Draguse or the Infernal Mansion (1976) - full transcript

Tasked to write erotica, an historian rents an empty house to avoid distraction, only to find it comes with its own muse which then proceeds to involve him in his own stories.

This damn dream again.

It's an obsession.

Still, I'm not mad.

My name is David Leger.

I'm an historian and I don't
believe in the supernatural.

But I'm still spending all my nights

in a house where I've never been before.

And where I don't recognize anything.

In a woman's company.

Always the same.
I don't know her name.

How lucky of me!

Some people meet

Ursula Andress or Brigitte bardot

in their dreams.

Me, I'm meeting a fanatic
who thinks she's Nostradamus.

And no way for me to waken up.

I'm accustomed now to the pentacle trick

that makes me appear.

Now I'm present in the room.
Or I believe I am.

So, what does she want with
me that two-bit magician?

At last! What's happening to me?

I have a mistress.

She satisfies me.

I have no particular vice.

What am I doing in this erotic delirium!

Of course, I'm not forced to look.

But how do you close
your eyes when dreaming?

Hypocrite. Dare saying
you don't like that.

Don't you want to see more?

Don't you want me to
be completely naked?

If only I could get free

and get out of the pentacle.

I would show you, then!

But you can't, my little David!

That's the exciting part!



What's the matter!
You frightened me, David!

I'm sorry, Julie.
It's those damn pills.

Again those pills.
It's not fun sleeping with you.

Shit! I'm late!

I have to hurry!

I have an appointment at 10
with Jerome for my contract.

Another translation for free?

That's the only contracts you
get from your publisher.

Not this time! He's going to
publish my "Queens of Scotland".

You and your historical stuff.
Nobody wants to read that!

Only sex is selling nowadays!

What do you know about litterature?
Apart from the tabloids you read

there's nothing interesting you.

Money is interesting me!
When do we leave this crummy room?

It's not the time to talk about
money. I have to hurry

Don't you think you forget something?

Before Jerome you have
an appointment with me.

A quick one then!

I'm sorry but Jerome hates to wait.

How elegant of you!

My dear David, I have
excellent news for you.


With pleasure. Thank you.

You'd like to collaborate more closely
with our house, wouldn't you?

There's now an opportunity for you. Our
lecture comittee gathered yesterday.

I must say I did my best
to put you forward.

And do you know what
decision they made?

I suppose it's about a
new collection.

A series which I would direct

and where I could write regularly.

Excellent idea!

I'm sure the story of the Queens
of Scotland will be a great seller.

Come on, David.

Let's be realistic. You wouldn't
sell more than 1.000 copies.

I'm sorry. We have plans for an erotic
novels collection. Very erotic novels.

You will start at once and pump
up the first two titles of the series.

Me? I'm an historian.

And then?

You know how to write. That's what's
important. Take an alias if you wish.
You won't be the first.

That's really not my
type of litterature.

Where will I get inspiration?

Anywhere you want. In our times
eroticism is dished up in every shape.

On the other side, what you
need is a quiet place to work.

You can't keep on writing
in a hotel's room. Take this.

He takes out his tool..

and runs after the girl
looking at him..

then she opens her...

No! I could never write
something so silly!

Damn! My make-up!

You're finished mumbling?
What's the matter?

I have two porn books
to write and no idea at all!

What you need is a little
more erotic fantasies!

I can give you some inspiration
if you want.

You? You only want to fuck!

No. Jerome is right. I'm going to
rent a country house to find my muse.

I'm going to the country
to recuperate.

Without me?
You don't love me anymore?

Come on, Julie!
Stop your show!

By the way, did Jerome
give you an advance?

Not before he gets the first manuscript.
But he's ok to pay the rent.

That's great!

I need quietness and loneliness!

Meaning I have to wait
for you here alone.

Don't make a scene about it!

Jerome covered all the angles,
didn't he?

Go to hell!

Like I told you.
The house is in a bad spot.

No shops nearby and noisy neighbours.

And impossible to find a housemaid.

It's really not for you.

The house of my dream!

Here I will meet my muse.

It looks like it's waiting for me.

Come with me. I will show you the Ibis.
You will love them.

It's useless, Mr Jouve.

I rent this one.

Give me the keys.

You're wrong. The phone line is cut off and
the house is vacant since a very long time.

Anyway, I'm not getting inside.

Cheer up! I'm watching this crappy
movie and then back to work.

Someone's there?

I don't know why but this
house is getting me nervous.

And now I need cigarettes.

The long walk to
the drugstore is a drag but

all the other shops are
closed at this hour.

"A prostitute's memories"

That's my subject!

It should not be too hard to find
a girl agreeing to tell her story

against some money.

Buckle up and let's go to the woods!

Two hours lost!

They must be on strike again!

Maybe I'll be more lucky

near the St Cucufa's woods.

There's always two or
three girls hanging there.

As usual! A dumb ass is
blocking the way with his car!

At last! Maybe the walk will
help me find a storyline.

Hey, good-looking, look here!

I'll give you a price.

You come with me, my big wolf?

Ok but at my home.

I'm following you.


I take off my clothes?

No need.

I'm paying you to talk.

Like we agreed.

I thought it was an excuse.

Absolutely not? Scotch?

If you want.

You need stories to get excited.

What do you want to hear from me?
I'm not used to talk about me.

It's always the same.

I always fall on strange guys.

Lucky me.

You look square at first sight.

For all I care.
After all, it's you paying.

I'm writing an erotic novel
and I'm counting on you

to give me ideas.

I'm listening to you.

You sure you don't want?

Why did you stop?

Keep going.

I don't know what striked me.
I acted unconsciously.

I was in a strange mood.

It's not a big help for my book.
Tell me the story of your life.


Come here, then.

Did you hear that?

What's the matter?

Your clothes?

Hello? I'm listening?

Come on, speak up!

Who are you?

Answer now! What do you
want from me?

Don't you know?

I just want to help you.

To supply to your inspiration.

It's you, Julie?

No need to disguise your voice.
It's not funny.

Did you try to call Paulette?

Which one, the red-hair or the
giant at the club?

No, the beautiful stewardess
at Roissy.

She seemed very comprehensive!

Yes but Jos? thought of her before
you and he's got a Ferrari.

Want a smoke?

It's hard to believe we can't
find a girl to spend the night.

We should have wake up earlier.
Don't fret, we'll go to the woods.

You sure there's no other
name on your agenda?

I'm pretty sure.
I've watched all the pages.

Too bad.


Excuse-me, Mrs, but I heard
involuntarily your conversation.

You're looking for a woman, I think.

If you want to put us up with a
call-girl, it's useless. We're broke.

I'm not a pimp. It's not about money.

My niece Draguse is forced to stay at
home and she gets bored.

Draguse? It's a nice name.

Draguse has probably cellulitis,
forty years, and falling breasts.

Sir, my proposition is
not concerning you.

Two is a number,
three is a crowd.

And you, then?

I'm just trying to
find company for my niece.

You're coming?

Why not?

As usual, I'm getting ditched!

What about the living model?
Not disappointed?

On the contrary.


Dinner is served.

I leave you alone.
Soup, terrine,

chicken with jelly, rice salad,

and sorbet with liqueur.

It's much too much!

At home we say: "Enjoy each
meal as if it was the last.
00:32:00,100 --> 00:32:01,689
You will die a happy man."

Of an indigestion, no doubt about it!

From which country you come?

We're hungarians, uncle and I.

I hope you like Tokey.

It gives an...

exquisite perfume to the meat.

Don't you eat with me?

We already had supper.

That's enough.

-I've drink too much already.
-Tokey never hurt anyone.

Drink, to make me happy.

You really want me?

You're the most beautiful
wife I've ever met.


I'm back in a jiffy.


you leave him to me!

Hello, Mr Thomas.

What will you have today?

Mr, please, give me a nice
and tender steak.

Not like the other time.
It was too thick and not good at all.

-A real strange taste.
-You will feast on this meat.

It's extra fresh.

If you're sure of that.

It was slaughtered yesterday.

I've bleeded it myself!

The Trone Fair.

Vincennes plaza was blocked, crowded
with people when Mr Louis arrived...

But...that's my dream!

That's impossible.

Or I've become a sleepwalker.

Mr Jouve, come in,
the gate is not locked.

You bring my lease, I suppose.

You did fast.

The house suits you?

I would even say it's an inspiration.

Come inside, we'll be better
to take a close look.

No need. I'm in a hurry.

If you want, you read it
and return it signed by mail.

But it's the matter of two minutes!
It's the classic lease, isn't it?

Except for clause 26.

The buyer, being aware of the place and
its condition, and accepting it in its state,

release the agency from all forms
of responsiblility concerning nuisances

or unusual phenomenons he could be
victim of in the said place.

What does it mean?

A simple formal clause. We had a few
problems in the past with this house.

Do you understand me?


Is it insanitary, is the roof
about to collapse or what?

Absolutely not. The walls of this
house stand up to anything.

The problem is with the mood...
You know what I mean?

Listening to you, one could suspect
the house of being haunted?

-Not at all.
-Be reassured, Mr Jouve.

The mood suits me to the perfection.

I almost forgot, did you have
the phone repaired?

Not yet. I'm taking care of that today.

Hello? I'm listening?

Mr David Leger?

It's me. I'm listening.

I'm a secretary.

Your publisher asked me to get in touch
with you to meet you tonight if you can.

-I'm not disturbing you?

No. Not at all.

I'm coming tonight then.

I'm waiting for you.

See you soon then

See you later.

A secretary!


These novels mean a lot to Jerome.

And I've just ten pages to show him.

I don't even know how I wrote them!

At last! What a job!

It's me calling you earlier.

Come in, please.

Here. That's all I wrote so far.

And then?

I have to find a storyline.

I don't know yet which one.

I need to find a good idea.

Why don't you write the
story of this house?

Each one of these rooms has
certainly been the witness

of an important event.

I may be able to help you.

It's a furnished house, apparently.

Some strange things might have
happened in here.

I'm sure I could help you.

To write erotic stories?

Why not?

One never thinks that in this area

women have a lot to say.

Let's suppose that

a young schoolgirl lived here.

Let's call her Christine.
Do you want?

I'm coming.

"Mary lickered her lips.

She was terribly tense."

Don't go too fast, Mr Harold.
I can't follow you.

We stopped at "lickered her sleep"

Lips, not sleep. Be more careful!


Like this?

Yes...No, stop monkeying!
You're here to work.

It's so hot in here!
I'm dying of thirst.

-Don't you want a drink?
-Beer, if you have some.

But hurry up.
You got to finish your dictation.

I must talk to your father
about your progress.

It's absolutely necessary, you know.

Not today. My parents
went out for dinner.

I'm free for the evening.

It's full of spelling mistakes!

You're not applying yourself enough.

Damn! I'm wetting myself!

Leave me! Please!

Leave me alone!

I'd like to ask you a question.

If I may be of any help to you.

Your story, last evening,

who told it to you? Don't lie
to me. I know it wasn't an invention.


Would you be mysoginous?

You think I'm not able
to make up this kind of story?

I found a doll made of
wax in a drawer.

With a bow tie around the neck.

Then I just need to make up
another story to get you convinced.

Mr the great writer!

By example...

With this phonograph as an inspiration.
Do you want?

Let's say your house is occupied

by a man of your age.
Let's call him Eric.

He's chief accountant in a big
import-export company.

He's punctual, gracious.

Never bad tempered.

Eric is the perfect employee.

He has only one hobby.

Apparently innocuous.

Photography. But..


It must be nice living in such an
old house. You live alone?

Ya. I hope you won't be bothered
too much by the dizorder inzide.

The maid is kaput.

Don't knock yourself about that!
I know what it means to be a bachelor.

Like they say : As much
dust as pictures of naked women!

I'm sorry, Mr Eric!

I know you're not that type.

Or else I wouldn't have
accepted your invitation.

My dear Sarah, don't apologize.

Let's get inzide schnell, if you want.

It's the firzt time you're
pozing for a photographer.

We must drink to zat!

Swell! Champagne!

It's sure that no-one
will see the pictures?

I don't want that at the office..

Don't worry. I'll keep zem here.
Zey're for my perzonal ztudiez.

OK then. You will give me a set?


I'm going to prepare the ztudio.

You can join me when
you will be undrezed.

First door down the ztaircaze.

Eric? Where are you?

I'm here, Sarah. Get nearer.

It's you, Eric?

Don't move.
This poze is perfect.

What does it mean?
Why this uniform?

I want my photoz to be authentik!
Is zat clear?

Fraulein Ingrid! Take care of her!

I don't want anymore.

I'm the one here saying what I want.
You just have to obey.

Unfortunately for Sarah,

Frau Ingrid did not only loved women,
she killed them too.

Under the eyes of her lover who
was having great pleasure at
taking snapshots of her victims.

It's completely crazy!
And the corpse?

There's a large stretch of soil
near the garage.

Let's suppose they buried
the corpses there?

So, that's the famous house?

There's nothing extraordinary
about it, you know.

My dear David, you don't know
nothing about that.

Let me take care of
the publicity stunt.

We have a success, old pal.

I give you my word. We guarantee you
100.000 copies sold out. What about that?

-The most important is the next novel.

When will it be finished?

Very soon.

Your secretary was a big help.

To be honest, she's a very
precious collaborator.

Which secretary?

The temporary one you sent me.

Me? It's a joke?
I swear I sent you no-one.

-As usual.

We had an appointment, didn't we?

Why the long face? You look
like you've just seen a ghost.

It's not the time to make cracks.
I want some explanations.

I bet you received news
from your publisher.

Yes and that's the strange part.
He's positive about not knowing you.

Pour me a drink and I promise
I will tell you the truth.

It's simple enough but I
couldn't help mystifying you.

Especially when I learned that Mr
Jouve had rented this house to a writer.

Mr Jouve?

I'm a secretary at the agency.

That's why I could come
only in the evening.

But then...your stories?

They're not mine. They come
straight from our archives.

This house has always bring
bad luck to his tenants.

Until now.

And until me. Your stories
will transform into a novel.

I'm happy about that.

Do you have an explanation for this?

Without the glasses, you're the
spitting-image of this portrait.

Nothing can be hidden from you,
my little painter!

Well. Let's get back to work.

But I have something to tell you first.

Without you my novel wouldn't exist.

I don't know how to thank you.

I know a way.

To your novel.

To my muse.

Hello? Jerome?
It's Julie.

Hello Julie.

I've just received the proofs. David's
with you? It needs to be corrected.

But you don't know?

About what?

I'm back from London. We signed
the contract for the english edition.

David is confined to bed.
An unexplainable illness. He's paralyzed.


Impossible! I've seen him two
days ago. He seemed in perfect health.

Nobody understands.
He doesn't say a word.

He's reacting to nothing. He looks
like he suffered from a violent trauma.

Poor David!

Do you think he could heal?

Physically, maybe.

But its state of hallucinatory
delirium is very worrying.

He's haunted by a certain "Draguse"
whom he thinks is present in the house.

How is he, Miss?

Always the same, Dr.
I'm going to give him his injection.

We have to spare him.


My poor David?

Who would listen to your story?

Nobody would believe you.

You're mine, now.

Only mine.


We have long hours ahead of us

that I will use to disturb you.

Look at me.

My body will be your jail.

For eternity.



timings: meatisgood
translation: aloysius70