Dreadnaught (1981) - full transcript

A short-tempered, violent criminal named "White Tiger" is on the run from the police and joins a theater troupe for disguise, killing anyone who angers him or who suspects his identity. One person he unsuccessfully tries to kill several times is a cowardly laundry man named "Mousy" who manages to escape mostly by running and hiding. When a very close friend of Mousy's is killed by the White Tiger, Mousy overcomes his cowardliness enough to seek revenge. Spectacular martial arts and acrobatics highlight the film, including a well choreographed fight between two pairs of men in dragon costume.

Welcome! Come inside please!

Come in and have a drink.

This way please.

Something's wrong.

They're too busy!

There's too many waiters!

White Tiger! Give yourself up!

We'll get you!

There's no escape!

Bounty hunters from six provinces!

Seems like the end of the line for us.

Be careful!

Get us? Never!

White Tiger!

White Tiger!


Mr. Huang...

What is it?

I'm here for the money.

Come in and get it.

I just scared him off.

He really is a coward.

Fortunately I can run very fast.



Mr. Chiu, what's the matter?

Ask her to help me get dressed.


You only read the script in this moment.

Why are you still hesitating?


You see me as nothing, hurry...

How dare you.

Collect the laundry fee again?

Come back here.

I'm not pushing you,
you can pay me few days later.

Clean my wife's underwear too.


You'll clean it or not?

Yes, but my sister will scold me.

I will bite you.


you'll meet your match!

Master Tam, you've got a visitor.

A visitor?

Our school's famous in Canton.

You're a wanted man.

True, we were partners in the past.

But I don't want to be investigated now.

I think you better lay low.

I still treasure our friendship.

I've got friends in the opera troupe.

Why don't you join them?

And we'll find a way for you.

I'm telling you!

No one owes me money!

I'll break your neck!

What are you staring at?
You don't know me?

You look rough!

But you're a coward!

Just wait till you meet my sister!

Mousy! What are you doing?

I'm scolding him!

Who is he?


You're useless.

Have you collected the money?

I've collected... Some more clothes.

More clothes?

Take off your clothes.
I'll wash them too.

It doesn't matter.

Take them off!


Where's the money?

I was chased by dogs,

and Biggie threatened to kill me...

We'll never survive like this!

- But Biggie was tough!
- Why not say that you're scared.

You're a coward! Admit it!

Wake up! You fool!

Biggie was as rough as you're now!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!

Don't come back without the money!


Which one is Huang Fei-hung?

- Excuse me...
- I'm the kung fu instructor for the navy!

What do you want?

Are you blind?

Just wait a second please.



Sit here.

Let me examine you.

Don't hurt me, or I'll beat you up!

You want a fight?

That's fine with me.

Stop! That's no way to treat a patient!

I'm just arranging your seat, Master.

What's wrong with you?

I feel uncomfortable from head to toe!

I'm Huang Fei-hung. I'll examine you.

Let me warn you first.

I've crippled several of my doctors!

Your pulse is weak!

Can you do something about it?

Of course! No problem!

Back to normal now!


What's wrong now?

You've suffered internal injuries!

You're joking!

Touch your rib cage.

Does it hurt?


No? What about this spot?

Yes, it hurts a bit.

You've breathing problems, too.

Yes, how do you know?

I think you trained much too hard.

I must try to relieve your tension.

You'll be okay when that's done.

Does it hurt?


It doesn't!

What's wrong?

It doesn't hurt, does it?

What are you doing?

Trying to kill me?

It's burning...

Stop it!

It doesn't hurt.

Have you finished?

Feeling better?

You're great!

Of course.

You dare to hit me?

How many hands you want to use?

You're magnificent! Thank you!

I don't like this.

You can have it.

Hey! Come back!

Stop screaming.

He didn't pay!

Forget it!
Prepare for the lion dance contest!

Yes, Master.

''Henan Club''


Ladies and gentlemen.

To celebrate the opening of the club,

we've invited Huang Fei-hung

to perform a lion dance
with his students.


Master, is this an easy one?


You'll hurt yourself if not careful.

What does it call?

The Gold and Silver Rosette!

You'll have to cross the bridge first.

- Let's go, Ah Foon!
- Yes!

Roll the drum!


Hurry! Come on!

Hold on!


What's wrong with you?

Shut up! The Bridge!

I can't hold on any longer.

The waist band!

Master, we've failed.

Shut up!

Use the pole!


It's alright!

We've got it!

Master. Look!

The Northern Lion!

The Seven Stars!

- Ah Foon! Support me!
- Yes.

Watch it! Here comes Huang Fei-hung!

The Seven Stars!

Ah Foon, be careful!

- Get me on your shoulders!
- Fine!

Master, are you alright?

Huang, you wait and see!

''Everything turn out as you wish.''


Master Huang's magnificent!


Why you look so depressed?

You've failed to collect the money?

All men bully you just because
you aren't brave enough!

I'll go collect the money for you.

But give me a smile first!

Let's have our picture
taken with Mr. Chiu.


Mr. Chiu!

Mr. Chiu!


You worked too hard.

Did I perform well?

- It was superb!
- Really?

Let's have our picture taken.

Fine. Can you take a picture of us?

Move closer. Look right here!

Say cheese! Ready...!

Go to hell!

Damn it!

You dare to offend Mr. Chiu?

You'd be dead if not for Master Tam.



I'll buy you a meal tonight.

Empty promises!

I don't believe you.

Bi...gg...ie, Biggie.

What do these words say?



Sure! It reads : ''Biggie is Bastard''!

Damn you! I'll get you for this!


Ah Foon, that's the man.

Mousy! Show us some tricks!

I can't. I'm scared of him.

lf i were half as good as him...

It hurts? I want a smile from you.

Smile again?

It hurts like hell!

Give me a sweet smile!


I want you to smile at Mousy in the future.


Have you forgotten something?

- Go!
- Yes.

Ah Foon, you're great!

You've got to act tough.

I can never be tough.

I really envy you.

Will Master Huang
accept me as a student?

I'll ask him.

I better be going now.

What are you doing?

Excuse me, my friend.

Stop it! Go away!

Excuse me...

Excuse me...



Someone wants to kill me!


You hear me? Someone tries to kill me!

Damn it! You're deaf and mute!

Where do you live?
You know the deceased?

- I know the deceased.
- Which people he's been going out with?

I don't really know.

Did he drink?

He didn't drink at all.

The Marshal has arrived!



Good day, sir!

Marshal, this way please!

Who asked you to come in?

Lock him up!

You agree with me, Marshal?


What? You're the Marshal?

It looks like a love triangle...

He was murdered by his enemy!


Could it be the White Tiger?

After my careful observation...


Possible. After my careful analysis...


No way.

Excellent judgement, Marshal.

I traveled far for White Tiger.

So I leave this
insignificant case to you.

I'll hold you responsible
if you fail this.

Responsible? Me? Marshal!

You've come such a long way.

How about having dinner with me tomorrow.


We weren't invited
to the restaurant's opening.


They've invited Huang Fei-hung.


It's his birthday a couple days later.

Send him a birthday suit.

He'll like my suit for sure.

ls everything ready for my birthday?

Everything is ready, Master.


A tailor's here to make a suit for you.


Your birthday suit.

Show him in.

How come it's different tailor?

Ah To's away.

Let me take your measurement.


You'll live longer wearing my suit.

Make one for yourself.

24 inches! Must be a good fighter.

Thank you.

Three foot! What kind of cuff you like?

Wen's style.

6-inch cuffs.

2-foot splits and 5-foot-long suit.

1.8 foot for shoulders.

30 inches waist.

What are the needles for?

To secure your button.

- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.

Let me measure your neck.

Have you finished?

I would have if you had cooperated.

What else you want to do?

Choose the material.

I'll take the piece on your hand.

Cut it.

I know you're the Demon Tailor!

Why do you want to kill me?

My Big Brother
Tam King is angry with you.

Can you tell Mr. Tam?

I want to be his friend, Liang Foon!


- Give him his scissors!
- Yes, Master!

It's difficult to clean.


It snapped.


What's wrong with you?

I thought you're the masked killer.

You're the biggest coward I've ever seen.

Dry the clothes!

Use both fingers.

Why? It's a waste of effort.

This is our family secret.

Do it!

It's not practical.

Get it.

Who dropped these money?

Money? It's mine! I dropped it!

You dirtied my clothes!

I'll kill you.

You've got the wrong person!

- I'll get you.
- I'm innocent!

Where do you think you're going?

- Ah Foon.
- What? Look, we're friends.

I'm going to make you brave tonight.


You mean...

It's not as bad as that.


Let's go.

Marshal, please.

What kind of place is this?

This is a high class brothel.

A brothel?

What do you take me for?

The moral standard is down the drain...

What a lovely bottom!

What a surprise!
Let's take good care of him.


Let's go somewhere else.

Let's stay and check the place out.

There may be underage girls here.


Let's have a toast.

Drink up. Don't be shy.

What's wrong? You're flushing.

What? I just had a little drink.

But you just drank the soy sauce.

I want to investigate this girl.


What's the matter?

Can I investigate your wife?

Do you know who I am?

- And do you know who I am?
- Who are you?

- Liang Foon of the Pochilam School.
- I've never heard your name.

- Have you heard of Huang Fei-hung?
- Yes, I have.

That's him over there.

- Huang Fei-hung?
- I'm not a afraid of you.

You just wait and see.


Be courageous.

Follow me.

- Arrest them.
- Yes.

Who shall we arrest?

The one behind.

Yes, Marshal.

It's none of your business. Go.

Resisting arrest?

Don't worry. Get them.

I'm sorry. Forgive me.

I'm sorry.

Are you alright?

Shut up!

Excellent footwork!

You dare to kick me
with your lnvisible Kick?


Hand off!

Get away your foot!

You made me do it.

This punch bag is great.

Come on, don't be afraid.

Hit it.


Huang Fei-hung, you dare to hit me?

He want to use weapon?


What to do?

Have a rest. I'll get someone for you.

''Fu Xing Lou''

Master, this is Mousy I told you about.

Where's he?

Come out! Speak to Master!

Say it.

I want you to be my student.

No...I want to be your master.

He said he wanted to be your student.

He wants you to be his master.

I'm your admirer!

No! This is hopeless!

What are you trying to do?

Kill my son?

lgnore him! Let's go!



Come over here!

Master Huang, I'm innocent!

Have you learnt kung fu before?


Yes! You've got it!

Got what?

Kneel down, you fool!

What's going on?

You freed my bird.

You'll take its place.

Give him his bird.


Here's your chance.

Go to him! Be courageous!

- Take her back!
- Yes.

Here's your bird! Hands off the girl!

How dare you?

Huang Fei-hung?

What are you waiting for?

I'm sorry!

Let's go!

It's Huang Fei-hung! Run!

Are you okay?

I'm fine, thank you!

Master Huang?

Here's your chance.

The girl dropped her wallet.

Send it back to her.



Master Huang!

Where? Where is he?

She was just calling you.

Yes, I'm here!

That's my wallet!



Don't mention it.

Can you go out with Master Huang?

Sure, but not too late at night.

I'll make you look like Master.

Liang Foon!


It's hot in this.

You've got to look smart for your date.

What if we fail?

Don't worry!

Keep your cool!

I'll give you a chance to save her.


The masked killer that
you most scared at will appear to-night.

Huang...you want to hit me?

No. I was trying to get this mosquito.

Don't be afraid...

Let me teach him a lesson.

Ward me off!

Kick me!


A kick below the belt!

You've kicked at the wrong place.


That's too hard!

Get out!

Good boy!

This is the proudest moment in my life.

Master Huang.

I feel safe with you.


Get up!

The masked killer is back!

Get rid of him!

You're a great help to me today.

You want to give me another chance?

Thank you.

Are you alright?

Just a lapse of concentration.

The masked killer...

You're not Ah Foon?






Master Huang! What about me?


What's the matter with you? You crazy?

I'm haunted!

Haunted? I'll get the ghost for you.

Where's the ghost?

It's behind you.

Oh my God!

I invoked the spirit!

Master, have some tea.

Huang Fei-hung!

Come out!

Oh dear!

It's no use hiding!

May I have your name, please?

He's our leader!

He's the Marshal!

He's Marshal Pao!

Nice to meet you.

I'm here for Huang Fei-hung.

Not you!

Have you met Huang before?

Yes! And I've fought him, too.

You fought him?

Do I look like Huang Fei-hung?


Huang's much younger.

Then Huang ought to buy you a drink.

Why do you call Huang a bastard?


Who are you?

Why the questions?

Marshal, I'm Huang Fei-hung.

You must be his father.

Huang Fei-hung! Don't run!


Arrest him!

Ah Foon! Ah Foon!

So he's Huang Fei-hung!

That's right. He's in it, too.

Eagle's Claw? Stop!

Kneel down!

- Master!
- Master Huang!

What's the matter with you? You crazy?

How dare you?

Are you really Huang Fei-hung?


Show some mercy, Marshal.

I'll punish them myself.


I'll let them off this time.


I'll buy you dinner tonight.

You better.

Ah Foon! Come with me!

Master Huang!

You've learnt the Eagle's Claw.

You don't need me as your master.


Eagle's Claw?

Excuse me...

Master Huang, let's have a toast.

Thanks for coming!

Master Huang, here's to you.

Thanks. Help yourself!

I can help myself!

Make yourself at home!

I'll never be Master Huang's student.

Forget it!

We're still friends. I'll help you.

I've got it.



You saved a girl last time, right?

This time you'll get yourself beaten up.

I don't want to do it!

You must win my master's sympathy.

I see! Let's do it.


What's wrong?

Someone just raided the bank.

Mousy went and fought them.

He was outnumbered.

What's happened?

He was badly beaten up.

Where were the police?

They've all disappeared.

Mousy is righteous.

Take him as your student, please.


He can't even stand straight.

I'll treat you in a special way.

What special way?

You've got your heart in the wrong place.

I must open your chest and put it right.

Then I'll sew up your chest.

Then you'll be okay.

He can stand it.

Master Huang, this knife alright?

Just about. Ah Foon! Hold him down!

I'm fine! I'm okay.


Ah Foon! Drink to the Marshal!

I'm generous. I don't bear grudges.

I thought you're really clever.

Master Huang.

Stop drinking. You're on duty now!

Master Huang, see you later.



So long...

White Tiger! Give yourself up!

We'll get you!

There's no escape!

Be careful!

You just scared me to death!

I wouldn't mind
going to the toilet myself.

Yes, me, too.

- Let's go over that side.
- Good.

Let's do it here.

Having a pee?


I feel very sorry to the two of you.

When you see Master Huang,
ask him not to be angry with me, please.

- Certainly...
- Not!

''Having a pee is not allowed.''

I can piss anywhere cause I'm a cop.

Don't watch me piss!

Stop it!


The two bounty hunters are dead.

- Are you sure?
- Of course.

- Where are they?
- Over there!

It was the masked killer!

The masked killer?

He must be connected
with the opera troupe.

You don't have to tell me.

Just let me know if I can be of service.

No thanks. You're not the Marshal.

I can easily handle this.

I've got
all the masked opera singers here!

But who is the murderer?

Shut up!

Speak up! Who's the murderer?


You've got the wrong person!

I've got to go!


Yes, Marshal!

Have you got
all the masked opera singers?

Every single one of them.

What about him?

We missed him.

- You fool!
- Yes, Marshal!

Wait here!

Wait here!

What are you doing?

Shut up or be arrested!

I can lock you all up!

ls this an uprising or what?

- What's going on?
- Yes, Marshal!


What about my loss?

lf you find any one suspicious.

Let me know. You'll get paid for it.

They're all crooks!

The murderer is connected
with the opera troupe.

Keep your eyes open for me.


There's a newcomer who acts strangely...

Mr. Chiu, it's your turn.

I'm coming!

See me after the show.

I'll tell you more.

I hate Huang,

and Huang's suspicious of you.

Let's cooperate.

I'll send you
out of the country afterward.

They'll never get you.

But you may not be able
to take Huang single-handed.

- Mayor!
- Congratulations!

Thanks for coming. Have a seat please!

Have a few more drinks, Marshal.

I'll get myself drunk alright.

I've got to see Chiu at the theatre.

- I'll come along.
- Stay here!

Ah Foon, but...

But what? You think I'll die?
What are we?

- Friends.
- Right.

Take revenge if I die.

What are you doing?

This is my family charm.

Take it.


Wait for me!

Go to hell!

Mr. Chiu!


Help yourself!

- Buttoms up!
- Master Huang!

Huang Fei-hung will be the next!

Help yourself!

Ah Foon!

Ah Foon!

I didn't tell you really to go to hell!

Ah Foon...!

Where did Ah Foon go?

The Theatre.


Avenge my death if I die!

The masked killer!

The masked killer!

The masked killer!

''Kill him.''

The masked killer!


What are you doing here, kid?

You'll never know why you die.

You want me, not my students.

White Tiger killed him!

You harbored a wanted man?

Yeah, so what?

I want you out of my way!

My school will be famous.

You'll never get away with it.

I'll get you first.

Master Huang.

Master Huang, I was wrong.

Let me go!

Give me one more chance!

Let me go, please.

I'm sorry, Master Huang.

Mousy, run!

I can't leave you now.

The Flying Cuff!

Charge! Get him!

I'll kill you!

Die! You fool!

I'll kill you!

Stop it. He's dead.

I've killed the masked killer...!

I've killed the masked killer...!