Drawer Hobbs (2011) - full transcript

executive producer: Mitsuhisa Jshikawa

screenplay: Daishiro Tanimura
character designer: Ryo Hirata

chief animator: Toshihisa Kaiya
assistant chief animator: Takahisa Katagiri

art director: Hiromasa Ogura
colour designer: Yoko Watanabe

photography: Fumio Furukawa
editor: Junichi Uematsu

music: Yasuo Sugibayashi
sound director: Kisuke Koizumi

producer: Hidekazu Terakawa

directed by Kazuchika Kise



Good morning, ma'am.
Delivery for you.


Sign here, please.

Have a nice day!

Oh... Gotta get to work.

Hiiragi speaking.

- Mum?
- Oh, Noeru. Good morning!

- Not so good. What is this?
- Pardon?

The drawers, mum.
These huge, old drawers!

Oh, that. I'm glad you got them.

Well, I'm not so glad, mum!

But it's your turn, dear.

My turn?

I'll call you back.

Yes, sir.

Hiiragi from Customer Service
will take care of your case.

Please accept our apologies, sir.

Tomorrow's your day off.
Let's go drinking tonight! -Natsuki

Customer Service.
Thank you for waiting.

"rice crackers "

"rice " "sea weed"

Waaay too much booze.

What a great smell...

Huh? Am I still drunk?

Well, I ate it.

Did I clean up last night?

- Morning.
- Not "morning," kiddo. Who are you?!

Are you real, or what?
And who made breakfast?!

That was Masa.


So who are you?

And that's Daigoro.

OK. Got it. Jirokichi and Daigoro.

Now, will you come and sit down?

Can I finish here?

Sit down NOW!

No, wait. I don't get it.

You're what?

My, aren't you slow.

I'm telling you that
we've attended on

the Hiiragi Landlady
for generations.


The mistress and
custodian of the household.

It also means "auntie."

That sounds like a spinster!

Well, you're obviously single...

...and I don't see
any candidates around.

Not your business.

And aren't you careless!

You live alone with only
a cylinder lock on your front door.

How about using a chain?

Oh, shut up.
And you, too!

No seismic tension rods on the
furniture, and no emergency kit.

You're unprepared for earthquakes.

You're a smart little boy, huh?

Look, I don't know wha---


- Hello again!
- Never seen you before!

Ain't you rude.
I made your breakfast.

That was you?

Sure! One must eat
in the morning! Liked it?

Erm... yes.

Just made from fridge leftovers.
You could do likewise, if you wanted to.

I see.

These overbearing kids!
Wait, what am I doing?

This is nonsense!

Get lost, all of you!

- And you have no shutters...
- See ya!

What the heck is going on?

Hey, Noeru.

Get some rest yesterday?

Or perhaps hungover all day?

Oh, home-made lunch...
That's pretty unusual for you.

- Well, I---
- Mine!

That will do.

Mmm, delicious!

I didn't know you were
a good cook!

- Am I?
- Gotta go now. See you.


What the...?

It's them again.

Now I'm really fed up!

See? You can do it.

So tell me. Who made
this mess, huh?


Not another one...

Meet Hanpei. He always
turns things upside down.

He overturned the drawers
when he tried to get out.

- If you'd used tension rods...
- I know, I know.

All clean and tidy, finally.

You can say that again.

Huh?! Don't tell me...

Hi, I'm Yuki.

My name is Tae.
Pleased to meet you.

Oh! The pleasure is mine.

OK, time to make dinner!

Jirokichi, watch Hanpei!

Stop doing that!

- What're you cooking?
- I'm contemplating my options.

Look at this stuff! Sooo out!

Do you really get around in
this makeup? Unbelievable!

A girl should not sleep in this...

I'll tailor a proper
nightgown for you.

After that, the bunch
showed no intention

of going back in the drawers...

Crap, I'm late!

Sorry, no time for breakfast...
Oh, thank you.

Shopping list is inside.
Don't forget.

See you at lunch?
- Natsuki

A lunch box every day, huh?

Well, I'm cutting corners, you know...

Let's see...

Nah, doesn't seem to be the case.
And tonight?

Actually, there's this limited offer
at the supermarket, and...

- Looks serious.
- Sorry.

- I'm home!
- Welcome back!

Wait! What happened
to the radish leaves?

Why, I had them cut off.

- Cut off? What a waste!
- Y--Yessir...

Let's eat!

The criminal is among
these 108 people!

The TV should be switched off
while eating.

Hanpei, don't!

Stay still, you'll catch a cold.

What are you cooking?

Radish-skin saute.

Looks fun.

- I can teach you anytime.
- I'll think about that.

Yuki's waiting for you.

C'mon, sit here.

Makeup is important, but skin-care
before sleeping is vital.

I see...

- It's cold!
- Vital, vital.

- Ms. Hiiragi, can we talk?
- Certainly.

- Bad news?
- The opposite...

- He praised you?
- Sort of...

Well, that's not surprising.

You're so different these days.

Different? Me?

Welcome back!

I'm home.

Will we go shopping?

- Let's go!
- Cool!

And to the drugstore.

- Shall we go, then?
- And buy emergency kits!

- Hiiragi speaking.
- Hello, mum?

Noeru? It's been a while.
How are you?

About those drawers...

- You knew, didn't you.
- Knew what, dear?

About that strange lot.

I have no idea.

Oh please, mum!

Do you want to send them back, then?

I... I'll keep them for awhile.

- Sure?
- Sure.

Hanpei, stop!

We're home!

Wait in there.
I'll make something to eat.

Yes, please.

- Masa?
- Hmm?

Can I help you in the kitchen?

Our first lesson.

Yes, master.

Here we go.


- What is it?
- Come here.

Have a seat.

Eh?! I think I'll pass!

Get her!

No, I mean it...

- Let's start.
- OK...

Not bad.

Open your eyes. Well?

Is that me?

Dinner's ready!

How come you know so much
about stuff around here?

What about it?

No particular reason, but...

You seemed familiar
with the mall and everything.

Of course. We've lived here
for a long time.

You have?

I'd rather say our previous home
was an exception.

You mean mum's place in Saitama?

Right. But the house before that
was near here.

That's right. Grandma's house
was in the neighbourhood.

Though I think it's a condominium
or parking lot now.

The Hiiragi family has
deep roots in this area.

And we've been with them all along.

What a story.

So we were very happy when the
new Landlady decided to live here.

It was an honour for us.

Although she was a bit slack,
shambolic and sloppy...

Oh, go bite your tongue!

"Landlady"? Pfft.

I'd say a single woman
with a boring job...

Don't speak with your mouth full!

Look who's talking!

Noeru has become
a respectable Landlady.

We can be proud of her.

At least she's improved
from the day we arrived.

What? You cheeky little rug rat.

Language could be refined...


Don't expect that anytime soon, babe.


Sorry, guys...
I'll clean up later, OK?

Kids... Where are you?

Hey, kids!

Where are you?

Hang on!

Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Where did you go?

Daigoro! Masa!

Hanpei! Jirokichi!

Yuki! Tae!

She was the Landlady
two generations ago.

You're in that pic, too.


It's true.
That's grandma and... me!

I walk this way every day...

...but I never noticed this photo.

We told you. The Hiiragi family
has deep roots here.

Your grandmother,
your great-grandmother,

and all before them.

We've been so happy to serve
the new Hiiragi Landlady.

And now our job is done.

But as long as the
Hiiragi family continues,

we'll come to meet them,
wherever they decide to live.

Like when the new Landlady
after you comes...

Provided you find Mr. Right,
of course...

Enough, already!

We'll leave the drawers
vacant for awhile.

Take good care of them.


Noeru: Mamiko Noto

Masa: Fuyuka Oura
Daigoro: Megumi Matsumoto

Jirokichi: Yasuhiro Takato
Tae: Kana Ueda

Yuki: Hiromi Konno
Hanpei: Etsuko Kozakura

opening credits animation:
Takahisa Katagiri

ending credits animation:
Kazuchika Kise

"Mata Aimasho"
performed by qujila

Production I.G

- Hello?
- Oh, you're up already.

Morning, mum.

Rather unusual for you on a Sunday!

Trying to catch a worm, perhaps.

Ah, I see!


- And I'm glad to hear it.
- Hmm?

You see, I bought this new
kitchen cabinet...

And you need a cupboard, don't you?
This is a very nice one.

It was your great-grandmother's.
I think you'll be getting it today.