Downfall (2004) - full transcript

In April of 1945, Germany stands at the brink of defeat with the Soviet Armies closing in from the west and south. In Berlin, capital of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler proclaims that Germany will still achieve victory and orders his Generals and advisers to fight to the last man. "Downfall" explores these final days of the Reich, where senior German leaders (such as Himmler and Goring) began defecting from their beloved Fuhrer, in an effort to save their own lives, while still others (Joseph Goebbels) pledge to die with Hitler. Hitler, himself, degenerates into a paranoid shell of a man, full of optimism one moment and suicidal depression the next. When the end finally does comes, and Hitler lies dead by his own hand, what is left of his military must find a way to end the killing that is the Battle of Berlin, and lay down their arms in surrender.

I have the feeling that I should
be angry with this child...

with this childish young thing
or I shouldn't forgive her...

for not realizing the horrors,
the monster, before it was too late.

For not realizing what
she was getting into.

How could I have agreed to it
so impulsively?

I was not an enthusiastic Nazi.

When I came to Berlin,
I could have said, "No.

I won't take part. I don't want
to be sent to the Führer HQ".

But I didn't say no.
Curiosity got the better of me.

And I simply never thought...

that fate would take me somewhere
I'd never really wanted to be.

And yet, it's very hard
to forgive myself for doing it.

The ladies are here.

Military District II has confirmed.

You may pass.



Please take a seat, ladies.

I must ask you to wait
a few minutes.

The Führer is feeding his dog.
He will be with you shortly.

Tell me... How do we...
How does one greet the Führer?

The Fuhrer will speak to you first,
and you just say, "Heil, my Fuhrer".

What about the Nazi salute?

That won't be necessary. The Führer
isn't recruiting you as soldiers...

he's looking for a secretary.

Behave normally.

Just be natural. I'll ask him
if he has time for you now.

My Führer, the ladies from Berlin are here.

I'd like to thank you for coming
in the middle of the night, ladies.

But in war, we aren't always
masters of our own time.

May I ask your name?
Margarethe Lorenz. Heil, my Führer.

Where are you from?
Fulda. Heil, my Führer.

And you?
Ursula Puttkammer. Heil, my Führer.

Leave that out, child.
Tell me where you're from.

Frankfurt on the Main, my Führer.

I'm Hannah Potrovsky,
born and raised in Berlin.

To be precise, I come from Pankow.

Hedwig Brandt from Crailsheim, Swabia.

And you?

Traudl Humps. I come from Munich.

A Munich girl.

So, Fräulein Humps, shall we start?

Blondi won't hurt you.
She has a very sharp mind.

In fact, she's more clever
than most people are.

Just make yourself comfortable.

Don't be nervous. I make so
many mistakes when I dictate...

you'll never make as many as I do.

You're quite young.

How old are you?
22, my Führer.

"My national comrades...

German men and women,
members of the Party...

it is, I believe, a rare thing...

that a man can stand before...

his old supporters after
20 years in office...

and that during those 20 years...

he did not have to modify
his policies whatsoever."

I suggest that we try it again.

I made it!
He gave me a job!

[BERLIN, APRIL 20, 1945]



Keep moving!
Get off the street!


That's artillery.

Are you crazy?
How could they be firing artillery?

Frau Junge, you're right!
Those aren't bombs, it's artillery!

It's the Russians.

What a fine birthday present!

What's going on, Burgdorf?
Where's that gunfire coming from?

Happy birthday, my Führer.

Central Berlin is being shelled...

from the Brandenburg Gate
to the Reichstag...

up to Friedrichstrasse Station.
Where from?

No news yet. Koller's on the line.
Give him to me.

Koller, do you realize Berlin
is under artillery fire?

No. Don't tell me you can't hear it!

No, I'm at Werder Game Park.
Berlin is in uproar!

The Russians have taken
a rail bridge on the Oder.

They've got no railway
batteries near the Oder.

That's not long-range gunfire.

The flak command post in the Zoo-bunker...

claims the guns have a caliber
of just 10 to 12 cm.

The Russian battery is now in Marzahn.

That's only 12 kilometers
from the city center!

Are the Russians that close?

The entire air force command
should be hanged!


The Russians are just 12 kilometers
from the city center...

and nobody told me!
I had to ask!

Perhaps it's long-range gunfire.
You mentioned a railway battery...


Himmler is such a pompous clown!
Big shots!

Big shots everywhere! It makes
me sick just looking at them!

The Führer is putting "Clausewitz"
into operation today.

Berlin as a front-line city...
He won't be able to hold the city.

If he stays, he'll take the Reich
down. We have to talk him out of it.

Speak to Hewel.

He's the only diplomat
who can still influence him.

Believe me, it's no use.

Then talk to your sister-in-law.

Why not? You're married
to Eva Braun's sister...

so you're "related" to the Führer.
We have to try everything.

Berlin is practically surrounded by the Russians.

You're young.
You'll be a father soon.

Do you want to die in Berlin?
Certainly not.

Gentlemen, the Führer!

Everything out and quick!
We're leaving in two hours.

What's going on?
We're leaving. Haven't you heard?

"Clausewitz" is in effect.

All government departments and
Wehrmacht offices will leave Berlin.

Who's going to feed the
civilians and soldiers?

Don't ask me, Professor.

This is insane!

Ah, Professor!

I won't let my staff be evacuated!
Is that so?

The food supply to Berlin will collapse!

A good soldier always finds food!

And when fighting begins, who will
he take food from? Civilians!

I cannot permit it!
The Führer orders!

As the department head, I
answer to the SS and to Himmler!

But as a doctor I belong to the
Wehrmacht and we are still here!

Please bear that in mind!

The professor can stay in Berlin!
Give him an authorized permit!

Move out!

Everything for Germany.
Heil, my Führer!

My Führer, I...
Heil, my Führer!

They can hardly wait to get away.

I hate those two-faced sods
who say "Sieg Heil"...

but behind their backs say,
"Go fu... screw yourselves".

My Führer...

I beg you to leave Berlin.
It's not too late.

Too late?

Come here, Hewel.

Hewel, you also feel we should
get in touch with the Allies...

and use politics.

Yes, indeed.
We should use politics.

Politics? No more politics!

I'm sick of politics!

When I'm dead, you'll have
enough politics to deal with!

My Führer...
It's okay, my dear Himmler.

My loyal Heinrich.

It's okay. Go now.

Between us, I'd say he's had it.

What do you expect from a teetotal,
non-smoking vegetarian?

Be serious. I'll have to take
it into my own hands.

Berlin will fall in the next few days.

Once the Führer is dead,
who will the Allies negotiate with?

What makes you so sure
they'll negotiate?

They need the Nazi state and my
SS to keep order after the war.

Give me an hour with
Eisenhower and he'll agree.

We're already in touch.
Be careful, that's treason.

Fegelein, I have other worries.

Should I give Eisenhower the
Nazi salute or shake his hand?

Well, well...

the later it gets, the nicer the guests.

Gentlemen, are you leaving already?
I wanted to talk to you.

The Führer orders to destroy all...
I really must go.

Drop in to visit me at
Hohenlychen sometime.

My staff and I are heading north
to support the battle for Berlin.

So, Speer...

the bombing raids on our cities
have a positive side too.

It's much easier to remove debris
than to tear everything down.

Once we win the war, reconstruction
will be completed very quickly.

How many thousands of hours have we
spent on these magnificent models?

You're a true genius, Speer.

Yes, you are.

Only you and I realize that
a Third Reich isn't possible...

if it only consists of department
stores and factories...

skyscrapers and hotels.

This Third Reich will be a treasure
house of art and culture...

that will survive the millennia.

We see before us the ancient
cities, the Acropolis...

we see medieval cities
with their cathedrals...

and we know that people
need something like this, a center.

Yes, Speer...

that was my vision...

and it still is.

My Führer, if you want to realize
this plan, you should leave Berlin.

Say something, Eva.
He's the Führer.

He knows what's right.
Please leave Berlin.

The Russians have nearly cut us off.

I can't do that, child.

I'd feel like a Lama priest
spinning an empty prayer-wheel.

I must force an outcome in Berlin
or face my downfall.


What do you say?

You must be on stage
when the curtain falls.


Leave me alone!

How old are you? 12? And you? 14?

And you? Do you want to play war?
Go home, play another game!

Who are you?

What do you want?
My son... alive.

You should be proud of him.
He destroyed two tanks today.

The Führer is giving him a medal.

You're young.
On which front did you fight?

I haven't had the honor yet.

You're lucky you haven't seen a
battle yet. Send the children home.

We will fight to the very last man.

What are you defending?
This is nothing but a trap.

The Russians will attack from
both sides, so there's no escape.

We'll shoot back at them!
With what?

We're using flak as artillery.

The Russians are coming, several
armies with tanks, heavy artillery.

You really believe you can hold off
their assault for even 5 minutes?

We made our pledge to the Führer.

Don't you understand?
We've lost the war! It's over!


Get outta here! Now!

When the Russians come and
you're still here, you'll all die!

I may be repeating myself,
but the 9th Army must retreat.

Otherwise, it will be wiped out.
The 9th Army will not retreat!

Tell Busse to fight where he stands.

In that case, the 9th Army is lost.

We will drive back
the Soviet units...

in the north and east...

with a relentless and almighty assault.

With which units?

Steiner's division will attack from
the north and unite with the 9th.

The 9th Army is unable to move north.

The enemy outnumbers us 10 to 1.

Have Wenck support them
with the 12th Army.

But the 12th Army is marching
west, to the Elbe.

Then tell them to turn around!

That'd expose the Western front.
Are you questioning my orders?

I believe I've made
myself perfectly clear!

The western Allies will realize that
only we can hold off the Bolsheviks.

We're the last bulwark
against the Asian hordes.

We hold Berlin for a few more days;
we make a deal with the Americans.

Ah, Mohnke, you're here.

My Führer.

I put "Clausewitz" into effect today.

Berlin is now a front-line city.

You're in charge of defending
the government district.

If there's a battle in Berlin,
we'll fight to the last man.

But there are over 3 millions civilians.
They must be evacuated.

I appreciate your concern, Mohnke.

But we have to be cold-blooded.

We can't worry about these
so-called civilians now!

With all due respect, what will
become of the women and children...

the thousands of wounded and the elderly?

In a war like this
there are no civilians.

The Führer has lost
all sense of reality.

He moves divisions that
only exist on his map.

Steiner's scattered unit
can hardly defend itself.

He wants it to attack. It's insane!
Tell him yourself.

He wouldn't listen. You know that.
Something has to be done.

Are you crazy? He'd kick us out
like Rundstedt and Guderian.

So what?

We're soldiers! We pledged
our allegiance to the Führer!

Should that prevent us from thinking?

Look who's talking! An opportunist!
A ruthless careerist!


Where were you?
None of your damned business!

My Fuhrer, Berlin Hitler Youth's
most successful tank hunters.

I'm proud of you all.

My Führer, this boy alone destroyed
two tanks with a bazooka.

His name is Peter Kranz.

So your name is Peter.

I wish my generals
had your courage.

Fine, fine.

History will take note of you.

And when Germania rises
up from these ruins...

you'll be the heroes.

Heil to you!

I don't know, this gives me the
creeps. I prefer bombing raids.

What will happen to us?

Yesterday, he told me
it was all right if I left.

Everyone's deserting him.
We can't just get up and leave.

I can't either.

I've no idea where I should go.

My parents and friends
back home warned me.

They told me not to get
involved with the Nazis.

Should I go back and say,
"I'm home? I made a mistake

When things got bad,
I realized my mistake".

Life will go on somehow.

What do you think, Colonel?
We should go.

Where to?

I don't know.
Someplace where we're needed.

Come upstairs, everyone!
We're going to have a party!

Come on!

Come on, kids!

I want us to have some fun today.

No matter where the enemy goes, he
has to find nothing but wasteland.

That's the death sentence
for the German people.

No electricity, no gas, no clean
water, no coal, no transportation.

By destroying all our railways,
canals, clocks, ships, locomotives

we would hurl Germany
back to the Middle Ages.

You'd be robbing our people
of every chance to survive.

If the war is lost, it's immaterial
if the people perish too.

It is not necessary to consider

the German people's survival needs.

On the contrary, it is better to
destroy those things ourselves.

They have proved
themselves too weak

and it is a law of nature that
they will be exterminated.

They are your people.
You are the Führer.

The only ones who will survive
the battle are the inferior ones.

Our best people have fallen already.

Here you go.

Oh, come on, you're
supposed to dance.

Shall I have this dance, lady?
With pleasure.

Excuse me.
Yes, of course.

What's the matter?

Convince him that we have
to leave Berlin, Eva!

Or come with me.


You're going to die.

Put on the music!
I want to dance!


Anything in particular?



It's all so unreal

like a dream where you want
to wake up, but you can't.

It keeps going on and on.

Gerda, I feel sick.

Come on!

Come on!

I haven't moved my command...

I haven't moved my command post!

To the west?

I'm 1,000 meters from the enemy!

Hello? Hello!

The report, General?

I'm to be shot.
What? What for?

They claim that I moved my command
post westward away from the enemy.

Not a bad idea.

Come with me.


I'm at the chancellery bunker
defending the government district.

I need your help.

That's difficult, everyone's been evacuated.

Everyone's gone except
me and my adjutant.

You're a doctor?
Yes. Internist.

Find a vehicle and bring us
all the morphine, penicillin...

and first-aid supplies you can find!

I'll see what I can do.
Thank you and hurry.

I have to see the Führer.

What for?
I'm to be shot.

Wait here.

Your guns, please.

Not here.

Guard post 2. Rogen


Not you.

Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.

What's going on?
Why am I to be shot?

You know the Führer has forbidden
any westward retreat.

Officers who disobey are to be
arrested and shot on the spot.

What do you mean? My units have
been in fierce battle for days!

My command post is just one
kilometer from the front line.

Go on.

You see this, don't you?
Don't use that tone with me!

Now do what you have to do!

I think you should explain it to
the Fuhrer yourself. Come along.

I can't let you through.
I'm here on orders from Mohnke.

We need first-aid material
from the military hospital.

It's empty. They all left.

And the wounded?
How should I know?

I'll have a look.

Stay here!
Careful you don't get killed.

There are Russians everywhere.

See that?

It's the end of the Reich.
That's Russki territory!

May I?

He's so damn stubborn.
Why didn't he let me do it?


I should be with my troops.
Are you sure the Führer needs me?

Drink up!
The Führer orders!

You really impressed the Führer.
You don't think Steiner will attack?

I doubt that Steiner's units
are able to attack...

but why am I telling you this?
You know better than I do.

If Steiner doesn't attack,
Berlin will be lost.

Congratulations, your report
really impressed the Führer.

He has appointed you commander
of Berlin's defense.

I'd rather have been shot
than have this honor.

Tank alarm!

Stay calm. They're too far
away to do anything.

Out of the way, please, ladies.

Is that German artillery out there?
I'm afraid not.

But Steiner's attack should
be underway by now!

You have to leave.
There isn't much time.

But the Führer believes Steiner's
attack will improve the situation.

I heard him say that Steiner's
assault will turn things around.

All the Führer advisors
know that's absurd!

I'd not be surprised
if he thinks so too.

Why would he deceive us?

What does he have to lose?

I don't believe a word of it!

The enemy has broken
through along a wide front.

They've taken Zossen to the south
and are advancing to Stahnsdorf.

They're on the northern outskirts
between Frohnau and Pankow.

They've reached Lichtenberg,
Mahlsdorf, Karlshorst to the east.

Steiner's assault will
bring it under control.

My Führer...


Steiner couldn't mobilize enough men.

He wasn't able to carry out his assault.

These men will stay here:
Keitel, Jodl, Krebs and Burgdorf.

That was an order!

Steiner's assault was an order!

Who do you think you are to dare
disobey an order that I give?

The military has been lying to me.

Everybody has been lying to me.
Even the SS!

Our generals are just a bunch
of contemptible, disloyal cowards.

I can't permit you to insult the soldiers...

They are cowards, traitors and failures!

My Führer, this is outrageous!

Our generals are the scum
of the German people!

Not a shred of honor!

They call themselves generals!
Years at military academy

just to learn how to
hold a knife and fork!

For years, the military
has hindered my plans!

They've put every kind
of obstacle in my way!

What I should have done

is liquidate all the high-ranking
officers, as Stalin did!

I never attended an academy

and yet I have conquered Europe

all by myself!


I've been betrayed and deceived

from the very beginning!

What a monstrous betrayal
of the German people.

But all those traitors will pay.
They'll pay with their own blood.

They shall drown in their own blood!

Gerda, please calm yourself.

My orders have fallen
on deaf ears.

Under these circumstances,
I am no longer able to lead.

It's over.

The war is lost.

But if you believe I'll leave Berlin,
you are seriously mistaken.

I'd rather blow my brains out.

Do whatever you like.

The Führer didn't really
mean he'd shoot himself.

Frau Junge and Frau Christian...

get changed. A plane is leaving
in an hour. It will take you south.

Everything is lost,

hopelessly lost.

You know I'll stay with you.
I won't let you send me away.

I'm staying too!

What now?

It's time to end this spectacle.

What? You want to give up?
That's unthinkable.

The Führer said we won't surrender.
We won't repeat November 1918.

You heard. He'll no longer lead us.

He said, "Do whatever you want".
The Führer is the Führer!

He'll pull himself together.

And what happens then?

We can never surrender.
The Führer would never approve.

We swore to obey his will.
Nothing but empty phrases!

We have to do something
before it's too late.

You want to save your own skin.
Stop it!

Damn it!

We'll never get out alive.
It's all over.

Just wait.

But the Führer is uncertain.
What if he kills himself?

Günsche said there's a tunnel under
the Russian lines to the Yanks.

Why'd you say you'd stay with him?
I don't know... honestly.

They've stopped. Come on.
Let's go for a walk.



Hey, girls, I need a cigarette.

Let's go back down again.

Where did they come from?

New Volkssturm recruits!
Assigned this afternoon!

Tell them to get out
of the line of fire!

These recruits are under
Dr. Goebbels' command!

I want them out of there right away!

I'll answer for it.

I'm not sure it's the right way.
Oh, splendid.

Stop! Lights out!

Stop. Don't move. Don't move.

Lucky! Germans.

Help! They want to kill us!

What's going on here?
They're MPs.

I don't believe it!

Stop it! Let those men go!

What's going on here?
It's none of your business!

We found these deserters
in their homes.

They'll be shot, like every traitor.

They're old men, civilians.
You can't do that!


Who's going to stop me? You?

That's enough.

Move out!

Here's a doctor.

Can you operate?
Not really.

Tell Ilse that the children
can't take too many toys.

One toy per child.

And no unnecessary nightclothes.
Minister Goebbels...

My wife and children are coming.
Please take care of them.

Thank you.

Brigadeführer, what can I do for you?

The Russians are mowing down
your Volkssturm recruits.

They lack experience
and suitable weapons.

That is compensated for by their
fervent belief in the final victory.

If you can't arm these
men, they can't fight.

They are dying in vain.

I feel no sympathy.

I repeat, I feel no sympathy!
The German people chose their fate.

That may surprise some people.

Don't fool yourself.
We didn't force the German people.

They gave us the mandate. And now
their little throats are being cut.



Eva, you have to leave the Führer.

Don't be stupid.

It's a matter of life and death.

How can you say such a thing?
Where are you?

I've decided not to die in Berlin.

Hermann, does my sister
know where you are?

I have to call you back.

Hi there, kids.
Your room's on the right.

Wait for me.

Hello, Frau Goebbels.
Nice to see you, Frau Junge.

Come on now, get in line!

Come here, Helga. Get in line.

We'll put on our best clothes

and then you can say
hello to Uncle Hitler.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Remember your song?

No land is more beautiful

Far and wide

Than the land

We call our own

Than the land

We call our own

If you want to be certain,
shoot the gun into your mouth.

Your skull will explode.

You don't notice a thing.
You die immediately.

I want to look nice when I'm dead.
I'll take poison.

If I'm going to die heroically,
I don't want to feel any pain.

That's a surefire way.

It paralyzes the nerves
and the respiratory system.

You die within seconds.

Could I have one too?
Me too.

Thank goodness, Himmler
left me well supplied.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry I can't give
you a better present.

"Berlin, April 23, 1945.

My dearest sister,

I'm so sorry I have
to write you this

but there's nothing we can do.

At any minute, it could all be over.

You should know that
Hermann isn't here.

But I truly believe you'll
see him again.

I'm sure he'll continue the fight
in Bavaria for a certain time.

The Führer has lost all belief
in a favorable outcome."

"My beloved son, I don't know
if this letter will reach you.

Perhaps there is some human soul

who will pass on my
final words to you.

I've stayed with Papa
against his will.

Last Sunday, the Führer
wanted to help me leave.

You know your mother well.
We have the same blood.

I had no second thoughts.
Our magnificent idea has died

along with every beautiful, noble

admirable, good thing I ever known.

The world after the Führer? death
and after National Socialism

is no longer worth living in.
That's why the children are here.

They are too good for what will come.

Merciful God will understand me
for giving them redemption."

"I'll wear the golden bracelet

with the green stone
until the very end.

Then it may be taken from me,
and you shall wear it

just as I have always worn it.

I'm afraid I sent my diamond
watch to the jeweler's.

I wrote the address at the bottom.

If you're lucky,
you can get it back.

I want you to have it.

You'll also get the diamond bracelet

and the topaz pendant

which the Führer gave me
for my birthday.

The bill I'm including for
Heise & Co. hasn't been paid yet.

You might receive other bills

but not for more than
1,500 Reichsmarks.

Please burn all private
and business letters

to the Führer at once.

I'm also sending you
food and cigarettes.

Please give Lindners and Kargels
some of the coffee.

The cigarettes are for Mandi.
The tobacco is for Papa.

The chocolate is for Mom.

That's all I can tell you.
It's enough for now.

I wish you the best of luck,
my dearest sister.

And remember,

I'm sure you'll see Hermann again.

Best regards and kisses.

I remain

your sister."



Listen, Keitel, I want
you to leave tonight.

Make your way to Dönitz.
Help him organize everything.

We have to get things moving again.

I don't understand.

It's a disaster.
We have no more oilfields.

It's impossible to carry out
far-ranging operations.

Once I've managed this situation,
we must recover the oilfields.

Any more questions?

No, my Führer.
Fine. Have a nice trip.

"My Führer, following your
decision to stay in Berlin,

do you approve me as Vice Chancellor

to take charge of the entire Reich

with the necessary power and authority?

If I receive no answer by 10 p.m,

I will assume that you
have been incapacitated.

I will serve the well-being of
our people and Fatherland."

He's betraying Germany and you!

Göring's concern isn't unjustified.

If our communication system breaks
down, which could happen any time,

we'd be cut off from the world.
We could no longer pass on orders.

I see it differently.
Göring wants to seize power.

I never trusted that mob
he gathered at Obersalzberg.

It stinks of a coup.

That failure! That bloodsucker!

A parvenu! A lazybones!

How dare he declare me unable to act!

Hello, Frau Junge.

How did you reach Berlin?
Wasn't easy. I must see the Führer.

I'd wait if I were you.
The air force...

What did he do with it?

That's reason enough to execute him!

That morphine addict helped
to corrupt this country.

And now this!

He has betrayed me.


I want Goring to be deprived of
power and removed from office.

If I don't survive this war,

that man is to be executed at once.

What about us?

Is there any hope?

Leave before it's too late.

The Führer wants to stay here.
We can't leave him alone.

For what awaits the Führer, he won't
need anyone. Least of all you.

But Herr Goebbels and his wife
are staying. The children too.

But the children...

I'd always thought that...

I thought there was some way out.

Come in.

Albert... hello.


Albert, my heart can't take it.

Why don't you take the children
and get out of here?

But where to?

I once told you, I can send
a barge to Schwanenwerder.

It can be fixed up as a
hideout until it's all over,

which won't be long.
I've thought it through carefully.

I won't let the children grow up in
a world with no National Socialism.

Think it over again, Magda.

The children deserve a future.

If the idea of National Socialism
dies, there is no future.

I can't believe you really want this.


Come in.

I knew you'd come.

You're not one of those
who'd abandon the Führer.

I've just come to say
goodbye to the Führer.

I have to return to Hamburg tonight.

Of course. Take a seat.

Look, I brought some of the
furniture you designed for me.

I just couldn't part with it.

Come on, help yourself.
I bet you haven't eaten all day.

You happen to be right.


It's so important that you came.

It shows him you're on his side.

Did he have his doubts?

He's been wondering if you
were possibly against him.

But I kept telling him you'd come.
And now you're here.

It pleased him that you
advised him to stay in Berlin.

I think it's the right choice too.

You know what?

It may be crazy, but...

I'm really happy to be able to stay.

And I'm not afraid.


So you've come.

My Führer...

It's okay.

Let's sit down.

I had such big plans for the
Germans and for the world.

No one understood me,
not even my oldest comrades.

What huge opportunities we had.
The world was within reach.

Too late.

What I am proud of is that I
openly confronted the Jews

and I cleansed the German
lands of Jewish poison.

It isn't hard for me to go.
Just that one moment...

and then eternal peace.

Spare the German people, my Führer.

If my own people fail this test,

I will shed not one tear for them.

They deserve nothing else.

It's their own destiny.
They themselves are to blame.

For months...

I must tell you this, my Führer...

For months I have not carried
out your orders of destruction.

Documents exist which prove
that I not only ignored

but even acted contrary to your orders.

I had to tell you.

My personal loyalty to you
never wavered throughout.

So, you're leaving.

Fine. Goodbye.

I wish you all the best.

So, gentlemen, eat your fill.


Everything's okay, my boy.


Yes, but he's alive.

Courage and loyalty still exist.

Lord von Greim and Frau Reitsch,

I am pleased that you both
arrived uninjured, more or less.

Be seated.

We were under heavy fire
but were able to land in Gatow.

The roads were impassable, so

we got a plane,

a Fieseler Storch and flew
over the Russian lines

landing on the East-West axis,
a few hundred meters from here.

Just before landing, we got
hit by Russian artillery.

General von Greim,

I appoint you Commander in
Chief of the Air Force

and General Field Marshal.

A great responsibility

rests on your shoulders. You must
shake up the entire air force.

Many mistakes have been made.
Be ruthless.

Life never forgives weakness.

This so-called humanity

is just priests' drivel.

Compassion is a primal sin.
Compassion for the weak

is a betrayal of nature.

The strongest can only be victorious
by eradicating the weak.

I have always obeyed
this law of nature

by never allowing myself
to feel compassion.

I have ruthlessly suppressed
domestic opposition...

Heil, my Führer.

You have requested to leave Berlin?

As you know, all medical units

and staff under Himmler's authority

have left Berlin.

Himmler is a traitor. He will
receive the punishment he deserves.

As an SS physician, I have
no more duties here.

Your application to leave Berlin
is completely unacceptable.

My... family...

If the Russians find me here...
I have to leave!

You did nothing wrong.

Future generations will be thankful

for the medical research you did.

I'll take responsibility for it all.

Let's discuss this another time.

We can't find Gruppenführer Fegelein.

He is not in the bunker.
What do you mean, can't find him?

Then look for him!

I want to see Fegelein at once!

If he's gone AWOL,
it's desertion! Treason!

Bring me Fegelein!
Fegelein! Fegelein!

Dad, why are you wearing
your Sunday uniform?

Ernst, is something wrong?
No. Thank you.

Gitte is hungry too.

Well, Ilse, now you have
to eat something too.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Thank you.

What's going on?
You're under arrest.

For desertion.

Get dressed.
You must come with us.

Kiss my ass!

Come with us.

Let go, you bastard!
You got no right!

Please don't let them kill Hermann.

He wanted to flee,
It's beyond doubt.

So what?
It's all over anyway.

Think of my poor sister.
She's pregnant!

He collaborated with Himmler.
He's a traitor.

There is no compassion for traitors.

There is no mercy for traitors.

He'll be court-martialed and shot.

What good is that now?

It is my will!

You're the Führer.

Go ahead.

The Russians are breaking
through everywhere.

There are no reserves left
and air support has stopped.

There's no way to bring
in more ammunition.

The Russians have reached
Weidendammer Bridge...

Lustgarten to the east,
Potsdammerplatz to the south

and Tiergarten to the west,
300-400 meters from the Chancellery.

How long can you hold out?
One or two days at most.

The government district too?
Yes, my Führer.

My Führer, as a soldier,
I suggest we try

to break through the encirclement.
During the fight for Berlin,

We've already lost 15-20,000
of the younger officers.

But that's what young men are for.

Your suggestion is absurd! Insane!

Think of the thousands of wounded.
We can't help them now.

My Führer, the orders are ready.
I give you my word

The Führer can't just disappear from
history like some infamous fugitive!

Even if we got out successfully,

I'd only be escaping one
trap to fall into another.

I'd have to sleep in the open or in
a farmhouse or something similar

and wait for the end to come.

Wenck is approaching
with the 12th Army.

He can unite with Busse's 9th Army

and inflict a crushing blow on
the Russians to save us all.

Wenck is a man of excellence.

Telegraph Keitel.

Report to me immediately:

First, where are Wenck's front lines?

Second, when are they attacking?

Third, where is the 9th Army?

Fourth, where will the 9th
Army break through?

You'll see, gentlemen.
I'll be proven right.

Wenck will come.

Wenck will come.

I want to know if it's possible
for Wenck to attack or not.

It's unlikely that Wenck's small
force can attack the Red Army.

How dare you say it's unlikely?

Wenck has nothing to
confront the Red Army!

Why don't you tell the Führer?

Have you all gone crazy?
The Führer knows it himself!

But he will never surrender!
And we won't either!

I went through that before!
And once is enough!

Come on. I have to
get out of here.

Heil Hitler!

Sorry, I fell asleep.

So you rested up a bit, dear?

Take it in shorthand.

My political testament.

Since 1914 when I invested
my modest strength in

the First World War, which
was forced upon the Reich,

over 30 years have passed.

In those 3 decades,

all my thoughts, actions, and my life

were dictated by my love for
and loyalty to the German people.

Sorry, but the heavy gunfire...
You sit there.

Centuries will pass

but from the ruins of our cities
and cultural monuments

our hatred will be renewed
for those who are responsible

for the people to whom
we owe all this:

The international Jewry
and its supporters.

What's wrong, Herr Minister?

Imagine! The Führer wants
me to leave Berlin.

He ordered me to leave.

I've never disobeyed one of
the Führer orders. Never!

But I will not obey this order.
I will stand by the Führer.

I'm sorry, Frau Junge, but...

I have to dictate my
personal testament to you.

I'm typing the Führer testament.


I understand.
I'll get back to you.

My Führer, I...

The Race Laws require
me to ask you this.

My Führer, are you of
pure Aryan descent?

Yes. May I see your ID?

You're talking to the Führer.
Yes, sir.

And are you, Frau Braun, of
pure Aryan descent? Yes

Then the matter is...
there are no obstacles.

I ask you: do you, my
Führer Adolf Hitler,

take Eva Braun to be
your lawful wedded wife?


Do you, Eva Braun, take
the Führer Adolf Hitler

to be your lawful wedded
husband? Yes.

I hereby declare you man and wife.

I need two men!

You'll be okay.

The Führer wants to see you now.
At this hour?

How long can you hold out?
Perhaps 20 hours. No longer.

The Russians are just a
few hundred meters away.

For the moment, we've stopped them.

Know what, Mohnke? The Western
democracies are decadent.

They will be defeated by those
disciplined people of the East.

All the best.
Thank you.

It wasn’t only for Germany.

Keitel's report.

"First, Wenck is stuck
south of Lake Schwielow.

Second, the 12th Army cannot
continue its assault on Berlin.

Third, the bulk of the
9th Army is encircled."

My Führer, we need instructions
in case we run out of ammunition.

I will never surrender.

I forbid you to surrender.

That goes for every other
commander as well.

Listen, Günsche.

Frau Braun, my wife, and
I will commit suicide.

But I don't want the Russians to
exhibit my body in some museum.

Don't let me fall into their
hands, dead or alive!

I want my body to be burned
so it can never be found.

Günsche, promise you will make
all necessary arrangements

for the disposal of my mortal remains.

My Führer...

this is a terrible order,
but I will carry it out.

Kempka. Erich, I need

200 liters of gasoline.

Are you crazy? Where do
I get that much gasoline?

From the parked vehicles.
No one needs them now.

Why do you need so much gas?
I can't tell you on the phone.

Come with me, please.

The Führer wants to see us.

Should I tell him you can't come?

It's my pneumothorax.

I won't last much longer anyway.

Excuse me, Madam.

This way, Professor.

Please wait here.

Excuse me...

I'm sorry to interrupt
your important work.

My Führer, preserve our
belief in the final victory!

Lead us and we will follow you!

Come on.

Come in and join us!

Here, have a drink.

Drinking is all we have left.
Have a seat.

That's better.

Yes sir, our situation is hopeless.
It's what you call shitty!

Be seated.
We are honored, Fräulein...

You may call me Frau Hitler.

Don't worry, it's all right.

Pity we can't go outside anymore.
Only if you want a hero's death.

Fritz, pull yourself together!
Yes, sir! Pull myself together!


That was a close call.

Heil Hitler!

Obersturmbannführer, what's up?
I must report to the Führer.

Not now. Have a seat.

Sit down, drink up.

May I introduce you to Frau Hitler?

So young and so many medals!
You must be proud of yourself.

I must go. I'm not used
to drinking anymore.

You can use our toilet.
Go ahead.

If your hand shakes, the bullet
might only destroy the optic nerve.

That's why it's advisable
to take poison too.

Pull the trigger the moment
you bite the capsule.

Will I have enough time to do it?

The poison takes effect
after one or two seconds.

Körner, you too.

Frau Junge, I've known him,

my husband, for over 15 years.

But when I think about it,
I don't know anything about him.

Although he likes to talk.

I was looking forward to Berlin.
But he's changed so much.

He only talks about dogs
and vegetarian meals.

I really hate Blondi.

Sometimes I kick her secretly, then
Adolf wonders about her behavior.

It seems he doesn't want
anyone to see inside him.

I mean deep inside.
In private,

he can be such a caring person.

But when he says...
such brutal things.

When he's the Führer.

Come on, let's have a smoke.

I'm sorry.

You've so many worries
and I sit here whining.

Frau Junge, let me give you this
coat as a going-away present.

I love well-dressed women.

I want you to have
it and to enjoy it.

What a surprise. Thank you.

I have no idea where
and when I could wear it.

Please, try to get out of here.

Promise me.

Thank you, that was very good,
Fräulein Manziarly.

The time has come.
It's over now.

The Führer wants to say farewell.

You're the bravest mother
in the whole Reich.

My Führer, you've made me
the happiest woman in Germany.

Give my regards to Bavaria.

Why are you here?
To see Aunt Eva and Uncle Hitler.

Have you had anything to eat?
Just breakfast.

I'll get you something to eat
and be right back, okay?


Comrades, have you heard
the latest news from outside?

Berlin's a city of warehouses.

"Where's my house?
Where's my house?"

Herr Günsche, I have
to see the Führer.


The Führer does not want
to be disturbed by anyone.

Please, Günsche.
Just one moment.


My Führer, Frau Goebbels is here.

What now?

My Führer, I beg you leave Berlin!

My Führer, please,
Don't leave us!

What will become of us?

Tomorrow, millions of
people will curse me

but fate has taken its course.

Get up. Come on.

Come on.

Aunt Traudl, I really
like those loud booms!

Nothing can harm us here, right?

You're right.


Herr Reichsleiter, it has happened.

The Führer is dead.

There's Papa.

Are you crazy?
That gasoline has caused...

Be quiet, Erich.

Step back!

Come on! Come on!

No! Don't!

Let go of Grandma!

Order... Order...

Order must be restored!

Go after those two!

Here, this way!

We know our way through the ruins!
Trust us! Hurry!



I hope the Russians got our message.

We'll know in a minute.
Or maybe not.

What news do you
bring us, General?

Hitler and his wife committed
suicide in the Führer's bunker.

The new government
has empowered me

to begin peace negotiations

between our two countries

which have suffered
the highest casualties.

General, would you want
peace in my position?

My government will not accept
an unconditional surrender.

Under these circumstances,
there's no other alternative.

We'll never surrender!

I conquered Berlin against
the Reds years ago!

And I will defend it against
the Reds to my dying breath!

I won't use my final hours
as Reich Chancellor

to sign a statement of surrender!

We must protect civilians!
The Führer order is final!

Have you gone mad?
We have to negotiate.

I repeat, gentlemen:

I will never agree to surrender!
Telegraph Marshal Schukov.

Marshal Schukov?
What's going on?

This is crazy!
We must surrender to the Russians!

I'll shoot you! The Führer
forbade any kind of surrender!

How long does it last?
About four hours.

"Hansel crumbled his
bread in his pocket

and on their way into the forest,

he threw a morsel on the ground.

The woman led the children
still deeper into the forest

where they had never in
their lives been before.

Then a great fire was again made

and the mother said:
'Just sit there, you children"'

All right, children.

Dr. Stumpfegger has brought
the medicine I told you about.

It's bitter, but it's good for you.

Everyone gets a sip.

Who's first?

Heide, you're always so brave.

One more sip.

It wasn't that bad.

Good. Helmut?


It will keep you from getting
sick in this damp bunker.

But it isn't damp here.

Good, good.


I don't want any.
Do you want to get sick?

Please, Mama. I don't want to.

Don't cry.
It won't help if you cry.

You have to drink it.


Helga! Come on!
Open your mouth!


Drink! Drink!

Sleep tight, children.

The lies will vanish one day

and light will brighten the darkness.

Would you read it to me, please?

"The lies will one day vanish and
light will brighten the darkness."

Let's do it again.

The lies will one day vanish
and above them

truth will once again triumph.

It will be the moment when
we stand above everything,

pure and...


We don't stand a chance.
I don't care. I want out.

How do we cross the Russian lines?
I won't stay a minute longer.

We're gonna die!
Stop it! It won't be so bad.

The Russians will get us if we stay.

Okay, let's go.

On April 30, 1945,

the Führer committed suicide.

Thus, he abandoned all those
who had pledged allegiance to him.

German soldiers, you
obeyed the Führer orders

and were prepared to
continue the battle for Berlin

although you were running
out of ammunition,

and further resistance was futile.

I order an immediate cease-fire.

Every further hour of battle

will only prolong the civilians'
terrible suffering

and the suffering of our wounded.

In agreement with the Soviet
Army Supreme Command,

I order you

to cease fighting at once!


former Commanding Officer

of the Berlin Defense Force.

A glass of water, please.

I no longer need you.

The die is cast.

It's time, Doctor.
You see how busy we are.

I insist that you accompany us.

So that's it.

Go on.

You've done a great deal.
Thank you.

Schädle, come with me.

Sorry, I'm not going anywhere.

Let's go!

Sturmmann Krüger gets
the Iron Cross, 2nd class

for defending Wolf Bridge.

Wagner took out 2 machine-gun posts

and defended Puttkammerstrasse.

He gets the Iron Cross,
2nd class.

Sturmmann Rauch gets
the Iron Cross

for helping messengers
get through enemy lines.

The others!

Oh, God!

Get outta here!


Who goes there?

A German.

Herr Hewel?

Hewel, thank God you're alive.

Where are the others?

I don't know, Frau Junge.
Somewhere... perhaps.

I'm sure most of the people
in my group are dead.

I never should have left the bunker.

I should have shot myself.

But I couldn't.

Eat something.
There's time enough to die.


Stay with the women.

Come here.

The Russians have us surrounded.

What will we do?

You can try to get through.

I'm not taking another step.

Think it over. The Russians
are only after us.

As women, you have a chance.

Give it a try.

Good luck.

When you go past the Russians,
don't look anybody in the eye.

Don't forget.

Good luck.

The Russians!

Let's go.
Go ahead.

I can't go on.

I have to try.
Don't be angry with me.

I'll manage.


Herr Doctor!

My comrades want to surrender
to the Russians. May I join you?

The Führer is dead.

You want to fight the war alone?
I feel committed to my oath.

Then talk to the Brigadeführer.

The Russians are clearing
the area. Yes?

No resistance.
No shots have been fired.

They'll be here in an hour.

What should we do?

Our honor won't allow us to surrender!

What does that mean?

When the Russians come,
we fire until we're out of bullets.

Then we blow our brains out.


Is this murderous, suicidal killing
for prestige the only way out?

We're SS officers. We can't
outlive the Führer death!

Who else feels that way?

Want to sit with me a moment?
I'd love to.

Why do you want to go on living?

And why do you want to die?

See this?

The Führer himself gave it to me.

A final decoration?

Perhaps. Hitler gave it
to me at his farewell.

He made me swear a vow.

That I would kill myself the moment
the Russians captured me.

Hitler made you promise
to kill yourself?

But why?
He probably

didn't want me to be forced
to speak negatively of him.

But as a diplomat, you are
protected by international law.

Who will benefit if you
keep your promise?

They're here!

Don't shoot, comrades!

We have surrendered.

The war is over.

It's over.


ON MAY 7, 1945








ON APRIL 14, 1997.




ON AUGUST 6, 2001.










ON MAY 24, 1945.

























Of course, the terrible things

I heard from the Nuremberg Trials

about the 6 millions Jews
and the people of other races,

who were killed,

were facts that shocked me deeply.

But I wasn't able to see the
connection with my own past.

I was satisfied that I wasn't
personally to blame

and that I hadn't known
about those things.

I wasn't aware of the extent.
But one day,

I went past the memorial plaque

which had been put up for Sophie
Scholl in Franz Josef Strasse

and I saw that she was born
the same year as me,

and she was executed the same
year I started working for Hitler.

And at that moment,

I actually sensed that it was
no excuse to be young,

and that it would
have been possible

to find things out.