Dragstrip Girl (1957) - full transcript

Girl loves hot cars and a rich dragstrip racer. Her parents don't like either one.

(dramatic music)

(engine revving)

- Hey!

- [Dispatcher] Unit 1623, speeding cars,

Atwater District, east on 3rd.

Unit 1623, speeding cars.

(siren blaring)

- New cap to the cage, I saw her first.

- She's more my type.

She likes to live dangerously.

She handles this bucket of bolts

like there's no tomorrow.

- A short and merry life, that's for me.

- Well, welcome to Hot Rodville.

How about a few statistics?

- I'd say 36, 24, 36.

- Who, what, when, phone number.

- Sex, opposite.

Louise Blake, eight days removed from Salt Lake City.

(siren blaring)

- Uh-oh, the law.

Hey, we better slip into Mama's

and get lost in the crowd.

Hey, yeah, get out of those clothes.

- Look, if you need any help.

- I managed for 18 years.

- Hey, come on, come on, let's get outta here (whistling).

- [Dispatcher] 583T8 a traffic accident.

4329 Garth Wait.

- Some hot shot Roman charioteer.

I'd like to get my hands on him.

- We're not the only hot rodders in town Lieutenant.

- You got the market cornered on all the crazy ones.

You, for instance.

- Who me?

I'm just a clean living, fun loving American delinquent.

- Who wouldn't have one hair,

not one solitary hair.

- Shut up clown.

- Hey, well, you're witnesses, police brutality.


- One of the drivers was a girl.

- Do I qualify?

- I know, it was Mama.

- Shut up your mouth.

I would sooner ride in electric chair

as one of them use the gas stoves.

- How about you?

You do a little joy riding this afternoon?

- That's not my idea of kicks.

- You're telling me.

- I was here all afternoon helping Tiny

with is exhaust system.

It was on the blink.

- I feel much better now, thanks.

- This is a new one.

You know anything about this?

- Why, I don't even know what you're

talking about Lieutenant.

- She doesn't have help, Lieutenant,

but she will be because I'm taking over her education.

- You kid squawk your heads off for a drag strip.

You get it and what happens?

You start driving on city streets.

You won't be happy till you're facing a judge

for knocking over some poor slob of a pedestrian.

- You mean that ain't legal.


- Well, which of you heroes want

to take a bow for that blast.

That's all we need to look good for the city fathers.

- Oh, man, who wants their lousy strip.

They're taking all the kicks out of this jazz.

- I do, and there's a few others, too.

- Wee, a little organ music please.

- Do you mind if I use your garage?

My wagon needs all kinds of work on it.

- Sure, I'll show you where things are.

- Look, I'll be a hand.

He doesn't know his way around a can opener.

- If we need any help, we'll send for you.

- The more the merrier.

- Why, it's gonna be a lively summer after all.

- Just like that, she takes over.

- Okay, how's the betting going?

- I'll bet on Fred's bank roll.

- Not me, I'd pick Jim.

He's the strong, virile romantic type, like me,

huh Rhoda?

- You smell for formaldehyde.

- You see, I told you.

(big band music)

- Mama, nourishment, quick.

One malted Mama.

- Want money first.

- Oh, but due to circumstances beyond my control.

- Me, too.

No malted.

- But no more vitamins and I die, Mama.

- Stay thirsty (speaking foreign language)

No more credit, you understand.

What are you gonna tell him.

He wants to charge something.

Louder, so he can hear you.

That's better.

You you're talking.

(engine idling)

- I'm think I'm caressing the side sway

by zinging the frame

and then I'll de-arch the front and rear springs

about an inch, what do you think?

- I think I'll come over to your house tonight.

- Uh-huh.

And then I'll re-roll the spring eyes.

- Those eyes.

- Spring eyes.

- Hey, what's going on here.

- Oh, get lost, man.

Can't you see we're in conference.

- Oh, my gosh, I was supposed to be home

an hour ago.

I gotta cut out.

- What time tonight?

- Listen, you two-bit valve grinder.

- 8:30'll be just fine.

- I thought you made a date with me?

- Well, I think you're both fun.

What don't you come together.

(engine cranking)

- Be smart.

Stay home.

Be a waste of time for you to go.

- I'll be there.

May the best man win.

- That's one time you're not copping the prize, chum.

- Your mother didn't see you drive in like that.

What's the big excitement?

- I met some of the crazies this afternoon.

A positive lunatic.

- You mean you're really gonna let us

live in this town after all?

- Two of them are coming over after while.

- Two of them?

You're a real whiz once you get started.

Baby, don't you think you better

get out of those clothes.

- Oh, I forgot.

- You drove up this driveway a little too fast.

Maybe I made a mistake buying you

this souped up set of coils.

Maybe your mother was right.

- Oh, don't get preachy Deacon.

I know how to handle it.

- Famous last words.

There you go.

But don't you abuse it or I'll ground you.

- Oh, sour puss.

- Louise.

The dress banker phone.

You didn't keep your appointment.

- Well, I got sidetracked.

At a garage.

I met a bunch of cats who manicure motors

and they're just mad for HP.

- HP?

- Not the sauce, mom, horsepower.

Jim's car hits 115 and he's trying for more.

You'll see, he's bringing it over tonight.

- Tonight?

Well, Jim, who?

- I don't know his last name.

- Oh, really Louise?

- I know Fred's though.

It's Armstrong and he's loaded with loot.

He drives a sports jump.

- And you met them at this garage?

- Well, naturally.

- Oh, honey, I wish your father

hadn't bought you that stupid car.

Besides it being dangerous,

well, it's unfeminine.

I wonder what our new neighbors think of us?

- Oh, not that routine, Ma.

I had that one for lunch.

- A speed demon for a daughter.

- Well, it's a speedy age we live in.

Can I go clean up?

- Louise, you're just covered with grease.

- Oh.

Must have soaked through my coveralls.

Well, I was tired of these old rags anyway.

- Oh, Louise, do be serious.


That's the last thing in the world I want to be.

All that jazz comes soon enough.

- Yes, you do look like him, very much.

- You mean to say you engineered this whole thing yourself?

- Yes, sir.

- I'll be darned.

- I certainly hope you intend to make

a career out of it.

This kind of talent shouldn't be wasted.

- It'll help if I win the USAA Regional Sweepstakes.

All your college course goes with it.

- Oh, when will they be held?

- A little less than three weeks.

- Dad, you haven't even read your paper yet.

- It can wait.

- So you're the son of Thomas Armstrong.

- Yes, ma'am.

- It's almost 10:30.

- Is it really?

I suppose you two do want to be acquainted.

- I'm very anxious to do that little thing.

- You must let us see you often Fred.

- Well, say the word and I'll move in.

It's very nice meeting you.

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight, have fun.

- You let me know when those tests are being held.

I want to be there.

- Excuse me sir, there's one coming up right now.

- Well, they sure crowd you in these jobs, don't they.

- Hey, this is no good.

- Try this.

- Maybe if I change the rear-end in a 378.

- Ooh, watch your language there.

- I hope we can strangle Rick at the qualifying trial.

He's got a heap of venge in there.

- Oh, you're telling me.

I only got a week to get this bomb in shape.

- Tommy.

Are you going to be at that all day?

- Try to be brave little one.

- It's all Jim's fault.

He's a menace to our sex.

- Yeah, somebody called.

- I wish he'd menace me a little.

- What you need is a richer fuel mixture

and a new deferential.

- Don't wanna go machine shopping.

You had a 16,000 inch boy.

- Ooh, then we could use your head

to drill fence posts poles.

- Hmm, I knew you'd get to love me sooner or later.

- All that work and for what?

A scholarship.

If he wins the sweepstakes.

- Yeah, I'm glad I'm staying out of that one.

It'll be just my luck to win.

- Oh, sure, with that garbage heap of yours.

- Oh, all this is getting us nowhere.

Let's go split a glass of water.

(engine idling)

- Hi.

- Hiya.

- How's it coming?

- Okay.

Just about to take her out for a run,

wanna come along?

- I'm your girl.

- Can I have that in writing?

- Sure.

- Pardon me, would you mind getting off my foot.

Let's go.

(engine blasting)

(tires screeching)

- Fred?


You gonna lend me that hundred?

- Why should I?

What am I, a sucker.

- A hundred bucks and I can scorch

the grill of Jim's wheels in the competition.

- What's it to me?

You know, my father says that's

the first question you ask when someone

wants to borrow money.

What's in it for me.

Aw, get your dirty paws off me.

- Am I'm gonna see you tonight?

- My mother asked Fred to drop over.

- It's pretty obvious your mother

doesn't think too much of me.

- She thinks all hot rodders are lunatics, including me.

- Sure doesn't seem to mind sports cars,

especially when they're owned by one of the Armstrongs.

- You're jealous I hope.

- Is that the way you like it?

- What girl doesn't?

- Is that why you're playing Fred off against me

and vice versa.

- Let's not be serious, come on, open her up.

- That's a bad spot.

- Come one, don't be a creep.

- You sure got a wild streak in you.

Boy, I'm gonna have to start taming that.

- Well, not now.

Lean on it.


(tires screeching)

Man, that was just a little too close.

- Could've killed them.

- You didn't, that's the main thing.

- I'm shook up.

- That's not all your fault.

She should have used the crosswalks.

Come on, let's get rolling.

Let's take her out of town and open her up.

It's safer there.

- No, this'll do me for a long time.

A woman and a kid.

- Don't tell me you're reforming.

- Yeah, I guess you could call it that.

- Well, I'll have to see that you get over that.

Come on, let's go.

(engine rustling)

- I thought it'd be nice to have

Louise's new friends over.

- Very nice.

- Well, now are you busy this Saturday?

I'd certainly want to have you here.

- I'm available.

- Well, fine, then let's plan it for Saturday Sam.

All right? - Fine.

- Good.

- Excuse me.

- I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

- It was worth every half hour of it.

- That gal of mine knows how to bait a man trap

if I say so myself.

- Your new gown fits beautifully dear.

- Yeah, all over.

Well, you ready.

- Mm-hmm.

Goodnight, Mom.

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight Dad.

- Goodnight.

- Oh, we'll be back as late as possible.

(jazz music)

I'm not doing so good with you, am I?

- Let's go somewhere, I don't wanna just sit here.

- You know, I'd bet it'd be all right if it was Jim.

He's sure building himself a wall around you.

- Nobody's fencing me in.

- Not much.

It's funny the way he's always had my number.

Ever since we were kids.

We both go after the same thing

and somehow he'd always get it.

One time we fought off a lousy apple

that rolled off a truck.

I got to it first, but he wound up with it.

I was young enough then to go crying to my father.

You know what he told me?

He said only a failure finds refuge in tears.

- Can't you find anything else to talk about?

I think you've got an obsession about Jim.

- We both go after the same spot on the football team.

Somehow, he's always get the nod.

Now it's the same bit all over again.

We both go for you and he's pulling away.

- Nobody's pulling away.

All I want is some laughs.

And I'm not getting any.

This party's dying on its feet.

- It's funny that he should always be the one

to make me feel like a failure.

Just once, I'd like to take something away from him.

Something that he really wants.

- What kind of a threat is he to you?

He's had to scrounge for every penny to put

in that car of his.

His father's a bricklayer and yours owns

half the town.

The only way he can go to college

is to win that sweepstakes.

And yet, you make him out to be a big nemesis.

- Yeah.

Take that away from him and he's a bum.

- Take what away from him.

- That lousy contest.

- You really got it in for him, haven't you?

- Yeah.

So much is scares me sometimes.

- Well, enough of this profound stuff.

We just going to sit here moping all night?

- That we're not.

We're gonna do a little ground flying with this baby.

(engine revving)

I'll show you how she handles.

- Now you're talking.

(big band music)

- Hear ye, hear ye, sit down everybody.

Entertainment's coming.


♪ She's a drag strip girl with a streamline chasse ♪

♪ She got a set of pipes

♪ And a grill that's classy drag ♪

♪ It's trip baby

♪ Flip her switch and she'll start to go ♪

♪ Her motor starts a-sparking and she can't say not ♪

♪ Drag strip baby

♪ With the big set on

♪ With a steady beat

♪ Her motor starts to spark

♪ And then she can't repeat

♪ Drag strip baby

♪ She's my drag strip girl

♪ With a fuel injection blast

♪ She may not have a future

♪ But I see she gets a pass

♪ Drag strip drag strip drag strip baby all mine ♪


- Rent one tablecloth 35 cents.

Rent one mop 10 cents.

Write down.

- Ha.

Cool Mama.

Beg me.

- I bury you.

Rent department is closed.

Where's the credit manager Papa?


- Money talks.

- How much you think three pennies save?

- Give me this amount of mushroom pizza.

I demand it.

- Mushroom is too expensive.

But cheese, maybe.

- Well, all right.

- For three pennies, you get one good smell.

- Well, I'll report you to the juvenile authorities.

- Oh!

- You're creating pizza delinquents.

- Have you heard the latest news?

Tell them Fred.

- I've just become a pauper.

- Well, there's nothing left to live for now.

- Yeah.

I transferred most of my assets to Rick.

- Rick with loot, isn't that a scream?

- What did you do, sell him your grandmother.

- My hot rod.

Meet Mr. Fred Armstrong, proud new owner.

- What did you want that oil burner for?

- I'm gonna win the sweepstakes with it.

- Hardy, har, har.

With that converted oil drum?

- By the time he's through with it, it'll fly.

He's putting a custom built in it.

350 HP.

- So you win a scholarship, what do you need it for.

My own man can buy a college for your next birthday.

- Are you kidding Terri?

It's a new kind of tournament to the hand

of the fair Louise.

Only instead of lances and swords,

they're using hot rods.

- Yeah.

And I'm gonna make him look like he's standing still.

- 20th century duel.

And all for lady Louise.

- Would you step in the corner with me fair Genevieve.

- The rock is dead sir knight.

- Ah, charge.

- Everybody's happy.

That's nice, huh, papa.

The trouble with you, you talk too much.

- He's loading that thing with enough power

to run a battleship.

- Yeah, well, he can afford it.

- They should have put a do it yourself restriction

on that competition.

- Well, they didn't.

- I expected you to call last night.

- Oh, was it my turn?

I get a little dizzy trying to remember

which is my date and which is Fred's.

- Well, I like you both.

Is that a crime?

- Well, someday a situation's gonna come up

where you'll have to make a choice.

Then what are you gonna do?

- I'll turn my back on it.

Come on, now what's eating you?

You gonna come to my party tonight?

- Your mother'll let me in the front door

or the back?

- What's gotten into you.

- Ah, nothing, nothing at all.

- Hey, congratulations.

- What for?

- Well, I hear you and Fred are partners

in his new crate.

- He's crazy.

- That's beside the point.

He says you gave him the idea.

- I don't even know what he's talking about.

- Yeah, well, he sure acts like he does.

- Oh, forget it.

You are gonna come tonight, now aren't you?

- It is my turn.

- I'll see you tonight.

- What's the matter, Jim spit in your eye.

- You told Jim I put you up to buying Rick's car.

- Well, don't you remember,

we decided to take the college scholarship away from him.

- You decided.

I only listened.

- This is one time I'm really gonna clobber him.

Grind his nose right in the dirt.

- Don't count your trophies before they're won,

Mr. Big Wheel.

- Wait till you see what this baby can do.

I'll tell you after the party tonight,

I'll give you a demonstration.

- You're on.

- Now don't eat them all up before the guests get here.

- Are you sure you don't wanna go out someplace tonight.

- No, baby, I don't feel too well tonight.

- Well, I don't want any party poopers underfoot.

- We'll stay out of sight, dear.

- We'll exile ourselves into the bedroom.

(tires screeching)

- Here they come, so start exiling yourselves, come on.

(doorbell ringing)

- Here we are sweetie.

What's happening here, huh, oh, here's the food.

(big band music)

- What's that?

- Kids having fun.

- Well, they'll shake the place apart.

- They're just kids, leave them alone, they're all right.

- Let me see, Sam, let me see.


- The energy they use up would generate

enough electricity to run this city.

- Louise is dancing with Fred.

- You call that dancing.

He's leaning on her like he'd fall over

if she steps out of the way.

- My luck's changing.

I bet Jim to you just now.

- Let's not talk, just dance.

- I do hope she likes him.

They're really a fine family, the Armstrongs.

- Having fun baby.

- Sure, it's a real ball watching Louise

working those guys.

- I think I'll give Jim a hand.

- I didn't think you were coming.

- I didn't either.

Got no character I guess.

- I'm glad.

- I don't like this business of the lights out.

Someone will fall over something and sue us.

I'm going out there.

- No, we are not, you promised Louise.

- I've got indigestion.

I need some soda, that makes it an emergency.

- Sam, Sam, Sam, come back here.

- I'll be quiet.

- Come back here.

- Daddy, you gave me your word.

- Emergency, I have to go to the kitchen.

- How about a breath of fresh air.

- Good idea.

- Oh, excuse me.

Excuse me.

- You're very serious tonight.

I wish you wouldn't be.

- You have that effect on me.

Things I've only half thought of

have become very important to me now.

- Like what?

- Oh, like careers.

After the party, let's go out for a drive.

I want to talk to you.

- I'm sorry.

I promised Fred I'd go with him.

- I thought it was my turn.

- I didn't think you were coming.

- Let's go inside.

- I'd rather not.

I'm kind of enjoying this.

- Here's your girlfriend,

I just borrowed her for a few minutes.

(engine revving)

- I'm laying it on the line kids.

There's a movement in City Hall

to take the strip away from you.

They figure as long as you're still using

the city streets for the same purpose.

- Because of Malasatoo, you'll knock off the whole head.

- That's the way the wheels roll.

Now here's something that might help.

Wouldn't hurt you to read them over.

Some literature on how to organize a car club.

Charters, safety rules.

- I'll take them Lieutenant.

I wouldn't mind reading up on it.

- Sure.

- I'm with you, Ben.

- I hope you boys do something fast.

Until then, the heat's on.

- What'd the man say?

Good, count me in.

- Okay.

Laugh yourselves right into the morgue.

If you want the police on your side,

do a little thinking.

- You gotta sign a million safety rules.

- Right, I'm telling you this is kid stuff.

These lousy legal drags, they take all the fun out of it.

- Well, you don't have to go along with it

if you don't want to.

But I'm for looking into it.

- Yeah?

You know, it seems to me that a guy's

gotta have an awful lot of yellow in him

to want the blessings of a cop

every time he gets behind the wheel.

- You know, off hand, I'd say any guy

that makes a remark like that's

looking for a punch in the nose.

- Yeah?

But you'd have to check the safety rules

on the charter first.

- Well, I haven't signed them yet.


- Come on Jimmy, hit him.


- [Man] Come on, come on, hit him again.

- Fred, Fred, Fred, you got him.

- Fred, Jim.

- Jim, Jim, come on.

- Come on baby.

- Big Papa.


- Come on, come on, hit him again.


- Hit him again, come on, come on.


Come on, come on, hit him again.

Jim, Jim.

- He's dead.

Do something Papa.

- Mercurochrome anyone?


- I want to put in for a return match.

- Anytime you say.

- Right now.

- You're a glutton.

- All right, all right, you're a big man with a fist,

but that only takes muscles.

Now, how are you fixed for guts.

- No complaints that I know of.

- Okay, then let's make part two a chicky run.

- Oh, know.

The sweepstakes tomorrow.

Chicken run only proves one thing.


- You didn't use to think so.

- Hallelujah, we've seen the light.

Look, why don't you admit it.

You've got a streak running down your back.

- Take him on Jim.

You can out drive him with your eyes closed.

- I'm real sorry, but I've given up that kind of sport.

- Big hero.

He knows I'd run him into the ground.

- I'll take you on Fred.

The keys are kind of keyed up for some action.

I'm not afraid of you.

- You're gonna ride for him?

- I'm riding for myself.

I feel like a blast.

- Well, she might as well wear your staple colors, too.

Now, what are they, yellow and what?

- I'll take care of you myself loudmouth.

You name it.


- Right now.

Now's a good a time as any.

Right now.

(engine revving)

(engine stalling)

- She won't start.

- No kidding.

- Sometimes it takes a little push.

- I know.

- Okay, okay, that's good.

Come on, get in the car will you,

we haven't got all day.

We're late now.

- Blow.

- Oh, I'm glad you called him Jim.

- Yeah, thanks.

Now go over and give Fred some words of encouragement.

- You're awfully easy to hate.

- I'm not sure that it really matters.

You're cooking up this deal.

Oh, you and your idea are kicks.

- If it's too much for you,

I think I can handle it.

- Oh, get out of the way, I'm busy.

- Leave me alone.

- Stand over there and grow up.

- You really got a case on her, don't you.

- I'll get over it.

- Yeah, 50 years maybe.

- Well, I'm all set.

You ready?

Call it.

- Heads.

- Heads it is.

- Call the ride.

- You stay here.

The halfway mark two cars will mark

a 30-foot opening.

We'll start from opposite ends of the runway.

We'll stay on one side of the center line.

The first car to get to the opening and through makes it.

- 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five.

- Four, three, two, one.

(tires screeching)

(dramatic music)


(all chattering)

- Oh, that was the wildest man, the craziest.

- Yeah, you notice who faded out.

- That was just the warmup stooge.

All right, you're one up on me.

Why don't you say we call it off.

- Uh-uh, my old man says there's

gotta be a winner and a loser.

- All right, go ahead, call the next one.

- It'll be a half mile run.

We'll switch drivers, Rick'll drive.

Best time wins it.

- Hey, count me in Jim.

- I thought no one's to be involved

but the two of this.

- They'll just be along for the ride.

- I'll go first, we'll start the race

from the half-mile mark.

You can flag us from here.

- Okay.

- You keep time, huh?

You'll give us an even count.

(tires screeching)

(suspenseful music)

- 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.

(tires screeching)

(engine revving)

- He's dead.

- No, he's just knocked out.

Wow, another few feet.

Oh, he's coming around.

- It would have been my fault.

- If you want in.

- Oh, my leg, my leg.

I think it's broken.

- I'll get him to run you guys.

- Careful, easy.

- Now watch his leg, watch his leg.

- Take it easy now.

- Be careful.

- Easy with it, that's it.

- Oh, man.

- Easy now, easy.

- What was my time, what'd I make it in?

What was my time?

Listen, I asked you a question.

- Can't it wait?

- No, it can't, now what was my time.

- 47 seconds.

- Hey, 47, wow, that's all right.

- Your best friend has just been hurt

and that's all you can think of.

This is no laugh.

- Well, look who's being serious.

He'll be all right.

You'll be all right.

I'll get you to the family quack

after the show, he'll pat you up and bill my father.

Okay, hot shot, 47 seconds.

Take a whirl.

- I've had it, you win.

- Chickening out, huh?

Well, I'll be.

- Oh, but Jim, I'm ready.

- Well, I'm not.

Rick could've been killed and I'd help do it.

- Gutless wonder.

- Yeah.

- Watch that leg.

- Well, I won, didn't I.

So, what are you looking at me like I lost for?

I don't get it.

(slow jazz music)

- Well, do you want my name, phone number or both?

- Just an axle.

- That's right, you can't read.

- Run to your head is what you should have it.

- Oh, go clean your spark plugs, huh?

Chicken over there needs some company.

- Come on, I'll let you buy me a drink.

- Oh, gee, thanks.

- Look at the little pools in my eyes.

What exotic mysterious things

do you see there?

- Four-inch bore, then minimum piston

to wall clearance should be five thousandths.

I think I'm two thousandths off.

- Gee, your farther off than that.

What you need honey is a girl

with the initials of Louise Blake.

- Oh, sure, like I need a broken crankshaft.

I'm gonna check out.

- Drop by and see her on your way home.

I bet she's waiting.

- Sure.

- Good luck for tomorrow.

- Thanks.

(jazz music)

- What are my chances tomorrow Rick?

- Beat him and I think you got it.

The way it looks to me, the distance run

will be the deciding factor.

A hundred miles at top speed is a lot of traveling.

- What do you think Jim's wagon will do?

- I don't know.

He's made a point of not letting me know.

- I wonder how we could find out?

- Ask him to loan it to you.

- 35 cents Mama.

- I had to pay him not to dance with me.

- Dance.

My mama see me dance like that,

she make the boy marry me.

- Oh, that's how you got him.

That serves him right.

- Man, I gotta win that thing tomorrow.

- It's like my life depended on it.

- I gotta make a phone call.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

No, I don't feel like going out tonight.

I've got a headaches.

No, don't come.

I mean it, Fred.

- Going over to see Louise?

- No, she's not home.

You know what I feel like doing?

Getting tied.

How about you.

- I'll go along for the laughs.

I'm not much on booze.

- Come on.

- You were very curt with Fred.

I take it you don't care to see him anymore.

- So, what.

- Take it easy, Lou.

- Don't come in swinging, I merely asked.

I thought it'd be nice if you

and Fred liked each other.

It was wrong of me if I made you think,

well, that you had to.

- I'm sorry, mom, thank you.

- It occurred to me that you'll soon be 19.

- You can thank me for that.

- Oh, Sam.

It isn't going to be easy to stand by

while you make your own decisions.

Do your own thinking, but I'll try to remember

you're no longer a little girl.

- I'm not tonight, that's for sure.

Oh, I'm in such a square.

- Oh, that makes two of us.

- Oh, Mom, you're too much.

- I dig you, too.

- What about me?

Don't I rate any smooching.

- Since I'm a calendar without a date,

I think I'll go to bed, goodnight.

- Goodnight sweetheart.

- What do you want?

- One piece of combination pizza.

- You still got 10 cents left.

- A scoop of chocolate ice cream on the pizza.

- What?

- This man's afraid of nothing.

- I dedicate my remains to science.

One scoop chocolate ice cream.

- On the pizza?

- One scoop of chocolate ice cream.

That's right, ice cream.

Hey, what's this, a stand up strike.

Shame on you swearing at your wife like that.

- It's past one, I ought to be getting home.

- I won't sleep tonight.

I get keyed up, I won't sleep.

- I can.

- I'd like to get behind the wheel of Jim's car.

Half an hour and I know what you can do

tomorrow at the track.

- I can't keep my eyes open.

- Will 50 bucks keep them open.

- Try me.

- Look, Jim's car is in the garage.

So what if we take it out for a spin?

- It's car theft no matter what you call it.

- 50 bucks for a half an hour.

- I can use it.


- What was that?

- I hit the jack with my cast.

- Hold the lights so I can see what I'm doing.

A little more light.

Got it.

(engine revving)

- You're off your rocker.

- He's got some hard working horses in this crate.

- Cut it out.

I'll pay you double for flying time.

- Watch that curb.

You killed him.

- Maybe I didn't.

- We gotta go back and see.

- I can't.

- Turn around.

- They'll take me in for hit and run, car stealing.

You don't know my old man.

- They'll get us anyway,

we lost a hubcap, I saw it.

- We'll lift one to match it.

- Lousy killer.

- Wasn't my fault.

He stepped out in front of me, you saw him.

- You wouldn't even stop to see.

- Look, we can be back in the garage

before they find him.

Perfect match.

- Let's get out of here, I feel lousy.

- I've felt better myself.

There's nothing we can do about it now.

- I hoped you'd be here.

- It's a big day today, isn't it baby.

- Yeah, she'll be busy.

Drag strip in the morning

and circular track in the afternoon.

I guess you won't have much time to talk to me.

That's why I came now.

- Well, if you like, it can wait till tonight.

- No, I'd rather do it now.

- Yesterday, up on the hill,

you told me I should grow up.

And I think I did.

For the first time in my life,

I saw myself as I really was.

I was playing everything for excitement, for laughs.

But then, all of a sudden, it wasn't funny anymore.

I did learn one important thing anyway.

- What was that?

- That I can make a choice.


I was wrong about a lot of things

and I'm sorry.

- Well, I've got a little growing to to myself.

What do you say we start all over again?

My name's Jim Donaldson, what's yours.

- Louise Blake.

- I'm glad to meet you, Louise.

Hey, I'm due at the strip in less than an hour.

Coming with me?

- Try and stop me.

- [Dispatcher] Take this call.

Traffic accident 17 Van Walnut.

17 Van Walnut traffic accident.

- The span of the real wheel

is 3 inches more than the front ones.

- Different sized rubber on the front wheels.

- It was a hot rod all right.

- They didn't even turn back.

- He must have been hit with the right front fender.

There might be a dent on it.

- If they haven't hammered it out already.

Some of these kids are pretty handy.

- Yeah.

- There ought to be something else around.

Let's cover both sides of the road, foot by foot.

- Okay.

- [Announcer] Engineers will be graded

on the following points.

Safety features, engineering and design

and mechanical ingenuity.

Those qualified will participate

in the performance test to be conducted

during the day.

- Man, they're rough.

I hope I make it.

- You ought to for what this gas burner cost you.

- Better get the hubcaps off.

- (laughing) That's it.

- Tommy.

- Beat it kid.

Man at work.

- Well, that lets you out.

- I'll be a good kid.

I'll buy you a carbon monoxide soda

if this is over.

Scram for now.

- Drop.

- Butterfly.


- [Announcer] Eight cars have qualified

for the performance drives.

The drivers are asked to present their certificates

to the officials at the starting line.

(engines revving)

Contestants will run in pairs.

These runs are made against time,

not against the opposing driver.

Next event, top speed, one quarter mile

from a standing start.

Best elapsed time, one quarter mile flying start.

Ladies and gentlemen, a track record.

Best elapsed time one quarter of a mile

from a standing start, 11 seconds flat.

Winner James Donaldson.

(engines revving)

Top speed, 126 and 50 eight-hundredths miles per hour.

Car 27 driven by Armstrong.

(engines revving)

Attention please.

We will give you the four finalists.

Car number 36 qualifies,

owned and driven by Bob Anderson.

Car number 27, owned and driven by Fred Armstrong.

Car number 11, owned and driven by Bill Morgan.

- Yahoo!

- Fourth and final car qualifying

for the USAE regional sweepstakes,

car number 116, owned and operated

by James Donaldson.

Next event, the obstacle race.

(cheering and applauding)

- You better stay home on this one.

- I don't know.

I've done pretty fair till now.

- Yeah, well, now's where guts count.

- [Announcer] First event, best elapsed time.

One quarter of a mile from a standing start.

First two contestants, car 36, driven by Anderson,

car 27, driven by Armstrong.

They're off.

Attention please.

The final event will be held on the

adjoining circular track.

There'll be a one-hour break for lunch.

- Lousy summer.

I should have gone to Girl Scout camp.

- What's the matter, you got me.

- Big deal.

You never take me anywhere.

- Well, I told you to ask for a bigger allowance.

- You're a half wit.

- Yeah, well, we're perfectly matched sweetheart.

Here, come on.

(suspenseful music)

- Hey, Sarge.

Not a rust mark on it.

It couldn't have been lying

in those bushes too long.

- Since about the time that got hit, I'd say.

- Find the kid who owns this and we're home.

- Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

This is Bill Welsh, welcoming you to the USAE

Regional Sweepstakes.

Here at the circular track this afternoon, of course,

we have the most exciting event of all,

though it's been a very exciting day

all the way along.

- We're about even on points huh?

- You're three up on him.

It's like I figured, the distance run'll do it.

They're coming.

- Take it easy.

- They found the hubcap.

- Take it easy, I'll do the talking.

- Jim, where do you boys keep your hubcaps?

- We take them off for inspection,

keep them at the strip across the way.

- You got a dent on the right side of your radiator.

- Well, I must have got it in one of the runs.

- Uh-huh.

- You looking for something Lieutenant?

- I collect hubcaps.

Any idea where I can find a match for this one?

- Yeah, Jim's got one like that.

- You sure?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Jim.

Come on with me, I want to take a look at your hubcaps.

- My hubcaps.

- This one of yours?

- Yeah, looks like it.

- I took four of them off when I stripped her.

- Let's go over and take a look.

- Well, look, can it wait a few minutes,

the race is about to start.

- How about that man who was killed last night?

Nobody waited for him, now come on.

- I just won the big race.

- [Announcer] Line up to get them driving 100 miles.

Two minutes to starting guns,

two minutes to starting guns.

(suspenseful music)

- Hold it.

- What is it?

- Louise found a piece of my cast.

- Well, so what?

- She found it in the car.

Don't you understand, it ties it on us.

- She show it to anyone?

- No.

- I'll have to make sure she doesn't.

- And now get set because we're just

about ready for the first of those circular track events.

They're off.

- Jim, Jim, wait a minute.

Louise is racing your car.

- Aw, what difference can it make

if I see the race.

- Not much, I guess.

I'll be wanting the car anyway.

- Okay.

- Folks, I've just been handed a note here.

Jim Donaldson's car number 16

is being driven now by Louise Blake

and look at that girl drive.

I better point out to you

that the rules provide that the point totals

compiled by the car are what count.

It isn't the driver of the wheel.

Car number 11 is dropping out,

looks like tire trouble.

Hey, 27, you're crowding 16, give her room.

Watch out.

Car 26 is leaving the race.

It's a two-car contest ladies and gentlemen

and what a race it is.

Car 27, you're crowding 16.

- He's gonna run her off the road, he's crazy.

He's trying to kill her.

- I've just been handed an important notice here

ladies and gentlemen.

The police have ordered this race stopped immediately.

Cars 27 and 16 off the track.

This is a police order.

Stop immediately or be disqualified.

Can you hear me.

What's up car 16, get off the track.

Car 27, come on in, can you hear me.

Come to the pit stop.

Armstrong, come into the pit.

Car 27 re the police, come on in.

Look out!

(tires screeching)


- Get your dirty hands off me.

My father will have you fired, the whole bunch of you.

- Oh, one of those, come on.

- Come on, let's go.

- Hey, your transmission's showing,

it needs more clearance.

- I wish someone would whisper words of jazz

all in my ear.

- What's the matter with me baby.

- Nothing, except you're ugly, can't sing,

can't dance, can't nothing.

- Oh, you haven't tried me on that last one yet.

- How often are you gonna write to me from college?

- What do you say we go outside and we

can go into this more thoroughly.

(jazz music)

- He very lucky to find such nice young girl.

Men, oh, very lucky, you found a good woman.

You do so bad.

Oh, that's gratitude.

Say you sorry.

That do it.

I'm gonna go live with my sister in Baltimore.

You gonna let me go.

You not gonna say anything to me.

Nothing at all.

- I'll fix you a nice lunch for the trip.

- Go Papa, go.

- Let's swing Papa.