Downrange (2017) - full transcript

Stranded at the side of the road after a tire blowout, a group of friends become targets for an enigmatic sniper.

Sure enough, right back out he comes.

Mmm, like father, like son.

You're stuck in some
reverse cycle of doom.

I get sleepy though, too...


Is everyone all right?

Uh, yeah.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait a second, sit down.

I just...
Have a seat.

Bumped my head, that's all.

Have a seat. Okay?

Is she okay?

It'll leave a knot,
but she'll be okay.

How's your neck?

Just when we started to get
to know each other, too,

I put you through a window.

Hey, that's luck.

I'm sorry.

What do we have here?

Keep the swelling down.

Okay, come on, guys,
let's give her some space.

Not crowding.

You okay?
Yeah, thanks.

You know, I'm not sure
roadside assistance

assists the middle of nowhere.

Doesn't hurt to check.

How long since the last time?
How long since the last car?

How long since you changed a tire?

Ah, well, you have one,

two, three capable
young men right here.

Between the three of us,

I'm pretty sure
we can handle it.

Hear that, fellas?
You just got drafted.

Slap the spare on,

and it'll be back
in business in five minutes.

Five minutes?

Okay, ten.

Fifteen maybe.

Ten it is.

Uh, okay.

5:12, it'll be here before you know it.

Sit right here.

It's cold.


Feels good, if you ask me.

What do we win?

Bragging rights.

That's all?

In relationships?

Dude, they're everything.

Okay, okay, wait,
I can't resist.


Say "pit stop"!

Pit stop!

Okay, that's a good one.

Can you text me that?
Uh, yeah.

Me, too.
Ooh, yeah, one more.

Here, just pass it around.

I promise I won't share
your digits with Big Data.

It's hot.


You okay? I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm fine.

No, thanks.


And there you go.

Awesome, thank you.
That everybody?

Uh, change of heart.

Go for it.

Okie dokie.

Beep, beep, beep.

See, we're already halfway there.

You, uh...
you use this one before?

I don't recall. Why?

The treads are worn.

Worn, huh? Bad?

We'd be taking our chances.

Hold on a second.
Technical difficulties.

Where are you off to?


Hey, hey, hey, found a garage
about 20 minutes off route.

Might be a good detour
to have a fresh tire put on,

or at least get that one
patched up.

Yeah, well, if this spare
decides to blow,

we'll be begging for them
to come to us.

If we can get anyone out here.

Signal's got a mind of its own.

Twenty minutes off route.
Another 20 to get back on track.

Let's say 15 to 30 at the shop.

That's what, an hour and change
we're adding on?


Hey, what time did you say you
were hoping to pull in later?


Any wiggle room?

Surprise party birthday
for my sister.

I'd like to be there to see
her face when she walks in.

I'd like her to see my face
when she walks in.


Before college, yeah.

Our age?

Today's her sweet 16.


You gotta be there.

If we need to stop,
we need to stop.

It's better for me
to be a little late

than all of us stranded.

Do you mind?

Nature calls.

Say, you gotta be anywhere at,
like, a specific time tonight?

Not really.

'Cause I was thinking if it's
cool with everybody else,

we could drop her off
and just double back.

I don't want everyone
to have to change their plans

on my account.
I don't have any plans.

Me neither, not till tomorrow.

No worries.

Probably add another hour.

But we'd have enough time
to fix the tire

and get you to
your sister's on time.

And works for us.

Four minutes and counting.

Hey, it ain't over
till it's over.

It's almost over.

Hey, the shade's on this side,
by the way.

You wanna sit?

All right, all right.
Ready? Yep.


I forgot his name.



My brain kept
saying "Josh."

When he handed me this,

I was so close to saying,
"Thanks, Josh."

He likes you.

We just met.
He's... he's being nice.

He likes you.

Oh, man.

Loosened it up for me.

Ah, see?
That's very kind you to say so.

Oh, that's very kind.

I have to get me some of those.

Yeah, yeah, you do.

Yeah, well,
I gotta get me one of these.

Elevate our tail-gating game.

Lot of vehicle for a couple.

My uncle's got a six-seater.
He's also got triples.

Yeah, well, I'm in a band.

It's good for lugging around
our equipment, you know?


I'm gonna sit
in the shade a sec.

She okay?

Yeah. It's...
It's just the heat.

Hey, guys.
Hello, hello.


How's it going out there?


I mean, technically,
they're doing stuff,

but I'd say we have another,
like, 15 minutes.

Oh, great.
And that's a positive estimate.


Okay, don't feel bad.

The average time to change
a tire is, like, 20 minutes.

I know things.

Well, you know,
we still have time, we're good.

Four more minutes.
No, no, that's two.

Hey, you need a hand?
Our manhood is at stake here.

We got this.

Oh, come on, come on, come on.

Anybody study social work?


Um, okay, uh...

how many SW majors does it take
to change a tire?

Mmm, how many?

Why should it change?!

Maybe it's your perspective
that should change.

I don't get it.

Hey, I think you
lost something, buddy!


One-minute warning, boys.

You know,
I think it's safe to say that...

Sara? Sara?



I can't breathe.


What was that?!


Stay back!


You see anything?

You see where the shots
were coming from?!

You see where the shots
were coming from?!

What? What?!

Do you see where the shots
are coming from?!

I can't see anything back here!

No! No!

No! No! No! No!

Do not fucking move!



Please! Shh!
You just got grazed!

You just...
You just got grazed! Stop!


I'm gonna let you go.

Do not move.

We move, we're dead.


S-she can't still...

I'm gonna fucking kill you!
You fucking coward!

I'm gonna fucking kill you!

I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Help me!

Fucking asshole!
Fuck you!

Fuck you!

I'm sorry.

Are you hit?

Are you hit?!


We're gonna die out here.

I'm going to die today.



Shots got louder, remember?

Must have been using
a suppressor.

Uh, a silencer.

The silencer lowered
the velocity of the bullet.

Not by much but maybe enough
to make a difference?

So he took it off.

Might've helped a little bit.

But the shots didn't
go through, right?

He can't shoot through.

He can't shoot through.

Army brat.
Hunting family.

I grew up around guns.

Probably an antique.

And he ain't close.

If it wasn't or he was...
they'd have gone through.

How's your shoulder?


Slug's still inside.

Make a fist.


If you can do that,
you're okay. Right?

You're okay.

Guys. I can't hear!

What are we gonna do?

We can't just sit here.

We can't.

How long's he gonna stay put?
No reception.

Who's to say he's not
creeping around right now?

No law enforcement - to interrupt.
Waiting to pick us off

one by one while we sit here.
He set up out here for a reason.

You said it's been how long
since the last car?

Think about how long
he's been waiting for one.

What are you talking about?

He set up out here for a reason.

He's means to take
his time with us.

With whoever happens
to come passing through.

Listen, there's a lot
of cover back here.

Hills we could hide behind.

Four of us could break out
at once.

He can't hit us all.

Well, he's damn sure
gonna hit one of us!

I know that!

You don't think I know that?!

It could be me he hits!

At least I go down knowing

I bought the rest of you
a chance!

Son of a bitch shot out a tire
on a moving car with an antique!

You wanna run?!
I can't stop you!

But I'm not popping my head
out there for him to shoot at!

Not until we're out of options.

We drive on the spare.

Floorboards, we stay low.

Wheel's in his line of sight.

You try and steer,
he'll take your hand off.

Another car will come.

C-could be ten minutes,
an hour,

or eight hours, but one will.

There are two dead bodies
in the road.

They're gonna see them.

I got a signal over there.

Even if they get...
Even if he stops them,

they won't be stuck
where we're stuck.

They'll call the police.

The... the police'll come,
and they'll have guns.

You got a signal there?



Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Selfie stick.
Got it for the trip.

Hey, hey, uh, hold on.

In case we get something.

Welcome to voice activation.

How can I help today?



I got a signal.

Dial 911!

Oh, shit!

Fuck, fuck, fuck.


Give me your phone.
Give me your phone!

Give it to me.

He'll just blast that one, too.

You're not thinking straight!

We put it in neutral, the SUV.

We stick to this side! Okay?
We nudge it a few feet back.

We got a signal.

We're on an incline.

You got a bullet
in your shoulder.

If we stay to this side,
we have no leverage.

It gets away from us,
we're in the open.

We have to try.

Are the keys in the ignition?

Can't put it in neutral without
the keys in the ignition.

It'll break down.





You're gonna
get yourself killed.

On three.


Hurry up in there!

You've gotta get out of there!
Hurry up!

Come on!

Did you...

Did you see him?!

Get the stick ready.

He ain't gonna fall
for it twice.

All we need is a second just
to put the car into neutral.

You reach back in there,
you're gonna pull out a stump.



What are you doing?

Hey! Todd!

Lucky son of a bitch.

Yeah, lucky.




What's the plan?

Hey! What's the plan?!


Somebody answer me!
What's the plan?

It's not going to work.

You're gonna leave me here,
aren't you?

We're gonna send back help
is what we're gonna do.

Or you...

you could try running over,
move in a zigzag!

What the hell
do you want me to say?!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

Eric... I'm sorry.


what do you think?

Do you think I should run?

We roll, he starts shooting,

he's distracted,
maybe you have a chance.

I asked what you thought.

I think we should wait him out.

I think we should all run!

Yeah, we know.

Jodi, what do you think?

If he were gonna
come down after us,

he w-would've done
it by now right?

Okay, okay...

Say another car comes.

You don't think he's gonna use
that for target practice, too?


How many more bodies is he
gonna stack up out there?

Can you live with that?

Knowing that maybe we could've
stopped him and didn't?

I couldn't.

I couldn't.

Neutral's a risk.
I know.

But so's running!

And so's sitting here.

Don't pretend it isn't.

We got a signal three feet back.

If you really want this to stop,
then just say so!

Say so.

Ah, fuck.

Never know.

One... two...


Come on!

Come on, Todd!

Get up! We need you!

Go! It's working!


No! No!




Stop! Don't leave me!


He's reloading!





He could've shot me!

He could've shot me,
but he didn't.


He used me to lure him out.
Shit. Shit.

He's just playing with us now.

Eric, you gotta get your leg up!
You're losing a lot of blood!



You don't, you'll bleed out!

Good! Good!
Now take your belt off!

Hurry up and tie it tight as you
can around your thigh, okay?

It'll stop the bleeding!

Tight as you can!
Tight as you can!

No passing out on us!

You gotta stay awake!
Stay awake!

Hey, hey, come on, buddy!
Don't pass out on us!

Not now!
Stay with us!

Stay awake!

Shit! Ah, shit!

There's water in there.





Hit it again.
You need it more than we do.


Whoo! That was refreshing!

Fucking asshole.

Didn't shoot this time.

Yeah, well,
like she said, he's...

He's just taking his time.

We moved.

His line of sight
could've changed.

Unless he moved, too.

He could be moving as we speak.


Water! Rest for you!


You mind giving me a hand?

Oh, God!

Eric, keep talking! You gotta...
You gotta stay awake!


Eric! Eric!


Goddamn it!


"You gotta be there."


♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ To you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday, dear ♪


♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ To you ♪

♪ And many more ♪

Jeff was the other guy's
name, right?

I feel like shit
because I couldn't remember.

He said that this was a lot
of vehicle for a couple.

I told him I used it to
haul around my band equipment.

That wasn't true.


Sarah got pregnant.

We don't know how it happened.

We were always so careful.

It was scary, but we decided
to start a family.

So I sold my bike...

my car.

Put it up against
this piece of shit.

Bought a...
baby seat and...


Went all out.

I just really couldn't
help myself.

And then, uh...

We, uh...

we went in for, like,
her umpteenth ultrasound.

There was no heartbeat.

There were no signs, no, um...

no symptoms...

no warnings.

Just... nothing.

Just here with us one second,
and then... gone the next.

It's really nice out here.

What are you doing?

Wait. Todd, wait!

Wait, come back here!
Todd! Todd, stop!

Get the fuck back here.

Why isn't he shooting?

I don't know.

What if he's gone?



Keren, Keren, Keren!

Todd, there's something
moving back here!

Just do it.

Come on!
Let's just get this...

Hey! Hey! Hey!

What! What is it?!

It's a ca...

Oh, fuck, shit!


What? What did you see?

Hey, Daddy? Daddy?

Mommy? Where are we?

Daddy. Daddy, hey!

Daddy, wake up!
What's up, Mama?

I think there's been an acci...

Go, go!


Stay to the other side!
Go back in the car!

No, there's a shooter!
The other side!


Stop! Stop!

There's a shooter!


Stop! Stop!
Other way! Other way!

No, stop! Stop!
Other way!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Keep going!
Hurry! Hurry!

Stay low! Stay low!

My daughter!
My daughter's out there!

There's a shooter!
A shooter!

What?! I can't hear
a fucking word you say!

My daughter!
Can you get to her?!

Can you get a signal?

My daughter!
Can you get to her?!

Can you get a cell signal?!


Call 911!


Run! Get out of there!

Where's he gonna go?
Where? The tree?

He'd never make it.

That call is our last chance.


He could have gotten through.

He could've!

It'll be dark soon.

Once that fire goes out,
it'll be...

It'll be pitch black
in all directions.

We go for the trees.
Like Eric?

It will be a void out here!

He's not gonna see us.
He's not gonna see anything.

He probably has night vision.


You wanna find out for yourself?
Be my guest.

I can't.

I can't sit here
for another four hours

just to watch another car full
of people get chewed up.

I can't. I can't.


He can't see through it.

Soldiers under fire
pop smoke grenades.

Shooters can't see 'em.

Army brat, huh?

Keren! Keren!


Message to my mom,
dad, and sisters.

Just in case.

I think it pissed him off.

Hey, careful. Not yet.

I'd rather be shot than burned!

Engine! Come on.

He's wearing down the walls.

Engine block's tougher to crack.

It'll be safer here...
For how long?

When those tires go,
it'll be toxic as hell.

Try not to breathe
too much of it in.

We go together right?

The call. It got through!

Where did it go?

They must've seen him
shooting at us.

Sergeant, we have a shooter
in an elevated position.

Request state assistance
as soon as possible.

Damn it!

Do you think he saw us?

He saw us.

We in range?

You see that road.
When we are, we'll know.

All right, as soon as he pops up
another round, we'll light him up.


Must have a real nice spot.
Don't want to give it up.

These kids can't wait for state.

Come in.
I said, repeat, come in.

We have an active shoo...

This piece of shit.

I'm just gonna call the station.

Dim it.


Yeah, put me through.

Yeah, I...
Goddamn it, listen.

I heard it from her,
and I want to hear it from you.

We need to get...

Listen here, asshole.


Jodi! Together, remember?


Now! We've gotta go now!

I'm not taking my chances
with them!


You hit? You?


Keep your head down.

Eleven o'clock.

Let's go! Please!

What are you doing?!