoppedfor a moment.

After checking the accident,
it fled.

What color was the car
that hit them?

We don't know yet.

We're checking what's on
the surveillance camera.

Are you a witness?

Vehicle confirmed, SilverKiaOptima sedan.
Ownedby Lee Ran.

Address is Seoul, Chongro-gu,
Gahwe-dong 1-192.

Locatethevehicle and arrest suspect.

Yes, sir.

Silver Kia Optima?

Who told you to listen
to my walkie talkie?

Officer Lee!

This is the police.
Open the door.

What are you doing?
Who said l caused an accident?

l was in bed!

Come outside.

Are you that car's owner?

Who messed up my car?

Let's go.

Let go of me!
Who did this to my car!

Come with us.

Let's talk at the police station.


Get in the car!

Why do you keepfollowing us?

We've caught the criminal
so go away.

l was in bed at that time.

Why are you making
me into a criminal?

Calm down!
This is police station!

l never caused that accident.
Let me go now.

Are you this car's owner?


This was taken at 2:1 0 am

by a surveillance camera
near the accident.

We'll get to the bottom of
this eventually.

Like l said before,
l swear l was in bed at the time.

l'm not someone
who roams around late at night.

You can't come in here so get out.

l think this has something
to do with me.

What are you talking about?
Get out of here.

Will you keep lying
even after seeing this?

l swear l went to bed
at midnight.

All l can remember was you
knocking at my door at 5am.

We obviously have enough evidence,
so why do you keep lying?

We evenfound
your engine over-heated.

l wasn't driving!

Why'd you wake me up
in the middle of the night?

We have evidence.

She's telling the truth.

Who are you?

He's beenfollowing us ever since
we were at the accident site.

l'm the criminal.

Do you know this woman well?

No, it's the first time
l've met her.

Then why are you
sticking upfor her?

Because l'm the criminal.

What evidence do you have
to incriminate yourself?

When lfollowed
my ex-girlfriend's car,

a car popped out of nowhere,
and l slammed on the brakes.

But it was too late
and l crashed.

You already saw that
at the car accident site.

No, it's not true!

She's also saying that
it wasn't her.

Who causes an accident and
blatantly leaves the car at her house?

l swear l hit that car
at that very spot in my dream.

ln your dream?

Yes, in my dream.

Are you kidding?

No, l'm not.

l'm telling you, it was the exact
same spot in the dream.

l didn't want to lose my ex's car,
so l took off.

l saw a drunk guy at a crosswalk
and woke up surprised.

You'll find skid marks at the crosswalk
because l hit the breaks.

Sergeant Lee! Throw him out!

The car lfollowed
was a white Hyundai Sonata!

He's right.

A white Sonata passed by
before the accident.

And there are skid marks
at the next crosswalk.

A drunk man was
also captured on camera.

Let me get this straight.

You dreamt it
and she acted it out?

lf this woman can't remember
what she did,

then she must be a sleepwalker.

So do you walk
in your sleep, Miss?

Now let her go.

We should charge you instead because
you matched the description of the car?

Plus, you saw it in your dream!

And what about this picture?

Does the camera lie?

This is you.

lsn't it?

Why do you keep insisting
when She's innocent?

l told you l'm the one who did it.

You stay out of this!

How can a dream turn real?

A dream is a dream
and reality is reality!

Get him out of here!

l'm telling you,
l caused the accident in my dream!

She's innocent!

He's a total psycho!
Drag him out of here!

Why aren't you listening to me?

What's the matter?

Are youfeeling guilty now?

She's my patient.

She only used to wander
around at night.

Now she drove her car
and caused an accident.

A sleepwalker drives
her car around,

gets into an accident and goes
right back to sleep?

There are even cases where people
commit murder and don't remember it.

Then what now?

There's undisputable evidence
against her.

She's suffering from a severe case
of sleepwalking.

The best is to settle things
with the car accident victims.

What if they don't settle?

l'll persuade them.

lt wasn't afatal accident anyway.

They'll understand
if l explain the situation.

l'm responsiblefor half of this.

What do you mean by that?

l dreamt the same thing.

lt was exactly
the same situation and place.

When did you start dreaming?

A week ago.

Her symptoms also started then.

l couldn't remember
what l dreamt before.

Lately, l remember my dreams
so clearly.

l had to go
to the scene of the accident.

Because itfelt so real.

A dream is a memory.

Through a dream you can see

not only the memory of birth
but of many past generations as well.

A dream is also a person's
fear of the future.

What is yourfear?

Having many sad moments.

What do you see now?

l don't see anything.
lt's dark.

Now what do you see?

l see many lights spreading out.

And now?

The lights scatter.

lfeel like l'm gonna suffocate.

Like it's going to explode.

l'm okay.

Please bring her here.

l'm sorry, it's all myfault.

You don't have to go to the hospital.
l took care of everyhing.

The car is also being repaired.

Why are you meddling
in my affairs?

Because l'm equally responsible.

Don't speak nonsense.

No, the scene of the accident

and the victim's car
were all in my dream.

Two days ago at dawn you returned home
with muddy clothes on, right?

ln the dream a man pushed me
and lfell down.

lt got stained with mud.

What's with you?

lt was all caused by my dreams.

So from now on whatever you dream,
l'll act out in my sleep?

l think so.


The personyou are calling cannot
bereached,Please call again.

Have you eaten?

Yes, how about you?

l'll treat you next time, okay?


Who is that?

This is none of your business.

Leave me alone.

Let go of me.

Who is he?

None of my business?

Stay out of my life!

Who the hell are you?

Who hit you?

l remember the place
where you got hit.

lf you go there,

you'll recognize
the one who hit you.

Aren't you curious?

Here it is.
This is the house.

l came here?

Yes, someone hit me
in front of this house.

This is the car!

Let's just leave.

What's wrong?
Do you know this place?

There's no way that l came here.

Come on, let's go!

Who lives here?

Who's the woman
you're chasing in your dream?

My girlfriend who dumped me.

Do you still love her?


Who's the man you're lookingfor
when you sleepwalk?

My ex-boyfriend who l left.

- Do you still love him?
- No.

l never want to see him again.

You're are on two opposite
ends of a spectrum.

You want to see yourformer lover
through your dream.

And you find yourself sleepwalking
to your ex-boyfriend.

l'm happy just to see her
even if only in dreams.

l willingly go to the man l despise
without knowing.

lt's horrible
just thinking about it.

Your happiness becomes
her misery.

The two of you...

...are one.

How aboutfalling in love
with each other?

Then the dreams will go away,

and the sleepwalking
will be cured.

l still can'tforget
my ex-girlfriend.

l don't want to, either.

There are no limits to a dream.

They can bring
a terrible misfortune.

Remember this.

White and black are
the same color.

Yes, sir!

Don't worry.

Yes, l'll take care of it.

Treat me to a nice meal
if things work out.

Something really nice.

Yes, don't worry too much.

Things will be okay
You can trust me.

Yes, yes,
l understand.

Don't worry at all.

How are you?

What sort of dream
did you have last night?

The mileage on my car went up.

Tell me.

What did l do
when l went to see him?

You kissed him.


Who told you to have
such a dream?

Now do you believe
that we're connected by my dreams?

l despise even seeing him!

But l kissed him?

You can't dream
what you want to dream.

You dreamt about her
because you miss her.

Then what do you want me to do?

l can't just avoid thefeelings
l still havefor her.

And then what did you do

Please stop.

Tell me now!
Don't tease me!

l went to her bed.

You went to her bed?

Then what did you do?

Somebody came and l woke up.

Why are you so angry?

l didn't dream of her
because l wanted to see her.

Don't you think about
how l'dfeel?

What would he think of me?

l dumped him because l hated him.

But l go kiss him and hug him
in the middle of the night!

Am l some crazy woman?

Why do you hate him so much?

He's not such a strange man.

Did you meet him?

No, l saw him from a distance.

Why are youfollowing a man
you don't know?

l was curious about
who he was.

Don't think about
your ex-lover anymore.

Then help me get over her.

Why me?

Then what's therefor me to do?

Erase all my memories overnight?

l'm afraid of your dreams.

l am, too.

ltfelt like she had another man
in my dreams.

She hid me so that
he can't see me.

Don't dream anymore.

Don't sleep.

l'll try.

That's not good enough.

Don'tfall sleep
no matter what.

Stay with me.

lf lfall asleep,
wake me up.

Don't try that with me.


Then don't interfere
with whatever dream l have.

l won't let you sleep!

What are you talking about?

You don't understand,

about how much l despise
and loathe him.

You don't know, either,

about how lfeel about her.

Hello? lt's me.

l'm so sleepy.

Please help me stay awake.

l'm about tofall asleep
l'm barely conscious.

Don't hate me if
l have a bad dream.

l can't help it
if l'm so sleepy.

l'll come over now.

Do me afavor?

Hit me if lfall asleep
before l get there.

lf l don't wake up,
hit me harder.

Are you sure?


l got it.





Thank you.

Don'tfall asleep.


l'm sorry.

Sleep well?

Did you dream anything?

l didn't dream anything
while you were awake.

l'm so relieved
we'vefound a way around it.

But l don't know
how long it will last.

l'll set the clock
and watch it closely.

l'dfeel safe
if we live together like this.


lf you like it, it's yours.

What is it?

What are we doing now?


Why are you sleeping
in my house?

What are you talking about?

l didn't dream anything
What's wrong?

l didn't dream anything.

l didn't dream anything.

l know.

Then why did you come here?

l know you didn't go see him
because you missed him.

Why don't you answer me?

Don't look at that.

l told you not to look at that.

You keep dreaming of her because
you keep these mementos around.

l'll throw them awayfor you.

Why do l have to throw them away?

You weren't even sleepwalking,

tell me why you
went to go see him?

Don't ever go to him again.

Go to bed.

Wake up.

l have to sleep, too.

Just a bit more.

l'm sleepy.


Wake up!

Wake up!

Don'tfall asleep.
You can't sleep.

What happened to me?

Why didn't you wake up?

Nothing would've happened
if you had gotten up before.

You should've kept your promise
to take turns sleeping.

l desperately tried to stay up
l even stuck needles in my head!

Why didn't you get up?


Did l come here earlier?


What did l do?

Don't you know?

What did l do with you?

You liked it,
so what's the matter now?

l liked it?

l don't understand, either.

Even though you hate it,
you keep coming back to me every night.

You're so happy
when you're with me.



Let go!

Go away!

l missed you so much.

Why didn't you answer
my call yesterday?

Were you busy?

l left my phone at home.

Honey, lfeel
so heartbroken lately.

l go crazy
if l don't see you.

You're not seeing
someone else, right?

How come you don't trust me?

l can trust you, right?


l'll kill you
if you leave me.

You're all that l have.

Do you like me that much?

Yes, l do.

You slut! Are you sure?


Who are you thinking about
when you close your eyes?

What bastard
are you thinking about?

Stay still!

Stay still.

You bitch,
what did you do yesterday?

l was home.

l went to your house.

Be frank with me.
Who did you meet?

Tell me your password.

Give me your phone.

l want to go home now.

l'm sick of you!

Hurry! Tell me your password!
Before l go nuts!

What's the matter with you?

Answer me! You bitch!

Who did you meet yesterday?

You crazy bastard,
go see a shrink!

Who's the one
who made me like this?

l wasn't like this before.

l gave up everyhingfor you!

l regret it so much!

l sacrificed just as much!

But why are you
always like this?

Kill me instead, you bastard.

You're the one
who made me go crazy.

Let's die together instead.

Hey! Hey!

Crazy bastard.

You imagine things in your head
and get jealousfor no reason!

Yeah, l'm crazy!
You made me like this!

Son of a bitch.

l want to rip you apart!

l'd rather you kill me.

You are pathetic.

Come here!

Let go of me!

What's your next dream?


Why are you saying that?

What can you not do in a dream?

White and Black. One Color.

l'm sleepy.

Go to sleep.

Where have you been?

lfollowed the butterfly.

There's no butterfly
during the winter.

Don't worry and go to sleep.

Wake up.

Come on! Wake up!

Did you sleep well?

Calm down!

Calm down!

She's innocent!

l'm the one who did it!

l did it all!

She has nothing to do with this!

Did you kill him?
What's with you?

l killed him!

Who killed him?

Just now you said
it was her.

Hey, take both of them
to the station.

Who killed him?

l killed him.

But why was she holding
the murder weapon?

l did it, it was me.

Why did you kill him?

l killed him because she
was seeing another man.

Where did you
get the handcuffs?

l bought them
at a military supplies store.

Are you going to keep this up?

l'm the criminal.

lt happened
because l dreamt about it.

Do you think murder
is some kind of a joke?

Why don't you trust my dream?

lt happened
because l dreamt it!

You're a total nut case.

Take him away!

Let go!

Stay still!

Shut up! Stay still!

l'm not crazy!
My dream was crazy!

l'm telling you,
it's my dream!

- Let go!
- Stay still, you bastard!

Stop it! Leave him!

My dream was crazy!

lt was you who killed him.

What are you smiling about?

Are you crazy, too?

All of it happened
because of my dream.

Stop talking about dreams!
You're confusing me!


Everyone has a dream
about killing someone at some point.



Request a psychiatric testfor her.

Yes, sir.

l'm sorry

lt was all because of me.

- Move aside!
- l promise!

l promise l won't sleep
from now on!

l won't sleep again!

Nothing will happen to
you anymore!

Lee Ran!
You have a visitor!

Lee Ran!
You have a visitor!

Lee Ran!
You have a visitor!

When will she come?

When will she come?

Stop it, okay?

Stop it.

Stop it, you bitch!

Lee Ran!
You have a visitor!

Lee Ran!
You have a visitor!

lfeel like l'll go crazy.

ltfeels like hell.

Are there anymore dreams left?

Whatever dream it is,

l won't hate youfor it.

lf l die,
the dreams will go away.

Sleeping is not like dying.


What do you see?

l see a butterfly.

l love you.


KIM Ki-duks 1 5th film