Drama Queen (2020) - full transcript

An Action-Comedy about a gay stuntman whose wish of becoming a woman got accidentally fulfilled when he has to run away from a deadly gang after witnessing a murder. After the operation, she could have lived a low-key life if her father had not gotten so sick, and the only opportunity presents to her is the chance to enter a beauty contest. Thus our hero's journey begins when she fights her way to the top prize, while diverting the gangster's assassin, the disgruntled ex girlfriend, bitchy fellow contestants and nosy fashion bloggers.

Miss Mother Earth, with the
subject is beauty and action.

Has for years.

Been a renowed beauty contest.

Total awards.

Amount to a million USD.

This year, there is accusation
of cheating in the competition.

Everyone, please calm down!

Listen to us, please.

Don't you like scandals?

I'm just a faithful public reporter.



You've just screwed me over!

Go find a replacement for me.

I can't get in touch with anyone.

Ignore those girly ones.

Here, let me introduce you.

Taro cake.


He's been playing the assassin.

He knows all of Ngoc's singing
and dancing routines, let him try.

Duong can fit into Ngoc's costume, too.

Go change.

Hey hey hey.

More roles, more pay!

I don't like wearing this stuff.

I'm not sure if he can do it!


Girl make-up is my thing.

Your face won't be captured.

Hurry up!

Goodluck, Mr. Pansy.

Go and perform a full dance.

Alright, the assassin rushes in
and stabs the lady to death.

Camera, ready?

Kiểm tra khung hình.

Okay, looks nice. Action.

Bảng quay.

Let's go eat after we finish.


Where do we go?

Cắt, cắt, cắt!

I've told you!

Your acting is so bad.

Quay lại!

You'd be so pretty if you were a girl.

And famous for sure.

I just mentioned being a girl
and suddenly there are lightnings.

You don't remember your lines at all.

You're lead actress not even for one
day and suddenly you're all that.

Of course.

Hey, I think it's time.

You become a girl.

I know this doctor in
Thailand, he's pretty good.

Save some money, I will take you there.

Do you have 2 dollars? Can I borrow?

For what?

For lunch!

I don't even have money to eat,
let alone changing into a girl.

You can't go anywhere!

This top is 500 dollars.

There is only one. What are you gonna do?

500 dollars?

You don't have to pay me for this movie.

And the next one.

I won't take it.

Try to talk to Mr. Thien.

Thien who? I only know
Mr. Minh, Chief Stuntmen.

No wonder you're like this.

Mr. Thien is Mr. Minh's boss.

Big boss.

Hao, get on stage.


He's a freelancing
stuntman, just got in today.

You don't have to pay
him at all for his work.

Okay, just give him a little something.

Thank you, Mr. Thien.


Thank you, Mr. Thien. Thank you, Mr. Minh.

Nice clothes, where did you get all those?

They're for the movie. So there
must be at least 5 to 7 sets.

And he told me there was only one.


Today, I'm gonna play your role a bit.

I didn't win the lottery
yesterday, damn it.


Even with my lucky number.

1661, still nothing.




Wow, nice case.

It's heirloom.

Piggy Duong.

Was there a big fuss at the studio again
this morning?


Then rents, electricity,
water, garbage fees…


So... Let's use your money for now.

Vietcom just contacted
me for another movie.

I will pay you back at
the end of the month.


I don't have any money to lend you.

My breast surgery is at
the end of this week.

Don't ever touch a single dime here.

Otherwise I will cut…

They didn't feed you again?

Do you have anything to eat?

Have this.

Damn it, hold on.

I'll go get some noodles,
stay here and hang these clothes up.

Does she think she the
only one who has money?

I won't earn much like this.

I might as well rile her up
so she would cut my dick for free.

No name model but a dozen
outfit changes a day.


What's up?

Run, or you will die. Run!

Nothing here, boss.

I saw one guy was running that way, boss.

- Get after him.
- Yes, sir.

- Make it quick.
- Yes, sir.


What happened?

Hey, what's wrong?

What happened?

What's that?


Do you remember Hao?


He's dead!

No way!

Oh my god, what?

But we just saw him recently?

Who killed him?

Don't know.

I didn't see anyone stabbed him.

But then, Thien and his
gangs started chasing me.

They want to kill me.

Oh my God!

Drink some water.

Calm down.

Just tell me.

Did you see Thien stabbed
Hao with your own eyes?

I told you I didn't.

Things would be different if I did.

Why are they chasing you then?

This is so complicated.

Let's go to the police.

Oh shit!

Why is it here?

What is it?

Hao's telephone.

Hold on.

You have to tell me the
truth if you want my help.

Even you don't believe me.

If I go to the police,
they would think I'm the suspect for sure.

Alright. Call Minh.

Minh? Minh! Minh, you've got to help me!

- What's up, Duong?
- Hao, the guy from our crew.

I don't know if he messed up anything
with Thien's group.

He's dead now.

- Where are you now?
- I…

Mr. Thien is Mr. Minh's boss. Big boss.

Hello? Did Hao give you anything?


Don't talk.


You are now the film
industry's most wanted.

It's Minh.

That asshole.

You should hide somewhere for a while.

Why am I getting involved in this?

Damn it.

I think…

Even if I turned into ashes.
They would still recognize me.


At home. I still have 250 dollars left.

You can find it in my suitcase.


Give it to Ky. Tell her
to hand it to my mom.

Why are you talking like this?

Is that a will?

Calm down.

Make lemonade from lemon.
We will find a way out.

Let's think.

How about…

May be, this is your chance
of making your dream become true.

Eat something.

This is fate.

If you became ashes. They
would still recognize you.

Then become a girl
and they won't be able to find you.

What? Really?

That's it, you've got to do it.
I've told you so many times.

Look, what have you gained
after living all your life in fear?

Always in hiding. Come here, come here.

This is all I have.

What is this voodoo?

In Thailand, Full options 4200 dollars.

Chin surgery: 1200 dollars, nose: 300,
eyes: 100, Adam's apple removal: 800.

Medicine for 1 year: 2000 dollars.

If you want to grow more
hair, 700 dollars more.

Good god. So expensive to become a girl.

Can we... skip the medicine?

I'm all about self recovery.

You ain't God honey.

Then, can we skip the
removal of Adam's apple.

My voice is high pitch already.

Skip Adam's apple removal?
Why do you always chicken out?

- Hey.
- What?

What if? I won't die from hiding.

But I will die from these surgeries?

You will die eventually.

Then die like a proper girl!

That's right…

But… Where is the money?

- Is my noodle ready yet?
- Coming right away.

Hey! Hey!

Bring this to our guest.


This is your money, you sent
me but I haven't spent it.

And this is my secret fund.
I'm giving this to you.

I'm giving this to you now.

The money I sent you.

I'm borrowing it back from you.

But I won't take your money.

You keep it in case you and
dad are sick or something.

It's just some arthritis.

And your dad, he is super healthy.

You go and get the best
surgery and be beautiful!


During the surgery, something happens…

Then for your next life.

Come into another family.

So you can be happier!

Alright, I need to go.


Are you hiding something from me?

There has been a stranger going around
asking about you.

Luckily your father
has kicked you out of the house…

I don't know if it's luck or not.


Please remember.

If anyone asks you anything,

just act like you never had me.

Please take good care of your health.

I'll go now.


Wasn't this one sponsored?

Give me 500 dollars.

Bay. Can I collect the
lump sum early this month?

So short of money?

Maybe you should find some sugar daddy,

and promise to become a prostitute
to pay him in return.

I know where to find that rich guy.

Ky, please understand.

I'm sorry, Ky.

Take this, as temporary compensation.

Oh my God! I lost my boobs!

Piggy Duong.


Hey. Are you sure this place is okay?

Yes, very ok.

- Xin chào. Hello.
- Xin chào. Hello.

He's the toughest guy in this area.
Sap Lam Lo.

Don't worry. His name might
sounds rough but he isn't.

He's a Thai Doctor. It should be fine.

Hey, I'm Vietnamese.

Doctor, am I going to die?

This one is for injecting.

This one, drinking.

Birth control pills. He can get pregnant?

No, it's for raising your female hormones.

Hey girl.

What's your name?

- I'm Van.
- What?

I'm Hang Duong.

You asked me to go get you noodles.

Then you pranced around and locked me out.

Who do you think you are?

My mom is calling.

It's me!

They did a really good job.


I really have to get used to this voice.

Mom, how is dad?

Doctor said he had to have
the surgery this month.

I don't really know what to do now.


How are you, dad?

I have no daughter.

Go away!

My son should study martial art well.

And grow up to be a big
man protecting people.


I don't really know what to do now.

Money, money!

It's too late.

When they drop the money,
you should pick it up in silence.

You don't shout out like
that for everyone to know.

No that's not it.

There was a beauty pageant poster.

It's 1 million dollars.

Oh my God! Are you serious?

Look closely. The poster is everywhere.

You think you can win?

The background actresses from our
crew, always hunt these minor awards.

It seems... easy!


I see... Best smile award: 1500 dollars.

Top 3:2500 dollars.

Miss Friendly: 4000 dollars.

Are you sure you can be friendly?

I'm friendliness personified.

Transgenders will not be allowed in this.

If you want to compete, you have to cheat.

I think it won't be a problem.

Since you were born, you have cheated
the whole world that you were a boy.

Then you cheated fate to be a girl.

This shit can't scare you. Let's do it!

To earn money for my old man.
I will do anything.

Are you planning to
cheat the audience, too?

You're gonna be a Miss, not a hooker,
why look so sad?

Oh wow, I can already see the aura.

If anyone can do it, I can do it.

Let's see how far we can cheat.

Let's go!

So we're hitting all the dead ends?

Roads, flights, ships have
you checked all of them?

Have you checked all of them?

We have searched every where.

He lived alone, there is
not many place to hide.

He has left his family for 5 or 6 years.

What if?

The earth cracked open
a hole for him to hide?

About a month ago, there was
an incident at the airport,

A girl went through customs checking
with her passport bearing a guy's name.

Do you know the name?

I don't, but there was a gay
guy with black glasses with her.

It must be him!

What's your dream?

3000 dollars for liver surgery.

World peace.

Environment ambassador.

Được rồi, cảm ơn anh!

That looks like an altar pic.

Well, who knows what will happen tomorrow.

What if they still recognize you?

Don't ever forget.

I saved your life.

When you become famous, don't forget me.

I already have a hard time
being normal, let alone famous.

Why are my eyes pulling?

It must be a sign.

They don't have money.
There is only one place they can go.

- Boo!
- You scared the shit out of me.

Have you seen Duong recently?

You're his best friend, why ask me?

He took off with my 3000
dollars boobs job money.

Well you're his best friends.

Just think like you're
lending him your boobs.

What am I gonna use in the meantime?

Use sponges.

- You're hiding Duong in your house, aren't you?
- No way.

- Oh my god.
- What?

What's that?

Miss Mother Earth.

Hey, this is the competition

that hired a bunch of
stuntmen a few years back.

Is Duong working in here?

I don't know. You should go home.

Want to make it difficult for me?
I will find out myself then.

Piece of cake.

Cho tui mượn tiền, mốt hứa trả cả lãi. I'm
borrowing your money, will pay back with interest.

Cầm đỡ cái điện thoại này coi như bù đắp nhé. Use
this phone in the mean time for compensation.

Who gives a phone without password?


Are you done? Let me take this spot.

You shoot a lot, you will have to
delete a lot anyway. Enough already.

Two, three.

Hey Cutie.


Thank you girl. Cutie!

Welcome everyone to Top
20 elimination round

of Miss Mother Earth.

Not everyone was born a beauty,

but we all learn and improve ourselves
to be beautiful.

Therefore, this competition is aiming at.

Natural beauty, without surgery.

It's the beauty of trying,

discipline and commitment,

non-stop working out,

forcing yourself to learn,

and punctuality.

Đi sao giờ này mới đến?
Where have you been?

Đi kiểu gì ấy.
Watch your steps.

How clumsy.

Push, push!

How can anyone be late to this?

Hey, perv!

Oops, sorry.

Thank you. Thank you.

And especially, being on time.

Top 20, you will endure a week full
of discipline like in the army,

after which top 10 will be selected.

And all your activities are recorded.

Tran Thanh Truc.

Thank you.

Vu Thu Hien.

Nguyen Hang Duong.

What the hell, you crazy.

Ky will fail, Ky will fail.


Bao Ky.

Gosh, unbelievable.


Oh gosh!

Oh shit!

Here, for you.

Thank you.

I'll show you your temporary room.

I'll assign you another one later.

Be aware of any stranger approaching you.

- Stop.
- Did Thien send you here?

Ouch, it hurts, stop.


It's a misunderstanding.



You misunderstood.

Can you please spare me this time?

How are you gonna convince me?


Did you just cause trouble again?

No, dad, it's just a misunderstanding.

What's this?

I just want to double check the luggage.

Watch out!

Where is my son?

Oh shoot.

Who did this to my son's face?

It's nothing, just some misunderstanding.

I thought she were a spy
from our rival hotel.

Who is she then?

She is one of the Top 20 in that
beauty contest that we sponsor, dad.


She's a Miss?

In order for the audience to make a decision,
we will livestream all activities,

and there will be cameras everywhere.

Goodluck to all of you.

Let me introduce you your coaches.

Acting coach Pham Hong Hai.

Catwalk coach Quach Minh Anh.

Fitness coach Tran Luat.

Room number 6, Nguyen Hang Duong with…

Please don't let it be Ky.

Hoang Bao Ky.

Who is Hang Duong?

Hey girl, roommate, roommate.

Hospital fees, hospital fees.

Can't give up! Can't give up!

Move! Move! Move!

Oh my God, girl, how can you stand and pee?

Look out for the most manly
looking contestant among them.

Gather around!


One, two, three.

Let's start!

Oh goodness!

What are you doing?

All you had to do was hold on.


Why are you making such a big deal?

My dad can buy you some points.

All because of this girl, Diem.
Shake, shake, shake!

Why don't you fall?

Cuong, you say the sweetest thing.

What did I say wrong?

You and Tuan are good together.

Usually when someone wants something
so badly he pretends he doesn't.


He's one tough playboy.

I don't know why he's changed
so much since we came.

I think he's in love with you.


Excuse me.

Can I ask you something?

Do you know anyone here named Duong?

Go away.

Now, imagine

you boyfriend is walking with another girl.

Being a pretty girl,

you would…

Ouch, take it easy, ouch!

Nguyen Hang Duong.

What are you hiding?


What is under your bed?

I said nothing. It's nothing.


Did you just come back
from the Talent Show?

Go way out to An Bang beach.

They don't allow archery here.

Of course.

What if you hit someone
with the Cupid's arrow?

What am I gonna do then?

Hey! Why are you walking
around holding that thing?

You're crazy with your shots, too.

Since you have your bow here,
why don't you shoot me to death?

My life is so miserable.

The other day…


I kept waiting,

but no one has invited me to
dinner, to make it up to me.


Maybe another day.

When is your another day? Give me a date.

- Well...
- Tomorrow night.

- I have a dance practice.
- The day after tomorrow?

Is the food expensive here?

Let me think first.

Why make me wait?

Hurry up.

You can't escape from me that easily.

Nguyen Hang Duong.

What's wrong with you?

You had him on a platter. Why spit it out?

Nah, too high.

What do you mean?

Too high, out of reach.

What if he finds out about me.

So you plan to eat him
after you eat dinner?

No. Of course not.

I-I don't even like him.

What? What did you say?

Don't like him.



Tell you what,

one banana is not enough for two monkeys.

He's mine.


Mermaid on the rock.

Wanna drink?

There's camera.

Drink and then get kicked out together.

Find other spots where
there isn't any camera.


Girls are so complicated.


I think men are way more complicated.

For instance...

there is this guy I know.

I used to trust him completely.

And then…

He left me without saying a word.

He took off with my 3000
dollars I saved for my boob job.

Drop it.

Its a blessing in disguise

If you had had your boobs done,

you wouldn't be here in top 20.

Who cares!

I know he works here somewhere.

I must find him.

Come on, you don't have to.

You don't have to find him.
Let me break it to you.

From what you said, he must be a good guy.

I'm sure he has his own reason, got it?

He will return your money for sure.

Don't get it, don't get it.

Money lost can always be found again.

The thing is...

I just want to see him.

Just once,

and I can ask him why…

You're such a good person.

And he treated you like that.

Do you hate him?


Because I know him.

I know he doesn't like girls.

You fool!

I need to pee.

Stay here, don't go anywhere.


She can't stay there. If someone
finds her, we're completely screwed.


It's not what you think.

Oh shit.

Leaving the room after 10 P.M.

Getting drunk, disturbing people.

Do you know how many girls out there,

want to be in your positions now?

Back to your room!

One more time, and you are out of here!

Oh come on, just one more time.

Why did I fall into the pool last night?


Watch your step.

Please act like a girl, for God's sake.

Cameras are everywhere.

Last night, he followed you to your room.

How do you know?

I thought everyone was
forbidden to go out at night.

I just happen to know.

Be careful dude.

I don't like to be watched.

I must ask him to delete everything.

Be careful, don't cause a scene.

Excuse me!

What are you filming?

Just footage for this show.

Is that so?

Can I see?

There's nothing to see, just
everyone doing their stuff.

This is what you call everyone?

It's just me.

I know you are a carefree girl.

These photos are only for me.


Do you have any footage
of the pool last night?


To be honest, I was just passing
by and happened to catch these.

- I…
- Shh!

Why does she want to kill Ky?

Hello, did Hao give you anything?

Hello? Hello?

The phone case…

What's that, mom?

There's a killer!



This time, it's real.

But according to the plan…

The stuntmen will not join
until the final round.

They already put someone inside.

Who is that?


She's in top 20.

She thought Ky was me.

I see. That's why she's always after Ky.

I worry about Ky's safety.

She's so dead.

Should we let her die on your behalf?

That's so cruel.

Good evening, everyone.

My name is Nguyen Hoang Diem.

I'm 26 years old.

I work in media.

I specialize in crisis management.

My duty is to locate potential problems,

break them down, and
resolve them thoroughly.

Number 15.

15… 15...

Hang Duong!


My name is Nguyen Hang Duong.

I'm 24 years old.


I don't have any job.

But I know some martial arts.

And I can shoot a bow.

So… whoever dares to touch my friend,

I won't miss a shot.

Ladies, remember to always be in action.

To improve and become a better self.

You can see that she has a
strong tendency toward violence.

How can she stay in top 10?

This is difficult.

Because it has to do with
confidentiality of the contest.

It's not that I don't want to help.

But it's against my principle.

Principles are meant to be broken in
emergency situations, you understand?

Can't you see how dangerous it is?

The committee needs to know.

You don't want to help me at all.

Duong, please don't.


I'm in here.

Who keeps pressing the bell?

Oh? Diem?

I will call you back.


Where is the phone? Where is the phone?!


I can't eliminate Diem from this contest.

I'm the one you've been looking for!

I'm the one!

Try to hold on for a bit.

There are people coming.

Thank you, piggy Duong.

I've known that... you're
piggy Duong for a while.

I'm sorry Ky.

I was... so selfish.

Men are so thoughtless.

I didn't know…

Hey I'm a girl now.

You were thoughtless when you were a guy.

Now that you're a girl, you're also wicked.

How am I gonnna deal with it all?

Those boobs should've been mine.

Come on.

I've just acquired them recently.

When I have more money.

I will pay you back 10 times over.

Where would I put all of them?

10 boobs, I'm not a pig.

A contestant attempting murder with a knife
has been disarmed by another contestant.

We will keep you updated with
hot news from this contest.

[Nguyen Hoang Diem]

I never thought.

You would be one for
these kinds of contests.

Why did you even want to compete?

My dad needs surgery,

so we kinda need some money.

I will help you.


It's my problem.

I'm serious.

Forget it. I don't want to talk about it.


I was just kidding.

Why do you talk like a guy?

Hey, you're really pretty.

Your kid will be as pretty as you.

For you…

No need to thank me.

Just fry the quail eggs.

I like those.


Oh? You like quail eggs, too?

Just like me.

I live on those eggs only.


Tonight, I invited Truc
and Hien to go swimming.

Do you want to join?

Where did you buy this delicious noodle?

Can I have one bite?

So delicious.

Are you crazy?

Come on…

Fuck off.

F♪♪k you!

Whenever we meet, something always happens.

Oh geez!

Your arm.

Come inside. Let me put something on it.

Give me your arm.

It will hurt a little bit.

Don't you feel it?

No. I'm used to this kind of stuff.

Is there anything in this life...

that you can't tolerate?

If I love someone.

I will accept everything from her.

What if that person is hiding some secret,

a massive secret?

Doesn't matter.

Conan has a perfect saying,

"A secret makes a woman, woman."

Then let me tell you a secret.

Hey, Cutie, Cutie!

Why don't you pick up the phones?


I don't want to interfere with you two.

It's not what you think.

We were surprised, too.

I was about to tell you.

I'm also surprised.

I thought you said you didn't like Tuan?

It's like...

back then.

I didn't think I would
stand a chance with him.


Hold on.

Do you really like him?

You know...

he's straight.

Do you think you're a girl?

Let me tell you.

You're so selfish.

You only care about yourself.

Why are you saying this?

Aren't we always together?

Aren't you the one,

who kept pushing me to change?

Stop pretending that you're so naïve.
You keep lying to me.

I'm tired with running after your dream.


From now on,

I will look out for me.


I don't need you to run after my dream.

I don't need you to do anything for me.

I just want you to be my friend forever.

So far away,

yet so close.

Find me contact and address
of Hang Duong's parent.

We know about her.

Her life, her struggle,

to deliver inspiring
message to the community.


This is her in first grade.

This is when she was eighteen.


These photos are really precious to us.

Please don't lose them.

- Be careful.
- I know.

Excuse me!

Thank you.

Hurry up.

Get ready to watch the Grand Finale.

Our kid got tons of compliments.

- Alright.
- Now.

As discussed, on our final scene,
I want to focus from here up.


This late?

As always?

You just can't do anything right.

There's a little change.

Ky, come here. Truc, to the back.


Ky, come here. Truc, move back.

My time has come.

Hurry up!

Move, move…

What's happening?

Who knows?


Don't you see I'm busy.

Can I talk to you in private?

What have you done again?

This is a matter...

of life and death.

Go wait in your room.

He's a freelancing
stuntman, just got in today.


Even if you were reborn.

I can still recognize you!

Mr. Thien.

Where is the phone?

Am I beautiful?

Gather up.


There is still one missing.

Everyone, get ready.

Three, two, one, start!

Where the hell is Duong?

Doctor said he needed to
get surgery this month.

If I love someone.

I will accept everything from her.

In your next life...

come into another family,

so you can be happier.

Next life…

Be born with your true gender.


It's her.

Close up of Duong's face!

Are you okay?

Transgender!, transgender!


It's not me!

Then who?


Get out of the stage!

Cut, cut!



What are you doing? Let her go!

Hands off!

I just changed my gender.

I didn't commit a crime.

Close up, close up on her face.

In this moment...

If I were a normal person.

I would be hailed a hero.

But just because of the word "transgender",


I become a criminal.

Is there anyone here
wanting to be a transgender?

No one.

If I were born normal like everybody else.

I wouldn't want it either.

The pain

and risks

and the costs.

But it's the thing that no one ever wants.

That has been...

my lifelong dream.

Do you know?

Where I got the money to go through
with all the surgeries?

I used the money intended to save my Dad.

I just hoped for some...

minor rewards in this competition.

Too bad I get caught now.

Well, other than that...

I haven't lied about anything else.

These scars… are real.

My sweat…

My effort...

my feelings…

They are all real.

Why has everything turned into a lie,

just because part of my body is plastic?

I'm sorry for disturbing the competition.

It's true that,

we shouldn't chase...

what doesn't belong to us.

Whatever you do,

don't humiliate this family.

You're a disgusting.

Let's go.

No more beauty pageant.

My daughter is the most beautiful girl.


Don't cry!

Let's go.

It's alright.

Let's go home.

Let's go home.

Don't you like scandals?

I'm just a faithful public reporter.

Is this the money for my boob job?

No, give it back to them.

So sad.

Do you know why we had
a fight the other day?

You were mad at me,

because I lied about Tuan.

I was jealous with you.


I was jealous with your bravery.

You might look weak from the outside, but you
can do the things that I didn't dare to.

I've always been wanting
to be true to myself.

But I was so afraid.

So I asked you to do it first.

I didn't expect you to do it for real.

It's not like that.

If you had no other options like me,

you would do the same.

You've made it back to me in time.

And saved my life.


I've become a girl.

I will try to earn money.

And take you to Thailand.

I also need to refurbish some things.

We're still going to that guy again?

Let's go and see Hang Duong.


So pretty.

Our Hang Duong.

Because you deserve it!

I give you two one last chance to give us
the name of the one behind all of this.

Turns out everything happens,

because they are looking for this phone.

What could be inside?

It's my lucky number, 1661.

So you want me to turn this
into a fatal accident, right?

That's right.

He's pretty famous though.

That's why I'm spending the money.