Draupathi (2020) - full transcript

Being a village social activist draupathy a strong woman, trying to explore the illegal activity of the fake marriages against a team of lawyers who do so many wrong activities along with her husband and how they solve this issue

All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance

The Headlines'

'In Villupuram district
in the 'honour killing' case...'

'of his wife and wife's sister
Rudra Prabhakaran was arrested'

'Detailed news'

'Rudra Prabhakaran belongs to Senthamangalam
village in Villupuram district'

'He is the martial arts master'

'His wife Draupathi's sister'

'Lakshmi fell in love with a boy
of another caste and had register marriage'

'Few days before'

'when Rudra Prabhakaran
was aware of this register marriage'

'He was furious on his wife's sister

'Last night, he slit her throat
and murdered her when she was sleeping'

'When Draupathi who has witnessed
it was shocked and hindered him'

'He attacked his wife Draupathi too
on her head with an iron rod'

'The police has arrested
Rudra Prabhakaran'

'Lakshmi is dead on the spot'

'and Draupathi has been taken to
the hospital and was brain dead'

'Draupathi is pregnant for three months'

'This twin 'honour killings' that
happened because of casteism'

'has created chaos in Tamil Nadu'

'6 months later...'

- Greetings!
- Sorry brother

It was late by six months
to take you out on bail

- Don't mistake me
- It's okay

Let's leave from here
and talk on the way

Brother, shall we go straight away
to your hometown?

No, sir

I don't know how many people
will believe me in my hometown?

There are few things to be done

I'll set foot in my village
once it's over

Okay, brother
Then, we can go to my hometown

Okay, sir

There won't be any problem here

You can stay here as
long as you want

Dr Kokila mam told you
to talk to her when you come out

She wants to talk something
about Draupathi mam

- Will you speak now?
- Not now, sir

Don't let anyone know
that I'm out of prison

I have to go to Chennai
for Draupathi case

I'll speak to her after coming back

Okay, brother

- Then, you've to do one more help
- Tell me

For Draupathi, Lakshmi and Uncle
I didn't do the rituals after they died

If you help, I can do it now

Let me arrange it
You just relax

Okay, thank you sir

- Excuse me
- Yes, mam

Rania mam asked me to come
Will you convey her that I've come?

Mam, Gaythri mam is waiting
for you at reception

- Oh, has she arrived?
- Yes, she has come

Okay, two minutes break


How are you, Gayu?

Yeah, I'm good
How are you?

I'm fine

You told me to come
Is there any film shoot?

We are going to film shoot a documentary

So, you should accompany us to
the village for ten days to act in it

Sure, what's the concept?

I'm going to shoot a documentary based
on real life story called 'Draupathi's vow'

A doctor is the producer

That content will be shocking
and controversial


I'm ready to act
When are we leaving?

- Greetings, swamy!
- Greetings!

Swamy, didn't I say earlier?
That's for him

Tell me

Six months ago three people of
my family died in an accident

I was not in hometown then
I've just arrived

Should I do obsequies
or give alms on death anniversary?

No matter how many months
you need to do the obsequies

and later give alms to the dead

It is then the rituals and customs
will materialize

Then, let's do obsequies

Okay, good
Tell me your race and lineage

Jambu Maharishi lineage

As per your customs
shave your moustache

and beard and take head-bath

Let's do it well

If so, I've an important
work than this

I'll finish it and come

Only then, their soul will attain peace

- I'll leave, Swamy
- Okay

- Sir!
- Tell me, brother

I'm leaving to my hometown, tomorrow
We can do it a month later, sir

- Greetings, mam!
- Greetings!

I'm Shankar
I'm working as an associate director

The doctor told me to help you with the
documentary that you're going to do

- Thank you, Shankar
- It's okay, mam

I'm doing a documentary on the incident
that happened in this Villupuram district

I'll send you some photos of
reference characters through WhatsApp

I want people like them
It'll be helpful if you find them out

Okay, mam
You go and take rest

I'll arrange the actors you need
and meet you tomorrow


Hey, dude!

How are you?

- How about all?
- They are good

Why is this beard?

Are you coming here straight away
from out of bail?

Didn't you go to hometown?

Dude, don't you know about Draupathi?
She has told me one thing

If I had not fulfill that vow
her soul will not attain peace

So, I've lied to everyone and
came to Chennai in search of you

If you've any problem
I'll just leave

Hey, dude!
Why are you talking like this?

Come on

Like the one that happened
to sister Draupathi

It shouldn't happen to anyone

What to do?

You stay here
I'll do whatever you need

I won't tell the guys
that you are here

- Okay?
- Okay, dude

Dude, have water when you feel thirsty

Lot of mosquitoes here
Cover yourself

Will you sleep now?

I'm not feeling sleepy
You go and sleep

Dude, are you in memories of Draupathi?

It'll be disheartening

What the people say
isn't wrong, dude

I have killed Draupathi

I shouldn't have left her alone
on that day

I made a big mistake

The guys have told me everything
Don't get perplexed, unnecessarily

Sleep now

Atlast, I wasn't gifted enough to
see her and do the final rites

I feel disheartening, dude

Okay, dude

Sleep now
Sleep peacefully

Whatever, let's talk in the morning

- Dude, I need a small help
- What's that?

Take me to this address

- Who is he?
- I'll tell you later

- First, take me to this address
- Okay, dude

Just wait for five minutes
I'll get ready and come

- Dude, shall we go?
- Yeah, let's go

Granny, give me five hundred rupees
Where is your purse?

Go away, has he given me money?
Ask your dad

Look for the vehicle

Brother, which is the house with No.234?

It's not here

Only 55 houses are here
Go the other side and check

It's not here

Have you seen the guy
in this photo?

- No, I haven't seen him
- Is it?


Dude, they have given a fake address

They ought to come to the court

Won't they be caught, then?
Let's see


Didn't I tell you to inquire
about the guy on phone?


Don't do it, now
They might get doubt


Then, one important thing
I need a SIM card now


My old SIM will not be the right one
for the job I'm going to do now

And nobody should know
that I have a phone

Okay, dude

And we are just friends for those
who work under you

Okay, dude

They shouldn't know
any of my problems

- Jack!
- Hi, brother!

Dude, didn't I tell you?

- He is Jackdoss
- Greetings, boss

He is expert in women's issues

Don't praise me high, brother

Why are you so early?

I'm going to have candy
in the evening

So, I need to finish the work
and leave

You mean, candy?

You ask him?

Candy, means?

Candy, it's candy
A stick candy for the babes

Who is he?
Looking handsome

He is my friend
going to work here

Dude, that is the registrar
office, Royapuram

Lakshmi's marriage was registered here

For those who elope from the town

Built this for them to get married

Let us not talk here
We will go to the tea shop

- brother, two cups of ginger tea
- Okay

You've seen the registrar office, right?

Do you know, how many cheating
marriages has happened there?

They have ruined the name of Madras

When we get married to a woman
and live with disciplined relationship

Do you know what people
say about them?


I'll be furious at that time

Hey, what have you done
with your hand?

Look, the blood is oozing

Oh, no!
why are you doing like this?

Look here

Tell me whatever it is

Who is he?

Let's go

Who is he?

Is he involved in Draupathi case?
Shall we kill him?

- Tell me, dude
- Let's go


Hey, what are you doing?

In the tea shop, you broke the glass
and hurt your hand

Now, punching the wall here

You'd have thrashed him
when he was caught

The problem is not to kill him
Draupathi must win her vow

Are you not going to kill him?

Hey! To kill Draupathi he planned and
made you to come to the bus stop

You say, you just want them to leave

Listen dude, we must kill them
I believe you've come for it

What's your decision now?

What do you want now?
Tell me that

I need a tea shop, now
A bicycle and a tea can

That's all, right?
I have my bicycle

The seat is not good
I'll get it welded

I'll buy the tea can, tomorrow morning

Is it okay?

Come on

Punching on the wall!

"Utter as, 'mom'!
Ask that God!"

Greetings, brother

Welcome, Raja
Why are you here, suddenly?

The bicycle seat isn't good
I came to get it ready

Let me do

Who is he looking dull
with bandage in hands?

He is my brother-in-law
He has come from my hometown

My sister died six months ago

So, I've brought him here
to stay with me for few days

We didn't bring anything at birth

We don't carry anything
when we leave this world

With the lines of 'Poet Pattinathar'
let's get rid of his sadness

Bang the drums!

"We play hide and seek game
with eyes opened"

"Many flower gardens
are sleeping beneath the soil"

"We play hide and seek game
with eyes opened"

"Many flower gardens
are sleeping beneath the soil"

"This human life doesn't exist
without birth and death"

"There is no life"

"The sweet memories are
the limit of our life"

"Our limit "

"She didn't go anywhere, dude!"

"She's living in your heart
building a castle"

"She didn't go anywhere, dude!"

"She's living as god
in your heart"

"We play hide and seek game
with eyes opened"

"Many flower gardens
are sleeping beneath the soil"

"Dear my dear"

"The man and the woman, "
"With love and pleasure,"

"Filled with emotions,"

"We were born in
a drop of semen"

"Creeping as a child,"

"We grew up on many laps,"

"We adored the Tamil language
and passed our days of youth"

"The courtly male, and
The majestic warrior,"

"The robust dear,"

"The children and the properties
Along with the desires,"

"The wealth varies
and the youth transforms,"

"The golden age advances, dear"

"The meaning of life
is then understood,"

"It'll happen to you
and the same will happen to me"

"What's seen by eyes will blend
with the sea breeze"

"We play hide and seek game
with eyes opened"

"Many flower gardens
are sleeping beneath the soil"

"We play hide and seek game
with eyes opened"

"Many flower gardens
are sleeping beneath the soil"

"This human life doesn't exist
without birth and death"

"There is no life"

"The sweet memories are
the limit of our life"

"Our limit "

"She didn't go anywhere, dude!"

"She's living in your heart
building a castle"

"She didn't go anywhere, dude!"

"She's living as god
in your heart"

"We play hide and seek game
with eyes opened"

"Many flower gardens
are sleeping beneath the soil"


Great, master!

- You got perfect artistes
- Thank you, mam

- Shall I ask Gayathri mam to come?
- Yes, Tell her to Come

Rania, look at the footage
It's good!

Gayathri, you look so nice

- you almost look like Draupathi
- Thank you, Rania

Actually, once I wear these attires
I feel brave and pride

What are we going to do, now?

He is the martial arts master
casting as Draupathi's husband Prabhakaran

Now, the scene is

He will teach you the martial arts
and you're acting like learning it

Okay, ready
Let's go



- Shall we shift to the next location?
- Okay, let's go

Dude, is the tea can ready?

Is that one?
I have brought it

I'll go and bring it now

Jack, take rest for five minutes


I'll be back

- Jack!
- Tell me, boss

Why can't you get married
to a girl who works hard like you?

Instead, you're going in search
of rich women

and why do you think
you should live on that money?

Did he tell about me?
He is enraged on me, boss

We are kept suppressed
Who let us to grow?

Tell me
I'm not educated

By polishing the shoes
or cutting the plates

I can no longer settle in life

- We too need to grow up, right?
- Not being educated is your fault

Doesn't your conscience tell
what you're doing is wrong?

It's not at all wrong

Our life will be great when
we get married to ***

- Isn't it right?
- Yeah, right

Look, you're surprised on my speech

If you heed the speech of
our ***, you will be astonished

Better, tell me

Okay, you've taken up a decision
I'll try my best to settle you

Prabha, come here

Dude, I've arranged
the bicycle as you asked

Is this enough, dude

Yes, enough

They have poisoned
the minds of guys like Jack

A big revolution must be
made to change things right

Okay, what are you going
to do with this?

Brother, a tea costs Rs7

- Will you have it?
- Give me two cups of tea

Look after the shop
I'll have tea and come

Okay, brother

Is it Rs.7?

Brother, please come every day
Outside the gate, Kumar has a tea shop

He gives hot water as tea
I feel sleepy when having that

Come everyday

Someone has opened a new tea shop

Brother, tea

Hey, is this tea?
Just hot water

If you want tea, both you
and your owner have in that shop

I'll pay for it
Leave now

Brother, what's this?

Babu, chase him away

Hey, go away


Brother, you have to leave
this shop in ten minutes

I have a shop here, right?
Don't ruin my life

Just for few days

After that, I'll go back
to my hometown

Adjust a little

You will serve good tea for them
Then, people here will question me

You leave from here, first

I can't
Do whatever you can

I'll see to it

- Hey
- Brother

- We can't have good tea, ever
- Yes, brother

They are doing their job exactly
for the bribe they take

Dude, remove your hat

Dude, you're the martial arts master
at Villupuram, isn't it?

- Why are you here?
- Hey, He Will sell tea here

Go away

- What's this, sir?
- Go away


Have you got the bail?

I'm happy

Whatever problem you've,
refer my name

My name is Maanikam

I'm leaving, dude

Brother, it's good

Though he is rude,
he is supporting you

You set up the shop
next to mine

I'll introduce you to all
Come on

"Heal, oh heart do heal,
the command of almighty are six"

Periyasamy, brother!

Just a minute

- Brother
- What, dude?

Brother, hereafter don't buy tea
from Kumar's shop

Buy from his shop
The tea is good

Is it?
Okay, come on

Where do you come from?

Senthamangalam from Villupuram district

He is our guy

How long has it been
I visited our hometown last?

I'm so happy to meet you

- Do you've a flask?
- Yes, I have

Get ready with the tea

When I come to take photocopy,
I'll take you to all and introduce

- Is it okay?
- Okay


Brother, you're arranging
the wedding for everyone

- Can you help me?
- You haven't sold three bags yet

The day you sell ten bags,
I'll arrange your wedding Okay?

Don't tease me, brother

- Are you ready?
- I'm ready, brother

- Hey, I'll hit you
- Don't..

Give him a tea

Nowadays, everything has become online

Check the Government website
You will know the full details

Sir, he belongs to my hometown

He has a tea shop
in our premises

The tea is good

Give him a tea


Twenty seven, twenty nine, two

It's good

- Mani
- Sir!

Tell this guy to give tea everyday
for the those who work at our office

Okay, sir

- What's your name?
- Prabhakaran

Prabhakaran, excellent!
The tea is good

Thank you, sir

Carry on

The one who is hiding
behind the tree

Shoot him

Brother, is there any room
to change the clothes?

If you want to change clothes
in aeration, it's Rs50

If you need a room,
the charges will be Rs200

Then, a room is okay

Hey, take her to the back

Please, be quiet

I'm going to kill you
Give me

Put the phone down
Take them

Then, you play It

Come, sister

Bhai, who are they?

You're new to this area, right?
Just wait for ten minutes

Brother, ready

- Did your parents come with you?
- No, brother

Oh, no! This registrar is very strict

He won't do the registration
unless your parents come

The advocate will take care of
all those

Who is the advocate?

- He is the advocate
- She is my client

- Is it you?
- Greetings

It seems you will not let anyone
without taking commission

Come on

My income has gone

How come these girls
are so brave?

She came wearing a nighty

drape the silk saree here
and get married

Brother, most of the weddings here
happen in the filmy style, 'Alaipayuthey'

The boys are scared
but not these girls

How to do the registration?
How much does it cost?

Will you take care
without knowing to anyone?

They will ask such
different queries

After two days,
being caught at home,

She will come here weeping
and say, I've unknowingly signed

My father is important to me

It would be humourous

You're going to be here, right
You will see many such dramas

It's enough, if we get the money

Have it, sir

No need money

Brother, will you get profit
when you sell a cup of tea for Rs7?

When you get Rs500 income,
we can pay the rent and eat in Chennai

Looks like you haven't
come here to earn

When the elderly come,
you give them tea for free

What are you upto?

I don't have anyone
That's why

It's heartbreaking
when looking at them

Good deeds aren't
appreciated nowadays

I'm not selling only the bags
to feed my family

I'm earning through
middleman job

People elope and come here
to get married

If we talk to them pleasingly
and send to Karuna brother,

I'll get Rs500 commission

Okay, Bhai

Will Karuna brother
come here often?

Inform me when he comes
next time

- have to meet him
- Okay, brother

Karuna brother has come

- Greetings, brother!
- Greetings, Bhai

- Didn't any of the guys come here?
- No

- Have tea, brother
- No need, Bhai

He seems to be familiar
Where do you belong?

- I'm from old washermanpet
- is it?

Bhai, tomorrow guys will come for
the registration from Chengalpattu

Take care of them safely
I'll come at 11 o'clock


Call me after they are come here

Dude, we have seen you
living sophisticated

But, you're suffering here

Is fulfilling a vow a simple thing?

Today I met and spoke to Karuna
He have decided his death day

Excellent, dude
Plan well and kill him

Hey, when are you going
to take me?

- Be quiet
- You keep saying this

- Who is Salim Bhai here?
- It's me

- Are you coming from Chengalpattu?
- Yes

Karuna brother had told me

He said he will come by 11 o'clock
Wait till then

Okay, please take care of her
I'll go out and be back

- Wait here, we will be back
- Okay

Bhai, who are they?

Brother, take care of her
for ten minutes

- I'll go to washroom
- Okay, Go

Dear, you seem to be very young
Don't you think it's wrong?

- Are you studying?
- Final year in college

- Where do you belong?
- Chengalpattu

After the guy finish his studies
and take up a job

you can talk in home, isn't it?

Why do you hurry?

I was caught when speaking
to him on phone

He belongs to other caste
Anyhow, my parents will not accept

My father says he will die
if I get married to this guy

This guy says if I doesn't marry him,
he will die

- That's why
- So, is It Okay if your father dies?

When thinking who is important,
my father has lived his life and old too

I like Mari the most

He is pityful
He is a good guy

- Prabha, come here
- Not that

- Come here
- What happened, sir?

You shouldn't talk all these here

It's not the place
to show our feelings

If advocate Karuna know this,
he will kill you

Don't care all these
You look after your job, Prabha

I can understand, sir

I gave you a document

Sir, it's over

- Everything is over
- Hey, hold It

The wedding has happened well
Be a father soon

- Dude, a selfie
- Take me too

- Was everything good?
- Yes, good

Where will the newlywed stay?

Our friend's house is at Red hills
We are planning their stay there

The girl's house is riotous
They are searching for her

That's why, we are thinking
to arrange their stay far away

What he says is right

For three days,
I'll take care of their stay

That will be safe
than the place you say

- That's right
- Let them enjoy for a week

Later, we will go with a team
of five advocates and settle it

- Okay, brother
- You all can leave

The certificate will get ready
by 5 o'clock in the evening

Okay, brother

You sign and get it


- What brother?
- What's this?

He says he can get
the marriage certificate in a day

Brother, don't you know?

If given bribe, the marriage certificate
will be issued in an hour

They place advertisement in Google
for marriages and earn money

Marriages like this happens
for every two days, isn't it?

- Bhai, come here
- Yes, brother

Everything was good

Next week, another couple will arrive
Let's meet then

- I'm leaving, Bhai
- Okay, brother


Bhai, I have a small work
I'll be back soon

Okay, brother


- Hey, will you booze?
- Yes

Hey, Brother
Come here

Tell me, brother

One beer,

One brandy, Half vodka
and get the dishes

Okay, brother

Don't be tensed
Have it

Dude, I'm in the wine shop
at Vysarpadi junction

Karuna is here
Bring a rod when coming

I'll be there in ten minutes, dude

It's said the issue is riotous
in the girl's house

How about her background?

Twenty acres of wet land

Five acres of flower garden
Five acres of betel plantation

The land tenancy will be
20 lakhs per annum

Her father would always scold her

Using that, I had been talking
to her for two months and seduced her

Dude, take this

Where is he, dude?

He is boozing inside

I think, he will come out
in few minutes

Let's wait

Brother, you're like the god

You helped me to get married
and brought me to the wine shop also

It's enough if few good people
like you live in this country

Instead of studying and struggling
to find a job...

boys like me
can live as a rich groom

Hey, not only for you

Tell the guys whoever in need
I'll take care

It's enough, you've uttered a word,
you're the mentor to all our guys

(Phone ringtone)

- Brother, tell me
- Come to the wine shop

- I'm busy in work
- I told you to Come

Okay, I'm coming

Tell me, brother

A goat has been trapped

Hold him
Let's go to the room

Okay, brother

Hey, bring him carefully

If these people won't fall in love,
I wouldn't survive

Dude, they have come

Hey, hold him

Make him to sit


You can leave, Kumar

I'll call you if in need

Okay, brother

Have you come?
How long to wait?

Brother you


What happen to Mari?

Be careful

He has gone there

In happiness,
he has exceeded the limit

Will Mari drink?

He will booze heavily

Only today I know
that he will booze

It's not like I thought
The issue is furious on your side

- So, just for five minutes
- Five minutes?

Hey, I'm not a kind of person
like you think

I have *** for that

I will take a nude video of you

Brother, why are you talking like this?

I have to speak to your father
showing that

I have come with trust on him

Please, leave me brother

Don't shoot the video, brother
My father will die if he see it

He'd have died the moment
you eloped with him

Please, brother
Please, leave me

- Hey, take off your clothes
- Please, brother

He is asking to take off her clothes

What are you saying, dude?
Shall we kill him inside?

Just be patient

Don't you do what I'm say, right?

No, brother

I'll kill him and you too

and say to the media that
your father and maternal uncle did it

No, brother

My father and Mari,
both are pityful


- Don't do anything, please brother
- Take off the clothes

Please, brother
Leave him

- I'll slit his throat
- Don't do, brother

I'll take off my clothes

Good girl
Remove it

I'll take it
Leave him

Do something

Damn it, these people
were irritating at this time

If you try to run away
with this as a reason...

he will lie dead on the railway track
in the morning

Stay here

- Are you Rudra Prabhakar?
- Yes

Hey, leave me
I did by mistake

Prabhakar, forgive me

Leave me

Gayu, watch this video

What video?

'In Vysarpadi, Chennai, Karuna an advocate
has been murdered in a public place'

'by some mysterious people'

'This has caused furore in that area'

'The police department has
registered FIR and doing investigation'

Who is this advocate?
Known to you?

We are casting an advocate
in our documentary, isn't it?


He is the real character of it


He must have done some problem
elsewhere, like he did to Draupathi

That's why, they have killed him

It's okay if he does anarchy
to some extent

This will be the end when he
takes up anarchy as full time job

Mam, the shot is ready

You carry on

I'll create a blog about
this advocate and tweet

Let's go

- Brother, Just a minute
- Tell me, dude

- What happened?
- Don't know

Last night, he was inebriated
It seems some ruckus has arisen

Someone has banged him
on the head

The skull was broken
and he died on the spot it seems

Brother, the corpse

Sir, the autopsy is over
Go and get the corpse

- I'm coming
- Okay sir

Oh! Karuna

Is this the age to die?
You're lying like this?

But one thing, I'll not leave those
who killed you, whoever it is

Whoever it is

- Bhai, why have you become dull?
- No, brother

I feel disturbed from seeing
his body in the morgue

I feel afraid when thinking of
doing this middleman job

You know it's wrong
Then, you should leave it

No, brother

I never said this
to anyone so far

Three years ago, when I fell down,
I got wounded in an eye

Since then, my eye seems blurry

Since, I need money to rectify it,
I've been doing this middleman job

Don't worry, Bhai

You will get a solution
for everything

Until then, keep away
from doing this business

Okay, brother

Today is my wife's death anniversary

I told to get food for you too

My daughter has brought food
Come, let's eat

You go

I went to morgue,
so I'll take bath and go to prayer

Okay, Bhai

My dear go the mummy


Are they your daughter
and grand daughter?

Yes, my granddaughter
is one and half years old

But, when I think of my daughter


You go and be at the office

I'll take care of her
until I'm alive


Worried how they both
will survive?

Why, sir?

Isn't your son- in- law there
to take care?

Is he a son- in- law?

He is a misery who came
to destroy my family

Because of this ruined love,
my daughter is one among the spoiled girls

Without seeing caste and creed,
she decided her life

on her own, when studying

Being a parent,
I gave her 25 sovereigns of gold

That traitor impregnated her
and eloped with the gold

It's all fate

Each and every day, when these girls
elope and get their marriage registered,

my belly will burn
thinking of the parents

If I open up my mouth,
I will starve

- Sir, can you do me a help?
- I'll do

Whatever, I'll do for your sake

Sir, this is a complicated case
We know who is the accused

If you just utter a word,
we will imprison him and thump

- Try to finish it soon
- Okay, sir

Welcome Arun!
Be seated

- Hi, sir!
- Hello, sir!

- Just wait, I'll call
- Okay, sir

Tell me, sir
You called me as an emergency

Watch this video, Arun

Who is he?

He has masqueraded with colours
and did this murder

Who is this victim?

Advocate Karuna, who was murdered
two days ago

- Have you heard it?
- Yes, sir

It's him

Someone has killed him,
took the video

and sent through
redanillo email id

He has sent only to me, secretly

That's why, I asked you to come

Sir, is there any other details
regarding this case?

He has sent a message
along with this video

The women in your limits were taken
granted as business

by some advocates
where you didn't warn them

That's why, I did this murder

Henceforth, if you don't take action
against such criminals,

these murders will continue
He has warned me, Arun

Now, they've given work to you

Do you've other details
about advocate Karuna?

I'll tell the locale Police inspector
to give the other details

You get from him

Another important thing,
he has sent this video only to me

He didn't send to
any other higher official

If the press and social media
is aware of it,

they will link me in this issue

So, do the inquiry in non- uniform

And let it be
just between both of us

I'll discuss with the cyber crime
and report to you, sir

- How are you?
- I'm good

- You've put on weight
- Yes, sir

Since joining the cyber crime department,
my job is confined to the room

It has been mentioned as special inquiry
Is it such a big case?

The deceased was an advocate
Someone had murdered him in public

And the accused has sent
a video on email

We have to search the video
in reverse process and if we get

the IP address of the video,
then we will nab the accused

Okay, sir

I'll tell my team to inquire
and ask to give the report

- Greetings, sir!
- Welcome, sir

Greetings, sir
Be seated

Sir, take it

Thank you

Sir, any information from your side
Any CCTV footage?

Or is there any witness in that area?

Sir, that's a dead end
There is no CCTV camera as you expect

In my point of view,

Someone who was victimised
has taken revenge


I can't understand
Tell me, clearly

The deceased was not an advocate


He got a fake certificate as LLB
And he was just a middleman

Even on the day of murder,
he threatened a newlywed girl

and tried to take a nude video

As the electrical power went off,
that girl has escaped

I found that girl
and reunited with her parents

Someone who was affected
had done this

Why are you doing
inquiry for him?

Whether the deceased
is good or bad

it's our job to do inquiry
and submit a report

The court will take care
of the rest

Jack, there is a girl in
my hometown like you seek

- She will be beautiful
- It's okay

She lives with her father

He is very innocent

He has property
worth of five crores

- Wow, superb!
- Only daughter

Do you have her photo?

Wow! She looks awesome
Am I getting married with her?

The girl's name is Lakshmi

Without the presence of the girl,

it's my responsibility
to get the certificate of register marriage

Is it possible to get married
without the bride?

By showing it, we can threaten
and force them to accept

It's excellent!

When you go as bridegroom,
you must give me twenty lakhs


If you agree this deal,
your wedding will be in two days

You're taking this risk for my sake
I'll sign wherever you want

Give me your photo and ration card

- I'll take care of the rest
- Done

Tell me, Arun

Sir, the mail id sent to you
was logged in from Canada

Is it?

As it was mailed from Canada,
we have to move this case officially

- Only then, we will get a clue
- You proceed the inquiry

In case, if he sends the video officially,
let's also take the next step, officially

- Okay, Arun?
- Okay, sir

Stop here

Is this the spot
where the murder occurred?

Yes, sir

It seems to be an active place

Yes sir

How did he do this incident here?

Hey, there is a CCTV camera

Yes, sir

The inspector has written
the report that there is no CCTV camera

Yes, sir

It seems he had planned it
and told to do the murder

Do the police inspectors do like this?

They will do
Will you see?

I'll go and get the footage, sir


Two days ago, an advocate was
murdered here, right?


- Who will he visit here?
- He will come here to enjoy

If you want further details,
Ask Kumar who is there


It seems, those who have
the name 'Kumar' will be an accused

Greetings, sir

- Is it cutting or shaving?
- Cutting

Be seated, sir

Are you the aide
for advocate Karuna?

Sir, I'm not an aide to him
He will come for trimming

Sir, keep the object there
Who are you, sir?

Will you tell only
if you know who am I?

Come here

Tell me


Why did he coming here

Sir, I have collected the CCTV footage

Got it?

- Take a video of everything he says
- Okay, sir


Why does advocate Karuna
come here?

- Is this his office?
- Sir, it's not his office

Then, why does he come here?

Guys who fall in love
and elope here,

He will get them married
and make them stay here

Then, he will take the bridegroom
and make him inebriated

Then, he will shoot
a nude video of the bride

He will show that video to
her parents and mint money

Even on that day,
he brought a couple

He took the bride to the wine shop,
made him inebriated and called me, sir

I brought that guy and left here

He asked me to leave, sir

I don't know what happened, later

So, this is what you do
with the eloping couples

Sir, he doesn't do for everyone

To my knowledge, he'd have taken
nude videos of some sixty to seventy girls

Sixty to seventy girls!

Who will be having
advocate Karuna's phone?

It'll be in the department rack, sir
I'll bring it

It'll be in the rack, right?

Hey brother is coming
Give the respect

Don't overdo

It's getting late,
brother has not yet arrived

Give me two cups of tea

Hey, brother's vehicle has arrived
Come on

Come brother

Greetings, brother!

- Greetings!
- Greetings!

Why are you doing it?

Click a photo

You go


Take the photo well

It's okay, go

Enough go

It's getting late
Let's go, brother

Instead of me,
they are behaving elated

- Is this the shop?
- Yes

Come on

He is the owner of this shop

Let's cut it

- Shall we cut it?
- We will do

Excellent, dude

You should come up well

- Everyone listen me
- Listen to him

You all know, it's been a week
since Karuna has died

That's why, we made the inaugural
of this store a simple function

Whenever I come to Chennai,
he will take care of me

I intensely feel his absence, today

If the one who murdered him
gets caught

I'll lynch him into pieces

How many kangaroo courts
have been solved by me and Karuna?

Do you know how many people
have survived because of us?

They have murdered him
just like that

The income from this store
is not important

Instead, gather the land issues,
money issues and issues of women

I'll solve all those
Now, I'm leaving to Tindivanam

Let's celebrate Karuna's 16th day
of remembrance, a grandeur

- Just a minute, Murthy
- I'm coming, brother

I need to piss, urgently

It's an open place
Very dirty

Come, let's go to my house

It's okay if it's open place
Is it new to me?

- I'll take care
- Okay, brother

Hey, why are you coming along?

- I'll go, stay back
- Just for safety

I have the stuff
I'll take care, you go

Okay, brother
He is brave

Hey, go away

Go that side

Tell me, Ravi


Just a minute

It's enough
Come on

Instead of slitting the throat,
we'd have chopped off there

They are planning to start
a cola company in our village

Let them plan whatever, dear
They can't do anything beyond us



Gayu, please come here

- Sir, you check the other dialogue
- Tell me, Rania

I feel something fishy is happening
around in this case

What happened?
Any problem?

Not a problem

The advocate character which
we shot back at 60's was murdered

Now, the politician was
murdered by someone

Then, if it happens back to back
in the case of Draupathi,

someone among her relatives
might have taken revenge, isn't it?

No way

Only her husband is alive
Now, he is in prison

Then, any antagonists related
to this case is still out, Rania?

Yes, they are
A registrar and a student

I'm going to tweet this now
Do one thing

Go to Royapuram registrar office
and shoot taking like bytes


Tomorrow, I'll proceed the shoot
with some other team

and come to the office
and check the footage

I'll get ready

Ask him

- Who is Murthy here?
- He is inside

Tell him to come

I'm Murthy

- Who are you?
- The police

Answer our queries

- Did you invite Chengi Sekhar?
- Yes, sir

What's the enmity between
you and Chengi Sekhar?


- You've invited him and killed him
- Sir, What are you saying?

He is the top notch of our party
I'm just stepping up

To be precise,
I'm a cardboard knife

- Trust me, sir
- Why are you acting?

Someone has slit his throat
in daylight

And someone took a video of it
You called him and did the murder

Do you think you can
become a topnotch?

Sir, will you keep on talking
as if you are the police?

I swear, he is like my brother

You are acting too smart

- Give the phone
- Take it

Take it, sir

Noted it?

The same shirt

Who is the one selling tea
in this photo?

Sir, I have never seen him
in this area

Check whether his face is visible
in someone else's phone

- If so, inform the police station
- Okay, sir

- Sir, would you like to have tea?
- No

Sir, I want to ask you one thing

When brother was alive,
I told him

Our guy has fell in love
with a girl

We have to register it
He is not alive now

- You have to help me
- So what? I'll do

Will the girl come here?

She belongs to Villupuram
Her father is very strict

If we register the
marriage in her absence

and we go to her father
with the certificate,

he will accept as there is no other way

It'll cost one lakh rupees

First, you must pay me
seventy five thousand

Then, twenty five thousand
to the registrar

If you agree, I'll get ready with
the proof and document by tomorrow

It's enough
if you bring the money

Okay, sir
I'll arrange the money, then

- Let me leave, sir
- Okay

Leaving, mam

Good evening, sir

Come, Arun

Be seated

What's the status, Arun?

The press on one side and the Commissioner
on other side is pressurising me

Sir, we got an another
big case in this

The advocate Karuna had taken
nude videos of many girls

shown it to their parents
and grabbed the money

Chengi Sekhar is the head
for all these atrocities

So, someone who got affected
by them has taken revenge, I think

Arun, I have seen still dirty cases

In my service, I have seen politicians
who invested on women

and earned three thousand crores

Instead of motivational murder,
if it has happened on business enmity?

Yeah, sir
You're right

Do you have any details
about the accused?

I have, sir

Watch this, sir

This is the CCTV footage
of the first murder

There will be a tea can
on the bicycle

Look at it

Sir, this is the evidence
got in the second murder

If we match the both

the accused have done
the murder like by selling tea

And one more clue, sir

Rania, a reporter has tweeted
that the next murder victim

is the registrar
and a student

If we know how she guessed it,
we can easily find the accused

Arun, keep this

If this is a motivational murder
like you said

find the accused and
sort out the reason

Else, do encounter

I'll take care whatever problem arises

Try to close the case soon

Okay, sir

Thank you, sir

Which place is this?

These kind of jobs
need to be done, secretly

Come and see,
you will understand

- Have you arranged the money?
-Yes, I have

Come on

Have you arranged the money?

Give me

Take it


Sit down

What's the document about?
Is it about land or marriage?

'Cheating marriage'
Prepare the proof

Give the details

The girl's name
The father's name

Date of birth
Give the right details

The girl's photo?

Sir, is this an original certificate?

Then, if you give the name
and address, will we do it immediately?

This is the Government birth certificate

It will not lie


Brother, the girl has completed
eighteen years of age

Let's proceed

Do it

Can the Aadhar card be taken
from the Government's website?

Are you from the village?

Aadhar card is not available
in the website

But, if you bribe Rs500,

The private people will give
the Aadhar details of the whole nation

It's enough to get the voter ID
We will do it also

Wait, brother

Brother, everything is ready

I'll bring the girl there at 10 o'clock
You bring the guy

We will pay the money
at the registrar office

at 4 o'clock in the evening

I'll get you the certificate
You can leave

- Is it okay?
- Okay, sir

- I'm leaving, sir
- Okay

Will you support the youngsters
who fall in love and do register marriage?


I'll support those who get married
with their parents consent

Many couples secretly
get register marriage

Tell us your opinion on that

Because of this secret marriages,
many people are benefited

But, the family gets affected

I too wish to get married
if I get a girl

Stand there

Stand there

Are you together stand here

You all come here

- Who is the groom?
- It's me, sir

- Are you the bride?
- Yes, sir

Didn't you get anyone else?

- How is your daughter?
- She is good

Who all came along with the bride?
Okay, sit

- Along with the bride?
- These two people

Is he?
Okay, sit

- Prabha, is this your arrangement?
- Check It, sir

Yes, sir

Sign here

What's this, advocate?

Prabhakar will give
when the certificate gets ready

- Will you get by noon?
- It's ready, sir

Then, you all can leave

What do you think about people falling
in love and getting register marriage?

Sir, we get income
only if it happens


- You?
- No idea

- You tell us
- It's their own wish

Okay, thank you so much

- Prabha!
- Sir!

Come here
Sir is calling you

Tell me, sir

I have recorded everything

Keep it safe

Come Prabha, sit down

The register marriage is over

It will take thirty days
to prepare this document

I got it ready by five hours
Have you brought the money?

Sir, the advocate told me
to give at 4 o'clock

I have to go home
and get the money

It's right My family has started
to Tirupati, all of a sudden

I told my wife
that I'll join them at 5 o'clock

You do one thing
Get the certificate after two days

Oh, gosh!
No, sir

I'll go home now, get your address
from the peon

and give you the money
at home

That's intelligence!
Do it

Sir, got the message of
Rania's phone signal list

Look at this

Give it

She was in Villupuram
for past ten days

The two village towers are shown

When the murder happened
in Chennai, she was in Villupuram

Then, how did she tweet
about this case?

Has she done for publicity?

No, no

She is very professional

She wouldn't have done
anything fake

She is perplexing

Good morning, mam

- Has the editor came?
- He went for lunch

- This is the final day footage
- Okay

Give this to editor and tell him
to edit it immediately...

as documentary titled,
'Draupathi's vow'

Now, her phone signal shows Chennai
You do one thing

Go to her office
Let's follow her from there

Hi, Bala!

How about the
final day shoot, Rania?

Let it be

What happened to
the register office bytes?

Any clues?

I have seen the whole footage
You better check it, once



Hey, wait!

Freeze it


Kokila mam, I've sent you a photo
Look at it and call me immediately


Give this prescription in
the pharmacy and get the medicines

Okay, Doctor

Is this the place?

- Where is her office?
- This is the office

Have you seen it?

He is Draudapathi's husband
Prabhakaran, right?

Yes, mam
Wonder, how he came there

He is selling tea at the registrar office

He'd have done the murders
to take revenge

Don't hurry

Meet him immediately
and bring him to me

- I'll talk to him
- Okay, mam

I'll meet him
and call you immediately


I'm coming
I'm waiting for you

What Prabha?
Didn't Manickam come?

No, sir

Sit down

Have you brought the money?

Yes, I have

Just a minute
I'll come

Sir, she is Rania Varma

I'll start soon

I have finished the pooja
I'll start

Have you brought the money?

Give me

Take this

It's getting late for train
I must go

Two, four, six, eight, ten, fourteen


- What?
- Look here

Any spelling mistake?

- You look at it, you will understand
- Give me

- Is it her death certificate?
- Yes

- Are you from CBI or Vigilance?
- A victim

- Bala, where did you see him?
- Inside here

This might be the register office
she tweeted about

She has come here


Don't know what is she
going to do

How many fake marriages
have you signed in so far?

Almost 3200 marriages

The suicide of farmers,
the suicide for debts

Half of the people who died
like this have daughters

Do you know how many lives were
sacrificed because of your fake signature?

Your death is more important

You drink this and die

If you don't drink this and die,
I'll release this on media

So your whole family
will hang to death

I interviewed him in that Bhai shop

This place?

But, he isn't there now

The person who is wearing the hat
has given interview, isn't it?

- Yes, Rania
- I'll wait near the bike

Talk something to him
and bring him


My name is Neela narayanan
I'm the Sub-registrar in Royapuram

Why I'm on LIVE is

6 months before without the couple
lakshmi and Saravanan's consent...

...I registered their marriage
and issued the certificate

I have registered 3200
fake marriages so far

Where there is no consent
of the parents as well as the girls

When the advocates and the Politicians
have threatened me,

I've registered the marriage of
girls with whom they mention

I have done this for money

My conscience is killing me
I have committed a big sin

To rectify this, I've decided
to die by consuming poison

Should I take it for sure?

I apologize to my wife
and to my daughter

- Bhai, she is our mam
- Greetings, mam

I must meet him
Do you know where is he now?

He went out

Is there any contact number of him?

He doesn't have a phone

Can you tell me his address?

He came here two weeks ago
I don't know much about him

This is my card

When he comes here, tell him

I need to talk something important
about his spouse Draupathi

- Ask him to call me
- Your name?

Tell him as Draupathi
He will understand


What's your contact number?

Let's go

- He'll sure to you after his come
- Okay, come

Hello, I need to check
your phone

Excuse me, who are you?
Why should I give my phone?

Excuse me, we are from CCP department

We are inquiring regarding a murder
Answer to our queries

Rania, we are following you
on looking your tweet

I guess, you have connected
the scenario

What are you inquiring with him?

Please give me

- Why are you inquiring him?
- He is my friend Draupathi's husband

This person with beard,
is he selling tea here?


Anbu, collect the whole details
about him

Yes, sir

What's between you and him?
Just a minute

- Arun!
- Yes, sir

- Where are you?
- I'm in an inquiry

The Royapuram registrar has
attempted suicide on LIVE in Facebook

Oh, shit
Is it?

- You go to the spot, immediately
- Okay, I'll go immediately, sir

The registrar you tweeted has
attempted suicide on LIVE in Facebook

Bring her
Come on

Come on, mam

- Come on
- Oh, no!

What happened to the registrar?

He has been taken
to the hospital, sir

The forensic team is coming
to take the finger prints

We are waiting for that


KVa lo

Sir, just now we have sent
a photo and got the details of it

Sir, the accused name is Prabhakaran
He belongs to Villupuram

Since his wife's sister was
married to other caste,

he had killed his wife
and that girl and was arrested

He got bail fifteen days ago
So, he is already an accused

Bhai, here is twenty five
thousand rupees

Get your eye treatment
done with this money


Think of me as your elder brother
and take it

Brother, I'll repay you
as soon as possible

He is murdering the people
related to register marriage,

like advocate, politician
and the registrar

Yes, sir

He is very dangerous
He has to be killed

Ask to round up the registrar office
Tell to arrest him if he comes

Yes, sir

My work is over, Bhai
I'll leave

Brother, few minutes before,
a sir and a mam inquired

about you showing your photo

I told them you've been
to the registrar house

She told you to call
when you come

She has given
the contact number too

She told she needs
to talk about Draupathi


Bhai, call that number
and give me

Who is that?

A call from the registrar office

- It must be him
- Yes, sir

Tell him something and ask him
to come to pencil factory ground

- I'm Prabhakar speaking

Draupathi is alive

- Who are you?
- I'm Draupathi's friend speaking

If you want to meet her,

Come immediately to
pencil factory ground

I'll come

Bhai, I'll be back

- Let's go
- Come, let's go

Is it you?

Is Draupathi alive?

Are you telling the truth?
Where is she? Tell me

How did you find me?

Leave it Where is she?
Tell me

I didn't even see her face

Where is Draupathi?

Tell me, please
Where is Draupathi?

Very nice

I thought of catching you
by encounter

When said your wife's name,
you got caught on your own

Hey, is it you
who did five murders?

Yes, sir

Do you think you will be
remanded easily?

It'll be interesting
if two bullets pierce in

Is Draupathi alive or not?
At least, tell me that


What an acting?

You murdered your wife
and asking whether she is alive?


Lock him

Down him

Don't do anything to him


Don't shoot him, please

Go away

If you publish anywhere about
this incident, you too will be linked

Please, listen to me
He didn't kill Draupathi

In fact, Draupathi is not dead
She is alive

What are you saying?

If this is not true,
I'll shoot you too

Take him away

Prabhakar, I'm coming from
the hospital now

Like Rania said,
your wife didn't die

She is alive

To investigate the redanillo case,
AC has appointed me

But, this case is connected
with your old case

If only you can tell clearly
what happened, I can submit the report

Sir, I can't say anything now

To turn me as an approver,

I think you've threatened her
to say that my wife Draupathi is alive

I too thought she was lying
to get you here

But, she didn't lie
It's true

So, tell me what happened
in Draupathi case

Let me tell you
in my experience

We cannot trust these policemen

Show me my wife Draupathi
I'll answer whatever you ask

You've seen such kind of cops, right?

- Anbu
- Yes, sir

- That video?
- I'm giving, sir


Give it to me

How is it possible, sir!

I didn't see her face till the end

But, I don't understand anything
I'm perplexed

I too don't have
any clear idea about it

Only if you clearly state
what happened to your wife,

I can take the next step

I'll tell you everything
I'll do everything you say

But, I want to see my wife Draupathi

That's all

Tell me

You've to catch him right away

Only after he arrives,
I too will be aware what happened

- Is this his address?
- Now he is not there

Do you've his phone number?

I have
How could I forget it?

Tell me that number
I'll get him here by tonight

But, you should tell me
everything after that


Look after him

- Anbu, shall we go?
- Let's go, sir

Mr Gurudev, why did you file
this public welfare case?

Yesterday, a Sub-registrar has posted
a LIVE video in Facebook

For a woman
who died six months ago,

He conducted the register marriage, now

Moreover, without the bride
and groom,

he had registered
almost 3200 fake marriages

Now, he attempted suicide
by consuming poison

Being an Indian citizen,
for both men and women

When it sounds that
fake marriages happen,

If that is certain,
then a protection is needed for them

not only for themselves
but also for their parents,

and to their family dignity

Moreover, by such fake marriages,

a clan who is trying to make
money on them

If they grow up like this,

it'll become one of the biggest
stigma in the Indian nation

Therefore, for this bride and groom,
those who are not married

this forum need to create
a new and protective law, immediately

For that purpose,
I filed this welfare case, my lord

Shall I watch that video, Mr.Gurudev?

Considering about the health
of the person in this video

and to know the fact
of what he said,

A report should be submitted
in 24 hours

I order the DGP of police
and the District Registrar

Thank you, lord

Come on

- Is this him?
- Yes

Sir, why did you bring me here?

The case is in proceedings
in the court

- I need to talk to my advocate
- Do you need to talk to advocate?

Don't hit me, sir

Sir, do you know who am I?

I'm not bothered whoever you're

Dare to give a fake address



He must be killed, sir

If you speak anything else,
I'll bury you here

Get lost
Sit there

Get the camera ready

The registrar is still alive

But, because of the issue he said,

A public welfare case
has been filed in the court

So, I should submit a report

You convey everything boldly
in front of this camera

Draupathi is my uncle's daughter

We fell in love and
got married only two years ago

We led our life happily

Draupathi is like fire

Wherever things go wrong,
she will oppose, courageously

Don't destroy the ground water

Don't destroy...don't destroy
Don't destroy the ground water

Don't steal don't steal

Lakshmi is the daughter
of Draupathi's uncle

She is doing final year MSW

Draupathi's uncle name
is Damodara Vathiyar

Nothing will happen in the village
without his consent

Myself and Draupathi have trained
many people in our hometown

through martial arts and training centre

Naveena got married
and her husband is a tailor

With his small income,
she runs her family

On weekends, she attended
the free training in our center

Today, she cleared Group II exam
and took up the Government job

This is the complete development
of a woman

Don't be afraid of him

Education alone is not enough
for women

That should be an education
towards power

I wish you to be here
cherishing your success, in future

Look there

I'm giving a small gift
to Naveena sister

So, let's meet next week
You all can leave

Thilaga and Lakshmi stay back

You can leave

Thilaga, what's your problem?

You will never be like this

Lakshmi, tell me what's the problem

Sister, a guy proposed her
and follows her around

She didn't like him at all

Though she refused him,
he is very troublesome

Is he torturing you?

Tell me without weeping

Sister, he took my photo from FB,
morphed it in wrong way

and now threatening me
that he will post it

I'm feared

If he does something
like that, I'll die

Are you a fool?

What kind of lineage you were
born into and talking like this?

Where will he be, now?


If anyone…

- Don't hit
- Get lost


Why are you tying?

Don't tie, brother
It's painful



Is this rogue?

Yes, sister

Where is your phone?

What's the password?

01:20:10,860 --> 01:20:12,700
Brother, check is there anything else?

You will be spared

Why are you staring at her?

Hey, Draupathi!
Don't do

Sister, I did unknowingly


Great! He escaped

Brother, take him a video

Brother, don't take video
I feel ashamed

Brother! Don't take video

Is nudity a shame
only to women?

Not for you?
Don't you have a family?

If her morphed photo is posted,
I'll upload this video in Facebook

Sister, don't do anything like that

I'll not do any mistake, hereafter

If you think of doing
this mistake again,

I've just torn the trousers now
Next time, I'll damage it

Hey, do it properly

Lift it

Don't reduce the speed



Son-in-law, do at least three people
reach the state level this time?

At least, four to five people
will join the Government job

Where is Draupathi, uncle?
The children are waiting

- Don't know where she went
- Don't you know, son-in-law?

Something went wrong in
the '100 days job scheme'

She went to take a video of it

Why are you here, Draupathi?
Didn't you teach for the children?

That's in the evening, aunt
I just came here

- You go
- Okay, dear

- Greetings, sir
- Greetings, mam

Sir, they didn't even work
for two hours

The rainy season is approaching

The job they do should
be useful, isn't it?

Where do they listen to me?

They ask me whether it's
the Government money or your money?

Why are you here, dear?

Let it be

What fault are you going
to find with them?

Hunting head lice, back talking and
sleeping with snoring noise

That's what, they do here
So, I recorded it

If you take a video of them,
don't they mistake you, dear?

They should know, isn't it?

This is a pen camera
Open and see it

Wonder at this!
Look at this, uncle

Dear, what you said is right
But, it's the Government project

What solution will you get
if you post this on Facebook?

Not that, dear

The video you're going to shoot
and the video I shot already

will be sent to
the Prime minister's office

Oh, how will you communicate
with them?

Today, there is communication
facility through internet

right from the Prime minister
to the Councillor

You've taken up a good job

Since this project came up,
no one comes to work

in the fields and to pick flowers

Agriculture has been ruined

Lakshmi, what's this?

Packaged water in our house!

Sister, after drinking
mineral water in college

the water at home
doesn't quench thirst

That's why

How much is the cost
of each can?

- It's Rs.30
- Rs.30?

One pot of water was sold
for a rupee

This seems to be costlier
than the soft drinks

You share a video
about this, later

Now, it's getting late
for college Come, let's go

You too tease me?

- Greetings, doctor!
- Hi, aunty!

- How are you both?
- We are good

Doctor, I get positive energy
when I see you

It's you who stay positive
all the time, Draupathi

I'll watch your awareness videos
whenever I've time

Gifted girl you are

- Shall we go?
- Okay, aunty

- It's time for college
- I'm leaving, sister

Lakshmi, you're doing final year
Take care

Okay, aunty

Don't go, doctor
Greetings, doctor

You need to check
one more patient, doctor

- Who is that?
- Come here

It's Draupathi, doctor

What's the problem with Draupathi?
Nothing, doctor

We have been waiting for
two years since marriage

We are yet to be blessed
with a child

That's the problem, doctor

- Dear!
- You be quiet

I thought you're in planning

I'll give you tablets
Take it

Okay, doctor

In one or two months,
you will get a good news

Oh, no! No need of medicines, doctor
Let it happen naturally

Will you be quiet?

We are waiting for almost
two years

You shouldn't make him to wait
when he is desperate to have a child

The day, when we started using
sanitary pads

the corporate had
decided when should we've a baby

Don't fear

It's just iron and vitamin tablets
You can take

- Okay, doctor
- I'm leaving

You'd have watched 'Kiki challenge'
and 'Ice bucket challenge' and many more

Similarly, this is a challenge of
"let's grow trees along with children"

The adults at home should plant
a sapling with their children

and must take a video

Children should take pride
in not raising their pet dog

or fish in a tank

When they plant a sapling
and grow along with it

and when they stand under
it's shadow and look high,

that pleasure is the pride

Shall we all go
to plant saplings now?

- Let's go, sister
- Come on


Kabaddi Kabaddi

It's enough

Just a minute
Tell me, doctor

- How are you?
- I'm good, Draupathi

It's a good deed that you made
the children to plant saplings

Thank you, doctor

- Actually, it's all because of you, doctor
- Thank you, dear

Rania, a you tuber from Chennai
is coming to take your interview

She is very brilliant
Similar to you

A social activist

Tell Prabhakaran to pick her up

Rania Varma and Draupathi met
each other for first time

They can both think alike

Draupathi, the Doctor and Rania Varma,
since then, this trio together had done

lot of good things in our village

The thing which I had been
expecting for long time

happened on that day

Dear, why are you looking dull?
Aren't you well?

No, dear
I feel dizzy

Is the date postponed?

Yes, dear
It's been ten to fifteen days


- Greetings, doctor
- Be seated

Anything special in village?
Both of you've come together

You've to check and tell,
is anything special in my house?

All of a sudden, she felt dizziness
and not hungry too

You've to check and say
is there anything good

Prabhakar, you wait outside

- I'll check and tell you
- Okay, doctor

Doctor is calling you in

This is normal dizziness, Prabhakar

She will be alright
if taken rest for two days

Okay, doctor
I will take care of her

Is she regularly
taking the tablets I gave?

Yes, doctor
I'm giving her

Is it?
Very good

Congratulations, Prabhakar!
The pregnancy is confirmed

Eight weeks of growth

Give her whatever
she is fond of

Okay, doctor

- Ensure she is happy
- I'll take care, doctor

"My heart sounds like a quail"

"My heart is pounding on sweetness"

"Hopping on and hopping on,"

"When the lotus touch the ground"

"Will feel astonishing till the root"

"A poem written in the language of god"

"It brought life to the soul"

"What's more you need?"

"This birth is enough"

"Enough, this is enough"

"My royal life will extend"

"My heart sounds like a quail"

"My heart is pounding on sweetness"

"My heart is pounding on sweetness"

"When the lotus touch the ground"

"Will feel astonishing till the root"


"The night that snow falls"

"Play like fireflies"

"With the dream of my eyes"

"As long as I live"

"You're my beginning and end"

"In this world that changes"

"You're the real relationship"

"There is celebration always"

"In the world of ours
The heaven is too close"

"Growing in my womb"

"Slowly, my days are blooming with flowers"

"So I feel happy in my life"

"My heart sounds like a quail"

"My heart is pounding on sweetness"

"Hopping on and hopping on,"

"When the lotus touch the ground"

"Will feel astonishing till the root"

"A poem written in the language of god"

"It brought life to the soul"

"What's more you need?"

"This birth is enough"

"Enough, this is enough"

"My royal life will extend"

"My heart sounds like a quail"

"My heart is pounding on sweetness"

"Hopping on and hopping on,"

"When the lotus touch the ground"

"Will feel astonishing till the root"

Collect details about
hydro carbon project

- Let's post a video, tomorrow
- Okay

- Greetings, brother
- Greetings!

Tell me

Arumugam, the neighborhood
land owner had given his land

for lease to outsiders

He sucks the bore water
to containers and selling it

How can we do agriculture, then?

If it continues, won't the
ground water get dry?

You've to stop it

Instead of doing farming,
do they both steal water?

Arumugam, despite knowing
the rules of our village,

you've given the land
to outsiders for lease

Nothing like that, brother

I can't live against
the principles of village

I'll obey the village rules

Being aware of the
water resources of our village,

They have targeted Arumugam

What's the problem here?

You've stopped my vehicles,
held my men and brought me here

Didn't your men tell you
what's the problem here?

They told me
Is it you who creates ruckus?

Hey, you talk out of the way in city

Talk respectfully, here
Else, I'll bang you

Dear, why are you talking to him?

We will solve the issue
with Arumugam brother

I'm not bothered whether you talk
with Arumugam or with his father?

I've invested three lakhs
on the whole

Don't we know
about your calculations?

A water can costs Rs30
You earn Rs3000 for a tank

So far, you've taken
500 tanks of water

If we calculate all those,

you've to leave your vehicles
here and go


Should I go?

I'm an advocate
I'm not a goof

I've the lease document

For another six months,
We will do whatever we want

No one has the right to ask
I've the document

Hey, you can be law-abiding,
you might belong to any political party

This Panchayat will not suppress for you

This is not the city, eating pizza
and burger following the consumer culture

It's a village where people
live unitedly

It's the bad time for Arumugam

He leased out his land
for an outsider

The rule of this village is,

Nothing should be done
under three feet below

When that is the case,
you've digged down to thirty feet,

and have taken water
Who gave you this right?

Show this document
wherever you can

We will decide who should come
to this village and who shouldn't

We must protect our natural resources
and should pass the same

to our next generation

Despite this, if you try to exploit
these natural resources,

That will not happen
until I'm alive

Thrash him and his men
wherever you see them

Whatever happens,
I'll take care

After that water issue,
only this wastrel is aware of the rest

How did they enter the village?

How did they do
this register marriage?

How did they scattered my family?

He is so furious, If we let him,
he will kill you like your advocate

Got it?

Answer my question properly

How do you know Lakshmi?
How did you do the registration?

Tell me the entire details about it

- Anbu! Record it
- Okay, sir

I swear, I don't know
they will do murder

Karuna brother will call us often
for meeting

We, the guys will go
for the meeting

Greetings, brother

Arumugam, you took three lakhs
from me and acted smart before your clan

Apologize me, brother

What can I do against
the Panchayat?

I can't live in this village
if I go against the rules and vathiyar

Karuna, how the vathiyar family
humiliated us before everyone?

- We must do something, Karuna
- Yes, brother

- Shall we kill him?
- That is not easy

Though we kill him,
Draupathi will trouble us

Her husband too will trouble

Not only that,
a big community is behind her

Arumugam, a girl was standing
at Panchayat on that day

- Is she vathiyar's daughter?
- Yes, her name is Lakshmi

She is studying in a college
near Villupuram

Karuna, this issue is like
tasting sweet for you, isn't it?

Karuna, if we have to step
in his land,

We ought to touch his daughter

Likewise, it's enough if we
scatter the dignity of Vathiyar

He will hang his head down

Let's do it, brother

I've prepared hundred people
in a district

I'll make her daughter elope
with our guy within a month

Suddenly, Karuna brother called
me and told me to come to Villupuram

I too went

- Brother, he is our guy
- Greetings, brother

Hey, he looks handsome

Do one thing

Buy him a bike and an iPhone

Buy him a chain and get him
a college ID as if he is studying

Then, ask any girl known
to us to introduce him to her

Okay, brother

- Will you do this job, perfectly?
- I'll do this perfectly

If you finish it properly,

I'll give you ten lakhs
from the commission I get

Is it okay?

- Hey!
- I'll do it, brother

- Saravanan!
- Brother

That girl who looks beauteous
is vathiyar's daughter

Show her love and affection
that she couldn't live without you

Take this iPhone

Two of her classmates
will introduce you to her

Take this chain
Wear it

Finish her if possible
Show all your magic

Why are you late?
I'm waiting for a long time

Leave it, it's the routine time
He is my friend, Saravanan

He is from Chennai

He is doing MSW final year
at Loyola college

He is asking help regarding his project
Please, help him

You're the same batch of mine
What help can I do for him?

No, known that your father
is a big shot in your hometown

I want to submit a project
on Naxalites


will you get me details
of these militants?

Okay, come tomorrow
I'll ask him and tell you

Okay, thank you

- Did you ask your father?
- Yes, I inquired him

I'll give the details,
you go and talk

Oh, no! How can I go alone?
What to ask them?

It'll be good, if you also
come along with me

Help him,
Else he might get scoldings

- Come, let's go on bike
- No, I'll come by walk

- Come by bike
- No, it's okay

Damn it

- Hey, you go
- Bye

- Greetings, brother
- Welcome, Karuna

Valavan, stay out for some time
Be seated, Karuna

Greetings, brother

How about Vathiyar's daughter?
Is she getting along?

She is very strong
Nothing happened favourably to us

You could have caressed her
and impregnated, couldn't you?

She isn't allowing me to touch
Her sister had trained her well

Karuna, what shall we do?

The time given by the cola company
is getting lapsed

Better, we will prepare a document
and do the registration

The Registrar at Royapuram, Chennai
is our clan

Excellent, Karuna
Do that

Brother, do one thing

Somehow, make that girl to sit
with you in the theatre for three hours

We will spread rumour
with Arumugam

Then, everything will happen
on it's own

- Okay, sir
- Understand?

Lakshmi, we aren't going
to college today

You too come with us
Let's go to the movie

I'm not coming
I've project work

If you don't come,
we will get caught


Won't you do this for us?

- Come, please
- Okay, come

- Hi!
- Hi

Switch off the phone

If someone calls from the house

Good, you said us

Let's go


- Do you know to whistle?
- I'll do

Son-in-law, why are you panicked?
-Has your daughter left to college?

She left to college in the morning
What's the matter?

- Tell him
- You Tell him, brother

That is, your daughter got
register marriage

with some guy and eloped

I didn't believe

But, I should tell you a word, isn't it?

My daughter is like pure gold

Draupathi didn't bring her up like that

Go and look after your job, dude

Show that

Give me

Uncle, look at this

Look at this

- Who is this, dude?
- Look, it's him

It's said, she has eloped with him

Call your daughter, uncle

I don't understand anything

- Can't you reach her?
- Uncle, call Draupathi

What happened, uncle?
You called me urgently

Why are you panicked?

- Draupathi!
- Tell me, Uncle

- That is...
- Tell her, Uncle

Brother-in-law, at least you tell me
what happened

Look at this!

It's said, Lakshmi had
register marriage with someone,

and fleed the town

When called her,
the phone is switched off

Uncle, Lakshmi will switch off
her phone usually when in college

Uncle, that's nothing
It might be a photo taken just

I've seen Lakshmi going with
that guy on bike

You don't fear, uncle
Just wait

I'll make a call to the college
and inquire

Uncle, when Thilaga had a
issue with love,

Lakshmi conveyed me
and asked to solve it

Lakshmi wouldn't have done that
You don't worry about her

I know well about her

Draupathi, Lakshmi is not in the college
Even her friends didn't come

It might be some other issue
Wait, I'll call her friends and ask

- Uncle, first you sit without panic
- Uncle, sit down

- Sit down, Uncle
- Sit down

From Kannadasan to Kalaignar

We brought them here
and taught studies

But you are bad in studies

Listen to me

The ring is going on
But, they aren't attending

Brother, it's true

The marriage registration document
has been sent

She cheated us and eloped, brother
Look at this, brother

It's all in your hands

Doesn't matter how I called you
I didn't like this post

He is the head honcho of this village
But, his daughter had humiliated him

Who will heed him, henceforth?
It's really sad

He lived with great honour

His daughter has ruined
everything in a day

Uncle, sit down

- Where are you going?
- I'll go to the farm

Okay, go along with him

- Dear!
- I'll take care


I am coming

Hey, hereafter don't bunk the college

Hey, send the guys to check
at Mayilam, Koot road

- Sister, Lakshmi has come
- Has Lakshmi arrived?

Where did you go,
switching off your phone?

I went for movie along
with my friends, sister

Okay, take her to uncle

Why, what happened, sister?

Okay, speak to your father first

What happened?

Sorry, dad! I went for
movie with my friends

Dad! Speak to me

Dad, look at me

Uncle, sister has come


- Oh, no!
- Dad!

What happened?

Look here, dad!

- Lakshmi has come, uncle
- See her, Uncle


Get up, dad

Dad, get up

Look at me dad

Damn it
We took wrong decision

What happened?

Get up, dad

You did a murder
without knife and blood

You know it's a fake marriage

Then, how did they file a case
on you as 'honour killing'?

Myself and Draupathi have witnessed
him going with Lakshmi on bike

We don't know whether Lakshmi
is telling us about him the truth or not

We couldn't even ask her
about this in that situation

Only then, the locale Police Inspector
came home with them

Go and call Prabhakar

Tel me, sir

Two days ago, Damador's
daughter got married to other caste guy,

so, disheartened by that
he has committed suicide

We got a complaint that
you hid it and trying to get

his daughter married to
someone in hurry

Who lodged the complaint?

Saravanan, who married Lakshmi lodged
this complaint along with his advocate

Look, Prabhakar

If you do her another marriage,
I'll arrest you

Be careful

Sir, this is a forgery marriage

They got the documents
of our girl and

have done this register marriage

You're threatening us
heeding to them

I'll lodge a complaint
First, take action on them

Is it?

Okay, I brought the complainant

I'll send them now

Talk with them and
try to compromise

Hope you can understand

Else, you said you'd lodge
a complaint

Give the complaint
I'll take action

What's this, dear?


The inspector is not good
They all belong to the same clan

If you want justice,
it's right to approach the court

Take care, mam
I'll leave

How are they related to this?
Why have they come here?

No need to get confused

The guy who married your girl
is under my protection, feared of you

He will listen to what I say

I'm enraged
I'll lynch everyone into pieces

Do it

Whatever you do
will turn favourable to us

Do that
Come on

Dear, be calm

I know what's in their mind

- What do you expect from us?
- Good, You understood

I'm happy

A foreigner is going to start
a soft drinks company here

So, you've to get me
the lands I show you

For that sake,
we have done all these

Tell me, if it's okay

I'll get signature from Saravanan
now itself

You rescue your sister's life

Who are you to decide my life?

To earn money, they made me
as a tool and killed our father

Saravanan also belongs to their clan

It's okay even if my life
gets spoiled

They shouldn't be spared

Listened to her?
Listen to me, now

Both the land and woman
are important for us

Whoever lays hand on them
will be lynched

What are you thinking about?

For scurrilous people like you
who use woman to earn money and land,

I'll use my sister's issue as a tool
and get you punishment in the court

I swear on the child
in my womb

Do whatever you can

Leave from here

Dear, ask them to leave

She said, isn't it?
Get lost

- You go inside
- Come

Call him

Ask him to come to bus stop

Who is this?

Brother, I'm Saravanan speaking


It's me who married Lakshmi

Who's that?

What do you want?

Please rescue me, brother

Both of them are planning to kill me
and put the blame on you

Somehow, rescue me

I'll tell all the facts to the police
I'm sorry, brother

- Okay, where are you now?
- I'm at bus stop

Please, come soon

Okay, be there
I'll come

Come, brother

That guy Saravanan
They have decided to kill him also

Feared, he says he will turn
as an approver

I'll go to bus stop
Take care of Lakshmi

Dear, don't go
I feel something fishy

Whatever, we will see

Who is dare enough to touch me?

I'll take care
You be safe

Have a glass of milk and sleep

- Close the door
- Okay, come soon, dear

His phone is switched off
He told me to come to bus stop

He said there is some problem
But, he isn't seen here

Dear, don't go
I feel something fishy


Oh, no!

Oh, dear!

You told me not to go
Oh, no!

That was when I last saw
Lakshmi and Draupathi

Both were lying in pool of blood

They did the murder, filed a fake case
on me as I did 'honour killing'

and sent me to prison

What happened next?

I heard the village people
had buried Lakshmi

And donated Draupathi's body
to the the medical college as she wished

It's very clear that
you did this murder

Tell me who killed
Draupathi and Lakshmi?

I'm just a scapegoat

They threatened me to call him
and tell him to come to the bus stop

I called him and made him
to come to bus stop

Please come, brother

Look, we both are going
to intrude into the house

He'd have gone to bus stop
in search of you

If he knows you aren't there,
definitely he will come back

Call us when he arrives

- Okay?
- Okay, brother

Hey, don't be in his vicinity
until he comes

- Switch off the phone
- Okay, brother

- Throw away the SIM card
- Okay

Who is that?

Brother, go inside
Go inside

Who's that at this time?

Who is that?

No one is seen

Who's that at this time?


Don't raise your voice


Slit her throat

Slit her throat

Do it, brother

It's over
Come, brother

Let her come


Lakshmi, what happened?


Come, let's go


Oh, no!

I did for the sake of money

If I don't do this, they said they will kill me
and throw me on the railway track

and put the blame on him

I don't know any other way
That's why, I did so

Sorry, Prabhakar
I troubled you more

There is nothing wrong to kill them

- Anbu
- Yes, tell me, sir

What you've recorded now,
copy it in a hard disk and give to me

Both of you hand him over
to the Villupuram court

Yes, sir

Prabhakar, let's go
to see your wife

Tell your friend to bring
the original certificates

I'm getting pressure from the Minister
That's why, I came in person

- Did you get the original certificates?
- Sir, the report will arrive in an hour

Will prepare the report as you said
and send to the court

Look here, when you get
the original marriage certificate,

Send it to my cabin

- I'll prepare a report and send it
- Because, this case won't withstand

If you send that certificate to the court,
there are chances of amending a new law

A big caste riots will occur
Just do what I say

Get the certificate to my office
as soon as you get it

Okay, sir


- How it's possible, doctor?
- The child is in good health condition

I'll do surgery on day after tomorrow
and take the baby out

How it's possible for Draupathi?

No one has revealed anything
about Draupathi to me

You say, it's a brain dead case
Then, how did you save her?

- I've submitted the report as 'brain dead'
- Prabhakaran knows me well

I'm the Dean of
Villupuram Government hospital

What happened on that day

Doctor, they are a big network
that does blackmail

With women as a tool, they can do
whatever they want

The mob that ruined my sister's life,

I'll show them the end
before my child is born

- This is Draupathi's vow!
- You do it for sure

I'll also be with you
to win your vow

File the writ in
Chennai high court, tomorrow

Rania will be with you
and guide you in everything

- I'll inform her now itself
- Okay, doctor

Thank you very much, doctor

In an hour when she called me,
I got a call from the hospital

I can't believe that

Draupathi was admitted at
our hospital in coma stage

When I saw the FIR, it was revealed,
Prabhakar was the reason for her stance

But, I know that's not the fact

I understood well that someone else
had tried to kill her

She is not just one life
but two lives

So, I spoke to the
Government higher officials,

and made them to understand
the situation

On my own risk, I submitted
a report on her as 'brain dead'

And shifted her to Chennai

and taking care of her here,
not revealing to anyone

Myself and the Doctor
tried twice to meet you

But, you avoided us
not to meet in prison

When you come out of bail,

I told your advocate
to inform you to meet me

That's my fault
Forgive me, Doctor

Don't worry, Prabhakar
Everything will be good

Dude, after all these issues,

the reason still my sister is alive
is because of her good deeds

If my wife is still alive,
her intention was strong

This is the original certificate
you asked for

Her vow must win
and as well as this case

I'll do my best

You shouldn't go out of this hospital
Still, you're under arrest

- So, please co-operate
- Definitely

I'm leaving

Sir, this is the original certificate
of the fake marriage I got from Prabhakar

This is the video footage
of LIVE enquiry I did

If we submit both these to the court,
definitely it'll create an awareness nationwide

This case will definitely be dissolved

As per the instructions of top officials,
this case cannot be won

Until the 'caste politics' exists here,

Nothing good happens to people
and we can't do anything good

At Poonamalle, a tea-seller on the road
had raped and murdered a four year old girl

Now, he got bail and roaming freely

Kill him on encounter
and save Prabhakaran, Arun

Sir, what's this?
You're saying just like that

I've done a lot of ground work

Don't leave this fake marriage case
go easily

Many girls were affected because of this
Sir, please do something

The truth can never be hidden

Definitely, someone related to this case
will get trapped, someday

Let's see on that day

Now, you can relieve
from this case

If there is any other similar case,
I'll call you

Okay, sir

MrGurudev, have you read
the police report?

Yes, your honour

To express somebody's frustration
that happened in his life,

That no one should do register marriages,
he made the Sub-registrar to talk like this

It's said that nothing is
registered in the record

Do you've evidence?

My request is to call the Sub-registrar
and you inquire him in person

and take a good decision, my lord

Request is accepted

I order the Police department to
produce the Sub-registrar, Neela narayanan

tomorrow in the court

Thank you, my lordship

Come, sir

Why have you come here?

Nothing is there to get from me

No, Prabhakar
I can't do anything

I knew six months ago
that the Police couldn't do anything

But still I say,
my wife's vow will win

- No one can hinder that
- I trusted you more

Didn't you submit
the marriage certificate?

I've submitted it

But the Assistant commissioner
said he can't do anything

Problem with higher officials,
law and order, something he says

But, all your proofs
are with me, Prabhakar

If I get the marriage certificate,
I can save you, definitely

Even it's okay, if I lose the job
I'll face it

I asked advocate Gurudevan sir
to come

If he decides
he can change this case

Arun from CCP department?

Greetings, sir!
It's me, sir


What happened?
Why did you call me urgently?

Sir, that is

Whatever, tell me without hesitation

He is Mr.Prabhakaran

The murderer related to your case

- Is he?
- Yes, sir

Excellent, brother

People who are scurrilous
should be killed like this

You don't worry
about anything

I'll appear on your behalf

That gang is in fear now

Because of those clan,
even the good people are suffering

Sir, give me the original
marriage certificate

I'll handle the rest of the things
in the court

Don't worry, brother

Sir, the original marriage certificate
is not with us now

Before that, I need to tell you
an important matter about her

She is Draupathi

Sir, now you've to tell me
what should we do?

If this incident has happened
to someone,

they will look after their problems

But for the sake of all the girls,
you've taken this risk

Really, you're great

I want to eradicate these clans
from the grassroots

But the law is suppressed

The law is favourable to them.

If we want to win, we have to post
the atrocities happened to them

in the media and reveal
the world by tonight

Let's think how to implement it

We have taken a documentary
Shall we release it?

What documentary is it?
What is it about?

We have done a documentary on
how Draupathi and Lakshmi were affected,

by this fake marriage certificate

If it's released, there are chances
for a big revolution among the people

Excellent, mam

If a revolution is created by this
and if any of the victims of their parents,

approach the court,
then I'll take care of the rest

Release the documentary on prime time

We must get the judgement
by the time the child is born

Greetings to all!

Welcome to 'Urimai Kural'(Voice of rights)

In this programme, the topic
we are going to discuss

is about a documentary

That too, it has been released on
social websites,

especially on You tube,

it has created controversies,

and debates equal to a big feature film

The title of that documentary is,
'Draupathi's vow'

Today, we are going to
discuss about it


The concept of the documentary which is adapted
from the real incident is very shocking

In Senthamangalam village,
Villupuram District,

A beverage company, in order to
establish their plant, visits that village

But, the village head is reprimanding them
and not allowing them to set the plant

But, they approach a 'movement'
after outsted from there

That 'movement' implements a plan

That was perceived as a shocking plan

They try to make the daughter
of the village head to fall in love

with the guy they had sent

When it's not happening,
as their next step

In the Sub-registrar office, Royapuram,

They conducted a fake marriage without
the presence of the girl

and give the marriage certificate
to the village head

The village head commits suicide
out of shock

This is the content of that film

An important matter of the film is,

the fake marriage
that happened without the girl

Lawyer Gurudevan, who is
bonded to controversies,

takes this as a public
case to the High court

The judgement of this case
will be given tomorrow

Before that, he had made two requests

Let's watch it now

If a clan is doing so many fake marriages
and sexual harassments very boldly means,

what would be the reason?

As an attempt
to prevent fake marriages,

You've taken a documentary,
'Draupathi's vow'

First, I congratulate you
and your team for that effort

Thank you, sir

According to me, many women,
either who have done register marriages

or sexual harassment cases,
if they need a permanent solution

they must come out
and speak boldly

Only then, we will get a solution
for these problems

Sir, what's the amendment that
you've requested

in your public interest writ?

The CCTV cameras must be fitted in
all the locations

where marriage registrations take place

The event should be recorded

That should be protected
by the Government archives

And this kind of marriages should happen
in the presence of parents

That too, when the girls are
below 21 years of age,

their marriage should happen
definitely in presence of her parents

I've put forward these two requests

There are many girls
who are affected like Lakshmi

Either the victims of their parents,
when they approach with proper evidence,

I believe definitely there will
be an amendment of law

The important message revealed by
this documentary is

Though we say there is no caste
or if we deny caste,

casteism will not be abolished

When said the caste exists,
we can travel in par

Only when we travel so, we can get rid of the
political businessmen from this society

It has been conveyed strongly by this film

The verdict to be given tomorrow
is creating an expectation

of the changes in the
Indian Hindu Marriage Act

We are anticipating like
you all for the verdict

Let's meet again in the next programme

Thank you, bye

Sir, he is Jackdoss

Hey, say in the court tomorrow
that you've done all these for Prabhakar

- Okay?
- Okay, sir

Dude, don't blabber that you've
done this for sake of money

Nothing like that, sir

- Take care
- I'm leaving, sir

Inquiry on public welfare petition
of fake registration marriage

Item No16

Petitioner Gurudevan

My Lordship!

The Sub-registrar involved in
this case has come here

I request you to inquire him
and take a good decision

Ask the Sub-registrar Neela narayanan
to appear

Registrar Mr Neela narayanan

I solemn, what I say is true

I swear, what I say is true

Why did you attempt suicide?

Two days ago,

I gave a fake marriage certificate
to a girl called Lakshmi, who was not alive

But six months ago,
for the same girl,

I had registered her marriage
with Saravanan and gave a fake certificate

Because of my fake signature
for sake of money,

Lakshmi's family was scattered,
unable to bear the shame

I felt agonised since I committed
a great sin

I pleaded god to take me
to his abode,

so decided to consume poison
and attempted suicide

Can we consider,
it's your speech in this video?

Yes, it's true
I said it

You've done the marriage registration
without the bride

Inspite of knowing, how it'll affect the girl
and her parents, you did this mistake

If I don't sign, the advocates involved
in that case will not spare me

Now I understand,
how great sin I've committed

Does the Public prosecutor
have any questions against this witness?

Yes, my lordship

Mr Neela narayanan
I saw your video

You said that you signed out of fear
And you said that you signed for money

But in that video, you ask someone
opposite to you, "should I drink it"?

To whom did you ask it?

Sir, that is
A mirror was on the opposite side

And to the image of my conscience,
I was talking

Good reply

You did the register marriage
for a girl in the morning

By evening, how do you know that girl
was not alive and died six months ago

That is

Tell me

Because of the fake
marriage of Lakshmi, her

brother-in-law Prabhakar
was convicted of murder

He was the one who recorded
this fake marriage and

tried to reveal this big
mistake to the world

Okay, to prove him as an innocent,
you say he told you to reveal so

You want to say that he
didn't threaten you,

made to confess or forced
you to commit suicide

Then, why did you speak LIVE on Facebook?

Just to reveal everyone

All of a sudden, you got wisdom, is it?

Yes, sir

The police department says as per your record,
such a register marriage didn't happen

If you don't have trust on me,

…you check the CCTV camera
in the register office

He is troubled mentally, my lordship

Ten days ago, he complained that
CCTV cameras in his office wasn't functioning

I've kept that complaint
for your perusal, my lord

No, sir

I didn't give any such complaint

You're troubled mentally, sir

The report given by
the police states, no

register marriage has
happened like you said

You said, a stranger who failed in love,
threatened you to talk and to commit suicide

How do you swift your stance
within a day?

I told so, in dizziness

Sir, he is perplexing me in someway

It's true, I've done mistake

I feel panic
I need to take rest

Mr Gurudev, shall we send him?

No questions, my lord
He can go

You can go to the hospital

If necessary, you'll be called again
for an inquiry

- Thank you, my lordship
- Thank you, sir

It's clear, the public prosecutor doesn't want
to render anything good to people

However, who recorded this fake marriage and
revealed this fraudulence to the world,

I present those witnesses before you

Jackdoss and Mary

Greetings, sir

I swear, what I say is true

Why did you accept this
fake marriage registration?

Prabhakar is my friend, sir

A similar fake marriage has happened
in his family and even the girl was murdered

He was blamed for it

To prove the fake marriage,
they asked me to do a favour, So, I did

Is this a favour?

Did you act as Lakshmi on that
day in the registrar office?

Yes, mam

Everytime they will call me to sign

I'll also sign for Rs5000
I've one year old child

I did by mistake
Please, forgive me sir

Public prosecutor, you can proceed

Yes, your lordship

Do you know, you will get punishment
for acting as a cheating bride?

Tell the truth and save yourself

It's true that I registered, sir
I wasn't clear till yesterday

Today, I'm clear

You give me any punishment, sir
It's true that I signed at the registrar office

You can't get married another time
Think well and say

I don't want to get married, sir

Already, I got married for sake of money
and suffered a lot

I'll stay single, sir

So, you got married
for sake of money, right?

Not as favour?

You don't talk anything

Note this point, my lordship

First, he said as favour
And now saying, it's for money

All these is a conspiracy by someone
to instigate caste riots in the country

and to oppose love and
inter-caste marriages

They are here as fake witnesses
for sake of money

It's true that such a
register marriage didn't happen

A fake marriage can't be done
so easily, my lordship

So, dismiss this petition and I request
you to clear the fear and distrust…

…the people have on register marriages
and on the registration department

That's all, lordship

- Is any of you inquiring them?
- No questions, lordship

- You can go
- Thank you, your lordship

I request you to inquire
the victim's father and

the victim as the last
witness, my lordship

- Ask Mr Ramaswamy to appear
- Mr Ramaswamy

Greetings, sir

I'm running a textile shop for 25 years
at old washermanpet

Divya, my daughter had completed
her college five years ago

I've to fulfill my duty, isn't it?

So, I made her engagement with a groom

On the fourth day of engagement,
seven advocates…

…came to my house with my
ex-employee, Dharma Raj

They said, already my daughter Divya
and that scoundrel Dharmaraj…

…had done register marriage,
two months ago

And they gave the registered
marriage document

My heart was scattered
when looking at it

I inquired my daughter before
them whether it was true

"Dad, I don't know who is he
and I'm not related to him in any way"

…she said, cried and busted to the core

If the bridegroom's family knows this,
it'll be a humiliation to us

So, I decided to consume poison
and die along with the family

When trying to find out who did all these,
it's known this is a big fraudulent mob

I knew, this is not the target for my
daughter but for the money I have

I asked them how much they need

They asked five crores, sir

Somehow, I managed to give two crores
and redeemed my daughter

Then, I got my daughter married
to the engaged groom

They lived happily for two years

Suddenly, Dharmaraj threatened
my daughter that he will

reveal his divorce with her
to her husband and relatives

He said, 'If I shouldn't reveal this,
you must sleep with me a night'

My daughter came to
my home panicking and

said she will not live
anymore and will die

Then, I had a compromise with them
and gave almost five crores until now

Is it my fault to give birth
to a daughter?

Tell me, sir

Is it my fault to give birth
to a daughter?

None of the family should suffer
like me and my daughter

Give a good judgement, sir

Thank you, my lordship

The fake marriage which
the public prosecutor denies,

Was recorded by
a secret pen camera

It's for your perusal

You too watch it, sir

Do you have any doubt
on this video evidence?

Truth alone triumphs, my lordship

Based on the evidence given by the
police department, I've argued on this case

I don't have any queries
against this video

I admit myself
Thank you, my lordship

Justice will prevail

At present, in the
Hindu Marriage Registration process,

…based on these incidents, it's clear
there are many loopholes

In Tamil Nadu, at the
Chief Secretary office, Chennai

Just at one Sub-Registrar office,
3500 fake marriages have been registered

So, on the whole at Municipalities,
Corporations and Panchayats…

…how many fake marriages like
these would've been done?

It's against the
Indian Constitution law, clause 21

The Constitution of India provides
security for the citizens and their lives

But, because of the fake marriages
by these anti-socials,

it poses biggest threat to the security

The Government should intervene
and stop this, immediately

The law should be amended
with new conditions

and I request to order,
to transfer this case to the CBI

As per the Hindu Marriage Act,
Section 5

this marriage must be annulled

Moreover, I plead to make
it as a paradigm case, my lordship

Prabhakaran, who tried to bring this
case to the High court

where the police has registered a
fake case on him and kept him under arrest

The case number 216, the twin murders
which happened at 2018,

was investigated thoroughly
and the confessions got from

the witnesses is in
this hard disk, your honour

It's for your perusal

Using such fake marriages as weapons,
no one should be affected, henceforth

And to ensure the whole community
lives in peace

I request you to give a
historical judgement, my lordship

The judgement of this case
will be announced after 30 minutes

Prabhakar, don't worry

We got best doctors with us

Everything will be good

Thank you, doctor

We have to take her to
surgical theatre in two minutes

I didn't believe when you said
Our thoughts are more powerful

We can make the whole world
to understand a thing from where we are

I can understand it now, dear

Do you know how many people
are crying for you?

I believe you can heed me

I believe you will call me again
fondly as, 'dear'

Go boldly, dear

Dude, don't worry
Our deity will take care of Draupathi

In order to eliminate the flaws
in the fake register marriages,

When hearing this petition,
it was a great shock to the High court

In India, we all are living around
the culture of marriage

It's clearly understood, there is a threat
to individual human rights and security

Since, it's obvious that the register
marriages are beneficial to many men

and adverse to many women,

So, as per the provisions in section 5,

The court condemns the Public prosecutor,
the Police department

and the Registrar office
who tried to hide it

As per article 21, it's the duty of the
Government to protect the rights of the people

In that, there is clearly
a transgression,

Since more than 3000 fake
marriages were registered,

We order to transfer
this case to CBI and to

submit the investigation
report in two months

Moreover, the Sub- Registrar,
Mr Neela Narayanan

who accepted his faults,
will be detained from his job,

And this High court directs to confiscate
his immovable properties

bought during his job tenure
and hand over to the 'Disaster relief fund'

In this case, Prabhakar is being accused falsely
and since another case has been linked,

we recommend that these documents
be sent to Villupuram court

where the case is being held

From today, according to
Tamil Nadu Marriage Act 2009,

All register marriages should happen
in the presence of CCTV cameras

where the face of male and
female registrars should be recorded

The CCTV record evidence should be
protected in the Government digital archive

In the event of confusion, it can be
probed as an evidence

Henceforth, without CCTV cameras,
the register marriages shouldn't take place

From today, the High court enacts it as a law

Another request of demanding that
the register marriage should happen

in the presence of parents is
the registrar's wish

and it cannot be made as law

In India, all are equal

Everyone has the right to
choose their married life

Therefore, the High court declares

the enacted law should be
implemented, immediately

Thank you, your lordship

Yes, we got the judgement

Henceforth, the register marriages will not
happen without CCTV cameras

Good, Prabhakaran
It happened as your wife's intention


It's a baby girl, Prabhakar

She is like our goddess!

Yes, dude

"My little Draupath!"