Downloading Nancy (2008) - full transcript

Sick of her life, housewife Nancy just wants it to be over and done with, but rather than kill herself, she hires a stranger from the Internet to do the job for her. But fate takes a strange turn when she meets her killer and the two fall in love. Of course, Nancy realizes that love and murder do not naturally go hand in hand.

It's like walking on fake ground upside-down.

Is that what you think death feels like?


Death is like sucking pure oxygen.

And life?

Well it's like being trapped
inside the wrong house

looking for a way out.

How do you know you will be able
to breath once you die?

Because I'll be outside my body.

I'll be floating and free.

How do you know?
How do you know it won't be worse?

I know it'll be better than this.

You don't know that, Nancy.

What if death, as you say, is leaving
your body but not your mind?

What if you're trapped inside
your mind...

What then?

Then I will release it and be free.

If you can release it there,
why not release them here?



Hi there.

You look different.

You want me to take that?

What, this? You don't think I
can't handle it.

I don't know.

Can you?

Let's find out.

You know in Thailand they have
two kinds of dog food.


One for just feeding your dog and another
if you're going to eat your dog.

Did you hear that Walnut?

She wants to eat you.

Must've been real crowded here.

Hey. How are ya?

Yeah, we're on for a lounge night.

It's five, it's staying five, it's
not gonna get any better. OK?

It's the same for all of us, Stan.

I don't want to talk, no, I
don't about it anymore.

Listen, I gotta call you back, OK?


How was your bus trip?


I'm a little cold over here.

That air too much?

No, it's perfect.

Is there an arcade around here?

A what?


An arcade??

Yeah, an arcade, like games and stuff.


Well, I'm boarding my flight in
about forty-five minutes.

I'll be here playing some putts.
Where will you be?

Upstairs in the airport around
noisy families, screaming babies,

somebody sleeping next to you on the bench,

or here at Putting Lounge,

your own private golf course.

Putting Lounge. Combining state
of the art golf technology

with the casual elegance of fine drinks.

At major air terminals across
the United States and Canada.

Happy putting. Happy putting.


I'm really impressed, Albert... real

It's based on a two drink minimum,
seven dollar price point.

There's a flat fee built into your first drink,
and then you build up miles

at different lounges across the country.

I love it.

What can I say, it's uh... I'm real impressed.
Cheers Albert.


Well, we'd better start getting serious
since we gonna be Putt Lounge dealers.

Fucking A.

How's your back?

Shoots through my legs.
It's keeping Jenny up at night.

Have you not been going to the gym?

Two times a week.

You know, Stan if you want some of
the serious stuff, let me know.

I got a kid on my crew can get anything.

Well, tell him to get you a new life then.

Where's Nancy? She inter-netting
her life away?

She finally morphed into a digital entity?

Nancy's in Baltimore with some friends.
She's coming back tomorrow.

Who has friends in Baltimore?

It's just, it's not like her not
to call. You know?

Well, sometimes, you know, it's good
just to be away from each other, so...

just get the magic back.

Went to the Drive N'Wash,

came back and there was this...


What note?

Saying she was gonna, uh, gonna
stay with friends.


No I told him we, we'd
talk about that on Monday.




He's good.

Would you like some company?


Isn't that your first line?


No. Would you like some

I believe it was...

I'm your man.

Would you like some company?

That's right. Now look, you are
my man.

Darn it.

How many others were there?

Too many to count.
All a bunch of bullshitters.

- You know what?
- How do you know I'm not?

It's a gut thing.

I'm gonna need something to wear
for my big finish.


When body and mind are
synchronized for a golf swing,

they are unified...

in purpose...


and focus.

Surrender to true gravity.
The force pervading all.

Sense the fertile void.

Keep your inner-eye on the ball,

and visualize its path.

Be the ball.

Be the ball.

Be the ball.

Pour all this energy.

Clear the stream of the mind.

Be the ball.

Be the ball.

Do you think you can, uh, remember the exact, uh,

feeling that you go through before
you get the urge to hurt yourself?

Yeah... Nothing.

What do you feel right now?

I feel like a smoke.

Can you remember the exact thoughts
that run through your head?

Um, sometimes I think of my uncle, sometimes
I think of Albert, sometimes I get hungry.

What about your uncle?

How much he loved me.

Your uncle hurt you.

That was his way of loving me.

Alright, you realize that love does
not mean hurting someone, right?

Can, can we at least agree on that?

If I let him love me...

the way he wanted to,
then I was showing him that I loved him back.

Did he scare you?

We played a lot, we laughed.

But the play that you had resulted in pain.


Did you feel acceptable to him
when you played his games?


So, um...

so hurting yourself or being
hurt by someone made you feel accepted.

It made me feel.

Does Albert ever hurt you?


Can, uh... can you describe to me what
it's like to, to make love with Albert?


The last time we did it...
he masturbated all over me.

Don't write that down.

What's in your head right now?

I'm repulsive.


Albert's behavior has
nothing to do with you.

This is not about you.

You are a beautiful woman. You
are an intelligent woman, Nancy.

No, no, no. We can't always be what we
want to be, what we wish we could be.

Get that?

Well, it's hard to believe that this company
has been around for over fifteen years.

Fifteen years is a long time.

Now, you know, to create a rainbow,
you need rain...

you need sunshine,

and at the end of the rainbow you
find something...

a pot of gold.

I found that pot.


Because... this company... could not...
have grown into the state leader

had it not been for one man.

A man...

who gave me some money,

a push when I needed it most.

I want to thank that man right now.

Here's to you, Albert.

For being a good, true friend
after all these years.

And to continue this celebration,

I want...

my beautiful wife, Jenny, and
all you guys up and to the dance floor

for a nice slow one to kick off dessert.

Come on, all you guys.

Don't you want to dance?



I need to go home.

- You need to go?
- Yeah, I'm not feeling well, I need to go.

Come over you kind of quickly?

You need some medicine?




What are you doing?
There's a party going on.

What's wrong?

Nothing. I don't feel well,
I just want to go home.

Can't you just drop it?
Snap out of it?

This isn't for you, this is for
Stan, this is Stan's night.

Can't you just drop it this once?

OK, fine, you want to go home, you go home.

There you are.

You know I don't like to drive at night.

I'll get a cab.

It's gonna be a couple hours
'til we get into the hotel

so stop by my place, pick up a
few things, that's OK.

Is that a daisy?


My tenth anniversary
present from Albert.

I keep it close to my heart.

Savor the memory?

The dried flower.



Something the matter?

No. Everything's perfect.

You can change your mind.


Are you losing your hard on already?

I came here to do this.

Excuse me...

I was just simply suggesting
that you might consider all options.

There are no other options.


Maybe you should ask yourself if
this is what you really want.

I'm here.

That should tell you all you need to know.


You gonna add me to your

You're getting your very own shelf.

What's in the bag?

Excuse me?

What's in the bag?

Don't worry, I have your money.



Want something to drink?

Yeah... Scotch?

Did that last week.

Broken bottle.

You know, I stepped on it but I
can't even recall how it happened.


Yeah, I think that's what it
was, it's, uh, it's amnesia.

You're funny.

Well, well, well.

You sound just like you type.

We don't have to type anymore.

Look at this set up.


So, this is where all the action takes place.

Grab my ass.

Do it to me like you said?

Pain, like you promised.

Oh good, that's good.

- Say it again.
- It's good.

Let's go to that special dress
shop before it closes, yeah?

Thank god.

One message.

Hello. This is a message for

Uh, Nancy, this is Carol Good calling.
We had a two o'clock appointment today.

I'm wondering if everything is, uh, OK.

Stan? Yeah, it's me.

No, she hasn't.

No, and I checked around the
house and, uh, it's weird.

You know, her clothes are all there and...

she had some appointment booked that she's,

hm, well, something's weird.

It's not... that's what I'm saying, it's
just, two days and she hasn't called once.

It's not like her.

She should
have called me.


Yeah, I know.


9-1-1 emergency operator.


What's with the sweater?

I want to see you.


Turn around.

Be very careful.

You're on the verge
of stealing my breath away.

You know, this isn't me.

What is you?

We met on line, is that you?

There are a lot of mes on line.

What's the real you?

What's the real you?

I am the real me right now.

What about tomorrow?

We're not at tomorrow. We're
right now.

Where are you?

I'm here.


That way you'll have somewhere to go.

Are you ready?


Open your mouth.

You gotta get it wider than that, come on now.

There. Yeah. Are you ready?

Here it comes... Yeah.

What about that?
Like that?

Don't worry about those little
piggies. I'll suck 'em good.

Hold on.

I'm a little uncoordinated.

Yeah, you are uncoordinated.

That's it.

Where am I going?

Come straight ahead.

- There you go.
- You're fun.



That was good, eh?

Wasn't it?

That's right.

OK, where?

There you are. Come on.

It's the home stretch.

Come on now.

- You're good.
- Here you go.

You can thank my uncle for that.

Oh, yeah?

What was he, an exterminator?

How old were you when you were trained?


Well, that explains it, huh?

You're so fucking cute. You're
pretty good yourself you know.

Yeah, well, maybe we can start
our own business, you know?

Instead of to die in
vain it'll be to die in pain.


Can I tell you something so funny?

You know what my mother did when the
doctor told her I'd never have kids?


She, she locked me in a room for five
days and called me a stupid slut.

A slut

Just 'cause my uncle tore me up inside.

Her brother?


Oh, he was good.

He was good at it once a week like clockwork.

I thought I wanted kids.

What a fat joke that was.

Maybe if I'd given birth to a set of golf clubs
that would have captured Albert's interest.

You ever wonder why you were ever born?


No, I have not.

But you know what I was wondering?

I was wondering what is this place
right here called by your, uh... ear

Don't. I don't like that.

No, by the, hey, what? You don't like
being beautiful? That's beautiful.

OK, what do you say we stop this game now, OK?

No, no, no, no, Louis.
Hit me.


We stick with the plan...

Do you hear me?


I'm, uh... looking for a Nancy Stockwell.

Server maintenance.

It's part of her online business package.


Mrs. Stockwell is signed up for a bi-annual
server maintenance which is virus protection...

No, no, she's not home.

You have any idea when she's expected back?

Uh, no, not really.

See, her firewall is gonna expire which
means she could lose all her information.


Is there anyone else who may have authorization?

Well, I'm her husband.

I don't have the fine print but husband...
satisfies our trust requirements.

Or I can come back in a week.

You know what?

Actually, yeah,
we should get that done,

she's asked, uh, um, forward her
some e-mails.

Frankly, I don't, I don't know
how to do that so could you...

could you...

could help me with that?

Let's see what we can open up.

Rock and roll.



So, uh...

The server system.

- Computer.
- Ah, yes, alright. Just a little discombobulated.

Shoes, please.

- You're wife?
- That's her.

You're a lucky man.

Yeah, I know.

Is this gonna take long?

Let's hope not.

You know, it's funny, usually
it's the other way around.

It's the wives that want to find
out what the husbands are up to.

I'm not trying to find out what my wife's up
to, I'm just trying to forward some e-mails.

Are you aware of any passwords?

That would simplify things a bit.

It's usually a plain word that
means something to her.


Like a favorite color?


Street name she grew up on?

Child's name?

We don't have children.

What do you know.

It looks like Nancy has not...

My wife?

Yeah... Yeah.

Has no passwords whatsoever,
there's no security here, just... wide open.


So, what would you like me to
forward? And to whom?

You know what?
Actually, I'm kinda, uh...

I'm kind of concerned.

About what, Albert?

Well, my wife, she's not been
home for four days so...

I thought you just wanted me to
forward some e-mails.

Yeah, I said that but...

I kind of want to get a clue as to, um,

who she's visiting so I can call her.

I suppose you don't know any of
your wife's friends.

I mean, that's not my business.

No, that's not your business.

You called 9-1-1, I'm sure,
and made a missing persons report?


Um... I figured she'd call.

You know, I was like, give her one more day.

Yeah, one more day.

Do you know... a Farley?

A Deephurt Farley?

No. What kind of name is that?

People use aliases.

Yeah, I know that but that name,
what the fuck is that about?

What are those?

These are the e-mails. Seems
like there's hundreds of 'em.

And they all seem to pertain to this one person.

You want me to show you how to open these up?

Yeah, but what's that with my name on it?

Albert, by the time you read this...

Hey, wait, wait, let me see
that. Excuse me.


By the time you read
this, it'll be too late.

Too late for any more pitiful
attempts to understand me or

this fucked up life we
supposedly share together.

The good part is I finally get it.

So I've decided to liberate you from me,

to liberate myself from this marriage.


I don't blame you for not loving
me, I suck when it comes to that.

Call it fear, whatever.

But now I finally have the guts
to do what's right for me,

to wipe my slate clean and begin fresh.

Don't try and find me.

Happy putting.

Goodbye, Albert. Nancy.


That's not Nancy... that's not.

That's not Nancy writing, writing
like that, that's not Nancy.

You'd be surprised who people can be.


Things they do when they're
alone, people they meet.

She doesn't meet anyone, her
whole life is that thing.

Well, Albert, maybe she has met someone

'cause all these e-mails seem to
indicate that she was, or is,

in a very intimate relationship with...

another man.

You alright, Albert?


I... I'm gonna get a drink.
You want a drink?

Sure, I can have a drink with you, Albert.

You wait there, I'll be back in a minute.

I'll print these things out for you, Al.

No time like the present, hey, Al?

I just thought my life would look
different than this, that's all.

How is it... supposed to look?

I don't know, couple of kids, two,
maybe three,

your typical happy marriage.

Have you and Albert ever considered
the, uh, possibility of adoption?

Um... once, before he asked me to marry him.

How did he respond to that?

He said he was in the mood for Chinese.

Sounds like it's hard for Albert
to really hear you.

Then what happened?

Got really hungry all of a sudden.

Then what?

We ate Chinese.

Did you ever explore the issue further?


He talked about how crunchy
the cashews were in my cashew chicken.

Sounds like a hard topic for Albert.

Poor Albert, don't rock the boat.

Can I use your bathroom, please, Carol?


I really have to go.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I'll get you the key.

Thanks much.

Are, are you OK?


Nancy, can you open the door?

Nancy, I know you think that this is
your only relief...

your only way out.

But I, I promise you...

there are other ways to get relief.

I... It might take some time but I
know you're gonna get better.

Statistics are very promising.


I know.

I know... you feel like you've never been heard.

But I'd like to hear you, and I
would very much like to help you.


Nancy, please let me help you.

What's the matter, Carol?

You must think I'm a total nut job.

I, I, uh, had the feeling that you were
on the verge of self-inflicting and...

And what?

I'm fine, I was just, changed my tampon.

Happy, happy, happy.

Yeah, I see.

I don't know what the fuck you thought you
were gonna do coming into my fucking house.

This is my fucking house,
asshole. My house.

Sorry, you say something? Huh?

You're just gonna have to bear
with me a while, OK?

It might, uh... it might take me a while
to... read through all of November.

I think I might like to try out some
of this, uh, ritual shit on you,

see how you like it, you fucking...
phony... philosophized fucking deviant.

You degenerate.

How is my wife, by the way, is
she OK? Huh?

I want you to answer some questions.

Ah, fuck, that is disgusting.

Got all that stuff on your mind, you keep
that focus, that's pretty impressive, Albert.

Oh, answers, you want answers...

Ask me a question.

Where's my wife?

Shouldn't you have asked
yourself that a while ago?

Fuck you, answer my question.

You see, what you don't know can't hurt
you, do you think that's true, Albert?

Shut the fuck up! What the fuck have
you been doing to my fucking wife?

What you haven't been doing to her, Albert.

Oh, right.

I'll lower to your secret spot
and I'll burn you right there,

tie your hands so you can't touch it.

Burn you 'til all goes cold, black,
and you'll still whisper, yes.

You know, you're damn right, I have not
been doing that to my fucking wife.

She did say yes.

I bet she fucking did and I know why.

'Cause she wanted to be released from the
suffering that you've bestowed on her, Albert.

You just gave her absence.
I gave her release.

That's what she wanted.

She did not fucking want that and
she sure as shit did not want you.

She wanted from me.

Fuck you.

You've been grooming my
wife like some fucking pedophile.

You've brainwashed her.
It's obvious.

I did it again, Louis.
I bled for you.

Who does that?

Why don't you ask her?

Really, why didn't you ask her why she
sat in the corner alone bleeding?


You saw her every day, right?

She was right in front of you,
just laying down in bed with you,

her arm there, you never said anything.

Didn't you even feel anything about that?

Didn't you? How couldn't you?
Why didn't you just ask her?

Shut up.

Shut up? Is that the best you
got? Shut up?

How about something along the
lines of help me? Help me.

How I could better understand so if I
had the chance to do this over again,

I could do it differently. Huh?

Shut up.

How I could have responded to the person
that I cared for, that I promised myself to.

You shut up.

That person that came to me because I was
safe, that person that trusted me, huh?

You shut up.

This person who came to you wounded
and was so fucking destroyed by you.

You shut the fuck up!

You talk to me... Fuck!!!

Fuck! Yes!

That hurt, Albert.

You damn fucking right it did.

You hurt me.
Thank you.


I think I feel a little closer to you now.

Ah, fuck you.

No, it's that burst of passion,
that's, has a deep caring.

You got a lot of pain and caring in you, Albert.

You got another one in you?

- You're asking me if I got another one in me?
- my other foot, Al.

Fuck you.
I'll fucking do it.

Well, I think you finally found
your swing, Albert.

Would you pass the salt, please?

I'm not gonna rise to that.

I'm not gonna rise to that.

You think that's funny?

Come on.


- Come on.
- Don't do that?

Come... I want you.

I want you to fuck me... Hurt me.

I want you to fuck me hard.

I want you to fuck.

Is this what you fucking want?
Is this what you fucking want?

You think this is fucking funny.

Is this what you fucking want?

So what are you getting out of all this?

I'll tell you what I got.

I got hurt.

Fuck you.

You, also.

Where's my wife?

She's gone, she left, you remember?

You can still find her if you want to.

She's still out there waiting to be found.

Is she OK?

Why do you ask that now?

She wasn't living when she was with you

and now that she's gone, all of
a sudden you care?

Is she OK?

She is safe.

That's all I wanted to know.


You have beautiful skin.

Yeah, right there.

I want to make love to you...

after it happens.

Wouldn't you like that?

We're not done.


You have... you have a beautiful body, don't

It's beautiful.

I want to make it all better, you know?


I almost thought it was gonna happen last night.

It'll be a surprise...
Just like you requested.

What about that, you like that?

You like that, buddy?

I think he likes it.

So what do you think it's gonna be like?

Like waking up from a bad dream.

You're not your life anymore,
you're not this idea of yourself.

It's like one of them.

It's like...

you can breathe underwater.

What do you think?


You're here, you're gone.

Then you get flushed down the toilet.

So if we do this...

Not if, when.

It'll be the end of everything you know.

That's the whole idea.



Would you do me a favor?

Depends on how naughty it is.

Would you kiss me?

Nice like?

Any other wishes?

Yeah, I do have a couple of wishes.

I wish I could have felt this.


I wish Albert could feel.

I wish he could feel the profound loneliness

that he so generously provided me
with for fifteen years of my life.

Every year, celebrating absence.

I wish he could feel that.

Maybe then he would...

or we would understand each other.

We'd have something in common for once.

Do you know what I mean?


I do.

So how did you and Terri meet?

Doesn't matter.

She was managing a pet store and she
helped me pick out Walnut...

which was nice.

She was gorgeous...

Still is.

- So what happened?
- Hey!

None of that.

- That wasn't part of the deal. Remember that?
- I know.

I remember it.

But I know so much about you and
yet I know nothing.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell anyone.

I have a four-year-old and a

Really? Boys or girls?

Girl's seven, boy four.

Why all the sudden intrigue about my past?

Why not?

No one's gonna know except for me

and I'm on my way out, so what the hell?

There's nothing to tell.

Mistakes happen, like I told you before.


Mistakes happen, people get hurt and you move on.

What mistakes?

How you treat people.

How they treat you.

The scars you get, the scars they get.

It was full.

Your mother or father?

It's mom, it's dad, it's wife, it's all the same,
it doesn't matter.


What makes you so special?

I mean, why can't you just file
papers and sit in a little corner

and cut yourself in silent protest?

Did I just hear you right?

If you've been listening.

Fuck you.

Maybe. Later on.

No, fuck you!

I screened hundreds of jerks before I
came across you so don't fuck with me.

It's a question. One you should
be asking yourself.

Why does that hurt? Huh?
I don't want to change you.

Yes, you do, you're trying to
fuck with me, with my head.

I'm done with this life...


Divorce isn't gonna change one
goddamn fucking thing.

Do you hear me?

Are you getting that?

Because I'd still be here...

and this is not where I want to be,

and if you can't deal with that then you can,

you can just take your little moo goo gai
pan and get the fuck out of my life.

What the fuck are you looking at, cunt?

You don't like people talking about
their personal lives, is that it?

Get off! Get off!

Nancy, stop!

I know you.

I know you.

Please take me back to the hotel.



You're here to get better.

People like me don't get better.

Well, it, it's possible that our, our thoughts

create patterns or pathways in the brain
and after repeated negative thoughts,

then those pathways become attached,

addicted to that repeated specific stimulation,

and those negative feelings become
very, very difficult to redirect.

Are you finished?

That is such a load of crap.

You have no idea what real pain is.

No idea.

Aren't you gonna need this?

You may be right.

I can't help myself, once I start I can't stop.

Don't worry.
I'll clean it up.

Sometimes I see prostitutes.

Just pay 'em, get it over with.

No mess.

You think that's wrong in a dead marriage?

Fuck you, scumbag.

Oh, I still couldn't end it.

Couldn't handle the mess.

Watching her lose it.

Well, maybe I'm not such a...

talker when it comes to...



I live here in this... perfect house, fucking...

bullshit fucking life.

Yeah, but I am what I am.

What else the fuck I know?

I have a proposition for you?


If you do something for me,
I'll tell you where Nancy is.

OK. What do you want me to

Are you finished?

That is such a load of crap.

You sit there pretending to be all perceptive,

you sit there taking your little notes and

pretending you're in control and, what is this shit?

OK, Nancy, you're, uh, calm down,
you're very upset right now.

Yes, I'm upset. I am very, very

What is this?

Little psychotherapist doesn't even know what
to do

without her little security blanket, her little notes.

Why don't you just read
one of these if you want to know who I am?

OK... Nancy.

Let's see what... psychotherapist has
to say about psycho Nancy today.

Hmm. Patient seems very hostile

No, shit, that's very perceptive of you.

Patient feels numb.

Well, it wouldn't take a fucking
pea brain to figure that out.

- Just, just give that to me. Nancy,
please give that to me. - An acute...

of sense of self and self-esteem.

Which book did you get that definition from?

Oh... Here's a brilliant one.

Patient feels unattractive.

It's how you feel... Nancy, it's not who you are.

Let me ask you something, psychotherapist.

Where did you get your fucking credentials?

Huh. OK. You know what?

I think it's time for us to,
uh, call it quits today.

You don't want to help me anyway.

I do, Nancy, but I can't help you
if you don't want to help yourself.

I cannot make you want that.

Carol, I've never seen you like this.



Hey, there he is.

You made it.

Hey, Albert.

I took a shower upstairs, helped
me with my, uh, circulation a little bit.

Thanks for the shirt.

Louis here told us that you have
been doing him a favor.

Yeah. What's got into you?

How is Walnut?

- Everything's OK.
- It's OK?

- You want a drink?
- No, thank you.

- Diet Pepsi?
- No, thank you.

Oh, thank you.


Albert... can I tell ya something
about this place down here?

You know I've never been down here,

I heard a little bit about it, but it is...

this is you...

in every way, it's...

well, it's fantastic.

Well, you don't know how much work... and
passion he has put down in this room,

it's really impressive.

I tell ya, I'm impressed by it.

Take a lot of time, too.

Get good at something like that,

a lot of hours down here by
yourself to get really good.

Well, apparently not enough.

It's all about balance.

Well, that's easy for you to say.

Albert didn't break your foot
with a seven iron, did he?

You really gotta stop doing that, Albert.

So, Louis, do you have, uh...

family, kids?

Girl's seven, boy four.


Although I haven't seen them in years.


Why is that?

Because my ex-wife won't allow

I've been deemed unsuitable.

There you go.

So, tell us, where do you two meet each other?

Actually, I met Nancy on the internet.


Interesting, is this business related?

No, no, no, not at all.

We share common interests.

Oh... OK.

So, is she back, then?



- Where is she?
- I don't know.

Well, she's been gone for days now.

Yeah, I know.

Well, w..., have you contacted

No, I haven't.

- Why haven't you contacted the police, Albert?
- I really don't know.

You don't?

Yeah, you do.

Where is she?

I released her, Albert.

That's what she wanted.

Hi, buddy.

Have you been crying?

No, I haven't.

You sure about that?


What would I have to cry about, anyway?

That's my girl.

I, uh... I want you to have me one last
time and then I want you to do it.

I thought you didn't want to know when.

I changed my mind.

I want you to
do it like you said you would, like we agreed to.

You hear me?

Yeah, I hear you.


You want me?

Yes, I do.

Then come and get me.

You are...

all of loveliness.


Do you want to make love to me in this dress?

Very much.

Do you want to kill me in this dress?


I don't want to kill you.

- You're coward.
- Listen.

No, you're coward... coward

- Listen!

You came to me with this...

idea and it's not real for me anymore.

It's not.

You're an asshole. You asshole.

- Yes, you are.
- No.

You... you... you... you...
you made me a promise,

we had an agreement.

With a fucking computer?

This is real. Look at me.

- Look at me.
- No!

- I love you.
- No, you don't.

- Yes, I do.
- No, you don't.

Now you're losing it.

No, no, I hate you. I hate you.

You can't love me.

You can't... can't!

I know you.

I know you.

Just let me be your pain.

Let me be your pain.

No. No, no, don't try... trick
me with your pity.

You arrogant son of a bitch. You
don't have a clue what real pain is.

- You know I do.
- No. You think you're special to me.

You are not special to me,

you, you're not even worthy of your fucking Terri

and your goddamn fucking stupid kids.

I don't want you to go.

I don't have anything for you, I don't...

I've got nothing.

But I don't want you to go.


I need to go.

I know, I know that you love me like I love you.

No. No, I don't.
I don't love anybody.

Get off me.

Do you want dead?
Do you want dead?

That's fucking dead.

And now Nine News.

It was one year ago today that convicted
killer, Louis 'Deephurt' Farley,

was sentenced to life without parole.

Louis Farley was responsible for
Nancy Stockwell's chat room plea

for someone to take her life.

Stockwell, an internet entrepreneur,

was said to have been, quote, your normal, all
around girl whose smile no one could miss.

How are you holding up?

I'm here.

You got everything you need?

Yeah... Sure.


You have to hang in there.


I should have known.

It's not like I didn't see it.

She was right there.

She was right there in front of me.

You did what you could do.

No, that's the thing, I, I didn't.

I didn't.


I attempted to make love to my husband today.

I really don't get why people bother
to get married in the first place.

I better get off this computer,
I'm making myself sick.

I'll dream about you tonight.

Bye for now.