Down and Dangerous (2013) - full transcript

Always one step ahead of the Feds, Paul Boxer is the most inventive and principled smuggler in the trade, and has never needed to carry a gun. When violent mid-level traffickers coerce him into designing a foolproof plan to bring several kilos of cocaine across the México border, he maneuvers to rid himself of their hold over him once and for all. But when a sharp-witted woman from his past enlists his help to escape this rival outfit, Paul must confront the man that is hunting him down, and choose between his livelihood as a smuggler and his integrity as a man.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Shouting continues ]

-[ Snorts ]

[ Engine turns over ]

-[ Sniffs ]

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Siren wails in distance ]

[ Leitbur's "think of tomorrow"
plays ]

-♪ When I walk this town,
I'm not alone ♪

-Hey, I'm headed south.
You want to run side by side?

I'm down.
-Yeah. Cut me in.

-♪ I've left my stories
there in stone ♪

♪ the valley, the empire,
the hills to the promenade ♪

♪ at times it's so crowded

♪ they drown
my remaining thoughts ♪

♪ if you're hollow,
think of tomorrow ♪

♪ I'll follow wherever you go

[ cellphone vibrates ]

-Rainbow maxi promotions.

-I'm calling about the contest.

-Would you please read
the prize number back to me?


-Ma'am, are you sitting down?

-You've just won a free cruise
to Mexico

courtesy of america's
favorite cruise line.

-[ Screams ] Yes!

[ Camera shutter clicks ]
-Nice. A little more.

A little more. Perfect. Good.

-♪ Always in the shot,
but not the scene ♪

♪ the concrete, the excess,
it's midnight ♪

♪ I've lost the thread

♪ I can't feel the present,
I think of the past instead ♪

♪ if you're hollow,
think of tomorrow ♪

♪ I'll follow wherever you go

[ women chuckling ]


Oh, your lens cap is on.

[ Laughs ]

-Hey, you make sure to call me
when you get back into town.

And these gifts are for you.


-Thank you.

-♪ We'll write it together,
wherever we land ♪

-Pair of 6's.


-Maybe customs nabbed her.
I don't know.

-Customs are a bunch of turkeys.
She'll call.


-You should've seen the loads.
That finish was seamless.

Three 3's.

-No way.


-Let's see it.


[ Cellphone vibrating ]


-Rainbow maxi promotions.

-Hi. I was told to call
this number when I got back.

-Smile big.
-[ Laughs ]

-Or laugh big. Either way.
-Funny guy.

-Yeah, well, you look great.

You guys have a good time?

-[ Laughs ]

-[ Chuckles ]

Can you flip your hair back
a little?

That's good.

-If you want to get together
for lunch sometime,

i live in the hills
near the strip.

-[ Sighs ] I'm married.

-You're not wearing a ring.

-[ Smacks lips ]
Still married.



[ Door opens, closes ]

-What's your problem?
Fucking married?

You need to learn
to have a little fun, Paulie.

-Ah, can't be too careful,

[ Grunts ]


...who says I'm not having fun?

-Hey. This is Gavin.
Leave a message.

[ Beep ]

-Gavin. Haven't heard from you.

I'm on the ladies,
so call me back.

-Who was that?
-My gram and 8-ball dealer.

You gonna delete that?

-Yeah. Of course.

[ Camera beeps ]

-This is your cut.

Already stepped on it for you.

-Already got a guy on a line
for in.

Operates out of a motel room.

-What's the price?

-[ Scoffs ]

Elliot, I love you,
but you're a thief.

-It's a great price.
-It's ridiculous.

It's way too high.
You're gonna get pinched.

-I don't know.
I think you ought to meet him.

I think he'd be willing
to move much more than that.

-Okay, see,
the price is too high.

Did the guy have an earring?

-I haven't met him yet.

you better keep a lookout,

because narcs always seem
to have an earring.

It's like
they can't help themselves.

-I have an idea.

How about you let me
mind my own business

and you think
of another ingenious plan

for the two of US?
[ Chuckles ]

-I know you're down,
but this side-by-side thing,

it's kind of a one-time shot.

I run solo.
No partners, no entanglements.

I can't have any reason
to think twice.

Don't look at me like that.
It's nothing personal, man.

-Sure. Yeah.

-Besides, it's getting
increasingly difficult

to pull these off.

And lately, I feel like

I'm just chasing my own tail,
running in circles.

Eventually, I'm just
gonna run up my own ass.

-[ Chuckles ]

Yeah, whatever, man.

I figure the day
you tell me your real name

is the day you quit,
so I got to know

you're good for one more run.

-It's just a name.
What difference does it make?

-None, I guess.

Just -- you know my name.
All I know is "Paul."

Fuck it.

Here's to taking it to the limit
one more time.

Well done.

[ Wind chimes tinkling ]

[ Hinges creak ]

-Oh, good.

It's the police.

-D.e.a. Now.

He work for you?

-Nobody works for me.

-Gavin ap'morrygan.
Dope-dealing lowlife.

We found him like this
just before dawn a few days ago.

Figured your honeymoon
just came to a close.

-These kids
should be more careful.

I barely knew him.

-That's a hell of a thing
to say.

-Who are you?
-That's Jo.

This -- this is a message.

Rafael garza
is a dangerous breed.

-You wearing a wire?

-Would you believe me
if I said I wasn't?


-It's "Paul" now, right?

Whatever happened
to "haddison Brock III"?

Or, uh, "Barry green"
before that?

-I get off on names.

-Why don't you come work for US?

We'll send you down south.
Throw US a couple of spics.

-I can't work with bigots.

-Look, I know you're a good guy.

And we let you skate along

because you're not
hurting anybody.

But I need your help on this.

Help me take down the shit-heel
who splattered

your buddy's brains
all over his dashboard.


-I can cut you in for 12% of
everything we seize in the bust.

That's enough for you to
skip town and start elsewhere.


Okay, I'm in.
-You're in?

-Arturo, I mean this
in the nicest way possible,

but get the fuck out of my face.

-Just think about it.

I'm trying to appeal to your
sense of, uh, greater good.

-[ Scoffs ]

-So, you let me know
when you change your mind,

and I'll start getting
used to your new name.

-This is a really bad time,

-Where are you?
-I'll call you back in a sec.

-Elliot, listen.
-We're by Beverly and Fairfax.

I'll call you in a sec.
-Wait. Damn it!

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Siren wails in distance ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

-You nervous, too?

Come here.

[ Smooch ]

[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

-You have it?


[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Engine turns over ]

-[ Panting ]

-[ Gasps ]

[ Gasping ]

Where is she?

Did you leave her?

-She's gone!

-[ Wails ]

-For fuck's sake,
sit tight and don't move!

-[ Grunts ]

-[ Whimpers ] God!

-Yeah. [ Chuckles ]

-Listen. [ Clears throat ]

Don't -- don't talk to me like
I'm one of your boys, all right?

You want to hire me to do a job,

you know where to find me.

And, uh, my quote just doubled.


-Actually, $150.

I mean, like, uh,
if it's okay with you guys...

[ Gunshot ]


I don't recognize him.

-Well, it was worth a shot.

The feds think some mid-level
trafficker is moving in on me.

Name's Rafael garza.

-Some friend drag you into this?

-I don't keep friends.
-Partner, then?

-You know me better than that.

-What about that
whip-smart lady?

She got pretty close.

-And I ended it.

-Okay, first thing you got to do

is find out the reason
you're in this shit.

-Oh, I get it.
Just -- what should I do?

-What saved my ass.
It's cutting people loose.

Most people
aren't built for speed.

It's not their fault,
but they will bring you down.

I ran solo for seven years...

And I forgot one time.

Look where I am.

-Now it gets better.

D.e.a. Made me an offer --

piece of the score
if I go to bat for them.

-Are you a fed now?

-What do you think?

-I got a healthy disrespect
for the law.

Go find Bobby "bad breaks."

Show him this video.

He is a fucking rat.

He won't tell you anything,
but if he knows this guy,

i guarantee he'll try
and use it for himself.

-And the rest?

I mean, they got me
in a pretty tight spot here.

-They don't realize it,

but pitting you in a corner
has made you dangerous.

-Just tell me
if this is the smart move.

-[ Chuckles ]

[ Buzzer sounds ]

-You carrying, brother?


-We all know that's not true,
but I appreciate the manners.

-Nice place.
Little dark, maybe.

-[ Chuckles ]

-So, let's lay this out, yeah?

-Oh, this is good. You're fun.

See, it's not what I expected.

-What, someone been
telling tales about me?


But how do you confirm
these stories

about this man without a name?


-I've got product.
It's got to move.

-To where?
-Right here.

All through Mexico.
-And when?

-Normally, we expect to lose

30% of our shipment
across the border.

You know, acceptable cost
of doing business.

But now that number is 60%.

We want to move right now.
-That's too soon.

The whole thing would ride
on my prep time.

What's my cut?

-How do I know
if you're any good?

-Must've got
a glowing recommendation

if you went through
all this trouble to find me.

-You couldn't have gotten
a better one.

-[ Chuckles ]

-Now you see
who really runs my show.

I wonder if you would've come
if you knew she was here.

-[ Chuckles ]

I'm here 'cause I don't want
to see anymore bloodshed.

Makes the rest of US look bad.

[ Sighs ] Tell me if I'm wasting
my fucking time here.

[ Gun cocks ]

-What does that say to you?
-Was it the swearing?

-These people depend on me.

We're family.

Javier. That's my cousin.

Junior is my sister's boy.

Gabrio --

I don't know
where the fuck he comes from,

but you see why I like him?

And you.

So I'm responsible to them,

You work alone. Maybe you
don't know what that's like.

This is why you need
to answer my question.

-You've been losing 60%
of your shipments.

So, two things happen
if this idiot shoots me.

First of all, everything white
in here is fucking done.

And second
is the most important part.

You brought me here for one
reason -- to do what you can't.

So, he shoots me,
nobody makes any money.


[ Finger snaps ]

Next time you hear from me,
I'm back in the states.

I'll give you a time and a place
for the pickup.

-[ Laughs ]

Ah, I see.

I had to see
what kind of man you were...

Had to see if your reputation
was deserved.

But I don't like your face.

-[ Clears throat ]

-I don't like the way
that you look at me.

Okay. You'll get a call.
Or you won't.

Then you can piss off

to wherever the fuck it is
that you come from.

[ Door closes ]

-[ Grunts ]

-This is not a game.

-[ Sighs ]
It's a wonderful game.

Hey. I know what I'm doing.

Because when things don't go
your way, you can just run away.

-I didn't want you to get hurt.

-You know, "Paul" is going to
take a little getting used to.

You look more like a Ringo.

-[ Chuckles ] Come on. Ringo?

I'd have thought
I'd at least rate a John.

You know?
[ British accent ] Or a George.

-[ Chuckles ]

Be careful with Rafael.

Keep one eye out behind you.

-It's good to know
you still got my back.

-It's good to see you again.


[ Telephone ringing ]

One ticket, please.

-Show started 20 minutes ago.

-Well, I'm just killing time.


Hey, look, it's Bobby.
-Bad breaks.

-Yeah, don't call me that.
-[ Laughs ]

-Listen, there was some kid here
snooping around looking for you.

I figure that's worth something
to you, right?

-Where are you?
-I'm at the theater.

Where the fuck else would I be?
-Meet me at rascal.

-I'll see you there.

-Son of a bitch.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
[ Grunts ]

Who are you -- a fucking cop?

-You know who this is?

Tell me.
-Eat shit.

-You tell me who this is.

-What's in it for me,
you cocksucker?

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
No! No! No! No!

[ Whack ]

-This guy --
he shot a hole in my friend.

Now, am I gonna
take that out on him

or am I gonna
take it out on you?

-He told me to meet him at...
-Where?! a bar
c-c-called rascal.

-That's bullshit.

-[ Grunts ]
No, I swear to god.

-[ Chuckles ]

Fucking faggot.

[ Car alarm beeps ]

[ Cellphone rings ]


-You've got a green light,
Mr. Boxer.

-I want to see you.
-And you will.

-You know, I never made you
make my phone calls.

-You never let me do anything.

-[ Chuckles ]
That never stopped you before.

-I don't have all the details
about that right now.

-[ Chuckles ]
He's there, isn't he?

-That's a distinct possibility.

-Liv, I need a week at least.

-I will have all the specifics
tomorrow when I pick you up.

-Hang up.

-Rafa, be quiet.
-I can't work like this.

I need time.

I am so pleased to hear that you
are open to this arrangement.

-You're not listening to me.
-7:00? Even better.

I'll pick up coffee on the way.
-God damn it, Liv.


[ Door beeps, unlocks ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Muffled conversation ]

-I don't want it.

-I don't want it, either.

But if we're going to protect
what's important...

Then we need to embrace
these sacrifices.

Unless you don't want to go.
I could send junior.

You could stay here
where it's safe.

-He trusts me.
That's an advantage.

-He's not the only one
out there.

-You're always
looking out for me,

but no one will hurt me as long
as they know that I'm with you.

[ Engine turns over ]


You look good.

-Do you usually travel
with that much coke?

-This is baby laxative.

Makes a good cut.

It's also perfect for practice.

-Have everything you need?

-I'm not...Convinced
I should tell you anything.

-The only stake I have in this

is that I want you
to do your job very well.

-I figure this score with Rafael
is to, what, study how I work,

report back to him?

-I heard stories

about the smuggler
who put people before product,

going to extraordinary lengths
to foolproof his scams,

only to slip across the border
completely undetected.

Even if the names
didn't match up,

it didn't take long to figure
out who they were talking about.

-Well, it sounds like
a fairy tale.

-You don't have to guess
with me.

I know you're talented,
and I know you can deliver.

I want you to do this job
the way you like to do it.

And if I learn a little
along the way, all the better.

-Why did he send you?

Why did Rafael send you and not
some guy from the goon squad?

-Because they're...

He wants this to go smoothly.

-This isn't the life for you.

-Not your choice.

What you thought you'd leave,
and suddenly I'd go straight?


You're not the only one
who likes a little excitement.

Tell me what you need, Paul.

Numbers? Reconnaissance?

You want to do a blind run?

I'm your girl.

-Rafael's made it pretty clear
that you're his girl.

-I belong to me.

I choose what to do and when.

Just like you.

-I need a stuffed animal.

Maybe two.

They help me sleep.

-[ Chuckles ]

I can think of better ways
to get to sleep.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Dog barking ]

-[ Snorts ]

[ Sighs ]

The trip is the best part.

-[ Grunts ]

[ Both chuckle ]


-Can you get meth?

-You don't fuck around
with that shit, do you?

-No. I just...

Know somebody that could buy it,
that's all.

-Oh, you do?
Big fucking surprise.

-[ Chuckles ]

-There's no money
in dealing meth.



-[ Sighs ]

-How about coke, then?


-[ Moaning ]

Oh, god.

Oh, this shit's so good.

It makes me feel...


[ Moaning ]

-You should take an ad out
in the back of the weekly,

selling two-for-one
blowjobs and blow.

-[ Chuckles ]

And with you,

giving blowjobs
will begin to be like,

"I'm a millionaire."


Fuck you.

Just the coke.

-[ Sighs ]
I know that you have a plan.

[ Moans ] You're so smart.

I really like you.

-Yeah, I like you, too.

-You got all this swagger
and -- and sex appeal.

And you got
this great fucking drug.


-But what really turns me on...

It's when I look into your eyes.

I see my future.

-[ Sighs ]

This is embarrassing.


...I'm in love with you.

-You've got great taste.

[ Knock on door ]

Are you expecting anyone?

[ Gun cocks ]

-[ Gasps ] Oh, fuck.

Am I under arrest?

-What are you doing, man?

You're throwing your life away,
your career.

Want to rip off a few dealers
here and there, that's fine.

You want to screw around
with some skank off the street

and end up with god knows what?

-Fuck you, man. Seriously.

-We're in love.

-Ma'am, I apologize.

Now, listen.

Do you know
what this does to me,

seeing you like this?

You have always been
a goddamn wild man,

but now you're on the cusp, pal.

Can you see that?

-You gonna rat me out?

-Do you need me to?

-[ Chuckles ] Fuck.

You can't cross me.

-Oh, yeah? Why is that?

-[ Chuckles ]

You know, I've busted and beaten
and shot to shit

more degenerates than you
or anyone else.

They gave me the fucking
award of valor for that.

I'm a goddamn hero.

-[ Chuckles ]

-All right.
Please sit down.

I don't appreciate
having your dork in my face.

-[ Chuckles ]

Not yet, anyway.

-[ Chuckles ]

That's right, baby.

[ Chuckles ]



You can go around
shitting on everyone you know,

and soon enough,
you're gonna find out

how little rope you have...

Or you can shape up,
under that badge, under me,

and be the decent human being
that I know you're capable of.

-[ Chuckles ]

-I like this guy.

We should share our coke
with him.

-We should.

-[ Chuckles ]

[ Giggling ]

[ Man speaking Spanish ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Tapping ]

[ Silverware clinking ]

-You know
what you're looking for?

-Pharmaceutical cocaine
burns clear.

Elicit coke still retains

some of the alkaloids
from the Coca plant.

Burns clear, but it'll leave
a reddish-brown residue behind.

Now, the heavily cut stuff,

that stuff just turns black.
Leaves lumps.

-What did I tell you?

-Now, crystals of pure cocaine

will dissolve as they reach
the bottom of the glass.


Think I just saw some
top-tier cocaine here, Raul.

I'd say 80%, maybe 85% pure.

-What's the price?

-$15,000 a key. 10 kilos.

You're a pretty girl,

and I'm honored you came
down here to deal in person.

So, $120,000 for 10.

-That's more than last time.

-Costs are going up --

Coca farmers, lab costs,
supplies, transportation.

You do the math.

-I have done the math.

You buy your paste
directly from andean farmers.

They've harvested
and dried the Coca leaves

for a buck and a half per key,
treated it with $300 worth

of potassium carbonate
and kerosene,

then drained and delivered it
to you as a thick brown paste.

Cost to them is about $800,

and they sell it to you
for $1,000 a kilo.

Then they treat the paste

so that it yields
cocaine hydrochloride,

also known to US

as coke, snow, blow, toot,

And okeydoke.

-Lady knows her dope.

-It takes 2 1/2 kilos
of the paste

to produce 1 kilo of powder,

so your investment
lands US at about...

$25,000 or $30,000
for the full amount here.

-So, how long
you been working with Rafael?


[ Chuckles ]

Long enough to know
it's been too long.

You know all about that, right?

-Well. So leave.

-It felt good,
rafa bringing me into the fold.

Felt like I was a part
of something.

I hadn't felt like that
in a long time.

I'm not going to say
that he's a good person,

but he's good to me.

-I don't even know what
a good guy looks like anymore.

-I do.

[ Chuckles ]

Rafa's scared now,
and it's making him dangerous...

And pretty terrible.

One day, he buys guns
for junior and Javi,

and now people
are getting killed.

I can't live like that.

-If you need money --

-i don't need money.

I need options.

The men rafa reports to --
you don't just leave.

You disappear.

You used to be pretty good
at disappearing.

How about doing it again?

-It would end my career.

-This isn't a career.

You survive on idiot luck.

-Well, you said it yourself.
I know what I'm doing.

-How long do you think
you can outrun the bullets?

-You're asking a lot.

-I'm offering a lot.

[ Children shouting ]

[ Exhales deeply ]

Pardon me. Can you help me?

I noticed your uniform,
and I have a question

that I bet you can answer
better than anyone.

-What is it?

-My passport. It's expired.

Do I need it to get back
into the United States?

I'm in trouble, right?

-Well, do you have
a u.S. Driver's license?


Wait. Yes, I have it.

-There you go. Just show it
to them when you re-enter.

It is all you'll need.

-Oh, my stars.

I was so worried!

Oh! One more thing.

Do you think I could have

one of those stamps
in my passport book anyway?

-It's unlikely. Sorry.

-Ay. What a bummer.

Because look.
Here I have Italy and France.

-Oh, ma'am, I don't do --

-oh, and here is when I went
to Buenos Aires.

-Hey! Look what I found.

-Oh! That's lovely!
Where did you find it?!

-Oh, it was just sitting
right here.

I guess someone left it behind.

-Oh! Do you have children?

-No. D-Did you want it?

-Oh, no. No, no, no.
Thank you.

-Excuse me.

I have a daughter, señor --
a baby girl.

-Oh! Why don't you
give it to him?

-Yeah. What's her name?


-Isabel. That's pretty.

Hope she likes white.

-Gracias, señor.
-Knock yourself out.

-Thank you.
You've been very helpful.

[ Turnstile creaking,
man speaking Spanish ]

-He wants to raise his stakes
to 17%.

-Absolutely not.

-He's worth it.

-Are you learning
his techniques?

-Oh, he's keeping his plans
very close to him.

-But you've been close to him.

What have you two been doing
all this time?

-Ay. Don't do that.

-I have never doubted
your love for me.



[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Say whatever number
will make him happy.

It doesn't matter.

-You can't turn on him.
-Why not?

-[ Sighs ] Rafa, listen.

I know you don't like him,
but your future --

-no. Our future.

-Our future depends
on backing his every move.

-[ Chuckles ]
-If you don't honor the number,

who else is ever going to
confide in US again, hmm?

-We'll always have each other.

-[ Sighs ]

What are you doing?

-Are you lying to me?

-[ Chuckles ]

Why would I need to?

-I'm worried that
you're planning to leave me.

-[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ]



Am I right?

-Have you ever been to Mexico?

-[ Chuckles ]

Just tell me where to find him.

-Carried the rabbit through
customs like he told me.

They asked me to put it
through the X-ray,

and then they asked me more
questions about what's inside.

I didn't say nothing.

And they detained me,
and they brought in the rabbit.

They cut it open, and
all the coke fell out
all over the table.

I knew my fingerprints
were all over it, so I
helped them clean it up.

-Wait, wait, wait.
What about the dogs?

-The dogs?
They couldn't smell nothing.

He wrapped them in dryer sheets.

-[ Chuckles ]
This guy a fucking fraud?

Junior, let me tell you.
A dog smells like we see, okay?

If I make menudo, you see
the different ingredients,

but it just smells like menudo.

A dog, well,
he can't see well enough,

but he can smell the garlic,
the onion, the patas.

You cannot mask cocaine
in dryer sheets.

The dog, he just smells the
cocaine and the dryer sheets.

-I think maybe he wanted me
to get caught.

-[ Chuckles ]
-Yeah, I think so, too.

But the question is,
why aren't you in jail?

-The officer --
t-the one from the park,

he told them that a man
gave me the rabbit as a gift.

-Ay, dios mío.

He handed all my cocaine
over to la migra.

-No, no, no, no. They said
the cocaine was not cocaine.

-What do you mean?

-It was a laxative...
Para UN niño.

-What are you thinking?

-Where the fuck is my cocaine?

-[ Scoffs ]

[ Ringing ]

-You're almost home.
I'm 10 minutes away.

-Make it 5 if you can.
Be ready to roll.


[ Insects buzzing ]

[ Birds squawking ]

-[ Chuckles ]

Sorry, asshole.
[ Gun cocks ]

Some people just have it coming.

-You look like
you've seen better days.


-I don't know what to tell you.

I don't mind spending
the last 14 hours

escorting you across the border,

but a 12% cut of zero
is still zero.

I can't make a move
if there's no cocaine.

-I'll get it back.


[ Door opens ]

-What are you doing here?


For you.

Did you get it through?

-Did you know I'd be followed?

-Where is it?
-Answer the question.

-I think Rafael knows
about it --

-answer the question.

-I didn't think
you would lie to me.

-I didn't lie to you.

I kept you in the dark
'cause it was better for you.

-Being unaware
is never a good idea for anyone.

Rafael is a loose Cannon.

I am the one he loves most,
and I'm not even safe.

-And how do we fix that?

-We could go back to
the beginning, with your name.

-No. Not now.
Did you know I'd be followed?

-What is your name?!

-Did you tell them
how to find me?

-[ Chuckles ]
If you get caught,

it's going to be
someone else's fault, right?

Because you couldn't possibly
make a mistake on your own.

-Yeah, that's right.
I work alone so I have no
one to blame but myself.

-I was on your side.

-You share his life.

You share his bed.

And you're scared of him.

I have no reason
to believe anything you say.

Even if you are telling
the truth,

you don't have the full story.

I mean, come on, Liv.

Would you believe you?

-How much time do you need
to have it ready?

-How long till he has my money?

-Not long.

-I can help you get out.

I just can't go
wherever it is you're going.

-Then there's no point.

-[ Sighs ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

You know, to be honest,
I'm surprised they went for it.

Must've been mystified
by all the antics.

They missed
the most obvious sucker move

in the history
of dumb sucker moves.

I mean, come on. How are you
gonna deny it's yours

if you're practically
wearing it?

-Mm. She pissed?

-Can't get ahold of her.

-That's not good.

-You're looking better.

-I'm straight beautiful, man.
Thank you.

-[ Chuckles ] How long
till you're on your feet?

-You know where he is?
-[ Sighs ]

I found the motel
where he's holed up, yeah.

-What's his name?

You see that son of a bitch,

you tell him
I'm fucking coming for him.

-I'm sorry how we left things.

[ Speak Spanish ]

[ Grunts ]

Paul, ayúdame!

[ Engine revs ]

-Where is she?

-You can't come ins--

-where's Olivia?

-How did you get in here?

-You have your dope.
Where's my cut?

-Get his hands. Get his hand!

You stole my cocaine,
and have balls enough

to come in here asking
for money, for my Olivia?

Oh, you want it all, don't you?

How good it would feel to smash
your fucking head in right now.


Okay, I-I still got it --
your dope.

-You gonna tell me where it is?

-Son of a bitch!

-Where's my cocaine?

Where is my cocaine?

Where is my cocaine?!

-Safe. It's safe.
It's far away from here.

-Then you're gonna
take me to it.

-What do I look like --
an asshole?

[ Chuckling ]
Oh, fucking shit!

-[ Laughs ]

-[ Groans ]


-I don't have it.
What does he want?

-I don't -- I don't have them.

The other guy took them.

-Hey, gabrio.
[ Speaks Spanish ]

-Olivia didn't come back here?

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Handcuffs clicking ]
-Like this?

-Yeah. Just make it tight.
-[ Chuckles ]

Now what do we do?
What do we do?

What do we do?
What do we do?

-[ Chuckles ]
-What do we do?

-Can you watch her?

-Yes. Do I get a gun?

-[ Sighs ] Yeah.

-This is too big.

-Okay. Hey.

I'm relying on you, all right?

-We're so set, baby.
-[ Chuckles ]

-I've never taken down
a cartel before.

-I got to go.
-Do you want to get high first?

-Oh, absolutely.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

that's right. That's right.

-What the fuck?

-I don't know
if I can do that, actually.

$150, I mean, I got --
if it's okay with you guys --

[ gunshots ]

-Hey, where you going?
-Don't let anyone in.

-Slumber party.
[ Chuckles ]

[ Car alarm beeps ]

[ Engine turns over ]

-Now, what did you do?

And don't lie to me...

Or I'll fucking
blow your brains out.

-[ Muffled talking ]

-[ Sighs ]

Now spill it.

Why did he arrest you?

I want to know what
kind of scum my man took
off the street today.

-That man is a cop?

-Henry is an award-winning
special agent.

[ Doorknob rattles ]

[ Banging on door ]

-[ Panting ]


-Let US go.
I'll give you the video.

-How many copies did you make?

-Not many. Fair enough?

-[ Chuckles ]

-That looks like
a service weapon.

You know, you fire that,

you're gonna have to
tell somebody why.

-Fuck you. Stop moving.

-Come on.

You know I have it coming.


[ Engine turns over ]

[ Horn blares ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

[ Drums beating rhythmically ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

-Don't have it in you, do you?

Didn't think so.

[ Thud ]

[ Sirens wailing in distance ]


[ Gasps ] Don't! Stop.

-Where's the coke?

-The girl took it.

-Or maybe I took it.
-What are you doing?

-Or maybe I call the cops,
or maybe I call Rafael.

Oh, the possibilities
are endless.

It doesn't matter
what I tell you.

You can't trust me, remember?
-No, that's not what I said.

I said you don't know
any better.

-That's worse.

-Vamos. Olivia, vamos.


I need you.


[ Speaking Spanish ]

[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Speaking Spanish ]

-[ Cries ]

[ Engine shuts off ]


-Stay with the car.

Walk straight ahead.

-[ Humming ]

-Stop here.

[ Gun cocks ]
On your knees.

-[ Grunts ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Breathing sharply ]

-This might be a little loud.

-[ Shudders ]

-[ Singing in Spanish ]

-Now, listen to me carefully

'cause I'm only gonna
say this once.

I have a message for you
from Arturo rezendes.

He says your contribution
to this case

has been well noted
and will be rewarded.

So lie low
and let US take it from here.

Your job's done, man.

-You're d.E.A.?

I was recruited, just like you.

Now drink your water.


[ Coughing ]

[ Coughs ]

You're the one
who taught me to run solo.

On my own.
No partners, no entanglements.

-I know I did,

and I said I met a lot
of fine people in the game.

But none of them have shown up
here for a visit except you.

You are the closest thing I got
to a friend, kid.

Come on.

You got a woman who loves you,
who you love.

Be smart enough
to lay it all on the line

for something of real value.

[ Ringing ]

-You better be long gone,
my man.

-We need to talk.
Come by my place in an hour.

-You've got some balls
if you're still in --

[ click ]

[ Ringing ]


-You remember our
favorite office building?

Meet me in the parking garage.

Bring my coke, or I turn you
into an Internet celebrity.

-Go fuck yourself.
[ Click ]

[ Ringing ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

-You know who this is?

-How the f--

-i have what you want.

If I deliver, I walk away clean.
That's it.

You deliver, I let you walk.

-I want Olivia.


[ Engine shuts off ]

-The hell's this shit?

-Paul thought
he'd send me in his place.

I'm his partner.

-I don't know what
you have planned here, pal.

If you come out slowly,

i promise to blow your head off
real quick.

Nobody's gonna miss
a piece-of-shit dope dealer.

-[ Gasps ]
-Keep quiet. Give me the bag.

[ Horn blares ]


[ Horn blares ]


-[ Groaning ]

I had it coming.

-[ Screams ]

-I have what we agreed on.
$150. That's right.

-Um, I don't know
if I could do that, actually.

$150, I mean, I got --
if it's okay with you guys --

[ Engine shuts off ]

-[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ]

-Sleep tight.

-Olivia? Baby?

Olivia? Baby?

Come on.
What are you doing?

-Stay out of my way.
-Come on. Come on.

-Stop it.
-Come on. Come on. Come on.

Where are you gonna go, huh?
-Back to Mexico.

-Oh, back to Mexico?
That is fucking crazy.

This is your house.

I'm leaving.
-You're not leaving.

Hey! Fuck!

-[ Gasps ]

-All of this is for you.

It's for you.

This house...

All the money...

It's for US.

This is so we can have a life.

-[ Sobs ]

-[ Chuckles ]

[ Gunfire ]

-[ Speaking Spanish ]



-Come on.

Is that my cocaine?

-All 10 kilos.

-How do I know?

-Trust me.

-[ Chuckles ] Open it.

-Let her go.

-She's a free woman.

She could choose
wherever she wants to go.

-[ Screams ]

-Hey. Come on.

-Put the gun on me.

I got your dope.
Let's finish the deal.

-I'm not giving you
a single peso.

-I only want her.

-Those are noble words from
a man who threatens to shoot me.

-I'm sorry.
This gun's not for you.

-What are you doing?

-I'm getting you out of here.

-What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?

-I know what you're thinking.
Might not be your dope, right?

-Oh, fuck!

Fuck! Fuck!

[ Police radio chatter ]

-Was this all part of your plan?

-Wasn't it yours?

-Thank you for coming.


Well, you're free now.

You can go anywhere you want.

-Mm-hmm. Right.

The world is mine.


If we're gonna be together,

there's something
you got to know.

-Can I arrest her?

-Let them go.

-[ Chuckles ]
You have a girl's name.

-[ Sighs ]
Yeah. Yeah, I do.

I think I like "Paul" better.

-[ Chuckles ]
I can't believe I told you.

-[ Chuckles ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

-Late last night, special agents
were able to seize 10 kilos

of cocaine with an estimated
street value of $1.2 million.

We also seized several guns,

which is always near and dear
to my heart.

[ Camera shutters clicking ]

[ Clears throat ]

Killed in the line of duty

was special agent
Henry langlois,

who's undercover work
laid the foundation

that made this operation
the success that it was.

His heroic sacrifice
will not be forgotten

by his brothers and sisters

of the drug enforcement

-That was the scene nearly
three years ago this month,

and today, I am joined by former
cocaine dealer Paul boxer.

-Smuggler. Fair enough.

He's just written a new book

entitled "why did you write
my name in the snow?"

The times newspaper
is hailing it

as "a rare cut of dry wit
and relentless insight."

So, Paul, I assume
that's not your real name.

-No, it isn't.

-I'm not even going to ask.
-Thank you.

-Something that I'm sure
puzzles a lot of our viewers

is why make your living
from something

as notoriously dangerous
as the drug trade?

-Well, I do have a very healthy
disrespect for the law,

but the cocaine business is
just like any other business.

You got your importing, your
packaging, the quality control.

You want to make sure what
comes in is fresh and pure.

Best I ever got was 87%.

It was so good,
I had it stolen from me.

-[ Laughs ]

-So you do meet
some nasty people.

-Sounds like
a real wild business.

-A smuggler bleeds
like anybody else.

We just get more chances
to prove it.

-♪ I walk alone

♪ this path is not my own

♪ I dream

♪ in vain

♪ The waters rise

♪ I hear the screams

♪ from underground

♪ I won't run

♪ when I am done

♪ we'll be under

♪ ohhhhhhh

♪ I'll make this right

♪ I'll build a bridge

♪ that's crumbled down

♪ take this chance

♪ to die against
the man I've been ♪