Downriver (2015) - full transcript

James has served time for drowning a little boy when he was a child, although the body was never found in the river. A visit from his victim's mother upon parole sends him on a quest to find the truth. With little time and danger at every turn, James risks his freedom and his life to uncover the trail of sins that might give closure to the grieving mother.

Just take a seat, Dana.

- Hey, buddy.
- Hey.

Just when you're ready.

Dana: Have they
given you a date yet?

Not yet.

I heard it's soon.
What are you going to do?

He can't say...

..Where he's going, who
he's with, what he's doing,

anything like that.

I suggest you ask
what you came to ask.

Dana: Where is he?

James: When I left,
he was in the water.

Dana: Did you push him out?

James: No.

Dana: How deep was he,
over his head?

James: Not real deep.

Dana: We've had divers search
right up and down there.

James: It's not far
from the sea there.

But you didn't push him out?

James: I never lied.

Dana: This doctor is saying
your epilepsy's

made you forget things -
it's not true, is it?

Did you weigh him down...

..Or did you take him
to the bushes?

It wasn't just me there.

Dana: I don't have him, do I?

So you wouldn't forget
pushing him out?

It's killing me.

I can't keep looking.

I'm the only one
that still is.

James: The police
should have found him.

Dana: They didn't need to.
They had you.

He was the front page
of all the papers

when he went missing,

and now no-one even remembers
his name.

You hid him. You had to.

Did you mutilate him, did you
do something sexual to my son?

Rita: Dana...
- Did you?

Rita: You know what
we agreed on.

Dana: I went to sleep
for a half an hour,

and my son is gone.

I don't believe you.

I don't believe you.

Until I find him,
he's still just missing.

Man: Four bucks, Anthony.

Didn't you get the photo
I sent you?

I'm not giving you freebies
no more.

Why don't you just take it off
what you owe me?

And sign here.

Rita: Anthony and his family

have taken out
an intervention order.

You can't contact him or go
within a 5km radius of them.

James: Witness to crime.

Rita: Witnesses get notified
of parole.

They can ask to be protected.



Now, you'll be sick
of the sound of my voice

every 24 hours for a month,

and then you report every 72
after that.

Zero tolerance.
Same goes for violence.

Any whiff of violence and a
magistrate may revoke parole.

You're a fisticuffs fan.
Don't do it.

We've got you
in a halfway house.

You've got your own room.

Do you want these?

Books and magazines.

I don't need them.

Worth getting sprung tonight?

Ok for you,
you're gone tomorrow.

Bet I get some motherfucker
in here.

Don't do that.

Night-time's when
you get all negative.

Ok, maybe worth it.

James: He still lives there.

Cellmate: What do you think
he's like now?

A coward.

Don't say goodbye.

Yes, mum. Yes.

Don't you eat egg anymore?

I hate it, and onion.

'The lot' means
'egg and onion'.

They're stingy on the sauce.

How long have you guys
been going out?

We're just friends.

What does he do?

He drives a truck.


You heard from dad?

A few weeks back.

What did he say?

He said that if you needed
anything, he'd help.

Does he have a spare room?

He meant money.

Your place is pretty big.
You said you had no room.

It's not about having no room.

Why are you looking at me?

You know, at lunch,

if someone was looking at me,
I'd be like...

A guy got stabbed in the mouth
the other day.

Tried to get him in the neck,
but he missed.

It's too easy
for people to find me.

It's happened before -
reporters and, you know,

people connected with family.

This is for your own good.

Here, I'll pay
until you start earning.

I don't want you
forgetting to report.

Paige: What did you do today?

James: Not much.

What about tomorrow,
you going to do something?

Man: Nads, for fuck's sake!

Why do you always want
to play with my bloody stuff?

- Five seconds of peace!
- Leave it the fuck alone!

- Damien!
- Mum!

This is my fucking iPad.
Fuck you!

* classical symphony

I said, it's hot, hey?

Can I ask you something?

Do you know a guy called

A dark-haired guy.

He lives up the mountain road

but cuts through here

I hate everyone.


Can I have
a packet of silvers?

And our power's not on.

- Which plot?
- It's 33.

You pay your day rate,
and that gets your mains on.

Alright, just give me a day.

- Can I see some ID?
- I don't have any.

I need to know
who's on the grounds.

Well, how much is a day?

22 bucks.

I'll just have a day, then.

I'll need a photocopy
of your ID.

It's my family's cabin.

Who is Paige Levy? Levi?

What does it matter?

Ah, $12.50, love.

- There you go.
- Thanks, mate.

I'll just pay for the smokes.

I don't need
the fucking power.

Hi. Sorry, I can't
take your call at the moment.

Please leave a message.

Yeah, Paige? This is Gary from
crystal brook holiday park.

I think I might have your son
in your cabin.

He hasn't checked in properly.

My sister's boy.


Humans do not know

there are other life forms
in the universe.

There is only one rule -

never go out without
morphing into human form.

What happened to your eye,
your scar?

I, um, hit my head
when I was a kid.

On purpose?

No, I have epilepsy.
I had a fit.

That was a joke!

I'm scarred.

Mum went totally psycho
and pushed me into a door.

Now my chin's uneven.

* classical symphony

bump there. See?

Feel it?

Nadia: Turn that off!
I can't hear.

Damien: Well,
bloody turn your telly up!


Hey, how come
nobody's used that cabin

the whole time
we've been coming?

It's one of the ghost cabins.

Were you here then,
when that boy drowned?

- Were you?
- No.

The rumor is, the kid who
did it lived in your cabin.

The kid who died
was my brother.



We come and look sometimes.

This is a good one,
it's a good one.

- He can go first.
- Oh, passing! Well.

Ok. Um...

- She's confident.
- Ten diamonds.

James: No, it's a black card.

- Ok.
- Four spades.

- No, it's a club.
- Oh.

- Ten clubs.
James: Lower than ten clubs.

Um, six clubs.

Higher than six clubs.

- Eight clubs.
- Lower than eight clubs.

So I'm going to pass it
to your sister right now.

- Seven clubs.
- Yeah!

Do we hug?


It's going to be like that?

You approached me.

You know
you'll get recognized?

I don't look ten anymore.

I knew you straight off.

You would.

How was prison?

Fuck you.

Anything else?

What are you doing here?

This is our cabin.

but you're within the radius.

What, are you
trying to find him, like her?

Wander up and down the river -
'oh, is he there?'

Yeah, right.

Yeah, good boy, hm?

You still killed him.

Fuck off.

You know, I've seen her around
a couple times, his mum.

Yeah. She, um,
she's got two new girls.

I don't know where she got
that mutilation bullshit from.

But I wouldn't feel sorry
for her if I was you,

'cause you don't know half the
shit she was saying about you.

You think I moved him?

No. I didn't need to.

You should have just shut up,
like we said.

'Cause it
looked like an accident.

And the kid goes missing.
Even better.

But no.

You bawled like
a fucking baby, didn't you?

If you'd shut up,
you would have been free.

Oh, yeah. They get closer now.

They scrounge around the park.

This little girl got bit
on the face the other day.


You know, my theory is that
a wild dog came down

and took him from the river.

'Cause didn't something
come up in your trial

about drag marks in the bush?

I mean,
you know better than me.


Yeah, it's not a safe river,
you know?

It's like quicksand
all up and down it.

You could be standing there
one minute,

and then the next,

you know, just gone.

- That's bullshit.
- No.

People drown all the time.

Last year,
my dad and I went to Sydney.

We were drinking on the beach,

and he went off for a piss
and found a dead baby.

Like, someone had drowned
their own kid.

- That's awful.
- Yeah.

Next day,
everyone just went swimming

like nothing had happened.

Did you see it?

Yeah - shriveled and blue.

You want to come back
to my place?

What, now?

I just live up the mountain.

I don't live in the park.

You live on the mountain road?

Mm-hm. In a proper house...

..All to myself.

The kid next door
is looking for you.

For me?

This girl came down the river

She had a massive fight
with her friend,

so she was a bit pissy, right?

So I went swimming with her
to cheer her up.

We smoked a bit of weed.

Next thing,
she's ripping my gear off,

saying weed made her horny.

She's licking my neck,
letting me suck on her tits.

She tells me to lie down
so she can get on top of me.

By this point, i'm, like,
hard as fuck.

She's got hands
down my shorts...

..Telling me I had the nicest
cock she'd ever seen.

She wanted
to give me a blow job.

Then her fucking phone
goes off.

It's her friend, saying,
'come back.



Wake up.

Come on, we're going home now.

Get off me!

- Don't you dare!
- Get out!

Hey! What's...

I frightened him.
This is what I mean, hm?

He can't behave like that.

Paige: We're trying to
help him. Wayne, you just go.

- We'll get the bus tomorrow.
- You're kidding me?

I'm not leaving you, Paige.
I'm not leaving you with him.

Come on.

Damien: Hey, your mountain
road friend was around.

How did you know it was him?

Brown-haired kid, said
he lived on the mountain road.

- Did you talk to him?
- Yeah.

- Didn't you see him?
- What did he say?

- Why?
- Don't talk to him.

I'm not kidding - don't.

Wayne doesn't know about you,

so you need to stay quiet
about that.

What are you doing here

You're not supposed to be
within five kilometers of him.

You know that.
You're coming back with US.

What do you know about dogs
up here, wild dogs?

There was some dog problem
at some point.

I think a dog
might have taken him.



The police looked.

It happens...

..Dogs taking lambs, chickens.

Why not a kid?

Is that really
what you've come for?

There's a woman
I want to ask about it.


- Hey!
- You selling something?

- No.
- What do you want?

I just wanted to ask...

If you ask
if I have god in my life, son,

you're about to find out.

No. I just wanted to ask you
some stuff.

Please. It would only take
two seconds.

Well. Haven't you
the nicest manners?

Do you feed the wild ones?

Feed them? Mate, I kill them.

But I thought you love dogs.

Not those dogs.
They don't need food.

I remember her.

She rides in the front seat

while the other two
ride in the tray.

You must be thinking of susie.

- Oh, yeah?
- He's her pup.

Got a different nature to her,
normally - not as trusting.

She was a good dog.

Do you think a wild dog
took that boy from the river?

Son, you ever see dogs
kill a sheep?

They don't kill for food
so much as fun - tear them up.

Let's say for a second
they got that boy's body.

There would have been
bits of him everywhere.

How do you kill them?

Traps all around here.

They like hanging out here
a little too much.

Even deep-burying the bastards

won't stop them
sniffing around.

They'd eat their own young.

Do the police know about this?

You'd have to be cunning to
think of getting him in there.

- Boys, wasn't it?
- Who else knows about this?

- Just me and a farmer friend.
- No-one else?

They missed that boy when
they searched the river.

Half-done job.

All kinds of dead trees
and old machinery in there.

Little thing
was probably stuck under one.

You know, six months of water
rushing by, he's all gone -

a bunch of bones
swept out to sea.

How many are down there?

We would have got
30 or 40 between US.

We've got problem dogs
rather than big packs.


He's got epilepsy.

- You're right.
- Son...

- Look at me. You're alright.
- James...

Mary: Come on.

Come on!

Funny, you bringing up susie.

You know she ran off on me,
or so I thought.

This one day, a boy turns up,
bawling his eyes out,

sorry for
what they'd done to her.

Only a coward
kills a dog like that.

James: Who was he?

They said
you weren't coming back here.

Ray, that woman with the dogs,

she said two boys
killed a dog of hers.

One came back and apologized.

Ray, I know that was you.

- I'm not meant to get upset.
- Then don't.

It was Anthony, wasn't it?

You have no idea
how much I hate him.

What happened between you two?

You know. Everyone knows.

Tell me.


Why'd you cut your dick off,

Why'd you cut it off, ray?

I don't care. I don't care!

You should care.

- You should care.
- Ok, ok.

Ok. I care.

I care.

It's ok.

You love your sister,
don't you?


She means a lot to you.


You should write her name

Next time you try to cut,
you won't be able to.

Ray, wherever that dog is,
it's really important to me.

He'll get me.

I won't let him.

Ray: It was easy.

We just called out to her
and she chased US.

We didn't want
to get seen with her,

so we took her up the river...

..Up to the bridge.

Do you know you can get in?

The safety grille was
taken off a long time ago.

Road guys go in
to check the bridge is safe.

The kids smoke bongs in there,
mess around.

There are holes in the floor
where the pylons are,

and they go all the way

..Down into the river.

We were just playing with her.

He had something
in his hand she was chasing,

and he just dropped it...

..Right down the hole.

What did you do to ray Lewis?

Ray Lewis...

Ray Lewis is a joke.

Do you think that finding him

is going to make everyone
love you?

'Cause it just...

It looks like
you've lied about it

and you've made life
even more shit for his mum.

You think I'm being a cunt
right now,

but I'm just telling you
the truth.

I don't want that for you,

Don't talk like that.

Like what?

Like we're mates.

Well, we were mates.
We were fucking good mates.

but then you dumped me in it.

Man, I said what they wanted
to hear so I could go home.

Ok? I was a kid.

I said you panicked,
and that's it. Nothing else.

Didn't say you were a bad kid,
ok? Nothing like that.

I didn't mention you at all.

I know. Your mum did.

I know that.

- You went back down there.
- I never moved him.


Fuck, mate! What do you want
me to tell you, huh?

I will fucking choke you!

I was with you.

The whole time,
I was with you.

After the fit, until
the ambulance took you away.

I even got your fucking mum.
Don't you remember?

So when can I have
fucking moved him?

It's my dad.

Tell me the truth.

I am.

I'm drowning!

Woman: Come here!

Child: What?
- Put that stick down!

How many times
do I have to tell you? No!

- Ow!
- Don't go in there!

I told you no!

Listen to me - get in the car!

That boy's going to grow up
terrified of her.

You have to walk in someone
else's shoes for a bit.

Yeah. I suppose every parent's

got their own ideas,
don't they?

Like I'd know!

I didn't mean that, Paige.
I didn't mean,

because you don't have kids,
you don't understand.

A boy drowned here.

That's what that was about.

That's why she hit him,

down there's where that boy
went missing.

I didn't know that.

So she's scared,
so that's on her mind.

I lost my boy...

..And this place
just reminds me...

..Way too much of that time.

You're James's mum.

Have you met him?

Have you been swimming?

Seemed like a good day for it.


- How are you doing, mrs l?
- Have you seen James?

Yeah, sure have.

What are you going to say
about that?

I don't know yet.

He hasn't come back for you,

he just needs
to put some things at rest.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it.

Where is he?

I don't know.

You keep letting him fuck up,

- He's not fucking up.
- Well...

..You led him straight
into prison the first time,

and you're doing it again.

Getting him to speak
to the police was right.

Look where it got everyone.

Look, I know
we don't like each other...

- I like you a lot.
- ..But do not punish him

to get back at me.

What would I
get back at you for?

You had a hunch about me,
it was wrong. No sweat.

Why wouldn't you like me?

I was nine years old.

What was so wrong with me?

That's past, Anthony.

You're right, that is past.

How are you two getting along,
by the way?

- Pretty good.
- Funny.

You never even wanted him.

Fucking rubbish!

You were fucking pissed
out of your brain one night,

and we heard you say

how much having a kid
ruined everything.

It was more than a hunch,
you fucking little shit!

He's still lying for you.

What is it? What is it?

Slap a kid. That's nice.

It was good seeing you.

Look how skinny I was.

You should put it on.

You've got to be kidding!

Wayne would like it.

Good grief!

He's a good guy.

Yeah, he is.

James: That last day,
when I had my fit,

how did you find me?

Paige: Anthony.

He came and got me
and we carried you back.

James: Then he went home?
Paige: No, he stayed.

He was crying so much,
it annoyed me.

It was like he was trying
to pull attention from you.

I just kept telling him
to go home.

I just had a partial seizure.

Paige: You still get them?
James: Sometimes.

Paige: Lie down.

I'm ok.

You don't owe that woman.

The police owed it to her
to find that boy, they didn't.

It's not your responsibility.

Plus, the things she said!

She called me,
'that bitch in the make-up'.

How long was I down there,

between me having the fit
and you finding me?

Well, you'd been gone all day.
I don't know.

I don't know.
You were still on the ground.

- 20 minutes, maybe.
- It's not long enough.

He just wouldn't go.

It was like
he was glued to you.

I kept saying, 'go home,'
but he just wouldn't.

Always glued to you.

He couldn't have moved him.

Paige: Honey, he's gone.

They missed him, and you're
not going to find him now.

- Cheers, bud.
- Cheers.

So you're a truckie?


I'm thinking
I might like that.

You got your license yet?


Maybe start with that, eh?

You keep on with those beers,

you'll start
looking like a truckie.

What's a truckie look like?

No comment.

We could head out
on the river, do some fishing.

What do you get up here?

Barra, yabbies.

I think your aunt wants to go.

We could head out and
get something for a fry-up.

Wayne: That actually sounds
bloody good.

There's those old rods
in there.

How far would you go?

James: Up to the bridge.
Paige: That far?

It's the best spot.
Damo's dad's got a tinnie.

Paige: Who's damo?
James: Kid next door.

His dad takes him out
every day.

Wayne: Let's go fishing.

Thanks. Thanks, mate.

I'm going to disappear
for a minute. Stay here.

See you guys in a minute.

Oh, look at that!

Bit of mud on them.
See that, Wayne?

- See how blue they are?
- Nice one, mate.

They go bright pink
on the Barbie.

You got brothers and sisters?


Funny what you find
on the Internet.

Just reading about
Chris McCarthy's two sisters.

No brother.

I don't want you
around my sister.


Clive: What's wrong, buddy?

Cold, dad.

Wayne: Hey, James!

Bloody trove here, mate,
look at this.


James! James!

Give US a hand!
Grab him!

Bring him up. Bring him up!

Damien: You killed him,

and then you said
you're his brother.

That's the sick part.

James: I couldn't tell you
anything, man.

Well, lie differently.
I felt sorry for you.

Now, when I look at you,

all I see is what you did
to that fucking kid!

- So do I.
- How you covered him in mud,

in his face, in his eyes, to
make him look like a troll.

And then you pissed on him.

You threw rocks at him
and you shoved sticks in him.

Those stories are bullshit!

They made me sound horrible,
like a devil.

They made me sound like
I don't care about life.

It's Anthony, isn't it?

Is your mate
getting involved with him?

What do you care?

I went to school with
his brother. Do you know Joe?

I'm going to be straight up
with you.


You know the kid who drowned
in the river, Chris McCarthy?

I killed him.

Come in.

I used to just fuck him...

..Now I pay him.

Whatever he wants, I pay him.

He needs money a lot.


He doesn't work.

His dad's a deadbeat
and his mum's gone.

For a while, he got ray Lewis
to do webcam shows for money,

until that all went weird.


Ah, is Anthony here?

No. He's not far off.

Come in.

James: Why do you pay him?
Amos: I don't know.

He's the biggest
fucking monster.

Amos: You know
he got ray to cut off his dick

so it looked more like a cunt?

You want a drink?

I'm alright, thanks.

Amos: I feel sorry for him.

He hates himself so much.

Why did you ask me
about his brothers?

To see how much you knew.

So you killed that kid, huh?

So it goes.





Amos: Wogs always
have a shitload of kids, eh?

How do you know Anthony,
from school?

I know him from the park.

Amos: I always thought
it was weird

Anthony didn't go with his mum
in the divorce.

Joe went.
Mario had already left.

Anyway, he didn't.

So I'm friends with Joe

and I'm seeing
all of his photos.

There's photos of Joe and some
of Mario and some of the mum,

but none of bettina.

And I can't figure it out.

Amos: So I'm thinking,
'where is she?'

is it just you two here?

Living here? Yeah.

Amos: And I ask Joe...
- Just me and Anthony.

Amos: ..And Joe
just doesn't respond.

The others, they, uh,
live with their mum.

Joe doesn't respond at all.

Joe's here sometimes.

Amos: So I figure she must
still be with the dad.

Around that time, I started
hooking up with Anthony,

and pretty soon,
I'm always at the house.

And I'm thinking,
'where's bettina?'

so I ask Anthony,
and he weirds out.

Damien: Did you once find
a dead baby?

Anthony said you found
a dead baby at the beach.

Someone had drowned it,
their own kid.

The shit that
comes out of that kid's mouth.

Oh. He made it up?

Amos: And then Joe rocks up
one night,

beats the shit out of me,

and says if I don't shut
the fuck up about bettina,

he's going to call the police
on me.

And say what?

That I started fucking Anthony
when he was 14.

Should I just, um,
wait in his room?

Yeah, if you want.

Is it just...

- First one on your left.
- Thanks.

James: So where is she?

Amos: You're not listening.

That family has a secret,
something rotten.

That little girl's
gone missing.

They don't talk about it.

Nobody talks about it.

The kid you killed,
people don't shut up about.

James: So say something.

Amos: It's not for me.

He's down the river.

I'll drop you.

Amos: So you killed that kid,
you held him down?

Who suggested
going down river?

Whose idea was the drowning?

Whose idea was taking the kid
in the first place?

Paige: So he's
a fucking epileptic!

You should have told me that.

He was in the middle
of the river by himself!

Paige: I didn't know
he still had them.

Wayne: What are they?

Paige: Don't worry about it.
Wayne: You don't need those.

Paige: Don't you tell me what
I do and don't need, Wayne.

Wayne: I can't work you out.

What can't you work out?

Wayne: Why can't you say it?
- Say what?

Say that
he's your fucking son!

Say whatever it is you're
going through, he's had a fit

in the middle
of the fucking river!

You're his mother.

I don't even know
what I'm doing here.

What's that supposed to mean?

Trying to
hold onto some things.

Some useless attempt
to get something back.

Jesus, Wayne! I know
you're a fucking truck driver,

but are you
that fucking thick?

I spend too much time

imagining it
the other way around -

pretending that
her boy killed mine,

just so I can have
someone else to hate

other than myself.

I killed someone.

She's just used to lying
about it.

It's not your fault, mate.

Sorry to leave you stranded.

We're not stranded.

My brother went to prison,

I don't pretend
to know what it's like, but...

He used to say, people think
you go in, you get punished,

you come out.

That's not
the real punishment.

That comes after...

..When you have to convince
yourself and everyone else

that you're still
worth something.

Don't you let any bastard
tell you that

you don't deserve anything.


What have you been saying
about your sister?

What sister?

James: I'm sorry, mum.

I said I never lied...

..But I did.

The police asked
if there was a plan.

I said it was just random.

Chris was just
wandering lost or something.

No, he wasn't.

There was a plan.


..Said he wanted
a little sister...

..Asked me to steal him one...

..If I would do that.

And then we saw Chris...

..And Anthony goes,
'he'll do.

Get him.'

we were just playing.

I never knew
it was going to end like that.

One minute,
we're having fun...

..And the next,
he starts screaming...

..Screaming right in my face.

And Anthony goes,
'you stole him. You did it.

And you're going to
get locked up now.

You're going to have to
do something about it.'

if I had just said
there was a plan...

..They would have asked
more questions...

..Like, why would Anthony want
a little sister

when he already has one?

His brother came.

He came looking for him.

Your dad and I,

we were waiting with you
for the ambulance,

and that's when
he stepped outside.

He stepped outside
to talk to his brother.

Why was he screaming?

I don't know if I should say,

after all this time.

Did he hurt him?

If I say yes,
will that help her?

If it was me, it would.

My brother Joe.

Joe: My brother said you're
looking for the dead kid.

He told you what happened -
some dogs got him.

We can show you where he is,
but you've got to choose.

We know you've got a new mate,

the little poofter
at the park.

If you choose the dead kid...

..We'll beat the shit
out of your mate.

So which is it...

..Kid or faggot?

- Kid.
- Huh?

The kid.




What are you doing?
You chose the kid. Start.

Another time.

You think
you're smarter than US.

Man, you're dog shit.

You didn't know we had him
already, did you?

You thought you'd get to him
faster than US.

His, uh... his mum has been
looking for him too.

She keeps ringing.

Dog shit, huh?

How deep is he?

You'll see.

Must be real deep.

No, no, no.

What the fuck?!


We won't be seeing you again,
will we?

Would you rather suck an arse
or fuck an arse,

you fucking faggot, hm?


..He didn't choose you.

What card am I thinking of?

James: The seven of diamonds?

Damien: It's a diamond.

James: Queen of diamonds?

Damien: It's not a royal.

James: Two of diamonds?

Damien: It's higher than two.

James: Four of diamonds?

Damien: Bingo.

Anthony: Dad!

James: You cunt!

Hey! Get off!

Get off him!

Get off him!

What the fuck? Whoa!

Get out!

Come back for more,
you little cunt?

You stay away from
this family, hear me?

Gianni: Get rid of him, Joe!

Fuck off!

Only if he hits you first!

You're so fucking tough,
aren't you?

- Fuck off!
Gianni: Joe!

- You would, wouldn't you?
Gianni: Joe!

I said, fuck off. Fuck off!

You're fucking done,
and your fucking dad

and your fucking brother. Huh?

- Cops'll come for you.
- For me?

Fucking cops'll come for you,

We'll see about that.

They'll be knocking
on your fucking door

before they come knocking
on mine.

- What? What are you gonna do?
- Fuck off!

What? Fucking what?!


You alright, huh?

How long's he been here,

A day.

- What?
- He's only been here a day.

I was going to tell you!

I swear
I was going to tell you!


Paige? It's Rita.

Are you with James?


I've been trying
to get a hold of him.

He hasn't checked in with me.
He needs to do that every day.


He's been with you
these last two nights?


If he's not going to
stay at home,

he needs to indicate
he's with you,

it's a break of curfew.

Disregard for curfew is
another breach.

Is something going on?

I was just, ah,

thinking last night what a
good job you'd done with him.


Where is he, Paige?
I need to speak to him.

I think you'll forgive him

your fucking,
bullshit breaches.

Hey, beautiful!

Hey. Hey, how are you, huh?

How are you doing,
how are you doing?

You're so beautiful,
aren't you?

* Nick cave: The weeping song

* go, son
go down to the water

* and see the women
weeping there

* then go up into
the mountains

* the men,
they are weeping too

* father, why are
all the women weeping?

* they are weeping
for their men

* then why are all the men
there weeping?

* they are weeping
back at them

* this is a weeping song

* a song in which to weep

* while all the men and women

* this is a weeping song

* but I won't be weeping long

* father, why are all
the children weeping?

* they are merely crying, son

* o, are they merely crying,

* yes, true weeping
is yet to come

* this is a weeping song

* a song in which to weep

* while all
the little children sleep

* this is a weeping song

* but I won't be weeping long

* o, father, tell me,
are you weeping?

* your face seems wet to touch

* o, then I'm so sorry, father

* I never thought I hurt you
so much

* this is a weeping song

* a song in which to weep

* while we rock ourselves
to sleep

* this is a weeping song

* but I won't be weeping long

* no, I won't be weeping long

* no, I won't be weeping long

* no, I won't be
weeping long. *