Drakosha Tosha (2017) - full transcript

Tommy is a soft toy who lives with an ordinary panda family. With the help of his magic soap bubbles, Tommy takes kids to wonderful adventures to help them discover a vast and captivating ...

(upbeat music)

♪ Knowing how to
love your friends ♪

♪ Is the most important thing ♪

♪ Let's all get up
to some mischief ♪

♪ Together we can
play and sing ♪

♪ No, he's nothing
like a hippo ♪

♪ More like a tall giraffe ♪

♪ He's like a dinosaur and ♪
he really loves to laugh ♪

♪ Yes here comes Tommy ♪

♪ Our little Tommy ♪

♪ It's Tommy the
dragon and friends ♪

♪ Tommy ♪

♪ Our favorite Tommy ♪

♪ It's Tommy the
dragon and friends ♪

(suspenseful music)

- [Tommy] Underbed monsters.

- [Mother]
Nightie-night darlings.

- [Mandy] Nightie-night mommy.

- [Tommy] Tonight,
Mandy can't fall asleep.

(owl hooting)

(suspenseful music)

(Mandy wimpering)

(Mandy hitting the ground)

- Ah, who? What's up?

- It's me, I'm scared.

(suspenseful music)

- Scared?


And, how's that?

- It's when you get goosebumps
and you wanna run away.

- Goosebumps? And who do
you need to be scared of?

(suspenseful music)

- Scary goosebumpy
under bed monsters.

- Wing at the ready!

(upbeat music)

(Tommy whooshing around)

Tommy the dragon is ready
to fight, who's with me?

- Andy! Andy!

- Take it! Knight of the potty.

(whistling music)

- Hey! Where you going?

- To catch monsters and fear.

(strumming music)

(Toyroy blowing bubbles)

We've gotten small and come
to the under bed world.

(suspenseful music)

- Oh! Monsters!

(suspenseful music)

- Catch and fear! Brrr yah!

Ya, ya


(slippers rustling)

We've won! We have captured
two plaid monsters.

(Toyroy blowing bubbles)

- They are my slippers.

They are so huge.

- Slippers? Hoo,
that's not dragonish.

Where are my scary monsters?
Where are my goosebumps? Urgh

- Under the bed.

(suspenseful music)

But-But we won't go there.

- Yay, catch and fear!

(Andy laughing)

(upbeat music)

- Andy! Stop!

(upbeat music)

- Well, Well. Is
there anything scary?

(trumpet blowing)

(wind blowing)

- There it is! It's rustling.

(Andy laughing)

- Woohee, got it! We got
it! Freeze! Creepy monster.

- Sponski monski

(Andy laughing)

- It's a candy wrapper Tommy.

- Wrapper? Uh, it's
not goosebumpish.

Where are my monsters?

I need a torch. Toyroy,

(Tommy whistles)

come here.

(Toyroy squeaking)

(Tommy blowing)

(whimsical music)

- Oh, my.

(suspenseful music)

(Toyroy squeaks)

(suspenseful music)

(Children screaming)

- Monster!

(shadow growling)

- Don't touch Andy!

(quiet music)

It's just a shadow.

- So it seems. I ran
away from a shadow?

And I had goosebumps?

(Tommy laughing)

I wanna fear more!

- Then let's look for monsters.

(upbeat music)

♪ Walking through the bedroom ♪

♪ Late in the evening ♪

♪ Now is the time we
have to go to sleep ♪

♪ Ooh, I see a scary figure ♪

♪ Staring back at me tonight ♪

♪ But soon our fears
all fall away ♪

♪ We know we're safe together ♪

♪ Cause friendship keeps ♪
us safe and sound ♪

♪ It's been that way forever ♪

♪ And this happy song we ♪
sing will keep us safe ♪

♪ We sing a happy song and ♪
all the shadows disappear ♪

♪ Tommy's there to help us ♪

♪ With bravery and kindness ♪

♪ That will keep
us safe and sound ♪

♪ Tommy's there to help us ♪

♪ With bravery and kindness ♪

♪ That will keep
us safe and sound ♪

(Mandy sighing)

- Don't switch off the
lights! I'll do it myself.

(light clicks)

Nightie-night Tommy-boy.

- Have fearless dreams.

(Tommy yawning)

(soothing music)

So we learn that
fears are figments

and under the bed
there are no monsters.

Too bad! I like
goosebumps so much.

(soothing music)