Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde (1976) - full transcript

An African-American scientist develops a formula to regenerate dying liver cells, but it has the unfortunate after-effect of turning him into an albino vampire with a mania for killing prostitutes. A tough police lieutenant investigating the murders discovers the existence of the dual-personality killer, and determines to bring him in.

- We'd like to, at this
time, show you one of

the labs here at
the research center.

- Was it 1970 or 1971 that
you won the Anvil Prize

for medical research, doctor?

- [laughing] It was 1971.

Dr. Pride tends to be very
modest when it comes to

discussing his achievements.

- Listen that's all
well and wonderful but

true recognition,
if it comes at all,

should come from persons cured

and not from one's peer group.

This way please, gentlemen.

[slow saxophone music]

[upbeat funky music]

- How are you today, doctor?

- Well, I'm pretty good
Betty, how are you?

- Oh fine, thank you.

- What's in line today?

- Not many today.

Charlie Lacalle is in room one.

- Old Charlie's here, fantastic.

Thank you, Betty.

- Well Charlie, this
is a big improvement.

You're doing real well.

You keep up the arm exercises,

and come back in
about two weeks, okay?

- Yes.

- Alright then.

Hello Linda.

- Hiya, Doc.

- Why is it you will
not let the nurse

give you your vitamin shots?

- Oh man, she uses
a square needle.

- But don't you get
tired of coming in here

and having me stick
needles in you?

- Well your needle's the only
needle ever stuck in my ass.

Tell you that much.

- Inhale please.




You're recovering quite nicely

from your bout with hepatitis.

Lie down please.

Now I don't want to
sound like I'm preaching,

but obviously
prostitution is not

the healthiest job to have.

Do you have pain there?

Not to mention what it does
for you psychologically.

- Ah, the good doctor again,
trying to save my soul.

- You know you are
intelligent and beautiful,

and there are so many
things you can do.

- You mean like a maid in some
tacky hotel cleaning toilets?

Thanks, but no thanks.

I like what I'm doing.

- That's such a cop out.

- Oh what do you know about
it, mister big shot doctor?

You're the cop out.

The only time you're
ever around black people

is when you're down here
clearing your conscience.

- Oh, Linda please.

- You know that white
coat really suits you.

'Cause you don't know
nothing about the ghetto.

I mean you dress
white, you think white.

You probably even
drive a white car.

And you know what?

If I was white,

I just might have a chance.

- Now do you feel better?

- Well listen, just
don't judge me,

'cause you don't know
what it's like out there

turning tricks trying
to put food on the table

and pay your rent.

- I'm sorry.

Please step down, I'll
give you your shot.

- What's it of?

Not your fault.

I know you mean well, Doc.

See you next week, huh?

If you ever need
a little company,

you can always find me
at the Moonlight Lounge.

- Hi.

- [Henry] Hi baby.

- What are you
doing here so late?

- Well, I have some notes
to record at the library,

so here I am.

- Well even a doctor could
use some fun at night.

I could use some food.

- Well if you must know, I
have this very heavy thing

going with a guinea
pig in the lab.

- Oh, I knew there
was another woman.

- You hurt?

- Yeah.

So, no food huh?

You want me to stay
here and help you?

- I don't think so, you may
as well go home, it's okay.

- Home?

Home to my lonely
single apartment?

- Oh, baby.

- Okay.

You promise me you
won't work so hard.

- I promise you I
won't work too hard.

- Okay.

- I'll call you later.

- Sounds great.

- September 15.

11:27 PM.


experiments concerning the
retardation of extreme cases

of cirrhosis of the liver.


[suspenseful music]

Come on, come on.

Total reduction in pigmentation.

[rat squeaking]

[rat squeaking]


I'd better move
you out of there,

you're getting too feisty here.

Come on.

Come on, in you go, here.


- Good heavens, Henry,

are you trying to work
yourself to death?

- Mmm.

What time is it?

- It's 7:35, you've
been here all night.

- I have?

Mmm, oh damn.

Oh, dammit.

- Looks like they had
a free for all, huh?

Look I hope it isn't
too bad, whatever it is.

- That's just it, I
don't know what it is.

I mean I cannot conduct
research falling asleep.

- Now look, don't
blame yourself.

Look, I gotta go, I gotta
go pick up some samples.

You'll be at the meeting

At ten?
- [Henry] Yeah. Yeah.

[machine churning]

[liquids bubbling]

Tests conducted on
laboratory animals

have proved inconclusive,
need human reaction to serum

to determine side effects over
and above liver restoration.


A dozen rabbits.

Guinea pigs, rats.

The chemistry's not right.

Chemistry's not right.

I need a human factor.

That's right, I
need a human factor.

What am I saying?

- It's Emily Johnson,
where do you want her?

- Johnson, let's see.

- Yeah, she's in
pretty bad shape, too.

The nursing home just took
her and put her up on a shelf

and left her there.

- [Nurse] No family,
friends, no one to notify?

- No, nobody's even listed

on her records in the
nursing home either.

- Okay, I'll check into it.

Put her in 7B,
I'll call Dr. Pride

and see if he'll
take a look at her.

- Yeah, well I doubt if she
even makes it through the night.

Come on, let's go.

[phone ringing]

- Hello, research, Dr. Worth.

Oh yes, okay.

There's a liver patient in
7B you want to see about,

it's pretty bad.

- This could be a good
chance to try out that serum.

- No you can't try
that serum on a human.

That's not right.

- It's not right, huh?

What's right?

What is right?

To stand around and
watch somebody die,

not trying to save them?

Is that right?

That's how my mother
died, remember that?

People standing
around doing nothing.

[slow saxophone music]


- What's going on here?

[woman groaning]


hey, you alright?

What happened?

- I, I don't know!

Oh! Good Lord,


- Billie?

Do me a favor and check
on the patient in 7B

and see how she's
doing, would you please?

- Hello, this is Dr. Worth.

Would you check on Emily
Harris in 7B, please?

Thank you.

Oh yes.

Well, uh, send the record to
Dr. Pride right away please.

Thank you.

Patient in 7B died.

Nurse said something
strange happened,

she'll put it in the report.

- Oh damn.

Five years of work and nothing?

- Five years, 10 years Henry,
what difference does it make?

We can't stop now.

- I tried to save her, Billie.

- I know.

- I really did.

- I know.

- If she were not so near death,

I would never have
used the serum.

- You did use the
serum on that lady.

- Yeah.

- Well Henry, maybe the serum
was too strong for her heart.

- I don't think so.

See the problem is I don't know

when I'm gonna get
another human patient.

[suspenseful synthesized music]


[suspenseful bass line]




[sudden dramatic music]

[upbeat jazz music]

[men talking]

[car honking]

- [Man] Check this
dude, man, what is it?

Hey man, that dude
down here, shit.

Looks like he's about to
pay us a little visit.

Hey pop, you're in the
wrong side of town.

- Can you tell me where
the Moonlight Lounge is?

- Hear that?

This fruity fruit
wants to know where the

- [All] Moonlight
Lounge is. [laughing]

- This dude is really
looking for a little piece of

coon cat.

- Right.

- What you know about that.

- Well you're not
going to tell me?

- What is this?

You better move your
ass outta here fast,

if you know what's good for you.

- Hear what the man said?





[men yelling]

- Where's the Moonlight Lounge?

- Put me down!

Main and 6th.

On the corner,
you can't miss it.


[glass breaking]

[cars honking]

[upbeat lounge music]

- I'm not kidding, Linda.

That sucker asked me
to move in with him.

- Yeah, well what
about his wife?

- That's what I
said, and he said,

"Don't worry about that, doll.

"I'll tell her you're
the new live-in maid."


- A live-in, huh?

- From the distinguished
pimp, Preston.

- Preston.

Shit, that dude don't
never let up on my ass.

- Is he still asking you to join

his fucking Abby rent harem?

- [Linda] Girl you
better believe it.

- I hear he's got some
good connections uptown.

- Well I don't
care what he's got.

When I quit tricking for
Silky, I promised myself

that I wasn't working
for no goddamn man again.

What I make, I'm gonna keep.

- Oh, well.

Here's to the good lib, ladies.

- Besides, someday I'm
getting out of this racket.

- Well what you gonna do, hon?

- I dunno, but there's gotta
be something better than this.

- Uh oh, here
comes your ex-boss.

I gotta run, see
you later, sweetie.

- Okay Gwen, take it easy.

- Splitting already, Gwen baby?

- I gotta call my
mama, motherfucker.

- Yeah well, when you see her,

tell her know where
to send the money.

Oh man, you gonna
take her plate?

You got it?

- I got what, Silky?

- Damn, never play no shit
with me, you got my shit?

- Yeah, I got it, I got it.

Let's be stepping
into my office here,

we'll talk some business, hmm?

- Oh man.

I should call mine.

I can lag.

- You hold on to
that, Silky boy.

You're not forgetting our deal?

- Yeah, I remember.

- You convince Linda to
come back working for me,

or this here is gonna be the
last fix you ever gonna see

from this honky.

You dig, nigger?

- Yeah, now give me my shit.

- I'm gonna give you
exactly one week,

and that bitch better
be back in my stall,



- Come to Papa.


Oh yeah.

[upbeat jazz saxophone]

[people talking]

How's the foxiest
lady at the bar?

- Some bullshit.

Look Silk, you just lay off
before you get started, okay?

- Oh, what's the matter?

- I said I was through
with you, now fuck off.

- Ooh, I heard that.


Nobody talks to Silky like that.

- Let go of me, Silky.

- Nobody walks out on Silky.

- I said let go of me.


[crowd mumbling]

- Linda.

- Away from me, man.

- Come outside with me now.

- I said get away from me.

- Linda!

- Hey man, you heard the lady.

She said she don't know you.


[crowd panicking]





[crowd panicking]

Well don't just stand there
like bunch of dumbasses,

get him!

- There he is, get him!

[men yelling]

This ain't the one.

- Well where'd he go?

- [Man] Say, you
see a white dude

come charging through here?

- I ain't seen nobody tonight.

- Shit.

- Did you find him?

- No, just this dude.

- Well keep looking, he
hadn't come this way,

he must be hiding.


[children's TV show]

- Hey girl, come on in.

- Jimmy, Cathy, what do
you mean waking Linda?

Now get yourself
outside and play.

- Aww, Mom.

- [Bernie] I said move!

- Aw, Bernie, they can watch it.

- They can wait
until we get our fix.

You must have the
patience of Job

to put up with us
the way you do.

- You and those
kids are my family.

Closest I've ever
had to one anyway.

- When Gus died,

it really got tough for us.

I worry about them.

Suppose something
happened to me.

- Bernie, ain't nothing
gonna happen to you,

so quit worrying about nothing.


- Linda forgive me for
keeping you waiting,

I didn't mean to do that.

- No sweat, Doc.

I'm not exactly a paying
customer, you know.

Hey, what happened to your hand?

- It was nothing at
all, please turn around.

- Mmm, you smell nice.

A doctor that wears
aftershave lotion to work.

I like that.

- That's called bedside manner,

I learned that in med school.

There you are.

You know you must be taking
very good care of yourself

because your lab tests
came out negative.

That's very good news.

- Hey, I don't mess
around with my liver.

I take my pills, watch my
diet, and sleep til noon.

- How about dinner tonight?

- Are you serious?

- Yes.

- Am I for dessert?

- No. It's not like that at all.

We'll talk, get to
know each other,

we'll talk about you.

Call it fatherly advice.

And there will be
no hanky panky.

- Hanky panky's
my business, Doc.

- But not tonight.

You're off duty.

- Okay, it's a date.

- About seven o'clock?

- Sounds fair.

- Okay.

- Oh Doc?

- Yeah?

- You don't know where I live.

- Well that's why we
doctors have these records.


- It's a phony.

- You see, you are
a wicked woman.

- Here you go.

About seven?

- Good.

- Bye now.

- [Henry] Bye.

- Oh, excuse me Doc.

- Yes.

- This here nurse said

I gotta get some
vitamin pills for Jimmy.

- Well what's the problem?

- I ain't got no
money for no vitamins.

This little baby ain't
never gonna get well.

- No, don't you
worry about that.

- What am I gonna do?

I ain't got nothing
but some food stamps.

- Okay, what you'll
do, now next week,

when you bring him
in, stop at the desk,

and you ask for me personally.

Will you do that for me?

- Yes.

- Okay.

- Bless you Dr. Pride,
bless you. God bless you.

- Okay, bye bye.

- [Linda] Hey Doc?

- Yeah?

- I'll order something
cheap tonight

to make up for that kid.

- You were not
supposed to see that,

you see that is the
father image in me.

- Oh, is that so?

- Yes.
- [Linda] Oh, okay.

- Billie, you're still here?

- Obviously.

- Uh oh.

I recognize that tone.

- You used that old lady as
a guinea pig, didn't you?

We could have lost everything.

- Look, I took an
oath to save lives.

And sometimes that oath
makes it very difficult.

- Henry, I love you!

But I found some of that serum
missing again this morning.

- So you're accusing me?

- Yes!

Look, I know how important
this project is to you.

But if we get involved
in anything illegal,

it's gonna ruin us!

- Don't worry about me,
okay Billie, I'm alright.

- You haven't heard a
word I said, have you?

I mean you,

you don't even hear me!

- [Jimmy] Not like that.

- Girl, they're getting so big.

- Yeah, they are.

I don't know what I'm
gonna do with Cathy.

- Hey Jimmy, ahh!

Good throw!

Okay, catch now, catch!

Very good, very good.

Girl, you ought to
see this doctor.

- Oh I'm dying to see him.

- Oh.

Oh, look Cathy, here
comes my doctor, y'all.

Gotta go.

Come on.

- The way you talking, I
want to get a little closer,

I wanna get a good look.
- [Linda] Oh girl.

Come on then, come on.

Hiya Doc.

I want you to meet my best
friend, Bernice Watts,

and her two live
wires, Cathy and Jimmy.

- You're really a doctor?

You don't look like
a doctor to me.


- I wouldn't mind you
making a house call

on me myself, Doc.

- Alright, Bernie. Lay off.


- Can I go with you, Linda?

- Not this time, Honey.


- Can I?
- [Linda] No, no, no. Here.

You guys have your
own party, okay?

See you later.

- Bye.
- [Linda] Bye bye.

- Bye.

- [Bernie] Goodbye.

- I saw that.

- Oh did you?

You weren't supposed to.

I guess that's the
mother image in me?


[romantic piano music]

That was delicious.

Absolutely delicious.

- I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

- You know I could get
used to this very easily.

- Is that so important?

- It is if you've never had it.

- I got a surprise for you.

- Surprise, what kind?

- Well you gotta
come to my house.

- Oh I get it.

You get the check,
and I pay the bill.

- Well you gotta get something.

- Okay.

- I'm just kidding, come on.

It's not like that,
you know that.

- Well what the hell,
it was worth it.

- You ready?

- Yeah, I'm ready.

But I dunno for what.


Wow, is this where you live?

- [Henry] Well my mother
used to live here.

- [Linda] Your mother?

- [Henry] Yeah.

I guess I should say she used
to work here a long time ago.

- Really?

What kind of work?

- She was a maid.

This was at one time,
believe it or not,

a very high-class whorehouse.

- Well, what do you
know about that?

- When I was a boy,

my mother would take
me up the back steps.

We lived in a room in the back.

And she'd leave me there

while she would go out
and clean up the filth,

and change the bed sheets,
and empty the trash,

and clean the toilets,
and look after

those ladies of the evening.

My mother worked much too
hard, and she was very lonely.

She drank a lot.

And she developed this uh,

liver condition.

One evening,

she was feeding us dinner and

she turned to me
to say something,

and she just fell over.

I didn't know what to do.

I went out in the hall and I

I started knocking
on all the doors,

I was screaming,

"Somebody gotta help my mama.

"Somebody gotta help my mama."

And not one of those


opened the door.

And she just died.

- You must have
loved her very much.

- Yeah.

[car starting]


[Henry and Linda talking]


I always liked Italian
restaurants better.

- I like poultry myself.

- Oh, iffy?

- I love this painting.

- Thank you.

I've been collecting
about what, 20 years.

- Really?

- I think I'll have a drink.

So please sit down,
- [Linda] Okay.

- and make yourself at home.

- Hey, now what about
that surprise you had?

- Listen.

Linda, what would you say

if I told you that I
had discovered a serum

that has the capability
of curing you permanently?

You would not have to come
to the free clinic again.

Do you know what I'm saying?

- Are you serious?

- Yes, I'm very serious.

It is not yet perfected.

It is still somewhat

But I have great faith and
confidence that this serum

can totally regenerate damaged
liver tissues and cells.

- Well, just what do you mean
by "somewhat experimental"?

- Well, there are
some side effects

that I'm not yet sure of.

- Now wait, Doc.

Let me get it straight.

You want to use me for some
type of human guinea pig,

is that it?

No thanks.

- Just think how this
can help other people.

- Well frankly Doc, I
never quite pictured myself

as a Florence Nightingale type.

So just forget it, okay?

- What if I insist?

- I said forget it Doc.

Would you take me
home now please?

What are you doing with that?

- It won't hurt.


- Now look Doc.

I'll make a deal with you.

- Deal?

- Now you try that
serum on yourself first.

And then I'll do it, okay?

- Okay.

I'll shoot myself first.

Just to show you there's
nothing to be afraid of.



[suspenseful music]

Nothing to it.

[suspenseful bass line]


- God, what have you
done to yourself?

- And now,

you must try.

- Stay away from me.

- In a moment,

you'll look like me.

- Horrible.

- Look at my hands.

Look at my face.

- No I won't!

- You'll know what I know,

you'll feel what I feel.

[fast-paced funk music]

[car braking]

- Miss, are you hurt?

- Please, help me!

- Just lie back and relax.

I'll call for help.

Control, control, this is
security one, come in please.

[voices on radio]

Lady, come back!

Come back!

[upbeat jazz music]

- Ugh!

[sirens blaring]

- Find out who she was?

- Yeah.

Sally Lewis. Lived
in the complex.

She was a hooker.

- Any boyfriends,
husband, suspects?

- In the black community,
Harry, nobody knows nothing,

nobody sees nothing, and
nobody hears nothing.

- Well somebody really did
a job on her, didn't they.

- [Jackson] Yeah.
That's what bothers me.

- What do you mean?

- Well you know, if it
had been the regular bit,

like a murder, stabbing,
shooting, beating,

then we could understand it

and have the
proclivity to solve it.

But this little lady has
had her neck crushed,

like in a vice.

Meaning somebody has put
some shit into the game.

Know what I mean, man?

[lounge music]

- If things don't pick
up, I'm gonna go home

and climb into the old
workbench by myself.

- Ah girl, what do you
expect for a Tuesday night?

- Let's go up to Hollywood,

I understand that's
where the action is.

- No that's where
all the fags is.

Girl if one of
them got up there,

and found out you wasn't
in drag, they'd die.


That's right.

Oh, things are bound to pick
up over the weekend anyway.

- Hope so, 'cause I'm
running short on bread,

and I'm horny too. [laughing]

Fuck it.

I'm going home.

- Okay, see you later.

[ominous music]


- Central, one moment please.

- Sure, I know this isn't the
usual type of ghetto murder.

Of course it's some
kind of nut, but what--


Alright, alright,
I'll get back to you.


Jive-ass sucker.

- Yes sir, what's going down?

In the alley?

Oh Jesus Christ.

Okay, thanks man. Yeah.

- Hey where you been, man?

I mean downtown's on our
ass like stink on shit, man.

What'd you find out?

- Got a fuckin' second
one on our hands.

They found another hooker
strangled in the alley.

That's two hookers
killed the same way

in the past three days.

- What are you trying
to tell me, man?

- I'm trying to tell
you we've got a man

who thinks he's a
citizen helping us
clean up the community.

- In other words,
we've got a facsimile

of Jack the Ripper here huh?

- Oh boy, sometime you really
use your head, you know that?

- Have the patrol in
that area increase

to a one to five ratio.

- That's a fuckin' good idea.

You know, the
coroner's reports say

it was a mighty strong dude
who killed those two broads.

- Powerful dude, huh?

You better get our ass
into the waiting line.

Downtown wants a man soon and
we're gonna have to deliver.

[lounge music]

- Linda, Baby.

Get into the street.

It'll only take a
couple of hours.

You know, two dudes,
in town for the night.

Need a couple of ladies.

At a hotel by the airport.

Now do this for Silky, huh?

- Silky, honey,
you mighty pretty.

But you still a creep.

Now I told you, I ain't
tricking for you no more,

so just get off it.

This lady's in
business for herself.

- Linda.

It's a phone call for you.


It's a trick, baby.

I'll be right there.

- What's going on?

That girl got no action for you.

I am working for you.

She is not.

- Cool it.

I won't be needing you.

Brenda here is going to
take your place, mama.

- Now you're not talking about
miss no class, now are you?

- Watch it.

- Because if you are those
guys at the airport hotel

- I said watch it!

- are gonna throw you
out on the runway!

- Grow up bitch!

- Who you calling bitch, ho?

[women screaming]

- Let's break it up and
cut the bullshit, huh?

- Cool it ladies, like I said.

The pigs are here.

Oh, excuse me, officer.

I meant, the police.

- You better get to stepping
while you still can.

Understand, poobah?

Now, we want to ask
a few questions.

- We don't like
questions around here.

- Listen brother.

You tell us what we want to
know, and we won't hassle you.

Now, Cissy Hubbard and Sally
Lewis used to hang out here,


- So what if they did?

- So we just want
some information

from some people who knew 'em.

- We don't know nothing, sir.

- What the fuck is the
matter with you, man?

Two of your own kind
brutally strangled

and you won't help us.

[Harry yelling]

- Cool it man.

- What the fuck is
the matter with him?

- It's cool, it's cool,
I'll take care of it.

- You fucking asshole.

- Just cool it, we'll handle
it. We'll take care of it.

Brother man, this situation

is rapidly becoming

Meaning, we about to stomp
a mudhole in your ass.

- Now wait a minute.

Now I'll tell you
all anything I can.

Cissy was a friend of mine.


- Okay miss.

Anything you can say
might be helpful.

I'll deal with you later.

- I didn't know Sally, but
Cissy was more my kind.

- When was the last
time you saw her?

- Last night before
she left here.

- Oh? What time was that?

- A little after midnight.

I told her to be careful, but
she didn't seem to be afraid.

And Cissy didn't have
an enemy in the world.

- How about Sally Lewis?

- She never got close
to anybody that I know.

She'd come in two or
three nights a week,

go home with anybody who
had a couple of bucks.

- Well she had a couple kids.

- [Linda] I didn't know that.

- Well has anybody new come
in here, any strangers?

- We don't get too
many strangers.


- [Jackson] Yes?


- Uh,

no, nothing.

- Well if you think
of anything else miss,

would you please give us a call?

Here's my card.

- Sorry I wasn't much help.

- You cooperated,
that's what's important.

- Yeah, thanks.

See we'd better hit it Harry.

We've got to cover as many of

these joints as we
possibly can tonight.

- Thank you miss.

- You know?

Can't help thinking I've seen

that young lady
someplace before.

- Probably the lineup.

[people laughing]

- Okay, oh, no I'm
fine. [laughing]

Okay, bye bye.

- Let me have a
little more of that.

Oh good.

Hey, can you hold on to that?

- Okay.

- Better let one out.

- That's enough.

- Yeah, a little
bit for the mommy.



Little bit for the
mommy in the back.

Mmm hmm.

Alrighty there, miss.

You got Pam Pam
home in one piece.


That's enough.

You got to have food
stamps for more.


You like chocolate.

- Dude I am in speech.

- I'm getting up front.

[women talking]

Bye bye!

- Bye bye!

[ominous music]

- Hiii-ya!


[woman yelling]

[dramatic funk music]


[car screeching]

[upbeat funk music]

[car screeching]



[serene woodwind music]

[newspaper dropping]

[sudden dramatic music]

[dramatic piano music]

- Another man.

This is not like you, Dr. Pride.

You're real.

And it's too late to change.

- Henry?


- [Henry] Yes Billie.

- Are you alright?

- [Henry] Yeah, sure.


- The last few days you've
been acting kind of weird.

- [Henry] Weird?

- Yeah, when's the last
time you had a check up?

- Listen, I said I feel fine.

I don't need a checkup now.

Come on.

- I wouldn't mean to pry.

- That's alright.

I'm sorry.

- That's alright.

- I've been acting crazy, right?

- Yeah.

- Why don't we get away for
a few days or something?

- Well my parents
still have that

cabin up in Bear
Mountain we can go there

anytime you want to.

- A cabin in Bear Mountain?

- Yeah.

- I remember that cabin.


- I gotta go.

I'll see you later.

- Alright.


Take care.

[romantic woodwind music]

Pride speaking.

- Henry, it's Linda.

- How are you doing?

- Just fine, thanks.

Henry, I've got to see you.

It's very important.

- Okay.

- Can you meet me at about
six at the Watts Towers?

- I can be there.

See you then.

- [Linda] Okay.

- Yes, fine.

- Bye bye.

[serene music]

- Well how are you?

- I'm alright, I guess.

- I was very surprised
that you called me.

But I was glad.

Because I felt that um,

maybe I didn't apologize
right, or enough,

or whatever, but I'm sorry
about the other night.

I'm sorry.

- I never thought it
could be possible.

- Thought what
could be possible?

- That after this past
week you can just sit there

talking like nothing happened.


Look, I want you to
give yourself up.

I know you're the one that's
been doing all the killings.


You need help.

And if you don't
give yourself up,

I'll have to go to
the police myself.

- Linda--

- How could you do
it yourself, doctor?

- I couldn't help myself.

There's this thing buried
inside me that won't die.

I can't make it go away.

I despise them all for
letting my mother die.

All of them!

But you were right.

I could not believe.

It was not your fault.

I guess I've been living my
life in a fog or something.

- Doc, you've made it.

But you're letting a
war rage inside you.

You know I thought I was
in love with you at first.

But you made it quite clear
that I was only a patient.

Thanks for not
playing with me, Doc.

I don't know what kind
of man you are now.

But I know you need help
before you hurt somebody else.

I gotta get back.

- Get back to what?

The same life
you've been living?

- What else do I know?

- I'm sorry you said that.

I can't help myself.

And I will not let
you turn me in.

- Go on home, Harry, and
get yourself some sleep.

- Yeah, I would if the
phone would stop ringing--

[knocking on door]

and nobody would
knock at the door.

Yeah, who is it?

- Excuse me, Lieutenant.

- Yeah, what do you want?

- It's a girl outside.

Says she's got some information.

- Bring her in.

You go on home Harry, and
I'll check her story out.

- You know why I do this racket?

Because I'm curious.

Don't understand it.

- Suit yourself.

- Lieutenant O'Connor.

- [Harry] Come in.

- I remember you from
the club the other night.

- What can we do
for you Miss uh,

- Monte. Linda Monte.

- Linda Monte.

Oh please, sit down.

- Sit right there.

Okay what is it?

- I know who the killer is.

- What makes you so sure?

- I just left him.

I told him if he didn't
turn himself in, I would.

- So who is it?

- His name is Henry Pride.

Dr. Henry Pride.

- Just what makes you so sure?

- Believe me, Lieutenant,
he's the killer.

And I just might get killed
for telling you this.

- Okay.

You wanna check out
this cock and bull story

about a black doctor who
turns white at night, huh?

Let me tell you something,

you're gonna get us
demoted, you know that?

- Well maybe so, Harry, but
I'm gonna check it out anyway.

You go on home and
I'll call you later.

- I'd just like to
know what makes you

so damn confident
that it's true.

- Well read this.

- Okay.

So she reads this paper
about this black doctor

and she concocts this fantasy.

Black doctor turns
white at night, huh?



- Well like I said, I'm gonna
check it out anyway, Harry.

You go on home.

[kids talking]

Dr. Worth, the university
told me I could find you here.

I'm Lieutenant
Jackson from homicide.

I'd like to ask
you a few questions

concerning Dr. Henry Pride.

- What happened, is something--

- Oh no, there's nothing
wrong or anything like that.

You see, I just want to
get some information.

- Oh, thank heavens.

- [Jackson] Do you
know a Linda Monte?

- I know that she's
one of Henry's patients

at the free clinic.

- Well do you know of any reason

why she might want to harm him?

- No.

Uh, Henry often makes
the mistake of getting

personally involved
with his patients but,

well you see,

Lieutenant he's not just
a very important man,

he's also very kind.

- I've read the
stories in the papers.

Dr. Worth I understand
you and Dr. Pride

are doing some
extensive research

in the area of biochemistry.

- Yes.

- May I ask you a few
questions concerning that?

- Well I'm afraid that's very
confidential at this time.

I couldn't tell
you anything more.

[knocking on door]

- Bernice is that you?

- [Bernice] Yeah, do
you have a minute?

- Sure.

Come on in, just
getting ready for work.

- Linda baby, you're not
going out tonight are you?

- Of course I am,
why shouldn't I?

- With that mad man loose about?

I don't care for you going
out to that place by yourself,

it ain't safe.

- Hey, don't worry about me.

I almost forgot.

- What's this?

- Jimmy's birthday's coming up,

get him something nice from me.

- Oh Linda, you're a darling.

This is gonna make him
a very happy birthday.

- I'm glad.

- Linda.

When you gonna get a man of
your own, and settle down?

- I almost did once.

Hey, I gotta get.

I'm late already.

Give Jimmy a kiss for me, okay?

- Okay.

Night, girl.

- See you later.

- Linda.

Linda get in the car.

Come here.

Come back, Linda, dammit!

[exciting funk music]

- Bernie!

Bernie, he's after me!

Come with me, come on, get out!


[woman yelling]



[exciting funk music]


[yelling and panicking]






[exciting funk music]

[suspenseful synthesized music]

[sirens blaring]




- I almost got to
sleep this time.

- Well judging from the
suspect's description,

I figured you'd want to
be in on the bust, Harry.

- Really tore up
the apartment, huh?

- I think we're dealing
with a haint, man.

- What the fuck is a haint?

- That's a cross between
the Abominable Snowman

and Willie the Werewolf.

- Haint?

Who the fuck ever
heard of a haint?

- There he is, get him!

- Jesus Christ.

- Now that is a haint.

- Jesus Christ.

- There, down the alleyway.

- Over there.

[men yelling]

- Look get on the wire and
get every available unit

to get their ass here
as soon as possible,

we're gonna need them.

- Right.

- And get the dogs.

- He just kill a dog, Harry.

- Well get us a couple
of sharpshooters.

Where's the fucking bullhorn?

- Get a hold of Dr.
Worth at UCLA research

and get her here on the double.

- Got him in between
two buildings.

Get the whole area surrounded,
he's got a hostage.

Now get going!

Surrounded, but don't shoot.

I don't want any
needless bloodshed.

And keep those
fucking people back.

[police sirens]

[men yelling]

Give yourself up.

Let the girl go.


Give yourself up or we're
gonna be forced to shoot.

- You can't fire on
these towers, Harry.

It'd be like firing on
the Lincoln Monument.

- Just let her down.

Put her down.

- Get the handcuffs on him.


[crowd screaming]

Take it easy.

Take it easy.

Go get the handcuffs on him.


[men yelling]

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

[dogs barking]

[dog growling]

- Shit.

- Holy fuck.

We'll have to smoke
this bastard out.

Here, take that!

[Henry screaming]



Get the chopper
to the south side.

- [Voiceover] Roger, Lieutenant.

We've got him spotted.

We're on the way in right now.


[men talking]

- Look, his eyes are
sensitive to the light.

- You're right.

Get that light onto his face!

- [Voiceover] Chopper
one, come in chopper one,

do you read me?


Looking like it's gonna be
a problem on the south side.

I'll give it a go anyway.

[Henry yelling]

- Shine the light!

- [Voiceover] There's no
way we're gonna make it

on the windward
side, Lieutenant.

I'm gonna try it from
another direction.

- This is your last chance.

Give yourself up or
we'll start shooting.

I'll give you 10
seconds to climb down.














Hold your fire!




[dramatic synthesized music]


- Henry.

You know I love you.

[somber music]

- [Man] Who was he?

- Dr. Henry Pride.