Downhill (2020) - full transcript

Barely escaping an avalanche during a family ski vacation in the Alps, a married couple is thrown into disarray as they are forced to reevaluate their lives and how they feel about each other.

I don't know.

- Eine happy family!
- Just keep smiling.

- Smile.
- You just pulled off my ski!

don't put your thing on his ski.

You're gonna get...

- You're stepping on my ski!
- The underside?

- Like that?
- Closer together?

- I don't know.
- Guys, smile.

Put your arms up.
Like this. Like that?


Oh, my God!


- You're on my ski, okay? Stop!
- Guys.

Guys. Just separate the boys.

And then I should...

Guys, you're separated.


Can you
say that again?

He wants me to get
on the underside.

Are you serious?

No, no, no.
Pete, stay where you are.

Don't shoot this part.
Wait till we're ready.

Please stand up

- Please look into the camera.
- I'm trying.

Please just smile.

Come on, guys,
say "Austria!"


He wants poles up again.

He wants us to keep
doing poles up.

I don't know.

A little crowded, huh?

Yeah, it's lively.

Yeah, I think it's
just that time of day.

I think so, too.


Sorry. Sorry.

have you noticed

there are no kids around here?

I mean, it seems kinda weird,
don't you think?

Maybe it's just
different school schedules.

Yeah, maybe.

This way, this way.

Hey, guys, stay where
I can see you, please.

Hi. Thank you.
It's Stanton.

Who are you texting?

Uh, Zach.

Zach-from-work Zach?


Oh. Why is he texting you?
Are you friends now?

No. I just told him
about our trip,

and it turns out that he
and his girlfriend, Rosie,

they're traveling
through Europe as well.

Oh, no kidding?

Amsterdam, it seems,
at the moment.

"Hashtag no agenda."

Oh, come on.

"Hashtag live your best life."

Hashtag get better hashtags.

Yeah. Right,
yeah, no, I know.

- Hashtag don't do hashtags.
- Right.

Hashtag stop
wasting your time.


With hashtags.

Honey, can you get off
your phone now?

- I'm all done. I'm all done.
- Good.

- Okay.
- Let's just be here, okay?

I see.



Hello, I'm Charlotte.

So, your flight was okay?

Yeah, it was good.

- At what time did you get in?
- Oh...

Um, I think about
midday, I would...

Yeah, I wanted to get
out on the mountain,

ski before we checked in.

Well, I'm sorry I was
not there to meet you.

Now, what have
I got for you?

You are...

- The Stantons.
- Stanton.

Yeah, I know.

- Resort map.
- Oh, thank you.

- Key cards.
- Great.

Oh, actually,
I'm curious.

Are there other kids
around here?

No, not here.

The town of Fiss,
maybe minutes of 20 from here.

There is all families.

But here is better.
It's lively.

The Ibiza of the Alps.

And you will want
to party all night.

Now, in Europe,
we think it is unhygienic

to sauna in the swimsuit,

so everyone naked.

Here the body
is not to be ashamed of.

Well, speak
for yourself.

No, your body is good.
Celebrate it.

Okay. Yes.

- I will for sure do that.
- Both.

Yeah. No, no.
No question.

- Good.
- We'll celebrate it.

So I am here
as friend, ja?

Do you want
to be my friend?

- Oh. Oh, sure.
- Um...

Then we are friends.

- Oh. Great. Wonderful.
- Oh.


Oh. Oh, sorry.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Hey, guys, hang up your ski
stuff to dry, please.

Boys, cool it.

Put all that stuff
in drawers, okay?

It hurts!

Tell you something.

Them sharing a queen
is gonna be a disaster.


No. Now I'm done.

Zach kept texting.

Asking about Ischgl and
where we're staying, so...

All right, but we're not
looking for them

to no-agenda their way
here, are we, Pete?

No. No, no, no.

That's why I wanted
to finish that conversation.

Yeah. Good.


I found my dad's old hat.

I thought I'd bring it
and wear it on the slopes.

No way.

Have him here with us.

That's so sweet.

I love that.


Sorry if I've been,
you know...

Oh. That's why
we're here. Right?


It's good for all of us.


- We should stop, right?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.



Okay. Seriously.

'Cause we're gonna want a
big breakfast in the morning.


- Yeah.
- Okay.

I'm gonna
grab a shower.

All right.


Knock, knock.


What do you mean, what?


Taking my clothes off.

She said we're supposed
to celebrate our bodies.

I knew you were gonna
pick up on that.

Yeah. So we don't
lose each other.

Good thinking, right?

There wasn't much left
in the arts and crafts stuff

except for these
back-to-school stickers,

which the boys are not
gonna be too excited about.

No. Yeah.

They won't be too psyched.

Honey, you're gonna wear that
under a helmet, right?

Yes. Yeah, yeah.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- For under. Mmm-hmm.

Hey, boys,
we're leaving in five.

Get your stuff together.


Slow up, Finn!

Hey, hey, hey! Stop!

You gotta wait up

for the rest of the
group, okay, bud?


Oh, God.

He's just
playing it up.

Honey, honestly,

it's just a phase.
You've gotta let it go.

No, I know.

'Cause, I mean,
the more you make of it...

The more
we give attention to it...


It's gonna become
more of a thing.

It becomes
a thing and, yeah.

- Yeah. Yeah, got it.
- Exactly.

Oh, you gotta
be kidding me.

Way to go, Em.
You're like a rocket.

All right,
lookit, guys,

this is what I'm thinking.

I'm thinking we should just
have some soup right now

and then we can have some of
those yummy pastries at 4:00.

And then we'll still
be hungry for dinner.

Doesn't that sound like a good
plan, you guys?

Maybe we ski the Beast
after lunch.

- I'll do that, Dad.
- Yeah.

Oh. Um...

I don't think it'll
be that challenging.

It looks black
but it skis red.


American blue.

Yeah. Several of
the black runs

are American blue.
European red.

They just call 'em black
for the prestige.

Where did you hear that?

I just know it. Yeah.

It'll be fine.
You can handle it.

How about this?
Why don't we go

and we find
some good powder?

And then we can get
in some practice runs,

you know, for the, uh...


No, Pete. For the...


It's a controlled avalanche.


Is that okay, Pete?

Yeah. It's fine.




You good? You okay?

Wow, huh?

That was...
I mean, right?



Those people are laughing.

Everyone okay?

Oh, hey.

- Here we go. Uh...
- We'll clean all this off.

What can I get for you?

I'm gonna go with soup.


- Get the pastries later?
- Uh...


But soup. Soup for now.


- Thank you.
- Phew.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

Stop! Stop!


Watch what you're doing.

It's cool, yeah?

No, it's not cool.
You could've crushed my son.

You all right?


- Please.
- What is going on here?

They stop not hard.

What happened here?

Let's just walk away
from this.

Let's just walk away.

Everything cool.

You want help
with your shoes?


What was all of that?
I don't get it.

No, he wasn't looking

and he slid the thing
back on him.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm good.

He's fine.

It just startled me.

You look pretty.

Thank you.


You think
you could...

I'm just...

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- Oh, it's crowded.
- Wow.

So are you gonna say
something about...

- Yay!
- Oh!

My good friends!

Oh, I think she wants us
to, uh...

No, no, no.
She's just waving. Hi.

No, now she's
kinda beckoning.

- Okay.
- In a way.

We'll make an excuse.

There's no reason I take.


Yeah. I think
it'd be rude now.

- We're with her.
- Oh. Okay.

- The woman in the white.
- No, we're not.

Ah. Yes.

Your white wine
and scotch.

- Thank you very much.
- Perfect.

And bring another round
for me and my friends, yes.

Oh, no, I'm good for now. Yeah.

Oh, no.
I think one is fine.

- Thank you.
- No. It's smart to get now.

The bar gets crazy.
The Ibiza of the Alps, yes?

Oh, right.

- I drink if you not.
- Okay.

Going to clubs.

Ah, ah, ah.


So a night off, huh?

So you find
you get enough time off.

Oh, sure. Enough to catch
a dick whenever I like.

That's great.

Time is nice to have.

Oh. We have guests.

- Charlie.
- Hello.


- Hello. Hi.
- Hello.

- These are my friends, Billie.
- I'm Billie, yes.

- My wife, Billie. Hi.
- And Pete.

I was just talking
about you.

All good, I hope.

- Sure.
- Yeah.

what has she been saying?

It was pretty brief.
I mean...

Yeah, she's a fan
of yours.

Yeah, positive.

- Positive stuff.
- Yeah.

I said I can catch a dick
whenever I like.

Is that...

That's right.
That is what she said. Yeah.

Right. Uh...

Okay, no, I just
thought, you know...

I thought...

I was kidding.

Why? You think
we're getting married?

No! God, no!


I didn't think
we're getting married.

I just thought,

we had a really
nice day today...

I wanna go.

I just, you know...


So you two
know each other from...?

Oh, well, I'm...
Well, here.

Yeah. Yeah,
I came in on Sunday

and she showed me around.

Yeah, but you are
a quick learner.


And you have a good day
on the mountain?

Ugh. We had a great day.
Great conditions.

Just a real alpine experience.

- Yeah.
- Well,

we almost all died
in an avalanche.


- But, yeah, it was great.
- Billie.

It was fantastic.

Billie, hold on.
I mean, there was a moment.

It was an avalanche.

- Good lord.
- Good fuck!

- No, I mean, there was...
- Yeah.

For a moment,
it could've felt dicey.

Hang on a second.

For quite a moment,
it felt incredibly dicey.

- Seriously.
- Okay.

And then it was over,
and it was fine.

We were all fine.

The kids were
really scared.

Of course.

No question.

I mean, Pete,
what they saw was...

Scary for them.


But we're here and they're
upstairs watching a movie.

Just hanging out.

And I guess,

emotionally, we've just been
through a lot lately.

My dad passed away
eight months ago.


- It happens.
- That's a shame.

It's been a lot.

So, uh, we came here.

And that's why we're here.

So let's just be here.

- Okay.
- Here's to here.

- Here's to here.
- Here's to here.

My father was
a travel agent for 30 years.

He never really went anywhere.

His knowledge of the world
was based solely on research.

When he retired, alongside
a good buddy of his,

they received this exquisite
set of cut glassware.

He had a special shelf
for them

and he put them up there,

and even when
we came to visit,

he wouldn't bring them down.

I don't know
what he was saving them for.

Maybe nothing.

But, went back home
for the funeral,

I met with Hughie.

That's the friend
of his dad's.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Okay.

So we had a toast to Dad with
the same set of glasses,

you know, over at Hughie's.

And after, he just threw them
right into the dishwasher.

And I asked him, "Do you use
those for every day?"

And do you know
what he said to me?

"Every day
is all we have."


Powerful. Powerful stuff.

So, I mean, to me, you know,

today was today.

Here's to today.


Yeah. Yeah.

Even so, I think that

you should report
to resort safety.


If only to give you ease.

That's an excellent idea.

Yes, that's what I wanna do.

- Yeah.
- Right?

- Great. Great idea.
- Yeah.


- Yeah.
- Yeah. Guys.

So we wish
to make a complaint.


Uh, that there was an
avalanche that we, um...

That caused
alarm yesterday.

The controlled avalanche
from Zwolferkopf, yes.

Well, you say
it was controlled,

but I think
you need to know

that people
really freaked out.

But everyone was safe, yeah?

Well, we don't
know that, in fact.

I can tell you.

Everyone was safe.


Well, that's great.
That is such good news.

'Cause that helps.
That helps to hear that.

Yeah, I gotta
say just...

I don't understand
why there weren't

any warnings
posted anywhere.

- There was a warning.
- What? Where?

Posted at lifts, gondolas,

hotel receptions,
restaurants, shops,

bars, soda machines, toilets.

Well, I don't know
what to tell you.

We didn't
see any of that.


- Um...
- Is that not correct?


Gosh. I might have
seen something

that mentioned
snow conditions.

Yes. They were everywhere.

So you saw it?

There were a lot of...

I saw one sign.

There was...

Hold on.

No, the point
I'm trying to make...

- What is your point?
- Here's the point.

What's your point?

Warning or no warning,

seen it or not,

we would just like
some acknowledgment

that it was handled poorly.

It was handled perfectly.

No, it was not.

- Yes.
- No!

You cannot tell me

that that was the way
it was supposed to go.

- Yes, exactly like that.
- No!

Snow went all over the plates.

Snow went
all over the plates.

Here's what I think
you're not picking up on.

This was a huge event
for our family, okay?

And, sir,
I don't wanna make this

a legal matter between us.

- I don't.
- Mmm. Billie.

- No, I don't wanna...
- I know, but...

What I'm saying
is what I don't want.

We're not in America
where you sue

because your coffee
is hot, madam.

Screw you. I'm an attorney.

You've heard our complaint.

Yeah, well,
someone needs to hear it.

Thank you for your time.

And "no thank you for your time" from me.

That is for certain.

- I've got it, okay?
- Okay.

What a jackass, huh?


Who's a jackass?

Oh, the man who's
supposedly in charge.

That's who.

Yeah, big jackass.


Do you, um, have...


- Like that?
- You want to get it like that.

There you go.

How much do you love
traveling with me?

This much.




Oh, my God.

- Pete?
- Mmm.

What? Oh, okay.

- Oh, my God.
- Should I wake up Em?

Yes. Yes.

And let's not watch people sleep.
I don't like that.

We gotta go.

Where are we going?

Are we going to a
different mountain?

No, better. It's gonna be great.

Yeah, it's a
Daddy surprise.

Um, I think I should go in

and get something
from the buffet.

We are late though.

I'm starving.

No, I'm gonna get
a little fruit, okay?

No, you know,
we'll be fine.

Dad! Dad!
Car! Car! Car!

Can you pop
the trunk, please?

We're here. Sorry.

The Stantons?

- Yep. That's us.
- Hi.

They were just
about to go.

Oh, I'm so sorry.
We overslept.

Come on, guys.
Let's go. Let's go.

Hey, we're heli-skiing, guys.
How cool is that, huh?


Yeah. A little Daddy treat.
Daddy thought of it.

I'm so hungry.

Once we get up
on the powder, bud,

you'll forget all about that.

Yeah, maybe they have
a protein bar or something.

Do you have a bar?

Ah, yes.
Yes, there is a seat belt.


We really should
climb on now. Please.

Oh, is there gonna be
a briefing?

Yes, yes!
We can do that on the way!

Please, come!

Where's my glove?

You mean we're just gonna go?

Isn't there
any more information

that we need to have?

As in?

We'll get all that
when we get on board!

- Mom!
- What?

I can't find my glove!

Why are you
so stupid?

Hey! Hey!

No. Come here a second.

Come here.

Guys, what don't we do?

Call people names.

And so what do you say
now, Finn?

I'm sorry.

Good job, Finn.

Hang on, Pete.
No, not good job.

Look him in the eye right now
and say it loud and clear,

so he can hear you
and understand you.

I'm sorry!

- We should go!
- There we go!

Please! Please!

We really should depart!

The weather may change!

Okay. It's just that
he's missing a glove.

Wait a minute. What?
Change to what?

Let's go!

Every day is all we have!

I understand that, Pete,
but he doesn't have a glove.

We're missing a glove here,

and she just said something
about the weather changing.

They're gonna have
a spare glove! Yeah!

You have a spare?

I don't know!
Come! Please!

They've gotta have
spare gloves!

She just said
she doesn't know!

Well, he can borrow yours!

What? Then I'll
get cold, Peter!

Okay, okay!

He can borrow mine!

It'll fly off!
It doesn't fit him!

Do you have
spare gloves?

Do you
have spare gloves?

Protein bars?

Billie, I spent two grand
on this, okay?

- I'm well aware of that, Pete!
- Okay, let's go!

Let's have a great time, okay?

Come on!

What? No!

Pete, stop!

Don't walk away
from us!

We are missing gloves!

The children
are starving!

And there's something
about the weather changing!

Get in the car!

Do you want help, Mom?

No, thank you!

Are you sure?

It's fine!

Get in the car!

In the car!

Here's your glove, sweetie.


All right. Well,
we still have the rest of the afternoon.

What's everyone up for?


If we gobble all this up,
we'll still have an hour,

hour and a half
up on the mountain.

I think we're gonna cut
our losses for today.

Just hunker down
this afternoon.

We could sit around the
fire and make popcorn.

And then maybe later,
you boys can watch a movie,

and you and I
can have some time.

I love that idea.

Me too.

- Yeah. I think that's smart.
- Yeah.


Guys, put fruit
in yourselves, please.

I could do something but
I feel really bad for Mom.

All right,
I'm sorry.

Oh, don't you love me?

You're telling me
that they just showed up?

No. They were nearby
and actually called.

They just happened
to call?

Billie, yes, they called.

When? When did
they call actually?

- When?
- Yeah. When?

When I was
in the bathroom.

You know Zach.

No. No. Actually I don't.

I don't know Zach, Pete.
Not well.

Not like the way you know
your work buddy. Right?

And I certainly don't
know the woman.

I'm sorry, okay?
I didn't know how to play the phone call.


- Can we help?
- Hey.

- Oh, no. Stay seated.
- No. We're good.

Yeah, you guys
just relax.

I hope they like carrot
sticks and Goldfish.

I'm sorry,
I should've...

Yeah, well,
but now you can't.

- Oh. Okay. Hey.
- Hey.

Ugh, that looks so good.

It does?

All right.

So, you guys,
let's hear about this trip.

Well, I mean,
from what we remember,

it's been epic.

From what I've seen, yeah.

It's been intense.

We've hit, what, like,
three countries in four days.

Just Tuesday, we were having
morning strudel in Dusseldorf

and by that afternoon,

we were hiking along
the Rhine River in France.

Oh, my gosh. Wow.

And, um,
there might have been some shrooms

on one or all of those days.

Does that sound weird
when I say it?

I loved the way you said it.

Do I sound like a narc?

- Shroomies.
- Shrooms.

- Shrooms. Just shrooms.
- Shrooms. We did shrooms.

So you did shrooms?

- Yes. We did shrooms.
- Yeah, we did.

Okay, got it.

I don't know, I think
the whole point of this trip

was me just stepping
out of my comfort zone

and following Rosie's lead,

and so that's what
I've been doing,

and I've just been
relinquishing all of this...

Not relinquishing.


- Yeah.
- Yeah, sorry.

Um, I've been expanding.

His world.
It's a positive thing.

- Okay.
- Yeah.


Like, you know
how blind people,

all their other senses
get more intense?

- Right.
- Yeah.

Being with Rosie is like that.

But I didn't even
have to go blind.


- Seriously.
- Oh.

I call her
Rosie the Riveting.

He does.

And it's so good for me,
'cause you know me, Pete.

Yeah, I do.

I mean, normally
I'm all about hotels and...

- Right?
- Yeah.

Room service,
crisp sheets.

Right, right, right.

You know,
at breakfast I'm thinking,

"Okay, well,
where are we gonna have dinner?"

And then, before I go to
bed, I'm thinking,

"Well, tomorrow we should get
breakfast at that same place

"because they have that
one thing that I like."

We're experimenting
with new.

Thank you.

It's a really good
place for him to live.

You have to live there.

Hey, I know
I'm not leaving.

Yeah, we just found
in each other this desire

to share our lives
in a certain way.

So it's about travel, adventure.

We don't see
ourselves having kids,

so it's about us
living for us.

Hashtag no agenda.

- I mean, we love that.
- Aw.

That's all Rosie.
She nails the hashtags.

- Thanks.
- Oh, you're the one.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

And, I mean,
no agenda's

what got us here
tonight, right?

I mean, we didn't know
what tonight was gonna be,

and then you texted
and here we are.

Yeah, we don't even
have return tickets.

Like, who knows what's next?

Well, you kinda know
what's next, don't you?

'Cause you have work
on Monday.


Oh. Yeah, no,
I mean, for sure.

Oh, no, yeah.
We'll get tickets home.

I have to show
a commercial space

- in Cambridge at 8:30, so...
- Mmm-hmm.


So what about you guys?

You guys getting
in good ski days?

Yeah. Yeah, good. Yeah.


Um, I mean,
we did have a moment

that was
a little unnerving.

But we got over it

and we've been having
a great time.



what happened?

It was just an event
that we got through.

- Yeah. That's it.
- That was all.

It's good
to come through events.


No, we're good now.
Yeah, it was nothing.

It wasn't nothing.

No. Okay. Yeah. Okay.
That's the wrong word.

At all.
I mean, it was something.


We were sitting
outside at a restaurant,

and there was this huge bang.

And suddenly,
this wall of snow

comes rumbling down
the mountain,

and it did not look
like it was gonna stop.

It looked like
it was gonna kill us.

For a moment.

No! No! Absolutely not.

Because other people
felt exactly the same way.

They were getting up.
They were screaming.

I screamed.

And the kids were screaming.

Because it felt
like this was it.

That we were gonna die.


And I look over at Pete,

and he had jumped up
and grabbed his phone.

He was gone.

Pete ran. Pete left us.

I guess in his mind, um,

he left us there
to get buried,

because, um,
he could make it away,

and we were too far away.

You know, we were on
the other side of the, uh...

I don't know.

Anyway, so I throw my arms
around my children,

and just wait, you know?

I just wait for us
to die together.


Anyway, so then, um,
moments pass,

and oh, my God,
I'm still there.

And the kids stop screaming.

And we're okay, we realize.
We're okay.

And then Pete comes back,

and just orders soup.


That's intense.


But, you know,
I think...

You know,
I think in a situation like that...

I think it's probably
a survival reaction

that kicks in.

Right, Pete?

You don't even have time
to think. It's a reflex.

It's like when a sea cucumber
perceives a threat,

it rapidly evacuates all of
its organs through its rectum.

How could I have
possibly run away?

- What?
- In ski boots?

How is that possible?

Can you run in ski boots?

Wait, what?

Zach, can you run
in ski boots?

- It's not recommended.
- Oh, fine.

Clomp away.

Walk briskly away. I mean...

No. You said "run."

Rosie, can you
run in ski boots?

Not very well, but...

Boom. Exactly.

Regardless, I wouldn't
leave my family to die.

That's "boom, exactly."

No, no, nor would I.
And I didn't.

It's just she said you did.

Yeah, because he did.

For fuck's sakes, Billie.
Why are you...

And I didn't leave you
to be buried.

- I don't know.
- Well, I do.

I was there
and I saw it differently.

So then tell me, Pete.
What happened differently?


- The snow was coming.
- Right.

Almost like an avalanche.

Oh, now it's not even
an avalanche.

I checked
on you guys visually,

and when I made sure
that everyone was okay,

I ran to get help.

Hang on a second.
That doesn't even make sense!

You knew that we were okay,
so you went to get help?


It happened very fast.
It was very confusing.

Right. Survival reaction.

But I checked to
make sure you guys were okay

and then I went to get help.

That's not
what happened, Peter.

Billie, I can accept
your version of the truth.

Why can't you accept mine?

Because mine is true
and not dumb.

- You weren't there with me!
- Right!

That's exactly right.
I was at the table with our children.

I just love that
you're making me say

that what happened for
you happened for me.


I mean, Pete,
like a lot of times,

the people involved
in automobile accidents

get the events of the
accident completely wrong.

- Stop pitching theories, Zach.
- Yeah, sorry.


Just come on
out here for a sec. Um...

Sorry. We just
have one question.

Billie, no.

- Yeah, yeah.
- No.

You can say...
I was talking with our friends

about, uh, when we were
having lunch, remember?

And then the avalanche
was coming,

and, um, can you say
what happened next?

They can say.

It's for the story and,
um, they wanted to know.

They can say,
right, Pete?


The truth.


Dad ran away.

And Finn?

Is that what you think
happened, too?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Okay.

Okay, guys. Thanks.

You can go back
to your funny movie.

They're such great kids.

You might have traumatized
them, you know that?

Oh, I traumatized them?

You care so much about
being right, don't you?

No, I just wanna get
this straight.

No, you just
want to get it right.

So, congratulations, Billie, you win.
You're right.

Everyone give Billie a
fucking round of applause.

Hey, Pete?

You left your family!

That I am right about!

Hey. Uh,
I'm gonna take a solo day today.

Oh. Okay.

So you and the boys
can have an adventure.

Yeah, fine.

Maybe we'll cross paths
on the mountain.

Actually, I saw a leaflet

for one of those
Alpine rail slides.

The boys might
really enjoy that.

It's at the family resort,

the one that's just minutes
of 20 from here.


- Sure.
- Great.


Getting an eyeful?



No, no, no. I was just...

And where is your team?

Oh, I'm taking
a solo day today.



Just for you.

Yeah. Adventure.

Fun. Just for you.

Yeah. Fun.

You want fun?




- Oh!
- Come.

Oh, I think that
this is the line right here.

No, no, this wait
is not for you.



Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay. Oh, great.
Well, once again,

thank you so much
for your help.

Adventure, yes?

Now? Fun?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All of it. Right.

Oh, you're coming?

- Yeah. I come with.
- Ah.

Wonderful. Yeah.

So, I am interested
on another question.

Oh, good. Okay.

Have you had varied life
of sexual experience?

What? I'm sorry?

Have you had a varied life
of sexual experience?

No, no, no. I'm not asking you
so that you would repeat that.

We're in a public space.
I'm just saying.

At that age, they rarely
bother with the English.

Boy, you really get
right in there, don't you?

I'm sorry. I just don't like
so much bullshit all the time.

Yeah, I get that.

I'm not a fan of the
bullshit myself either.

- You just seem to me like...
- Like what?

You haven't been
all the blocks around.

- Me?
- Yeah.

Oh, no, no, no.

You'd be surprised

In college, I had,
um, so many boyfriends.

I mean, I really knew
my way around.

I mean, I did my
fair share of...

I don't like
to perform that.

Nobody likes it.

I just tend to do
only what I like.

- Mmm.
- I masturbate.

Every day.

Because that is for me.

And having sex
with guests...

Yes, that is very for me.

But you're married.
Is that right?

- Are you? Is that the case?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. So how does
that work with everything?

With your Mr. Charlie

and whatever other
fellow you happen...

Easy. I spend
the winters here,

and in the summer,
my husband and I have the farm.

And your husband
is cool with that?

No, my husband,
my husband.

- What?
- Can we shake hands?

Now, should I tell my husband
about this? Should you?

What are you
talking about?

Our bodies touched.
We have a little intimacy.

Oh, please.

Well, why?
Why is there this absurdity?

When these two parts of our
bodies touch, no big deal.

Because it's very...

But the other parts, oh, no.


The bodies touch,
the special parts.

- Well, yes, they're special.
- Oh, my goodness.

What shall we do? The god
is angry in the heaven,

- so the marriage must be over.
- Well, no, not that.

The special parts
have rubbed.

It's superstition.

It isn't, actually.

I mean, for instance,

shaking hands doesn't make
babies, does it?

- Oh, please.
- Well.

Sex doesn't need
to make babies.

No, I know that.

And you don't need sex
to make the babies, yeah?

Of course not, but...

So, can we all just
move on now, please?

But what I mean is,
is that in a relationship,

it seems to me you need to
be on the same page, right?

I mean, it's like a story,

and you both have to be
in the same story.

Well, I guess
I make my own story.

Of course, yeah. But...

I'm happy.

Are you happy?




Then you're happy
with your story,

and I'm happy with mine.

- Okay.
- Yes?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Yes?

Yes. I said, "Yes."

I said, "Yes."
Yes, yes, yes.

- Good.
- Yeah.

I'm a little sore.

Mr. Charlie is an animal.

Good, we're here.

I can't sit.

And now, Guglielmo will be
your instructor.

Wait. What?
Who will be my what?

Bye-bye. Have fun.

You ready?

Uh... I don't know.

This way.

This place is awesome.

Yeah. Why aren't
we staying here?

Yeah. It's fine.

I mean, it's different.

I don't know if it's better.
Just different.

Here it is!

Let's go.


So. Yeah.

The first thing
of instruction is?

I honestly have no idea.
I don't...


Oh. Okay.


Buongiorno to you.

So, listen, actually Charlotte
said your name very quickly.

- I didn't quite...
- Guglielmo.

It's very simple.

"Gu" like Google, "gli" like
we, "elmo" like helmet.

Um, I...

You can call me G.

- G.
- Yes.


Just to be clear,
I didn't sign up

- for an instructor today.
- Uh-huh.

'Cause I was gonna just take

- a solo day.
- Uh-huh.

Um, 'cause I'm
a pretty decent skier.

And why stop at decent?

No, I mean...

There is better
than decent, no?

Yes, of course,
there's better than decent, yeah.

Okay. So,
you see this coffee?

I do.

It's decent. Yeah.

- Uh-huh.
- Boring. Okay?

Oh, hold it?

Yes. But...

Yeah. A-ha!

Alpine coffee.


Yeah, that's better
than decent, I suppose.


Okay. Wow.

Way better than decent.


So, thank you for the
better than decent.

You're welcome.

I appreciate it.
I'm gonna take off.

Okay. Wait,
wait, wait. Billie.

I'm gonna
tell you what, okay?


So, we will ski
together a little bit,

and then after that
if you want to be solo,

you be solo.


Good, G.

Yes. Give me five.


Finn, buddy,
ease up on your brakes!

It's no fun if you go slow!

You're too close!

Buddy, come on!
Your brother's way ahead!

I warned you.
Here I come!

Dad, stop!

I'm coming for ya!

I'm gonna tap you, okay?

- No. Don't!
- What?


Gonna get you, Finn!
I'm gonna get you, bro!

- Don't!
- Dad's on your tail, bro!


We post rules.
You cannot bump.

No, I'm sorry.

I know, but I barely tapped him.

Let's see, they have
a toboggan run.


Uh, indoor
miniature golf.

Lot of good stuff.

Any of that sound good?

I don't care.

What's up?

Doesn't seem like
you wanna be here.

Of course I do.

I love spending time
with you more than anything.


Is it about the slide?

Okay, so Daddy got
kicked off the slide, yes.

Because Daddy was
having too much fun.

Okay, you know what?

Let's just try to end this day
on a high note, all right?

And you guys go ahead
and pick something right here.

Go ahead. We can do
multiple things if you want.

Can we just have screen
time back at our hotel?


I like that, yeah.




How about that?

That's a lot
of work, huh?

But good, yes?

Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.

So, how do
your calves feel?

Well, I can feel them
all right.

- Yeah?
- Oh, yeah.


Maybe you want to,
yeah, take them out.

Yeah, I think so.

For, like, 10 minutes
or something.

Yeah, my right boot
in particular

is driving me crazy.

They can
burn here, no?


You know, sometimes
I can give people,

on the calves or something,
like a rub, you know?

Oh. Sometimes you can do that, can you?

Yeah. That's something I do.

Oh, you do?

Yeah. Just to, you know,
relax out those tight muscles.

It's recommended.

Oh, really?

Well, if it's
recommended, yeah.

- Sure.
- Let me.


Sorry, I'm a little sweaty.

It's okay.

You have nice feet.



I'm curious.


Who is Billie?


Why is that silly?
I want to know.


It sounds sort of like a...

Well, "who"?
How do you even answer?

I am very confident,

but I'm not afraid to
admit when I'm wrong.

I tend to fall in love
too fast. Heal too slow.

And I love to paint.

And actually,
I'm very good at it.

However, I cannot sing,
but that does not stop me

from doing it every day.

Skiing is a passion,

but, you know,
just teaching feeds my soul.

To witness people
surprise themselves,

that's what I live for.

And, uh, I am the only
child of a single mom,

and she is my hero.

Oh, that's lovely.

That's how I answer.

You know,

you don't have to share
with me who you are, Billie.

But you must promise me.


Promise me you're not
gonna find it silly

if someone wants to
make it about you.

I promise that.

Okay. Um...

Thank you very much.

I'm sorry. Scusami.
I apologize if I...

Do not apologize.

I did exactly
what I wanted to do.

Yeah. And now
I, uh, wanna ski.


- Yeah. Yeah.
- Okay.


But just to be clear,

I could fuck you
right through that wall

right now if I wanted.

But I won't.
And I wouldn't.

That much I know about me.

In answer to your
earlier question.

Oh, my God.



Ah. There are my gloves.

How was your solo day?

It was great. Yeah.


Me and the boys had fun.


Yeah, we spent a good
while on the slide.


That's funny.


- Morning, Dad.
- Morning.


Everybody sleep okay?

- Mmm-hmm. Yeah.
- Mmm-hmm.

Are we, um...

Um, we're just...

We're gonna just
do this for now.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Yeah, Zach had texted
about joining us.

I think Rosie's
sleeping in, so...

Oh. Great.

Okay. Well,
you guys have fun.

Should we meet up for dinner?

Maybe a place in town?


So I'll text you.



All right.

All right, guys. Have fun.

- Okay. We will.
- You too.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Okay.

I like pugs, too.
They're just unbeatable.

I'm not gonna get over that.



I mean,

how great is this?

Oh, my God! Look at this.

It's like one of those

We're in a stock image
right now.

There's only one thing I have
to worry about right now.


Only one obligation.

And that's going down.

- That's it.
- Yeah.

- Just live your best life.
- That's it.


Every day is all we have.

- Fuck yeah, man.
- Right?

Fucking A.




Do I seem
okay to you?

Yeah. I think.

You don't think
I have a concussion?

No, I don't think so,

because you didn't
puke or anything.

No, no, no.

No, I haven't
felt nauseous.

Have I been
repeating myself?

I don't know.

I mean, like, you've asked me
a few times if you seem okay.

- But that's it?
- Yeah.

Hi. Hi.

- Hello. Hi.
- Hi. Hi.

Yeah. Uh...

My friend just
wanted to say hi.

- Ooh.
- Oh.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

She likes the way
you carry yourself.

- That's very kind.
- Yeah.

Yeah, where, uh...

Oh, yeah.
That's nice.

Oh, my God.

She thinks you are the
best-groomed man in this bar.

Well, thank you.


Uh... Okay.

That's okay, right?

Check you out.

What do we...

I mean, do we
send a drink over?

Should we go,
just talk to them?

I think for me, you know,
with Rosie...

No. No, no. Right.

I mean, I'm already punching
above my weight there,

and I don't want
to mess that up.

Oh, my God,
no, you got a good thing.

- Yeah. Totally.
- Yeah.

She's, like,
changed my life and I love...

Yeah, that's good to hear.

I love it.

I mean, you know,

the whole
moving to Europe thing...

I don't know if I'd
really want to be that far

- from my family...
- Mmm-hmm.

...and she's pretty adamant

about not wanting
kids, but me...


I don't know.

But for now, yeah.
Yeah, we're good.


Man, I did not
hate that.

Oh. Yeah.

It's been a while.

I used to be good
at flirting, too.


I mean, really good.

Well, you have
that energy.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Still?
- You do.

- Hi.
- Hello again.

- Sorry.
- Hello. Hi.

It wasn't you.

What's that?

It wasn't you.

She didn't like the way
you carried yourself.

- Oh.
- It was him.

The green man.

- Yeah.
- Sorry.

Hey, so what's your name?


Yeah, she's right.

That guy is a catch.

Yeah, can I be honest
with you, Pete?

I do see a resemblance.

- No.
- Yes.

Come on. No, it's okay.

Honestly. I'm good.

I'm so good.

So much so.

So, do you feel
like skiing more?


Let's just keep drinking.



Oh, hi, guys.

- Hi.
- You going up?

Um, yeah.
We... Yes.

Do you mind
if I...?

Oh, sure, yeah.
Join us. Absolutely.

- Mom.
- Yes?

Can we go up
by ourselves?

- Sure, yeah, if you want to.
- Yeah, let's do that. Yes!

But can you wait for me
at the top? Okay?

- Yeah, we will.
- Okay.

Look at this.

Yeah. Stunning.

The sun
is really poking out now.


So, how you doing today?


I'm better, I guess.

Well, I don't know.

I am so sorry

that you guys were there for
all of that the other night.

I know that we just met.

Why are you apologizing?

Well, I shouldn't have
involved the kids like that.

That was not wise.

Okay, fine, but you have
nothing to apologize about.

What he did was fucked up.

Yeah, but...

I probably shouldn't have
attacked him like that.

He's grieving right now.

A lot. 'Cause his dad died
about eight months ago.

People die.
It happens. It sucks.

But that doesn't excuse
why he ran away

like a fucking pussy.

You don't
owe him anything.

You have a right
to be angry.

Thank you.

I'll tell you this much.

If Zach ever did that to me,
I would kick him in the nuts

and he would never
see me again.

It's black and white.


I'm not sure.

No, it is.

It's black and white.

How old are you?

- Thirty.
- Oh.

- We're home.
- Yeah.

Mmm. Mmm-mmm.

Hey, green guy.

I got it. Got it.


- Hey.
- Hey.

You all right?

You gotta get some air.

This place is dead.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.


We should get you out of here.
It's almost 7:00.

Whoa. Okay. Hey.


- I think it's time for pizza.
- No.

- Or coffee or something.
- No.

No. I gotta stay hungry

for dinner
with my family. So...


I just think before
you see your family,

it might be a good idea
to get some food.

I love my family.

- Yeah, I know.
- Okay?

- I know.
- I do.

I know.

Billie and I didn't even
think of doing it

for the longest time.


So we did
the fertility thing.

And then we
just said, you know,

if science wants us
to be parents,

then we'll be parents.

If not, that's okay.

And science
made us parents.

Yeah, I mean, you got
a beautiful family.

You lose a parent and
the ticking gets louder.

I mean, you really wanna
know how old you are?

Look at your kids.

Every day they change.

I mean, yeah, we get older.

But you can't forget
about you.

It happens.

You think about yourself.

Yeah, I know.

Hey, Pete.

Come here.


we're gonna
get you coffee.

I know.
That's what I said.


- Yeah.
- Come on.

I got you.



I'm not that hungry.

Okay. Did you already eat?

'Cause I didn't eat
to stay hungry.

So I'm hungry.

All right.

Mom, keycard.


Billie? Billie, stop.

Can I just say something?

- Well, I...
- Can I?

Pete, honestly,
it's not a good idea.

No, I just...

It's really not a good idea
to do this right now.

Please. Let me just...

Billie, just listen to me.

What happened

is what you said happened.

I ran.

I didn't know how
to make sense of it.

I didn't want to.

It's not like I didn't see it.

I keep seeing it, Billie.

I see it now.
How you look at me.

And how our sons
look at me.

I hate it.

I was just afraid that
if I said it out loud,

then it would be true.

I'm just a selfish coward.

Capable of...

This is what you say
four days ago, Pete.

Instead, you made me feel
like a complete idiot.

Like it was my fault.

I can't stop
an avalanche, Billie.

No one is asking you
to stop an avalanche.

What are you even
talking about?

I just want you to want to
survive one with us, Pete.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.




Looks like we got hit
with a big dump of snow.

Should we, uh, head
to the top of the mountain?

For a final run?
Tackle the Beast?

Yeah, sure.

Does that sound good?
Tackle the Beast?


Unless I decide
to go to Switzerland.

I hate skiing.

- No, he doesn't.
- Finn.

You're not in my body.

It's cold and dumb.

You're always wet and
it hurts when you fall.

It takes forever if you
have to go to the bathroom.

People are just stupid.

They don't look
where they're going,

so you're always scared
you're gonna die.

And I have to go
to the bathroom.


Hey, hey.

It's okay, you guys.

It's okay. You're fine.

I'm here.

You know, I think
I'm all skied out.

I say we call it.

Get some hot cocoa?

- Warm up? Yeah?
- Yeah.

why don't you go ahead?

We'll wait for you,
down at the bottom.

Come on, guys.

Where is she?




Stay here.


Just stay right here.




You okay?

This is for our boys.

For how they see you.

But as far as you
and I are concerned,

if you don't like the way
that I look at you,

then show me
something different.

You show me someone
who really wants to be here.

But I do.

No, I mean
through it all, Pete.

Because if you can't,

then you can just go down
the mountain by yourself.

No, I'm here.

For all of it.

Now rescue me.

What happened, Mom?

Yeah, are you okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

She's good.


I forgot my skis.


Okay, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Please, guys, slow.

Watch it!


Until we meet
in a different lifetime.

- Is he talking to you?
- Mmm.

Yeah, that's, um,
my ski instructor.

Oh, I didn't know
you took a ski lesson.

Yeah, I told you that.

You did?

Wait, what?

Hashtag we refuse
to leave.

- Hi!
- Oh, hey!

Hashtag not leaving.


- I am getting so sick of that.
- I don't know why that's fun.

- Oh, you guys.
- Hey.

- Safe travels.
- All right. You too.

Really nice
to meet you.