Dr. 56 (2022) - full transcript

The story is based on some real events happening in the society. This is a science fiction medical thriller murder mystery story . PRIYA, who is a CBI officer, comes to the City for investigation of a murder mystery case. The hero...

I don't know what you will do
entire country changes in to cemetery.

Destroy the evidences no one should know,
what happened is because of us.

You don't worry we are the ruling party.

Who is sitting in chair it's me!

Even God cannot defeat us.

Due to carelessness of police department,
this court transferring this case to CBI.

Priya this case is not like other cases,
who died is an scientist.

You are going to break all mysteries
behind this murder.

Dronacharya, who was
a guru for all of us...

...conspired and killed Karna.

My Karna...

My beloved Karna!

Right in front my eyes,

they killed him mercilessly.

Even me...

They hit me on the thigh
in an unacceptable way

and tumbled me over.

These are the people who protect Dharma.

And I'm the one who is against it!

All of this is the
conspiracy of that Krishna.

He is a coward who can't confront me.

Where are you Krishna!!

Krishna! Krishna!

What happened Duryodhana?

Why did you call me?

Who are you?

I'm the one whom you just called.


Who called you?


Didn't you call me now?

I shouted.

I didn't just call.

I shouted!




I called you for your help

for you are a very
generous and empathic man.

I shouted out your name, not just called.

Please turn back and go away.

I can't bear the sight of you.
Please turn away.

Beware, Chakravarthi!


You demon!

- - Are you insulting by
calling me Chakravarthi?

You are the one who stole my empire.

Dear King!

I'm not the one who stole it from you.

You should blame yourself for your loss.

It is because of you...




The stalwarts of Dwaparayuga.

They all perished because of you.

You're a conspirer, cheater!

Madam, her name is Nandhini.

Passersby who noticed the body...

...have informed the local police station.

The one who handled
that scientist's case...

...inspector Giridhar.

He's his assistant.

I have gathered all the
documents related to that case.

If you want to inquire anything...

I will let him know if there's a need.

- You may leave now.
- Ok sir.

Madam, first the scientist was killed.

Now, the doctor.

This file has the photos
and call details of that girl.

Her house was in JP Nagar.

The body was found in Jayanagar.

How come the body is in Jayanagar,
but not in JP Nagar.


Yes madam.


The doctor who got killed is
a senior surgeon in Greenview Hospital.

Since the doctor herself is victim here...

...I think we might find
lot of clues to this case.

Did you collect her house
and hospital's CCTV footages...

No madam, but I shall do it.


Madam, that area has 28
houses and 8 crosses in total.

For entry and exit, there's only one gate.

I inquired the public there.

I have inquired the watchman as well.




Madam, can you guess
what the watchman told?


I can understand that one feels
like James Bond with this badge on.

But in reality, Mr. Bean only.

Send me a cup of tea.

Green tea, please!

Yes madam.


Here are post mortem reports
and photos of that girl.


Madam tea.

Thank you.

- Rajeev.
- Yes madam.

The numbers in this call list...

Especially, the ones ending with 321...

Gather the details of all
the numbers in this call list,

and bring them in for enquiry.

Yes madam.

Sorry Nandhini!

I won't repeat this again.

Don't ever call me again
and disturb like this.

- Goodbye.
- Nandhini.




What's wrong with this power now!

Do you know who this girl is?

I know madam.

How do you know?

I'm impressed.

Your profile and experience.

We're lucky to have such

a young and talented person
like you in our hospital.

- Thank you very much sir!
- No, no.

Just call Koushik.

Ok Koushik.

By the way...

...may I know why did
you quit your previous job?

Usually for guys, the reason
behind quitting the job maybe...

...another good opportunity.

But for girls...

...the main reason would be the guys.

- Many love proposals.
- Why not?

For a good looking girl like you...

...even this place
wouldn't be any different.

Don't worry.

I know how to handle it.

According to you,
Nandhini was your colleague...

... even she has worked with you.

But in the last six
months since she joined...

...when we checked the
call details of last 3 months,

out of 10-15 calls that
she used to get everyday,

around 8 calls were yours.

You've called repeatedly
even when she didn't answer.

In fact, right before
when she was murdered,

the last call she received was...

...from your number.

Right from the first time I saw her,

I started liking her.

We started as friends...

...and ended up being lovers.

I had proposed her.

We were about to get married,

and suddenly this happened.


Sorry to disturb.

We've got Nandhini's house CCTV footage.

I'll come.

Ok madam.

Friendship turned into love..

...love into proposal...

...and proposal into marriage.


...what was Nandhini's
decision in all this?

Even she liked.

Madam, can I leave now.

You can go now when I tell you to go.


Whatever he's telling is a lie.

Just watch this footage.

Play her house footage's.

Ok madam.


Send all the footages to
lab and get me detailed report.

Yes madam.


Make sure every bit
of it is worked in detail.

Yes madam.

Play rest of the footages.


100% he's the culprit.

If we work this guy
up in a police style...

...he'll spill the beans.

Police style?

Detaining a person for silly reasons,

torturing him with third degree,

dragging his family into everything,

bringing up whole thing to unnecessary
media's attention for every 5 minutes...

taking up to the point
where his life is ruined.

And finally when his innocence is proved,

winding up all the mess
we created by just saying "sorry"!


A true and responsible office...

shouldn't quickly jump into conclusions

by forcing violent methods.

He should observe his
psychological state as well.


Just look at him.

I clearly sense the grievance
of losing her in his face.

Take a written statement
and send him home.

Ok madam.

Did we receive Nandhini
house's inspection report yet?

No madam.

Inform Vishnu.

We shall visit her house tomorrow.

Ok madam.

'You have to take that
pill every 56 seconds.'

'Otherwise, you would die.'

Come on guys!


She came from work
at around 9:30 PM,

and tried to switch the lights on.

But the power has tripped.


Yeah tell me.

Where was she attacked?

Dressing room.


- Media is waiting outside.
- Not now, Rajeev!


This is a pre-planned murder.

Looks like the killer
has planned the attack well.

For all crime scenes,
there will be two ways.

One which the criminals enter,

and the other which we use to track them.

Now the one that we should
be concerned is the exit.


Madam. This is from RR Nagar station.

Yeah tell me.

We've found a body which
might have connection to your case.

We've been asked to inform you.

Okay. I'm on my way.

Second floor.

You want to meet Dr. Chandru?

Please wait for 5 minutes.
Please be seated






You can get in now.

Please sit.

Tell me.

What's the issue?





Pick the call.

Pick my call, please!




Oh god.

Torch, torch.

Where's the torch?

Where is it.

Where is it.



Come on, come on.







Wake up Anu.



Who is it?

Leave me!


Leave me.

Leave me.

Leave me.

Leave me.

Leave me.


Please, leave me!


- Who called me.
- It's me.

It's him.

Complete details.

- Vishnu.
- Yes madam.

Go to this place immediately
and get on with your work.

I will let you know what to do next.

Who found the body?

Passerby found it and informed the police.

His relatives.

There they are.

- Did you enquire them.
- Yes, I have.

They said they just remember
having dinner last night.

But don't remember what happened later.

Send them home for now.

Tell them they might
be needed for further enquiry.

Ok madam.

Clear everything.

Remove the body.

- Rajeev.
- Yes madam.

Go with the body,
get the post-mortem done,

and get the reports to my cabin soon.

Ok madam.


Collect the reports
and meet me in the office.


Take your seat.

Thank you madam.

Hello madam.

Please sit.

There are two files in front of you guys.

Yes madam.

Related to Nandhini and Chandru's cases.

As per my analysis,

there are similarities between both cases.

Let's talk about those similarities now.

We'll pin down the culprit.

Yes madam.

On 5th of June,
Nandhini's body was found in Jayanagar.

On June 6th,
Chandru's body was found in RR Nagar.

Important thing is both of them were

kidnapped before being murdered.

And that too...

...from their houses.

Rajeev, Vishnu...

...cross check the reports to see

if they match with my information.

Number 1.



Chloroform was found at
point 5 in Nandhini's house.


Chloroform was found at point
3 in Chandru's house as well.

Rajeev, read out the post-mortem report.

Yes madam!


Report says the victim has been hit with

an iron rod on left side of the forehead.

And then...

...he has been made unconscious

with the help of chloroform.

Madam, this report
also has the same thing.

In both the cases,
murderer has used chloroform.

But before that...

...he has hit them with an iron rod

on the left side of the forehead.

He seems to be sure that
one doesn't lose consciousness

just with one hard blow on the head.

Which is why he has used the chloroform,

has made them unconscious,
and then kidnapped.

Apart from the rod and chloroform...

...most importantly, he has scared them.

For this, he has used point number 2...



At point 4 in Nandhini's house,
we have found saliva.


At point 2 in Chandru's house,
we've found dog's hair.

This is the DNA report of that.

Same DNA madam.

So it's clear.

It's the same dog.

Both murders have been
committed by the same person.

The reason why he used the dog may be...

...either he is physically weak,

or to just scare the victims.

According to me...

...he has thoroughly observed his victims,

i.e., the time they leave their houses,

the places where they go and what they do.

And at what time they return.

So according to his plan,

he has kidnapped them
between 7 to 10 PM.

He has tortured them for 6 hours,

packed their dead bodies in the bag

and dumped them in front of their houses.

The same way he has kidnapped Nandhini,
murdered her

and dumped her in
front of Chandru's house.

He has kidnapped Chandru,

murdered him,

but his body...

Before Nandhini's murder,

he has observed her for a day.

Even he has observed Chandru

before murdering him.


he would be observing
his third victim as well.

But if we could find out
who is going to be the next,

it will easily lead us to the murderer.

But how do we find out?


Both Nandhini and Chandru
are doctors by profession.

Neurospecialists in particular.

So, the next one might
probably be doctor as well.

But with this small piece of hint...

...how do we know who
it is in such a big city?

We found Nandhini's body in Jayanagar.

In front of Chandru's house.

Chandru's body was found in
RR Nagar beside someone's house.

So finding out who does that
house belong to,

and who is staying there might be

a major lead for us to proceed further.

Yes, tell me Rajeev!


'Currently, a lawyer by the
name Lakshman stays in that house.'

Enquire the opposite house.

Madam, in this house,
a doctor named Aravind stays.

Where is he now?

Now he is in hospital.

Rajeev, inform Dr. Aravind immediately.

I'm on my way.

Collect his hospital's CCTV footages.

- Okay?
- Yes madam.


Bring the CCTV footages
of both the cases immediately.

Give me the keys.



Hospital's incharge.

Did you collect hospital CCTV footages.

Yes, we have collected.

I have informed doctor as well.

He's waiting in his cabin.

Ask him not to attend
any case until I meet him.

- Ask him to cancel his appointments.
- Ok madam.

Follow me.

Play all the footages
of hospital premises.


Yes madam.


Play Nandhini's footages in monitor 1.

Play Chandru's cabin
footages in monitor 2.

In monitor 3,
play hospital canteen footages.

In monitor 1, zoom into that second chair.

Zoom on to that person with glasses.

Play monitor 2.


Zoom in.


Monitor 3.

Wait, wait!





Yes madam.

I want a clearer picture of him.

Ok madam.



Your assistants have told me everything.

Look, I have booked
the flight tickets as well.

Please give me security
till tomorrow morning.

Please madam.

After that,
I won't stay in this country itself.

Doctor, relax!

The situation only worsens if you panic.

Now each and every step that we take

might impact on how the
murderer is going to act.

So, as usual, finish your job and go home.

We will guide you what to do.

Listen doctor...

Please, don't try to be oversmart.

Don't try to do anything differently.

Ok madam.


Yes madam.

- Arrange six officers.
- Ok madam.



I want to speak with Mr. George.

Madam. Confirm!

It's definitely him in the car.

Be ready. Wait for my call.

Rajeev. Now!




Who are you?

Why are you doing all this?

What's your motive behind all of this?

Come on.

Answer now.

Speak up!

Let me tell you something.

Enquiry would be very harsh.


...I don't want to implement it on you.

In fact,

you're not in a condition
to go through all that.

So tell me.

Who are you?

Everyone in their lives...

...know their beginnings.

But no one knows

how and when they're
going to end.

But in my life...

...I know my beginning,

as well as my ending.


You've killed three people

and talking about the ending?

Tell me.

Who are you?


Arjun is my name.

Tell me,
why did you kill them?

I haven't killed anybody madam?


Truth doesn't change just because you're
seeing it from different perspectives.

June 4th...

Nandhini has come to
hospital at 10 O'clock.

Before that...

At 9.45, you were
waiting in the reception.

The whole day.

In fact.

Up till the point she has
finished her work and reached home

you have observed her very carefully.

After that,
you've kidnapped her from her house,

tortured for six long hours,

killed her,

and then dumped her body
in front of Chandru's house.

In same way,
you've kidnapped Chandru, murdered him

and dumped his body beside
Dr. Aravind's house.

You've confused the police,

but have given them clue as well.

So what do you say of all this now?

I agree that I've followed
them and met them.

But I haven't killed them.

Apart from them...

...no one can treat my condition.

Because I have a very rare condition.

I am battling every second for my life.

If I don't take that
pill every 56 minutes

I will die!

The person who is battling
for life is alive now,

but those doctors who would've
saved many lives are no more.

If you know when and
where you are going to die,

do you think you can live in peace madam?

But I know when and
where I am going to die.

You're talking very diplomatically.

Your words sound way beyond
your age and experience.

It seems all these what you are saying

have motivated you to
do these crimes, isn't it?

I haven't killed anyone madam!


We have the CCTV footages
of you following those doctors.

Your file has the photos
and details of them.

In fact, we've caught you red handed

when you were trying to murder
Dr. Aravind.

What do you say about these things?

I am....

...a stage artist madam.

Who are these boys?

Who are these stage artists?

These are the guys who came
all the way to entertain us.

They are the stage artists
from Arjun theatre troupe.

Let's welcome them with
a big round of applause.

"He's the most reckless!"

"Enemy of the Gods!"

"He instills the chilling terror"

"even among the cold blooded monsters!"

"He's Asura!"

"He's Asura!"



"I'm the commander of life and death,"

"dharma and Karma,
and the mystery of universe."

"I'm the commander of everything!"

"Even the creator of life and death,
the Brahma,"

"wouldn't dare to face
the rage of my wrath."

"I'm Asura!"

"I'm Asura!"

"I'm Asura!"

"I'm Asura!"

"There's no one here to judge my deeds."

"I'm the judge and punisher of my own."

"In the whole world,"

"there's no such place"

"from where one can hide from me."

"You are your enemy."

"No one can destroy you, but yourself."

"Even death has no command over me."

"I'm an immortal creature
like Mrutyunjaya."

"I'm the one who won
Atmalinga from Lord Shiva!"

"There is nothing in this
world that is out of my reach!"

"I'm Asura!"

"I'm Asura!"

"I'm Asura!"

"I'm Asura!"

"I'm Asura!"

"I'm Asura!"

For normal human being.

heart beat ranges from
70-100 beats per minute.

But for me...

...it doesn't even reach
around 30-40 beats per minute.

That's what Dr. Ashwath told me.

Surviving with this condition
is very difficult it seems.

He asked me to get it treated
in Bangalore as soon as possible.

He gave me a tablet...

...and asked me to
take it every 56 minutes.

He said that this medicine increases
the rate of heart beat

and regulates the blood circulation.

Those photos and details
in my file were given by him.

If you want to know
anything further about me...

This is the visiting card of Dr. Ashwath.

The one who treated me.

I didn't get Dr. Nandhini's appointment.

That's the reason why
I was waiting for her.

Since I didn't have an appointment,

I had to wait whole day for her.

But she left halfway.

Next day, I met Dr. Chandru in his cabin.

But I don't know what happened,

he left immediately once he saw my file.

After that, Dr. Aravind
had given me personal appointment.

I don't know what happened.

He suddenly cancelled the appointment.

Ask him to cancel all his appointments.

I did contact him again,

but he said that he
is leaving the country.

Please madam,
after that I will leave the country.

He was the only option I had
to get my condition treated.

So I somehow collected his house address
and was waiting there to meet him.

I saw his car approaching
and got down to talk to him.

That's when you guys caught me.

Then what about that rod which you had.

When I was getting down,

it accidentally fell down from the car.


We received footage from the lab.

Play the next one.

Ok madam.


Oh no.



Help him.

Get up.

Get up.


Yes madam.

Give him these pills every 56 minutes

and keep him under observation.

I will check on him tomorrow.

Ok madam.


Play Arjun's observation footages.

Yes, madam.

Everyone's life has a beginning...

...as well as ending.

No one can escape from this.


Yes madam.

Send him in auto.

Okay, madam.


Please come for a moment.


Watch that footage.

There is a reflection
of someone else in the mirror.

What the hell!

If you want to know
any further about me...

This is the visiting card of Dr. Ashwath,

the one who treated me.


He's not in the auto.

He has escaped.

He's one step ahead of us.

Hi, I'm from CBI.

I want to meet Dr. Ashwath.

Madam, please wait. I will inform.

I can't wait madam.
I have to meet him right now.

Madam, please wait.

Madam, just give me two minutes please.

I will inform.
Otherwise, I will lose my job.


Did Dr. Aravind reach safely?

I shall enquire
and let you know madam.


Hi Ms. Priya.

I'm Dr. Ashwath.

You should have visited me within

half an hour of getting my visiting card.

It's been two hours now.

Anyways let me know
what can I do for you.

I wanted to ask you few questions.

Yeah, even I have lot of answers.

But I have to see Arjun before that.

Even you want to see him right?

Then come.


You know right?

You shouldn't use department's
vehicles to certain places.

One minute.

Where is Arjun now?


Right from the beginning

you are focusing on just catching Arjun.

Do you think this case
started just 6 days ago?

It has begun six months ago.

I was curiously waiting to see
who would take up this case.

I felt happy when you took this case up.

But wasn't so happy
looking at your investigating style.

This case is not just about murderer

or the way he did things...

...but the interesting
point is who are being murdered.

The victims are doctors.

Neuro specialists.

Even though you suspected
that doctors are being target,

I wonder why it wasn't
considered seriously.

Do you remember the case that
Inspector Giridhar was handling?

Did you even look into that?

That was scientist
Ramchandara's case file.

You just ignored that case thinking

that it is not connected with this case.

But you know what Ms. Priya?

The prime suspect of this case was...

...scientist Ramachandra.

Ms. Priya, the fact that you're trying

to catch a guy who killed 2 doctors...

...is just an illusion.

You're trying catch him from past 6 days,

7th day you will arrest him and

close the case on 8th day.

Do you think all this will
end just by closing the case?

This is not something
that started few days ago.

This is going on for many years now.

It will continue to happen.

No one cast stop this.

However, you had an opportunity.

But not anymore.

You missed it.

Are you getting confused?

You said this case started many years ago.

How is that?

Ms. Priya, do you know
anything about medical research?

Bird flu, H1N1, etc.

When these type of contagious
disease hit the society,

people panic and so does the government.

To damage the economic
condition of any nation,

few countries use contagious
diseases as a bioweapon.

They try to encash the situation

by finding a vaccine
to such diseases themselves,

and exploit the government's helplessness.

This is known as bio war.

But for every new medicine

to reach the common man,

it has to go through several trials.



Dr. Aravind has been murdered.

Ok fine.

Is Dr. Aravind dead?

Ms. Priya, do you know anything
about human experiments?


I mean...

...the medical experiments
that humans do on other humans.

Yes, I have heard.

Do you know what happens
if we don't get enough sleep?

Whatever you may say,

We can survive without food for few days,

but not without sleep.

Based on this, a Russian scientist
conducts an human experiment.

During second world war.

Their intention was to

make their soldiers resist the sleep,

and fight for their
country round the clock.

So they invented a chemical gas

and to test it on the humans,

they targeted four German prisoners.

They lock them in a room
with all the arrangements made,

then release the gas via a small hole

and observe them for 15 days.

Due to lack of sleep,

they go insane and
end up killing each other.

They called this horrific experiment as...

..."a sleeping experiment".

In 1960s, University of California,

conducted experiments on
blood pressure and blood flow.

For this, they chose 115 new born,

insert the tubes into their bodies

and submerge them in cold water.

Then they hang them upside down.

All the babies get killed in the process.

They called this as
"born baby experiment".

Similarly, there was another
experiment made by a doctor

who immersed people into
boiling water to cure pneumonia.

He chose 25 slaves for the experiment.

He forcefully immersed
them in the boiling water

and every four hours,

hot water was poured on their backs.

They called this as
"boiled water experiment".

The most horrific of
all are the Nazi experiments.

There was another professor
called Joseph Mengele

who conducted horrific experiments

by immersing people in the sea.

Most horrific of all
the experiments is...

...transplanting bones,
muscles and nerves

without giving anaesthesia.

And there are others like
chemical gas stabilisation etc...

Many cruel experiments were done.

What is the connection between
all these 1960s experiments

and this Arjun's case and me?

Cool, cool!

There's definitely connection
between those experiments miss Priya



There have been many such
experiments conducted in India,

and they will continue.

You can't believe right?

Look at this graph.

In 2007, 132.

In 2008, 288.

And in 2009, 637.

Totally, 957 people have died.

In your country.

All these were part of human experiments.

It didn't stop at 2009.

In 2010, 668 people,

and in 2011, 438 people have died.


Compensation was given to only 38 people.

Many medias channels have tried to cover

and bring it to government's attention.

But the government was hopeless.

They didn't take any responsibility

or actions towards these acts.

There's one more thing
that is very horrible.

Have India's poor people become...

...guinea pigs?

Guinea pig means...

For any new drug

to get the approval and enter the market,

it will be tried and tested on
guinea pigs and mice.

Then it will be tested
on monkeys and dogs.

For the final result,

it will be tested on humans as well.

For such experiments,
the big pharma companies around the world

have chosen countries like India.

They bribe the government officials here

and use the poor people like
lab rats for their experiments.

Generally, it would cost lot of money

to conduct such medical experiments.

The worst part of this is...

they give these medicines to the people

without letting them
know what it is used for.

If the trials are successful,

the pharma companies see huge profits.

But what about these poor victims?

No one bothers.

Many videos related to this
have emerged in social media.

Related to incidents in Coimbatore,
Andhra Pradesh etc.

They told they would give
those pills only if we're healthy.

If we have any ailments,
then we're useless.

If we have any pre-existing
medical conditions,

we're required to sign on a white paper.

When we told that we don't
know how to read and write,

they took our thumb imprints.

Then they took our ration
card xerox and photos as well.

They took our thumb
imprints on those as well.

Uneducated and desperate.

They signed up...

...without knowing what they
were letting themselves info.

Body aches...

After taking those pills...

...I had severe body aches.

I couldn't go to work.

I had to stay at home without any option.

They promised they would give me Rs. 8000,

but gave only 1000 rupees.

I am a daily wage labourer.

I was very happy with that.

But after taking those pills,

the vision in my left
eye has significantly reduced.

My life has been very difficult now.

They give all false
promises to the people and

make them sign on agreement.

I get very scared even listening
to that hospital's name.

I am ready to die

but will never step
into that hospital again.

Now my condition is very severe.

In 2007, he went to
Bhopal memorial hospital.

A doctor he didn't know

gave him two bottles of unlabelled pills.

And asked him to sign
a form that was in English

which he couldn't read.

For two years, the doctor insisted

that Shrivastava took the pills.

He never told him they
were for a clinical trial

for an experimental drug.

He never gave him any money.

I don't know to read and write.

I just signed wherever they asked me to.

Why do they play around with
poor people like us.

Many people have seen
such posts in social media.

But no one responded.

Some higher officials
have even spoken about it.

This has become like selling
any other products in the market.

At least in my view.

I am wondering why government
is not taking any action.

Strict measures have
to be taken against all these.

Most importantly,

these kind of experiments
need lot of funding.

Getting returns for these
investments at any cost

is the primary goal of
these big pharma companies.

Not just one, they need 10 cars.

And they need a very big mansion.

It is all this greediness
that is leading these people to...

indulge in such unethical
ways of doing the business.

They just want super profits.

Another tragic thing is...

..not being able to understand
doctors' prescription,

...around 7000 people
are losing lives every year.

Seven thousand Ms. Priya!

Even after listening to all this
if you are asking me

what is the connection
between all this and my case...

Come let's take a look at your case.

Ms. Priya.

Being born as human
itself is a big miracle...

But sometimes he forgets the fact
that he's a social being

and starts behaving like a wild animal.

That is something that I don't understand.

Now tell me Ms. Priya.

Do you think these experiments
that took place somewhere else in 90s

didn't happen in India?

If yes, then it definitely
has something to do with you right?

Doesn't this affect the
population of our country?

If we have a headache,

we just take some random
tablet in the medical shop

and then continue with
our work after momentary relief.

No one bothers about the side effects
those tablet are causing to us.

We don't even consult doctors.

And then at the time of pregnancy,

Growing fetus inside needs
a calm atmosphere.

But the unhealthy lifestyles

and unhealthy ways of consuming food

leads to cesarean section
instead of normal delivery.

Now tell me...

...if we're not concerned
about caring for our own people,

what else is there?

Everything on this
planet has a limit doctor.

When something crosses the limit,

...the nature herself controls it.

Ms. Priya.

What do you feel about this place?

May 6th.

Few months back,

a protest took place. Do you remember?

- Animal Experiment.
- Exactly.

It was not just the animal experiment.

Human experiment as well.

This is the place where it was conducted.

For the people who see it from outside,

this just looks like a medical campaign.

But inside it was something else.

They chose our country
for these experiments

and have set up the
compatible labs for these.

Dr. Nandhini.

Dr. Chandru.

Dr. Aravind.

These are three neurospecialist doctors

along with Scientist Ramachandra who

were involved in these experiments.

To achieve the desired result
for the medicine they prepared,

they tested it on many people.

Many people have lost their lives due

to the adverse reactions of this drug.

Without bothering about the lost lives,

and without studying
and rectifying the problems,

they just continued with the experiment.

They have done three stages
of experiment on a person.

Based on that result...

...they have repeated the
same experiment on another person.

Day 1.

Day 2.

Day 3.

And unfortunately person
dies in the process.

but they kept repeating the experiment

until they achieved the desired result.

Finally, the next level of experiment

was tried on Arjun.

They got a call as they were doing that.

They have conducted this experiment
on 10 people including Arjun.

Everyone of the dies except Arjun.

While conducting the experiment on Arjun,

they get an information
that police have found out.

Immediately they burn the
entire lab without leaving any clue.

Moments before the blast,

Arjun's gets out of the lab
and jumps into nearby pond.

Arjun is not the only
person who survived that day.

There is another person as well.

Where is Arjun now?

We're in Arjun's village right
now but we've to search his house.

What's the reason behind choosing

this particular village
for the experiments?

And why did they target Arjun?

It could be coincidence Ms. Priya.

Maybe they thought this
place is suitable for experiments.

Also Arjun belongs to nearby village.

It's all connected that's all.

I'm confused doctor.

Let me clear it.

Earlier such experiments used
to take place in other countries.

Later it entered our country
and targeted our people.

They chose the remote villages
with the political support.

Then they started using innocent villagers

for their experiments in
the name of medical campaign.

These are located in Madhya Pradesh,
Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh,

Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Experiments are being
conducted in all these places.

In Karnataka,
they've selected this village.

Is this Arjun's village?

I can't be sure.

But from the distance between the lab

and this village, one might say that

he belongs to this village.

How do you know Arjun?

He was brought to our hospital by

the villagers who found him in the pond.

It was late in the night
when I got a call from nurse.

It was so critical that
I had to come and look into it.

That was the first time I saw him.

When I saw him,
his left side of the face was burnt badly.

We started the treatment immediately.

We tried every last option to save him.

When we kept him on ventilator for

two days and studied him,

we found toxic substances
in his blood stream.

When we tested it further...

He was injected with a new drug

as a part of the medical trial.

We removed those chemicals
completely from his blood stream.

When he came out of coma,

he told us what happened.

The experiment has affected
his heart's ability

to pump sufficient blood.

He was not getting sufficient
blood flow to his muscles.

If heart beat doesn't come to normal rate,

his body won't get enough blood supply.

I told him that he would become
unconscious and eventually die.

He requested me to discharge me.

I told that if we remove ventilator,

he wouldn't survive even for an hour.

He requested me to save him at any cost

at least for few more days.

Looking at his desperation,
I gave him tablet.

and asked him to take them
every 56 minutes.

The tablets which I gave him

help in regulating the heart beat

and maintain it for sometime.

But since the dosage is heavy,

I told him it would help
only for 7 to 8 more days.

I realised his motive behind
his desperation to survive

only when I heard about
the murders of those doctors.

What will you achieve by arresting

a person who's gonna
die in couple of days.

I will move the case.

I will definitely move this case further.

I will catch Arjun...

...and find out that person
who called the doctors that day

and asked them to abort
the experiment abruptly.

I will catch him and close this case.

I don't want such experiments to
be conducted on anyone again.

Excuse me.

Where is Arjun's house?

Is it the first left?

"You left us for a
"far unknown" land..."

"...the path of which has no return."

"To what end is your journey?"

"How do we live without you?"

"You have left us shattered!"

"You shared your love..."

"...and left your memories with us!"

"The god of death has no mercy."

"You left us for a "far unknown" land..."

"...the path of which has no return."

"My beloved son!"



Arjun, I have set the
alarm for every 56 minutes.

You must take those pills without fail.

"You left us with your memories..."

"...and your unfulfilled dreams!"

"Tell me my beloved son?"

"Tell me."

I built a bridge to the heaven!

Hit the Matsyayantra!

Proved my valor in the battle field!

What do you know about
the bravery of this Arjuna.

What do you know?

"You are leaving this world abruptly..."

"...like a bud dying before blooming."

"How cruel the god must be upon you"

"...for taking away such innocent life."

"Let all our blessings be upon you"

"in whichever world you are."

"Please tell you us before you leave."

"My child!"

"You are the light of our lives!"

"Why are you leaving all of us"

"in this dark ocean of sorrow?"

"My beloved son!"

"You left us for a "far unknown" land..."

"...the path of which has no return."

"To what end is your journey?"

"How do we live without you?"

"You've left us shattered!"

"You shared your love..."

"...and left your memories with us."

"The god of death has no mercy."

How did you conduct such cruel
experiment on this innocent life?

Tell me how did you do this Mr. George?

- Hello.
- Madam.

Someone has killed Dr. Ashwath.

Now the one who is
with you is not Ashwath.

I thought you would die
without knowing that I'm George.

Finally, you got me.

I'm the best scientist
in the world Ms. Priya.

Please pick the call.

Pick my call, please!

Hello George.

We're in trouble.

Among the people whom we used,

one person has survived.

Now police are behind him.

You didn't you destroy
the evidence completely.

I know, but somehow
one among them has survived.

That person has murdered
Chandru and Nandhini

Now he's targeting me.

- Who is handling the case.
- Priya.

She's from CBI.

She is one among the
to 10 officers in India.

I'm coming to India.

They told me that there is one patient

who is in a very critical condition.

I saw him there for the first time.

We tried every last option to save him.

We kept him in ventilator
and studied for two days.

That's when we found out
the toxic chemicals in his blood.

When we conducted further tests on it,

He was injected with a new drug

as a part of the medical trial.

When he came out of coma,

he told us everything that he remembered.

Your heart is not pumping properly.

You're not getting sufficient
blood for your muscles.

I warned him that he would
become unconscious and lose his life.

But he requested me to discharge him.

If we take you off the ventilator,

you won't survive even for an hour.

Looking at his condition,

I gave him some pills

and asked him to take
those every 56 minutes.

The pills which I gave
will regulate his heart rate

and maintain it for sometime.

Since the dosage of this tablet is high

I even told that it only
would help him for 7 to 8 days max.

- Excuse me sir.
- Yes.

There's an officer from CBI for you.



Then she must be your colleague.

I'm Dr. Ashwath.

Destroy the laboratory.

- Don't leave any evidence.
- Ok sir.

- Let's move.
- Oh no!

George Sebastian.

I'm from India, but I'm not in India.

There are only two categories
of people on this planet.

The who knows how to
live and the one who doesn't.

For people like me to survivor,

there's no option but to sacrifice
the lives like Arjun's.

It's an experiment on
humans to save human's lives.

How is the concept Ms. Priya?

The act of conducting experiments
on humans is a very exciting thing.

Do you know the process
of preparing a new drug?

To find a drug that gives
you an instant relief from headache,

a scientist works hard day and night

towards preparing the solution.

To test whether the solution
is successful or not,

he has to convince lot of
people in the pharama industry.

Only after getting the successful results,

it would be brought into the market.

To beat all the odds
and introduce a new drug,

do you know how difficult task it is?

He has committed three murders.

Instead of catching him
and putting behind bars,

you are behind me now.

There's no one such as
poor and rich in this world.

The one who knows to enjoy
and the one who doesn't.

I have made the efforts to study medicine

and fighting to make medicines
available to everyone in the country.

This system of yours, this country,

treated me very unfairly.

No one cared.

That's the reason...

I didn't care about this country.

I got everything I wished
for in foreign country.

If I had completed the experiment that day

your people would have
looked up to me like a god.

But nothing has ended,

and it will never end.

I will start the experiment again.

I will use your people
for all my experiments.

I will build a pharma kingdom.

No one can stop me.

I'm the spoiler, I'm the healer.
I'm everything!

You're going to die in my hands.

Wondering why I'm telling
all this holding you at gunpoint?

Krishna doesn't have anything
to do after Arjuna's death.

The point is to know
at least what you're dying for.

That's the reason
I haven't killed you till this point.

Die now.

People like you don't deserve to live.

The director of that story
of crossroads was lord Krishna.

But for the culprits like you,
it's Priya Krishna.


Arjun was my son.

When he went missing,

there isn't a place
which we didn't search.

I remember how happy
I was when he was born.

I was more happier when
I found him in the hospital.

But when Dr. Ashwath told me that
he might live only for six days...

I wished he had not born at all.

My son...

There was no exception
of day and night for him.

He had to take those pills
every 56 minutes at any cost.

Every hour was a new battle for him.

I wish I had dead already
instead of witnessing all this.

I couldn't watch him suffer like that.

I even thought of poisoning
him and then committing suicide.

But he changed our minds.

He decided that no one else
should suffer the same fate as he did.

A soft-hearted person like him,

turned into a strong-willed
person to avenge them.

It was his last wish.

I stood by him and helped
him in killing those people

and fulfilled his last wish.

Dr. Ashwath was the only person
who helped Arjun till the end.

He made him stay in his house
and took care of him.

And made sure that he
took pills every 56 minutes.

He cared for him like his own son.

They killed him!

I started hating doctors
for what they did to my son,

but on the other side,

I was happy knowing that people like
Dr. Ashwath still exist.

This was for my son madam.

This revenge is on behalf of
all the parents who lost their kids.

Whatever happened to my son,

shouldn't happen to anyone.

No one ever should go through this hell.