Draug (2018) - full transcript

In the 11th century a missionary goes missing somewhere in the huge forests bordering the northern parts of Sweden. Among the rescue party chosen to find him is Nanna, a young woman on her first real mission and her first return to the part of the country where she was born. But what they will find deep inside those woods is something else entirely. Something dark. Something ancient. Something evil.

About one thousand years ago

Pair up!

What happened?

Did it occur under water?


Did you see something?



Stop. Stop. Calm down.

Visions were common among
the kings of old.

A coveted trait.

Prized highly in those days.

I'd meant to give you this earlier.

It's all your old things.

This one, I remember.

Yes, you wouldn't let anyone take
that thing from you.

But where did it go?

You had so many things.

I have a mission in the north.

So you're already leaving?

Do you remember Bure?

Of course.

He escorted a missionary on the Nord Trail
through the Ödmården forest.

They never made it to the other side.

Are you capable of taking care of yourself?

Could you fend for yourself if I, against better judgement,
took you along with me.

It's been a long time since the people up in
these parts stopped bowing for the Swedes.

Try keeping a low profile
so that we won't enrage anyone.

Drunk men have their swords close at hand.

"The ale which is drunk!"


Cheers, I said!

Remember. Quiet and gently.


You cockless...


Come here!

Come here, I said!

Come here and give me a hug.

Ale for my friends!

Though you might want
something sweeter, miss?


My fosterling.

Born in Hälsingland among commoners but
raised and trained as a part of the royal guard of Sigtuna.

Ale will be fine, thanks.

This is something you've never told me about.

And you never told me you've become
a vain drunkard either. Neglecting the whole village.

And this is my slave. Deja.

From Wendland and skilled in medicine.

She's the one who's keeping
me young and healthy.

- And horny.
- You're drunk!

Drunk? But of course.

You on the other hand.

You're cold and hard. You should
be doing some boozing too.

"In the words of a maiden,
no man should trust."

"Nor listen to what any woman says."

"Because on turning wheels
their hearts are shaped."

"Changeability in their chests are placed."

Or what do you think, Nanna?

A royal following rode the Nord Trail
through Ödmården a couple of weeks ago.

They're still there.

I was thinking they would've visited your village.

There are plenty who travel through here.

This particular gathering had
a missionary among them.

And you're just going to
stride in and find them, huh?

And you'll be riding by my side.

It's not like it were during Coal-Burner's rule.

In the past you would ride therein
with nothing but your axe as company.

That was then.

Before you became a lazy drunkard.

Precisely. Before I became a lazy drunkard.

There's something else roaming there.

Something else, other than
trail robbers and murderers.

Even up in these parts there are few
who dare travelling therein

unless they have
a very good reason to.

Ghosts and goblins, is that
what you're bringing?

You know, as well as I do, that it wasn't just tales
and imaginations that we purged up north.

Anyhow, I cannot help you.
I havn't seen any missionary cortege.

Well, then they must have
travelled right past you.

You would've remembered this gathering
if you knew who was riding with them.

For all I care, it could've been
Christ the White himself.


Why didn't he come here? I would've
brought him ale and changed his mind.

Maybe he still has ill thoughts about you.

Then it's only you and me left, Hakon.

Which may be for the best.

To death!

To death!

♪ Up in Hälsingland we're having
fun from time to time. ♪

♪ We drink and we fuck
and we cut each other up. ♪

Nanna, promise you won't become
one of them she-devils.

Crawling their way into
the hearts of young men.

Only to pour venom
and poison therein.

(Inaudible singing.)

This is the last homestead
before the darkness.

If Bure rested anywhere
it would've been here.

Let me do the talking.

Are is fine, but his wife can be a little testy.

But he crafts a marvelous ale.

This makes even the shyest ones talk.

Let's hope that won't be needed.

Kettil. No goofery.

No. no.

Is this how you meet your sheriff, Are?
With the axe wielded and ready.

What business have you here?

You have to excuse the sudden visit.

But you have the honour of meeting...

"Hakon the terrible!"

Or... You're still called... Right?


Hakon, a commander of the royal guard
and lord of...

You're still a lord though?

Lord and sheriff of Sigtuna.

Oh, lord of Sigtuna.

I've got some questions about this royal cortege
that has strayed away somewhere in Ödmården.

I was thinking you might have seen them.


They had a missionary among them,
a foreigner from Bremen of Saxony.

I thought maybe they rested here
before they rode on.

We've had no visitors.

No, ok. Oh, wait. I just told them
about your fantastic ale, and...

You wouldn't have anything against
quenching the thirst of the royal guard, right?

Of course.

Nice, nice.

Just a final question. Has she perished yet?


What do you want of my mother?

I didn't even say "Wormcunt."

She endures.

With leg ulcers that smell like it were
a score of dead pigs in that lair of hers.

- Why would you want to get in there?
- It wouldn't hurt asking her.

About that cortege, I mean.

We don't practice any heresy on this farm.

We're not here in the service of the Lord.

Nothing is going to happen to you.

As long as you aid us.

- I don't know if I am comfortable with this.
- Are you going to start quibbling too?

Just because we've quit the burning of farms,
it doesn't mean that these things are encouraged.

There's no harm in trying. And moreover,
it could be a fine challange...

For that fosterling of yours.

If she dares to, that is.

Randi, show Nanna to your mother.

And be sure to collect some of
Are's famous ale while you're at it.

This will be cozy.

You don't want to keep this
out in the open.

And don't call her Wormcunt.

You'll be guarding outside.

But, it's Gunder's turn.

But I—


Yes, I know

It's foul-smelling.

They're rotting straight off of me.

But sit already.



What is it you need, missy?

I was wondering about
a missionary bishop that—


A missionary bishop has disappeared
somewhere inside Ödmården.

He's dead!

We need to find him.

Then you'll die too.

I'm sure we can take on trail robbers and—

Trail robbers?

Can you help us?

Fetch me some of that boiling water
over there.

Calm down, sister.

Stop spooking me you little brat.

Why do you have the yard full of Swedes?

A missionary has gone missing
inside Ödmården.

They believe you killed them,
did you?

How many are they?

Too many.

But if I—

Quiet! Don't you dare do anything.

Stay hidden, the kids are there.

What if Are knew—

Are? People are wondering about his loyality.

They've been questioning if I'm seeing clearly
regarding my own brother in law.

Am I?

Are ain't helping any Swedes.

Maybe so, but he ain't helping
anyone else either.

Has it been a long time since my last visit, Are?
Or are your girls just growing remarkably quick?

Deja, why don't you go out
and see what happaned with the ale?

You can fill a couple sacks
and tie them to the horse too.

That's fine with you, Are? Right?

What's happening?

About what?

In there. Are they collecting
any information?

Will we be prolonged?


Randi, I have to get some
for the journey as well.

Take some from this one.

No, you can take that one with you.
They are impatient and thirsty.

Take it from this one,
they can surely wait.

How is it with that brother in law
of yours, Are?

What was his name again? Kol?

What has he been up to now?

No, nothing. I was just wondering
how he's doing.

He's roaming around
in these forests, isn't he?

I 've no idea what he's up to.
I know nothing.

No, you know absolutely nothing, do you?

Right? You know nothing.
Haven't seen anyone.


Why are you keeping it shut, Are?

I'm not keeping anything shut.
I just don't now anything.

I'm giving you a chance here, Are.

You... And your family.

Oh look, just when we're talking
about your family.

Just wait, Hakon. Now you'll see.

- Kettil, I just—


Now we're going to drink ale!

Yeah, that's fine.


White Christ your ale is good, Are.
That can no one away from you.

Not even "Hakon the Terrible."

Do you know who Bure was?


He was quite tough. But he always got
people to speak the truth.

He often took the smallest kid.

And then he put her toes into boiling water.

Only until she screamed, you see.

- I don't know of any cortege, I promise.
- "I promise!"

You havn't seen anything, right?
You know nothing, right?

What about you, Randi?
Have you seen that brother of yours?


Then when the skin peeled off,
it would usually be enough.

Not that they died from it but it could become
a problem for future marriage arrangements.

He could be quite the tough one, Bure.

What beautiful girls you've got.

Be sure to take good care of them.

Well, thanks for the ale.
It's time for us to leave, isn't it?

Die, die. Disgusting vermin.

I'm going to kill you! Die! DIE!

I hope we haven't depleted your food storage.
For the winter and so forth.

Don't worry about it.
We're honoured.

Well, that's good.

Then I guess you don't have anything against
me checking that you aren't out of anything.

I take pleasure in caring
for my friends.

Who are you?




Leave me!

Get out of me!




Don't stray away!

Don't stray away from the trail!

Don't stray away.

At least we got some ale with us.

Very few other things of use.

Never underestimate a good ale.
It keeps the sorrows down and the mood up.

You can't find better provision
for the road.

If you knew she were crazy,
why did you send my fosterling to her?

It is already forgotten.
Look at her.

And I thought it would be good for her
to witness the madness of yore.

So that her allegiance won't falter
as we approach her birthland.

She has grown up in Sigtuna.
That world is all she knows.

I trust her as I would
my own daughter.

Yeah, you keep saying that.

They say you shouldn't
slight the words of lunatics.

Because there can be
lots of truths therein.

You think?

No, fuck no.


Wet that pale cadaver of yours.

Get out of here!

Calm down, Are.

Calm down? What do you think would've happened
if the soldiers had found him here?

Those are the ones you should curse.
They are the ones draining your storehouse.

Storehouse? I don't care about
no damn storehouse.

To think you were such
a cowardly little wretch!


Look at those who are sleeping.

I don't need any trouble.

If you don't want to raise the axe for yourself,
do it for them.

We're growing in numbers.

If there are enough of us we could kick every
last Swede lord out of Hälsingland forever.

Are you the ones who slayed the missionary?

I think you already know what their bane was.

Do you hear that?

Those are the shepardess of local farms.

They herd their goats by the edge of the forest
and sing to each other so that they wont feel so lonely.

And to warm the hearts of old men.

They should come here
and avoid the loneliness.

No need. I've got mine right here.

It's beautiful.

How damn huge is this forest anyway?

We've just entered.

Just entered? We were riding yesterday,
we've been riding today and we'll be—

It stretches from coast to coast.

If you kept riding straight through the forest
you'd be in Norway before you saw any open land.

What's this witless stupidity?

How the hell are we going to find
anything out here? Huh?


Where are you, you tiny—












Forget about that.

But, where are they?

They should've caught up
with us by now.

Where are they?

A girl!

Wound fever.

I might have to take the leg.

He seems rather shy,
maybe we should help him.

Who is the girl?




Are you also having a fever?

No, it was something.

Where are the others?


Why aren't they following us?


There won't be any water for you, answer!

Answer! Answer!

I've got only one question.

You have to decide if this is going to be
easy or hard on you, do you understand?

My friend led a missionary cortege on the Nord Trail
towards Hälsingland a few weeks ago.

They never arrived. Where are they?

Did you kill them?

Gunder, hold him.

Nanna, come here.


The legs!

Last chance.

This isn't the way.
You're killing him!


Hakon, stop!




You shouldn't have come here.

Who asked for your advice?

There's still time.

Deja, it's enough now.

There's been enough
fussing over that one.

Take care of Odd instead.

He's resting.

"He's resting"?


Deja! Come and help!

Deja! Come and help!

They're coming.


Did you find them?




He woke up while you were away.

We can go back and return
with more men.

And risk another ambush?
We'll continue north.

You know what we'll pass
if we continue north.

It's not merely by chance we're here.

Not with her.

This is just a forest
and that's just a girl.

Thank you.

For what?

For making them stop.

Are you ok?

Maybe you shouldn't have come.

Being so tiny and scrawny looking.

Maybe you would've been better able-bodied
if I'd sent you to Greenland to be raised instead.

There are bears there, they say.

Pale as death and with jaws
wider than four ordinary ones.

That might've been something?

I could certainly beat an old gaffer
as yourself though.

That's good.

You know what?

I saw something in the forest today.

Was it real?

I don't know.

They're escaping!


Look at him! Look at his face!

It wasn't human!

You're only stressed out from today!

No! I've seen them before!

Calm down!

They're getting away, come on!

Not you!

- But—
- NO!

But why does it smell?

They're here.



Look, they slithered
their way down there.

Now we know where the stench is coming from.
They're living in their own filth.

Don't go in there.
It wasn't human.

It's just the same nithings as before.

But Kol said—


What did Kol say?
These are his friends.

We could wait for the sunrise.
We can get them on their way out.

We'll enter with swords drawn.

But you didn't see them.

It is tight enough for numbers
not to matter as much.

It's a death trap. We can
take them, one by one.

I'm entering with Gunder.
You'll wait here.

If you go in there, I'll follow.

I don't know what you saw,
but I do know that you can't follow.

Not now.

It is dark and tight. And cold.

You're already shivering.

Hakon. Come out already.



I mean you no harm!



A girl.

What's happening?

Hakon? What is it?

I saw a girl.




Hakon, stop!



He wouldn't stop.

He never stopped.


It was like there was
something inside of him.

It was a witch.

She came from the woods.

Whatever it was.
If it enters you...

You should've seen him.
As if he was set on fire.

It was the draugr.

The living dead.

Everything they were is gone.

Everything but rage. Hate.

Can you kill them?

Mother talks about a haunting.

The village she grew up in was plagued with rain
and crop failures for several summers in a row.

Accusations were thrown here and there until it was decided
that Groa, one of the village elders, were to be blamed.

Groa was related to my mother
from her father's side.

Knowledgeable in runes and sorcery.

They tortured Groa a whole night through.

Mother lay sleepless until
the howlings of Groa finally ended.

Was that the end of the witchery?

No, no.

Groa came back and wherever she were seen
madness and murder followed.

It was far worse than
any cold summers or bad harvests.

Could they stop her?

They dug up her body,
separated it from the head.

Burned the remains and scattered
the ashes into the river.

Does that kill them?

If you spread the ashes therein
they cannot walk again.


So they're stuck in the water?

I think so.


But they knew where Groa was buried.

We can go east, over the river.
And then back home from there.

We cannot fight this.

- What is it?
- Sch!

There's something listening.

Out there.

I think it's in the trees.



It's just a little girl.

We have to leave.

I know where the bodies are.

I know where the bodies are buried.

Hi there, little girl.

There's nobody there.

Don't you see her?
She's just standing there. No!

Take her away, Gunder.

There's no one there, come.

We cannot linger, move on.

Go away. No. Stop it!

Gunder, get her away!

No, don't take me!


Nanna, cut the ropes!


Out there, in the mire. By the tree!

Deja? Gunder?

We're coming!

Out there, by the lonely tree!


You bastards!

Take me.


No! No!



He was a miner. She, she was
something much worse.

She locked herself inside the cabin.

And we banged on the door
but she wouldn't open.

When we finally breached the door,
she was... She wasn't there.

It was like she was somewhere else.

So we hanged them and burned the farm.
That was the right thing to do.

One is missing. They saw someone else.
A girl.

Did you slay the girl?

Her mother had hid her here,
by the water.

We didn't notice her until afterwards.

I couldn't stomach killing her,
so Hakon had to do it instead.

That, I do not believe.

What had they done?

What difference, at this point,
does that make.

There is a boat up at the cabin.

By nightfall I want all four of us
inside of that damn boat.

And we wont get out of it until
we're out of this fucking forest.

When all is burnt,
scatter the remains into the river.

He attacked Nanna.

Is that true?

She's the girl.

What girl?

You don't understand. She's the girl.

And I am the Devil himself.

Fetch the schackles.

I think I know how to stop this.

I'll go and get that boat.

I need to try something first.

I'll give you an hour. I don't want
to be here past nightfall.

Whatever it is that you
want to do with that thing.

- I'll help.
- No!

Watch him. Don't leave him
alone with her.

Promise me one thing.

Don't let them get to me.
I don't want to go down like that.

Rather by the sword.

Behold. The curse of your mother.



The moment of death. Over and over.
Until the bloodguilt is paid in full.



We must leave now.
Come on!


Gunder, wait!