Drake and Josh Go Hollywood (2006) - full transcript

Josh's first assignment in his creative writing program is to write a typed report/paper about his greatest adventure. Meanwhile Drake and Josh's parents leave to go on a ten-day cruise, leaving Drake and Josh in charge. But when Drake and Josh accidentally reverse the flight number, sending her to Los Angeles International Airport (flight 647) instead of Denver. Her brothers find out the mistake and follow her on another plane. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Megan uses her parents' credit card to order a limousine to take her to an expensive hotel and book a presidential suite. Before finding out, however, the brothers wait to see Megan's plane take off. When the brothers arrive in Los Angeles, they go out to find their sister and get her to Denver. At this moment, several criminals enter the suite and attempt to take the G-O. It's up to Drake and Josh to foil the bad guys, and get to the TRL studio in time.

♪ If I could get it right ♪

♪ Enough to venture out
and find a brighter day ♪

♪ I think I might
just glide away ♪

♪ To where my life could maybe ♪

♪ Take me ♪
♪ Take me ♪

♪ Like a star
that was meant to shine ♪

♪ Like the words
that were meant to rhyme ♪

♪ I believe
it would be my time ♪

♪ If I ♪
♪ I get it right ♪

♪ If I ♪

♪ I get it right ♪

♪ If I ♪

♪ I get it right... ♪


Hey, I got in. Hey!

Hey! Megan, guess what?

You finally got chest hair?


( sadly ):

But I did get accepted

into that creative writing



That's your level
of excitement for me?



Now can I get back
to my smoothie?

Come on.

This writing class
is a really big deal.

They only accept five high
school juniors every summer.

So it's a really
prestigious honor.

I can't wait
to get started.

( blender whirring loudly )

I-I say, I think it's going
to be really...

( blender whirring )

Ooh. And we get to
stop in Acapulco.

I don't want to go
on a cruise.

Well, it's too late to cancel.

If you didn't want to go,

you should have said something
three months ago.

I did.

( whirring )
Because I'm starting
the class...

If you keep making
the smoothie,

I'm not going to
be able to tell you...

So then when I start,
I'll have to...

Hey, guess what?

Chest hair?


I got accepted into
that creative writing class.

I already got my
first assignment.

My teacher wants me
to write a story

about my greatest adventure,



You're always saying how
you want to visit Mazatlan.

I've never said that.

Oh, "never," "always,"
what's the difference?

What are you guys talking about?

Oh, he's taking me
on a ten-day cruise

and he knows
I don't like boats.

Why don't you
like boats?

Boats sink.

It's not a boat, it's a ship.

And ships don't sink.


That was just a movie.

Based on a true story.

For real?

( sighs )

Oh, uh, hey, where's Drake?

( tuning guitar )


( playing notes )

What is that?

Amplifier for my guitar.

It's huge.


You want to see what it does?

Just makes your guitar loud,


But this one does
other things.

Are you ready, Josh?

( hesitantly ):

( electrical humming )

Okay, watch this.

( plays and holds note )


( playing notes )

How-how does it do that?

Oh, you have seen nothing,
young man.

A chord.

( plays and holds chord )

That's insane.

( playing rock melody )

( phone ringing )


Uh, uh, yeah, one sec.

Drake, it's your band manager.
( music stops )

Oh, cool. Here.



Yeah, hey, hey, I was
just wondering what time

me and the band
should show up for...?

The gig's canceled?

Dude, that's, like, the
third time this month.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
( plays note )

Listen, I've heard
it all before, Chuck.

You want to keep managing
my band, then book us a gig.

Yeah, and it better
be someplace good!


We're really excited
to be playing here

at the B'nai Shalom
Home for the Elderly.

I'm Drake Parker.

We want Wayne Newton!

Wayne Newton!

Not you!

Um, ( chuckles )

this is a song I wrote
when I was about 15.

It's an interesting story
because I, uh...


You communist!

You ain't no Wayne Newton!

Thank you.

"My Greatest Adventure."

I must have done
something interesting.

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( playing rock beat )

♪ You say that I'm nothing
and lousy ♪

♪ You say I can't write ♪

♪ You always told me how to be ♪
♪ How to be ♪

♪ Now I'm sick of it ♪

Where is my applesauce?!

♪ But I'm the one
that made you... ♪

Where is my applesauce?!

Oh, would somebody please
get him his applesauce?

You already ate your applesauce!

Then where are my pills?

♪ You're drilling
a hole in my ceiling ♪

♪ Ceiling ♪

♪ Too bad it won't rain... ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Well, I'm the one... ♪

( panicked shouting )

♪ ...take you away... ♪

( music stops )

Come on.

"My Greatest Adventure."


Oh, yeah.

( typing )

"Once, when I was nine,

"I climbed a tall tree.

"Imagine my excitement

"when I happened upon
a bird's nest

upon one of the tall branches."

I'm pathetic.


Can I help you?

Mom said I could borrow
Drake's suitcase.

Why do you need a suitcase?

Where you going?

Mom and Dad are letting me
take a trip

to visit my friend, Jessica,
while they're on their cruise.

Wait, wait, wait.

So Drake and I get the house
to ourselves for ten days?

Guess so.



Wait, wait, Megan.


Can I ask your opinion
about something kind of serious?

Is this about your rash?


See, ( sighs )

I've been sitting here
for two hours, and...

I can't think
of one really exciting thing

that's ever happened to me.

Do you think I'm...

I'm boring?

You just walked out?!

I got bored!

( running footsteps
approaching )



How'd your gig go?

How'd my gig go?

The elderly threw food at me.

Why were you playing
for old people?

'Cause that's my band manager's
idea of a good gig.

Man, I hate my band manager.


Let me be your band manager.

Come on!

Dude, it would
be so great.

I would do
such a great job.
No. No. No.

Dude, who's going
to work harder for you

than your own brother?
No, no, no, no, no.

All right,
come on, come on.

Now, like... like,
I know I don't know a lot

about band managing,
but I can learn, dude!
No, no, no.

And you know, when I put
my head to something,
No! No.

I give it, like, a thousand
and ten percent.

Come on, please,

let me be your band manager,



( laughs )

Don't say "yay."

No "yay."

Why do you want
to do this anyway?

All right, well,
I'm supposed to write a paper

about the greatest adventure
of my life, and...

I haven't really had
any great adventures,

which got me thinking
that, well...

you know, maybe my life's
been kind of boring so far.

I don't want to be boring,
you know?

( snoring )

All right.

( keypad beeping )

( phone ringing )

WOMAN ( on phone ):
Backbeat Records.

Yes, I'd like to inquire
about getting

a multimillion dollar
record deal for my brother.

( click, dial tone )


( doorbell rings )

Hang on a sec!


Hi, there. Taxi?

Right. Hang on a sec.

Honey? Taxi's here!


( grunts )

Oh, hey, Mom, you need
some help with those bags?


Uh, dude.

So... ( grunts )

where you guys headed?

San Diego Marina.

We're taking a ten-day cruise.

Ooh, I hate boats.

Thank you.

Now listen,

Megan's plane leaves
in two hours,

so promise me you'll get
her to the airport on time.

What, you don't trust me?

Josh, promise me?

No worries.

Okay. Her little
friend is going to be

so upset if Megan
misses her flight.

We'll make sure
she's on the plane.

Okay, Flight 746 to Denver.

Come on, honey,
we've got to go.
All right.

Have a great time,
Bye, guys.

Have fun, guys.
See ya.

Bye, boys.

See you in ten days.

Come on, honey.

Well, see you later.

Where you going?

To get a corn dog.

Okay, but hurry back.

We should get Megan
to the airport

an hour before
the plane leaves...

( door closes )
And I'm alone.

Where's Drake?

I don't know.

I'm going to miss my plane.

Hey! Where have
you been?

I told you-- I went to the
Quiggly Mart to get a corn dog.

It took you over an hour
to get one corn dog?

I also had a drink.

Let's go!

My plane takes off
in 45 minutes.

Why didn't you just take her
in Mom's car?

She took the keys.

Will you please drive us?


All right, fine. Man...

Come on, let's go,
let's go, let's go.

Why'd you bring
your laptop?

I'm watching a DVD
of you and your band

playing at Medley Park.

Oh, yeah.

Man, I have good hair.

Oncoming truck.

( Josh and Drake scream )

( both inhale sharply,
exhale heavily )


hard to believe it took you

seven tries
to get your driver's license.



Why are you watching that,

Because I'm managing
his band now.

So I must
familiarize myself

with every nuance
of Drake's performing skill.

That shouldn't take long.

You know, I don't have
to take this from...

Just focus on your driving.

We're barely going to make it.

Do you ever clean this car?

It's full of garbage.

No, it's not.

Everything in this car
is very important to me.

Like this dead bird?


Oh, Tweeter died!

( sighs )

Dude, you really
should clean up

this stuff
all over your floor.

Hey, is that my G-O?

That is my G-O!


I haven't been able
to listen to my music

for three months!

You said it got stolen.

It did.

You didn't say by you.

You didn't ask.

Drive faster--

my plane takes off
in 22 minutes.


♪ Trying to get by ♪

♪ Without you ♪

♪ And I don't know why
it took me so long to... ♪

ANNOUNCER ( over P.A. ):
Air baggage claim
is at Carousel One.

Come on, let's go,
let's go!

Okay, Megan, here.

Mom said to give you
this credit card.


Eh! And this is
only to be used

in case of

Now put this
in your backpack.

Okay. Hold my phone.


Okay, hey,
here's your ticket.

ANNOUNCER ( over P.A. ):
Last call for boarding
of Flight 647.

Come on, go,
go, go!

Have a great trip!

See you later.
Bye, bye, bye.

See you guys.

Well, we got
rid of her.

Yeah-- ten days
all to ourselves.

Come on,
I'm thirsty.

No, we should wait here
till her plane takes off.

All right, well,
I'm going to go
get some sodas.

Mocha cola?


We interrupt this program to
bring you a breaking news story.

Here in Washington D.C.,

I'm standing in front of the
United States Treasury building

where a major theft took place
earlier this week.

According to D.C. Police Chief
Darryl Garner,

a new United States
currency machine was stolen

as it was being transferred
from an armored truck

into the Treasury Building.

Eyewitness reports say

several men in
a dark-colored van

were seen leaving the area.



Her plane take off yet?


I think it's
just about to.

Hey, what time does
she land in Denver?

You mean the plane
that just boarded?


That flight's going
to Los Angeles.

No, it's not.

It's going to Denver.

( slurping )

Please tell me
that flight's
going to Denver!


Uh, excuse me.

That flight
just about to leave?

It's going
to Denver, right?

Say "right."

No, this is Flight 647
to Los Angeles.

The Denver flight number
is... "746."



"Oh, yeah"?!

You put our 11-year-old
little tween sister

on a plane
to the wrong city?

All right, all right,

this is
no time to panic!

This is the perfect
time to panic!

You've got to stop
that plane.

That's impossible.


Just call
the pilot man

and tell him
to turn the plane off

and not to fly away.

I'm sorry, but once

the doors of the plane
have been closed,

the flight can't be stopped
from taking off.


We understand.

We'll respect
your rules.

Let's go home, Josh.


( shouting incoherently )

Open that door!
Stop the plane!


Security to Gate 9A.

Stop the plane!
Stop the plane!

Open that door!

We have a tween
on the loose!


( whistle blowing )

( shouting )

Do you have a permit
for this?!

Do you have a permit?!

CAPTAIN ( over P.A. ):
And we just reached

our cruising altitude
of 15,000 feet,

so sit back,
enjoy your flight,

and we should
arrive in Los Angeles

a few minutes ahead of schedule.


Um, I think the pilot
just made a mistake.

This plane's going
to Denver, right?

No, we're en route
to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles?


Not Denver?


Those dumb boobs.

All right, boys.

I hope you learned
a little lesson today

about how seriously we
take airport security.

Oh, we learned.

Especially during
the strip search.

Which was
shockingly thorough.

We do our best.

All right,
have a nice day.

And good luck
with that rash.

Yeah, thanks.

Okay, now
what do we do?

How do we find Megan?


I'll just call
her cell phone,

and tell her when
she lands in L.A.

to just get on
another flight

and come back
to San Diego.

( dialing phone )

( ringing )


You forgot to give
her cell phone back?!

Oh, man,
that's just great.

That's awesome.

Do not give me
your 'tude!

I didn't fly her off
to the wrong city.

Oh, don't you
hang up on me!

Oh, just come on.

Uh, excuse me,


We need two tickets

on the next flight
to Los Angeles.

We're going to L.A.?

We're going to L.A.

Attention, passengers.

We'll be landing

at the Los Angeles
International Airport

in just a few minutes.

Please put your seat backs
and tray tables

in their upright,
locked position.

Let's see, uh...


Ooh-- right here.

Hey, where are you?


27B, right here.

Ah, this is great, dude.

I love having
the whole row to myself.

Excuse us.

( loudly ):
Where's our seats, Ed?

I'm trying to figure that out!

Excuse us.

( softly ):
Anything but 27.
Anything but 27.

Anything but 27...

Let's see,

Twenty seven.

Yeah, thanks.

A and C.

Oh, hello.

Well, get in there.

I'm doing it!

People are waiting.

Know what?
Just stuff it.


Put these
over there.

Put the tickets
down there.

I'll move for you.

Put it back

( groans )

( girls giggling )

( mouths words )



Hand me
my ointment!

Oh, kill me.

( grunting )

Get it, Herb!

Get it!

Welcome to Los Angeles.

Please be careful when
opening the overhead bins,

as objects may have shifted
during flight.

ANNOUNCER ( on P.A. ):
We are now boarding Flight 13
to Las Vegas.


Yes, can I help you?

Well, see, I wasn't supposed
to fly here to Los Angeles,

but my two boobish brothers
put me on the wrong plane.

So can you please
put me on a flight

to Denver?

Let me check the computer

and see what's available.


( computer beeping )



Denver's experiencing
severe thunderstorms,

so all flights there
have been canceled

till the weather's cleared.

( sighs )


Guess I'm spending
the night in L.A.

Can I help you arrange
a ride somewhere?

Yeah, that'd be awesome.

Taxi or limo?


( girls giggling )

And I taught myself
to play guitar when I was nine.

And at 14
I started my own band.

That's right.

I tell you what!

When we land,

you had better
take me to a doctor

to check out
this sore.

That sore
ain't nothing.

Forget it.

It is so

Hey, boy, don't you
think this sore

ought to be seen
by a doctor?

I really
wouldn't know.

( retching )

Okay, your limo driver
will meet you here at the gate

in a few minutes.

Perfect. Thanks.

You're welcome.

( slobbering )
( slobbering )

Did you get
the dippin' sauce?

No, they only give you
dippin' sauce

with the chicken strips.

Yeah, well, the whole world

would just come to an end

if I dunked this chicken
leg in some dippin' sauce!

Why don't you shut that hole
under your nose?!

Oh, hey, hey.

Um, can I move

to that row up there,
please? Please?!

Uh, sure, go ahead.


Just going to...
try to get...

( thudding )

( grunts )

How you doing?

Oh, good, you?


What's up?

How are you?

You have a G-O?

That's cool, me, too.

That's great.

So how many songs
does yours hold?

( irritated sigh )

I don't know.

CAPTAIN ( over P.A. ):
This is Captain Mervyn.

Just letting you know
we'll be starting

our descent into Los Angeles
in just a few moments.

Herb, I've got to go
to the toilet!

Well, who's stopping you?

Oh, dear.

Looks like we're about
to hit a little turbulence,

so please keep
your seat belts fastened.

Aw, dang it!



Help me!

Help me!

Help me!

♪ It's going to take
some time to realign... ♪

Flight number 636
from San Diego has landed.

Passengers will be
de-planing in a moment.



You are Miss Megan?

That's me.

Ah... then your limousine
awaits you.


And where may I drive you today?

I'm not sure.

What's the best hotel
in Los Angeles?

Ah, that would be
the Chambrulay.

It is beautiful hotel.

Right by the beach.

Let's go.

May I take
your luggage?

You may.

Right this way.

WOMAN ( over intercom ):
...boarding at Gate Five.

Where's Nana?!

Well, how should I know?

We are boarding rows 17 to 23
at Gate Six.

You see Megan anywhere?


You think she
left the airport?


Man, she could be
anywhere in Los
Angeles by now.

Look, don't freak out,
all right?

She's got my cell phone number.

Let's just hang out here
until she calls.


Pacific Air baggage claim
is at Carousel One.

( sighs )

Pacific Air baggage claim
is at Carousel One.

( sighs )

Hope she's okay.


Man, where
could she be?

♪ I'm stepping out again ♪

♪ Changing is my friend ♪

♪ It never goes away... ♪

May we take
your bags?




So, you like
the Chambrulay?

I like the Chambrulay.

♪ It always comes back to me ♪

♪ It always comes back... ♪

Here we are--
the Presidential Suite.

I think you'll find the room
to your liking.

♪ It always comes back to me ♪

♪ It always comes
back to me ♪

♪ It always come back
to me... ♪

This'll work.

Paging Lisa Malyan.

Please pick up the mauve
courtesy phone.

Lisa Malyan.

( Megan singing along )
♪ Get over it ♪

♪ You can live without her ♪

♪ You can live without
the shallow conversation ♪

♪ Get over it ♪

♪ You can live without her ♪

♪ You can live
without the augmentation ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Deal with me ♪
♪ Deal with me ♪

♪ Deal with me ♪
♪ Deal with me ♪

♪ Deal with me ♪

♪ Wanting you to want me ♪

♪ Deal with me ♪
♪ Deal with me ♪

♪ Deal with me ♪
♪ Deal with me... ♪

( music stops )

( sighs )

Oh, my God.

A fridge filled
with awesome snacks?

Why doesn't everyone live here
all the time?

Why hasn't she called yet?

I don't know.

( phone ringing )

It-it's ringing!

I hear it ringing.



Megan, where are you?

At a hotel.

What are you doing
at a hotel?

Kicking back, having a smoothie

And what have you guys
been doing?

What have we been doing?

Well, first, we put you
on the wrong plane!

Yeah, congrats on reaching
a new level of boob-a-tude.

Where is she?

Wha-what hotel are you at?

The Chambrulay.

Presidential Suite.

And it is definitely sweet.

She's at the Chambrulay Hotel.

Okay, okay.

Megan, stay put.

We'll be there
as soon as we can.

You guys are here in L.A.?

Yes! Now don't move.

Don't worry.

♪ ♪

♪ We can drive all... ♪

All right,
let's go get a cab.

Wait. Where's the
Chambrulay Hotel?

Uh... I don't know.

WOMAN ( over intercom ):
Paging all passengers
to Las Vegas...

Come here.

...and Denver.


Um, uh, would you happen to know
where the Chambrulay Hotel is?

Santa Monica,
by the beach.


Let's go.

Come on, let's go,
let's go, let's go.

Flight 327 departing
at Gate Five.

Flight 327
departing at Gate Five.

( toilet flushing )

How was your flight?

All right.

Well, let's see it.

( laughing ):

Now we just better
hope that, uh...

Who's Josh Nichols?

What do you mean?

This isn't it.

You said you had it.

I-I did!

They-they... They must have
got switched on the plane.

What do you mean, switched?

A lady fell
on this kid, and...

The kid.

What kid?
The kid the lady fell on.

She was eating
this giant bucket

of fried chicken,
and she got all ticked off

'cause her husband didn't
get her any dipping sauce.

Did you know they won't
give you dipping sauce

unless you order
the chicken strips?

What kid?
This kid.
He sat in my row.

We've got his G-O,
he's got ours.

Oh, that's just great.

He could be
anywhere by now.

All right, calm down.

I know exactly where he is.

Thanks, buddy.

All right, let's go find
out what room Megan's in.

Okay, uh, but, uh...


I got to pee so bad, dude.

Can't you hold it?

Yeah... No.
I can't, I can't.

Okay, fine, fine,
you go pee.

When I find Megan's room,
I'll call you on your cell

and give you
the room number.


( engine revving )

Hey, it's Tony Hawk.

Wow. Yeah.

Mr. Hawk, how are you
this afternoon?

Good, thanks.

You know,

I have a skateboard.

Yeah, me, too.

( groans )


No, no!

This is unacceptable, David.

I have every right
to be ticked off.

TRL goes live
from Hollywood tomorrow.

Dude, I need

a music act.

Yeah, and it better be
somebody good.

Oh, come on, David.

Excuses aren't going
to help me.


You did the same thing to me
last year with Gwen Stefani.

Dude, you can't just cancel
a music act

the day before a show.

If you do this to me,

you are going to destroy
your reputation at MTV.

You want that to happen?

Then give me a music act.

Oh, sure.

How am I going to book Usher
for tomorrow?

Dude, he's touring
in Japan.

Try again.

( beep )

Show a cartoon?!

Dude, this is TRL.

Let me break this down
for you one more time.

We go live
from Hollywood tomorrow,

and you had better
give me someone

that I can use that is A-list,
that is good stuff.

♪ I don't know why... ♪


David, no.

You're making
me sick.

You're making me
physically ill.

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Wind up back in nowhere
with you... ♪

I'll call you back.

♪ Wind up back in nowhere ♪

♪ Wind up back in nowhere
with you... ♪

( song continues )

Oh, you...

you found my laptop. Weird.

( laughs )

Yeah. Weird.

Uh, Presidential Suite.

Come on, Presidential suite.

Ah, here we are.


Come on.

What's up, boob?

( sighs )

♪ Wind up back with you ♪

♪ Out back in nowhere... ♪

Okay, tell me
Drake's not awesome.

He's good.

He's great.

He's very good,
but the thing...

Look, I know
Drake's not a big star yet,

but he's gonna be.

You-you saw him perform.
Come on, I mean...

Y-you need to book a music act,
and Drake needs a shot.

Just give him three minutes
on TRL, and...

and when he wins
his first Grammy,

I swear, he'll thank you

for giving him
his first real break.

( sighs )

Never in a million years

would I book
an unsigned artist on TRL.


I'm gonna.


You have Drake

at Sunset Studios tomorrow
at 4:00 for sound check.

Sunset Studios,
4:00 sound check.

He goes on live at 5:30.

( screaming )

Can you believe it?


TRL, baby.

Oh, hug me, brother.

( making silly sounds )

Okay, you guys have
your little lovefest.

I'm gonna go down by the pool
and work on my tan.

Throw me my phone.

Okay, but do not
leave this hotel.

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, oh, I got to call
my band and tell them

to drive up here tomorrow.

I already did it.

Am I a good manager or what?

The best.

Man, man, I cannot believe
you booked me on TRL.

Hey, uh,
what song are you gonna do?

Oh, yeah,
I'm not sure.

All right, well, uh,
let's listen to all of them

and, uh, pick the best one.

You got all my songs
on your G-O?

Yeah, of course.

Ooh, I, uh, got a couple
on my laptop.

Just give me a sec
to download 'em.


Whoa, six bucks
for one can of soda?

Eh, I'm worth it.


This is weird.


Something's wrong with my G-O.

Where's my Clay Aiken playlist?

( G-O beeping )

I can't find any of my MP3s.

Try accessing them
from your laptop.


( typing )

United States
Treasury Department?

What is that, like a band?

I don't think so.

"Classified U.S.
currency codes."

Hey, hey, check it out.

It's a... it's high-res graphic
of a hundred dollar bill.

Why do you have diagrams
of money on your G-O?

I'm thinking this isn't my G-O.

I'm thinking
you're right.

Uh, who are you guys?

Hey, weren't-weren't you
on our plane?

Give us the G-O.


'Cause he said to.

Hey, give-give
him the G-O.

No. I'm thinking

they're up
to no good.

Is that what you think?

Hey, give that...

give that back.

Uh, okay.

Well-well, you know,

actually, we-we
got to go now...

Uh, get, hair-haircuts.

Yeah-yeah, haircuts.

I mean-I mean,
look at that hair.

Unruly, that's what it is!

What's wrong
with your hair?

There's nothing
wrong with his hair.

That's what I'm saying.

Yeah, well, uh,

we're just going
to, uh... run!

( groaning and whimpering )


I've been lifted!


( screams )

( Josh growling )

( karate yells )

( laughs )

You didn't
see nothing.

I didn't see nothing.

Josh, come on!


I can't, I can't,
I can't run anymore.

Dude, they're right behind us!

This is no time for wheezing!

Like I enjoy wheezing?

Oh, dude, here they come.

Come on.

Ooh, what are you doing?

Get in!

( panicked whimpering )

How'd I do that?

Just hang on.

( mutters )

Get back here!

( tires squealing )

Get in the car!

( tires squealing )

Dude, slow down.

Do you want those
goons to catch us?

Speed up!

Man, why do they want
your G-O so bad?

They don't want mine,
they want theirs.

Look, uh, mine
must've got switched

with that guy's on the plane.

So why are they chasing us?

I thought they got theirs
back from you already.

Yeah, but I got it
back from them.

Well, why'd you do that?!

'Cause, I think those guys
are up to something illegal.

So, what are you, a cop?

Oh, they're getting closer.


Hang on.

Wait, wait,
what are you going to do?!

( tires squealing )
( Josh screaming )

Turn around!

( truck horn honking )

Hurry! Come on!

Don't yell at me like that!

Would it kill you
to say "please"?

Hurry, please.

Was that so hard?

( glass breaking )

Get out of here!

What's the matter
with you, crazy?

( honking )

Did we lose 'em?

( sighs )


Drake, Josh, I'm back!

Drake? Josh?

Sure, they mess up my room,
and then leave me here,

while they go play in Hollywood.


( dial tone )

( phone ringing )

Yeah, I'd like to order
up some dinner.


Let's see.

I'll have some
macaroni and cheese

and a shrimp cocktail.

Do you have chocolate cake?


Oh, hey, can I get
a massage in this hotel?

In my room?

One sec.

I love it here.

You get Megan yet?

( busy signal )

The phone in her room
is still busy.

I can't believe
that we are in L.A.

driving a stolen car...

Hey, it's not stolen.


We borrowed it, okay?

Which is a perfectly
reasonable choice

when you're trying to avoid
being attacked by two maniacs.

I guess.

You really think
the police will understand?

Yeah, I mean, we'll
just tell them

we were minding our
own business and...

( siren chirps )

And speaking of
the police...

( siren chirps )

Dude, you better pull over.


( siren chirps )



Uh, look, I can totally
explain why we took this car.

We're victims
of circumstance.

Would you step out
of the vehicle, please?

Listen, we...
we really didn't
steal this car, okay?

Yeah, look, there were these two
goons and they were chasing us,

and we had no other choice.
We had to...

We know all that.

You do?

Listen, guys,
you're not in any trouble.

You did the right thing.

We're just going to need you
to come back to headquarters

with us to help us identify
the guys who assaulted you.

Oh, sure, no problem.

Yeah, let's do it.


Hey, is there going to be
a police sketch artist there?

'Cause I have, like,
this amazing memory for faces.

That's great.

You know, I'm not sure why,

but they seemed to be
very interested in this G-O.


I have several theories.

Now the big one...

Okay, what is
going on here?

Wait, you guys are the two...

Shut up.

I don't think
they're really with the FBI.

You think?

Hey, please!

( grunting )

Stop it, hey!

Wait, w-w-wait.

( grunting )

Get back in the car!

( Josh cries out )
Now we're mobile.

WOMAN ( on TV ):
He started it!

Here, take that!

( fighting )

( channel changes )

( woman speaking Spanish )

( channel changes )

( horse neighing )

( channel changes )

♪ I call it a waste of time ♪

♪ I wish I was
with you, tonight ♪

♪ Yeah, I wish I was
with you, tonight ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm pathetic ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Yes, I miss you ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ And well, after I'm through ♪

( Josh struggling )

Move it, get out of the car.

Ooh, hey, please. Ow.

All right.

( computer bleeping )

MAN ( over radio ):
We're here.


Bring them in.


( Josh and Drake groaning )

Where is it?

( bleeping )

I think we have our key.

Look, sir, I don't know
what this is all about,
Be quiet, Josh.

but I am in the
Honor Society,
Stop talking.

and my father happens
to be the weatherman

on KXTV in San Diego.

Dad's a goof, Josh.

So I demand that you

return us back to...
Lock 'em in there.

( Josh and Drake struggling )

( bleeping )

Hey, gentle, gentle, please.


( grunts )

That was not gentle!

( lock clicks )

( phone ringing )

( sighs )
♪ So I'm on the telephone
just the other night ♪

Where are they?

♪ It's 2:00 a.m.,
and no one's around but me ♪

♪ Just me and I... ♪

( distant dog barking )

( grunting )

( nervously ):
time is it?

( deep voice ):
Uh, 2:00 in the morning.

2:00 in the morning. 2:00.

Man, I'm supposed to play
live on TRL in 15 hours.

I wish I knew
what they were up to.

( yawns )



( strained grunt )

What is it?

I don't know. Shh.

Okay, let's see if
the information on this thing

is worth what we paid.

( high-pitched electronic
bleeping )

Is it working or not?

I think so.


One sec.

( bleeping )

I think we're good to go.

( machine whirs )

( machine whining )

And there it is!


( clapping )

( talking excitedly )

Whoa. Look at that.

It's a money machine.


Yeah, I saw a story
on the news.

Someone stole
a U.S. currency machine

from Washington
three days ago.

So what's the G-O for?

It probably
has codes on it

that make
the money machine work.

Kind of like
an electronic key.


( panicked shouting )

( chuckling ):
Oh, hey, fellas.

Want to play? Eh?

( phone ringing )


Good morning, Miss Parker.

This is your wake up call.




No new messages.

( sighs )

( dialing )

( bleeping )

( indistinct chatter )

Can you get it?

I think.


( latch clicks )

Got it.


Okay, I'm going to
take a look outside.

( door squeaks )


Okay, there's just
two of them by the door,

so here's the plan:

We sneak up on them,

and when I yell, "Now,"

you hit the one
on the left with this.


And I'll hit the other one
with, uh...

Ah. With this.

Got it.

All right, and
when they go down,

we run out the door
as fast as we can

and try and get
someone's attention.

Okay, you set?

( fence jangles )

( softly ):


We thought you'd fall down.

( both yell )

( grunting )


Now I can keep an eye on you.

Don't move.

Could we at least
get some food?

Thank you.
( sighs )

( bleeping )

Wait. Wait, back up.

18141. This is it.

I'll be back
in a sec.

( indistinct chatter )

( whispering ):
Hey, look behind you.



( whistling )

( whistling )

( coughs )

( metallic clatter )

( whistling )

( Josh coughs )

( conversing )

( Josh whistling )

( computer bleeping )

Okay, here.

Don't cut all
the way through.

Make it look like
you're still tied up.

( whistles )

( whistling )

( computer bleeping )

( indistinct chatter )

( dialing )

( phone ringing )

Los Angeles Police Department.

What is your emergency?

My name is Megan Parker,
and I'm at 18141 E. Addison.

I need cops now!

Please repeat your message.

Your cell phone is breaking up.

( garbled transmission )

They've got my brothers
tied up inside,

and they're printing
tons of money!

Hey, did you hear that?


( breaking up ):


Miss, can you hear me?


( beeping )

( computer bleeping )

Half a billion dollars.
( laughing )


I think life in Brazil
is going to be pretty sweet.

What about them?

What's up, guys?

You gonna let
us go now?

Yeah, we swear,
we won't say a word

about your money or anything.

I wish I could believe that.

What are you going
to do with us?

Let's just say...

I hope you boys
are very good swimmers.

All right, get the money
loaded on the vans.

We're moving out.

( both muttering )

( whispering ):
What are you doing?


♪ ♪

Hey, what's going on?!

( panicked shouting )

Grab the money.

Where's the switch?

Look out!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Who turned
on the fan?!

I don't know.

MAN 1:
Who turned it on?

MAN 2:
Where's the switch?

MAN 1:
Somebody help me.

Just shut them off!

Turn them off!
Who turned it on?

Let's go.
Where's the switch?

Get the kids!

Get the kids!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

( grunting )

( both grunt )

( Josh whimpering )

Dude, that way, come on,
come on, come on!

( both yelling )

Get them!

He's up by
the barrels!

Hey, you!

That's it!

Josh, go!


Where'd they go?

I love L.A.!

( sirens wailing )

OFFICER ( over radio ):
18141 E. Addison Street.

Drake, help!

Help, Drake!


( grunts )

Get them away
from the machine!

Hey, Josh, Josh!

Josh! Look out!


Hang on, Drake!

I'm coming!

( yelling )

( Josh groaning )

Get the other one!

( yelling )

( all shouting )

( blow lands )

( groaning )

Come on, dude.

Look out!

Right behind you.

Josh, go!
Where'd he go?



( whirring slows )

Oh, no.

( groans )

Okay, okay.

( both whimpering )

Oh, Drake, I'm sorry.

Nobody move!

Hands behind
your heads!

( helicopter blades whirring )

( grunts )
I'm nauseous.

( whimpering )

Yo, yo.

Hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa.

Ow. Ow.

( sighs )
( sighs )

( helicopter flying overhead )

That's their leader,

Milo McCreary.

He's one of the FBI's
Ten Most Wanted.

Yeah, that comes
as no surprise.

He is not friendly.

No, he is not.

You're lucky we got here
when we did.

That was pretty smart of you
guys turning those fans on.

Yeah, they're brilliant.

Who's that guy?

I think
that's Tony Hawk's manager.

Tony Hawk?

What's his manager doing here?

Well, I imagine he came
to get Tony's car back.

We stole
Tony Hawk's Viper?!


You the guys
who took Tony's car?

Yeah, but man,
but look, I am so sorry.

We didn't mean to...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... easy. Easy.

Detective Campbell
called my office

and explained everything.
It's cool.

Wait, so Tony's not mad?

He said if two goons
were chasing him,

he'd steal a car, too.

Yeah, who wouldn't, huh?

It's a natural

Okay, if you guys
don't need me anymore,

I'm going to Denver.

Hey, wait.

Don't you need our help
getting to Denver?

Yeah, I need your help.


Yes, Miss Megan?

How much to drive me
to the airport?

Mm... approximately $75.

Keep the change.

Yes, Miss Megan. Yes.

Oh, man.

TRL-- you're supposed
to go on in 25 minutes.

Oh, that's right.


Uh, uh...

Come on.
Um, uh...

Where is it?

Uh, uh, Sunset Studios.

Ooh. That's a 45 minute
drive from here.

We're never going
to make it.

Well, you might with a fast car.

Wait, y-you're going
to let us use Tony's car?

Yeah, why not?

He's got three of them.

Yeah, that's awesome.

Hey, why don't you give
these guys a police escort?

I don't really think...

What, come on,
they helped you capture a guy

on the FBI's
Ten Most Wanted list.

Give them an escort.

Come on.
Will you get me
an autograph from Tony?


Cates. Dunbar.

Get these guys to Sunset Studios
in Hollywood, fast as you can.

Oh, this is insane!

I'm going to be on TRL.

Yeah, if we get
there in time.

Come on, let's go,
let's go, let's go.
All right.

( engine revs loudly )

( rock music playing )

( sirens wailing )

Hit it, brother!

( tires squealing )

( guitar tuning up )

Okay, let's hurry up, people.

We go live in 23 minutes.

That Drake Parker's band?


So where's Drake?

( sirens wailing,
loud rock music playing )

♪ I don't care,
we won't leave 'em there ♪

♪ I don't care, we won't
leave 'em there... ♪

( tuning guitar )

18 minutes.

18 minutes.

( sirens wailing )

( engine revving )

♪ To save a man ♪

♪ To save a man... ♪

( audience cheering )

All right, coming up
a little later here on TRL,

we've got a live performance
from Hollywood,

by a brand-new artist
named Drake Parker.

( cheering )

( sirens wailing )

Come on,
get out of the way. Hurry.

Move it, grandma!

15 minutes.

( sirens wailing )

( tires screech, crashing )



( tuning guitar )

12 minutes.

( sirens wailing )

♪ To save a man... ♪

( tires squealing )

( sirens wailing )

Live in two minutes, folks.

( sirens approaching )

Let them through, let them
through, let them through.

He's here!
Get his guitar!

Okay, that's it.

I'm calling New York
and telling them

to pull the plug on this.

He's here.

Okay, let's go!

He's lucky.

♪ To save a man ♪

♪ To save a man,
to save a man. ♪


You're late.

Come on, come on, come on.

Hey, sorry I'm late.

Yeah, we'll discuss that later.

30 seconds.

Just get in front
of those cameras.

Hey. I got you.

All right, cool.

How do I look?


10 seconds.

Josh. Off.

You gonna make me proud?

Watch this.

All right.

Okay, right here on TRL,

he is an up-and-coming artist
from San Diego.

You may not
have heard of him, but you will.

Let's make some noise
for Drake Parker!

( upbeat pop music plays )

( cheering )

♪ Hollywood girl is lost again ♪

♪ All of her hopes
left her stranded ♪

♪ The seasoned dreams
are just pretend ♪

♪ And she can't stand it ♪

♪ Why'd it have
to happen to me? ♪

♪ Why'd it have
to hurt so bad? ♪

♪ 'Cause in this town ♪

♪ Can't find up,
but I found down ♪

♪ In the city life ♪

♪ Can't turn around ♪

♪ Can't give up,
I feel too proud ♪

♪ Under the city lights ♪

( audience cheering )

♪ She doesn't believe
in believing ♪

♪ Miracles have died
in her mind ♪

♪ She knows
the world is deceiving ♪

♪ Everything
is wastin' her time ♪

♪ Why'd it have
to happen to me? ♪

♪ Why'd it have
to hurt so bad? ♪

♪ 'Cause in this town ♪

♪ Can't find up,
but I found down ♪

♪ In the city life ♪

♪ Can't turn around ♪

♪ Can't give up,
I feel too proud ♪

♪ Under the city lights ♪

♪ Get in line
and hold your head high ♪

♪ A pretty face
will help you get by ♪

♪ Step inside,
I'll make your tears dry ♪

♪ So put on your smile ♪

♪ 'Cause in this town ♪

♪ Can't find up,
but I found down ♪

♪ In the city life ♪

♪ Can't turn around ♪

♪ I can't give up,
I feel too proud ♪

♪ Under the city lights. ♪

( cheering )

( song ends )

( cheering )

( cheering )


Dude, awesome.
Best ever.

Thanks, dude.

Drake, Mitch Gordon.

I book talent for MTV.

Oh, oh, right.
Hey, thank you so much

for having me on, man.

Thank you. You're good.

You ought
to have a record deal.

Well, I'm available.

Oh, is he available.

So available.

if you can arrange

a trip to New York,

I can hook you up
with Alan Crim.

At Spin City Records?

Yep. I think he'd
be impressed with you.

And, hey,

thanks for being

so pushy in the men's room.

You saved my butt.

Any time.


Your veal chop's here.

Ooh, got to run.

See you guys in New York.

Enjoy your veal.

Dude, I cannot believe

what has happened to us
these past couple of days.

Yeah, I know.

I bet it won't be too hard

to write about your greatest
adventure ever, huh?

Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.

Hey, so, how does
it feel to play

to millions of people
on national TV?

How does it feel to be
the best band manager ever?

Oh, okay.

Well, brother, it's just
you and me in Hollywood.

What do you want
to go do?

You were so awesome.

Oh, thanks.

Hey, this is my brother, Josh.

Can we hang out with you guys?



Yes, you can.

♪ You're feeling blind ♪

♪ And I can see
you're pressed for time ♪

♪ But mine has just begun ♪

♪ I think I'll grab
my sword and run ♪

♪ To where my life
could maybe take me ♪

♪ Take me ♪

♪ Like a star
that was meant to shine ♪

♪ And like the words
that were meant to rhyme ♪

♪ I believe it will be my time ♪

♪ If I ♪
♪ I get it right ♪

♪ If I ♪

♪ I get it right ♪
♪ If I ♪

♪ I get it right ♪

♪ If I could only ♪

♪ I get it right ♪

♪ If I could only ♪

♪ I get it right ♪

♪ Ah-ah... ah... ♪

( song ends )

( bell dings )