Dreadout: Tower of Hell (2019) - full transcript

Jessica, Beni, Dian, Alex, Erik, and Linda want to increase their popularity through recording their adventures to upload to their social media accounts. They chose to go to an abandoned ...

Hold it! Don't let it go!

Hold it!

Read! I know you can read this.


Calm down, honey!

-It will be over in a minute.



Open the door! Right now!

Just read the writing!

It must open up now.


The writing will appear, right?

Start reading!



Those who reside...

in the mystical world.

-Keep reading! Go on!

-Daddy, quick!

Welcome us...

Don't you dare say those words!

Read! Read!


Police! Get down!

It's over!


Don't get so tired, okay?

What time
did you finish your work last night?

As usual, Miss, at 9:00 p.m.

That's my shift.

Next semester, if you don't get a better
mark, I'll report this to Mr. Danang.

-Here, Sir.
-You will work over time today.

Siska isn't working today.

Turn off your cellphone.

Don't play with your cellphone at work.

You use your cellphone all the time!

Who is this?


I will work late.

Don't get too tired, Dad.

Remember to take the medicine.




Say hi.

What are you doing anyway?

Doing a live stream.

That's it. It's so cool.

I've told you your face could be popular.

Oh, shit!

Damn! I can't accept this.


Ira, in class 11, our junior,
she has more followers than me.

I have told you, Jess.

Will you lose to the junior students?

We should be cooler, right?

You have told me that
more than a month ago.

-Doing a video in that building, right?
-That's right.

So, we'll do a live stream there,
and we'll do it together.

And we'll just do selfies.
Can you imagine that?

You will get many endorsers.

It's all good money!

It is not that easy.

Lucky you,
you don't have to work like this.

What have I told you?
You don't want me to help you.

You don't want me
to lend you money either.

I would not feel easy about that.

Excuse me, this was dropped over there.

Thank you, Senior.

You are Linda, right? You are in class 11?


-You are Senior Erik, right?
-Just Erik.

How long have you been working here?

-A month.
-A month.

Why, Senior? Erik?

This drink usually is put here, not there.

Oh, I am so sorry.

I am really sorry.

Just relax.

I am really sorry,
I didn't do that on purpose.

I shouldn't disturb you
when you're working.

All right, I will pay for this.


It's okay. I don't want the manager
to get angry with you.

-And don't call me "Senior."

-But that was not your...
-Just relax.

What the hell?

It's live! Come on in!

Is this the haunted building?

It's so cool.

-Let's go upstairs.
-Be patient. Wait for me.

Hey, eventually...

It's so cool...

-Hey, run away!
-Scary, right?

They're going inside?

Surely not!

Take a look.

But we're going to do it differently.

We'll go there. We'll be getting upstairs,
doing a live stream...

That will be very spooky.

So, many people will watch it live,
and it will increase your followers.

That's it!

Still talking about your plan, Ben?

I've got to get at least one person.

-Hey, Erik!

Why are you changing your shirt?

Hey, Rik!

This is Friday the kliwon, right?

I will ask other friends.

We will do a live stream there.
What do you think?

Are you serious?

I will ask other friends too, like Alex.
Come and join us!

Hey, you guys know me, right?

How dare you?
Give me your cellphones.

Bite this! Bite!

I am sure Erik will come with us.

But Alex, you see yourself,
he could be mad.

-Come on.
-Wait, wait, Erik.

I'll take this first.

They're only juniors.
Come on, don't get too emotional.

Don't stare at me, huh?

-Don't you guys dare to look at me!
-Calm down.

Are you sure Linda will come?


Linda knows the building security officer.

Well, you should give her some guarantee,
so that she would come along.

I think people will like
that kind of spooky show.

The building is also popular.

People quite often
talk about that building lately.

And I got some news yesterday
about that building.


There was a child kidnapping
on the sixth floor.

The police rescued the child.

There was a shooting, and eventually
the boy was saved.

But I don't know
if it is true or not.

It is posted in 2008.

And now the building is empty.

Wow! Cool, this will be great!
Come on guys, we'll do it!

-Serious? We'll do it?

Oh, shit!

-You really did it!
-For sure!

Come and join what?

The plan about that building.

-Over there?

I will surely go, damn! Come on!

Lin, please consider what I say first.

It's simple...

You know the security guy
who works there, so...

We really need your help.

So, I have to quit my job?

I will be finished.

You could ask for a leave or something.


Mr. Eep has already told me,

I make one more mistake,
I will not work here anymore.

I really need this job.

You know my family.

Just one time.

You could ask someone to replace you.

I could lose a chance
to study in college.

I'll help.

Linda, right?

Just take it easy.

These earrings cost quite a lot.

This is my guarantee.

I'll transfer the rest when we're back,
so you don't need to work here anymore.

-Thank you so much, Sir.
-You're welcome.

Be careful, okay?

We're at the apartment
in block D right now.

Just look behind me.

There is barbwire along the road.

Oh, I'm scared, the place is very spooky.

Alex gets so ridiculous.

This is Miss Dian...

What is she doing, being so busy?

Why is this building empty?

There must be some reason.

It's very spooky.

Guys, well, that's it.

Shall we come in right away?

Hey, Rik...

will you come with us?

Come on!

I'll be waiting right here.

We're just having fun here.

Let's have some fun for a while,

then we go home. Okay?

-Come on, Erik! Quick!

-Erik, come on.
-Let's go.




Where are you, guys?

Erik, what is happening?

Why is it only two of us?

Okay, guys, we're already upstairs.

We're on the top floor.

The building is very old.

It's so dark in here.

-Erik, where are the others?

-Behind you! Watch out!

What is that?

Erik, you go first.

You go first.

I swear, it was here.

Rik, I'm scared.

Where are the others?

Beni? Lex?

What I've told you!

Ouch! Rik!

-The live stream stopped, man!
-I am sorry.

I am sorry, I shouldn't get in the way.

Shit! Damn you, Lex.

Damn it! We shouldn't have fallen down.

I've been waiting for so long.

We've stopped the live stream?

Definitely no.

Shit! We don't do this?

Let's look for another place.

Take a look at this!

There were five hundred people
watching my live stream.

We shouldn't have stood in the middle.
I could have got more.

But the followers increased, right?

You ruined it!

Well, I'll tell you what.

We'll do it again from the start.

The signal is also bad, right?

We'll try in the corridor...

over there.

Kang Heri already told me

we may play here,

but we may not...

pass through the corridor
that has the police line.

But if the signal over there
is better, why not?

We'll just do a live stream.

There will be no problem, right?

There, the light is turning on.
It means it's safe over there.

Come on.

Come on, Ben.

Come on, Ben

Shit, it's so dirty, Ben.

Let's go out of here.

It's so dirty.

Is there any signal here?



-We have to let our family know.
-There is a police line here, but...

It's so complicated!

Why don't we just get in?

Who knows, maybe we will find
spooky things, so...

It will be an interesting live stream.

There, we got the signal again, come on!

Wait, there is a police line here, right?

We may not touch this.

-Are you sure you want to get in here?
-That will be fun, Rik. That's the point.

Lex, be patient.
Lex, I'm serious!

It's already late, right?

Why don't we do a live stream
while we're going downstairs?

-Hey, you, bro,

you're so good-looking,
but have small balls!

Why do we wait for so long?
The signal could be gone!

I'll tell you what.

We try to get in first,

if there's no problem,
we'll continue,

if it is not okay...
we'll go downstairs.

Excuse me!

What the hell, Lex?

What's the problem?
Are you getting in or not?

-That's not the right way!
-How do we get in?

Where did you get that?

All right, let's try it first.

-We could use this, right?
-Be careful!



-You get in first, Lex.
-Come on.

It should be ladies first, right?

You smell something?


A dead snake.

Rik, it is dangerous!

What the hell is that?

What the fuck is this?!

What the hell are you doing, Alex?

What, I just leaned on you?

Don't even try to touch me, right?

Okay, now we get it right.

We've already got into the apartment.

The room is so spooky.

It's very narrow,
and there is a strange smell.

See for yourself.

There are many sheets of paper.

-What is this?

-What the hell?
-Damn, we've got no signal again!

Why has the signal has gone again?

Hold the head!

Hold it! Read!

The writing will show up, right?

Hold the head!

What's wrong with you?

Signal, please...

Well, I don't know.

I feel I've been here before.

What do you mean?

I just don't know.

As soon as we got in here...

I felt...

I have already seen these things.

Okay, I've got the signal!

Jess, I think it's time to leave!

-Rik! Ssshhh!


Jess, Lex. Look at this, it's so big.

What the hell is that?

Damn you!

-Don't be ridiculous. What the hell?
-There is a snake skin,

there must be the real snake.

Just be careful!


-That's so disgusting, eww.
-The smell comes from here.

-I'm sure of it.
-Okay, guys.

Okay guys, now we find something.

Mr. Alex please try to explain.

Well, audience...

we find here...

a dead snake.

Yeah, snake, guys.

-It's so spooky.
-The snake tried to get out, but...

its head got stuck, look at that!

Be careful, Lex.

Quick, open it!

-Be careful.

Yeah, all right, we try to open it.

Be careful.

Check it out, Lex.


What the hell is that?

Let me try.

Be careful. Alex, Alex!

Just be serious, shit.

Shit, it's painful, Rik!

Be serious, Alex!

-Be serious.
-Yeah, yeah.

I cannot open this. Look at that.

Damn, what kind of comics are these?

Yeah, what kind of comics?

There are plenty of them.
Just try to spread them.

Bro, it's some kind of bad handwriting.

It's not a bad handwriting, Man.

Look, this is...

in Sanskrit.

The Javanese characters but...

it's a bit different.

How do you know? Damn,
you play too much with Uncle Google.

What is this for?

The picture is the same
as the one over there.

It's the same picture on the floor.

Just a moment.

Look at this.

That's right, Lin, that's the same.


What's wrong with you?

We'll get out of here soon, right?

Yeah, just a moment.

Jess, Jess.

Damn, no battery power!

This sucks!

Jess, your cellphone is off right?

We go downstairs after this.

Try to take a picture again.

I'll send it...

-Anything else?
-Take the pictures one at a time.

Welcome us to your presence.

Lin, what's wrong with you?

What is it, Lin?

-What is it, Lin?
-What's wrong with you?


-Did you see it? There is some writing.
-See what?

There was some writing
when she took the picture.

What writing?

Take a picture, there is some writing.

The writing shone, Rik.

-This one is empty, Linda.
-There is some writing on the paper.

Is really there some writing?

Just take pictures of other things, Lex.

The writing shone,
when I took the picture.

There was some writing, right, Rik!

Lex, Ben, Rik, Jess,
there is writing, right?

-Look at that!
-There is nothing, Linda.

-This shone!
-Let me check it first, just a moment.

It's so weird, it's empty, right?

You can read it, right?

You guys are not kidding me, right?

-There is nothing, Lin.
-There is no writing at all.

You guys are not playing a prank on me?

Why would we do that?

Why do I see what you don't see?

It's really weird.

Those who reside in the mystical world.

Draw open your gate.

Welcome us...

to your presence.

What the hell is that?

Whoa... What is happening?

Lex, what is happening?

We have to go home now, Jess.

We have to go home!


Alex, Erik!



Ben, quick!

Where are Jessica and Linda?


Erik, Erik!


-Where is Jessica?
-Isn't she with Linda?

This pool has no bottom!

It's so deep.

Watch out! Come on, quick!

Kang Heri!

The floor suddenly opened up
and flooded with water.

Yes, Sir.

-Our friends are drowning upstairs. Help!
-Wait a minute, wait a minute.

-That's right.

Are you crazy?

I've told you not to cross
the police line.

You crossed it, right?

Then he said, his friends
were drowned and died?

Drowned in an apartment?

Am I drunk or you guys...

What happened to his face?

That is really what's happened.

Hey! You there!

Don't do that!

Listen, there's no pool up there at all.

Sir! See it for yourself!

Please, help us, sir!

Jessica and Linda are still in the pool.

Shh! Quiet!

I can't lose my job
just because of what you told me!

No. That won't be happening!

No one may go out
until I find out what's happening. Period!

Please, help us.

-Please, help us, Sir!
-Damn it!

-Now what, Rik?
-He won't help us.

Come on, you guys want me to see it.

Come on!

-Come on!
-I don't want to go!

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you.


going to play now.

But first,

let's tidy up your hair.


Wake up, Jess!

Jess, wake up!

Are you okay, Jess?

Are you okay, right?

-Where are we, Lin?
-I don't know, it's a different place.


-Why am I wearing this dress, Lin?
-I don't know.

-Where are we?
-Shh! Jess!

I don't know either.

I saw her change
your dress, but I don't know who she is.

But we must get out of here.

We must get out of here.

Do you want to play too?

What are you doing here?

You stayed with me forever!


There is a leak from the pipe.

Your friends were drowned and died.

If there is a leak from the pipe,
it won't be flooded like this.

We're on the sixth floor, anyway.

Such a whirlpool
shouldn't even exist here.


So, they got stuck.

What do you mean "stuck"?

That's a weird thing.

There must be something wrong.

I'm so confused.

Is there any signal here?

If there were any,
I would have made a telephone call.


Come here, Rik!

Something is very wrong, Rik.

We'd better get out of here now!

Ask him to give us the key,
then we'll get out!

What about Jessica and Linda, Lex!

They have been lost!


You guys want to get out?

You'd better think!

The police will investigate you.

Your friends are drowned and dead.

I don't want to get into trouble.

If they drowned and are dead,
their bodies should float to the surface.

I have dived into the pool.
It's got no bottom!

It's a whirlpool, sir!

And if their bodies come up,

how would you explain that? Huh!


They're all dead!

Let me try!

Let's find out.

What does this mean?

There's also water here,
like it is in here.

He held a kris.



There is a woman here...

and this woman looked like...

she was being attacked by many people.

It seems that these people
on this paper

were all dead, bro.

Look at that!

The only man who survived
was the guy at the front line.

-Isn't that right?

He was going to be brought out
from that realm.

A swimming pool, and a house.

Ben, take a look at this!

Does this mean

there is a house across the pool?

Isn't that right?

There is a house,
and it is in another realm, right?

And it is the same house!

This is water, so it means...

It means...

It seems that the pool is the door.

And we shouldn't go through the door.

So, it's some kind of a portal, right?

Maybe Jessica and Linda
are in that realm.

Jess! Jess!

Jess, wake up! Jess!

Jess! Jess!

Jess, wake up!

Are you all right?

Are you all right?

I am very dizzy.

Can you walk?

Come on, let's get out of here.

Jess, come on!

Where is my cellphone?

Forget it, Jess.

Come on! Quick!

Jessica! Jessica!

There is no signal.

Forget it, let's get out of here.

Come on, we get out of here now!

You killed my sister!

Go away!

Quick, Jess.

This way, Jess.

Follow me!

This way.

This way!



Jess! Jess!

Calm down, Di.

I'm sure they're still alive, okay?

Sir, please give me
the gate key right now!

No way!
I would not do that.

If it's true that your friends
have all drowned and died,

you should take their bodies.
You should all be responsible!

Alex is right, sir.

I know somebody
who understands this kind of matter, so...

So, we'd better get out of here.

We will ask for his help, sir!

No way!
I would not do that.

-I will not let something like this...
-Ben, the key!

Lex! Alex!

Shut up!

Don't make this night more fucked up!

Linda! Linda!

Get her.

Lin, are you all right?

Lin, are you okay?

Jessica? Is she still alive?

-Jessica is in the water?
-Where is she?

Jessica is still in there.

Move away.

I must help her.

Don't be ridiculous.
You're going to dive again?

Rik, you should do that. Come on, Rik!

What is that, Ben?

Rik, over there.

Jessica, bro.


Jess! Jess!



Why is she wearing this dress?

I met her.

-But she's already changed her dress.
-Did she change her dress under the water?

Jess, wake up!

Jess, can you hear me?

She is unconscious, bro.

She's got no pulse, bro.

- Jess, wake up!
- Jess! Jess!

Quick! Do it!

Jess, are you okay?


-Jessica, wake up!

-Are you okay, Jess?
-What the hell happened, bro?

What's wrong with this kid?


That's not her.

Jess, come back to us!

I'm your friend...

"I'm your friend."


That's the ancient language
my great-grandparents used to speak.

You took what was mine,

now you're all going to die!

Jess, wake up!
I know this isn't you.

-Bro, recite something!
-What do you want me to do?

Oh man, I forget the rest...


It's only a temptation.

Lady, calm down!

Lady, calm down!

Jess! Jess!

Let me go.


are we?


Where is the kris?

Jess, don't do that!

Come back to us, Jess!

Jessica! Jessica!


Come back to us, Jessica!

Give Jessica back to us, damn you!




Help us, Lin!

Help us, Lin!

This will help
not to feel too dizzy, Lin.

I don't know why

they get hurt

when they get a flash from my cellphone.

It must be because of your energy, Lin.

You can see what we can't see.

It's some kind of a talent.

I think I got the talent

from my mother, Di.


the story that we saw...

was that really you, Lin?

Do you know who kidnapped you?

My friends are not here anymore, Lin.

I don't know what to do now.

Di, look at me!

If I can find Jessica

and bring her back here,

I am completely sure

your friends are still alive.

We'll bring them back here.

I am sure they're still alive, right?

Does it mean...

the story in these pictures

really happened?

Everything we experienced

was told in those pictures.

Someone reads.

The black pool appears.

Right, this is the house
where I met Jessica.

This is the lady in the red dress.

She is the one who chased me
and Jessica

and I am sure she is the one
who possessed Jessica.


Where is the kris?


This kris should be put back where it was.

Lin, how we are supposed to put this back?

Can't you see it's already closed?

Shall we open this again?

Just listen to me...

We'd better take this kris to someone
who understands this kind of thing.

What's wrong with you, Ben?

It seems she asked for this kris.

Maybe if we give it to her,
everything will be settled.

Can't you think straight, Lin?

It's fine if it is settled.

Otherwise, what are we going to do?

What if she demands your life?

Please, just trust me.

We'll get out of here now.

We'll give this kris to someone
who really understands those matters, Lin.

How are we gonna get out of here, Ben?
You don't remember?

The gate's already been locked up
by Kang Heri.


I forgot about that.


Isn't there any other way?

There is no other way, Lin.

The wall is so high,
and it's got barbwire, Lin.

Kang Heri's got the gate key in his hand.


Linda! Come on!

The kris, Lin, quick.

Where the hell is the kris, Beni?

Jess, wake up!

Jess, wake up!

-Jessica, wake up!

Ben, give it to her!

This way!

Are you okay, Lin?

Ben, check it out.

Ben, check it out.

It's clear, Lin.


Please don't do it!

Let her go!


Damn it!





You have taken what is mine.

It's not appropriate for you to come here.

Let them go.

They've done nothing wrong.

You will join them.

This is what happens
when you come to my realm.

You will remain here forever.

Surrender yourself.

We've found it at last, Lin.

Come on, let's get out, Lin.

Come on, Lin.

Where did she go, Ben?

The portal is closed, Lin.

The portal is closed, Lin!

Lin, we've got to go now.

We've got to get out of here.
Let's find a way out.

It's so dreadful here.
We've got to go now.

Where are we going to go now?

What now?
We've got to go, Lin!

Before she comes up again!
Let's find a way, quick!

-Wait a moment, Ben.
-What do you mean a moment?

-Your friends are still inside, Beni.
-What friends, Lin?

You are more important
than all of them, Linda.

Ben, your friends are still alive inside.

My job is to save you, Linda.


I've gone this far.

Don't even try to mess

with everything my family has planned.
You understand?

It's all for the sake of
my community, Linda.

You're the only one
who can open this portal here.

Maybe you remember, Lin.

A long time ago we asked your mother
to read the parchment.

And my father...

got shot when he tried
to get this kris, Lin.

If your mother had read it faster,
maybe my father would still be alive.

My job is to get this kris.

And now, you open that portal, Lin.

Open that portal, Lin!



Lin, Ben!

Rik, Di.

Are you guys all right?

Rik, are you all right?

What happened to my hand?

What happened to my hand?

Is it safe, Kang?

Where is Jessica?


Where is Jessica?





Jess! Where is Jessica?

Where is Jessica?

Look at that!



Lin! Lin!

Why are we here again, Lin?

This is really you, right, Jess?


Are you aware of yourself, Jess?

Are you okay, Jess?

Let's get out! Go!

Come on, let's go, quick!

Where are we?

Erik! Come with me.

Come on, come with me now.

Let's go over there.

Watch out! We take the turn here.


This way, quick!

This way.



Help me! Guys!



Lin! Lin!

Let's move right now!

-That's Dian!






Come on, Di!




There is a pocong, Ben!

Come on, Ben!

Let's run, Ben!

Where is he?


We have to go away!

There were pocong!

What is this?

Why is it all red?

Oh, my God!

They will come back, guys!

Guys! Please help me, quick!

We're damned!

We must find another way.

Lin, what shall we do?

-Quick, read the parchment.
-Come on, read it, Lin.

Lin, come on! Read it!

Those who reside in the mystical world.

Open your gate.
Welcome us to your presence.

Lin! Faster, Lin!

Read it, Lin!

Lin, come on!

Welcome us to your presence.

For us...

to live...

in your world.

Alex, Beni! Come on!

Let's go!

-Come on!
-Let's go!

Come on! Guys!
Get in! Quick!

-Quick! What are you doing?
-Come on, Lex!

Damn it!

It's cold, damn it!

Lex, quick!

Come on, Di!

-Yes, come on.
-I go first?

It's safe!

Damn it!

Come on. Who's next?

All right, come on, sir.

-Ouch, that hurts!
-You go first!

I am sorry. You stay here.

You take care of those two.
I'll save Kang Heri.

-Are we really going to dive in?
-Sure! Don't you want to go home?

Take a deep breath, sir!

One, two, three!

-No, I'll go first!

- Where is my kris, Lin? Where is it?
- I don't know.

You've hidden it, right? Where's your bag!

What the hell, Ben!

Damn it!



Yes! Yes!

Where are you going?


The time has come.

You will die here.

Not now!

Jess! Jess!


Jess! Wake up!

We have to go, Jess!

-Jess! Jess!
-Where are we?

Come on, Jess.

We have to go now.

Linda! Lin!

Pull her out!

Where is Beni, Lin?

Where is Beni?

Where is Beni?

-Lin, read it again.
-Read it again, Lin.

We must save Beni.

Lin, come on, read it.

Those who reside in the mystical world.

Open your gate.

Welcome us to your presence,

for us to live in your world.

Lin, try again. One more time.

Those who reside in the mystical world.

Open your gate.

Welcome us to your presence,

for us to live in your world.

It won't open up.

Where is Beni?


Hey, guys, listen!

It's already dawn, guys.

The door won't open again.


Anybody want to get my hand back?

Be patient, Kang Heri.