Drama (2018) - full transcript

Set in UK, Drama follows the hilarious yet enthralling journey of a funeral director, who sets out to fulfill the final wish of one of his clients.


It was mom.

How come you're feeling
all low suddenly?


She only wants to know what's
the status of my job hunt.

I'm fed up of saying that
it will be all right.

Don't you have two elder
brothers in the U.S. and Sydney?

No point.

Even if they do something,

I'd have to hear their taunts about
helping me, for my whole life.

Didn't you say that your
mom went to London?

She called from there.
- At Kunjumol's place?

Yes. She's the only one who wants
to help me out in some way.

Didn't I tell you that she
had sent a UK Visa for me?

If nothing is working out here,
I'll go there.

Don't be so desperate.

Something will work out.

It's not that.

Mom said something
unusual today...

'If something happens to me here,

you should get me buried
back in our hometown'.

Ever since I heard that,

I feel weird..

That's a usual statement from old people.
She's quite healthy, rig ht?

She has no health
problems as such.

Enough. Come.

Let's go to some pub.

So stylish, right?

What is it?
Are you feeling tempted?


I have told you something.

If God calls me while I am here,

you should get me buried
in our hometown, okay?

It's a promise that you gave me.

Stop it, mom!

When I made a joke,
you're hanging on to that?

Com e.

It's not yet time for you to go.

Trust me!

Don't talk too much
with your big mouth.

I have told the same
thing to Jomon as well.

Us children will do whatever
necessary when it's time.

I have two elder sons, right?

I don't trust them.

They are both multi-millionaires.
You know, right?

Oh Christ!

(chanting prayers)

Hey Mercy, I'm getting late.

Where's my lunchbox?

It's on the table.
- It's here.

My sweetie...

Come on, hurry up.
You're already late.

Good morning.

How come you're quite
well dressed today?



See you later.

You're getting really late.
You need to hurry up, okay?

Mom, should I get you coffee
now, or afterl come back?

You go and come back.

Lara, Milan" We're getting late.
Hurry up!


See yo u.

Come on!

- Com e.

Come on, fast.

Com e, com e.

Go! Go!

Get inside.

Come on.


Bye, mom.




Look at you!
Is this the time to sleep?

You need to have breakfast
& take your medicines.

Get up, mom.

Mom, get UP-





Don't extinguish this flame!

When she heard that you're coming,
she had told me...

'Hey! This time she's coming...

to take me also along with her.'

She's not really fond of travelling.

I know, Mathukkutty.

Still, leaving mom alone here like this,

how can we stay
relaxed over there?

But. We are all here for her.

But still, if she has to be taken
to the hospital suddenly...

you know how far it is, rig ht?


If you're done saying bye to dad,

shall we leave?

What is this?

Are you planning to sleep early?

I was lying down just like that.

I haven't packed my bags yet.

Don't pack a lot of stuff.

Take only what's
absolutely necessary.

Rest we can buy from there.

But still, I need to carry
the necessary stuff, right?

Mathukkutty, keep it there.

I've packed all the
necessary stuff.

Open it.
Let me see.

I know what you're looking for.

The Bible, dad's photo,

the rosary blessed from Rome,

it's all in there.




Anto, get up.

Get up!

- What is it?

Kunjumol called from London.
- What happened now?

- She's gone?



Ammini, where is the funeral?


Then? How can I not go?
You should also come.

What will I do after coming there?
- What will you do?

No decision has been made
about our ancestral house.

It's a chance to get together
and take a decision.

Go and book the tickets, man!

We'll leave the children
at Sally's house.

Such unwanted trouble.

But it's good that we just
have to go till London.

At least we don't have
to go to Kattappana!

Such a bad hangover!


If you touch the bottle,
I'll chop your hands off.

Get lost.


I'll reach.

Kids are not here.

Let me check the tickets.

- I'm not coming.

Molly is not feeling well.

She won't be able to travel now.


Mom didn't find any other
time to leave or what?

When I called last week, she didn't
mention any health problems.

I left to the school after seeing
mom all dressed up after her bath.

What's the point in saying all that now?
She's gone, rig ht?

You hang up.
Let me check tickets.

I had a London trip
scheduled for next month.

If this had happened then...

Hey Susan.
- Yes.

What is it?

Well... Mom...

Oh no!

And yeah.. I have day duty
for the whole of next week.

I can't come along.

What happened?
- Your granny is gone.

Oh! Poor thing.

We will also come to London
for granny's funeral.

It's my mom who died.

I'll take you when your mom dies.

I know that you're
waiting for it, Benny.


It's Kunjumol, from London.



What is it?

Joe's mother...

At London?


Com e.

You have the Visa, right?


Don't worry about the ticket.


Just call Nasser lkka.

Are you all right?

I got through to Jomon.

He would be reaching first.


There would be good funeral directors
and such companies in London, right?

Yes, of course.

Contact one of them.

Anyway, let things be quite grand.

All right.

Don't worry about the budget.

Let us share it.

Isn't that how it should be?

Yeah. Okay.

Oh God!

Don't think that
I'm praising them!

I haven't seen anyone as
stingy as your elder brothers!

He wants me to share the
funeral expense, it seems.

- Yes.

Ask them to keep 2 rolls of paper inside.
- Okay.

Hey Unni.
- Tell me, mom.

When is the funeral?

All of them should reach here, right?
From Canada, U.S. and Australia...

It would take 3-4 days.

What about the body until then?

It's supposed to be
kept in the mortuary.

But Ammini...

Mercy's elder sister...

Ammini has an emotional problem.

That's the problem now.

You stopped going for work after
marrying a cardiac surgeon.

Out of my desperation,
I'm still working as a nurse.

Don't us nurses know how bad
the methods in mortuaries are?

I can't come and see my
mother in a mortuary.

All frozen up...

So, you should keep her
in your house itself.

And bring the Father from the Church you
go to, and offer her final prayers.

Even though she's dead,
we should take care of her, rig ht?

That's the issue, mom.

That would bring about harms to you.

No doubt about it.

We're not like Christians.

Once dead, the funeral
should be done on time.

That's our tradition.

It's a house where I set up a Pooja room
(Hindu Prayer room) when I came last time.

You cannot keep the corpse
at home for three days.

If you are disobedient,

it will be you and your
children who will be harmed.

My dear Valsamma.
I said I'll call you!

That doctor is waiting there.

Where the hell is Raju, when
we have a meeting here?

He's about to reach.

He just called.
- Is his issue with his wife over?

No way!

Ask him to cry and
fall at her feet.

He is ready to cry, fall at her
feet, and grind coconuts for her.

But she should also
allow that, rig ht?


Oh! He's here.

My dear Raw, where were you'?

Cardiac surgeon,
Dr. Mukundanunni.

He's dead?
- Get lost.

He's waiting outside.
Did anyone die from his family?


They're loaded with cash.

Her children are in
Canada & New York.

We can definitely get
above 10,000 Pounds.

How much?
- 10,000 Pounds, dude.

What is this, Manoharan?
Shouldn't we show some decency?

This is the only death that has
happened in the past 2-3 months.

Let me make a living somehow.


What are their requirements?

Airport pick up and
drop for 5 persons.

Funeral costume: Male - 10,
Female - 5...

Just a minute.
Kunjachayan is calling.

Whenever we're discussing something,
he always gets a call.

Tell me!

Hey Raju!
What's happening?

Going on...

It's Kunjachayan.

Who's that?

The ex-MLA of Kerala Congress,
Thomas Jacob.

His political connection.

That party itself is
hanging in uncertainty.

But Podiyan...

There's nothing that Kunjachayan
can't do in Kottayam.

My dear, I called you...

for a boy close to me,
from Mannanam.

He came to London for some job,

and called me saying that
he's in some kind of trouble.

Will you be able to help him out
and get him a job somewhere?

Is he really close to you?

Yes. He's a distant relative, as well.

Othen/vise, why would I call you?

Okay! Give him my number,
and ask him to call me.

Thank you so much.



- Shall we start, sir?

Okay mom.

I'll call you.
- Okay.

- Okay, fight.

Please come.

I had told him several times not to
get married to that Christian girl.

He didn't listen!

What to do now?

Podiya, get up and sit there.

Don't let this go.

Hi Doctor. Hello!
- Hello!

- Hello Doctor.

Please sit down.

Doctor, we went through
your entire requirements.

The entire cost of the
funeral will come around...

That's okay.
Money is not the issue.

- The issue is something else.

Aren't they burying the corpse?
- Shut up, man.

Sorry. Tell me.
- That is...

Keeping the body at
home for two days...

it's a slightly
delicate problem.

Hey! Don't worry, doctor.

Once you sign this agreement with us,
the first thing we'll do is that...

we'll take the body and take
it directly to the mortuary.

That's the law here.

Hey, come on! He knows everything.
- Yes! Yes!

No! No!
It's not that!

The problem is...

Some family members have an objection
in keeping the body in a mortuary.

That is the problem.

So, what I suggest is...

If we can find a space,

for two or three days,

if we can find a
building or a house,

we can shift the body there,
in a freezing unit.

Such a space?

To find such a space...

Such a space...
Well, doctor...

Firstly, to find a house
to store a dead body is...

Neighbours might create
a lot of trouble.

And, since it is your case...

You think about it.

Please think about something.

Such a space...

There is such a space.

Your house?
- My house?

There are other people there.

Okay. There is such a space.

But the thing is that...

See, even if we say
that it's for 3 days,

they will charge one
month rent and...

But that doesn't matter.
- Okay.

You know, we just have to shift
it from my house somehow.

Okay. We'll do it quickly.
- Yes.

Thank you very much.
- So should we bury her today itself?

- Not to bury“ Shift! Shift!

We have to shift her.

We'll do it.

What's this, man?
Isn't this an office?


Sandra, is that the key
for the Croydon property?

- Okay. Thank you.

The property is ready.

One month rent
would be almost...

around 1,600".
- One slap I'll give you.

One month's rent?
What is this, dude?

Hey Joy!

This is not to settle down as a family.

A dead body has to lie there
alone forjust 3 days.

Dead body is the problem.
- What?

It doesn't need current or water...

Doesn't it need current?

Where do we plug in the freezer?

- Oh yes. We need a little
bit of electricity.

Bro, I'm just a caretaker.

If the owner knows this...

Hey! Don't brag too much.

As if the Sheikh sitting in
Qatar is going to know this.

Okay. We'll give you
rent for 10 days.


Come, Podiyan. Let's go.
- Don't go. Sit there.

Let's talk.

Tell me.

Something more...

We won't give.

He has reached.

He doesn't come anywhere on time.

Hey Podiyan...

Did you take the body out?

We thought we needn't take
the body out from the front.

We'll take it out from the back.

From the back?
- That means, from the backside.

It's easier to take it
out from there too.

It's going to get late.
- Harry!

- Come. - Let's go.

Rest in peace.

Careful, careful.



Mercy !

Baby, what are you doing?


Come on, look at me.

Listen... We had no other option.

We've done the best we can.

Moreover, in this atmosphere where
the kids are around, how do we...

Please try to understand and come back.
Let's go there.



It's hardly 2 miles from here.
That's all.

One of us would always be there.

You can come any time. You have our
number, right? Just give us a call.


Thank you.

Hey! I will call you back, okay?


Is this the Sheikh's place?

Bro, has it been long
since you reached?

Talk softly. Don't shout and
let the neighbours know.

A rascal stays next door.
Adifficult bugger.

Hey! Take it inside.

Go, Manoharan!

Come on!
- Me?

Come on.
- Just hanging around.

I'll give you work.

Can you please pick up?

Please pick up, Rekha!

Don't hang up!

She hung up!

Hey Podiyan!

She's not at all heavy.
- Look over there.

Come on.

What did this aunty eat?

Don't step on those plants.

Come on, walk.
- I'm walking!

What is this?
They are carrying a huge box!

I think someone has come
to stay there on rent.

Why are you so shy?

I'll drop this, okay?

Get inside.

Why do they need such
a big box for that?

Must be the furniture
for the house.

That's all.

It would have been great if
they were from our place.


Loo k!

Why from our place?

That won't be right.
You go inside.

Why are you getting
angry for that?

Look in the corner for a
socket to plug this in. -Yes.

Harry, is there supply?

Yes. There is supply.


Hold this.

Aunty, we've switched on the AC.

Sleep happily, okay?

Com e.

Don't hang up!

Don't hang up!

Hey Manoharan...

You should go to the airport
early in the morning.

The youngest son is coming
in the Dubai flight.

Pick him up.
You know the flight number, rig ht?

Yes. So who will be here?

Podiyan will stay here.
Won't you?

Why not?
I'll take care.

I'm the son of a policeman who stood
guard for so many dead bodies!

That's all right. Don't get drunk, leave
the door open & go. There are foxes here.

Aunty won't be here
in the morning then.

I'll sit next to aunty.
- See you.

And yeah...

Don't go.
Buy a bottle and come.

If you can, you also come and sit with me.
- Let's see.

Are you leaving?

"My mommy's dangling earrings"
(film song)

"My mommy's dangling earrings"
(film song)

- Hey!

Come here.

2 diamond earrings.

One gold necklace.

A golden rosary and a watch.

3 bangles.

Not 3 bangles. There's just one.
- Just one?

All those should be there on her
body even whenl come back.

What is this, bro?
Don't you trust me?

No, Podiyan.
I don't trust you.

"His mommy's dangling
earrings", it seems.

This is so bad.

If something like
this happens once...

then no one would trust us.

Do you want see your mom,
or go to your sister's place?

I want to go see mom first.

Over there.

- Yes.

Com e.

This way.


Come on.


Looks like I'm being fooled.

Hey Dixon Lopez!

If my salary isn't credited
to my account tomorrow,

I'll get another company
to bury your body!

You heard me?

What is it? I can hear someone
crying from the house?

What is happening?

Oops! You heard it here?

It's nothing, sister.

Aunty's son has come from Dubai.

When he saw the body, he cried.
That's all.

Whose body?

Aunty's body is inside.

Her youngest son came from Dubai.

He cried seeing the body.

- How can you keep a body here?

Then? Can I keep it there instead?

Shall I keep it there?

Oh no! Hey Shiva!

This hag thinks that she won't die.

Hey man! What's happening?

Who is he?

What's happening?
- What?

Have you kept a body
inside the house?

Well.. I didn't murder anyone
and bring the body here.

I brought her here upon her children's request.
- How can we believe that?

Let me tell you one thing.

It's against the law.

You can't keep a dead body here.

Take it to a mortuary.


Who are you?
- I'm your bloody neighbour, man!

Neighbour? That's fine.
- Hey Podiyan!

- Come here.

Come here.
- Come here, I say.


What's the problem?

Him & his mother are creating a huge
scene because we've kept the body here.

- Yes.

Where is he from?
- India. -Wait.


How does he know that we've kept
a body in here? -I don't know.

I told him, bro.
- What is this, man?

Hey man!

This is a unique situation.

Because, that lady passed away...

Her children are all in
different pans of the world.

We can take her out,
only after they come.

So what?
I don't give a f###


Hey man!

After all, it's a dead body.

She won't trouble anyone.
She's sleeping peacefully.

- No way!

Take it away.
- Didn't I tell you? He's a rascal.



Okay, relax.

Owner of the dead body is coming.
Okay? We'll talk.


Bro, there's a huge problem here.

There's a problem here.
- What problem?

Saying that we've kept a body here..
I think it's that Tamilian's son...

He's creating a big fuss!

I wanted to punch him in his gut,
but I let it go thinking about you.

How did they know that
there's a body here?

How did they know that?

My dear Sindhukumar, didn't I tell you
that those Tamilians are troublemakers?

So? People can't die here or what?


- Owner of the body.

Hi. Rajuchetta, you leave.
I'll deal this.

What, Sharavanan?

Hey! I'm not Sharavanan.

I'm Shiva.
- Shiva, then! Come.

Come here.

You idiot!
- Yes.

Why did you tell them that
there's a body inside?


When they asked me why
someone is crying here,

I told them about aunty!

What else can I say?
- What?

What else can I say?

Why do you have to slap me
for such a small thing?


I shouldn't have
told them, right?

Yo u...
- Raj u Chettaa...

Nothing will work out.
That rascal is furious.

What do we do now?
- How do I know?

Bro, don't you know any other house?
- Me?

For this?
Go ask someone else!

There's one place.

- Which place?

There's only one place.


What happened, man?

The immediate neighbour
of that house...

A Tamilian rascal...

He said that he'll complain
to the council & police.


We're searching for
another place.

But it will take time till
the night to get it ready.

Until then, you should adjust this here.

Shall we take it inside?

Hey! Take it inside.

Take it inside, Podiyan.
Harry, come on!

Don't tell the neighbours.

Lift the box!

Tell me.

Did you know?


I'll deal with the Tamilian.

That's better.

Or else, I'll take this box
to your house in the night.

That won't be necessary.

Good for you then!

This is nothing!

I don't even have a house to keep my own
dead body. That's my situation now!

Go inside, Jomon.
I'll bring the luggage.

Billy of Croydon?
Have you heard of him?

No, sir.

Harry from Briston?

No, sir.

Sang karane of East Ham?

Or even our Malayali boy,
Kattappana Bobby?

Who are these people, sir?

They are the underworld
princes who rule London.

When they are all in my pocket,
this bloody Tamilian...

I'm going to rip him apart!


What, man?

I am Dixon Lopez.

So what?

Just for 2 days...

Give us permission to keep
that body in that house.

No way!

Don't say no!
- No way!

Is that so?



Please, please!

My sweet-heart!

Come on!

Come on!
- Yes boss.

I thought you would
turn violent, sir.

During certain special circumstances,
we have to change our style.

Why did you settle it by
paying Pounds to him, sir?

Only both of us need to know
that I paid him money, okay?

- What's the status?

Bring the item back to this house.

How did you deal with him?

How did I deal with him?

Bring back the stuff, man!

He must have paid money!

And he claims to have dealt with him!


Philip sir?
- Yes.

We're about to reach Terminal 3.

Hello sir. Welcome.
- Thank you.

I've just landed.

No. I'm staying at
my sister's place.

What do I say?

We're constructing a shopping
mall at Kottayam, right?

I've been pumping
all my money there.

It's a 100 Crore project!

His family hasn't come.

This is aunty's eldest son.

Astingy fellow!

More than you?

"As death approaches,
please sit by my side for a while"




Who takes salary for the driver's
post from the company? You or me?

His flight was today?

I thought it was tomorrow.

Go get his luggage
and keep it in here.

You're becoming quite violent.

How do I open this?

I'll show you how to open..
- No. I've opened it.


- Yes?

How many children does
this aunty have, altogether?

Six.. No.. Five!

Come here, man!
- Coming.

He doesn't know even that.
- Counting her, five.

Lara, be a nice girl, okay?



You left without saying
even a word to me, mom!


She has been crying from Canada.

Take me also along.
I'll also come with you!

Someone open it. Let me see her.
- Chechi, come here.

Chechi, come.

If you go on like this,
I'll also break down.

We don't normally deal
with Malayali families.

They are always stingy
when it comes to billing.

It's very difficult
to handle, you know?

Difficult, it seems.


But anyone would try out
a negotiation, right?

My dear sir, all of us
want to make it grand.

It shouldn't lack anything!

Everyone compares Pounds
with Indian currency.

That's where the problem lies.

He'll tap on to their sentiments.

This will be intense.

They are your only parents.

Just the only ones?

You're spending a little money
for them, for the last time.

No one remembers that.

He's looking at you!

What's our final bill now?

Jessie, what's the total figure?

Sir, final amount is 15,967.

Is it too less?

Just 15,967 Pounds.


If you quote such a huge amount,
anyone would question it.

My dear sir, since this is a
case that came from Doctor,

we arrived at this rate, after
applying the maximum discount.

Decision is yours.

Do you need some advance now?

10,000 Pounds.

Oh. That's all?

Rest, you can pay on the
funeral day morning.

Is that so?


That's Ammini.

That short one's wife.

Me and Anto are so broke that we
can't even contribute to it, mom!

She's crying for that?

Don't be upset.
Mom can understand all that.

Poor thing, right?

Mukundan, give him a cheque.

Me and Benny will transfer
the amount to your account.

He passed it on to
his brother in law.

Of course!

- Jessie, give me the agreement.

Doctor, you should sign
this agreement yourself.


10,000 Pounds, right?

- Sure.

We need at least 5 priests.

Mom was really fond of
priests and brass band sets.


Sign this one as well.
- Okay.

- Yes.

This is not right.

We should bury mom
at our home town.

At our home town?

That won't be possible.
- We should.

That was her last wish.

Next to dad's grave.
She had told me.

Just because mom said so.
Are you the one who decides this all alone?

You don't need to take any trouble.
I'll take her myself.

For that, what the hell
do you have with you?

He had to beg someone even for
the ticket money from Dubai.

Jomon, us elder sons are
here to take decisions.

Ammini and Kunjumol also.

You don't have to be all hyper!

I'm telling you what
mom's wish was.

Kunjumol knows it.
She had promised mom.

We make many promises to kids and
old people. That doesn't matter.

Is this like the lousy
Church in Kattappana?

Mom is going to get a royal
funeral here in London.

She will only be happy about it.

Jomon, we've already
signed the agreement.

And we've paid the
advance as well.

How can we rethink now?

What rethinking?
We've paid 10,000 Pounds already.

Who paid?
- Well...

Whoever paid it,
money is money!

You're all bothered
only about money.

Yes. We made that money by studying
well, and working hard on our jobs.

We didn't waste our time to
end up penniless like you.

We got it because of God's blessings.

Will there be a fight?

And he wants to take the
body to Kattappana!

You better stay quiet!
Or else, I'll knock your teeth out!

Everyone has reached.

It will take 2-3 days.

No. The funeral service
guys are doing everything.

Yeah. I'll call you back.

No. It's okay.
- Nice, rig ht?

- She is the doctor's wife.

What is this, man?

Being culture less in a house
where a death has happened.

I didn't know that
you became decent.

I had given it onthe newspaper.
Didn't you read it?

That's why I didn't know.

That's why.

Podiyan, boss is calling you.

Jessie, I've told you several
times not to call me Podiyan.

My name is Sindhukumar.


Jessie, you can call him Podiyan.

Or he has a nickname from Aalthara
junction. Shall I tell her that?

Please don't say that alone.
- Get lost, Podiyan!

He wants to call my nickname!

It's all right.

I'll call you.




Did aunty have such a wish?

To get buried in her home town,
as Jomon said?

What's the point now?

That's not going to happen.

Did she say so to you as well?


Excuse me.

- Kunchayan...

What's happening?
- Where are you?

I've come to our
Maringattupalli party office.

A small issue.

I've come to compromise that.

Where are you?

I've come for a funeral discussion.

A Malayali family.

They are from your
mother's home town.

From Kattappana?


Who is the one who died?

Is it someone I know?

It's an aunty.

Her children are all abroad.

The youngest boy wants to
get her buried back home,

and the elder ones
are against it.

Do you know their family name?

I don't know all that.

The aunty's name is
Rosamma John Chacko.

Is her eldest son's name Philip?
The one in America?

Yes. The second son
is in Australia.

Oh! It's Rosamma Chedathi.

I heard from someone that she had gone to
her younger daughter's place in London.

A mm?

John Achayan was such a great man.

Even Chedathi...

The first two sons are building a
shopping complex in Kottayam now.

I heard that it's a
100 crore project.



Stop there.

Listen to me, dear.

Kunjumol, you keep quiet.

I can't stay with those
two in the same house.

Kunjachaya, the younger one
and his sister are fighting.

Shall I hang up?
I'll call you later.


So sad.

What is happening here, man?

It's my house, right?

Shall you do me a favour?
- Yes.

Can I get a room in
some hotel here?

Just for 2-3 days.

I need a cheap room.


Can you do it?

You can get a room.

In this situation,
should you fight and leave?

If you can help me, say that.

I don't know anyone here.

I'll arrange it.

Such difference of opinions
would be there in every house.

You must close your
eyes to some of them.

I didn't say that they should
accept my opinion, right?

This was mom's last wish.

Even after knowing
that, they are...

They have money. So it's only their
decision that would happen, right?

I know that.

But I also can do
certain things.

There's some land that dad had written
in my name, at Kattappana town.

I get calls daily asking
if I'm selling it.

If I make one call to Kerala, money
will come to any account I tell them.

If you help me, I can go to
our home town with my mom.

Money is not the
only issue, Jomon.

Now, your mom is under our
company's protection.

We can't give her to anyone other than
the person who signed the agreement.

What if things happen as
you and your mom wished?

Let's try.

Don't sell off your
property in haste.


But he won't give it.

Thank you so much, bro.

I have to get some money
from a chit fund.

Once I get that, I'll return this 2000,
along with the earlier 1.5.

I just need the time to
get there from here.

I am standing guard
for a dead body here.

What do I say!

It's a long story.

Don't leave, okay?

I'll reach soon, okay?


Where are you going?

Bro, I need to go to Maidstone.

I have arranged some cash there.
I need to collect it.

There are people left in London
who still lend money to you?

Bro, I do return all that, right?

Maximum 3 hours.

Until then if you could stay here,
I'd be really grateful.

Don't take longer than 3 hours.
- No.

My bag is in the car.
Bring it.

Couldn't you bring it when you came?
- Podiyan!

I just have to bring the bag, right?

I'll bring it.

"There's water"

"Where's the glass?"

I've kept your bag here.

Keep it and get lost.

Don't drink the whole thing.
I'll be back soon.


Don't drink the whole thing?
Who does he think he's talking to?

Oops. Sorry!



It's so cold!
So cold!


I'm Raj u.

My full name is
Rajagopalan Narayanan.

I'm from Changanassery.


I know your name, aunty.


Rosamma John Chacko.

You should have been lying in the drawing
room of your house in Kattappana,

receiving the prayers for the dead,
and the divine mercy prayer.

And you're lying in this filthy room,
in this lousy house in Croydon?

This is called 'Yogam' (luck), aunty!

Didn't get me?

In the language of Nairs of
my town, it's 'Karayogam'.

So what?

Your children are throwing money
to give you a grand funeral here.

You need to be lucky
enough for that too!

Look here.


I can't see you while sitting.

Au nty !

Au nty !

Hey! I had metJomon.

He really wants to get your
funeral done at your home town.

But poor thing...
He doesn't have any money.

And his elder brothers...

He doesn't have the power to
stand against them, as well.

Once you're dead, how does it
matter where you're buried?

I am...

lam going to call my wife.

There might be some
shouting and cursing.

Please bear with it.

"Oh God, I'm praying before you.
Please bless me"

Pick up!

Pick up!

It's ringing...

It's ringing...
Pick up!

Where are my munchies?

Pick up!

She hung up!

She has WhatsApp, right?

Let me try WhatsApp.

Yeah right!

Sweet-heart, it seems!

You idiot!

What you're doing now,
is a Himalayan blunder!

I'll give you one last chance.

You better let me back
inside the house.

Othen/vise, you will have to
pay a huge price for this.

Hey! I'm not so
adamant about this.

I can even come back home
today evening if you want.


A reply...

I'm expecting a reply!


The reply is here!

Don't expect a reply.


Don't expect a reply?

Shouldn't I expect a reply?


I'll try a different route.

I'll see you soon.
Asmall urination break.

(singing an old song)


Sound recording!

Take 1.


Cut! Cut! Cut!

My dear Rekha...

Take 2.

My dear Rekha...

don't be such a stiff and
rigid straight line...

Shouldn't you bend
and curve at times?

Othen/vise, life would
be so monotonous.

We have only one life.

And in that, who knows how
long we're going to live.

Have you read Kundera's book
'Unbearable lightness of being'?

In that, he says...

That means, 'When death comes...'

Hey Podiyan!

You idiot!


Hey Podiyan!

You idiot!



Oh Christ!

It's so damn cold in there.

Hey Raw'.!

What is it?

Hey Raw'.!

Why are you hiding
behind the door?

Come here.


Come here, I say!

A coat?



Hey! I am calling you!

Why are you staring like that?

I got out of that box
to sit and talk to you.

What are you drinking?

What is it?



When it used to get really
cold in Kattappana,

my husband used to
give me a little.

It felt really good!

Fix a drink for me.

Hey kiddo!
Fix a drink for me, man!

The bottle is over there.

Do you need water?

It's Scotch, right?

Don't pour water.

Bring it here.

Give it.


There's no one here.

There's no one here.

There's no one here!!

Why does your face have a horrified
expression, as if you've seen the devil?

So you didn't die?

I am dead.

Then how are you walking
around like this?

I'll tell you.


Death becomes complete...

only after the Vigil for the deceased
is received, the body is buried,

and the grave is
covered with sand.

This resting posture before that...

That's not in vain...

I'm telling this since
I'm fond of you.

Don't tell anyone else.

Even if you tell them,
no one would believe you.

That lying posture...

...is to understand!

That posture is to understand
everything that's happening around us.

Truth and righteousness...

Tears and false tears...

The real and the fake...

When I go to the Lord's court,
he will ask me a question!

'Rosam ma'

'How was the world to you?'

'Family, husband, children'

And depending upon the report
that I give Him up there,

the people down here would
get punished or rewarded.

Yeah right!

I won't believe all this.

Yeah right!
I won't believe all this.

For that, you haven't
died yet, right?


No dead person has spoken
to you yet, right?

Speak to me?

I'll tell you something
to make you believe me.

What did your wife say?

'Don't expect a reply'

Oh no!

How did you hear that?

Hey kiddo!
- Yes.

I was lying in that box,
listening to everything!

Your Milan Kundera
is not necessary!

For situations like this, Muttathu
Varkey (Malayalam writer) is the best!

Let that be.

What was the problem?

Well, aunty...

Us men, for some comedy...


Women aren't allowed
any comedy, or what?

They are!

Don't interrupt, aunty!

Don't interrupt.
I don't like that.

You tell me.



How do I...

Can I have a drink, please?

Go ahead.

What is this, man?


The boys who come for work at Elakkanam
are the ones who drink like this.

Like how the cow
drinks its gruel.

It's for a confidence, aunty!


I'm not saying this
because she's my wife.

She is quite okay.

When I failed in many
businesses and went bankrupt,

it was her, and her salary,
that protected me.

And that's when...

I took something that was
lying on a fence in East Ham,

and kept it in an
unwanted place, aunty!

If you ask me why I did that...
It's because of my loose character!

Hey sweet-heart!
Why are you sitting here like this?

Aren't you going to the office?


What happened?
Do you have fever?

I don't have fever.

Come on!
What happened?

Nothing. I'm not going anywhere.
That's all.

Then take rest.


- Yes.

Thank you.

Pen drive?

What's in this?

Listen to it in the car, on the way.

Oh! Love songs?

You'll know when you hear it.

The scene is totally different today!

I'll listen to it and call you.
- Don't call.

And never come back here.

Hey! Rekha!




How long will we...

How long will I romance
this voice alone?

When are you going to appear
before this poor man's eyes?

Let it be the right time.


What if you don't like
me when you see me?

Isn't it enough if we romance like
this without seeing each other?

My darling, I will die.

You know how long it has
been since I slept?

I didn't sleep a wink last night.
- Sheesh.

You should close both the eyes.
Isn't that how you should sleep, darling?

It's all a joke for you, dear.

And, what were you doing
without sleeping last night?

I read.

Pablo Neruda's poem.

I've read it several times.

But yesterday, those lines
acquired a new beauty.

Have you heard them?
- No.

I'm not a litterateur or anything.

Still, I made an attempt.

I translated it into Malayalam.

- Yes.

Do you want to hear it?
- Yes.

'I will bring you happy
flowers from the mountains,

bluebells, dark hazels,
and rustic baskets of kisses'.

'I want to do with you what spring
does with the cherry trees'.

- It's very nice, Sachi.



- I was going to hang up.
- Don't hang up.

Give me a kiss
before Rekha comes.

- My husband is here.

- Then shall I give you a kiss?

Oh God!

Rekha, this is a betrayal!

Awell-planned betrayal!

In Kerala, it's a called a honey-trap.

Even a poor minister had
been trapped in this.

If she is your friend,

she should have told
that to me first.

Should that cheat encourage me?


Open the door, please.

Give me a chance to talk and
apologize, falling at your feet, dear.

I feel really weird.

I need to go to the toilet.
Open the door, please.

Okay. I need to take my clothes.

I need to take my clothes.

I've packed it in a suitcase &
kept it in your car's boot.

Well planned!

She trapped you nicely, huh?

Laugh softly!

Neighbours will hear you.

The Tamilian there would
be fast asleep now.

He must be dreaming
about the Pulisadam,

that his mom used to make
during his childhood.

Whatever his dream might be!

You're laughing hysterically hearing
the story of a guy's life going for a toss?

Whom were you flirting with,
over the phone?

Is she your wife's friend?

- Is she good looking?

I fell for her voice.

If I had known that this
was the case initially,

I'd have escaped immediately.

If a woman makes up her
mind to ruin a man's life,

it will happen.

Even Rekha knows thatl already have
quite a bad reputation in this.

People say that you're
rich in bad reputation!

Aunty, are you with me,
or the people?

With you!
- Then what is this?


A mind that is ready to
forgive, matters the most.

If that's there...

Family life is a business that can be
run only if both of you have that.


Do you know?

A blunder that my husband made.

It was when I had just delivered
my youngest boy, Jomon.

A distant relative of mine
came for domestic help.


She looks great!

She came home and
stayed with us.

And that stay wasn't so simple.

She pinned the edge of her dress to her
hip, and started ruling the place.

One day, when my husband went
to the bathroom to take bath...

she went behind him,
with a handful of oil.

Asking him, 'Pappachaya, don't you
want to apply oil on your head?'

What is it?


'It' must have happened!

My husband came crying and told
me everything that happened.

I asked him only one thing.

'Would you carry her in your heart?'

When he said no...

I trusted him.

And he never broke that trust.

That's what I was saying...

That there should be forgiveness.

It's because you are
in this form...

Otherwise, I'd have put you
in my car and taken you home,

and made you narrate this
Kochurani story to my wife.

Aunty, can you talk
to her on the phone?

Hey Raw'.!

If an old hag calls her and talks
to her at this midnight hour,

wouldn't that be an
even bigger problem?

Everything will be all rig ht, son.

Just that it will take a few days.

I really hope so.

You should listen to my complaint.

Complaint of the dead!
Tell me!

At the cemetery of our
Church in Kattappana,

right next to the grave
where my husband rests"

My only desire was to rest there.

And my children are
plotting against it now.

Have you seen the
cemeteries here?

You know how awesome they are?

If you see them, anyone
would feel like dying once.

They are so beautiful.


Receiving the Vigil for the
deceased in Malayalam,

That too, should be done
by Father Kanavasshery...

Where my husband rests...

In the soil that he
became a pan of...

To rest there is like...

Isn't that the only place
where I would be at peace?

Au nty !

If I lie here amidst these
foreign Sahebs and Madams...

I will only be crying in pain.

How do we do it, aunty?

It will happen only according to
your children's decisions, right?

That decision should change.

I want to go to Kattappana.


If you were alive,
I'd have bought a ticket for you.

There are tickets for
the dead too, right?

You will be able to buy it.

My dear son...

To take someone who forgot their
way home, back to their house...

Won't you be kind-hearted
enough to do that?

Consider that I am your mother.

Whom do I tell this to, aunty?

To Lopez, who's happy that he
got a great business offer?

Or to your children, who want
to make this function grand?

My dear Rajagopalan...

Away would open up before you.
I'm sure.

Aunty, you're asking
help to an orphan,

who was chased away from his own
house, by his wife and Pablo Neruda?

If you support me
to get this done...

I swear on Pareppalli Church!

There will be a solution
to your issue as well.

Tell me a way!

Tell me a way!

You should go there somehow,

and kneel down before her,
with folded hands.

I've knelt down,
with folded hands.

Then you should cry
really loudly!

What is this?

This sounds like a fox howling.

Cry sincerely.

I'll cry over there.

I'll cry really loudly.

She should accept whateverl say.

Then she would kick
you with her knee!

Like this!




Who is it?


What are you doing?


When did you come?
- I just came.


Who all are here now?

You, me and this aunty.

What's the matter?

Aunty was here all this while.

I was talking to her.


You finished the whole bottle?

If you drink one full bottle,

not just this aunty, you'd feel like
you've talked to the aunty's mom as well.

Stop it.
Just get up.

Get up!

Hey! Go to sleep.
Here's your key.

Hold it.

I swear! Aunty was talking to me.

With aunty? -Yes.
You talked?

I believed it.

So as we said, okay?

Young girls don't talk to us!

And you're saying that
aunty spoke to you!

What is all this, aunty?

If you support me to
get this done...

I swear on Pareppalli Church!

There will be a solution
to your issue as well.


Good morning!


That aunty's husband,
Mr. John Chacko...

He wasn't just speaking on the
phone with another woman.

He got the full action done!

Look at me.

Realizing that it was
Kochurani's initiative,

that aunty understood that the poor
man made a mistake, and forgave him.



Rekha, please!

Please! A mind to forgive each other.

A business that can be run only
if both the parties have that.

That's family life.

This was said by
experienced people.

Please, dear.
Open the door, please.

Please, dear.
Open the door.

Come on!
Let us talk!

Come on!

You traitor, who got your own
husband into a honey trap!

You know what should
be done with you?

Even in the international
court of Feminists,

this case of mine
would get a bail.

Later they will acquit
me as well.

Domestic violence.

One phone call is enough.
The police will reach here.

Want to go to jail?

You want to go to jail?


Then get going-

I'm going.

Just one thing.

Soon, my dead body will reach here.

So, take it back
to my Kerala...

I don't need the 'Aivar Madham'
cremation services and all that.

You should have the heart to cremate
me somewhere back in my home town.

I'll do that.

Pablo Neruda's bloody @%@%

Hey! I went to meet Rekha
and made an attempt.

That didn't work out.

Now I'm going for your matter.

I need to catch hold of Kunjumol's
husband, that Nair from Palakkad.

You should stand with me, okay?

- Yes.

Oh my God!

Shall I sit here?

Yeah. Please sit.
- Thank you.

I don't think you recognized me.

I am Raju.
Rajagopalan Nair.

From Dixon Lopez funeral service?
- Yes! Yes!

I couldn't identify suddenly.. What's
happening with the funeral preparations?

We're planning it all very well.

We're trying for day after tomorrow

We need to get a couple of permissions.
- That's good.

Your home town is
in Palakkad, right?

Yes. A small village.
It's called Nenmara.

I've come there. Vall...

Vallangy Vela"
- Yes.

I have some friends in Palakkad.
- Oh Okay.

Or leave it...

Well, doctor, do you...

What is it?
Tell me.

Doctor, do you believe in spirits?


Spirit. Our soul.

Do you believe in it?
- Of course, yes.


Well, us people from the Nair community
have certain beliefs and traditions.

I asked that because you
needn't believe in all that.

No. I believe them.
I am a believer.

In my ancestral house,


My maternal house is in..
This Pazhoor Padippura?

- Have you heard of it?

Of course.
- It's a little to the south from there.

You know, even our family has
a lot of faith in astrology.

We consult them regularly.

So what I was about to say...

I can say that confidently.
- Yes. Tell me.

My uncle...


So I just randomly discussed this
death that happened at your house,

and the present situation there,
with my uncle.

Don't feel bad when I ask this.
- Ybs?

Are you from the Ezhava caste, doctor?

I am a Nair.

My uncle told me.

That's the only possibility.

So I'll confidently say
what my uncle told me.

Tell me, please.

One thing that he told was that...

What is it?
Tell me.


Did she have any last wish?

Had she told anyone to take her body to
her home town to get it buried there?

Yes! She had a last wish.

She had actually told that
to my wife, Mrs. Mercy.

Then I'll tell you the rest
of what my uncle told me.

Tell me, Rajagopal.

This is a belief among us Hindus.

I don't know if it would be
acceptable to Christians.

If this wish of hers doesn't happen,

that soul wouldn't attain salvation.

That soul will constantly create different
kinds of troubles in that house.

I see.

It will specially affect
the husband and kids.

You know... What we can do...

Its logic or its scientific basis...

Or even it's applicability...
I don't know all that. -Yeah.


Fortunately, it might be God's wish,
that I saw you in here.

You know, Mr. Rajagopal,
the problem is...

I'm not the one who
should decide that.

I am only the son in law.

Apart from supporting
what her children say...

All that's correct.

But why do you have to
deliberately do something,

that would bring harm to you
and your children, doctor?

Right you are.
- Why don't you talk to your mom?

Mom had actually told me this.
That this should be handled very carefully.

Mothers are like that. They will speak
only for the well being of their children.

Anyway, I was able to
say this to you, right?

Okay, Docmr.

I'm getting down at
the next station.

I'm also getting down there.

You're getting down here?

If you need anything,
just call me, Doctor.

I'll get down and
call my mother.

I'll give you my number.
Whatever you need, just call me.

There's a talk in Kerala that us Nairs
don't care for each other. - Oh no!

We should change that.
- Of course.

Oh Lord Vigneshwara!
Bless us.

It's the moon sign.
It can be harmful.

Unni is calling.

- Mr. Raj u!

My car is over there.

You know what's a coincidence?

Whenl called home,
our family astrologer was there.

So he also said the same
things that you said, Raju.

He will, sir.
Astrology is a science!

It's a secret pride
for us Hindus.

Go straight home and tell your
Christian brothers in law,

to take their mom to Kattappana
and bury here there.

I'm going to say it right away.

Call me once you tell them.
- Sure.

My number is 778739532.
- 778739532.

M! mum

No. 5321.
- 5321. Okay.

Okay. Thank you.
- Okay. Thanks.

Bye! Bye!

- Bye!

Move, you baldy!

Where is this Jomon?

No news from him.


This is why he's not
doing well in life.

Ammini, is the pork ready?

Yes. Here.
Don't shout, man!

Your Cholesterol is so high, and you're
thinking about pork all the time.

Don't say that, Ammini. I think about pork
only when I'm not thinking about you.

Give it here.

Well, brother...
Do you get good buffalo meat in Sydney?

Not as much as Canada.


How come you're late today, Doctor?

Shall I get you a drink?

No! I don't drink
during the day.

If you're drinking, you
should drink during the day.

It keeps you going for the
whole day, right bro?

Hey Philip!

I wanted to say something.

What is it?

Hey! It's a matter of belief.

Matter of beef?

No! It's a matter of belief.
- Belief!

Well, mom wanted to be
buried at her home town,

in case something happens to
her while she's here, right?

So if she departs without
fulfilling that wish,

I doubt whether her soul
would attain salvation!


That's your Hindu concept, Mukundan.

We don't follow that.

It's not that.
The death happened in my house, rig ht?

So our family might have
a bad effect, is what...


Doctor, according to our belief,

if we bury her at a Church cemetery after
all the prayers, it's over. That's all.

Even othen/vise, your Hindu
set-up is quite bad!

Burning a corpse, and immersing
its ashes into a river? Sheesh!

And if there's any harm, it would
affect us children only, right?

Us sons-in-law are safe, doctor!

Well, I just said my opinion.

Fix another drink.

What Olavakkodan Nair is he?

Not Olavakkodu.
Isn't he from Nenmara?


I wanted to say something
to you, Monichayan.

Mattam Chackochayan's son Jijo had
asked, if he could get somejob,

in the shopping complex that
you're building in Kottayam.

Ammini, Benny and I had already decided,

not to give jobs to relatives
and family friends there.

A professional group
is going to manage it.

We won't interfere in anything.
Even in matters of the staff.

Many people are calling me for this.
I needn't accept their calls, right bro?

- We've spent so much money, right?

Moreover, who's worthy of
being trusted, in our family?

We also made a mistake like that.
- Is that so?

- Don't grin. He's talking about you.

Well, Pork...
- Huh?

I mean, Ammini..
The pork hasn't been cooked fully.

It will be cooked
properly in your tummy!

Oh! Digestion!

Doctor Mukundanunni.

Aunty, your Nair son-in-law.

Oh my Gods of Perunna,

I hope the Nair has won
over all the Christians.

Hello Doctor!

No way, Rajagopal.

They are not
agreeing in any way.


And total ignorance
about our Hinduism.

What can we do?

I can't fight against it.

Okay. Thank you.

It flopped!

I played the caste card, knowing
that it's a dirty game.

In front the Central Travancore
Achayans (Christians),

the Palakkadan Nair is nothing!

Why did you get her married to him?

What's the point in
blaming your son in law?

Your children are the trouble makers.

Mocking with your smile?

Au nty !

It's my imagination, right?

Had you smiled?

"O. right?

Yes, Raju Chetta.

I'm outside.

I'll come.

That's okay.
I'll reach.


Jomon, nothing is going to work
through straight channels.

And your brother-in-law?

From Canada?
I'm going to meet him.

After I meet him,
he will call you.

I'll tell you what you should
tell him then. - Okay.

Where are you in
Changanasshery, Rajuchayan?

I am from Mudukkummoodu.

It's a place where
you get great beef.

I don't eat beef.

What kind of a Catholic
doesn't eat beef?

Com e.

My house is near Pareppalli.

My uncle was the driver to the
Archbishop of Perumthottam.

The Archbishop is my mother's father's...

No! No!

Her first cousin!


I didn't say what I came to say.

Tell me. Along with that, order a
beer as well. - That will come.

Your wife's ancestral
property in Kattappana...

Whom does it belong
to, in the will?

My dear Rajuchaya, we were hoping that
it will be written in Ammini's name.

Did any of us think that the
lady would die so soon?

Though she said that she will get the will
written, it's not officially on paper.

Then it's officially on paper.


I had met Jomon.

I got an indication that
aunty had written in a will,

that the house &
property will go to him.

How is that possible?

Didn't I tell you?

I just got a clue while
talking to that boy.

If that is correct,

it will be trouble for you,

Even though the person is dead,
if it's written on a will,

it's equal to a registration.

What kind of a Catholic are you?

Take me home as soon as possible.
I need to tell this to my Ammini.

Sit down. What are you going
to do by running there?

That won't solve this.

Decide to go back to
Kerala with aunty's body.

Jomon is ready for it.
Kunjumol will also come along.

You go there, and search aunty's room or
the attic or somewhere for such a paper...

If you find it,
just tear it off.

Since they have decided that the funeral
is here, how can we go to Kerala now?

Dear Anto, what if Jomon goes to
Kerala without waiting for the funeral?

If he goes?
- If he goes?

What if he goes and this
will reaches his hand?

That will be trouble.
- Yes. That will be trouble.

My dearAnto, I'm saying this
because we're from the same Parish.

We already have a bad name that one
Catholic cannot stand another one.

We should change that.

Shall I tell you a truth?

As far as I've noticed,

you're the only one with some honour
and pedigree, in that family.

Do it only if you want to.

One more beer, please.

What is this, man?

If that's the case, we
should go to Kerala,

find that will that mom
wrote &tear it off.

So should we go to Kattappana?

We should.
You don't open your mouth.

I'll deal this.

Hi lqbal..
That one acre of land behind our site...

You should get it somehow.

In future, if there are parking problems,
that's the only way out.

I'll pass the phone to Monichayan.
It's Iqbal.

What's happening there, man?


No one else should know this. If they
hear this, they will increase the price.


We'll get it done, man.
I'll call you later.

Hey! Monichayan & Bennychayan shouldn't
become upset when I say this.

Why don't you say something
that won't upset us?

Bennychaya, it's not a joke.

We should conduct mom's
funeral at Kattappana.

No one took it seriously
when Jomon said that.

I feel it should
be done like that.

Kunjumol, don't you
have the same opinion?

How come suddenly?

We've made all the
arrangements here, right?

I'm feeling sad, ever since I came
to know that mom had such a wish.

Enough of this fake
sentiments, Ammini.

Anto, what's the problem?
Say the truth.

That's better, Am mini.

Let's say the truth.
They are not strangers, rig ht?

You both had promised that...

you'd give the house & property
in Kattappana to me, right?

Kunjumol doesn't have any
objection in that as well.

Who raised an objection now?

No one said so. That's true.
But a betrayal has happened.

Mom wrote a will without
informing anyone.

Saying that the ancestral
property belongs to Jomon.

Who said that to you?

There's a guy called Raju from
the funeral company, right?

Who's that?

I know him.

He spoke to Jomon and
got to know about it slyly.

This Raju is a Catholic
from Changanasshery.

He's a close relative
of the Archbishop.

If Jomon finds that
will that mom wrote...

Anto, just call him.

The Father?
- No. The son.

- What for?

Call him.
I'll tell you what you have to ask him.

Hey baby.

What the F is happening?
- I have no idea.

- Yes.

It's Antochayan.
- What is it, Achaya?

You're doing good, right?

Get to the point, man!

Jomon, our ancestral property
in Kattappana" -Yes.

Do you have any idea about mom
writing it in someone's name?

She hasn't told me anything.
- Is that so?

Did you hear anything
about mom writing a will,

or writing that property
in anyone's name?

- No?

Has she given any indication about giving
that ancestral property to someone?

The only thing that she told me,
related to the property was that...

Yes. Yes?

Yes. Tell me.

What did she say?

When I went home last time,

mom had said that she would
like to see me married,

and staying in our
ancestral home with kids.

Did she say that?
- Yes. She did.

What is it, Achaya?
- You hang up then, dear.

I'll call you later.

I am sure. If mom had said that,
consider it gone!

Dad had written 2 acres of land in
Kattappana town, in his name, right?

Then why does he need this as well?

If mom has written such a will...

It's equal to a registration.

Kunjumol, get the suitcase
that mom brought from home.

If this is true, the stamp
paper would be in there.

Let's check that.

Move, Kunjumol.

Open it.


Dad! In between all this!

There's nothing in here.

Then it will definitely be
there at our Kattappana house.

Ammini &I are going to
Kattappana today itself.

You needn't go there.
If it's there, we can find out.

Why don't we call Mathukkutty?

Care-taker Mathukkutty?

If he finds it...

You keep quiet.
- You come with me.

Did mom come here with
only one suitcase?

- Hey'. Come.

Why are they conducting
aunty's funeral in London?

For their convenience.

That's really sad.

It is because of that
Philip's stubbornness.

It's not stubbornness.
It's his arrogance.

It's Philip.
That scoundrel will live a 100 years.

Hello Philip Achaya...

Math ukkutty...

Where are you?

I am at the plantation.

I'm spraying pesticides
on the cardamom plants.

- Go home immediately.

Give it to me.

Call Advocate Sabu from
Vazhakkala, when you go.

And what should I do?

You go there.
Rest I'll call Sabu and tell him.

Okay then.
- Okay.

Get me that box.

What are you searching for, Sabu?

You can ask that to Philip Achayan.

For him to swear at my mom?

There's no other box?

No. Aunty had only this cupboard.
There are no other boxes.

Shall I keep these back?
- Yes.

Shall I close it?


Achaya, it's me, Sabu.

There's no such document or will
in aunty's box or cupboard.

Not in her suitcase
or her cupboard?


Okay, Sabu.
I'll call you.

There's nothing there.

What's the name of that
funeral service guy?

Dixon Lopez.
- Not that. The guy with the slant.

Slanted one is Raju.

He was just playing a trick.

He was the one who took
Jomon from here, right?

Yes. - It's a trick to get
the funeral done at Kerala.

What's his interest in this?

He must have fallen for
Jomon's sentiments.

Why should he have the sentiments
that her children don't have?

There's another thing.
I had called Jaison in Changanasshery.

He said that there's no such Raju,
related to the Archbishop.

Benny... I think we must meet him then.

Let everything happen
as per the plan.


What is it, sir?
- This guy? Your staff, Raju?

Raju is not my staff.
He's my partner.

Partnership is between you.
We needn't know all that.

What a partner!

He's indirectly trying to spoil a
business that your agency received.

What happened?

He's doing some fraud operations
along with our younger brother.

See! We will decide where to
conduct our mother's funeral.

Yes, of course.

Our younger brother Jomon
said something foolish.

And this guy is behind him,
to help him out.

We don't understand what the hell
his interest in this matter is!

He's spreading lies about a fake will,
to make us fight between ourselves.

He even lied that he's a Catholic.
This Nair!

I don't understand what
you're trying to say.

But just tell me what you want.
I'll arrange that.

Nothing. He shouldn't
interfere in anything,

until this funeral ceremony is over.

Othen/vise, we will have to
approach another agency.

We'll forget about
the money we paid!


No. Nothing of that son
would be necessary.

Raju won't be pan of
the scene hereafter.

I can promise that.

That's good.

And your firm, as well.


Yes, sir.

Last one.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Okay, Philip sir.
- Bye.

It's not your mom
who died, right?

Then what the hell...

Didn't a mother give birth to you?
- I won't be born othenwise, right?

When I see people like you, I wonder
whether you sprouted out yourself!

Are you leaving?

I'll come back,
when it's time!


You do realize the struggles
I'm going through, right?

I tried out all the
fraud games I know.

But nothing is working out, aunty.

I'm scared whetherl would fail.

Please forgive me,

if that's how this is going to end.

When the death is not your own...

By own, I mean when it's not your
near and dear ones who have died...

I've always felt that there's a
cenainjoy generated in humans.

A relief that the loss
is not for himself.

Isn't that true, aunty?

Haven't you seen people rushing to
houses where a death has occurred?

You know how excited they are to fake
grief, and start their philosophy?

But no one really goes to a house where a
wedding happens, where everyone is happy.

No one takes initiative
to go there.

They didn't come home and invite..
They left the invitation at the door-step...

There are a hundred complaints!

This how people are, aunty!

But why aren't your own children able
to understand what their mother wants?

Don't they realize that they also
have to lie like this one day,

and their bodies which were
the proof of being alive,

should be part of
the earth someday?

My mother left this earth,
when she was almost as old as you.

She had many desires.

Many sights she wished to see!

Many words she was
waiting to hear!

That poor thing didn't
get any of that.

That debt which I couldn't repay...

I thought I would repay it,
through you, Rosamma aunty!


Well.. Kunjachayan is calling.

Let me attend it and come.


Au nty !

You made Kunjachayan
call me, right?

Wait & watch!
This will work!

This will work!

Hey! Drive to the
municipal office.

I have to go there.

Namaste sir.

Sit down.

Soman, is Balachandran inside?
- Yes, sir.

Come with me.


Thomas sir?

Then what?
- Please sit, sir.

You also sit.

How have you been?

Going on like that...

And Balachand ran, I
need a favour from you.

From me?

- Tell me.

That is..
Hey Philip!

Both of you step outside
and close that door.

Make it fast.

Isn't all that okay?
- Yes sir.

How come people from the municipality
are coming in the morning?

They had come for an
inspection even last week.

Why have they come again?


What is it, sir?

What's the matter, sir?
- I don't know.

You didn't say what the matter is, sir.
- Hey!

This damn thing was built
up on a marsh land,

by paying bribes to Sp
many people, right?

If this building falls down tomorrow,

you know who would end up
with sand in their mouth?

This is to avoid that.

And, the piling is not at all proper.
- Piling is proper, sir.

It had gone through
many inspections.

The officers before
you had checked.

Don't narrate those
stories to me.

Philip, who's in America, owns this, right?
- Yes sir.

Philip sir, and his brother
who's in Australia.

Ask them both to come.

I'll submit this report to
the municipality in 2 days.

If he comes, it will
be good for Philip.

He knows me.

Tell him that I'm
MR Ramachand ran,

who studied in Kothamangalam
MA Engineering college with him.

He would know me.

Sir, Philip sir & his
brothers are in London.

Their mom died over there.

All that's correct.

If they don't come here immediately,

around a 100 crore Rupees would
drown in this marsh.

Got it?
- Sir, that...

Bring it here.


What is this, sir?
- Stop memo.

Sir.. - It's a stop memo, to
stop the construction work.

Sir, that..
- All of you, get into the car.

Susheelan, start the car.

Sir! Sir!

Let me talk..
- Move away.

Shall we leave?

It's Iqbal.

Monichayan, put it
on speaker mode.

I need to say something to Iqbal.

What's happening?

The funds must have reached
the account, right?

It's not that, sir.
There was another problem.

You always have some problem.

What is it, now?
Tell me. Benny is with me.

Sir, an engineer had come from the
municipality to inspect the site.

He was really furious.

He gave us a stop memo.

We will have to stop the work.

Stop the work?
- But what's the problem there?

Sir, he said that there's
some problem in the piling.

The building is slanted, it seems.

He'll submit the report to
the municipality in 2 days.

He said we might have
to demolish it mostly.

Sir, you should
find some solution.

What solution can we find
while we're in London?

Stuff whatever he
needs, into his mouth.

It's his trick to get money.

No, sir. He won't
take a single penny.

He's really strict.

He said that he knows
you, Philip sir.

He said that he was with you

while you studied at Kothamangalam
Engineering college.

What's his name?
- Balachandran.

He was in the civil branch.
Do you remember him?

Oh! That guy from Thrisshur!
Is it him?

- He was troublesome even then.

Sir, it would be better if you
both could come down quickly.

He said that as well.

What if we come? - If you come
here, we can meet him in person...

That's not necessary.
That's all his ego.

Wait, Iqbal. Let me see what I can
operate without coming there.

Okay sir.
- Then what!

See how easily he's asking
us to demolish the building!

His damn piling!

We should be trying to
make him stop saying that.

What do we do now, Monichaya?

Let me try calling the MP, Jose.

If you have to convince
engineer Balachandran,

you must come here with Benny,
Philip Chettan.

I'll arrange a meeting.
What say?

Jose, it's our mother's
funeral day after tomorrow.

The necessity is ours.
And we don't have time as well.

Things would depend upon the
report that he's preparing.

So you're saying that we
must definitely come there?


If you come, it would
take hardly two hours.

I'll talk to him and
arrive at a compromise.

These Government officers have this...
You know, right?

Let's just show him some respect,

and get our things done.


Let me consult with Benny.
- Okay.

Isn't that enough, Kunjachaya?

More than enough!

Monichaya, there are 2 tickets available
to Kochi, at 12.30 PM day after.

Shall I buy them?
- Buy it!

So if you both are going
to Kerala day after,

why don't we conduct
the funeral there?

Now you'll be in Kerala,
and the funeral will be here.

If someone asks where
her elder sons are?

Will you return the money
we paid as advance here?

I didn't pay it.
Those who paid should get it back.

Then what?
- Will he return it?

Let's try asking him.
- We should ask him.

Yes! Dixon Lopez!

Dixon Lopez,
this is me, Benny.

Benny! What a girl, man!

Benny! Benny!
Our mother's funeral case...

Hello... Sir.. Benny...
Benny sir!

Tell me. - There has been a
slight change in our programme.

Oh no! What?
Everything is set for day after.

I'll pass the phone
to my elder brother.



We've arrived at a decision to take
mom's body to Kerala and bury it there.

Oh no! Why such a change in plan?

There's an emergency situation,

for which we have to reach
Kerala immediately. That's why.

We called you...
I'll pass the phone to Benny.


Well, the 10,000 Pounds
we paid as advance...

Come here, girl!

Yes. The advance?
- You will return it, right?

When can we expect it?

To return it?

I'll release the body only if you hand
over the balance amount as well, to me.

What nonsense are you saying?

My dear sir, my words and
actions are all like that.

Or else, your Doctor brother-in-law...

The one who signed an
agreement with my company!

He will be trapped!

He has a good reputation, right?

Why do you want to send the
poor man to the court?

So you won't return it?
- Not like that. I'll return the body.

After I get the entire balance
amount that I'm supposed to receive.

Then you can take the body, bury it or
play with it, or do whatever you want!

Okay then!

He is trying to teach
prayers to the Pope.

Who is it?
- You don't have to know that.

Come here.
Come on, dance!

That rascal is not going to
return the money he has taken.

He won't return the body
unless we pay the balance too.

What do we do?
The stuff is with him, right?

This is all because
of your wife was adamant.

'Don't keep it in a mortuary.
Keep it somewhere else!'

Did you realize how difficult it is to
tolerate your sister now? - Shut up!

When I'm going crazy here...

Benny, shall we bury it here itself?

That's what.

We spent a lot of money here.

And if we have to bury her in Kerala,
it will cost that much more.

Hey! You're leaving by
noon day after, right?

Let's have the funeral in the morning.
So you can attend it and go.

Right, bro?
- Do one thing.

You call him.
- Yes. Call him.

Call him.

Not like that.
Like this"

Like this!

One second, honey.

Yes, Dixon Lopez.

It's Philip.

Tell me, sir.

We should conduct the funeral
here itself, as per the plan.

Okay. - That too, day after
morning between 9 & 9.30 AM.

Me and my brother have a
flight to Kerala at 12.30 PM.

Day after tomorrow morning.


When I come there tomorrow morning, keep
the cheque for the balance amount ready.

I need to make a
lot of payments.

What is it?
What happened?

A mp?

Boss, Manoharan was on duty there.

He went out somewhere
for a couple of hours.

When he went back, our freezer
with the aunty was missing.

It was worth 15,000 Pounds.

Do you guys have any
responsibility, you donkeys?

Raju bro had a spare
key with him.

Then it must be him.

Are you able to reach his phone?
- No. It's switched off.

We should find him.

That item is supposed to be
buried tomorrow morning.

Wherever it is,
go find it, man!

This is such a cruel
play of fate, oh God!

What's happening?
- It's a dead body, Ma'am.

Dead body?

- Rajagopal sir...

- It's nof mine.

It's nof mine.

What is this, Raju?

I'll tell you.

Tell me what this is!

I'll tell you!
- Raju!

Raj u!

Raju, stop there.

I'll explain everything in detail.

Before that, we need to keep
that freezer inside our house.

It's a dead body.
Whose is it?

I'll tell you.

Whatever the problems
between us might be,

I need a space inside
this house now.

To preserve the mother who's in that box.
- What nonsense are you saying, Raju?


It's his mother.

He is going to take her to
Kerala and give her a funeral.

I am helping him.

You need to understand
only that much now, Rekha.

Jomon, you can go.
Rest we'll do as we planned. Okay?

Reach there and call me.

Guna, keep the box inside.


If that boy's brothers know this,

won't there be legal issues?

Will Dixon stay calm
if he knows this?

There would be many problems.

I'm not thinking
about all that now.

I took a decision.

I have a belief that it would happen.
Rig ht, aunty?

That's all I know.

You'll be with me, rig ht?

Will you fight with me for Pablo
Neruda's poem and Paulo Coelho's novel?

You should be killed.
Bloody rascal!

Aunty is watching!

Who is it?

It's Dixon.
- Dixon Lopez?

Rekha, you should deal this.

Anyway, I've been
wanting to deal with him.

He's a scoundrel who's spreading rumours
all over the world that we've divorced.

I'll show you now.

What is it, Dixon?
- Where is Raju?

Don't you know that Raju
doesn't stay here now?

I know that.
It's not that...

Did Raju bring some box"
I mean a big box...

There are no boxes here.

Well, a box is missing from the office.
I was wondering if it would be here...

You and your box!

If you come here ever
again asking all this,

I'll call the police.
- Oh no! Sister!

Sister, while I was just passing by...

Didn't I tell you that
it won't be here?

Good night.
- Get lost!

Boss, what do we do now?

Let the sun rise.
We will go and meet those idiots.

Follow me.
- Yes boss.

That funeral director...


He has come with some bad news.

What happened?

It's not our mistake.

The problem is because you said you
can't keep the body in the mortuary.

We need a legal paper
from the authority.

Saying that the body was kept in the
mortuary since the time of death.

We need to give that
paper to the Church.

Well.. But now?

We'll get the paper.
Talks are on, for that.

But time is the problem.

It won't happen today
morning anyway.

Our flight is at 12.30 PM.

Considering the present condition,

however much we try, the programme
will happen only by 4 - 4.30 PM.

Let's leave.

Let them conduct the funeral.
What else can we do?

We can't miss the flight.


Doctor sir, what about
the rest of the payment?

Well, the rest of the payment...





Raju, what you did was really shady.

I did what had to be done to a shady guy.
That's true!

Where is the body? We have to
bury it today evening. - Dixon!

Once a person is dead, people
would even forget the person's name.

After that it's just a corpse,
a dead body.

In your language - item, stuff!

Did you recognize him?


Didn't you call it a body?

For him, it's his dead
mother who passed away.

She had a wish that her body
should be buried in her home town.

That wish is going to happen.
or, I'm going to make it happen.

You don't have a difference
of opinion in it, right?

My dear Raju, we've
taken the full payment.

Since you've taken the full payment,
you don't have anything to lose, right?

If you ask so...

That means, you don't have any objection
to take her body to Kerala, right?

But what do we tell the people who
paid the money? - Leave that.

They both will leave in the
morning flight itself.

In an available afternoon flight,
Jomon will leave with aunty.

Let him go.
- You should bear the expenses for it.


You should bear that expense from
the 15,000 Pounds you got for free.

That's such rubbish!

Dixon, no more dialogues.
I will talk. You should listen.

Leave my hand, Raw.

It's paining.
Leave my hand. I agree!

L agree!

Okay, Kunjumol.


Leave happily.
I'm here for everything.

That's our only tension.

Poor guys are leaving, just
because I'm here to support.

Monichayan and Bennychan just left.

You just missed them.

I was waiting for them to leave.

No! Wait up for me!


What's the status of the funeral?

Everything is set. We will bury
her at 4 PM, at the Church here.

If it's about burying our mom,
that won't happen.

- Jomon...

What are you saying?

Mom is not in Dixon Lopez's
rented house anymore.

- Mom is at a place I know.

I'll go home in an
afternoon flight with mom.

What are you saying, boy?


Come here.

Jomon is not lying.

It's him.
That Nair.

You can see your mom
resting behind me, right?

According to your mom's wish...

According to Jomon's wish...

They are leaving today.
Mother and son.

Doctor Mukundanunni,

if you and your wife don't
have any objection,

you can join them on that journey.

At her birth-place,
in a land that she knows...

near the grave where her husband
became part of the soil,

a poor soul's wish or a
desire to rest there...

That is going to happen now.


You should talk to Anto and Ammini.


Give it.

Okay Chetta.

This is the will that Antochayan
&Ammini Chechi are looking for.

A will in which mom wrote the
ancestral property in my name.

Read it and see.

Last time when I went home,

I accepted this only because
mom forced me a lot.

I never wished for this.

But I know that Ammini Chechi
has been longing for it.

I'm only happy to give it
to you, Ammini Chechi.

I have only one question now.

Are you coming with me?

To attend our mother's funeral
at our Church cemetery?

We're also coming, Jomon.

Me and Anto are also coming.

Then what!
The funeral will be in Kattappana!

Enough with all the
nonsense in London.

Finally, it has happened!

I can see a smile blooming inside.

Did you smile?

Or, is it just my
thought or imagination?

You're the one who made
me think all this, right?

I knowthatl can't
say 'See you later'.

We will be coming to Kattappana.

To see you sleeping next
to your Chachan (husband).


What happened?
Is it because aunty has left?


Well, what did the spring
do with the cherry trees?

I hope it doesn't do anything.

Ku njachayan.
- I'll kill you if you pick up.

You and your Kunjachayan.
Calling only at the wrong times. Hang up!

What is this?
- Just a minute.

Hello Kunjachayan.
- Yes.

They have just left
to the airport now.

They will reach Nedumbasshery airport,
day after morning.

All arrangements have
been made there.

And I'm also going to Kattappana.

I'll go back to Kottayam,
only after the funeral.

And yeah...

Shall I ask you something?

How in the world did you
come up with that lie?

Which lie?

Since I lie quite a lot...

That there's a problem in the
piling of that building?

What happened?
- My dear, it actually has a problem.

Engineer Balachandran told me.

Problematic things shouldn't be
built upon this earth, Kunjachayan.

What has to be demolished,
should be demolished.

And, the fate of the money that
her children have pumped in,

would depend upon the report
that aunty gives up there.

Who has pumped in?

Whoever has pumped it in,
money is money right, Kunjachayan?

'Come and witness'

'A festival you've never seen before'

'Come and witness'

'Our festival'

'Hasn't someone wise said long back,
and haven't you heard in folklore?'

'That all the world's a
stage, oh my dear birdie'

'Someone binds our eyes and ears'

'And we play unknown pans'

'Once we enter the
stage created by time'

'There's no way to escape.
We just have to keep running'

'Once we're trapped in
pits we dug ourselves,

it's quite difficult to climb
up from there, oh gosh!'

'The play continues like a riddle'

'Different types of drama would unfold'

'Long back, someone'

'Long back, someone'

'Long back, someone'

'Long back, someone'

'Hasn't someone wise said long back,
and haven't you heard in folklore?'

'That all the world's a
stage, oh my dear birdie'