Drama/Mex (2006) - full transcript

Two interlaced stories unfold over the course of the same long, hot day in the once lush and now decadent resort town of Acapulco. The first involves the beautiful and cool Fernanda, who is...

Fucking asshole. Fucking asshole.

Fucking asshole.

I'll have...

a clericot.

I don't know, Fer,

it's just that I think
I've got the right to see you.

What right?

And don't call me Fer, Chano.
Are you brain-dead or what?

The only right you have
is to shut your stupid gob.

So what? You think because
we had a scene once,

you can cruise in when you fuckin'
feel like it and I'm gonna fall all over you?

Chano, you ripped off my father, you moron.

You robbed my father.

And what you did to me,
you half-witted shithead.

You're a turd, garbage!

A slimy worm who thrives on his own crap.

No. You're not even garbage.
You're nothing, you're invisible! Nothing at all.

You make me so fucking angry, you jerk.

You're so full of shit,
you make me want to puke.

See that? I even pay my bills now.
Tips and all.

You are so pathetic.
You think you're funny, it's all a big joke?

- Mart?n, can you put it on my tab?
- Sure, no problem.

- See you.
- Take care.

Seriously, Chano. Isn't it painful
not having self-respect or shame?

I don't know. I guess I'd like to be
different or something,

but I sure ain't suffering over it.

What's worst is that
you think you're being so cool,

but what you don't realize

is that everyone thinks
you're a half-wit, trapped in the past.

Well, maybe they're...

You see? You don't give a damn.
Makes me sick.

Haven't you noticed we've all grown up?
You still act like a stupid kid,

thinking it's cool
to be the class clown.

I mean, just look at what you're wearing.
You've got to be kidding.

They're from my work,
and nobody thinks I'm the class clown.

That's what you think.

You wouldn't believe how many people
congratulated me when you left.

Nobody loves you!

You think I care if those prissy
little faggots like me or not?

So, tell me? You found yourself
a little Romeo yet?


- Yes, Chano.
- Who?


- You don't know him.
- Who is he? He must have a name.

His name is Gonzalo.


No way! I know him! Are you for real?

Gonzalo? How low can you go?

I can't believe it. For real?

So, does he make you happy?

More than I've ever been.

How weird. You always
wanted to live with a yuppie.

He's not a yuppie,
and you can cut the crap!

I have much more fun with him
than I ever did with you.

Uh-huh, Fernanda, yeah.
Sure thing, Fer!

Seriously, Chano, do something
with your life. You're pitiful.

Au revoir.

- Cut the international crap, Fer, okay?
- Go away, loser.

Hello? Lore?
Guess who I was with just right now.

Chano, Lore. I swear it...
Wait, let me see...

Get lost. What do you want?
I'm not letting you in.

Yeah, I answered the door,
and Chano was standing there

with his moronic half-wit face.

I don't know. He's a loser.

It was incredible, but...
No, no, no, I already had a go at him.

The truth is, I realized I never loved him.

I'll call you back.

What now Chano? What?

What you mean, what?

Chano, what's wrong with you?

- Let go of me!
- Keep still!


Chano, stop!

What are you doing?

Chano, stop!

- Shut up, bitch.
- Chano, stop!

- Shut up, Fer.
- Not like this.

I want you.

- Use a condom.
- Come off it, bitch. I'm raping you.

- Take my shirt off.
- Yes.

Hold on.

- I can't.
- Hold on.


Damn you, Chano!

What a fool.

Give me a cigarette.

No, no, no, no!
What's with...

Now what?

Jesus, Chano,
you tore all my clothes.

So, where were you?


I got a job on a cruise ship.


Yeah, I was the piano player.

I don't believe you.

No bullshit. I had to dance
with the grannies, too.

- Were you a gigolo? Truth?
- I was the piano player.

- And a boy toy for the grannies.
- That, too.

Hello, little rat.

Did you miss me?

How much?

Why didn't you take me with you?

It's the least you could have done,
after stealing my father's money.

What are you doing?

What are you up to?

Talk about stupid.

I'm such an idiot.

I waited months
for you to come back for me.

Chano, Chano, what are you doing?

Chano, come here.

So, what's your father doing now?

Same as always. Living off his hotels.



- Fer?
- What?

How come the house is such a mess?

After my parents' big fight,
my father moved into his office.

That's why the house is falling apart.

It's a fucking mess,
nobody lifts a finger here anymore.

They're still looking for you, you know.

If he sees you, you'll end up
in the can for sure.

So where do you live?

Where you left me, you asshole.

Fer, I'm asking you.
Are you living here with your little boyfriend?

All right, you bastard,
you've fucking had it, now.

Fer, what are you doing?

I missed you so much, you little rat.

Give me the payroll.

But it's not deposited
until tomorrow, sir.

Exactly, give it to me. I'll deposit it.

But the deposit isn't due till tomorrow, sir.

Precisely my point.

Very well.

But I will need you to sign for it, sir.

That way I'm covered.

Come in.

What is it, Jaime?

Yes, but of course.

Well, I don't think it was
anything to get angry about.

No, there's no problem.
Well, for me at least.

Yes, yes.

I thought you weren't
coming home for dinner.

So what's all this, then?

I'm talking to you.


I'm talking to you.

What's the matter?

What do you think of your father?
He's drinking.

Do you want something to eat, son?

I already told you, Mom.
I don't eat meat anymore.

Dad, will you give me the money
to buy some boots?

Where's your sister?

I don't know, in her bedroom, depressed.

Hey, Dad, I really need those boots!

Take me.

The national team won their game.

Look, "I'd love to meet you".
That phrase is used by a lot of people.

"I'd love to meet you".
And, well, since the first time they see you,

they start talking about superficial
subjects, please don't take offense...

it's also rather ridiculous,
but what can you do?

No way you're gonna start
telling them about being

Aristotle's cousin, true?


That's terrible.

Your mom.

No, no, don't worry... yes...

Yes, if I hear anything, I'll let you know.
Really, I promise.

But calm down, will you, sis?

If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

But relax, huh? Bye.

Mariana, your mother is hysterical.

If she finds out you're here...

Yeah, I know,
but I'm totally fed up with her.

But don't you think
you should at least call her?

- I can't cope with her any longer.
- So what, then?

You can't stay here forever.

- I'll straighten it all out tomorrow.
- Come on, Mom, let me sleep!


- What's the plan, then?
- Let's go some place.

The boss is away so I can
take you to have some really good

Pi?as Coladas, what do you say?


We have to get you an ID
so you can get into the bars.

- Yeah, otherwise, no way.
- And fix your hair.

And steer clear of the Mexicans.
They're the worst.

And you can forget about the Chilangos.
They always rob you.

Once you spot a possibility,
move in and make a sexy mouth.

What's a sexy mouth?


Jenny, what gives, Jenny?
How you doin'?

- Good.
- That's so good.

We haven't met. Ah, Yahaira?

Marta, how're things, my little chickies?

- Now then, who are you?
- She's my friend, Tigrillo.

- She's gonna become a Yahaira.
- Oh, a Yahaira, eh?

Except I don't understand about
how to make a sexy mouth.

- It's like what Paulina Rubio does.
- How?

- Ooh baby...
- Haven't you seen her?

Look, it's like this.
As if you'd just bitten a chili.

- Like this?
- No, like this.

Like this.

Oh, honeychild,
it's the first thing you gotta learn.

- Like this?
- Like this.

Oh, yeah, real sexy,
like Madonna, oh, yeah.

- Like this?
- How?

Oh, girlie, you must know.
Where are you from?

You got it!

So, when you find yourself
some rich-looking dudes,

you move in on them and ask them
if they want a massage.

If they don't speak Spanish, you say
"Want massage and oral relaxation?"

They all say yes, but just
don't ever go into their rooms.

- How do you say it?
- "Re-lax-ation."

But don't let them touch you,

or get you into their room,
or your done for.

Look, those fat guys
are the "Never fails."

The what?

Look, we're the "You hire us" and
those over there are the "Never fails".

They're old and they've got fat asses.
That's why they hate us.

They're so pissed
they even hit us the other day

'cause we took off with
some real smooth dudes.

And if they see you with us,
they'll want to hit you.

Yeah, so be real careful,
'cause they hit hard.

Well, seems like these guys are sucked in,
but there's only three, so we'll catch you later.

- Find yourself one, sis.
- But I...

- Don't let them take your clothes off.
- I want to go with you.



Buddy! Buddy!

- Buddy, buddy, do you want a room?
- Yes, for a night.

- Can I get your luggage?
- No, thank you, I don't have any.

The keys are in the door.
If you need anything, just ask for it.


Fucking brilliant.

- How much is it?
- 28 pesos.

Don't you have any change?


Oh, you're American?
Let me see yours.

It will grow, I promise.

- What are you doing here?
- What?

What do you mean what?
What are you doing here?

Just hanging, can't you see?

Get lost.


We were here first, so move it, jerk.

Well, I'm not moving. So how about that?

If you don't move,
I'll beat the crap out of you.


- I will beat the crap out of you.
- What?

That I will beat the crap out of you.
So I'm asking you nicely, beat it.

- Cool.
- No "cool." I mean it, you creep, piss off.

- You piss off.
- You!




Fat sluts!


How you doing, mister?

Fine, just fine.


- Are you tired?
- What?

- I asked if you're tired.
- Yes, a bit.

Do you want a massage
with relaxation?

No, not right now.

- Come on.
- I said no.

Come on.

- No.
- Then buy me a drink.

- What?
- Then buy me a drink.

I said no.

Miserable old tightwad.

Yes, so?

No good.

You probably don't have
any money, anyway.

Real cool, mister.

Have a blast of a time
here in boredom-land, mister.

Cool vibe, man.

What's your trip, you old fart?
Go laugh at your mother, asshole.


I'm hungry.

So are we gonna take off or what?

I don't know.

- Do you love me?
- No.


- Then neither do I.
- That's cool.

Come on, Chano, seriously.


- Do you love me?
- I said yes.

Chano, you make me want to puke.

I make you want to puke?

- Yeah.
- Why?

Because you're a coward.

I'm not a coward, okay?

Prove it.

- You're so silly!
- You asked for it, Fernanda.

I mean it, Chano, prove it!

Okay, okay, okay.

We'll get some money together
and split from here.

- Just like that?
- Uh-huh.

I don't know.
I can't just leave like that.

Why not? It's your decision.

Gonzalo would totally lose it,

and I really do care about him.

It's your call.

- Okay. Did you like it?
- Mm-hmm.

- Where do you want to go?
- Any place you want.

Mexico City or Yankeeland, if you want.

- Yeah, right. How?
- That's the cool part.


Because we're gonna
ask your father for the money.

Chano, you're a nut case.

If my father sees you, you're dead meat.

You robbed him.
He'll make sure they lock you away.

Social justice, babe.
What's the problem?

You really are one crazy,
sick dude, Chano.

- You're stark raving mad!
- You're a little coward.

A little coward.

A little coward. Then stay in Crapapulco.
I'm out of here.

If you ever leave me again,
I'll kill you. Okay?

This is just fantastic.

- You outdid yourself, mister.
- You see?

So, what should I call you?

Me? Eh, Jennifer.

But they call me Tigrillo.

Where did you come from, Tigrillo?

We're from D.F.,
but the story is a bit more complicated

because my mother
was a very famous singer.

But she died in a plane crash.

So I guess I'm kind of
half an orphan, or something,

because, well, I'm actually
looking for my father.

He's Italian.

I've never actually met him, you see.

So what do you think?

Are you gonna ask me more questions?
Or is that it?

No, no more.

Are you ready to order?

Yes, I'll have...

a jug of clericot
and the shrimps au naturel.

- And for you, sir?
- The same for me.

- Will that be all?
- Yes.

What do you think we are to each other?

I don't know.

What are we to each other?
Father and daughter? Or lovers?

I don't know, Jennifer. We'll work it out
as we see how things go, okay?


This is really great, mister. I was starving.

You want one?

See those two?

Yes, what about them?

That girl...

has another boyfriend,

and I think she's cheating on him.

That's dreadful.

I'll say.

But maybe it's not,
because her boyfriend is an asshole.

Even so, it's not right.
Don't you be like her when you grow up.

No way. I'm not into all that boyfriend stuff.

It turns ugly in like two seconds.

You'll see, later you'll be chasing them.

Not me. Never.

Nothing but suffering.

Besides I already have you, don't I?

I don't know, Jenny.
I don't think I'll be around for very long.

Come on, call me Tigrillo.


Easy does it.

It's her, dude! So, Fernanda
turned out to be a whore.

The shit's about to hit the fan, bro.

What a slut!

Okay, you assholes,
Kabul is going into act!

What? Are really gonna tell Gonzo?

It's gonna be heavy.
He's really hung up on her.

No way, fucker, rules are rules.

If my bitch was playing me
and you bastards kept it from me, and...

I'd kill you assholes.

- I'd kill you.
- Blood oath.

- Heart of Stone, you bastards!
- Blood oath!

- Heart of Stone!
- Heart of Stone!

Kabul! Kabul! Kabul!


Everyone, stay alert, concentrate!

Don't leave it up there, keep moving!

- Motherfucker!
- Come on, asshole!

You can't beat me, fucker.

Move up!

Move your ass, man!

No way. Hey sir, it wasn't, sir!

Changa! Hey, everyone.

Come down! Juan, I said everyone!

To the left, Changa! Right there!

Come on, run faster,
take it out from there!

You can't beat me, prick!
You can't beat me, fucker!

Why bother shooting
if you ain't gonna score?

What's the problem?

Language, sir.
Swearing is not permitted.

But what did I say?

Move up, man!

Turn that music off, Ballena, you prick.
I can't concentrate.

Shut up and play, fag.

- Go ahead, champ.
- No. Put that away.

I mean it, asshole, turn it off.
I can't concentrate.

Can it, dude, we got trouble.

- What?
- Some real crazy shit.

Come on, asshole, tell me.
What did you see?

Well, we saw Fer.


She had her tongue halfway down
some asshole's throat.

Cut the crap, jerkoff,
and tell me what you saw.

Blood oath, man, we saw her, didn't we?

Are you positive?

Are you all positive?

And what else, dude?
So who was this fucker?

It was Chano, her ex.

Look at that, sir. I demand respect.

- Shut up, fucker!
- And play, faggot!

Hey, Gonzo, that's not allowed here!

Let's go, eh?

- I'm seeing double.
- That's the point, isn't it?

Time to pay the boss.

- Shit.
- What?

I can't find my wallet.

I swear.

Jesus, what a drag, dude.

How good a runner are you?


Well, if there isn't a wallet,
we'll have to make a run for it, won't we?

Well, I don't know. How?

Yes, we stand up and walk out.

So what, do we start
running at the same time?

Yeah, you go first and I'll follow you.

Go on. Step on it.

You're a bit of a loser, eh?

Don't ask. I saved your ass.

When did you do it?

No Questions to make me feel ashamed.

- Come on, man, let's go.
- So, what was she saying?

What could she say?
She didn't see us.

She was sticking her tongue
into this other jerkoff.

Come on, let's go. We said
we were going to the warehouse.

No way. I'm not leaving here
until that bitch comes to me,

even if it means staying here
for ten fucking years.

You're asking the impossible, dude.

How's she gonna do that?
She'd never even imagine you were here.

The truth is I don't have a clue what to do.
I'm totally hung up on her.

To the hell with that slag.
Don't you ever talk to her again.

Not a single word. Heart of stone.
Tell the whore to go to hell.

Blood Oath, asshole!

- If you love her, forgive her.
- Don't be such a limp dick.

Can it, pussyman.
That you never do. Never ever.

Heart of stone, my man.

- Blood oath, asshole.
- Chinese revenge.

Beat the crap out of her.

Come on, slave. Keep moving!

In here, come on, move it!

Hi, you guys!

Sit there.

What do you want to drink?



Hey, what's your name?

I said, what's your name?

Hey, what's with your friend?
How come he doesn't talk?

Oh, him? He's deaf.

Come on, let's dance.

Come on.

Dumb asshole.

- Him, too.
- No, not him, leave him alone.

Let's go.

Come on.

Hurry! Hurry up!

Dude, look!
Pull over, there goes Tigrillo.

Tigrillo! Tigrillo! Tigrillo!

Little whore!

Dude, give me a ride,
it's an emergency.

- Where are you going?
- To the beach hotel.

Hotel, Tigrillo?


No shit, Gonzo,
I'll tell you who I saw.


- Will you give me a ride?
- Scout's honor, dude.

I saw your girlfriend with this other dude.

- Where?
- In the restaurant.

Now give me that ride, dude.

Piss off. Step on it, man.

- Let's go, come on.
- Please, it's very important.

Step on it, will you, asshole?
Shut the fuck up.

Pull over, asshole.
Stop you bastard, stop! I'm getting out.

- What gives?
- Good evening.

How do you do?
I'm Gonzalo. Pleased to meet you.

- Hey.
- I'm Gonzalo. Nice meeting you.

Shh. Quiet.
On the count of three, okay?

A rose that's painted blue

Is a reason

A simple little starfish

Is a reason

It's easy to write a poem

If there's a motive

It's easy to create new worlds

In my fantasy

Eyes that sparkle bathed in

We definitely have to get away from here.
He's obviously a stubborn little prick.

Lips just yearning to be kissed

Are a reason

Eyes that sparkle bathed in light

Are a reason

Lips just yearning to be kissed

Are a reason

For you.

And I stand here gazing at you

Discovering among so many reasons

I know for certain, with you it's true

My best and only reason is you

- That's the way, champ.
- You showed 'em who's boss.

At least let's drink a toast.
Here's to you, man.

Why the fuck doesn't she come out?

Fuck you! Hey, fuck you!

Let's go to sleep.
Can I stay in your room?

No, Jennifer, I said no.

- Tigrillo!
- I said no, Tigrillio.

- Come on, let me.
- No.

I don't want to leave you on your own
in case you do something stupid.

I said no.

Why don't we meet tomorrow instead?
I'll take you to lunch.

- But are you going to be here?
- Of course I am.

If not, what can I do for you?

Whatever you want.

What don't you want?

Whatever you say.

If you're not here, are you a faggot?


If you're not here,
you're a shithead faggot?


- What?
- Did you see them?

They're stuck together.

They're screwing, aren't they?

Nosy little kid.

Mind your own business.

Yeah, well, they should
rent a room, at least.

I'm so tired.

Come on, I'll stay in the bathroom.

I said no. Okay?

- Come on.
- Here, take this.

No, I don't want it.
What's going on? No. No.

Go on.

Why do you want to give me that
if we're going to see each other tomorrow?

- Okay.
- I don't know, just take it.

No, no way. I said no.
You don't have to act so heavy.

Besides, you know what? I'm not
going now. I'm staying right here.

You are not sleeping here. Okay?

- Now get going!
- You're a cold-hearted jerk.

See you tomorrow.

- Give me a cigarette.
- What?

Give me a cigarette.

Cigarettes kill, you know.

Aren't you the funny one.

Now go.

- Okay, but we have a date, don't we?
- I told you to go.

- Do we?
- Yes. Now go.

- Go on, off you go.
- It's definite?

Stubborner than a mule.

But it's definite, eh?

- Tigrillo.
- In here.

That girl is really something.

- Here's the Little Tiger. A winner, eh?
- Hi, guys.

- What happened?
- Come on, it's over now.

- I'm not going out for some time.
- Why?

That Benny Hill got way out of line.

- Everything?
- No, not everything.

- What about yourself?
- Me? Okay, it was nice.

- What you mean, nice?
- I met this nice old-timer.

- What did you get out of him?
- I don't know, nothing yet.

- But why?
- I don't know, didn't feel like it.

You're such a retard.
You liked him, didn't you?

No way. I said he's cool.

- She likes the old-timer.
- Gross.

I don't at all.

Well, give me a cigarette.

Get the fuck away, Tigrillo!
What the hell? What have you done?

- Let me see.
- All the way, just like that?

- What have you done, bitch?
- Nothing.

- Why did he give you this?
- I don't know.

Play the fool, you whore.

Give me that back. Fuck off.

- No, give it back to me.
- We did it!

- We are set for good, Tigrillo.
- Give it back. I'm not kidding.

- Not today, give it back.
- Take it!

- Stupid fuck!
- What's wrong with you?

What a bitch.
Get the fuck away from here.

You're not a Yahaira anymore.
Who are you gonna hang with?

As if a care. I don't give a fuck.

- Step on it. Shut up!
- Gonzo!

It's urgent.

For real, Gonzo, for real!


What the fuck do you want?

You fucking whore.

Mind your own business.

Get away!

Get away!

Go away.

Get away!

Fucking brat.

- Hello, Fer.
- Hello, Pedro. How are you doing?

Fine, thanks, and you?

- Is my dad around?
- I don't know, I haven't seen him.

Good, I'll give him a surprise.


- So what's the plan?
- So what's the plan?

What plan? Do we have a plan?

- Yes, we do.
- Are we clear?


- So what's the deal?
- So what's the deal?

5:00, over the waterfront, right?
5: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

- 5:00, okay?
- Do you love me?

Don't leave me.


- Would you give this to Gonzalo?
- I'll give it to him.

Don't you hide, bitch.

What is it with you?

- What happened?
- Nothing, take it easy.

Fucking nut case.
What's your problem, bitch?

You're gonna suffer!

Fuck it!

- You'll see.
- Gonzalo.


Start, piece of shit.

- Gonzalo.
- Start, piece of shit.

- Fuck, shut up.
- Gonzalo.

Fuck off, get the fuck away!

- Don't take it.
- Let me go.

- Have you seen Chano around?
- No.

If you get to see him, let him know
I'm going to beat the shit out of him.

What's so funny, little fuck?
Don't be a fool.

- What's the story, asshole?
- What's what?

- You think you're something else, fucker?
- Drop it, Gonzo.

- I don't have any beef with you.
- I do, what do you think about that?

That's tough.

- Easy, Gonzo.
- I'm gonna kick your ass.

- Fuck off, asshole.
- Stop it.

Stop it. It's okay.

- Stop it.
- Enough!

Stop it, Chano! Let go!

Stop, Chano! Let him go, Chano!

This guy was all fueled up.
I didn't start it.

- I'll meet you at the waterfront.
- I'm not going. Give me my keys.

I'll be waiting at the waterfront.

- I'm not going.
- You are.

Stand up, Gonzalo.

Stand up, Gonzalo.

I can do it by myself.

- Shit!
- What is wrong with you?

Get fucked!

Gonzalo, calm down.

Stop it, Gonzalo.

I'm fucking off out of here.
I'm going to fucking hell.

Cut the crap.

The minute I see you I think about you
with that asshole fucker.

- Gonzalo.
- Fuck off.

Okay, Gonzalo, I'll fuck off,
but first there are things I want to say

so maybe you'll understand.

Listen, you are such an idiot that you
don't realize that this is all your fault.

You slut!

Let go of me!

Let go of me, Gonzalo!

That's my T-shirt. Don't think
you're gonna take my shirt with you.

Didn't you hate my T-shirt!
Give it back!

Give it back, fuckwit.

What's happened to you, Gonzalo?
You're a monster!

What happened to me?
What happened is I met you.

That's what happened to me.

Why did you do it?

I don't know.

I don't even know
why I'm talking to you.

Gonzalo. Wait.

What do you want? Eh?

We'll drink this and then go
our separate ways.

- Wait.
- What's up?

Someone's coming.

- Who?
- I don't know. I can't see.


Hi, kiddo, how are you?
Are you still angry with me?

Would you forgive me? You can
join the Yahairas again if you want.


Is he in there?


We woke up with the Putazo brothers.

They are inviting us for breakfast.
So, you want to come?

- No, I'll pass on that.
- Is something wrong?

No, I'm in a kind of weird head space.

Do you want to go to the beach later?

Don't you want to be
a Yahaira anymore?

No, I don't think so.
I'm gonna go away.

- Where to?
- Not sure yet.

- Talk about antisocial. Take care, eh?
- You, too.

Oh, hey.

Now, that's real nice to see.

Fuckin' Ceviche!