Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001) - full transcript

Dr. John Dolittle the beloved doctor is back, but this time around he plays cupid to bumbling circus bear Archie as he's so smitten by a Pacific Western bear female, Ava. Dr. Dolittle must help a group of forest creatures to save their forest. But with the aid of his mangy, madcap animal friends, Dr. Dolittle must teach Archie the ways of true romance in time to save his species and his home before their habit is gone. So John held a meeting for every animal in the forest to not give up without a fight no matter what kind of animal expression they have and everyone agrees to do it and save their home.

[Bell Rings]

[Male Voice] Welcome to
San Francisco, the city by the bay,

home to 30,000 fire hydrants,

four million tennis balls...

and very liberal
pooper scooper laws.

My name is Lucky.

I'm a dog, in case you hadn't guessed,
and I belong to this man.

You remember Dr. Dolittle, right?

The guy who can talk to animals?

If you don't,
let me jog your memory.

He's a doctor,
and he talks to animals.

Well, anyways,
he's busier than ever.

Doctor, you've got Mr. Carson
at 10:00 for a full workup.

Mr. Wennington's
E.K.G. is at 12:00.

Mrs. Bloom called. She's got
a bad rash. I told her 11:15.

- I gotcha.
- Buster's got a deworming at 12:30.

Misty's kennel cough is back.

I put her at 1:00.
Afternoon-wall-to-wall neuters.

You've got the Rotary Club
dinner tonight.

- The Kennel Club breakfast tomorrow.
- Push Mr. Carson to 11:00.

I will deworm Buster at 12:00, do
the E.K.G. at 12:30. Move Misty to 1:15.

And stop mixing up my charts. Last week
you almost had me neutering Mr. Panitch.

From what I hear, you'd be
doing Mrs. Panitch a favor.

Any time, ladies. Thank you.

No matter how busy he got,
Doc always found time to help animals.

Hi. My name is Bandit.

- Hi, Bandit.
- How you doin', Bandit?

And I'm a stray.

[Dogs In Unison]
That's okay. We're all strays.

I know how hard it is the first time
to get up there. Take your time.

- One paw at a time, Bandit.
- Right. Never give up hope.

Never, ever give up hope. Not just Bandit.
All you dogs, listen to me.

Every dog in here can find a family
and be somebody's best friend.

Let me hear you say that.
Say, “I am somebody's best friend.”

- [ Dogs] I'm somebody's best friend!
- One more time. Again.

I am somebody's best friend!

I am somebody's best friend!

That's right. That's right.

There's a family out in North Beach
that's trying to find a good watchdog,

somebody that's housebroken
and great with kids.

Any of you guys got
a background in security?

Oh, that'd be Rusty.
Rusty's a watchdog.

- Who's Rusty?
- Rusty, tell-Oh, no.

- Rusty!
- This better be important.

No, uh, never mind, Rusty.

It says, “Must not
lick ass all the time.”

[Lucky Narrating] Every zoo
in the country had a job for the Doc.

He was especially good
at matters of the heart.

How long's it been since you guys
made little baby turtles?

Oh, not that long. Maybe 20 years.

it'll be 48 years next Monday.

Okay, I see the problem here.
I know what to do. Listen.

I'm gonna give you these pills.
Crush 'em up and put 'em in your food.

- Oh, yeah? What do they do?
- Oh!

Oh, yeah! You're looking fine!

Comin' at ya, baby!

[Lucky Narrating] In fact,
he became an international celebrity,

traveling from Alaska
to Australia.

[Whispering] I'm here with
the world-famous Dr. Dolittle,

who actually speaks with animals.

Now, what we're gonna do
is sneak up on...

and rescue this
unsuspecting alligator.

But we'll have to be quiet
so he doesn't know we're here.

The trick with catching this alligator
is to be wary of those teeth.

- Huge, penetrating teeth.
- [Alligator] Hey, Dolittle.

See, what I'm doin' is allowin' Steve to
think that I don't know he's back there.

Wait until he tries to grab me.

Turn on him and, Bob's your uncle,
bite his arm off! [Sinister Chuckling]

I'm gonna have to get my arm
around his neck and hang on-

Steve, I think he knows
we're over here.

Shh! I don't want to blow
the element of surprise. Now!

- Oh!

- [Steve] Oh, crikey! Me arm!
- [Alligator Burps]

[Lucky] Yeah, it seemed everybody
wanted a piece of the good doctor.

And his family understood.

Well, most of them did.

- But we'll get to that part in a minute.
- Thank you.

Right now I gotta answer the door.

Yeah? Who's there?

It's me. I forgot my key.
Open up.

[Lucky] Then I guess you'll
have to beg. Come on, boy! Beg!

Get it? Role reversal.

'Cause usually it's the human
t-that says to the dog, uh-

I know you'd better
open up the door before I...

Just open the door, Lucky.

Seeing as you're the one who feeds me,
I'm gonna let you in.

Okay, thank you. Thank you.

Guess who's back from France!

- Hey!

- Hey! How you doin'?
- Hi, sweetie.


- I got you a present from Paris.
- That's for me?

- Yes, that's for you. That's for us.
- Oh!

- [Laughs]
- I can enjoy this present as well.

You know what would be
a really nice present, though?

What's that?

If you could keep that flock of
your faithful away from the building.

I'm sorry.
I'll talk to 'em later.

- Daddy!
- Hey, baby! How you doin'?

I got you a little present
from Mexico.

I wonder what it is.

Aah! Earthquake!
9-1-1! Nueve-uno-uno!

- Oh, no, no. I wouldn't shake it.
- Ow! My spleen!

- Ooh, that hurt.
- Oh, he's so cute. Thanks, Dad.

Hey, this isn't Puerto Vallarta.

It's a chameleon. It can change color
against different backgrounds.

The blendmaster is in the house!

I gonna disappear! Now you see me-
Poof! Now you don't, eh?

- No, we can still see you.
- I'm not gone? I'm not invisible?

You did remember Charisse's birthday?

I sure did. You remember
to get the cake from Stinson's?

Uh, actually, Charisse doesn't want
to have a family birthday party.

What's that about? I thought
we always celebrate together.

- [Chameleon] You have anything green?
- Take this thing to your room.

Guacamole? A big pickle?

- She's got a date.
- [ Chameleon ] I suck.

- A date? With who?
- I didn't ask. She's a big girl now.

We'll see about this date thing.

- Where's the birthday girl at?
- Uh, she's unreachable.

What? Where is she?

She's in her room with
the door locked and headphones on.

- You could try paging her.
- She's in the house and unreachable?

I'm supposed to page her in my house.
I'm gonna page somebody in my own house?

Okay, we'll see if I'm gonna page
some-I ain't pagin' nothin'!

Okay, we'll see if I'm gonna page
some-I ain't pagin' nothin'!

Careful, Doc, she's 16.
That's a tough age.

Hey! Charisse, open this door!

Can you believe this?

- Hey!
- Try her cell.

I'm not callin' on the cell phone
while she's in her bedroom.

[Rattling Doorknob]

Hey! Charisse.

Open the door!

Okay. All right! Okay! Okay!

- [Growling] Charisse!
- ♪♪ [Headphones: R&B]

- Charisse!
- [Slurping, Hiccuping]

[Chuckles] Those teenagers, Doc.
They can drive a man to drink.

Hey, what are you drinkin'?

- Gatorade.
- Oh, really? Give it to me.


Gatorade make wine now, huh?

- Naaaah!
- You better slow down.

- Which one of you is Dolittle?
- What now?

- I have a message from the boss.
- From the who?

The boss, the guard beaver.
Save the questions and come with me.

You guys know the rules. You just
don't come up here on my balcony.

Make an appointment.
You make an appointment! Now, go.

You tell the beaver make an appointment
just like everybody else.

I can't tell him that.
I'll end up sleepin' with the fishes.

How's it gonna look in the paper when
Dolittle throws a possum off the roof?

That's not gonna look right.
Now, leave, 'cause I will.

Watch your tone, buddy.


♪♪ [Continues]
- [Phone Ringing]

- Talk.
- This is Daddy. How are you?

- Hey!
- I got a couple of questions for you.

I wanna know how come I gotta
climb up the side of a building...

- and get on a cell phone to talk to you!
- Calm down. Where are you?

[Muffled] I'm outside
of the building, right here!

Dad! Dad, what are you doing?

What am I doing?
It's the only way I can reach you!

What are you doing in here?
Whats all of that about?

- You don't do that in public, do you?
- Dance? Of course.

That's not dancing.
That's advertising.

What's this about you don't want to
spend your birthday with your family?

Having dinner with your family
is something you do when you're young,

not when you're turning 16.

Besides, I have a date.

You can bring your date
'cause you're comin' to dinner.

Eric, these are my parents and my little
sister. They're joining us on our date.

No, he's gonna be joining us at
a family event. We have it every year.

I don't even know why-

- What's this?
- Dad, that's private.

I can see why it's private. it's
embarrassing. You got two C's and a D.


Dad, you are the last person who should
talk about anything being embarrassing.

What are you talking about?
What's that supposed to mean?

[Screeches, Hiccups]

I'm supposed to stop helping the animals
because you find it embarrassing?

- That's not gonna happen.
- That's right. It's not gonna happen.

So forget about it.
You're comin' to dinner. Look at this.

No cell phone for a week.

What am I supposed to do
without my cell phone?

Here's some stamps. Learn how
to write a letter. You think I care?

Do I look like I care?
Look at me. No, Charisse.

- No.
- Look at me. Do I look like I care?

Look. I don't care.

This is unbelievable. She has 50 numbers
in here, not one of them is mine.

- You shouldn't be looking at that.
- Why not?

“Biggie Mack, cell. Biggie Mack, pager.
Biggie Mack, home.”

- Who the hell is Biggie Mack?
- I don't know, John.

I'm gonna find out who Biggie Mack is.
I don't like that name.

What the hell
kind of name is that?

[Phone Rings]

- What is that?
- Marcus's cell phone.

- Cell phone?
- Mm-hmm.

- When did he get a cell phone?
- Last week.

- What are you doing? John!
- Shh! I'm checkin' out Biggie Mack.

- Hello.
- Hey, who is this?

- Well, who is this?
- Is this Biggie Mack?

- Who wants to know?
- I'm asking the questions here, punk!

- What?
- How old are you?

None of your damn business.

What if I make it my business
to find out how old you are?

Are you threatening me?

I don't make threats!
I'm promising you that if you ever-

- John!
- Is this John Dolittle?

Hi, I'm so sorry.
That's a wrong number.

That's a grown man
on the other end of that phone.

I wish I could say
the same thing about you.

- [Doorbell Ringing]
- The door.

- I hear the door.
- Go get that door right now!

Who am I, Mr. French?
I got to get doors?

- ♪ Let me show you what it is now ♪
- Just a minute.

♪ Chicks are switching
like kicks right now ♪♪

Hey, Dr. D.
What's up? it's me.

Me? Who's “me”? Back up, “me.”

I'm sayin', you gonna let me in?

- Dr. D. What's goin' on?
- Excuse me?

Remember me?
Eric, Domino's Pizza.

- Extra cheese, anchovies, guacamole?
- You're the pizza guy, yeah.

- I delivered that.
- Thanks. I forget to give you a tip?

- I'm sorry.
- No, no, that's cool.

You gave me something
a little better than a tip.

I'm gonna take care of you.
It's nice to have a little-

What's up, baby?
What's goin' on? You ready?

Hold on. Wait.

- This is your date?
- Dad, Eric. Eric, Dad.

My man. What's up?

Uh, Eric? Hmm, no.

We have to stay here
with the family and eat dinner.

- It's cool with me.
- Charisse, now, don't be like that.

You gonna ruin dinner
for everybody. Come on now.

You know what, pops? Don't sweat that.
I know how to take care of her.

- Pops?
- ♪ Yeah ♪

♪ She caught me by surprise
I must say ♪♪

Charisse has always had
a mind of her own.

When she was about a year and a half,
she decided not to wear diapers anymore.

- Remember that?
- John.

She started having accidents
'cause she didn't have it down yet.

- We'd have little piles-
- You just had to go there, didn't you?

This is family.
We're talkin' the old days.

It's cool. I'm actually
learnin' something here.

You know what's interesting?

You never learned to take off
your hat at the dinner table.

Isn't your head getting hot? Mine's
hot just looking at you in that hat.


In two years you'll be out of this house
and on your way to college.

- One year, ten months, sixteen days.
- You know what?

Berkeley's a really close college.

- You could live at home, save money.
- That's a good idea.

But I've already reserved a U-Haul
for the day I graduated high school.

- Oh. You reserved a U-Haul already?
- Uh, Dad?

Someone to see you.

Someone to see you.

Yo, step outside.

Thank you, sweetie.
Excuse me, darling.

- Bye, Dad Love you.
- I love you too.

Excuse me, Eric.

Hey, hey, yo.
Yo, down here. Okay.

What do you want?

Let me say the beaver sends birthday
greetings to your lovely daughter.

That's very nice. Tell the beaver
he's starting to get on my nerves.

Why are you getting bent out of shape?
He only wants a moment of your time.

What if I say no?

I don't think you want to go
down that road, my friend.

[Knocks On Window]

Go and tell the beaver,
8:00, my office, tomorrow.

Oh, the beaver
don't travel for nobody.

He knows you're a busy man,
and he will remember this,

but this is truly
a life-or-death situation.

All right, shut up, listen.
My car, 7:00 a.m. All right?

Hey, this is good news.
The beaver likes good news.

- Thank you.
- Jimmy, get the car.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ Happy birthday dear Charisse ♪

♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪♪

Come on, blow your candles out
and make a wish.

[Girls Scream]

- [Rat #1] Sweet...
- [Rat #2] Surprise!

- Happy birthday!
- It's your birthday!

There's a mouse in the house!

- Give me that!
- I am licking the candles!

- You can lick my fat, funky little-
- Hey, don't be a piggy!

- Charisse, I'm so sorry.
- Ooh, ouch! Watch the fur, buddy!

We're tryin' to do somethin'
nice for your daughter.

I bet if a little kitty popped out,
you'd say, “Oh, how cute!”

- But you're not.
- [Rat #7] Put me down!

- You're not a couple of cute kitties.
- Yes, we are.

- You're two disgusting rats...
- No, we're not.

- that just ruined the birthday cake.
- So you wanna get personal?

Well, you know what “rats”
spelled backward is? It's star!

- [Rat #7] That's right! I'm a star!
- Is that right?

- You know what “ha” spells backwards?
- Uh, no, I don't have any-

- [Rats] Aaaaah!
- Exactly!

- Could it be?
- Yes, it is!

- Diapers!
- My favorite! Chocolate!

- Say, “Maya.”
- Maya.

- Maya.
- Maya.

What do you think you're doing?

- I think he's about to say something.
- Bring me a bone.

And a large order of flies.


You will bring me ham,
luncheon meats, cold cuts.

- Lucky, out.
- Hey.

- Maya, can I talk to Charisse alone?
- Okay. Come on, boy.

[Sighs] Charisse, look,
I'm sorry about tonight.

I'm thinking about cutting back a bit
and spending more time with you guys.

Great, now more animals
will be here.

What if we don't stay here?
We can go on a big vacation to Europe.

- Are you serious?
- I'm dead serious.

We can go to Paris, Rome, the Greek
islands. We always talked about that.

What do you think?

Is this a bribe?

Yes, this is a bribe.

It's working.

- Yo, Doc, one other thing...
- Tomorrow!

- What?
- Tomorrow.

- Tomorr...
- Yeah.

European vacation. Tomorrow-Tomorrow!
We're going to Europe tomorrow.

♪ Do do do-do-do-do-do
Do-do-do, do-do-do ♪

- ♪ So you wanna roll ♪
- ♪ I wanna roll ♪

♪ You must explode ♪

♪ And have some fun
People, have some fun ♪

[Lucky Narrating] So, Doc, the raccoon
and the possum took a road trip...

to meet this mysterious beaver.

Nice wheels.
What do you call this thing?

- Oh, this is a Mustang.
- Yo, is there a car named after me?

- No, I don't think they make a Possum.
- Why not?

Not a lot of cars
named after rodents.

- ♪ So you wanna roll ♪
- ♪ I wanna roll ♪

♪ You must explode ♪

♪ And have some fun ♪♪

[Raccoon] I wanna go over
a couple ground rules...

for when you're
in the beaver's presence.

Number one: No sudden movements.

Number two:
Do not stare at his teeth.

Between you and me, he's got
a little bit of an overbite.

I personally think he needs braces,
but I'm not a dentist.

Numbers three through ten: You will
treat him with the respect he deserves.

- Capisce?
- We're talkin' about a beaver, right?

- Hey, Doc!
- Hey, Tootie, how you doin'?

Hey, Doctor, how are you?

Back away from him, Jimmy.
Show some respect, you animals.

- Look, the raccoon got the doctor.
- He says he's a miracle worker.

- Hello?
- [Raccoon] Paulie get the boss ready.

[Paulie] I'm doing everything
like you say, Joey.

I'm just,
I'm gonna go get some acorns.

Eh, Dr. Dolittle, I presume.

Welcome to my den.
Would you like a fish?

Oh, no, thank you.
I've eaten already.

Hey, the beaver offers you a fish,
you take the fish.

- Joey, shut up.
- Sorry, boss.

I've heard good things about you
from some of the Bay Area families.

From the Bay Area families.
Really? [Chuckles]

- What are you guys, some kind of mafia?
- Mafia'? No.

We don't know nothin'
about no mafia, do we, boys?

- Nah, never heard of it.
- No, that's a myth.

I'm just a simple fisherman
who's blessed with many friends.

Perhaps you will be one of them.

- What do you guys want from me?
- Well, I'm losing my territory.

What, the other animals
movin' in on you or somethin'?

Yeah, the human kind. They're cuttin'
down our homes, bustin' up families.

Word is they're cuttin' down
the whole forest.

Guys, you're talking
to the wrong person.

You need to contact one of those nature
groups like the Sierra Club or, um-

It has to be you, Doc.

You're the only one
who knows how to speak human.

Yeah, we can't fight humans on our own.
They got guns, knives, pullout couches.

Sure, I got rabies. I could bite
somebody. But I can only do so much!

You guys have no idea what
I'm talking about, do you?

Sure, I do. It's man against nature. But
with you on our side, I like the odds.

Me on your side?
I didn't say I was gonna help you.

I didn't say.

Doctor, before you say no, I would like
you to see what we're talkin' about.

It's gone.

Everything, gone.

- How do you save a forest, anyway?
- It's not gonna be easy, John.

I would assume the lumber companies
have a lot of clout.

I do know if there were a threatened or
endangered species living in the forest,

there are laws that protect it.

How am I gonna find out if there are
any endangered animals in the forest?

Well... you could ask Eugene.

We found an endangered
species of bear.

A female whose mother
had been killed by poachers.

She's the only
Pacific Western bear up there.

- Good. One bear has to be protected.
- Well, no.

Potter's Logging Company argued
that since she's the only one there,

there's no chance for
survival of the species anyway.

- There'd have to be a male too.
- [Female Voice] Pardon me.

Why don't we get a male up there
and let nature take its course?

The only male Pacific Western bear
we could find was raised in captivity.

- [Giraffe] Excuse me.
- There's never been a bear raised in captivity...

that's been successfully
reintroduced to the wild.

They've never had the world-famous
love doctor makin' the introductions.

Psst! Doctor.

Excuse me a second.

- Your man left the barn door open.
- Is somethin' wrong?

- Uh, d-Eh-
- Oh, jeez.

- Hope that Bam Bam didn't see that.
- Oh, I'm sure...

The giraffe is the one
that was disgusted.

I am so sorry.

[Male Singer]
♪ Told myself that you'd probably ♪

♪ Need some time and ♪

♪ Maybe then you would come ♪

- ♪ To change your mind ♪
- I know you're disappointed.

- ♪♪ [Continues]
- Disappointed?

About not going to Europe?

Now, Dad, why would I
be disappointed?

I made you a promise.
I'm gonna stick to it.

If you don't want me to do this,
I'll understand. Okay?

Like I can actually say no and not
feel guilty for the rest of my life.

When do we leave?

As soon as we get a court order
stopping the clear-cutting.

Who's gonna argue the case?

- Wh-Why you lookin' around?
- Me?

What, me? Not me. You.

- No, n-n-n-no.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

- No, no, John.
- Yes, yes, yes.

- No. Don't make me do this.
- Come on. For the animals.

[Mock whimpering]
Do it for the animals.

I don't do animal law.

That's species-ism.
You're a species-ist.

You' re a species-ist!

No, Your Honor, we're simply
asking for an injunction...

so that we might have the chance
to save a species.

Your Honor,

this is a delaying tactic-
slash-publicity stunt.

I have affidavits signed
by a range of experts...

who all concur that to take
a bear raised in captivity...

and reintroduce it
into the wild...

is, well, dangerous
and irresponsible.

Simply put, a bear
raised by “circus folk”...

wouldn't know how to feed itself
or interact with real bears,

let alone make it
through its first winter.

It would certainly succumb to Darwin's
law of nature: survival of the fittest.

- Actually-
- Yeah, but Darwin never met my dad.

Young lady,
that's inappropriate behavior.

And just who is your father?

Sir-Your Honor, that's me.
I'm her father. Name's Dolittle.

Dr. Dolittle.

- [Spectators Murmuring]
- Dr. Dolittle.

Do you feel you could
rehabilitate a tame bear...

and mate it in the wild
with a female?

Yes, I do, Your Honor.

Then I'll grant a one-month delay
on the harvesting of Campbell's Grove.

For one month, Dr. Dolittle.
That's it.

- Thank you, sir.
- And, Doctor,

if that bear should so much as set
one paw in a campsite or this town,

I'll rescind this order immediately.

I understand completely.
Thank you, Your Honor. Thank you.

- Thank you, Your Honor.
- [Gavel Bangs]

- Doctor! Dr. Dolittle! Over here!
- Dr. Dolittle!

Dr. Dolittle, you speak to
both domestic and wild animals.

Can a circus bear
relate to a forest bear?

Well, I don't know much about him except
that he's been living in captivity,

so I'm sure he'll be really
happy to return to the wild.

[Mouths Words]

[Lucky Narrating]
So much for a family vacation.

But Doc figured,
how hard could this be?

That was before he met Archie.

♪♪ [Rock]

[ Emcee] Ladies and gentlemen,
he's the bear with flair,

the walkin' rug with
an adorable mug-Archie the bear!

- [Motorcycle Engine Revs]
- [Archie] ♪ Get your motor runnin' ♪

♪ Head out on the highway ♪

- They love me. Go.
- [Revving Continues]

♪ Born to be wi-i-i-ild ♪

- [Archie] Ow! Gee!

♪ And that's the show ♪♪

Whew! Big-boned gal, huh?

Oh. [Chuckles]
Yeah, I guess so.

Got any action shots?
You know what I'm talkin' about.

No, I don't, but listen, you'd be lucky
to wind up with somebody like her.

Look, I have had so many girlfriends,
you know-[Chuckles]

Okay, look, I've never had a girlfriend.
just bring her by on Monday.

That's when I'm dark. Okay?

I can't bring her here.
You have to go to her.

- Whoa, whoa. Go to her? Where?
- Um, she's in the forest.

Ooh, uh, I don't play forests.

I'm strictly a state fair,
small arena-type bear.

- Do you know what kind of bear you are?
- Um, let's see. Yes.

I'm a singer. Dancer-
three years tap, two years jazz.

No, Archie,
you're an endangered species.

Is that a threat, buddy?
Because my lawyer will be down here-

No, I'm not threatening you.
You're a very rare bear.

You're a Pacific Western bear.
You know what that is?

Yes, I know what-
I can play any kind of bear.

I've got range. Grizzly, panda.
Here, check out my polar.

- I am freezing! It is cold!
- Let me break it down to you.

- Your ancestors come from the mountains of California.
- Yes, blah, blah, blah.

When you were six months old,
they took you from your mother...

and taught you to wiggle your hips
to a recording of “Hound Dog.”

No, no, I taught myself that. I admit
I pander, 'cause I'm a pander bear!

Get it? Ha ha ha!

- Pander!
- Yeah, that's funny stuff, Archie.

But listen,
what I'm proposing to you is,

I'd like to take you back to
where your ancestors roamed,

get you out in the woods
and teach you to be a real bear.

Look, I like the bear I am.
Okay? I'm famous!

Have you been to the gift shop?
I have my own beanie baby.

Have you been to the gift shop?
I have my own beanie baby.

You do this, you'll be the most
famous bear in all the world.

- Bigger than Pooh?
- Are you kidding me?

You pull this off,
they'll be saying, “Winnie the who?”

You've got yourself a bear.

And in what must be one of the most
unusual stories of the year,

Dr. John Dolittle is trying
to rewrite the laws of nature...

by attempting to reintroduce
a performing bear into the wild.

In doing so, he hopes to save
an entire forest from destruction.

It's Darwin versus Dolittle.

Oh, get over yourself.

Governor, I've got two lumber mills
waiting for that wood.

I understand, Joe,
but it's complicated.

Especially if that
endangered bear survives.

I don't meet my quota, Governor, you're
the one who's gonna be endangered.

Now, now, J.P., not to worry.

That ridiculous bear is bound
to screw up at least once.

And when he does,
you'll have yourself a new trophy.

And I've got
just the place to put him.

[Male Singer]
♪ It's Saturday, get the car shined up ♪

- [Woman]And?
- ♪ Haircut lined up ♪

- [Woman] What you gonna wear, y'all?
- ♪ Haven't made my mind up ♪

- ♪ Post one size up and tie it up ♪
- That's right.

♪ Hope she'll be there ♪

- ♪ I wonder how she'll wear her hair ♪
- What you gon' do?

♪ If I see her, I swear ♪

♪ I'm gon' put the gate down
like, yeah ♪

- [Backup Singers] ♪ I'm looking good ♪
- ♪ Looking for someone ♪♪

[Lucky] So we all moved to the forest
and waited for Archie to arrive.

While the family settled, it was time
I started looking out for number one.

Huh? ♪ Doo-do-do-do-doo ♪

This looks like
as good a place as any.

Ah, the simple pleasures of life.

Holy lord!
That wolf is a fox!

I hope I don't have dog breath, you
know, from lickin' my own-Never mind.

Oh, you like that, huh?
Yeah, that was me. [Chuckles]

Plenty more where that came from.

- [Growls]
- “Grr” to you too.

What is that, some kind of secret
wild lady dog code for “You like me”?

Yeah, I do some dancin'.

Here's a little move I call
the back-scratcher. Pretty cool, huh?

H-Hey, hot lady, wait.
Where you goin'?

Call me!

[Lucky Narrating]
And so, the big day finally came,

and I had a feeling
the fur was gonna fly.

[Dolittle] Okay, everybody,
you all know why we're here.

We're about to try to do something
that's never been done before.

Everyone thinks
we can't pull this off,

and they got their blades sharpened
and their trucks ready to roll.

But we're gonna
prove 'em wrong, right?

That's right. Now I want everybody
to put their claws together.

How about a big round of applause
for the bear that's gonna lead the way?

Let's hear it for Archie!

- [Animals Murmuring]
- Yeah! Come on!

Are you ready to save the forest?

♪ Put your paws up
Put your paws up, come on, now ♪

Is this some kind of joke?

Hey, I wanna go serious on ya
for a second.

I know I've got my work cut out for me,
but with your help I know one thing...

Now. Go.

♪♪ [ Piano Intro]

♪♪ [Up-tempo Disco]

[ Off-key]
♪ I will survive ♪

♪ Yes, I will survive ♪

♪ As long as I know how to love
I know I'll stay alive ♪

♪ Yes, I will survive ♪

♪ As long as I know how to love
I know I'll stay alive ♪♪


- ♪♪ [Archie Humming]
- We're dead.

- Nevermore.
- This show's over.

- Let's go fool around.
- You got your work cut out for you.

- ♪♪ [ Fades]
- I'm done. Turn it off.

You're not a real bear.
You're Wayne Newton in a bear suit.

So dirty. Look at my paws.

It's the woods, Archie.
Its chief component is dirt.

Wait. Hey, Doc, is that her?
She's a babe.

- Yeah, that's her.
- Oh.

Look at the way she moves.
Man, would I love to see her wet.

I'm gonna go over and introduce you.
You just wait over there.

Yeah, good.

Hey, tell her I really dig
her fat pouch, but don't be crude.

- I'll try to work that in.
- Okay, good.

Wait, hey... Gah!

[Female Bear] Are you coming
over here? I'm a little busy foraging.

- Hi. Hello. My name is John.
- Hi.

- Hi. Hello. My name is John.
- Hi.

- I'm Ava.
- That's a pretty name. Nice to meet you.

- Hi.
- Hey, uh, quick question, Ava.

How would you like to meet
the man of your dreams?

You're real cute,
but I don't go interspecies.

I'm not talkin' about me. I shouldn't
have said man. I should've said bear.

The bear of your dreams.

What do you think of that big,
magnificent hunk of bear there?

Um, I don't think I see him.

Oh, is he standing
behind that dork?

Oh, no, he is... Look, let me explain
to you what's going on, all right?

There's a logging company that's gonna
tear down this whole forest, everything.

There's a logging company that's gonna
tear down this whole forest, everything.

The only thing
that can stop 'em...

is if I can get two
Pacific Western bears together.

You're a Pacific Western bear,
and so is he.

If I can get you together and you made
little Pacific Western bears, then-

- You see where I'm going with this?
- Uh-huh, yeah.

Look, no offense,
but I don't talk to bear pimps.

At least let me call him over so you
can meet him. Archie, come over here.

Hey, Johnny, there you are. Come on.
I thought we were gonna go work out.


- Okay, Archie, you're on.
- What do I say to her?

Get to know her a little.
Tell her about yourself.

Get to know her a little.
Tell her about yourself.

Hi! I'm Archie.

[Nervous Chuckle]
I like moonlit walks on the beach,

uh, sharing slop buckets
with that special someone,

and the soulful sounds
of the Backstreet Boys.

- You're very weird.
- Weird, as in sexy?

No, just weird.

Hey, Archie, uh, why don't you
let me take it from here.

- That was good.
- Okay.

[Archie Whispers]

- What do you think of Archie? Cute?
- Oh, don't make me eat you.

Stop that. He's a little uncomfortable
around the female species at first-

That's not even really
the point.

I need a real bear, someone who can
hunt and protect and provide for me.

Oh. Okay.
I can understand that.

Oh, and I'm already
involved with someone.

Really? You have a boyfriend
already-a “bearfriend.”

- Are you in love?
- “Love”?

My cousin married for love,
and the next thing she knows...

he's two-timing her with this hot
little grizzly in a cave up north.

he's two-timing her with this hot
little grizzly in a cave up north.

- Okay, so you're not in love?
- No.

All right, let's make a deal.
Don't make any decisions for a month.

I'm gonna go work with Archie, and in a
month's time I'm gonna turn that bear...

into a bear that you'll be proud
to have little bear cubs with.

Check it out!
I've flipped for you...

- [Crunch]
- Pinecone. Gah!

- Hey.
- Hey.


- [Inhales, Sighs] Perfect night.
- [Crickets Chirping]

Sitting' here, breathing fresh country
air, listening to the crickets chirp.


You know what the crickets
are saying?

I don't speak to the animals. You're
the one who understands 'em, not me.

Little monkeys don't come up to me
asking me for a 40-ounce.

I don't say, “Can I help you, little
animal? Need a shot?” I don't do that.

I'm in my room listening to music.
You see me talkin' to the animals?

Slow it down a second.

I was just gonna tell you that crickets
are natures thermometers, that's all.

You can tell how cold it is
by how fast they chirp.

- It seems a little cold out here?
- Yeah, a little nippy.

Maybe I need to
go get my vest. Yeah.

[Distant Rhythmic Thumping]

♪♪ [ Hip-Hop]

- [Vehicle Approaching]
- ♪♪[Car Stereo: Hip-Hop Continues]

[Chattering Laughing]

Yo, Dr. Dre is still the best.

Hey, and get a tuneup, man.
Get a tuneup.

- Yo, what's up, baby?
- Hey, Eric.

- [Car Races Away]
- Mmm!

H-H-Hey! Hey!
You left your homey!

- What's up, Dr. D?
- I don't know. Maybe you should tell me.

I came to visit. Since y'all love me
so much, I was gonna stay a couple days.

No, no. Hell, no.
Charisse, I don't understand.

- What' s not to understand, Dad?
- Eric with bags. I don't understand that.

He's staying here for
a couple nights. Mama said so.

Oh, your mother said so.
Oh, okay.

Eric, you gonna be on the floor
in the living room in a sleeping bag,

if you don't have
a problem with that.

By the way, Eric,
I'm watchin' you.

And not just me. I got eyes all around
the woods. You know I talk to the birds.

- Thanks, Dad.
- So watch your back.

- [Laughs] I feel you.
- You feel me? Okay. All right.

- [Laughs] I feel you.
- You feel me? Okay. All right.

I'm watching...
I'm watching you, Eric!

I'm watching your back!

[TV: Narrator] Bears are opportunistic
eaters, finding food wherever they can.

Can we please see what else is on?

You need to watch this
so you can learn...

how to feed yourself
and survive during the winter.

What is he doin'? Diggin'?

You never even wondered what
your sharp claws was for?

Uh, no.

[ Narrator]
Bears are excellent swimmers.

Not this bear.

I know you're not gonna tell me
you don't know how to swim.

Wait, you haven't heard? There's a new
invention. it's called... the boat!

Wait, you haven't heard? There's a new
invention. it's called... the boat!

That's the last straw. Get up at dawn.
I'm teaching you how to fish.

- How 'bout noon-ish?
- Unbelievable.

[Lucky Narrating]
And so began the bear-athon,

a training mission so “grizzly,” so
un-bear-able, so hairy-that's enough.

Archie, let's do it.
This river's full of fish. Let's go.

Yup. So is Red Lobster.

Don't look at me, look at the water.
That's where the fish are.

They're movin'. Oh, man, one just
touched me. One just touched me!

Look, you big, furry baby, put your face
down right now and grab a fish!

- No!
- Do just like you saw on TV.

Put your face under the water
and catch a fish.

I'm here with you.
Go under the water.

All right! I'll try it.

All right, one, two, three...

[Inhales Deeply]

- That's Archie!
- What's up?

- What's up?
- What's up?

Hey, fellas, what's up?

Okay, okay, get one.

- [ Gurgling] Can't breathe!
- Archie!

- Can't breathe!
- Hey!

Archie. Archie!

[Grunting, Panting]

[Burps, Groans]

How smart do you have to be to
lift your head out of the water...

when you can't breathe?

I saw a light. It was a bright light.
It was beautiful.

We're gonna take you on a little trip
right now that's gonna toughen you up.

What? What?

We're gonna find something
even you can catch. Come on.

I saw my grandma.

- Go on, eat.
- Oh, I...

- Come on, eat!
- They're-I don't eat, uh-

I'm good. Thanks.

I'm good. Thanks.

Okay, am I close?

- Cold.
- Use the Force.

- [Archie] Colder? Warmer?
- Arctic.

- [Archie] Colder? Warmer?
- Arctic.

So, how's it going?

It's going great. I'm not
even gonna need three weeks.

Honey, look, he's already
foraging grapes.

Why's he walking away from 'em?

He's not walking away.
He's circling the grapes.

Why? Are they dangerous grapes?

No, no, the grapes
aren't dangerous... Eric.

- Seriously, where are the grapes?
- Don't worry, he's doing great.

- We're right on schedule.
- I'm gettin' dizzy!

- Ohh! Oh! Oww!
- [Crashing Down Stairs]

- Ohh! Oh! Oww!
- [Crashing Down Stairs]

I'm okay!
Concrete broke my fall!

Definite bruise.

Now, explain this again.

I'm supposed to climb into a small,
dark space and sleep for six months?

That's what bears do.
It's called hibernation.

Sounds more like depression.
Wait, how do I eat?

Well, you don't eat. What you do is,
you eat a lot during the summer.

That lasts you throughout
the whole winter.

- Where do I go to the bathroom?
- No going to the bathroom.

- [Laughing] What? You're kidding.
- I'm serious.

What you do is,
a week before you hibernate...

you start eating things like dirt
and moss and hair and grass,

and it forms a big plug in your, um-
it p-plugs up your, uh-

- Uh, you know.
- It blocks my butt?

Yeah, it blocks it all up with this big,
nasty, hairy plug of hair and grass.

It's a big, nasty plug.

Whoa, wait. You want me to sleep for
six months with a big cork in my butt?

Yeah, that's the idea of it.

- Okay, good-bye! See ya later!
- Hey, Archie, come back here!

- Okay, good-bye! See ya later!
- Hey, Archie, come back here!

- Nope, I'm gone! See ya!
- Archie!

Hey, headin' south?

Archie, nobody's gonna pick up
a hitchhiking bear.

I'll split the gas and sit
in the back with the kids.

- Come on, Archie, stop it.
- I'm sorry, Doc. This isn't working out.

I almost drowned.
Ava doesn't like me.

I'm tired of your complaining.
Look up in this tree. What do you see?

- [Squawks]
- Bird.

A bird in his home. On the branch below
him there's a squirrel in his home.

And there's a little rabbit
in his home.

All these animals
are depending on you.

You can do this.
just listen to your inner bear.

Just trust him.
He'll tell you what to do. Come on.

Okay, but I gotta tell ya, my inner bear
has a problem with the butt plug.

All right, I'm gonna show you
what happens to animals...

that don't have a home.

[Imitating Hannibal Lecter]
Hello, Clarice.

- Uh, Doc, this isn't necessary.
- It's time for a little tough love.

- Come on.
- Look, Iggy!

- Come on.
- Look, Iggy!

What's the matter, boy?
Couldn't make it on the outside?

- Hey-
- [Bear] Come on in, powder puff.

- Go on in there.
- But wh-why?

There's a couple bears inside
that want to meet you.

I'll just sit over
on that side of the cell.

- I'm tired of this madness.
- [Phone Rings]

- [Archie] Don't be scared
- [Bear] I'll bite ya!

Yes, Dolittle. Oh, hi, honey!

Don't like to hunt?
Don't like to fish?

You know what I would give to be
in the forest instead of in this dump?

- Uh, Doc!
- Do I hear someone talkin'?

No, no.

See, that's the problem
with kids today-no respect.

Kid think he knows my life.

- He needs us to teach him a lesson.
- N-No, I just-

I'm gonna give him a bear hug.
Let me give you a bear hug, Tiny.

I'm gonna give him a bear hug.
Let me give you a bear hug, Tiny.

No, it's actually
going quite well.

- I finally got this under control.
- [Snapping]

- [Bears ] ♪ Her name was Lola ♪
- Yeah!

- ♪ She was a show bear ♪
- Whoo!

- Lisa, let me call you back.
- ♪ With yellow feathers in her hair ♪

♪ And her dress
cut down to there ♪

- Where?
- ♪ At the Copa ♪

- ♪ Copacabana ♪ - Doc, apparently
everyone in this place loves musicals.

- [♪♪ Continues, Fades]
- I'm kidding. I'll try harder.

[ Lucky Narrating] Meanwhile, while
the cat's away, the mice will play,

and by mice I mean teenagers.

- All right, they still closed?
- Yes.

Here they come.

[ Charisse]
You did all this?

Okay, boys,
remember what the doc said.

If this punk tries anything fresh,
we let him have it.

I got wings, legs,
tacos, whatever.

Taco? Did somebody say taco?

No, no, blend in, blend in.
You're gonna blow our cover.

Charisse, there's somethin' I been
meanin' to do since we got out here.

Oh, really. What's that?


[Male Singer]
♪ You'd never know one lonely... ♪♪

- [Raccoon] Now!
- Eeeew!

He French-kissed me!
Blecch! Blah! Blah!

Now, that worked out nicely.

The drinks are on me, Jenny.

[Lucky] Meanwhile, the doctor gave
Archie and me some lessons of our own.

Could you leave a little for me?
Technically, it is my-

- [Growls]
- Just a thought.

Hey! What's going on here?

I've been so blessed, I feel I should
give back to the hot lady dog.

You don't have to put up with that.
Get outta here!


- That is one hot fox.
- Whats the matter with you two?

Don't you know that every female
is looking for the strongest male?

- But what about personality?
- I'm gonna die a virgin.

Shut up and listen. The strongest male
is called the alpha male.

The alpha male wants everybody
to know he's the boss male.

You have to be him-
the boss of all the males.

You have to learn how to walk
like the alpha male.

- Walk the walk.
- [Archie] Walk the walk.

- And talk the alpha male talk!
- [Lucky] I'm still on the walk.

It's about power and respect.

It's about pure, uncompromised,
testosterone-driven male power!

[Lisa] John, didn't I ask you
to line the garbage pails?

You line 'em
your damn self, woman!

- What?
- I-I'm sorry, honey.

I was talkin' to the animals. I got a little
riled up. I was teachin' 'em somethin'.

Stop messing with those animals
and go and get us something to eat.

- I'm on my way. Going right now, honey.
- Go.

- Way to go, alpha male. Talk the talk.
- Shut up!

Who are you telling to shut up?

I was talking to the animals.
I'm going to get the food.

You sure you don't want
another one of these things?

No, I'm fine.


I got a question for you. Let's say you
spend your whole life in show business.

What's gonna be your big finish?
Every act has to have a big finish.

Big finish? Check it out.
San Francisco Bee. Quote.

“The best thing about Archie's act
is when it's finished.” End quote.

No, I mean in life.

Who you gonna share your success with,
your hopes, dreams, fears and failures?

Everything I do
wouldn't mean anything...

if! didn't have my wife
and kids to go home to.

Sometimes I do get very lonely.

I've never been in love.

Okay, this is your big chance.
I think Ava really likes you.

Did she say somethin'?
What'd she say?

You gotta learn to read
between the lines sometimes.

She loves me? I knew it!

Hey, let's not get carried away.

I feel like I'm about to burst.

So, this is what love
feels like, right? Oh.

Or maybe it's the marshmallows.


I think it's the marshmallows.
You ate a whole bag of 'em.

Doc, tomorrow you're gonna
see a brand-new bear.

I think I'm gonna
call it a night.

Don't go. It's a little
scary out here for me.

Can you stay here
till I fall asleep?

Okay, I'll wait till you
fall asleep. Then I'm leaving.

- Hey, Doc?
- Yes, sir?

Can you leave the light on?

Okay, light stays on.

I'll keep these here, okay?

- 'Night, Archie.
- 'Night, Doc.

If you want a marshmallow,
just gotta ask me, okay?

Look out, Ava!
There's a new Archie in town!

Oh, yeah! That feels good!

Feel it comin'!

Feel the burn!

Feel the wind!

Feel the muscle cramp!

Oww! Aah!


Come on, Archie, don't quit.
Dig deep. Let's go!

I think I pulled my butt muscle.

Ouch. It stings.
My butt stings.

Could you rub my butt?
Could you rub it, please?

Rub my butt.
Come back here, rub my butt.

Please rub my butt.

[Lucky] Doc finally realized he was
never gonna make Archie fast enough...

or strong enough to impress Ava,

but maybe, maybe he could
make him sweet enough.

[Archie] Wow, how could
anybody be so beautiful?

Why don't you tell her that?

Oh, I don't know. I... Oh, my...

What is that?

Oh, that's Sonny. That's her little
“bearfriend.” She told me about him.

- But he's a Kodiak bear.
- Hey, don't get discouraged, man.

You can win her over.

The key to winning a woman over is,
figure out what she likes.

- Take my wife.
- Please!

- Don't do that. This is serious.
- I'm sorry.

My wife,
she likes to be surprised.

Like jumpin' out of
the bushes, screamin'?

No, nothin' like that. They like
romance. Do something romantic.

Something that says,
“I'm thinking about you all the time.”

Wow, that's really nice.
You do stuff like that all the time?

I used to.

But lately I've been, you know,
all caught up in this,

so I guess I'm
a little out of practice.

Okay, candles,
fruit, cheese, wine.


- What are you doing?
- Oh, hey, honey.

I'll tell you what I'm doing.
It's all about you tonight.

I've sent the children to the movies,
and the bear is camping in the woods.

- We're all alone.
- [Chameleon] Oh, yes, all alone.

[Clears Throat]
One second.

[Chameleon] You cannot see me.
I am at one with the couch.

I am blended perfectly,
interwoven into every fiber.

- Oops! I can give you some pointers!
- So much for the intrusions.

Hey, come on. It ain't no fun
if the homeys can't see none.

- Now, where were we?
- You were thinking candles and wine...

would make up for ignoring me
the last few days.

I'm sensing a little resistance.
I took that into consideration.

- Here's something you won't be able to resist.
- ♪♪ [Stereo: R&B Ballad]

[Lionel Richie]
♪ And I feel with you ♪

- Is this our wedding song?
- ♪ In my arms ♪

- That's not fair.
- Is this the first thing you ever danced to as Mrs. Dolittle?

- ♪ This love will last ♪
- The show is about to start.

♪ Forever ♪
- What show?

- It is! It truly is!
- ♪ 'Cause I'm ♪

♪ Truly ♪

♪ I'm truly in love ♪

- ♪ With Mrs. Dolittle ♪
- ♪ Truly in love ♪

[Singing Along]
♪ Truly in love with you, girl ♪

- ♪♪ [Continues]
- Oh, he's so good.

Let me tell ya, he scratched my belly
the other day, my leg went crazy.

- ♪ Head over heels with your love ♪♪
- Hey, what's going on?

Apparently, he's truly,
truly in love with her.

Hey, Doc, give her some garbage.
Chicks like garbage.

How about plantin' a little
sugar on Dr. D's lips?

I think I can do that.

- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.

- [Lucky] Go, Doctor! Go, Doctor!
- [Archie] D'oh!

- [Lucky] Go, Doctor! Go, Doctor!
- [Archie] D'oh!

- Ohh!
- He broke her! [Gasps]

- Get outta here, all of you!
- The kid's got moxie.

- Get outta here, all of you!
- The kid's got moxie.

- This ain't no peep show!
- But this is really helpful.

I'm learning a lot.

Just get out of here.
We'll discuss it tomorrow.

- [Lucky] Uh-oh. Busted.
- You're gonna discuss what tomorrow?

Oh. Well, I w-I was-

Well, baby, why don't we just
pick it up where we left off.

- Baby?
- Hmm?

Why don't you
sleep on the couch?

W-Wait, what'd she say, Doc?

She said she loves me so much,
I get to sleep on the couch.

You're the man!

Yes, I'm the man.

I'm the man on the couch.
[Clears Throat]


[Snoring Continues]

Psst. Hey, Doc. Homey is on the move.
His hormones are raging.

- [Continues Snoring]
- [Chameleon] There he goes!

- Hold it.
- [Groans]

I was only going to the bathroom.

You can hold it.

I know that trick.

Hey, baby!

Hi. What's wrong
with your voice?

[Imitating Dolittle]
You're lookin' mighty fine.

So why don't you plant some of that
sugar over here on my-on Archie.

♪ Truly ♪♪

Oh, no.

- Is that our song?
- [Creaking]

- Whoa!
- [Thud!]

Ow! Hard ground! Back!

You should maybe learn
how to climb trees. Truly.

That's a bruise!

- Hey, come on out of there, Archie.
- Never!

I'm sure it wasn't that bad.

It was the most humiliating thing
I've ever done,

and I once rode a unicycle
in a tutu!

Okay, I understand, but we can fix this.
We just have to work harder.

Nope, I'm just gonna
stay here and hibernate.

- Tell him to stay in there. We're making our own bear suit.
- No, Archie's fine.

- Tell him to stay in there. We're making our own bear suit.
- No, Archie's fine.

Good, 'cause we were wondering,

would it be all right if every
animal in the whole forest...

stays with you next week?

I'm not playing anymore. I want you to
come out here right now, you big coward!

Uh, excuse me.
Who are you calling a coward?

You. I'm calling you a big coward
for quitting like this.

- Well, it's hard.
- You know what hard is, Archie?

My wife is mad at me,
my daughter's mad at me,

and I'm spending my vacation with
a pizza boy who greets me by saying,

“Dr. D, what's up?”

Now I'm listening to a big, furry baby
who wants to quit 'cause it's too hard!

Well, Ava laughed at me.

Oh, boo-hoo!
“Ava laughed at me.

I love her and I need her,
and she laughed at me!”

You don't deserve Ava! Why should Ava
spend her life with a coward like you?

Hey, don't poke the bear, buddy.

I didn't poke a bear. If I poked a bear,
a bear would be maulin' me.

I don't know what I poked,
but it sure ain't no bear!

- I'm warnin' you.
- And I'm pokin' you!

- Stop it!
- Poke, poke, poke.

- All right, that's it!
- Aaah! [Groans]

- Archie, that hurt.
- [Flies Buzzing]

Hey, that felt good.

You're beyond my help.
Just take your ass back to the circus.

Bear. Whoo-hoo!

I'm a bear!

I'm the alpha bear!

Grr! Roar!

Bears say "grrr," right?

Bears say "grrr," right?

- What happened to you?
- Archie.

I- You know what-

Potter called.
He wants to make a deal.

Just listen to what
he has to say.

[ French Accent]
For you, madame.

- Thanks.
- So does Sonny bring you fish?

No. Not a fish.
Usually about a hundred.

A hundred? Wait. No.
He can't carry that many.

Okay, but does Sonny
tell you that you have...

the most beautiful eyes
he's ever seen?

Does he promise to fill your life
with love, poetry, laughs?

No. No. Mostly he just asks me
when I think I'll be in heat.

- [Chuckles] Prince Charming, huh?
- Yeah.

So when is-when is that?

Do you want to go for a walk?

- With you or alone?
- With me.

- Okay. [Chuckles]
- [Giggles]

This isn't a walk.
We're running.

Why do we always have to run?

♪ I got you now
and I just want to ♪

♪ Show you how to play ♪

♪ Goose bumps on your body ♪

♪ Guide the way ♪

♪ I wanna go all night ♪

♪ Ain't no stoppin' till
the breakin' of the dawn ♪

♪ I wanna go inside
every corner ♪

♪ Girl, you really
turn me on ♪

♪ I wanna go knock knock ♪

♪ Our bodies to the beat
of when the mornin' comes ♪

♪ We'll let
the sunshine stay ♪♪

[Lucky Narrating]
Yep, there was love in the air.

Be the man. Be the man.

Be... the... man.

Hey. Now, you listen to me.

Yeah, that's right.
You're in my house now.

- Hmm?
- Yeah, my house.

Also my house.
All of these are my houses.

Hey, you're a lucky girl,
you know that? Yeah.

You're the lucky one, not me. You.

Hey. You want to go out with me
tonight? Would that be good?

Hey, wait a minute.
What do you think you're doing?

Who-Who-Who, me?
No. I'm not doing anything.

I'm just, you know,
assuming the position.

- Hey. You marked my tree.
- Oh, no. I would never do that.

I would never mark-
mark your tree.

I don't even know what those words mean.
I drank a lot of water.

I'll tell you something about water.
It goes right through me.

Come on.
It smells like lemonade.

Oh. Yeah. Oh, I see your point.
Yeah, yours is...

very, very strong.

It's like-like ammonia. I'm actually
getting dizzy, to tell you the truth.

Come on. Let's beat it.
We're leaving.

You two are going, huh? Have fun.

You two are going, huh? Have fun.

Have fun. You make a very
handsome couple. [Chuckles]

God, I hate myself.



[Ava] Yeah. Bears have died
trying to reach that hive.

Well, if you want it,
you got it.

Oh, please. Don't even think about it.
That's not funny.

- No. I'm gonna go get it for you.
- Archie, I'm serious.

- Don't. it's too dangerous. Promise me.
- Okay.

Okay. I like you, Ava.

I like you too, Archie.

I like you too, Archie.

- What are you girls doing over here?
- Sonny, don't.

Beat it, circus boy.

- Sonny...
- Oh, you keep your yap shut.

[Chuckles] Your charm
is matched only by your odor.

- And what does that mean?
- You're a malodorous ignoramus.

- It's nothing, really.
- What's he saying? I'm confused.

And I don't like being confused.

- Yeah, he really doesn't.
- Really? Well, you'd think he'd get used to it, huh?

Let's go, Ava.
Tryin' to confuse me. [Mumbling]

Ava, don't go. Look, maybe you can
do better than me, but don't do worse.

- I thought you liked me.
- Of course I do.

- [Sonny] Come on, Ava.
- But you'll always be a city bear.

And I need more than that.

City bear.
[Sighs] Great.

Should we, uh,
put all our cards on the table?

Of course.

This bear you brought up here
has as much likelihood of making...

little bear babies as Riley here.

Ain't-a-gonna happen.

But, on the other hand,
thanks to you,

I'm not exactly drowning
in favorable publicity.

So, here's my offer.
I will set aside ten acres,

turn it into a sanctuary.

You can bring all your little
animal buddies there.

Plus, you'll be saving face.

You won't have to admit you failed.
You don't look like a fool.

Look, ten acres is ridiculous.

That's the offer.

The deadline is Wednesday
at 12:00 noon. Let me be clear.

At 12:01,we'll be
sending in every logger,

every piece of logging
equipment we've got.

By Friday, there won't
be a tree standing.

I need to run this by my wife.

Excellent idea.
There's a pay phone in the back.

Excuse me.

Calling the wife.
Always a sign of weakness.

Whoo-hoo, woo, woo. Hey, Johnny.

What are you doing?

Doc, I know what to do.
I've got my big finish.

- Look. Come in here. Quick.
- All right.

Hey, I don't think
I'm allowed in here.

Okay, listen. I got to tell you.
This thing is over.

I'm just sorry
I dragged you into all this.

I'm going to have to get you
an audition in Vegas or something.

These guys offered me a deal,
and it's the best I can do.

No, no, no. The best you can do
is not give up on me, Doc.

Come on. You told me,
“Listen to your inner bear.” Remember?

- I don't know, Archie.
- Look, I know how I can win Ava.

Okay. I know
I'm nuts or something.

I'm gonna give it another shot.
I'll give you one more chance.

- Yes! Yes!
- Okay, let me get over...

- Uh-oh! Uh-oh!
- Uh-oh, what? What's the problem?

- Ice cream is acting up.
- What ice cream?

I got depressed after Sonny and Ava,
and I went on a bender.

And by the second gallon,
I realized I'm in love with Ava...

and this ice cream
called “Cherry Garcia.”

- [Belches]
- Hey! Don't you dare throw up on me.

Ohh! That's not where
it's gonna come out. Ohh!

Wait. You got to do that,
sit down on the toilet.

- I can't hold it!
- Wait! You gotta lift the lid up first.

This is not going to be
big enough! Oh, boy!

You'll be fine. Just sit there.
I'm gonna keep guard outside.

- I don't think it's...
- Take care of what you got to take care.

Hey. I'll be with you in one second.
I'm gonna take care of business.

- Who you talking to in there?
- I'm talking to myself. I was-

- Sometimes you got to coax it down.
- Right.

Give my sphincter
a little pep talk. Excuse me.

Come on down, you.

- Oh, my G...
- I gotta stay in here with you.

Let me get the window open. Don't
do nothing till I get the window open.

- Uh-oh!
- The window only opens a little bit.

- That's not going to be enough.
- [Breaking Wind]

Oh, hey, hey! You're doing it,
aren't you? Wow!

- Whoo-hoo-hoo!
- [Breaking Wind]

- It's worse than I imagined.
- [Breaking Wind] Whoo!

- [Breaking Wind]
- Ohh! Ohh! Oh, Archie!

You just had ice cream?
That's not just ice cream.

- Oh, Archie!
- [Breaks Wind]

Oh, it ain't that bad.
Come on. Whoo!

[Toilet Flushing]

Gentlemen, uh, no deal.

Thanks for your time.


Hmm! Is that me?

[ Maya]
Can you hear me?

[Pepito] Stop staring at me.
You're giving me a complex.

- I'm trying to blend.
- Well, if you can hear me,

- can you change to the color of this table...
- What do you think you're doing?

- I think he understands me.
- Well, if he understood me,

I'd tell him how sick I am
of all these stupid animals.

Oh, that really hurt.

If you could understand me, I'd tell you
to do something about your dandruff.

It's looking like
Christmas in July.

I hate this place.

So young. So angry.
Damn that rap music.

- [Lisa] Hey.
- Hey.

So how'd it go?

Well, I told Potter no deal.

I thought it wasn't
working with Archie.

Archie thinks he can win Ava over.
I'm gonna see this through.

So that means
we're stuck here? Oh!

- Charisse.
- Hey, Charisse. Hey.

Charisse. Hey, it's a long walk
back to the city.

Hey, we're not gettin'
along too good, are we?

- I wanna go home.
- I wanna go home too. We're going home.

But there's something else
that's bothering you, isn't it?

I'm not saying it's all your fault.
Maybe it's my fault.

Maybe it's a phase you're going through.
But something's bothering you.

Your mother thinks you got a problem,
and you're not telling us about it.

- No.
- There's nothing bothering you?

- I'm sure.
- Charisse.

- I'm sure.
- Charisse.

- I'm fine, Dad.
- Okay, now.

I'm not saying you have a problem,
but if you do we always work things out.

- Right?
- Right.

- You're cool?
- Cool.

All right.

'Cause your mother was
a little worried. And I was startin'-

- Tell her I'm fine.
- Okay. Okay.


- Dad?
- Yes? Yes?

I knew something was bothering you.
What is it?

Come on, talk to me.
You know, daddy to daughter.

Break it down. You can cry, whatever.
We can cry together, if that's-

- What is it? Stop.
- Nothing.

It must be the mountains
messing me up, 'cause I'm fine.

- You sure you're all right?
- Mm-hmm.


She's all right!

You have your little space.
I'll be in the house.

- All right.
- Okay.

Talking time's done.
It's time to be bold... for Ava.

He's goin' after the hive!
He's goin' after the hive!

- Who?
- Archie.

- Who?
- Archie, you idiot. Jeez!

Boy, this cliff's
a lot higher than I remember.

Bye-bye, species.

So this is your big plan? Archie, you
get back here right now! Come back in!

No way, Doc.
I'm gonna do this or die trying.

- That bear is one bad mother.
- Archie, what are you doing?

Archie, you get back in here
right now. Stop playing!

I don't think I'm gonna win Ava
by eating a bunch of worms.

I'm never gonna be
more woodsy than Sonny.

I have to show her
how much she means to me.

And if you fall, it's gonna prove that
you're stupid and dead, Archie.

What's goin' on around here?
Oh, circus boy's got a new trick.

- Quiet, Sonny.
- Okay, I got it. I got it.

That log ain't gonna hold him.
And I know logs.

- [Log Creaking]
- Okay! Ohh!

- Don't move, Archie! Don't move!
- Careful! Careful!

- I'll buy you the honey.
- [Archie] Ooh! Ooh!

- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Break! Break!

- [Archie] This is not a good idea.
- Archie, get down!

- I'm fine. Oh, bees!
- [Buzzing]

What's happening?

Hold still! I'll try to talk to them.
Work something out.

- They're stinging me! No, no!
- Uh, guys, uh-


I can't see! Ooh! They're stinging!
Get away from me!

- [Bees] Attack!
- No, no, no! No attack! Hey! Stop!

- [Bee] Defend the hive!
- Ow! Hey, Archie!

- Get the little guy!
- [Yelling]

- [Gasps]
- [Bee] Protect the hive! Attack!

- Attack!
- Banzai! Banzai!

Archie! Archie!
Hey, Archie! Hey!

- [Grunting]
- Archie!

- Archie, get back in here!
- Jump, circus boy!

- Go suck a salmon!
- Ava, I did it for you!

Good job, Archie!
Way to go, Archie! All right!

- Yeah! He did it!
- Woo! Woo! Woo!

- Yeah.
- That kid's got moxie. I love him.

Okay. Okay, what's
the matter with you, huh?

What'd you do something
like that for, huh? Are you crazy?

I could have got that hive if I wanted
it. Come on, Ava, before I get mad.

Sonny, we're not working out.
So, take a hike.

- Honey?
- Yeah, babe, what's up?

No. I meant, would you
like more honey?

- Oh, no. I'm good.
- Okay.

So, ready to talk about
preserving the species?

Well, we could talk.
Or you could count to a hundred...

- and come and get me.
- Okay. Counting, great.

- Um, one, two...
- [Ava Giggling]

- One, two, three-
- Impressive. He's really counting.

Come on, focus, focus.
Uh, one-

- Maybe I should stay in the open.
- One, two,

ten, G, H, P,

green, orange, fish.

- Pace yourself. Not so fast.
- Uh, one, two, three, ten...

Uh, five-teen. Okay, 100.

- Ow! What the-Nap.
- [Thud]

- Daddy?
- Hey.

Daddy's back.

What is it? What happened?

It's Archie.

- [Man] Back up, back up.
- Okay, folks, let's move it back now.

We got a wild animal, coming through.
Wild animal, coming through.

I know you've all seen
the show When Animals Attack.

Have you seen When Animals
Wake Up and Attack?

Now, there's nothing
more dangerous...

than a half-sedated,
half-unsedated bear.

They have big,
sharp teeth and claws-

Excuse me. I'm Dr. Dolittle.
What happened in here?

Well, he broke down
the back door,

and we found him
ransacking the kitchen.

I'm sorry, Dr. Dolittle. I was rooting
for you. All right, let's move it out!

Show's over! Let's go!

- Hey, Archie, it's me. What happened?
- [Groggy] Hey.

I was so close, Doc.
They came out of nowhere.

And I... Are you ready
to save the forest?


The good news is, we're
setting aside ten acres of forest.

We're calling it the Dr. Dolittle
Wildlife Sanctuary.

We're very pleased about that.
Ah, speak of the devil.

- Can we ask you a few questions?
- You think you won this thing,

- but you haven't.
- Fine.

We'll just level your forest
and call it a tie.

Thanks very much, folks.
That's it for today. Thank you.

[Reporters Shouting Questions]

If only I had an eyewitness.
Did anybody see what happened?

Yeah. We got one problem.
He's a friggin' weasel.

- Oh, really. What'd he do?
- I mean he's an actual friggin' weasel.

Hey, weasel, the doctor's here.

Okay, you know what,
that's Mr. Weasel.

Mr. Weasel, did you see
what happened to the bear?

Ooh, the big scary bear.
Did I see what happened-

Ooh, the big scary bear.
Did I see what happened-

- Did you see anything or not?
- Okay, here's the deal.

Give me that shiny wristwatch of yours,
and I'll tell you what you need to know.

Give me that shiny wristwatch of yours,
and I'll tell you what you need to know.

- You're such a weasel.
- Oh, thank you.

[Dolittle] Potter's people
set Archie up. I got a witness.

An animal? You can't
offer that into evidence.

- Well, you got any better ideas?
- Well, I-I'll stall for time.

Maybe we'll get
a private investigator.

Those trucks are ready to roll. They're
taking Archie to a zoo in Mexico.

John, if you go on the witness stand,
Riley is gonna tear you to shreds.

- Well, what do I have to lose?
- Your reputation.

Look, I don't care. I'm not giving up
on those animals this easy.

- Not without a fight. Excuse me.
- [Sighs]

Your Honor, we admit
it was a setback.

But we would like one more week
to rehabilitate the bear.

Might I suggest perhaps
counsel would like to, uh,

admit the animal
into the Betty Ford clinic.

- [Spectators Laughing]
- Or the Yogi Bear clinic.

What if I could prove
the entire thing was a setup?

That would be a very
serious allegation.

Do you intend
to present evidence?

We have an eyewitness.

[Dolittle] Your Honor,
can I address the court,

- just for a minute?
- Go ahead.

Sir, we have an eyewitness who'll
testify that they heard a gunshot,

then they saw a truck
backing up to the area...

- where the shot was fired.
- Is that witness in the courtroom?

No. Not in the courtroom with us,
because, um, he's, uh-

- He's a weasel.
- [Laughing]

- [Gavel Pounding]
- [Laughing Continues]

- Order!
- Your Honor,

I know this-this seems
very unreasonable.

But I can talk to animals. One of them
did come forward with this information.

Your Honor, if it pleases the court,

I have no problem allowing
Dr. Dolittle or counsel...

the opportunity
to question the eyewitness.

I would just ask for
a brief recess...

so that I have opportunity
to get a camera.

I'd like a snapshot
of the animal being sworn in.

- [Spectators Laughing]
- That's enough!

Does the weasel need immunity? We could
provide animal protection program.

- [Laughing Continues, Gavel Pounding]
- That's enough.

I will not allow you
to make a mockery of my courtroom.

The deadline has passed.
Motion to extend denied.

- That's a shame. You hate to see it.
- [Laughing]

- Uh, Dr. Dolittle, will you appeal?
- Is this the end of the line?

Dr. Dolittle, can you tell us
what the weasel said?

Hey. Hey, Doc. Okay.
Come to get me out?

- Sort of.
- Sort of? What do you mean, sort of?

I couldn't really
prove your story, Archie.

- So they, um...
- What? They wh-what? They what?

They think you're too dangerous
to be set free, so-[Inhales]

Yeah? What?

[Exhales] They sold you
to a Mexican circus.

Ai, Chihuahua.

Archie, I am-I'm so sorry.

- For what?
- For everything.

Dragging you out here and putting you
through all this stuff.

Giving you hope.
I feel like I ruined your life.

Ruined my life?
Doc, you gave me a life.

You're the one
who taught me about love.

And no one can ever
take that away from me.

Hey, Charisse.

What are you doing down here?

Mom wanted me to tell you that her
motion for an appeal has been denied.

Well, we knew
it was a long shot anyway.

So, Archie, at least
you'll be back in show business.

Ehh, that's not what I want
anymore. I just want Ava.

- I know you want Ava.
- Maybe I wasn't meant to be loved.

- Everybody is meant to be loved.
- That's right.

Everybody's meant-


Oh, my God!

Charisse, since when?

A couple of weeks now.

At first, it was kind of fuzzy.

But, uh, now it's really clear.

And this is what you've
been keeping from us, right?

I didn't want to say anything because
I didn't want to become a freak.

You're not going to become
a freak. Not at all.

Hey, look. When it started
happening to me, I got scared too.

You're just looking at it the wrong way.
This is a good thing.


Look at all the good
that's come out of it already.

- What good?
- Well, look at us, like this, huh?

How about this, huh? Mm.

Hey, guys. Now I know
what I've been missing.

A family. I guess that's
something I'll never have.

Dad, you got to help him.
Isn't there something that we can do?

And it's not just him.
It's all the animals.

There's so many of 'em.

Yeah, there are so many of 'em.


You guys have given up,
haven't you?

Hey, what am I gonna do?
I'm six years old.

I'm not a young beaver no more.

Besides, we've been living
in this forest how long?

About a hundred years we've been
shakin' down this forest, boss.

So we had a good run.

Look, I tried to do this
by myself, but I can't.

So if you guys want to save your homes,
you're gonna have to help me.

And whether or not you believe it,
you guys have enormous untapped power.

[Blows Raspberry]

When people talk about the best of the
best, it's always an animal expression.

You got a heart like a lion.

Or he's as strong as an ox.
He's got eyes like an eagle.

Or he can move swift like a gazelle.
Or you stink like a skunk.

- What? - Sorry about that, man.
I'm trying to make my point.

What I'm trying to say is,
we can do this! We can do it!

Just don't give up
without a fight!

[Beaver] Let the word go out
from Sicily to SeaWorld.

[Beaver] Let the word go out
from Sicily to SeaWorld.

The trucks don't move!

- Yeah! All right!
- The beaver's right!



[Horn Honks]

Hey, kids! I'm gonna have
to ask you to move!

- No!
- No?

Listen, don't start with me.

Everybody, take your positions!

[Growling, Barking]

Hasta la vista, baby.

Shoot! Roll 'em up!

[Growling, Barking Continues]

I ain't never seen
nothing like this before.

- None of 'em have any milk.
- What?

All of 'em are dry.

- What's wrong, Annabelle?
- Strike! Strike!

[All] Strike! Strike!
Strike! Strike!

Here's your eggs!
You want 'em scrambled?

Strike! Strike! Strike!

Okay. Let's go get the Frisbee.

- Come on, go get it!
- D'oh!

Strike! Strike! Strike!

Give me-Give me-
Give me that leash!

- Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!
- Oh, no!

♪♪ [Blues]

Hey, Archie. All the animals
are working together.

You'll be out of here
in no time.

It's ridiculous.
Animals can't organize.

You may want to take a look
at this for yourself then.

[Man On TV] All over the world,
animals have organized.

They're striking in Paris, Texas,
in Paris, France,

in Brooklyn, in Mexico
and in Canada.

I'm sure I'm going to regret
this in the morning,

but maybe you should
talk with Dolittle.

And what? Give in to a bunch
of beasts and lower life-forms?

I took on the Democrats.
I can take on a bunch of animals.

- [Squeaking] - Charge!
- Oh, no!

- [Squeaking]
- [Gasps]

- Go on!
- Look out! - Watch it!

- Beat it. Ha!
- Retreat! - Go on!

- Medic!
- Organized.

[Male Voice] We have two bogeys,
bearing Alpha Tango Niner.

- [Bird Cawing]
- We are locked on targets.

- Do you hear something?
- Commence bombing!

- [Bird Cawing]
- Roger that, sir.

Well done, men!
I got your wing, man!

The party ain't over yet!

- [Growling]
- [Riley] Sir?

- Don't make any sudden moves.
- Gotcha.

- [Growling, Barking]
- [Yelling]

Attack! Back 'em up!

Poop's away!
Firing number two!

Let's return to base and reload.

Sir, you, uh,
you-you've locked the, uh-

- What?
- You've locked the door, sir!

- What?
- You might want to-


- I think you should run. Run!
- I'm an attorney. I'm not with him.

[Bee] There he is again!
Get the little guy!


Not the face!

[Chuckling, Gasps]


No, please! No, no. I'm sure
we can work something out.

I'm just reaching for my phone.
I'm gonna call Dr. Dolittle.

Whoa, whoa. No sudden movements,
or I'm gonna bite you in the cannolis.

Uh, hello. The number
for Dr. John Dolittle, please.

Not Stuart Little. Dolittle.

- [Phone Rings]
- Dolittle.

Oh, Mr. Potter.
How are you, sir?

Oh, I could be better. I'm here
with a couple of your friends.

I know you can't possibly believe
that animals are organizing.

Uh, well, you know, I don't know
what to think anymore.

Tell you what.
Let's put our cards on the table.

I will be more than happy to set up a
meeting between you and these animals...

- so you can work out your problem.
- What?

Hey, look. it's the only way you're
gonna be able to save face.

You won't have to admit you were wrong, and you
can get out without looking like an idiot.

Okay, okay. Look, anything.
Just-Just call them off.

Okay. All right, listen,
put the raccoon on the phone.

He wants to speak to you.
Make it short.

[Clears Throat] Hello. Yeah.
No, no. I got it under control.

Hey, we'll call youse back.
All right.

First off, let me say that
I'm here only as a mediator.

And these negotiations
will be between Mr. Potter...

and the representatives of the United
Animals of the Forest, local 534.

- [Possum] Yeah. Let's come to order.
- This is my new proposal.

All right.

What's the stipulations, Doc? What kind
of territory are we looking at?

It's only, uh, 12 acres here.
It's 12 acres.

I got your 12 acres
right here, pal.

- Hey, they like it.
- I'll give you something you like.

- Like this.
- [Urinating]

I think that's a “no."

Or “hell no,” maybe.

[Lucky Narrating]
Meanwhile, the strike kept growing.

Even the pros
were getting in on the act.

[Man On P.A.]
The last few runners left to load now...

for one of the biggest spectacles
of the year: It's Derby time.

Last horse is in.
Gate's closed.

And away they go!

[Horses] Hell, no! We won't go!
Hell, no! We won't go!

- Hell, no! We won't go!
- Run your own stupid race!

You try running a mile.

Don't even think about
reaching for that whip, shorty.

Ladies and gentlemen, Shamu!

[Cheering, Applause]

This is Shamu!

[Audience Muttering]

Nah. I don't feel like jumping through
any hoops today. Any of you guys?

- Uh-uh.
- No, no. Not today. I just ate. Uh-uh.

Mr. Potter,
I hope we have a deal now.

- All right!
- Yeah!

Good job. Taught him
everything he knows.

Vive le bear!
Vive le Archie!

Vive le docteur!

Come on, give me a bear hug.

- Come on!
- Oh, no. Absolutely not, Archie.

You're not leaving here
until you get a bear hug.

All right, give me a hug then.
just a little one.

- Come on.
- Okay. All right. That's good.

Archie-[Gagging] Archie!
Archie, you're crushing my spine.



Bye-bye. Drive safe now.
Buckle up.

- Hey, Archie, you in there?
- [Archie] What?

- Hey, Doc.
- Man, I just stopped by to say so long.

Oh. Thanks. For everything.

- You are quite welcome.
- [Ava] Archie, I'm ready.

She's in heat. Excuse me, Doc.
I got to go save the species.

- [Archie Chuckles]
- Oh. Go do your thing, Archie.

Yeah, Archie. Archie!

Oh, Archie.

Oh, Archie.

- [Lucky Narrating] Yeah, it was quite a summer.
- [Lucky] Hey, Doc.

Hey, Lucky.
What are you doing?

What am I doing? Hmm.

Let me phrase it this way.
[Clears Throat, Howling]

[Howling Continues]

You too, huh?

[ Lucky Narrating ] And Charisse
and the Doc were closer than ever.

Oh, come on. Cheer up, Pepito.
You'll get it eventually.

No, I won't. I will never blend in.
I have a broken blender.

You will blend in. Trust me.
You will blend in.

How? How will Pepito
ever blend in? Pepito sucks.

[Pepito Gasps]

Look at me!
I'm blending in!

- I'm invisible!
- That's right. You're invisible.

- Great job, honey.
- [Pepito] Did you ever doubt me?

- The blendmaster is back.
- How about that?

I am king of the third world. Hey,
can we do the whole house like this?

Is very feng shui.

[ Lucky Narrating] But the best news
of all came the following spring.

[Boy] No, you don't know
what you're talking about.

Kids, come on-Hey! Ooh!

Over here! Kids!
Whoo-hoo! Over here! Okay.

Now, it's step, step,
turn, kick, step.

[Girl] Papa, I thought it was
step, kick, turn, step, step.

- Come on, kids. We open in six weeks.
- [Ava] I thought you retired.

Oh. [Chuckles] I did, honey.
We're just playing.

Okay, now from the chorus.
Five, six, seven, eight...

♪ I will survive
I will survive ♪

♪ For as long as I know
how to love ♪

♪ I know I'll stay alive ♪

♪ I've got all my life to live ♪

♪ I've got all my love to give ♪

♪ And I'll survive
I will survive ♪

♪ Hey, yeah ♪♪

♪♪ [Fades]

♪ Do do do do ♪

♪ Do do do ♪

♪ Do, ooh ♪

Hey, come on. This is the most
boring party I've ever been to.

You guys are so stiff, so plastic.
Come on, let's move!

Let's conga.
Hey, baby, are those real?

Come on, let's get
this party started. Let's go!

Ooy! Ooy! Party over here,
party over there!

Raise the roof.
The roof is on fire.

♪♪ [ Continues]

[Blender Whirring]

Can you see me now?
I bet you can't.

I'm invisible. Can you see me?

Of course. I see both of you.

[Laughs, Hiccups]

♪ There's a place in France ♪

♪ Where the naked monkeys dance ♪

- ♪ So you wanna roll ♪
- ♪ I wanna roll ♪

♪ You must explode ♪

♪ And have some fun
People, have some fun ♪

- ♪ What I gotta do for you ♪
- ♪ We'll get low and that's for sure ♪

♪ We're high on love ♪

♪ Let's have some fun ♪
Check this out.

♪ When I met you
at the roller rink ♪

♪ Cotton candy
with your Shasta drink ♪

♪ Race with the best
Then we're quite okay ♪

♪ And the kissing we did
was on the cheek ♪

♪ Remember like yesterday ♪

♪ We'd' hop on our bikes
and just ride away ♪

♪ Knew you'd be mine
somehow, someway ♪

♪ And I must say I do ♪

- ♪ So you wanna roll ♪
- ♪ I wanna roll ♪

♪ You must explode ♪

♪ And have some fun
People, have some fun ♪

♪ Somethin' about
the East Coast ♪

♪ That makes us
want to squeeze most ♪

♪ For those who don't think
that we right ♪

♪ I'll show you how
we do a damn thing ♪

♪ I'll show you how
to be on your own ♪

♪ And here we go ♪

♪ Let's get it right on
We're gonna have some fun ♪

♪ We'll be low on the do'
That's fo' sho' ♪

♪ If we don't go
then we're never gonna know ♪

- ♪ So you wanna roll ♪
- ♪ I wanna roll ♪

♪ Then you must explode ♪

♪ And we'll have some fun
People, let's have some fun ♪

♪ Oh, do ya wanna get aboard
You, you, you, you, you ♪♪

♪♪ [Fades]

♪♪ [Rap]

♪ Yo ♪

♪ This goes out to
all the Tameekas ♪

- ♪ Yeah ♪
- ♪ All around the world ♪

♪ You know who you are
I see you ♪

♪ Hey, yo, I met this shorty
up on 125th ♪

♪ She was standing 5-4
with her hands on her hips ♪

♪ She had the clothes on
Capris fit her to the tip ♪

♪ Her body, when she walks
she holds the keys to the whip ♪

♪ I was laughing in the Bentley
when the stoplight changed ♪

♪ Brought up this life
5-0 flipped the game ♪

♪ She looked at me
as I made my way ♪

♪ As I rolled up, I asked
what's your name ♪

♪ Tameeka ♪

♪ Hot chick, wild chick
got chick ♪

♪ Now she's a puppet
for your spot chick ♪

♪ Tameeka ♪

♪ You know the type that moms
don't want you hangin' with ♪

♪ Tameeka ♪

♪ And if you got a girl, make sure she's
the one that you're bringin' with ♪

♪ Tameeka ♪

♪ Yo, she ain't the one
to be playin' with ♪

♪ Who can do you better
than the one you're with ♪

♪ No more shoppin'
on 1-2-Fifth ♪

♪ She could run through Tiff's, who else
you'd rather be in a V-1-2 with ♪

♪ Other than young
F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S ♪

♪ I'm a hot kid, hot vid
And I don't got kids ♪

♪ Benzs, Bentleys
And they don't got lids ♪

♪ Meet me, then you can say
you know a roller ♪

♪ I don't talk to chicks unless
it's through Motorolas ♪

♪ Plus the kid ain't the one
that'd be playin' with evil ♪

♪ Look at me and tell I have
trouble stayin' with fevers ♪

♪ I'd be laying with divas
And now I don't like nothin' ♪

♪ And not the one that'd
be playin' with beavers ♪

♪ There's somethin' about
the way you switched your shakes ♪

♪ The air bags almost came out
when I hit the brakes ♪

♪ The other's got Mickey D's
I'm gonna get you steaks ♪

♪ My mom says hey and tellin' me
not to hang with you ♪

- ♪ Tameeka ♪
- ♪ Hot chick, wild chick, got chick ♪

♪ Now she's about
to blow your spot chick ♪

♪ Tameeka ♪

♪ You know the type that moms
don't want you hangin' with ♪

♪ Tameeka ♪

♪ And if you got a girl, make sure she's
the one that you're bringin' with ♪

♪ Tameeka ♪

♪ She ain't the one
to be playin' with ♪

♪ Tameeka ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪♪

♪♪ [Fades]

♪ Every time we take
one step forward ♪

- ♪ You take two steps back ♪
- ♪ Two steps back ♪

♪ Every time it's right
you've been left back ♪

♪ 'Cause you really
don't think about it ♪

♪ 'Cause there's really
no doubt about it ♪

♪ You know that that's guilt
But that's true ♪

♪ Every time we take
one step forward ♪

♪ You take two steps back ♪

♪ Every time it's right
you've been left back ♪

♪ 'Cause you really
don't think about it ♪

♪ 'Cause there's really
no doubt about it ♪

♪ You know that that's guilt
But that's true ♪

♪ I don't understand
where you're comin' from ♪

♪ 'Cause love's a sacrifice
sometimes ♪

♪ If you feel like
you're bendin' now ♪

♪ Don't wanna go to this for life ♪

♪ You play me
no longer rough, girl ♪

♪ And I do not want
to touch you ♪

♪ When you play the little
games you did before ♪

♪ Did you want to take
the time to think ♪

♪ That maybe I was just
goin' through things ♪

♪ Just because you're a woman ♪

♪ Don't think you're the only one
who's being misled ♪

♪ What about you rubbin'
on my shoulders ♪

♪ Tellin' me I love you ♪

♪ And you do the things
you used to do to me ♪

♪ Every time we take
one step forward ♪

- ♪ You take two steps back ♪
- ♪ Two steps back ♪

♪ Every time it's right
you've been left back ♪

♪ 'Cause you really
don't think about it ♪

♪ 'Cause there's really
no doubt about it ♪

♪ You know that that's guilt
But that's true ♪

♪ Every time we take one step forward ♪
- ♪ Every time ♪

♪ You take two steps back ♪

♪ Every time it's right
you've been left back ♪

♪ 'Cause you really
don't think about it ♪

♪ 'Cause there's really
no doubt about it ♪

♪ You know that that's guilt
But that's true ♪

♪ Hey, that's the truth ♪

♪ It was so good ♪

♪ Whoo ♪

♪ Every time ♪♪