Downtime (1995) - full transcript

Retired commander of the United Nations' Intelligence Taskforce, and long-time associate of the mysterious time traveler the Doctor, Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart faces the toughest battle of his military career when he is embroiled in a plot unwittingly set in motion by university chancellor Victoria Waterfield, herself a former companion of the Doctor, to take over the Earth by an evil alien entity called the Great Intelligence, aided by its ferocious robot Yeti cohorts. Can the Brigadier defeat this menace to the Earth without the Doctor's help?


LAMA: What do you seek?

It's me.

Victoria Waterfield.


The Great Wheel turns.

You have been here once before.

A long, long time ago.

The monastery was in great danger.

You travelled a long, dark journey.

How can one still so young

know the depths of our darkness?

What has happened here?

Turn back now.

- Victoria...

My father died far away

-on another world.
- There are many other worlds,

other planes.

But I can hear his voice in my thoughts.

He's called me all this way.

Demons and hungry ghosts
steal many shapes.

Turn away, Victoria.

Why do you delay? Release me!

I know he's here.
Please tell me where to find him.

A second time I ask, what do you seek?

(EXCLAIMS) What have
you done to him?

I'm alone in the darkness.

Do not disturb it. It is not your father.

- Victoria?
- Let me through!

LAMA: I cannot!

What are you hiding here?
Who is it then?

A third time I ask,

what do you seek?

I want the truth!

You were expected.

My task is ended. I cannot prevent
your journey into the dark.

The truth may light your way.

Take it.

I've been alone,

like you, Victoria.

But together..

Is it you?

1 don't know.

They said you were dead.

But in the dreams...

- Victoria...
- Father?




Find me the Locus!


No, Gordy, I told you to play down there
while I'm talking.

Now, off you go.

Hello? Hello, Beth?

Look, they're still there.

Those two, you know, New World weirdos,
Chillys or whatever they're called.

Yes, of course, I've called the police
and the council.

They all think I'm crazy.

The Chillys just vanish when anyone
comes, but they're soon back.

I mean, why pick me?

1 don't know what to do, Beth.
I have no one else to talk to.

BETH: Look, I'll tell you what. Why
don't you try asking your dad for help?

What? Sorry, this line's terrible.

My dad? God, no, I couldn't do that.

It's been at least six years
since I spoke to him.

Oh, and the computer keeps crashing,
so I can't work.

And that damn noise all the time,
it's like being under siege.

Oh, it's disturbing, Gordy.
He can't stay here.

Would you? Would you really, Beth?

Yes. All right.

But soon. He can't stay here.

Yes, thanks, Beth. Okay, bye.



No, Gordy. Not guns. Come on, darling.

Now, come on up. Put that down.
Come on to the boat.

I've told you before about this.
Now quickly, now.

Here we go. Up you go. Great.

Now, you go and play inside
till Beth comes, all right?

Off you go.

KATE: Bloody Chillys!

Leave us alone!

Leave us alone.



MAN: (ON RADIO) The sound of the
futureon 98.4 New World FM.

ANTHONY: (ON RADIO) And it's a Mega
Morning to all you slickers out there.

You're jacked into N Treble U,
the ones who share,

bringing you our daily show
on National FM radio.

I'm Anthony, and this is where
the jazzy bright day starts,

a New World coming soon,
the way it always will be.


- We want to share that with you all.

Meantime, it can be a mean time out
there, so let's...





Hi, welcome to New World.
How can I help you?

Sarah-Jane Smith, Metropolitan

I have an appointment
to see your vice chancellor.

- I am expected.
- At 11 o'clock.
Would you like to take a seat?

Have the best one yet.

- Miss Smith.
- Yes.

Welcome to New World.

I'm so sorry if we've kept you waiting.

Christopher Rice, Marketing Facilitator.

Good morning.

- You brought the profiles
with you, I hope. - Yes.

Good. Then let's go on up.

Miss Waterfield,
the university's vice chancellor

would like to thank you personally.

I think the sum agreed was 12k
assuming all the profiles are complete.

Er, not quite.

Er, Miss Smith,

when we were advised of your reputation,
both Miss Waterfield and I were impressed.

We thought, "What's a few red-tape
barriers to a journalist of this calibre?"

But you didn't tell me some of this data
was government classified.

(COMPUTER READING) Authorisation

You have 10 seconds
to enter Stage Three security key.


You are attached to Priority Zone Z.


Look, I still don't know
what New World wants these people for.

Afraid of unearthing a scandal?

Half of them vanish off any records.

And what is this "London Event”
that connects them?

What do you know?

I've found records implying
that 25 years ago

Central London was evacuated
in an industrial accident.

They say it lasted three months.
There are no extant reports.

No one even remembers.
Well, how can that happen?

The London Event
was a wasted opportunity.

The world missed out on an interface
with a higher plane of existence.

It's no big deal.

There will be other chances.

It was totally misunderstood.

We all stumbled about
in the unknowing darkness.

New World seeks to
light the first candle.

Oh, come on.

New World's more than just
a New Age Sunday School.

You've got fingers in more pies
than Robert Maxwell.

I'm afraid we've
wasted your time, Miss Smith.

You already knew.

New World has the solution.

That's our motto.

Our programme.

If you've got such high-flying sources,
why employ me?

There is one name
missing from your list.

Not to my knowledge.

But much to ours.


What do they want old Stewpot for?

United Nations Intelligence Task-force
is a paramilitary espionage squad.

It's the old MI5 story.

Everyone knows it's there, but no
one knows what its real agenda is.

Even those who work for it.

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart figures
largely in its setting up in the '70s.

By then, he's a brigadier
with a remarkable active service record.

And then he vanishes.

You must have known him
during your time with UNIT.

Sorry to disappoint you,
but I'm just a journalist.

With no official records
of Lethbridge-Stewart,

one could easily imagine he was dead.

UNIT looks after its own.

What's this brigadier
supposed to have done?

He has committed a great crime.

But there are other
ways of seeking him.





Someone in the secure system.

- What's happening?
- Daniel Hinton.

- That devious little...
-1 don't want him hurt, Christopher.

Of course.


MAN: (ON RADIO) And that's the
Acoustic Hoods here at Top o'the Clock.

You're jacked into N Treble U

from New World,
the people with the solution,

and we ain't talking watered down here.

If you can't get your
head round life, no hassle.

There's over 300 different courses
here at New World.

So there's got to be a right one for you,
hasn't there?

Give us a call. 0135-66...

There he is!


What is New World University?

You don't have lectures.
You don't even have tutors.

All the tuition is
conducted by the mainframe,

a personalised
syllabus for every student.

Since when did computers get


Come on, what are the
Chillys really for?

A sort of a fascist hippy cult?

The wicked world is full of lost children,
the aimless, the lonely.

We follow the Det-sen disciplines
which we share with our Chancellor.

We really do care.

Well, where is he then? Why can't I see

The Chancellor sees no one.

He has taken the Path of Truth.

Victoria Waterfield.

That's you on the list, isn't it?
At the London Event?

Oh, you must have been really young.

Considering I was born
over 140 years ago.

Peanuts, I used to know someone who...

Oh, never mind.

Oh, sorry, I mean, no,
you don't look a day over...

I don't feel a day over. (LAUGHING)

Find the Locus.


We all have pain to face, Sarah,

but the revelation will be soon.




Come on, Daniel.

Nothing to be afraid of.

We're here to help you.

You've been chosen.

It's a sham!

The whole thing!

It'll get you all!

It already has you, Daniel.

Go on, then.

There's no escape, not even that way.



MAN: Ball!

Sir? Please, sir?

Sir? Please, sir?

Hinton? What are you doing here?

Hinton, D.A., sir. School House 91.

It must be a good three years
since you got yourself expelled.

Yes, sir, but I need to talk to you now,
sir. It's important.

Frankly, Hinton, I don't know
how you could throw it all away.

You excel at maths and
computer work...

The headmaster says
I'm "a disruptive influence”.

It wasn't deliberate, sir.

No more than losing your CCF kit
or skiving off games.

(SIGHS) This occult nonsense.

(SIGHS) This occult nonsense.

Dabbling with black magic
is a dangerous business.

It was a séance, sir.
Not magic, or drugs.

- No?
- I've done it loads of times.

I suppose it's a gift.

You have no idea
what you're dealing with.

No, sir. Not natural, is it?

Do you have a family, sir?

You realise we're under surveillance.

Tsk. Wretched boy.

(DISTORTED) Where is the Locus?

Who are you?



Lethbridge-Stewart at Brendon.

Leave your name, number
and message after the tone,

and I'll call you back
as soon as possible.


WOMAN: Oh, hello, er, Brigadier?
This is the headmaster's secretary.

We were concerned
that you missed the meeting

about your
retirement party this morning.

We've also had several rather
strange phone enquiries about you.

Could you get in
touch ASAP? Thank you.


I thought I was in Cromer.





KATE: Look, erm, it's me, Dad.

- I'm sorry, I know it's been a long time.
- Kate!

This'll be a shock and all that,
but can I see you?

Soon please, Dad.

Sorry. It's, erm, 0585-226-904.

- Erm, thanks.

Saturday, 3:44 p.m.

Stupid machine.
Can't have been asleep that long.



Greyhound is asked to call Trap Six.

I repeat, Greyhound is to call Trap Six.

- ANSWERING MACHINE: Monday, 10:05 a.m.
- Monday? What ever happened to Sunday?

(SCOFFS) Nonsense.
No one sleeps for three days.


- Brendon School.

Who is this?

SARAH: Hello? Brigadier?

- This is Sarah-Jane Smith.
- Miss Smith?

Yes. Look, just please listen.
You could be in danger.

I've just come
from New World University...

- Hello? Brigadier!

-(PLAYING ON LOOP) Brendon school.

We have him.

Hi, kids. Been in
any good deprograms lately?

Want any autographs?

If you can read, that is.


- Looking for something, Anthony?
- A producer with a sense of humour.

- I want a word with the high priestess.

I'm afraid the vice chancellor's busy.

The conviction I give your propagandist
crap should win me a BAFTA.

I can't get into my office
for ruddy computer hardware.

Well, it's all part of the new
automated transmitter programme.

- Then get the transmitter
to read the scripts. (CHUCKLES)

There's no people left here.

It's just computers
and brain-dead Chillys.

I'll tell Miss Waterfield.

Tell her I want action now.

Not when orders come down from our
Glorious Sponsor, wherever he hangs out.

empty outer-darkness is unendurable!

Release me now!

I gave you my word. Soon.

(SIGHS) I don't belong in this world.

My family and friends, all lost in time.

We are both outcast, Victoria.

That is why we work together.

I built you this place,

with the money my dear
father invested 130 years ago

In return, you promised
us the Light of Truth.

(SCOFFS) There is no Light.

I trust you, Victoria.

One Locus still binds my power.

The others were dealt with.

The last must... Will be ready for my

I think I'm going to scream.

Trap Six, this is Greyhound.
What is your message?


Please repeat, Trap Six.
It's an appalling line.

In London?

Roger, Trap Six, message understood.



The brigadier's on the move...

Daniel Hinton?

He fell from the roof.

What are you saying?

Just jumped.
There's no sign of him below.

But no one could...

Why didn't you tell me?

Poor Daniel. We must find him!

Let me explain again.

He's vanished.
His programme's ring-fenced.

He cannot deprogram himself.

Horrible modern terms. You deal with it.

My task is to prepare the way.

Not found the Locus yet then?

the chancellor is coming home.

VICTORIA: It seems the time is now.

I must find the last Locus

before Daniel's misguided hopes
wreck everything we've worked for.

Bleeding loaded.

Let it go, will ya? I was only looking!




The Locus...

I'll break your fingers, you little...





- I'm trying to get through there,
but it's worse. - Yeah. Excuse me...

It's coming closer.

Perhaps you have
something it needs, sir.

After all this time?
I rather doubt that, Hinton.

But you remember
what it was, don't you?

BRIGADIER: I'm not as blinkered
as people think.

It's a sort of mind parasite.

- The first alien force I
ever came up against. - Sir?

In those days it called itself
The Great Intelligence.


No physical shape of its own,
so it enslaved humans as pawns.

And it deployed a squad of strategic
robots camouflaged like Yeti.

Was this in Tibet, sir?

No. London, about 25 years ago.

It invaded the city like a virus,

using the Underground network
as its nervous system.

Grisly business.
I thought we were rid of the blighter.

It's still here, sir,

out on the bardo, the astral plane,

trapped outside our physical existence.

BRIGADIER: Is it indeed?

And what does it want?

I don't know, sir.

It's you it's hunting.


What's this got to do with you, Hinton?

Just don't trust anyone, sir.

- What?
- No one at all.

Look, I'll thank you, Hinton,
not to treat me like a complete idiot.



Damn traffic.
Brings out the worst in you, doesn't it?



You are summoned.

(WHIMPERING) Sir, get off me!

Daniel Hinton!

My summons binds you!

MAN: (ON RADIO) Traffic update
on New World FM.

ANTHONY: (ON RADIO) I think you'd
better stay home today.

On top of a ton of traffic probs,

they've just announced that all the
railways and major airports are suspended.

So, you'd better get walking 'cause
they're shutting down the tube, too.

Crazy. Everything has computer flu.

So, whatever you do, don't log into
your PCs. They're in a mean mood today.


Can I tell you about the New World, sir?

I'm not interested.

We want to tell you
about our good news, sir.

I said I'm not interested.

Have a better one.

And that's the best of the weather,
brought to you by New World University

where the sun always shines.

Gridlock out there.

Is it Friday the 13th,
and they didn't tell us?

Stay at home, give us a call.


And on line one, it's Danny.

Hi, Daniel. What's your problem?

HINTON: Anthony, it's me. I'm still alive.

- Listen. It's coming.
- Danny, you idiot. What's happening?

It's already coming for me,
but it wants all of us.

- You've got to warn...
- I knew you'd get caught! Where are you?

Danny, you've got to
get help before we...

Danny! Danny!



- What are you after?

Bloody Chillys.

- I'm going to get the law.
- Think they'd believe you?

Sir, I never hurt no one.

Not me, sir. Not old Harrods.

(SHOUTS) Don't!


flew right down, you did.

Glided down out of that place.

Don't need jets no more, sir?

And then he comes after us,
like an old spidery man.

He's coming after all of us.

Listen, that money you nicked from me
is no good to anyone. Period!

Not unless you help me!

You got more?

Sir, 1 got principles.

I'm very particular.

You've seen what's coming,

but it's only half what I see.

Come on, there's someone
we have to reach fast.

- Good morning.
- Hi. How can I help you?

Lethbridge-Stewart for Cavendish.

Right. If you'd like to go through
to the lounge, Brigadier,

you'll find Captain Cavendish
already waiting for you.

"John Jerum, soldierman,
Is searching high and low.

"The only secret he can keep
Is one he doesn't know.”

My father used to say that.

He'd have hated this.

You haven't got a clue, have you?

Your precious Chancellor's
got all the real power,

the power we can all profit by.

He isn't just some
father substitute for you.

He works for the world's spiritual good,

but you'd even sell your own soul.

(CHUCKLES) That's marketing.

All "ring-fenced” no doubt.

Like your expense account.

Victoria Waterfield!

Can you hear me?

Miss Waterfield's our boss,
ladies and gentlemen,

-the big cheese at N Treble U!
- Make him stop! Stop him!

- And she's today's surprise guest

on “Lift the Lid.”

So, ring in those questions now.

It's revelation time, Vice Chancellor!

Forget anything
I said before. It was lies!

New World's just a big front.

But they pay well,
don't they, Miss Waterfield?

-(ENERGY PULSATING) - What about
all the people that disappear, eh?

Danny was right!

New World doesn't give a toss for you.

Something's coming.

Victoria Waterfield will tell you.

(SOBBING) She'll tell you.

And it'll finish everything.

- Good to see you, Brigadier.
- Sorry I'm late, Cavendish.

The transport system seems to be
fouled up by this computer business.

- Mmm, quite. Would you care for a drink?
- No, thank you.

I thought it best to meet here.

Security boys get a bit stressed out
over ID checks.

So, UNIT hasn't
changed since my time, eh?

Well, I doubt there'd be much left
that you'd recognise.

Razor-smart weapons,
all are computers these days.

I used to leave the technology to the

Yes, of course.

Do you know they called your era
"The Blunder Days"?

- The what?
- Blood and Thunder.

Well, you took on
some formidable opposition.

Cybermen, demons, Yeti.

No worse than jumped up officers
with tuppenny-halfpenny commissions.


Cavendish, exactly why did you call me
up to town today?

Information, sir,

of a personal nature, you understand?


Someone's been hacking
into security files in Geneva.

My files, I take it.

Yes, so the MOD were never very
forthcoming about dealings with UNIT.

Besides, we need
more personal details.


Do I take it that security is in the dark
about this, too?

Strange you never rose
above Brigadier, wasn't it?

Internal politics.

Well, I had no idea there was a market
for my memoirs.

I'll send you a copy
when I get round to writing them.

So, UNIT got all the blame
for blowing up the church.


- Are you sure you won't join
me, Brigadier? - Quite sure.

You must've picked up
the odd souvenir in your time.

I counted them in
and I counted them all back out.

No particular keepsake?

I mean, things do get mislaid.

If you lose things,
you could lose men, too.

Well, it's been good to talk to you,
Cavendish, but I have another appointment.

So soon? I was concerned, Brigadier.

- So was I
- CAVENDISH: So you should be.

Blood and Thunder, Captain.

Now back off.

I'm leaving.

Get after him!

It's not too late!

I must find it.


DISTORTED VOICE: Victoria, I am here.

(DISTORTED) Where is the Locus?


All right then.
Quote them the codes, NN and then QQ.

It's a risk, but we must reach
someone we can trust.


- No, I said codes NN and Q... QQ!

- It's urgent!
- I see, thank you.

I'd get more sense
from a tea lady. Sorry.

May I ask if you've encountered
anything resembling a Yeti?

- Have I encountered any what?
- A Yeti.

What have Yeti got to do with it?

- You're late.
- I was delayed.

The traffic and this computer

- Are you all right?
- Oh, I can't complain.

How are you?

Look, this is stupid.

I'll just go. I shouldn't have called you.

Look, Kate, have you eaten?
We could get a meal.

No. Ugh...

- All right, er, we'll sit here.
-l... (SIGHS)

I'm sorry, Dad.

You look tired.

I've had a difficult morning.

Kate, it's been six years.

What's the matter? Is it money?

No, no. Not especially.

- Your mother then?
- No! I don't see her either.

Look, I know this is crazy, but...

- I'm being harassed.
- Who by?

- There are these Chillys.
- Chillys?

- You know? Children...
-(EXCLAIMS) Children?

I mean they're called Children
from this New World techno-cult.

Two of them.

They just sit
opposite the boat all the time.

- Look, I'm being stupid.
- No.

But they just won't go away.

And they're frightening...
And they're frightening me.


Welcome home, Professor Travers.

(DISTORTED) I am still in the

Only my will to survive
keeps me from despair.

You have lit a flame of hope in all of us.

It is as I instructed.

Symmetry. Shape.

My form at last,

shaping out my future!

When will my new web
stretch out across the Earth?


Only when I have found the final Locus!

But what about, erm...

What's his name? Doesn't he help?

I split up with Jonathan two years ago.

I'm sorry.

I'm getting old.

Perhaps you should get off that boat.

It's not the boat. It's them!

- And me too?
- Well,

army families get to live together,
so why didn't we?

Was your career that important?

I'm afraid I can't explain, Kate.

Mum used to think that
you were some sort of spy.

We used to hope it, because at
least that would be interesting.

But it's just soldiers, isn't it?

Training to kill people with big guns.

I had other responsibilities.

Well, who to?

To everyone.


That's all.


Who do I trust, then?

Don't trust anyone, sir.
I told you, no one at all.

Are you sure
you don't want any money?

Oh, just forget it then.

Kate. Kate, wait!


Hello again, Granddad. We want you.


Good Lord...

Is that you?

Have you changed yourself again?

I needed time!

DISTORTED VOICE: I needed freedom!

You're not Professor Travers!

- A pity shame!

Let me go!

Your task is done.

Now, I take control!

Let me go!

Who are you?

Remember me, Victoria?

Who's blind now?

- Hello, Dad.
- Kate.

- Where am I?
- On the boat.

We had to bring you here.

Daniel Hinton,
Brigadier. School House 91.

I remember. Thank you.

But we met quite recently. Am I right?

On something called the astral plane?

It wasn't entirely wasted then.


Hello? We're moving.

Dad, I thought it would be best if...

Sir... Glad to see you're all right, sir.

Harrods saved you from the Chillys.

Bunch of hooligans, sir.

Best off well away from them.

Well, thank you, erm... Harrods?


Army, aren't you? On your uppers?

RAF, sir. Flight Sergeant Haroldson.
Squadron got disbanded, sir.

Like losing your family.

Get called Harrods
'cause I'm fussy where I kip down.

- Alright, Flight Sergeant. Carry on.
- Sir.

I must say, Kate,
the company you keep's an eye-opener.

Oh, I thought they were with you.

We can't stay here, Brigadier,
the Intelligence is hunting us.

The both of us? Are you one of these
Chilly characters too?

New World's a front to bring
the Intelligence back through,

an evil spirit that
got bound to the Earth.

Listen to you two. I mean, who do I
call first, police or psychiatrist?

Trust no one. Isn't that right, Hinton?

- Not even my people at the UNIT.
- The whole city's fouled up.

The computer Internet's virally infested.

And that's the Intelligence's new body?

It won't stop there.


The Intelligence
was driven out. I was there.

No. It's trapped until all its old
icons of power can be destroyed.

One link still remains, the final Locus.

- Well, how do you know?
- Just do.

Cavendish asked me about keepsakes.

And now that I think of it,

-there was something.
- Yes?

But I lost that years ago.

Like what?

A small carving of a Yeti,
like a chess piece.

Tibetan, I think.



Like this?

Yes. That's it.

I've had it since I was little.

It's infinitely dangerous.
We must get rid of it now.



Sir, we have company.

No, get them away! Get them away!

- Everyone, out, now!
- I'm sorry, Brigadier.

Out of the way, Hinton.

I didn't know, I swear it.

What are you on about?

I warned you! Don't trust anyone!

The Intelligence used me to seek you out.
I'm the trap!

I'm warning you, Hinton, stand back!

- Give me the Locus.
- KATE: No.

No, guns. Not here!

- Get back!



What's happening? This is my home.

Well, they got what they want
and now they're going.

Back to the New World, sir.

That's where it all comes from.

What sort of job do you do?

- That...
- I have to get after them, Kate.

I'll explain later.

Just go, then.

Flight Sergeant?

I'll come, sir. For the lad's sake.

Good man.

Er, wait outside, will you?


- Kate.
- What?

Just tell me one thing.

Why do you keep a box of toys down

He'll be five, next week.

(SOFTLY) I have a grandson!

My grandson!

I never dreamt...

Good Lord.


Gordon James, after you.

He's safe, away from here.

Oh, I'm sorry.

(SNIFFLES) My grandson.

Kate, can I keep this?

It's getting late.

We'll talk later. I'll be back.


(DISTORTED) At last.

I created this tiny object

and it has bound me in darkness.

Which of you shall release me?




Symmetry of colours and shapes.

No more tomb of darkness.

My strength is growing again.

I grasp it.

Now let my great plan take its shape.


(ALL CHANTING) Om mani padme hum.

I had a daughter once.

What... What happened to her?


No, no. Not you. Anne.


Yeti Traversii.

I brought it...

...back from Tibet.

It's all my fault.

My father died in a cold world,

a thousand light years away.

I died 15 years ago.

Saw it in The Times.

"Professor Edward Travers,”


Silly old fool.


"No flowers, by request.”

But they still sent them.

No one listens.

Sometimes I can't remember his face.

And I've travelled in time.

Where do I belong now?

Don't you see?

We've been tricked.

It was the Intelligence all the time!

Unfinished business.



What now, sir?
Take the place by storm?

If we must.

Damnation. I'm an old fool.

- Sir?
- My gun.

I didn't pick it up.

- Want to go back?
- Too late for that, now. Come on.

(DISTORTED) Intruders.

Go. Greet them.


Sir, something rotten
in here, sir. I can feel it.

Too quiet. Come on.

Let's start at the top.

Sorry, sir.

1 give up, Hinton.
Am I asleep or are you dead?

I never did philosophy, sir.

You're in the lift.
I'm in the computer systems.

We have interface.

So I'm talking to a ghost in a machine.

And what's the warning this time?

The Intelligence has got into the
logic systems of New World's computers.

I snuck a ride too.

It's a virus. It's already spreading
across the Internet.

Transmitted from this building.

I'll take you in as far as
I can, sir. Trust me.

You've said that before.


Nothing, Sergeant.
I just walked over someone's grave.

Come on, Hinton! Come on!

- I thought that you were dead.
- Maybe.

I need your help, Kate.
So does your dad.


It's no good, sir. Something's jamming

I'm not used to this system.

But I am.

Ever heard of automatic writing?
Fingers on the keys.


HINTON: Something's moving that lift.

Option. A-D-stroke-Alt-three. Hit four.

It's like a morgue, sir.

Like a trap.

Back the other way.

HINTON: Stop that lift!

Option, three-stroke-Alt-four.

Brigadier, Get back!


Get out of my head.

I've had enough of your tricks.

I was wrong. Please!

Get away from the lift!

It's fighting back.

Alt-four again. Hold it down!

Come away, please, Brigadier.
You shouldn't have come here.

It's a bit late for apologies, Madam.

Hold it there!

I can't keep it down.

Go back to your studies.

There's nothing here you want!



This way.

HARRODS: Look out, sir!

Leave him alone!I

Hold it down!



Acolytes! You know me!

Stand away!


Release him! Let him go free!



Must shut down the database.

VICTORIA: Leave him alone!


All right. I was coming anyway.

DISTORTED VOICE: What happened
to your faith, old man?

Huh? I saw your
Light of Truth, that's what!

And I'll put a stop to it!

- More intruders, as anticipated.


Travers... (LAUGHING)

You're still my closest instrument!




This place is like a beacon.

It's Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, isn't it?

- But...
- Sarah-Jane Smith. Hello.

Your father said it
might be a family affair.

- So, show me where to find him.
- All right.





Distract them, Brigadier.

This is my fault. If I can shut down
the mainframe...

I'm sure we've met before.

I doubt it.



(DISTORTED) Bring my jailer here.

Stop her! This time, destroy her.

My strength is growing, jailer.

Your defences are
powerless to stop me.

I'm amazed at your awesome ingenuity,


The late Professor Travers.

This is my world now.

Oh, of course.

I'm doubtless you'll make
a better job of it than we humans have.

Sarah, take this. It's for my father.

I'm a rotten shot. You hang onto it.

Look, I don't want to fight.
I want my dad back.

Where's the back-up gone to?


We humans are basically
a gregarious species,

er, Great One,

despite exceptions, like Daniel Hinton.

Deleted from my system.

Oh, I see.

So, resistance is obviously...
What's the word?

Useless? Good.

But tell me, Brigadier.

Which part of my Great Plan do you
think is most strategically successful?

- None of it.
- What?

For a so-called Intelligence,
you're pretty damn stupid.

You're still trapped.

- No.
- That's not a body.

You've trapped yourself
in a web of silicon and cables.

All of it stolen.
And you can't venture beyond it.

I have slammed
the door on my darkness.

And I shall perpetuate myself in every
machine and every being in my world.


You're power goes no further
than the mainframe of this campus.

All anyone has to do is to pull the plug.


Stay out of sight till I'm back.

No, Sarah.
- Please.

Protect the generators.

I shall burrow deep into the Earth's
roots and reach high into its skies.

And the humans shall provide me
with new machines

and new bodies.





Access denied, Victoria, my dear.

It's not too late.

Way, way out of time.

Let's see what the
New World has in store.

- Get away from her!

Turn off the power!

That's what I'm trying to do!


I'm sorry, Dad.

As bad as your mother.

Oh, you have blood ties.

Very well. I need more Yetis.

She can be the next.






I know you're still clinging there.


Daniel, remember your disciplines.

Daniel, fight the evil.

Remember your inner strength.

Remember the sword
that cuts through the thorns of deceit.

Be that sword, Daniel!





- Daniel?

You're dead.


No, Daniel! Destroy the generators!

I am not defeated!

Leave our world alone!

It's my world!

Go back to Hell, you're not wanted here.





It's all right, Kate. It's gone.

This time, it's gone for good.

Brigadier! Brigadier!

Miss Smith. I knew
there was someone here I could rely on.

- Oh, have you two, er...
- Yes. We've met.

It's just like old times, eh?

And I still don't know what's going on.

Well, someone else can clear up.
Let's just go home.

80, he said it was Victoria's dress.

And I said, "Well, as long as
Albert didn't wear it."”

And you think it could have been her.

1 don't know. There's no trace of her.
She just vanished into thin air.

Certain people we
know make a habit of that.


Do you know, companions used to be
something only dowager aunts had.

No, Sarah, it applies to families as well.

Oh, yes, families.

Dad, this is Gordon.
Gordy, say hello to granddad.

Hello, Gordy.

You're not shy, are you?

I've got another friend too.

Oh? What's his name?

Danny. But only I can see him.



Well, you'd better tell me all about him.

I'm ravenous. Fancy a pizza?

You know, I think I'd rather have a pint.

Make it a cup of tea, and you're on.