Draw! (1984) - full transcript

In the dying days of the Old West, ex-outlaw Handsome Harry Holland is released from prison an old man. Barely recognizable, he heads to Bell City where he only interests children amazed at his gun handling skills. Holland goes for a drink at the saloon where four men are playing cards. One of them , Reggie Bell, is the no good son of the town boss. Reggie is cheating at poker as usual but no one dares speak. Holland joins the game and wins all of Reggie's money who gives an IOU to Holland. Holland tries to cash the IOU at the bank but the corrupt sheriff orders him out of town, at Reggie's orders. Undeterred, Holland forces the bank teller to honor Reggie's IOU but the sheriff prevents him from leaving town with the money. The sheriff draws on Holland who kills him in self-defense. Wounded by the deputies, Holland runs in the local hotel. A stand-off ensues, with Holland stuck in the hotel and the deputies unable to get him. Holland refuses to surrender to a fair trial. In his room, Holland has a traveling theatre actress as hostage who tends his wounds and reads Shakespeare to him. Frustrated, the town mayor and his council send for former lawman Sam Starret who's fast on the draw and can kill Holland. Unfortunately, Sam Starret is past his prime, is a hopeless drunk and lives in Mexico. One deputy goes to Mexico to hire Starret. Holland only has a few days to escape the hotel and leave town before Starret arrives.


Do you intend to shoot me?

I've never seen a stick with a trigger, so
I think you'll have to beat me to death.

You do not have a gun either.


It's my best chap.
My only one.

Come on, son, come on.
I did not mean to frighten you.

- What is your name?
- Moses.

Moses, huh?

- Why are not you at school?
- I hate school!

Without study, you can not
do a lot in this world.

Many famous people do not
they can neither read nor write.

- Quote one!
- Billy the Kid.

Billy the Kid? That year?

The one who knew how to play
with guns all day?

He had no ability,
except to squeeze a trigger.

Anyone who has a finger,
do it.

- Go back to school.
- Look!

The horses of that cart
They fired!

- Are not you going to do anything?
- I can not do much.

Can not you stop them?
You're not that old!

Let's go!

Unfortunately, he does not know how to control
the horses with the horses?

I only had one!

What the hell are you doing here?
driving car?

Our coachman left us.
in Eagle Ridge, ...

for a ridiculous amount of money.

"But our leading actress offered ..."
- To kill you all!

Lord, be our guest
tonight, in the next town.

Bring someone along as proof
of our gratitude.

- What kind of show?
"A selection of Shakespeare."

A bit of Cesar, a little
of Lear and a bit of "The Dream".

This sounds more like a meal
than a spectacle.

Mr. Gibson, we will not get there.
to Bell City in time. Skirt!

Wow, you did it!
I saw it with my own eyes.

- It was great!
- I was stupid. I missed the first jump.

Thanks son.

What are these marks in your
back? Bullet holes?

Brands of pans.

- What's the name of the next town?
- Bell City.

But I do not know why somebody
to go Nothing ever happens in Bell City.

Charlie Tucker says the only shake
by the fart of the birds.

- Who's Charlie Tucker?
- My Best Friend.

Well, the two things you should
be careful in this world, son ...

Where do you put the nose and who
choose as friends.

And keep studying!
Come on!

"Swap the left horseshoe, will you?"
- Right.

Were you born in a barn?

I'll bet.

- Are you going to bet?
- I bet.


"I want to see your twenty, Reggie.
- Ten more ...

I cover your 10, and increase
for $ 100.

"Regie, this match should be friendly.
"If I were not friendly, Ernie ..."

From where you

Who's that little spunk?

I think it's about Reggie Bell. Your father
the owner of half of Bell City.

"I've never given you a card in my life."
- Just give the cards, Aaron!

Give me two.

- Have you been to Bell City before?
- The first time.

- My name is Leonard.
- Nice to meet you.

I'm very lucky today
and I will use it well.

I can sit with you,

Well, let's see your money.

Give the cards!


Sir, just sat down
a barrel of powder.

- How many?
"There are two of them, and I do not care what I mean.



Ernie, give the stranger
a couple of aces.

I know he has nothing,
and I hate taking all your money, ...

without having at least one pair
of aces to remember.

Place your bet.

- 200.
- I am out.

I'll bet more, but I'm afraid.
to give up

and I want to take it all away.

Its 200.

- And another 200.
- I am out.

Lord, you were without chap u in the sun,
because he fried his brains.

Its 200, and 200 plus.

I think the sun also affected
my eyes, beyond my brain.

I only see 200 a .

I have the money.
Do not worry about it.

- We will see!
- I need to go to the bank.

I hope.

It would take too long!

I'll give you a piece of paper.

Any bank in the region will be happy
to exchange it for living money.

I guarantee the paper
Reggie is good.

I'll take the paper.

No need.
"Full house."

Of jacks!

Jesus! Straight flush!
With a king!

Oh, hell!

You know, I'm trying to remember ...

But even where I can, I do not remember.
to have sat at a table with ...

a half dog man
and half charges.

Thank you, gentlemen.

- There he is!
- He's not at school, huh?

The school is over.

Moses, forget this idea.
about Billy Kid.

Oh, he knew how to take a life,
but I never knew how to live.

Mr. Holland?

You boys, get out of there.
Where are you going?

To the bank.

- You can not go to the bank.
- Forgiveness?

We want you to leave Bell City,
Mr. Holland.

As soon as you change this
paper for money.

We are asking you kindly.

"When I leave the bank, I'm leaving.
- You can not go to the bank!

I'm confused.
I got this role from Mr. Bell.

If I can not go to the Bank, how can I
I ask to receive my money?

This money is not yours,
nor that the cow flies.

"Reggie, I got it right.
- Fair?

I'm going to drown in laughter.

- A bank robber! A killer!
- It's true.

The "Bonito" Harry Holland!

Yes, I did some things in the past.
which the Church would not approve.

But I paid for it, Sheriff.
In jail. Fifteen years.

It will not take a penny of mine,
you crook!

If I were you, I'd be careful.
with what it says!

"He threatened me, Sheriff ..."
- Shut up, Reggie!

- We do not want trouble, Mr. Holland.
- Me neither.

You have the best reputation. We would stay
happy, if you leave with your horse.

I'll go my way, like this.
than to receive my $ 200.

You're not going into that bank!

It would not be the first time a man
of the law shoots me in the back, Sheriff.

But I always managed
give one or two shots, ...

as retribution, say.

- Damn it, Harvey. He startled him.
- Shut up, Reggie!

I'll tell your father when he comes back from
East and he'll mop his ass!

Conversation! He goes
take away your badge!

Well, Sheriff, what are we going to do?

Damn it!

I'm sorry, sir, but
the sheriff said

That piece of paper
it costs $ 200.

No, sir, I can not ...

Pay it!

What will you do when you get the money?
I will not let you leave town with him.

What city!
All recmm-painted, peaceful ...

Tidy, clean ...
What do you do with the trash?

I never thought of
take my money

in the same way as
which was not mine.

You have no sense of humor, do you?

Are you H.H. Holland?


Go home.
Hurry, hurry!

Here he comes.

The sheriff did not do his duty.

I will not let you leave.
with my money!

- He got my money!
- Shut up, Reggie!

The mother's son cheated on me.
and away!

- Holland ...
- Sheriff, I'm going to get my horse ...

because I have no intention
to walk to Mexico.

And I'm coming!


Oh, cusus!

Somebody help me!

Come on, Bess,
This is not our business.

Call a doctor.
- I go.

What are you looking at?


Here she comes ...

Here you are! Look!

It will be good if you do not have an infection.

Sew the wound!

I have sewn shirts buttons, from
that my wife ran away with the preacher.

- What do you mean by that?
- I'm not a doctor.

- I'm dentist.
- Oh, shit!

Well, it's only $ 5.


In my saddlebag.

Thank you sir.

Maybe Dr. Webster will stitch it, ...

- when the meeting is over.
- What meeting?

They are discussing what
I will do it with you.

Some want to lynch it.
- Because?

The sheriff died.

Dead! Damn it! I think my eyes
they are not like they used to be.

- Have friends?
Most of them are dead.

Someone will have to take it
of my room.

- I need to go to rehearsal now.
- You'll have to forget him.

As I said?

Sit down.


- I told you to sit down.
- You would not dare!

Without you here with me,
My life is worthless.

Sit down.

He killed the sheriff!

Let's gather ten men
and enter that room!

Bell City is a city of respect,
where the law should be maintained.

He's right.
You lost that money!

- Let's burn the Hotel!
- Good idea ...

An ova! The hotel is mine
and no one will burn it!

- Do not be so selfish ...
- He took our actress as a ref.

- That killer is here, now.
- Everybody calm down!

- Mayor ...
- The only way to deal with him is to kill him.

Reggie, I can arrest you for inciting
people violence.

Mayor ...

Let's hear the editor of the newspaper
Bell City Gazette, Mr. Lippert.

The others, shut up!

Thank you, Mayor.

Before Burning the Hotel
or explode it, ...

and kill the main actress of the
Mr. Gibson, ...

- Why do not we talk to him?
- Talk to him?

Yes, we'll have it delivered.
peacefully and be judged.

You're delirious, Lipperte.

the civilized way
of solving things.

Since Sheriff Harmon is no longer
with us to perform this task, ...

- Wally Blodgett will replace him.
- No, sir.

- I will not replace anyone.
- You're the delegate.

I'm not.

When a man like Holland
Kill someone, you can kill another.

Find someone else.

Any volunteers?

Well I ...
I'll talk to the man.

"Your kindness will impress you more
his subjects than his strength. "

- So, you missed your rehearsal.
- Really.

"Your kindness will impress ..."

I could enjoy the crowd outside,
and present the piece in front of the Hotel.


It would be our biggest show
this turn .

"Look, I want to thank you for-"
- No need.

"Your kindness will impress ..."

You speak funny.

- What did I say?
- No, I did, but as I said.

If someone here says funny,
Mr. Holland ...

"It's not what I said, but how I said it."

- I say that?
- Yes.

- "Your kindness will impress ..."
- What kind of language is that?

"What do you think?" Shakespeare.
- Huh?

Forget it

I've seen healer shows
in Saloons.

"What do these people want to do to you?"
- They want to hang me in a tree.

"And what are you going to do?"
- Get out of here to the force.

What they said about you,
Is it true?

Get down!

Mr. Holland?

Mr. Holland, I want to talk to you.
- Speak!

Turn it in, Mr. Holland. Go to judgment.
We will consider the circumstances.

Small talk!

Can not keep up
a in forever, Mr. Holland.

Get these people out of the way.
from my window.

Bring my horse and I'll leave.

I do not think that's possible.

I'm not armed, Mr. Holland.

Someone who comes to talk,
no need

Lippert? Are you okay?

Let's just stand here while we
He shoots in the whole city?

Mr. Lippert, what's going on?

If it touches a
her hair

I'll go in there.
Anyone come with me?

Why the shooting?

- Your style of putting an end to the sentences.
- What happened? What did he say?

He wants a horse and the street free.

- Not in hell!
- No, sir!

He will not have a horse and yes
a rope in the neck.

He is with an innocent girl!
It is better to have a clear mind.

My mind is clear.
Let's go in and get him!

And who's going in there?

Only one man can do that.

Only a man can face Holland:
Sam Starret.

And I'm the only one who knows
where that man is.

- The "Bonito" Harry Holland!
- Yes.

Do they really call him that?

The "Bonito" Harry!

He said he earned the money from
honest manner.

I won.

And he shot the sheriff after him.
have shot you.


- Then, give yourself!
- Are you crazy?

"You'll have to let him go, if there's justice."
- What do you mean?

"He promised you a fair trial."
- Bullshit! They want blood!

They will judge me and then hang.

- Why are you so right?
- Because I'm right!

I can only leave the city.
forcing my way.

And what will happen to me?

"I'm looking for Sam Starret."
- What do you want with him?

"Something only he can do.
- Find another person.

- I think he's the one to decide.
- I'll tell him!

No one speaks for Sam Starret.

Jos !

Calm down, I do not want any problems.

I wasted to get here,
and I'm not leaving without talking to him.

- Who are you?
- Wally Blodgett. I'm a friend.

Hang on.

If Sam knows that
sent me away

Go and see him, and then go.

Come here!

Get out of there! Get out, Bill Drake!
Throw your weapon and get out!

Bill Drake!
He is remembering.

I know.

When he drinks, he remembers
of the people he killed.

Of course. It was his job.

- Sam, it's me, Wally.
- H ? I do not want to look.

I'm here, Sam. Wake up!

- Wally?
"That's right.

Let's have a drink.
Under the bed.

- Oh, no! Nothing more!
- What's going on?

What did you do with it?


"I just got back from Bell City.
- Give me the drink!

We need you, Sam.

No one else can solve,
just you

- Easy, Sam. They need you.
- Help me!

Let me go, dammit!


Son of a nut!

How can you drink so much?
and not die?

Why do not you die?

"You must let him be a Sheriff again."
- No!

He was born for it.

No! He's mine! My! He arrived
here sad, I made you happy!

He drinks a little too much,
but I love him! He's mine! My!

Now, go!

I'll get him something to eat.
When you come back, I hope you've already left.


Get away from the door!

- You think ...
- I think, what?

Do not worry. I'll think of
Something to get out of here.

- What are you doing in Mexico?
- Because?

Just to have a conversation.

I am interested.

When my wife died.
My daughter went there.

She has two children.
- Do you have grandchildren?

- Oh, they're still little ...
"How old are they?"

She married very young, like me.

It must have been a
child marriage, no?

Can you sew?

Right. I'll take the cloth out of your mouth,
so you can drink something.

- Where am I? Untie me ...
- Do not yell!

I saw some bad guys back there.
I think they're following us!

You kidnapped me, you idiot!

I'll give you something to drink,
or will die.

But I want to live.
Let's try again, okay?

That's water! Damn it, Wally! Does not have
tequila or something like that?

- No!
- Damn it!

I will not give you drink, because
They need you sober.

Do you?

Where are you taking me,
and for what?

To Bell City. They need a
Courageous sheriff and I promised to take him!

It's a shame, because I'm not going.

How it feels?

I'm feeling pitiful!
I feel like I'm dying!

I'm dying, Wally.
Come on, just give me a drink.

No! No drop,
Until I eat something.

If I eat, I'm going to vomit.

I do not eat. I can not eat,
I just drink. There's only one drop ...

You will not drink anything,
if you do not eat before.

"Can I have a drink if I eat something?"
- Try this.

Well, at least you tried.

Now, choose a letter
and remember it.

"What letter did you choose?"
"Four of spades.

Find her!

- He's not here!
- Are you sure you saw her?

Of course. The four of spades.

So it must be there.

Bess, it's gonna be tough.
The door is open.

And this time, do not come back.

I'll go when you're ready.

- You're brave!
"If it were, I would have stayed in England."

- Why did not you stay?
- I could not embarrass my family.

Well created ladies,
They are not actresses.

You are too far away
from home, Bess. Two.

- If you get to Mexico, ...
- Oh, I'm coming.

- ... what are you going to do?
- Not much.

Eat sleep sleep work
on a farm at one time or another, ...

and watch the sun rise and the sunset.

Sounds boring, does not it? Two Pairs.

Sounds good to me.

"Full house!"

Your turn.

Jesus! Damn it! I thought we had
get rid of them.

How many are?

I have seen two with horses, but
have more to p .

They must have only one or two weapons,
or had already attacked us before.

Ol !

- Can you hear me?
- We're listening to you!

We do not want to hurt them, sir.

- We want to be your friends.
"Then why do they shoot us?"

My friend made a mistake.
He thought you were a deer.

Small talk!

You better let go, Wally.

- What do you want?
- We just want to be fair and honest.

We're five, with two horses.

You are two, with two horses.

Could you give us one of your horses?

That's it?

We also have two weapons
for five people.

Maybe you can lend us
two weapons.

Go to hell!



My friend wants to kill you.

It's making it difficult for me to
like the Lord.

Hey, you idiot. You do not have
Whose idea are you dealing with?

I have Sam Starret here with me! The best
agent of the Law that has already been known.

Did you hear me?
Sam Starret is here!

Or they do not know me, Wally, ...

or they do not care.
You better give me back my gun.

The gringo said that his friend
is Sam Garret.

Pure story! Everyone knows that
Sam Garrett just wants to drink tequila.

Let it come.

Get down, son of a bitch!

Be careful to point
this in the right direction.

"Do you still know how to use it?"
- I hope so, Wally.

Se or, how will we know
Who are you with Sam Starret?

Show your ugly face and
You'll find out soon!

How about this, Wally?

Let's go! Sam Starret!

"I'm going to have that drink now."
- I'm sorry, Sam!

- Good evening, Mr. Irving.
- Good evening, Mrs. Mackie.

Why do I have to go ahead?

Come back and I'll go ahead.

Hang on.

It's all right.



Why this, Wally?
Does not this man have legs?

Be careful. Hear me.

If you tell this to anyone
from this city, you're fried!

- He's going to die choking!
- Do not worry.

Tell the Mayor that Sam Starret
You are here in this room, ...

and that he will go to the meeting in the morning.

Okay, I'll give you a drink, if you
promise not to shout. Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Wally, ...

Wally, I'm going to kill you!

Harry ...

- Are you sleeping?
- No.

Does your leg hurt a lot?

It's killing me.
I'll be lucky if I get better if I can.

Holland is in that Hotel
right now, ...

terrorizing this girl
which he holds captive.

Who knows what it is?
doing it to her!

No one dares to face it,
afraid that he will kill her.

And should I go there, arrest him?

I promised the Mayor that
you would.

Let him go to hell!
I will not do it.

You must!

- I promise. I'm the Delegate.
"Then do it."

- You're the sheriff!
- I'm not.

How about a drink?

Not a drop, even say that
will take care of Holland.

I'll tell you what I'll do.

Let me go, give me a bottle and
we can talk about it.

Just a little sip.


Holland, we want
talk to you!

Come to the window,
we will not shoot.

Do not go!

Holland, you better listen.
what we have to say.

Sam! Damn it!

Wake up!
Come on, Sam.

I give my word that no one
will shoot you.

- What do you want?
"Your weapon and the poor girl."

- Come and get them!
- We have someone who will.

"And who would it be?"
- Sam Starret.

I do not believe ...

Sam Starrett is not Sheriff anymore.

He's still here, and he's here.

- I do not see it.
- Starret!


Damn it!

He's coming!


- Jesus! Sam Starret ...
- Do you know him?

Yes, I know.

Starret, Holland wants to see you.

Sam Starrett!

You need to help me, Sam.
I'll give you a drink if you say something.

He's here! Hold on!

Please, Sam! Say something.

It's really Sam.

By God, Sam,
say something!

It's been a long time, Harry.

Long time.

You can turn yourself in now, Holland,
or wait for him to swallow it.


What did he say?

I should not have brought you here.
I can see that now.

I was just showing off.

Talking about important men
I knew.

You, especially, because
was the best.

I admired him, Sam, as never before.
he had admired another man.

You're the law!

And you need it.
We all need ...

People could protect themselves
against those ...

who thought we were like cattle
which they could exploit and kill.

You were born for this, ...

and not to become a baba and
to waste the last years of your life.

I was not bad, was not I?

Sam, .... ru m?

No one matched it.

- Sam Starret ...
- Who is this man?

Who's Sam Starret?

An old acquaintance.
He was a man of the law.

"He was chasing you?"
- Once in a while.

He was good, too.
Maybe it still is.

You know, Bess, ...

"I could have killed him once."
But you did not.

- What are you going to do now?
- I'm going to kill him ... this time.

- He killed the sheriff.
"But the sheriff shot him."

- Right after you shot Reggie's hand.
"But this Reggie fired first."

Well, Holland was going to shoot him.

It seems that he is
wanted to defend himself.

Tell me, Wally, ...

What am I doing here ... exactly?

"To kill Holland?"
- No. To get him and bring him to trial.

Oh I see! I extend my hand, smile,
I ask for your weapon, which it will give ...

and the city will be satisfied?

I do not know, Wally.
They want to see the shooting ...

and somebody dead.

Better get dressed, Sam.

Many people want to meet you.

I also need to shave.

- No, no! Just after the meeting!
"Come on, Wally, just take a sip."

Leave me, Wally.

Wally, I want it now!

I'm going to break it!

Wally, I rip your balls!

I do not have balls, I never had balls.
You'll drink after the meeting.

- After?
- After.


Sheriff Starret, it's a pleasure to see you.
Let's go inside, Sheriff!

Let's go inside!

We need you.

"Would you like something to drink?"
- Oh, ...

Talk to people, Sheriff.

"Well, first I must-"
- Kill Holland.

"I need to get paid first."
- We'll take care of it, Sheriff.

- Oh, did you mind?
- Yes.

- $ 200!
- Not bad!

- Sam, what's wrong?
- That's not enough.

How much?

For that crazy,
much more than that.

How much?

To take Harry Holland
to judgment, ...

Or ...

face it.

Or face it.

Two thousand dollars.

You will have them!

You must be Reggie.

Any idiot in town
know this.

Got crazy? It's more than $ 5
per person from this city.

I'm paying for it!

You got your badge ... Sheriff!



Harry. Dinner is ready.

good against dandruff!
It works wonders.

It was given to me by an old cacique.

There seems to be more people out there.

My old father said, "When you see a lot of
people gathered, ... "

"Join them or stay away."

"He was an old man.
- Not so much.

He climbed on the roof of our
barn during a storm, ...

to examine the driver
of lightning rods.

After the funeral, my mother stayed
furious with the barn, and burned it.

Bess, how are you?
have a drink of whiskey?

Holland! Sam Starret is here!

Why do not you let go of the girl and let her go?
She has nothing to do with it.

If I let her go, what will stop them
to blow up the Hotel?

I do not want to kill him,
only to bring him to judgment.

- Small talk!
- Drop here and stop yelling.

- Come on up!
- No, you deserve it.

Come up here and we'll talk
drinking a glass of whiskey.

This disgrace ...
Like reasonable men.

Unlock the door.

It's open!

He was very hard.
with you?

On occasion.

Lock it!

Not your style, Holland, hide.
behind women's skirts.

And its not your style.
the nose where it does not concern you.

They said they stole money.
and killed a man.

They are fools!

Let's find out this at the trial.

Monkeys bite me!
They know?

- You know what?
- You're a drunk.

Bbbado or sober, still
I can face you, Holland.

I do not think they know, or they do not.
they would have sent you against me.

Sheriff, is everything okay up there?

We're talking right now.

We're talking!
They all go to their homes. Come on.

"So ... was not he the first to shoot?"
- No.

- Did you have to kill the sheriff?
- Habit.

Well, let the girl go.

I want to stay!

The "Bonito" Harry ...

Good, ...

now that I have had a chance to reflect
a little, ...

joining all parties, ...

I think we're in a
Awesome shit!

- We've been there before.
- Oh, yes, yes.

Like the time he shot
in the throat of a Judge.

Oh, old Nat Fawcett.

- Right. Within the Court.
- He was a son of a bitch!

- He's probably already dead.
- Hope so.

- Those were good times!
- Yes ...

Well, things have changed now,
Harry, a man gets old.

Well, it happens to everyone,
all the time.

Hell, you have the same
age me.

I was a boy when we
We know.

You walked with Jesse. All
they know you're older than him.

What's this?
You're hot!

You have not changed anything.

When I arrived in that city,
I was hoping to meet him at the barbershop ...

looking at herself in the mirror.

Damn it, Sam, I should have killed him.
on Sidewinder Ridge!

So why did not you,
you presumptuous bastard?

Do not tease me, Sam.

We were there,
there was no one watching!

Get out under my blanket,
and there he was.

The "Bonito" Harry Holland. Was
Behind him 10 years ago! In p , l .

He looked at me, but he did not draw the gun.
- I do not remember you getting yours.

"Why did not you take it out," Nice "Harry?
- You were unarmed!

Small talk!

He smiled at me, took his horse
and left, ...

because there was no one to say:

"I saw the" Bonito "Harry Holland
kill Sam Starret. "

Listen here. Did you say
everyone who was going to kill me.

So, why did not you shoot him?

I, ...

I was tired of killings.

So he started to drink.

Oh, life is full of surprises.

How to find you in this
little beautiful town.

- Do not worry. I'm going to Mexico.
- Oh, no, no, no.

- As well?
- I'll stop him!

- Because?
- Because it's my job.

Besides, I need money.

Life is full of surprises.

We think that never again
Come back, Sheriff.

You got my money, Reggie?

What happened, Sheriff.
What's going on?

- I'm going to find a Judge.
"He's coming to Canada for Union Wells."

Union Wells? Because?
A week on horseback, right?

No more.

- The train station is 8 km from here.
"He'll be here after tomorrow."

Well let's get these people
from street. This is not a circus.

I will provide.

All right, everyone is going home!

Go home now.
There is nothing to see.

- See you later.
- In the bedroom.

Give me the bottle, Wally.

Please, not on the street.

"Are you, Brutus?"

Attention, ladies and gentlemen. It is
just an introduction to the massacre ...

which you can witness.

For these are difficult times and
Cesar will make an offering to the gods.

Adults, 25 cents
and soft drinks.

Get up.
Come on, get up!

Move yourself!

Well, what can I do?
Do it for you guys?

Show us how fast you can
ride your horse and get out of town.

I'm leaving soon after the trial.
of Mr Holland.

There is no need for a trial.
- The District Judge will be here soon.

The Judge may continue his itinerary,
because we will not need it.

"Well, we have a deal, Reggie.
"A bargain with a bastard is not worth anything.

Secretly, he can run away with
the money, before facing Holland.

What are you going to do? What do you plan?
Kill it?

"He's going to kill the girl and kill him."
- Shut up!

Shut up, you hypocrite bastard!

Now, ...

I want that money.
Move yourself!

Maybe this will help.

Have a drink, Sheriff!

- What the hell ... !
- Go ahead!


Do not piss me off, Reggie!

Go ahead, lick!

No one will know, besides us,
and we do not give the least.

Come on, shit!

Hell, the second time.

Cuss, you sweat a lot, Reggie.

You are a great help!

They know where the chain is.
I'll go with Reggie to l .

It's not fair. I'm not happy
with that, Starrett!

It will not work for me anymore!
This is your last job in this city.

It's an injustice!

What the hell ...?

Need to stay in a place
sure, Wally. Arrest them.


Watch out for this blood!

You guys. Get out of here.
You too. Everyone out!

They disappear.

Come on, disown.
You get out of here!

- Listen here, Sheriff ...
- How long have you been building this?

Since the day Holland
locked himself in the Hotel.

You better get out of there.

You better get out!

- I ordered ...
"I'll give the orders now.

I want all the guns in town
locked in the chain, ...

before I take Holland
to trial. Is it clear?


Come on, get out of here!

You wanted a sheriff,
and I got you one.

"They stood up and their courage
now it has destroyed you. "

"I gave my breast milk and I know how to
It is ineffable to love the baby who loves. "

"But at the moment when
looked smiling on my face, ... "

"the breast would remove him from the
toothless mouth ... "

and the head would break, if so
had sworn it. "

"Just as you
in relation to this. "

"May I be damned!"
- Macbeth too.

Oh, my God, Bess!
I've never seen anything like it.

You're the only one.
Tell me, what does that mean?

It means that when proposing
to do something, do it.

Was Starret right? Like me,
Did you need a platform?

He was drunk.

Harry, be honest with yourself,
and this will follow day and night.

Do not lie and do not fight it.


What the hell do you want now?

Let me arrest you and you'll be safe.
until the Judge judges it.

Sam, you know I will not have
chance with a Judge of this city.

"A Judge will come from Union Wells."
"A week's trip?"

You're arriving tomorrow morning by train.
You will have a fair trial.

I promise you that.

I'll think about it.

"I heard that Harry Holland is here."
"That's right.

"Is he in prison?"
"Not yet, but it will be soon."


Merritt, I'm Wally Blodgett,
the Delegate ...

Sam! I just saw the District Judge.
Do you know who?

Nat Fawcett, the Hanging Judge!

Holland did not shoot his throat?

- It's me. Sam.
- What the hell do you want?


"Who's with you?"
- No one, damn it!

"The Judge has arrived?"
- You bet.

- What is it?
- Nat Fawcett.

"You promised me a fair trial."
- I know. But I have an idea ...

You're inept!

He raped, robbed,
plundered and killed.

The indulgence of you means betraying
the aspirations of this great country.

May God judge you.

Harry Holland, I condemn you to be
hanging by the neck, until death.

Those are fine words, but I think
Mr Holland has heard them before.

He will not give up his freedom,
to be judged by the Lord.

"Does he know I'm here?"
- Yes.

So how are we gonna take it?
of that Hotel?

Let's have a duel.

If he wins, he will be free.
If he loses, he will be justified.

I'll face it tomorrow morning.

Just him and me.


Let the girl out!

Bess! This way.

"You can still give yourself up, Harry.
"The devil I can, Sheriff.

Mr Holland!

My God, he did it!
He defeated Harry Holland.

Nice shot, Sheriff! Nice shot!

Get away from him!
They've had their show.

Wally, call two men.
to put him in the carriage.

I'm going to bury it myself.

I'll make the money more
They paid me.

Let's hope that Bell City will never
but go through it.



Someone would like to take
a good whiskey?

Hell, like no?

Well, I do not drink, but
I'm going to take a sip.

- That stinks like mud.
Gibson invented it.

- cola with ketchup.
"I think there's something that belongs to me."

My insurance.

Here's your half, partner.

You know, Sam, ...

- I think I got it before you.
- Oh, you got nothing!

"I can do that at any moment."
- No, you can not.

- Yes I Can.
- No, you can not.

I think I got it again!