Down to the Bone (2004) - full transcript

Winter in hard-scrabble upstate New York. Irene is working class, a mother of two boys, and a user of cocaine. She gets into trouble and checks into a rehab program where she meets Bob, a nurse. After she goes home to her husband and returns to her job as a grocery checker, she stays in touch with Bob and the intimations of an affair begin. By now, she's changed jobs, cleaning houses with her friend Lucy. The temptations of drugs are close at hand. Can she handle sobriety? What about Bob?

I do not have to.

Yes, whats up? Gas and electricity from here is a warning.

For there is nothing wrong.

What part of the amount of debt?

Mom look, this is the grandmother. Please and thank you then.

But I paid the debt. There must be a mistake. Let me handle this.

Can you ... can you bring me something?

We are going to work. Why they are not yet ready?

I do not want to go to a Halloween game. Why not?

Why? Do not do it, it'll be great.

Why are you so sad? What is wrong with you people?

I do not want to be a werewolf. More Costume "Spikeboy" was gone.

Look at those claws. What do you think?

Pretty scary, right?

Normally, I have fear of you. Awesome.

Give me the chain. Okay.

Ulvemand please give me the handcuffs.

Too close to the mother. Close?

Se ve good?


Can I get a snake on my birthday?

Do you have something that could be fed to the legókon.

See ... Look!

"Trick or treat!"

See you later.

Thank you.

"Trick or treat!"

Be careful. Watch your step. I'm sorry.

Okay let's go.

You have fire? I think so.

And what's with the dress?

I'm a nurse. Are not you a kind of Florence Nightingale.

Actually, for me, it is my job. Really?

Look at this. I got the job.

We already have a closet, which is another. The second bathroom.

The former has not done since I got here.

Did you just brought something?

You did not bring me anything? Only one set.

Well, I can handle myself.

I like that.

It is a good bathroom.

Very pretty.

I built a hot tub.

More comfortable to counter.

Not you? Sorry I just do not feel like having sex.


Do not take it personally. There is nothing wrong. It's okay.

What do you think about these pictures? Magnificence

Can you do this? I understand now.

Please. What is?

Can do it? What happened to him?

Ripped off. I did not do it.

Who was he? Turn nasty again, right?

If this is done playing wildly, he destroyed all games.

$ 17 will be 58 cents. There are a few coupons.

They can not carry. They have already expired.

Really. Yes.

This fact chocolate.

There is also an orange dzsúszból well.

No. They are also old.

You do not Can you please take them?

Why not.

Look at this. What's up with that?

Say something cheaper animal, reptile something?

No, there is only one.

We go again and take a snake.

No, this time there is not enough money. And the birthday of my check?

Not only you need to keep the camera is a lamp, mice ...

No. put back.

Hello, you are.

I got the kids in the car alive.

... Just give me a party.

What about last week? I'll give you, but now I'm broke.

Again? Pay for it, you know.

Just give me another week. I can not avoid.

This is the third week. Do not do that.

You have a job? Very late in payment.

Come back when you have money, you can pay off your debt and free.

I do not want to accumulate.

I hope you have the money to come here. Yes there is money to be a half grams.

Show it.

I do not accept checks. This is anyósomtól.

There is nothing wrong with that. It's a birthday, I have written here.

I do not like that. This was a baby.

I'll put it back as soon as I got my salary.

I guess now is debt. This put a check on it.

Put trash. It's too late and too cold.

Irene What do you use? Cocaine.

Nose, smoked or tar? Nose.

When did it start? Secondary school.

Did you try to stop it? Yes, many times.

By the employer or here? No, I have my freedom.

I do not know about? Do not.

So I have no problems at work?

I do not have anything. OK OK.

Children? Yes. We have two children.

They know what to do about it?

Wow ... This is a good question.

I do not ... Okay.

Do you think that's true? We must be honest with each other.


I understand that you are using only you,

and no problems at work or at home.

But you are or have been addicted to drugs.

And I would be surprised if children are not aware of it.

Anyway, we know all about addiction and how to overcome it down.

Does anyone know of addiction?

Thank őszinteségetekért.

These are serious addictions.

How can you beat that man?

Lucy, you'll win?

Trying to find the spirit of the game myself, and this can help you.

If it helps, then fine. Continue until completely convinced.

But if this does not work, find something new that will help.

Hector, you're going to win?

I stay at home, do not open the door and do not answer the phone.

That is all?

It is better than if they had broken and I was stupid. I do not doubt it.

And I think the way in which people are operating here.

So we talked about how we can overcome addiction.

How can we forget all that.

Hey what's up? What's new Lucy?

What about Mom? A new friend.

As the potatoes good flavor.

I'm not hungry.

An empty stomach will only get worse here.

Eat now. This is the only meal of the day.

It is true.

What are you doing here?

So really you or you care. Yes, for a while, yes.

I'll show you where the phone is.

Then it went from there.

Here is the key and then close it. Thank you.

Ben? Hi, I'm a mom.

Happy Birthday to you.

Good for her birthday? Yes.

According to all. The first thing we do, we raise their hands toward the ceiling

and stretching, as if we reach for the stars.

Well, come on down.

Irene Is there a problem?

Let's do it. I am a little difficult. But if it goes ahead.

So to do this.


Ok Hector, knees slightly backward.

Shoulders slightly lower. The desire for material kills us?

Yes, it is a tool.

Lately I feel yourself like a monkey in a cage.

This method helps to correct this. What is it that makes me feel free monkey?

Yes, to eliminate pain in your body.

It is part of the exercise.

And you can help.


Where are the children?

I do not want to see this place. What is the matter with them when they meet me?

Others may take their children.

How many people here who have taken drugs or alcohol in the past 10 years?

Only those who raise their hands in the last 10 years.

Irene said to yourself at least once a month: "Never again."

"I will never do it."

And fifteen minutes later I also bought a dose,

I pressed, sucked and I was wondering: What happened?

You irene, why are you here? Sake of the children.

Why? Sake of the children.

Your children?

So the children said, "Mom, what would you do to go to rehab?"

What happened?

This is a very serious request for a small child does, Irene?

No. It's more!

Beat her head a little better. Thank you.

I took a deep breath.

Yes, there it is.

Is very good. Another.

I took a deep breath. And there it is.

Is very good. That is all.

I took a deep breath. Everything is fine.

Right. Are you okay?

Do not worry, relax ...

Listen to your inner peace, but this approach.

Turn off the brain. Forget all your problems.

How are you?

Here you can not smoke.

Thank you.

Therefore, you leave us? If I have to go.

Outside, you can stay clean?

I met a lot of people here for years

They have been hanging, and after leaving ...

You know what I want to say.

Should not you stay a little longer?

I can not stay. There the children in my work.

Children can not keep out of the material.

You need to stay here, because here you only have one chance.

You came to tell me that?

This is my segélycsomagom.

A new tool for felépülésemhez you need.

This is a good book. Open it.

Quite a lot to ask of you. Maybe I'll read.

I just wanted to say, I know what you're going through.

You know, I'm here if you need me.

I just wanted to tell you.

He advised that should have stayed a week.

He offered to stay.

I do not know what it would be without anyagozás home.

I do not know if it would be good.

OK, good bye. Hey.

We were good? Yes, of course.

Here's your dose.

Thanks for everything.

See you later.

How are you?

Hey. I'm at home!

We can help. The supermarket. Thank you.

Where's the bathroom?

I missed you. I miss you too.

What do you say?

It was not to my liking.

But it will be good.

Welcome, alcohol and drug-free life in the group.

Can you see desperate and fearful that this program is not working.

And I think that everyone will help you not only start.

But now we are a team.

We can no longer live with drugs

but we do not know how to stop.

We're glad you're here and hope to stay.

When I read this talk because today is his birthday.

Thank you. I'm proud of you, Dad.

Keep well. Yes, I have not taken anything for 16 months.

Nothing? Nothing, not even methadone.

OMG! And I feel good.

Good evening.

What do you think of the treatment? Right.

It was okay, but .... little hungry.

Do not throw anything? But, okay.

Well it closed.

What is this? A tattoo.

I can see? Why not look as good.

So you can not really see.


Have more? Yes there are some.

Here it is, down to the end. Really?

Are you serious? No, not completely over yet.

And what about you? What do you mean?

Tattoo. No, no.

I was thinking of a hole, but I do not know. Are you sure you would look like.

Irene entered the wrong code in one product.

Code 4816 percent had to be introduced.

Please be careful sometimes better to use the correct code. According?

This is a little more than twenty kilos. Okay.

You do not have to be afraid of it, do not bite.

So, what about boys? I love.

You like? Yes.

Irene, I do not want to caress?

When I play, I will not be able to cook.

I do not want to take over a store? This is much better than the taste of the business.

Believe me I live this. It's much tastier.

What would you like Irene? I do not know, Walt.

It is delicious fried. But it is so beautiful.

Yes, but next year will be another.

The boys then megsimogathassák.

Next year will be a joy again.

Irene nothing.

Choose one, fry and inventor of the guests on Thanksgiving Day.

Do you think it's OK? I see a little more work on it.

Cooking is the same as usual. It is only to be cleaned.




Sees in her.

April is here? Just a friend. Come on.

How are you?

How much it is needed? Four.

¿No te falls?

No, Thanksgiving is crazy and busy.

Thanks for coming. Take care.

Irene was very nice, thank you. It really was delicious turkey.


Do not you want some?


I'm not well.

How are you?

Are you okay? Yes.

Oh, sorry, that's right, all right, does not go unnoticed.

Are you sure? Yes.

Carry? Yes, thank you.

Hey. A vanilla ice cream, please.

Small Medium Large? Medium.

A dollar will be. Good parties. Thanks, though.

How are you? Thanks for the good.

Discount cards are? No, no.

The thing is I do not know that you can have enough money.

Does not matter. It's okay. Does not matter.

Thank you.

Discount cards are? Do not.

Irene, the boss is calling the office.

The conveyor belt breaks! He dropped the mines.

Irene, the boss is calling the office.

Papers, it appears that

You are much slower, all a mistake,

and too polite or against customers.

Do you have any personal problems you share with us? There is nothing.

You have to know about it, because otherwise you will get a warning.

So what?

Well, there is a problem that affects your work

I need to know. Otherwise, I can not help you.

You want to know? Yes.

I was good and fast,

because he was drugged all the time.

But I stopped that stuff, and I'm very slow.


Will I receive a warning?

Irene, you know drug policy.

Thank you.

I was fired from my job?

She can not take a shit how much you get an hour.

I'm Not Santa Claus again the good guy.

Those clothes stank horribly.

How could the crap out of these money melókon do?

I dont know.

What if we do a cleaning company? If I'm ...

You have a car. We took rubber gloves.

We take much cleaner.

You can buy everything from the 99 cent store.

Healing well. Well that's good.

And you, what are you doing here?

Hey. How safe is tested in the elevator.

For me, great.

Can I smoke a cigarette before I go? Seeing is.

Wait a second.

Can I have a cigarette? Georg totally crack me up.

I know. Here you go.

Be good. Okay.

Beyond that. I know.

Why are we here? Talk.

This is a good place to talk?

Wait, wait, calm down.

Irene, only a few weeks or even clean.

This could ruin everything.

You do not have this freedom? I do not have fun?

But free.

I'm going back to my mind. The week I was thinking that once or twice.

Only once or twice? Often I thought of you.


No me lavo.

I wash alsóneműit others. But that's only panties.

Yes, but not in my underwear. And that was not the agreement.

Well, well, go find the toilets.

Throw? I'll put in the bag.

Shit, it smells like coke.

But it smells good.

Stop and Smell.

Do you have a cigarette? Do not.

This is my national parties are free to snuff. Ramona took all cigarettes.

Check out. If he had lighted.

We are halfway done. Go finish.

Come on, do not waste your time can come at any time.

I do not smoke, you can go through the entire workday.

So far everything has gone well. Yes, everything was fine.


Let us somewhere.

Where are you?

Have a nice day.

How do you feel?

Fine. Se ve good.

Irene Vinnie Snakes are a good friend. It's okay?

I will teach you everything that the serpent is here, then they tell me that you like.

There is some snake childhood friend? Here are all the other ones that are not accepted.

Look here's a mature specimens. Go a little further back.

It has ceased to grow.

It's kind of perfect. Not too big, not too small.

Just Right.

Here is my mother. No need to. Several snakes have.

This is a very good pet. It would be a good home

In addition to two small children who love Him.

It's not nice. Nice small items.

Animal peaceful, and no bite.

You see, he turns his head. Perfect for kids.

If you do not pull or tug on the tail will not bite.

I've never bitten.

Its beautiful.

You look very good. You like?

I will be back.

Just a second.

What do you do? What the hell are you doing?

What the hell is that supposed to be?

Fucking liar.

Excellent to take seriously in the city, in this place. But why?

Just so that belődd yourself? It is just me or my car?

What is good?

What the fuck?

Let's talk about


Have you ever been cleaned? Or all the time just made me a fool?

I do not know what happened, I did not five years ago.

Upon reaching the city all went wrong.

I just wanted ...

I just wanted to be with you.

I wanted everything to be very good.

It was good. Is very good!

Please enter.

Irene, look at me.

There is no need for this.

Irene Please do not.

I can get some cocaine. Do not hit that shit.

Please do not do it. What do I do?

It's your choice.

This is very good.

It feels very good.

We have to go. Come on.

I want to stay.

Where have you been?

I used to work, and after work I went to take some food with Lucy.

Mom ...

Thank you for your snake.

What is this? Do not touch it.

Give me five minutes.

What's up? Just give me five minutes.



So you think it looks good?

Ben, take off the snake. I like a lot.

Please. Thank you.

Will you do me a favor. Than?

Take the snake from his brother and go to another room.

Mom I'm hungry. What to eat?

Here you go. Breakfast.

What's on your nose? I was in town.

Thanks for inviting.

Irene, you are in the 13-th step. I have no idea what it is.

When people go to crazy, lazy and become leather.

Completely empty and you feel you need something that fills.

Oh, sorry, I should not Get Stoned here. Does not matter.

Give me a breath.

John gave me something.

Nowadays? Yes.


Tell me your desires and satisfying lover. Right now.

Yes. Amar?

What is?

I can not do it without substance.

I have a small amount of cocaine, but I think it has stopped completely.

Yes, but a little heart I do not care.

Are you sure? Yes.


Make love anywhere in the house wherever you want.

Use anything, anything that you can get pleasure.

Thrill and her lover.

Okay. Let's do it.

What's up?

I do not think it is working.

He did not even try.

But I tried.


Make a fist.

Where we go?

Only the police are behind us. This is what you want to fuck? I went slowly.

There is nothing wrong.

Broken. Put your hand to see it.

Can I see your papers and car license. Clear. What have I done.

Expired registration.

That's a melting receptacle. It's just ... just an ashtray.

So do not tell me that you look completely stupid? Please exit the car.

What a small pupil. Put your hands on top of the car.

Please right.

Try to be careful to avoid the összemaszatolódjon ink.

Do not touch. Please stay away from each other. Thank you.

Mrs. Morrison? I'm Jerry Flaherty. I have called the defense attorney.

They say you get 15 grams of heroin was. I do not care why, but

with which you should be aware of the accused.

So this is a felony of the second degree.

The minimum you can get is why 1-3 years in prison. A maximum of 8 to 25 years.

It is the prosecutor and the lawyer will be decided by arrangement

but you can get as drug users have a chance.

15 audience is similar to one year

and approx. 100 group

DN 2500 and undergoing a year.

Understand what I say? Yes.

So I have to declare that he feels guilty.

If you do not meet the terms and conditions

convicted of second degree offense

and go to jail. Do you understand?

It just depends on you. How is that to do with it.

Thank you. You are welcome.

Please, go north?

Sorry, but I need a ride to the north.

No, unfortunately, I do not go there.

They stole my car and I have to get home to my kids.

I'm not going anywhere, just stay here

I see. Thank you.

We can talk?

There are some messages on the answering machine.

The friend left the detox center. Some kind of work you should discuss it.

We can talk? Start by telling the truth.

Who were you with?


Where is the car? Seized.

Why? We took the material in the car.


Group therapy where have you been, but it was also a lie?

I went to therapy, but ...

Out of here!

Okay okay.

I felt seduced.

With that I failed to seduce me too.

I can go elsewhere. Cut the crap.

There is much work this week and can not be alone.

Too few.

I can not bear to urinate more. I can wait.

I can not. I'm too nervous ... I can wait.

Well, you know what that is? The negative results of urine.

We are here to tell the truth

It is better to tell the truth and not lie to each other and titkolódzni.

This can give you a new hope each morning.

So, I pushed a little crackket today.

I could not resist.

They called it, and away we went for it. I think there are a lot of everything to lose Tilly.

Only one chance to get it back to the child. It just depends on you.

I've been thinking since I lost, and ...

Seriously ... because I have fear of what is now the Welfare of the Child is following me.

If you ask me I will not lie.

I know it's not so simple is good. Tilly Yes, it is not a simple thing.

This will be the toughest test. And why is it necessary?

You should know that if you want to be together.

Hi, I want to talk to Bob.

You can leave a message?

Back or ...

Thank you.


Hello, how are you, Irene? How did you hear.

I brought you something. Really?

This is one of my favorite trophy and I would be yours.

Jesus Christ!

The sake of our friendship. Because I do not see so often.

Oh, that's very nice. Very nice trophy.

Where do you want it? We have to hang somewhere.

Here the wood-paneled walls, it is a very good background.

Here we will show well.

It is very beautiful. If I like you.

My neighbor did. My friend.

I will miss you. I will not see again.

Well bye. See you later. Thank you.

Where have you been? I did not want to be a burden, there are enough problems without me.

I thought you went back to your husband.

I've missed you. This is supposed to believe?

We get one? Just talking about it for a walk.

Hi guys. Hey.

What are you doing here? You should. It had sounded, I'm not ready.

The kids wanted me back here. But no bed, no food at home.

I have to go, I run away. Why did not you call me?

Grab it, do it in the terrarium.

Bob remembered for, right?

The car broke down, so here it is now.

Something you ate? I'm starving.

Peanut butter and jam. Peanut butter jam.

No dinner. What we are not used for dinner.

Strawberry jam? Could be.

Check it out.

What if megsütnénk? You can, you can too.

Yours is the first. One two three.

Every bit!


Soda. No soda, no.

Now you can sleep much.

Be very quiet.

Want to come to therapy with me tonight?

I'm leaving tomorrow, I promise.

There are a lot of families do not know what to tell them what happened.

What do you tell them? Do not say anything.

I need a couple of days.

How are you doing today? Fine.

Thank you.

Have a good night. Rotate.

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 plus you get more of them.

Thank you very much, cool kid. When did you start again?

Only recently.

You know what the effect is not it?

Yes 60 to 70 per minute. Exactly.

Therefore, I need someone who sells them and thought of you.

Thanks, but I can not help you. Why?

I have no idea. I do not do it.

I'm looking for a lot of money from this, the passphrase wooden sled is a very good option for you.

Would you like to see as absolutely kill you? No, it is not shit,

I just do not want something smells bad, you will gyorskajáldában smoked.

I just want to help. I do not want to make mistakes, I do not want to make any mistakes.

And now I'll let you hold it in place tomorrow.

I want to come back. I cut the methadone dose and return to group therapy. I want to complete.

And I think that's the only way out. Yes, but you are using, the acquisition of the conversation.

I sale, talk to be completely independent financially.

Just give them.

Yes, I see what you mean.

But I can not.

So good to you and your children.

Solicit money from you? Do not.

So I asked what about the car? Do not.

He is paying for something?

No, I'm just looking for work.

However, making dinner last night.

It's delicious.

And what about therapy? It also acts at meetings?

Let's try it.

If you hear something cry.

You want to hear?

I heard that come here. Can you feel it?



Come soon! Come on!


What do you do?

I'm tired of a lot of housework.

How do you feel?

Needed to methadone. I lost track of time.

Have you taken every dose? Yes?

Yes! Undoubtedly, of course me.

I'm on my feet. But talk to them, tell them everything.

I'll do it. You have my word.

What do you do when you're with Bob?

All kind of things. And you like it?

Much Sleep? Yes sometimes.

So short. Not long asleep. Only a short.

Shorts more than once?

And where have you been? We went to the rails.

He took us to the train tracks?

We saw the train.

How far were you watching?

About an hour and a half - two meters.



I'm methadone, Irene. I know.

You are tall?

I took some depressants against the symptoms of abstinence more difficult.

So it's better for effect of methadone.

Best effect?

I feel better. So I'll take care of things.

So better be trippin '. So methadone gives you more than the material.

I understand that you feel like crap and you want to register and

but if you do, you can not stay here.

What do you want from me, Irene?

What I can give you? I want you to love me.

Let me be clear, it's like when I met you.

And I do not want to lie.

You want me to go, Irene?

You can say it.


I can not go to him alone.

There is no one besides you.