Down Will Come Baby (1999) - full transcript

Leah Garr wants to move from Phoenix to take a new job in Denver to help her family (Husband Marcus and Daughter Robin). When Robin goes to camp to give her parents time to sort things out, something unexpected occurs. On Robin's return from camp she finds out her mom is taking the new job in Denver, only returning each weekend to visit. During this turmoil in Robin's life, A new lady, Dorothy, befriends Robin, moves into the same apartment complex and spends a lot of time with her and her father Marcus. Leah is concerned about this because she does not know very much about Dorothy or her intentions. It soon becomes clear that Dorothy is after much more than friendship with the Garr family.



MARCUS: Honey,
you've been working so much
and traveling so much,

we hardly even see anymore.

LEAH: I told you before
I went to Chicago
that I had to go to Portland.

No, no.
You did not say tonight.

I'll be back by Wednesday.

Honey, we agreed that
we would do this
for six months,

it's been almost a year.

Well, when you decided
to become an architect,
it took five years.

Yeah, but I was home
every night.

Look, you think I like this?

Do you think I like
leaving my family

and having to carry
this stupid case
across the country?

MARCUS: Why can't you just stay
managing the office?

LEAH: Because in
a couple of months

we're gonna have
a down payment for a house.

Couple of months
turns into another year,
meantime what?

I don't have a wife,
you don't have a husband.

What about Robin?
The girl needs you
as much as I do,

especially now,
the school year's
coming to a close,

she's got a recital...[FOOTSTEPS CLATTERING]


Wait, is she gone?Yeah.

She probably heard us.

I promised her
we wouldn't start
arguing about this.

CALVIN: Hey, Robin. What's up?


Just wanted to get out
for a while.

My mom's so obsessed
with buying a house,
that's all she talks about.

She wants me to have
a yard and a dog

and all the other things
she had as a kid.

So she's out
working this stupid job

and my dad
has to drive me around,

do the shopping,
the cooking, the laundry,

and plus he's got his own job.


I think if it wasn't for me,
they wouldn't have
all these problems.

[SIGHS] Sometimes
I wish I could just
disappear for a while.

Well, maybe you could do
what I did last summer.


Okay, how about antonym.


Excellent work.

Do you remember
that camp I used to go to?

The one I took the bus to?

Clearlake Summer Camp.

I was wondering
if I could go there
again this summer.

Oh, I already signed you up
for that program at the zoo.

Have you paid for it?

I paid for the first week.
Seventy-five dollars.

Can you get it back?

No, that was non-refundable.

Suppose I paid you
back for it?

Honey, you've had all year
to earn money,
you didn't do it.

That is called a consequence.

I believe that is one
of your spelling words.

She's 12 years old.

You know, how many
more summers does
she have to be a child.

This isn't about her
being a child.

LEAH: Everything
doesn't have to be a lesson.

Everything is a lesson.

You give in on this,
I'll tell you
what's going to happen.

Someday she's going
to get into serious trouble,

and when she does,
I don't wanna look back

and wish that
we had taught her
more about consequences.

You know, this hasn't been
an easy time for her.

So maybe we should, uh,
give in to her this once.

You know what you are?Hmm?

You are a softy.

Well, you say
you've always
liked my soft spot.

So don't go changing
on me now, boy.[LAUGHS]


Angela StrongYeah.

Robin Garr.Me!


You give us a call
when you get there.


MARCUS: Give us a wave.

I promise not
to give away your bedroom.

ROBIN: Bye.Have fun, sweetie pie.

LEAH: Bye, darling.

ALL: Bye! Love you!


Oh, here.

What's this?Open it.

An ongoing date?Mm-hmmm.

It was Robin's idea.

So now whenever
you come into town,

we'll go out
for at least one date.

Whether it's dinner
or a movie or...

just a walk in the park.

She's a terrific kid.

Yeah, she sure is. Oh...

I miss her already.

ALL: Bye-bye. Bye!



WOMAN: Twelve to 14-year-old
girls with Brina.
There's Brina.

Boys with Jake.

Let's see. I only have
two in my group,

so you must be Amelia
and Robin.

Yeah, I'm Robin.

Nice to meet you.
My name's Brina.

And you must be Amelia?

Okay. Let's head to the cabin.

Why don't you guys
pick your bunks.

Get unpacked
while I go teach
my swimming lesson.

I'll meet you back
at the main lodge where
the bus left you off at noon.

You'll hear the lunch bell.

After lunch,
I'll even give you
a tour of the camp.

Okay.Okay, all right,
I'll see you later.


So, um, do you want
the top or the bottom?

"Why don't you
take the top, Robin?"

"Don't mind if I do."


Is this your first time here?

It's my first time anywhere.

You go to school, don't you?


So that's somewhere.

I think.

I was here
when I was eight.

Nothing's changed.
It even smells the same.

What grade are you in?

I'm going into seventh.

Oh, me too.



So, how'd you decide
to come to camp?

It was Momma's idea.

You didn't wanna go?No.

Well, how about this
for weird.

It was my idea to go to camp,
but I didn't wanna go either.





You know what this
reminds me of?Mm-hmm.

This reminds me
of that little hotel
that we found

in Nova Scotia,
do you remember that?

[GASPS] In the rain with you.Yeah.

Aw... The Italian chef.

Hmm. That's right.Uh-huh.

Do you remember
where we went afterwards?

The tower.

The tower...Uh-huh...

Climbing up there in the dark.
Can you believe it?[MARCUS LAUGHS]

I can't believe
what we did up there.

Oh...We should go back there.

We should go back
this summer.

I would love to.

You know there's something
else we should talk about.Hmm?

There is a possibility

that I'm going to be
offered a position
at the corporate office.

Where? In Denver?

I'll be overseeing
both coasts.

I'll be making half again
as much as I am now,

and I won't have
to travel so much.

I thought we were gonna
save up the money
for the down payment

and you were gonna
work here again.

Can I take that for you?

Thank you.

[SIGHS] I didn't know
this was gonna happen.

So then, what about my career?

I mean, I...

You know, I'm just getting
started, but, um...

I'm with a good firm.

I'm with people
that I love working with.


We have... We have
a history here. We've got
our friends here.

What about Robin?

She may like the idea.

ROBIN: I was supposed
to go to this really good
program at the zoo.

How come you came to camp
if you didn't want to?

I don't know. I just thought
my parents would get along
better if I wasn't around.

What about you?
Do your parents fight much?

It's just me and Momma.
And we never fight.

You never fight
with your mom?

She says fighting is bad.

Well, we're
fighting right now.

No, we're not.Yes, we are.

We're fighting
about fighting.

We're even fighting about
whether or not we're fighting.

You're weird.

Hey, wait. Hold that pose.

No, don't.What's the matter?

I don't like people
taking my picture.

Why not?

Mom is always doing that.
I always have to smile
even if I don't want to.

So frown, I don't care.


GIRL: Hey, Robin, think fast.


So, if you don't fight with her,

what do you do
when you get mad at her?

AMELIA: I never do.

Everybody gets mad.

Yeah, but if I let her know
I get punished.

How does she punish you?

Different ways.
Oh! That reminds me.

I have to do something.

You have to eat.
The bell just rang.

Save you a place.




You missed dinner.

I had to finish my letter.

You wrote to her this morning.

Brought you something.Thanks.

I have to write her
twice a day.She told you that?

How many pages is that?

She wants me
to tell her everything
that happens.

Most of it is about you.

What'd you say?

Well, just something like...

Like you're mean
and ugly and stupid.What!

I'm kidding.
Here you can read it.



I'm starting to get
some pressure about
that job in Denver.

So, would you
at least think about it?

Honey, I have thought about it.
My mind's made up.

I went out and took some
pictures today of some houses
I thought we could afford.

Wait, wait.
You're taking
pictures of houses.

Well, I just wanted
to show 'em to you.

Leah, I can understand you
wanting to get a house,

I can understand you
wanting to give Robin

all the things that you had
when you were a kid.

But she can have all of that
right here in Phoenix.

Yeah, you'll be able to make
a lot more money in Denver,

we can get a bigger house,

but you know what,
we don't need that.

What we need is for you
to come back here and be
a part of this family.

♪ Miss Lucy had a baby,
She named him Tiny Tim!

♪ She put him in the bathtub
To see if he could swim

♪ He drank up all the water
He ate up all the soap

♪ He tried to eat the bathtub
But it wouldn't go
Down his throat

Let's go.

♪ Miss Lucy called the doctor
Miss Lucy called the nurse

♪ Miss Lucy had a baby
She named him Tiny Tim!

♪ She put him in the bathtub
To see if he could swim

That's great.
Now try this one, okay.

♪ He drank up all the water
He ate up all the soap

♪ He tried to eat the bathtub
But it wouldn't go
Down his throat ♪

[LAUGHS]Where'd you learn all these?

My mom taught me most of them.

Thought everybody
knew these songs.

Your mom sounds great.

She'd be great
if she was home more
like yours.

My mom's not cool though.

She's so picky
about everything.

Like what?

[SIGHS] Wrinkles.Wrinkles.

If I have even one
little wrinkle In my blouse,

I have to take it out
so she can iron it.


Where'd you learn
how to do that?

My dad.

My dad died.

We have the insurance money
Momma got.

What are you doing?

I'll race you
to the diving platform.

We can't swim in the dark.

Sure we can. It's a full moon.

What are you afraid of?
Shark attack.

I'm not that good
of a swimmer.

You swim fine. I've seen you.

Come on, it'll be fun.

♪ She'll be coming round
The mountain
When she comes... Yeehaw!

♪ She'll be coming round
The mountain
When she comes... Yeehaw!

ROBIN: This feels great.
Except the shark's
tickling my toes.

It's cold.

No, it's not.
You just have to
get used to it.

♪ She'll be driving
Six white horses
When she comes... Whoa, back!

♪ She'll be driving
Six white horses
When she comes... Whoa, back!

How deep is this?

It doesn't matter.

My mom says
if you can swim it all,

you can swim in
the deepest ocean
in the world.

Last one to the diving
platform is a rotten fish egg.

AMELIA: Wait, I can't make it.

Help, help, help, help.

Help me, help!

Help me, please. Help!

I'm coming.

Please!Grab onto my arm.

[CRYING] Help! Help me!



Let go! [SCREAMS]

Help! Help me!Please let go!



[SCREAMS] Amelia!




Somebody, please help me!


Help me, please! Help!

If you need to ask her
any more questions,
if you need anything else...

Just give us a call.Yes, sir.


MAN: Yeah, I covered all the...

Honey, if they need
anything else,
they'll call us, okay.

Should we go?

Come on, let's get you home.



It was my fault.

Honey, it wasn't
anybody's fault.

It was my idea.

You didn't make her
go into the water.

I talked her into it.

Yeah, and you did everything
that you could to save her.


It was a terrible accident

that happened to somebody
that you cared about.

But it wasn't your fault.

She was my best friend at camp.

LEAH: The one you
wrote to us about.


Would you like us
to call her parents,

uh, about the funeral.

It's just her mom.

Would you like me
to call her mom?


Ah, sweetheart...

I wish I could put
my arms around you.

[SIGHS] I'll be there
as fast I can.
I'm on the next plane out.

Anything you wanna do at home?

Not really.

You sure?

Anything at all?


I think she needs
to see a therapist.

I'll make some calls tomorrow.

See if I can find someone
for her to talk to.

Can't hire somebody
for her to talk to.

What do you think she needs?

She needs both of us
to be here for her.

She's gonna be starting
school soon.
You're gonna be gone.

Did you talk to her
about Denver?

I tried to.What'd she say?

Says she doesn't wanna
talk about it.

Didn't wanna talk
about anything.


CALVIN: You know
you're losing your rep.

Don't you mean my grip?

At lest you're not losing
your sense of humor.

I wasn't kidding.

I mean, look at me.

I... I can't stay
awake in class.

I start crying for no reason.

All 'cause of that
thing at camp?

Not just that.

And my mom wants us
to move to Denver.

Denver? What for?

Doesn't matter.

You know, I just feel like
my whole life is jinxed.

But I don't care.

It's the weirdest feeling.

I just don't care
about anything anymore.


Uh-oh. You could've
moved that one.

Nah! It's too late now.
You let go of it.

You have homework tonight?

A little.

You mind if I check it?

What for?

Well, just like to make sure
you understand...

I understand fine.

You don't have to check
everything I do just because...


Hi.LEAH: Hi.

Let me get that
for you, hon.

Thanks, sweetie.Hi.


Well, something smells good.

I've been living on airplane
food for two days.
Hi, darling.

So, you had dinner?

Oh, yeah, I'm exhausted.

How've you been,
sweetie? Hmm?

Ooh! You saved me
something though.


Wait a minute.

LEAH: Oh! What's this?

We already
talked about that.

Never had an F before.

Honey, that's finished.
We talked about it.

So, what'd you talk about?

It's over.
You weren't here,
we took care of it.

Doesn't mean
I don't have a right...

You weren't here,
you can't expect
to just come...

[SCREAMS] Stop it.
Why can't you just...


Just why can't you... Why?


She felt just terrible
about the grade,

so we talked about it.

She was just starting
to get back into
a decent mood.

I didn't wanna [SIGHS]
just rehash the whole thing
in front of her.

Why didn't you tell me that?

Well, I was trying to.

There's just no good solution.

You want the job in Denver.


Robin and I wanna stay here.

I'd at least like to try it.



[SIGHS] Maybe we should talk
about a compromise.

What if you take
the job in Denver...

and you come home
on the weekend.

Just see how it goes.

MARCUS: She's not
moving for good.

She's just gettin' an apartment,
she'll come home on weekends.

Or maybe we'll go visit her.

Who knows?
We might go there,
fall in love with the place.

But, you know, if, if,
if we don't then, um...

Then I'll come back.

So nothing's gonna
change that much
for us, Robin.

Certainly not right away.

I just want you to know that

we wouldn't be doing this
if we didn't think
it were for the best.


BOY: I'll race ya.



MAN: Where are you goin'
I'm gonna...[CHILD GIGGLING]

I'm gonna get you.[LAUGHING]



BOY 2: Win this one,
all right...


What's up?

My mom's moving to Denver.

So what's gonna
happen to you?

Me and my dad'll stay here.

When's your mom leaving?

Next week. Right after
she gets back from Baltimore.

MAN 2: Calvin, let's go!

Look, I gotta go.
You wanna do
something later?

How much later?

Like 30 minutes?

Well, I'll meet you here.


Do you mind if I sit here?

I hate to throw
a stale bread away.


Do I know you?

I don't think so.

My name's Dorothy.

And yours?


Little red bird.

You know I was sitting
over there and I couldn't
help but notice

that that boy upset you.

Was he being mean to you?

Oh, no, Calvin, no,
he's my friend.

Boys can be so mean sometimes.

No, we were just talking.


Shoo! Shoo!

I hate it when
they fight like that.


You seem so bothered.

I'm sorry.

It's none of my business.

You know, but crying is
nothing to be ashamed of.

It's one of the gifts
God gave.

To help us heal.

And whatever's troubling you,

it'll get better much faster

if you let yourself cry.

I... I don't think so.

Would it help to talk about it?

My mom... Um... moving to Denver.

And she wants me
and my dad to go with her.


And you don't wanna go.

I bet she told you
it's all for the best,
didn't she?

I know how that feels.

I was always being
told things that weren't true.

You know, to make me
feel better.

Right, so, it's getting late.

Better go.


Would you mind feeding
them the rest?

You'll feel better for it.

It was nice meeting you, Robin.

Oh, and next time,
you ask if you know me,

I'll say, "Yes."




Feel guilty not taking you
to the airport.

Oh, no, I'd rather
you took Robin

As long as I get
the candy corn, please.


So, I'll call you
and say goodnight.


When you wake up
Saturday morning,
I'll be here.

We're gonna have
the whole weekend together.

Maybe we'll
wait up for you.That'd be nice.

Okay, goodnight, babes.

Night.I miss you already.

LEAH: Robin,
I love you.

Say hi to Denver
for us.

Bye, sweetheart.Bye, Mom.

CHILD: Trick or treat!Come on, honey.

Let's get that
Halloween costume going.

Get out there,
get that candy corn.



MAN 3: Well, we gotta get
this unloaded in half hour.


CALVIN: What's the matter?

I know that woman.

Hey, Robin.Hi!

Are you moving here?

Yeah. I've been looking
for a place

in the neighborhood
for weeks.

And I finally found
a nice studio up
on the third floor.

I live here.

In this building?

Yeah. One-fourteen.

Oh! We would
be neighbors.
I'm up in 306.

Nice to meet you.Nice to meet you too.

Do you live
in this building too?Yeah, over in building B.

Oh! Well then,
we'll all be neighbors, huh?

I hope you come up
and visit me sometime.

Yeah, I will.Okay.



DOROTHY: Yeah, I just moved
into the apartment building.

MARCUS: All right.

It was funny, the other day
I was in the park
feeding the birds, and...

Well, hey!Hi, Robin.

You know each other?

Well, yeah,
that's what I was
about to say.

The other day
I was in the park,

and I met Robin.

Oh!How are you?

I'm fine.

I locked myself
out of the apartment.

I didn't know anybody else
in the building.

And the manager's not home.

Oh! Come on in. I'll page him.

Thank you.

Well, I have to go
finish my homework.

It was nice to see you again.

Yeah, you too.

Well, he should
call right back.

Want me to get you
some coffee, some tea, or...

Oh, no, thank you,
I'm fine.

[PHONE RINGS]Oh, there he is.

Hello! Hey, Linus,
it's Marcus Garr, building K.

Yeah, I've got a woman here.
Dorothy Cotton from number...


Yeah. She, uh...
She's locked herself out.

Great. I'll tell her.

He's on his way over.

Robin looks a lot
like her mother,
doesn't she?

Yeah, she sure lucked out.

Well, tell me about yourself.
You're from around here...

Oh, yeah, I've lived
in the area all my life.


[LAUGHS] That one's cute.
Where was that taken?

Florida, we were down there
five years ago.

[DOORBELL RINGS]Oh, there he is.

Hey, Linus,
thanks for coming.

No trouble.

Hi, Dorothy.Hi, Linus.

Let's go break
down your door.


Thanks so much
for your help.Oh!

No problem.It's nice
to meet you.

Good to meet you too.

Say goodnight
to Robin for me.I will do that.

So long.

Robin, hi. I was just
coming to give you these.


Well, you and your dad
for helping me out
the other night.

All he did
was make a phone call.

Oh, well, it was
very sweet. Here.[ROBIN LAUGHS]

Do you play
in the basketball team?

Um, yeah,
at the community center.

Oh! You know I used to play.

I was first string guard.
I really loved it.

How was school?

It was okay, but, um...

I have a ton
of homework to do.

Oh! Well, maybe we could
shoot some hoops sometime.

Would you like that?Yeah.



Hello!Hi, Dad.

Hey, sweetie pie,
how was your day?

It was fine.


Hi, Marcus, how are you?

Good. How are you?

Good. Thank you.

Robin and I ran
into each other
at the park today,

and started talking
about homework. So...

She's helping me
with my Math.

Ah, where did
these come from?

Oh, that was just a little
thank you for helping me
the other night

when I locked myself out.

Oh, pfft,
you didn't need
to do that.

So, homework
on a Friday night.
I'm impressed.

She makes it so easy.

Oh, well,
you're a very
quick learner.

And just remember now
the area equals...

Half the base
times the height.

DOROTHY: Very good, very good.

See, that wasn't
too hard, was it?

Now I really
should be going.

No, no, actually
you should stay.

We've got plenty
to eat here.

Oh, that's very sweet of you,
but I need to be going.

You said you didn't
have any plans.

Come on. No MSG,
no red meat.

What do you got
to lose, huh?

Well, are you a vegetarian?

No, actually,
I'm an architect.


Started out in construction,
really wanted to design.

So went back to school,
started all over.

Honey, go set the table
for three, huh.Okay.


Thanks very much.

Little eyeballs here...Ew, ew...

Oh, see, now that's
what happens.

Now you're gonna
have to eat it, though.

Hey, hon.Hi!

Didn't think you
were coming
home till 11:00.

Oh, I got
an early flight.


Honey, this is Dorothy Cotton.
She just moved
into the building.

Dorothy, this is
my wife, Leah.

Oh, hi.Hi.

Nice to meet you.Nice to meet you.

I came home early
so I could take you
to dance class.


MARCUS: Did you eat?Oh, honey, I've eaten all day.

I couldn't eat anything.
You go ahead.

Yeah? All right.

So where did you
move here from?

Not far.
Uh, just outside town.

I wanted to be
in the city.

It's just you?

Yeah, it's just me.

So she just came up
and started talking
to you in the park.

Pretty much.

She thought Calvin
was bothering me.

When was it?

Same day you said
you were gonna
move to Denver.

When did she move
into the building?

Um, like around...

I can't remember.

You know I have to
go back to Denver
after your game tomorrow.

ROBIN: Tomorrow?

LEAH: My apartment's a mess.
Looks like your room.

I haven't even unpacked yet,
but, you know, I will
call you at 7:00

so we'll have plenty
of time to talk
before you go to bed.





I-Is Robin there?

Yes, just a minute.

MAN: Yeah, the plans are...


Good morning, Pete.

Hey, Marcus. How you doin'?


Marcus Garr.LEAH: Hi.

Hey, you.
What are you doing?

I called home last night
and Dorothy answered the phone.

Yeah. I was running late.

I asked if she could
take Robin
to basketball practice.

Robin said she
comes over practically
every day.

Well, she helps her
with her homework,
I don't know about every day.

How much do we know about her?

Not a whole lot, I guess. Um...

I know her husband died
a few years ago. Thanks.

I think we should
find out more.

What are you worried about?

[SIGHS] I don't know.
There's just something
about her.

Well, hon, I don't think
there's anything
to worry about.

I mean,
I will talk to Robin.

But my impression
is they're just
pretty good friends.


DOROTHY: Now just beat that
a little bit more.

And then you can stir in
half the bag of chips.

How many is this gonna make?

This batch is gonna
make about two dozen.

And I like to make them
very small.

So I can eat lots of cookies
but not lots of fat.


I wanna save some
for my mom. She loves
chocolate chip cookies.

Well, why didn't
she ever bake them?

Well, she does.

I mean the frozen kind
they scoop out of a tub.

Yeah, that's not
really baking.

That's just
turning on the oven.

[SCREAMS] What are you doing!

I told you to put in
half the bag of chips.

ROBIN: What are you doing?

What does it look
like I'm doing?

But why?

We'll start it over.

Well, we could've used that.

We could've just
added more of all...

Yeah, but that's not the point.

The point s that I told you

to do something
a certain way
and you didn't do it.

So now we're going
to start over,
and this time,

I want you to do it right.

All right.

I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry, I didn't mean
to scare you. I scared you?







Calvin, give me
the ball back.

Come on, I'm gonna get it.


ROBIN: Look who's
got the ball now.


Come on.

Come on.

Give me the ball.Yah!

DOROTHY: Now you don't
have to keep any secrets
from me.

Not like you might
from your parents.

I don't keep
secrets from them.

If you had a boyfriend
would you tell me?

I don't.

You know, sometimes...

well, boys can
act like your friends.

But you... you never
really know
what's on their minds,

even at your age.

Do you know
what I'm talking about?

I guess.


I'd say this looks
a lot nicer, wouldn't you?

And I like your bed over
by the window.
So much better.

Why don't you go
stand next to it?

What for?

So I can take
your picture.

You took my picture yesterday,
and the day before.

Smile for me.

Come on, you can do
better than that.


LEAH: When did she
take these?

ROBIN: She's always
taking pictures of me.

I think some of them
are pretty good.

Is she a photographer?

No, I think she
just likes taking
pictures of me.

I don't mind it that much.

Except that
she makes me smile.

You can't make
someone smile.

She tickles me.

Tickles you how?

Like when she takes me
to my dance class.

She takes you
to your dance class?

Yeah, sometimes
when dad works late,

she takes me
to my dance class.

That's interesting.

I want to talk
to your dad about this.

Ballet...Yeah, I want to do
modern dance for a while.

DOROTHY: Oh, hi.

I was just coming
to see you.

I made some brownies.

Thought you might
like some.Thanks.

Can I ask where
you come from?

You mean just now?

No, I mean, who are you?
What do you do?

I don't know
anything about you.

I don't know
anything about you.

Well, I don't spend
all my time
with your daughter.

I'm not spending
all my time with
your daughter either.

I don't want you taking
any more pictures
of her, okay.

And I don't you tickling her
to make her laugh.

Mom, please.

I'll come back
another time, okay?

I'm talking to you.

Would you please let go?

I want to make sure
you are hearing me.

What are you doing?I hear you quite well.

Hey, hey, what's going on?

What's going on?Show him.

What?The pictures.

What pictures?

All she did was
take a few pictures of me.

It's no big deal.

I just came down
to bring you
some brownies.

I didn't know
I was gonna cause a problem.

My plane leaves
in a couple of hours.

I don't wanna go away.
I'm so worried
about this.

What do you want me to do?

Keep Robin away from her.

We live in the same building,
honey, how am I
going to do that?

Then at least find out
more about her.

I can't do it.
I'm 800 miles away.

Yeah, I think
if you were home more,

you would see that
this is not a problem.

Dorothy has been nothing
but helpful.


You think these
are helpful?

I think they're creepy.

Okay, I'll talk to her.

But I think
you're overreacting.



Hi, Dorothy,
this is Marcus Garr.

Uh, Leah and I just
wanted to call and...

just say how sorry we were
about the misunderstanding.

Oh, that's sweet
of you to call, Marcus,

but there's no need
to apologize.

Well, she's...

I guess she's just been
a little stressed out
with all the traveling

and the new job and...

No, I understand.

I mean, she's right
about one thing.
We really...

We really don't know
that much about you.

Well, let's see.

I was born the same
month Kennedy
was shot and...

I got married when I was 21,

and Arthur and I
never had any children.

But we loved to cook.

And we bought
this bakery and...

Well, Arthur passed away
a few years ago,

and I still own the bakery.

But, you know,
without him
it's just a business.

Yeah, uh, you don't
have to go into all that.

Well, I just don't want
you to feel like, uh...

I'm hiding anything.

No, no, no.
We know that. Um...

But thank you
for being so understanding.


Good night.



I can understand
Mom not liking Dorothy.

I thought you were asleep.

She's just a friend.

I know.

How about you?

Well, I'm your friend too.

I mean, you and Dorothy.

Me and...?

What kind of
question is that?

Come on.

Let's get you to bed.


ROBIN: Sometimes I wish
we didn't have such
a weird family.

MARCUS: Who said
we have a weird family?

You're not a normal dad,
Mom's not a normal mom.

Just because I do
the laundry and the cooking

that doesn't mean
we're not a good family.

ROBIN: I didn't say "good",
I said "normal."

MARCUS: Oh, well, normal
doesn't matter so much
if you're a good family.

ROBIN: Do you think
this is s good family?

MARCUS: Are you kidding?
Of course I do.

Honey, look,
we're going through
a tough time right now.

But remember,
we love each other.

And we're gonna
stick together,
no matter what, okay?

We're not sticking
together now.
Mom's gone.

Mom is trying something.

If that doesn't work out,
she'll be back.

ROBIN: I don't wanna
move to Denver.

MARCUS: I know you don't,
but you haven't seen it yet.

Maybe you'll like it.
Maybe we'll both like it.

ROBIN: What if we don't?

MARCUS: Mom will be back.

Come on, bed. Sleep, come on.


I love you, sweetheart.

ROBIN: I love you too.


I love you, sweetheart.

Good night.

Hello, anybody home?




One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four...

Knee and knee...

One, two, three, four...

One, two, three, up.
One, two, three, up.

One, two, three...Oh!

TEACHER: Whoa! Oh-oh!

You guys okay?Uh-huh.

Yeah, all right.
Robin, focus.

And let's take it
from the top.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One and two, three and four,
five and six, seven and eight.



You did a very
nice job in there.

You seemed
a little distracted though.

Can't seem to do
anything right
these days.

Is something
troubling you?


My parents, move to Denver,

The accident at camp.

What accident was that?


I met this girl at camp.

And she drowned.

And it was my fault.

How was it your fault?

I talked her into
going into the water.

She couldn't swim
very well, but I kept saying,

"Come on, you can do it,
come on."

I tried to save her.

But she started
pulling me under.

So I pushed her away.

What was her name?


Amelia made her own choice.

She couldn't
make any choice.

Her mom was
some kind of dictator

who never let her
think for herself.

I'm sure that's not true.

Look, I know you're
trying to make me
feel better,

but nobody can understand.

Nobody can.

But I do understand.

Better than you think.

Something very similar
once happened to me.



Thank you.

I had a younger sister.

She was four years younger.

With the same name. Amelia.

And she was my best friend.

But she died
when she was only three.

So you were seven?


We were playing
up in the attic.

I was pretending
to be a fairy princess
or something.

And I'll never forget
the moment that
I turned around

and she wasn't there.

The door was closed.

And the first thing
that I thought of...

was that I had
made her disappear.

But then I thought
she was hiding.

And I started looking
around for her.

Calling her.

"Amelia, I can't find you."

But I always knew
where she was.

But I couldn't find her
anywhere this time.

[SOBS] And then...

And then I heard a scream.

It was my mother's.

And it was coming
through the window.

That's when I realized
that the window was open.

She fell out the window?

Then I ran over
and I looked out.

And all I could see
was my mother's back.

But she was almost
in tears.

And little Amelia's feet
were sticking up beside her.

Do you think
that was my fault?

Of course not.

Well, I do.


For the same reason

you think that the drowning
was your fault.

Would you excuse me
for a moment?

Excuse me, sir.Hmm.

Would you mind
taking a picture
of me and my daughter?

We're sitting
right over there.

But she doesn't
like her picture
being taken, so just...

Now, have you ever had
your palm read.


ROBIN: I thought if I went
to camp, my parents might
get along better.

DOROTHY: There's nothing
you can do about them.

Your mother's
a very troubled person.

What do you mean?

She also has a very dark aura.

What does that mean?

You have to accept it, Robin.

Appreciate it,
what you have.

Right now.

Because what you have
right now is all you've got.



MARCUS: Well, your mom's here.

Not sure exactly where.

How do you know
she came home?

Her car's gone.

She probably came home
and went out
to get some groceries.


Oh, here she is.

Hi.ROBIN: Where have you been?

Ah, well I got home
early and there
was no one here, so...

I thought I'd catch you
at your dance class,
but you'd already left.

Aw... Hi.Hi, baby.

Mmm.How are you?

We're fine.How was your class?

It was fine.

Huh. Say, uh, wh-when is
Thanksgiving break?

Wednesday, why?

Oh, well, it's...
it's a long weekend,
I was thinking

it might be a good time
for you and Dad
to come visit Denver.


Next week?

Yeah, it might
be fun, huh?

LEAH: They call it
the mile-high city

with lots of lakes,

and the mountains
are beautiful.

They're all covered
with snow.

Good for skiing, huh?

Oh, the slopes are in our way.
We can go skiing
every weekend.

What if we go there
and we don't like it?

Then I'll come home.

What about your job?

I like my job.

But you and Dad come first.

So, what'd you
and Dorothy talk about?


But she's starting
to make me kinda nervous.

LEAH: Yeah, in what way?

ROBIN: In just the way
she talks to me.

LEAH: Did you tell your dad?

ROBIN: No.LEAH: Why not?

ROBIN: I was hoping
maybe you could.

LEAH: It's not the same,
honey, he has
to hear it from you.

ROBIN: Okay.

LEAH: Talk to him, honey,
he'll listen.

I love you, sweetheart.

ROBIN: I love you too.

I love you, sweetheart.

I love you, sweetheart.


I just don't
like her anymore.

Well, she sure has
done a lot for us,
especially for you.

How come you
like her so much?

What do you mean?I mean

if you and mom
weren't married,
would you and Dorothy...

If your mom and I
weren't married,
Dorothy and I

would be friends, period.

You don't have to get
all mad at me.

I am not mad.You are, too.

Sweetheart, I want
your mom to come back
as much as you do,

well, let's not
take it out on Dorothy.

My mom hates her,
but my dad thinks
she's Miss Wonderful.

What do you
think about her?

I just want to
get away from her.

Every time
I turn around
she's there.

I've seen her
following you.

You have?

Taking pictures of you.

I bet she's
following us right now.

Be serious.

I am serious.

Look, come here.

So, I guess
I could've been wrong.

Wouldn't that be a miracle?


Come on,
I gotta get home.

Why do you gotta
get home for? Why don't you
go to the park or something?



Uh, I have to do
my chores.

I'd be happy to help.

Um, yeah, you know
I just wanna be alone,
I'm tired.

Oh, what do you
need to be alone for?

Well, I like being alone.

Well, if you want
to be alone, that's fine.

First let me show you
what I've got.

It's a present.

What is it?Ooh! Let me come in.

I'll show you.

I saw you
with that boy again.


Just now. Outside.

You were following us?

[LAUGHS] Heavens, no!

I was looking out the window
and I saw you walking
home from school.

And I thought
I'd come down
and visit, that's all.

What is it?

It's Sujolite.

And it's not easy to find.

But it's the perfect
stone for you.

What do I do with it?

You keep it with you.

It has marvelous
healing powers.

And it also has the power
to help you forgive yourself.

You know I thought about it,

when you told me
about that little girl
that drowned.

Now, let's see what
you got for homework tonight.





Hey, Frank.Hey, Robin.




Open the door.



Robin, I know
you're in there.


I saw you come in.


Open the door.

What's wrong with you, silly?

[DOORBELL RINGS]I know you're in there.

[DOORBELL RINGS]Open the door.


Or I'll call your father.

...equal areas of population.
There we have...

Excuse me.

Uh, could you hold my calls?

WOMAN: It's your daughter,
Mrs. Garr.

Oh, put her through.



Dorothy's right outside
and she won't go.

Could you excuse me
for a minute, please?


Did you call Dad?

No, I tried talking to him,
but he won't listen.

Hold on a second.

She's gone.

But every time I come
into the building,
she's right there.

I'm gonna call him
right now, okay?

I'll call you back
in a minute.


Marcus Garr.LEAH: Hi, it's me.

Oh, hey, what's up?

I just got a call from Robin.

She's having a real problem
with Dorothy. She won't
leave her alone.

Why didn't she talk to me?

Well, she tried.When?

I don't know, but I want
you to tell Dorothy
to leave her alone.

Okay, fine,
but I've got a problem.

I just asked Dorothy
to spend the night with her.

Spend the night?

Yeah, Malcolm needs me
to go to LA,

there's that city planner
coming in from Seattle.

He only has time tomorrow
morning to talk
about the new plans.

Does Robin
know about this.

No, not yet.

I don't want her
spending the night
with Dorothy.

I don't have any choice.

Call an agency,
call one of our friends.

Honey, I'm running out
of here in about
two minutes

so I can go home
and pack and
catch a 6:50 flight.

I will be home
by noon tomorrow.

I'll come myself tonight
if I have to.


Just so Robin doesn't
have to spend
the night with Dorothy?

Yes! Honey, that is crazy.

Thanksgiving is the day
after tomorrow.

We're gonna come up
and see you in Denver.

You don't get it, Marcus,
she is afraid of Dorothy.

Did she say that?

She doesn't have to,
I can tell. Look.

If you're going to LA,
I'll take the next flight out.

I'll be home by 9:00.

Okay, fine, I'll just...

I'll have her stay
with Robin till you get there.

ROBIN: Why can't I
just stay with Hanna?
I can call her right now.

Honey, I've gotta leave
in 15 minutes.

Yeah, but why
can't I just go?

Robin, Robin, stop.

I know you're fed up
with Dorothy.
I understand.

Your mom's gonna
be here by 9:00.
You only have to be with...


[SIGHS] Honey,
you can put up with
this for a few hours, okay.

Just be nice,
everything will be fine.


Hi, Dorothy, come on in.Hi.

How you doin'?Good, good.

Listen, there's
been a change of plans.

Leah is coming
after all, so...

You won't have
to spend the night.

You still need me?Yes, yes, yeah.

But just till 9:00.
She should be home by then.

Okay, all right.Great.



Come in.


Listen, I talked to her.

Told her Mom's coming home.Good.

So, she gets on your nerves,
just, you know, come up here,

close the door.

This will be
your sanctuary, okay?


Just try to be patient
with her, alright?

You're the only
friend she's got.

I'll try. [LAUGHS]

Okay, I love you.Bye.

Love you too.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Can you route me
through another city?

I tried that.
All the flights going
into Phoenix were full.

What if I went first class?

I'm sorry, there's nothing.

Look, I don't care
how many planes
I have to change,

I promised my daughter
I'd be home,
I have to be there.


Would you knock, please?

Of course.

What are you doin'?

Writing in my diary.

Wanna play some cards?

Can't write neatly
lying on your bed.

I'm the only one
who has to read it.

Well, even so...

You know years from now
you'll wanna be able
to read what you wrote.

Otherwise what's the point.

I wish you'd sit
at your desk over there.

I don't wanna
sit at my desk.

You sound angry.

Maybe you're hungry.

I'm not hungry.

Well, I'll have dinner
ready in about half
an hour, okay.

Your father says
you have a little homework.


LEAH: I'm at the airport.
There's a problem.

This place is mobbed here.
I may have to stay in Denver

and try and get home
for Thanksgiving.

I may not make it,
but I'm still hopeful, honey.

I'm trying to get
a connection
through Salt Lake,

but I have to go on standby
and the list is a mile long.

Is everything there okay?

Yeah, yeah, it's okay.

You want me
to talk to Dorothy?

No, no, that's okay.

All right, well,
tell her what's going on,
I'll, uh...

I'll keep my cell phone on.

And if you need me,
just call me immediately.
I love you, sweetie.

I love you too. Okay, honey, bye-bye.



You should re-write
this English paper.

What for?

Your indents
are way too big.

They should be
four letters wide.

I'm not going
to re-write it for that.

Well, you are
if I say you are.

The margins don't matter.

Well, neatness matters.

And this is
very sloppy work.

And I want you to fix it.


Why bother knocking
if you're just gonna
open the door?

To let you know
that I'm gonna open it,

isn't that what you wanted?


Your paper
looks fine now.


Have you
brushed your teeth?

No, I'm still hungry.

Well, you can't eat
this late.
It's almost bed time.

Excuse me,
I'm getting a snack.

No, you're not.
You're gonna brush
your teeth and go to bed.

ROBIN: It's only 8:30.

You should be asleep by now.

There's no school tomorrow.Doesn't matter.

I'm hungry.
I'm getting something to eat.

I'll tell you
what you're gonna do.

You're gonna
sit down right now,

and write a 100 times,
"I will not get angry."

What?Right now, sit down.

No.What are you doing?

I'm calling my mother.Gimme the phone.


Get in here.


Look what you've done.


Thanks a lot.Thank you.


Anybody home?

I got a present
for somebody.







All passengers reporting
to Flight 303 to Chicago...

Hello.MARCUS: It's me.
Where are you?

Hi, I'm at the airport.
I just got in.

I couldn't get a flight
out last night.
Didn't Robin tell you?

Mm-mmm. Robin's not here.

Well, she's not
at Dorothy's.
I just called there.

They must've
gone out somewhere.

She wouldn't go out
anywhere with Dorothy.

They might've
gone out to the park.

Didn't leave a note?

No, no note. Just a...

sink full of dirty dishes.

Dorothy left a sink
full of dirty dishes?

I don't think so. What do you mean?

Well, Robin said she's
a neatness fanatic.

She alphabetizes
her cassettes for God's sake.

Honey, come on,
everybody has their off day.


Did I lose you?

There's somethin'
on the door frame.


I don't know.
Looks like blood.


It's tiny.How tiny?

Honey, it's just a smudge.

I'm calling the police.

Leah, I don't
even know that it is...

My husband left her
with a sitter, and now
they're both missing.

Yeah, okay, 2265,
Commonwealth Avenue.

Yeah, Sandcreek Manor.

Yeah, Building K.
Apartment 114.



MARCUS: So I should just
check the park

and we'll be, what,
in touch later?

LARKIN: Good.Honey, Detective Larkin.

This is my wife, Leah.

You're the one who called?Yeah.

Has she called?No, no.

But that doesn't
mean anything.

Where is that blood?Just right there.

The doorjamb there.
That little spot.

Okay, well, I called
all the hospitals
and she's not there.

Honey, honey,
if something
bad had happened,

Dorothy would've left a note,
left a message on the machine.

So, what do we do?

Taking the information
and I'll send it
over the teletype

as a possible abduction.

But chances are
they'll turn up
on their own.


Right, thanks for coming.
Appreciate it.

If you hear anything
give me a call
and I'll do the same.

Meantime you might make
a "missing child" poster.

Put it up around
the neighborhood, okay?

MARCUS: Okay, thanks.

LARKIN: We'll be in touch.


Linus, Hi, it-it's
Leah Garr, uh...

Can you do me a big favor?


I'm not supposed
to do this,
you know.

Really appreciate it.Thanks, Linus.

Wait here.

I'm, uh... just gonna
check the thermostat.

Hello? Anybody home?

Looks like she left
in a real hurry.

Either that or she
never really moved in.

Did she have
any children?

Uh, no, no.

What's she doing with this?

I have no idea.

What do you know
about her, Linus?
Does she work?

Got a bakery somewhere.

Right, right,
she told me that.

LEAH: Where is it?She never said.

It's probably on
the lease agreement.

LEAH: Who's this?

I don't know.
Maybe a niece or something.

Are you calling
the police?Yeah.

Don't tell them
I let you in here.

I could get in
serious trouble.


Oh... Oh...Leah, what? What, what, what?

Honey, what are you doing,
what are you doing?

What are you looking for?

Her album.
Where is her album?

What's that?

It's a baby monitor.
This looks just like
that at Dorothy's.

She must've
been listening in.

My God!
She was listening in.

Oh, I can't
believe this.

Oh, oh, oh![CLATTERING]

Honey, what is it?

Just... [PANTS]

It's Robin's friend
from camp.

The one who drowned.

Well, now that
can't be right.

No, that's the same
social security number
as the woman I'm looking for.

No, it-it's
a different Dorothy Cotton.

Well, that means
that she rented a condo

using your name,
your social security number,

your bank account...

MARCUS: When did...
When did this...

All right, yeah,
I've gotta go.

Uh, she's not Dorothy Cotton.

What do you mean?I talked to Dorothy Cotton.

She had her purse
stolen this summer just
before we met this...

She stole someone's purse?Whoever she is!

Yeah...And now we have

no idea who she is!

Linus, what do we have?

Do we have a-a license
number for her car?

No... I've got these.[LEAH SOBS]

LINUS: She drove
a Dodge Dart. Brown.Dart... Dart...

We'll talk to Detective...

What was his...
What was his name?
[SCREAMS] What was his name?

Recording at the camp
says they're closed
for the winter

and they don't give
a referral number.

This woman have any friends,

a husband, an ex,
a boyfriend?

Not that we know of.
She said her
husband had died.

We-we don't
even know her name.

Or why she
would be doing this.

Or-or is this some kind
of twisted revenge.

Honey.Revenge for...

Well, what-what
happened to her daughter.

You don't even know
if this is her daughter.

No. [SOBS]






Are you feeling better?

Where am I?

You're home.

What are you
talking about?

And where did
you get all these
pictures of...


Why don't you
go back to sleep,


You need your rest.

You'll feel much
better in the morning

after you've had
a good night's sleep.

And I'll make you
a nice hot breakfast
in the morning, okay?

There you go.
All tucked in.





If you see this little girl,
please call that number
right away.

Thank you.


If you see this little girl,
please call that number
right away.

CALVIN: Mrs. Garr.

MARCUS: Calvin,
have you seen Robin?

No, what's the matter?

[SIGHS] She was with
this woman who called
herself Dorothy.

She's that weird lady.

What do you mean
"weird", Calvin?

She was always
following us around.

Robin hated her.

If you knew
where they might've gone?


Robin tell you about
the girl who drowned
at camp last summer?

Yeah, she told me
all about it.

Well, we think that Dorothy
might be that girl's mother.

Would you be able
to take some of these

and put 'em up
around the neighborhood?

Yeah, no problem.

If you hear anything
at all, call that number,

it will ring
on my cell phone.

Yeah, you got it.

Come on, guys, let's go.

We can put these
up around the school.

We can't do this.What?

We can't wait
for the police, you know,

to find out about the camp,
we gotta do this ourselves.


Good morning.

I hope you're hungry.

Do you remember
that time we drove
to Santa Fe

and stayed at
that little bed
and breakfast?

And they served
this wonderful
waffles with...

Dorothy, why are you
doing this to me?

No, sweetheart.

I'm Gretchen,
your mother.

You're not my mother.

Try saying it.

Momma.I wanna go home.

Call me momma.

The way you used to.

I never called you momma.

Of course you did, Amelia.

Amelia! I am not Amelia.

Just try saying it.

Momma.Look at me, I'm Robin.

Well, perhaps after
you've had something
to eat, dear.


Now you clean
that up, Amelia.

I am not Amelia!


What is that for?

You know perfectly well
what it's for.

And if you haven't
come to your senses,

by the time it
burns down to here,

I'll have to use it.

And I hope
you won't make
me do that, Amelia.




If I hadn't let her
go to camp, this wouldn't
have happened.

This did not happen
because Robin went to camp.

It happened because
that girl drowned.

Robin coaxed her in the water
and she drowned.

How is that your fault?
How is that anybody's fault?

You said it yourself.
I'm always rescuing her.

I never teach her
the consequences.

You can't blame
yourself for that.

This happened
because of me.

I let that woman
into our house.

I should've listened to you.


Marcus, the window.



Oh, my God.


Leah, how are we
gonna do this
without a last name?

We just look for
any camper named Amelia.

Wait a minute.
I've got an Amelia.

Yeah.Mother's name is Grace.

What's the last name?Phillips.

Phillips, Phillips.Phillips.

Uh, no, no, keep looking.

I should've been here.

[SOBS] I should've
been here for Robin.

And I wasn't.
I was just gone.



Wait, I found it. McIntyre.
Amelia McIntyre.



McIntyre. Got it.

Mother's name is Gretchen.

Glenn Hollow Road,

Marysville. There's a pathway
between 96th.


It's dead.

Forget it.
We'll call from the car,
come on.

Her name is McIntyre.

She lives in Marysville.

Glenn Hollow Road.



He wants us
to go home and wait.

Where do I turn off?

County road six
will take us right
into Marysville.

It's about
three miles from here.





Don't! Save it.
Stop it.


Get here.



Get in there.



Get on the bed, stay there.

MARCUS: That must be it.

You forced me
to do this, Amelia.


I'm not Amelia.
I'm Robin.

[SCREAMS] Get away from me!

Stop it! No! No! No! No!

LEAH: Robin! Robin!


Stop it! Stop!


Honey!ROBIN: [SCREAMING] Stop it.


ROBIN: No! No! No!LEAH: Oh!


Get away from us.

Don't hurt her.


We'll cal the sheriff.

Listen to me,
Dorothy... Gretchen.

Robin didn't hurt
your daughter on purpose,
it was an accident.

Who's Robin?

You're holding her.

No... This is Amelia
and you can't have her.

I've lost her
too many times.

What are you
talking about?


My first Amelia, my sister,
she came back as my child.

Then she drowned.

she was gone forever.

But she came back
and I found you.

And I'm not
going to lose you.


Maybe... Could we
just talk to Amelia?

What for?


Momma, please.

Just let them talk to me.

I... Momma, I promise
I won't go anywhere.

Just tell them
to go away, huh?

You tell them
to get out of here.


Help me!

[GASPING] Help me! Help me!

Help me in here.

Help me!

They're trying
to take my child.

Are you Gretchen McIntyre?


I'm Detective Larkin.

Nobody's going to take
anybody's child. Everything
is gonna be okay.

Thank you.

Why don't you go outside

and wait with your mother?


[SIGHING] Let's go.



what are you doing?


Amelia, no!


Okay. [LAUGHS] All right.

You go hide, go hide.



Okay, all right...

One, two, three, four, five
six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17...


What are they gonna do to her?

Well, she's
a very sick woman, so...

She'll probably go to jail,
then to a hospital.

DOROTHY: Amelia,
where are you,
where'd you go?

Ready or not,
here I come.

You can't hide from me.
I always find you.

I know all your
little hiding places.

I'm gonna find you again
and again and again
and again.

'Cause I know
everywhere you hide.

I'll always find you.

Gee, I wonder
where Amelia is.

I can't find her anywhere.


She's asleep.


I wish we could tell her
this was all just a bad dream.


You know, I meant
what I said back at the camp.

I have been so fixated

on wanting more for us...

More money,
uh, a bigger house.

And I told myself,
it-it was for all of us.

I wasn't thinking
about the family.

I was thinking about me.

You knew that all along,
didn't you?

I knew that if
I didn't agree
to move to Denver

then I might lose you.

I wasn't about
to let that happen.

Uh, I don't need
the position in Denver.

I could work
right here in Phoenix.

I don't need more money,
I don't need a bigger house,

I don't need
those things to be happy.

I need a home.

And as long
as I'm with my family,

I have that.