Douze heures d'horloge (1959) - full transcript

Escaping from prison is a fine thing and Fourbieux, Serge and Kopetsky, three dangerous criminals, have managed to do just that. But to really regain liberty, they need money and counterfeit identity papers. And they have just twelve hours to get them and board the boat to safety. is deprecated, please
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Has it been long
since she's finished dinner?

Tell me, what is she doing?
You think she's already in bed?

Probably not yet.

She's undressing...
- Shut up!

She's undressing...

It's hot.

She takes off her dress...
- Look, don't start!

She can't sleep.
She can't...

She's thinking of me.

I'm sure she's thinking of me!


Barbara! Can you hear me?

Barbara, can you hear me?

Why doesn't she write anymore?
Tell me why she doesn't write anymore!


Do you think
she no longer loves me?

Why doesn't she write anymore?
Why doesn't she write anymore?

What...? But...

- I'll kill you! I'll kill you...
- Stop it!

Oh, you bastard! Damn it!
Help me!

Help! Come here!

- I can't take it anymore!
- Don't move!

If you move,
you're going to bleed.

I want to do it myself... myself...
I want to go by myself.

You'll see her tonight.
It won't be long now.

I can't wait!
I don't want to die.

- She'll cure you.
- She will?

- Yes.
- Yes?

Yes, she will cure me...


"Attention, attention!"

"Three prisoners escaped
from Central Prison this morning,

"after knocking out the guard.

"One of these three is wounded."

"Deploy safety features 3 and 4.

"Attention, attention!"

"Repeating the description of
the three fugitives:"

"Fourbieux, Louis,
35, stocky, brown hair.

"Van Doren, Serge, tall, blond."

"Kopetsky, Ivan,
tall, thin, Slavic appearance."

"One of the three is wounded."

"Attention, attention!"

"Confirming previous instructions:"

"Disable safety features 5 and 6."

"Attention, attention!"

"Three prisoners escaped from
Central Prison this morning,

"after knocking out the guard."

"One of the three is wounded."

"Deploy safety features 3 and 4.

"Attention, attention!"

"We repeat the description of the
three fugitives: Fourbieux, Louis, 35..."

"...Kopetsky, Ivan - tall, thin,
Slavic appearance."

One of the three is wounded.

"Attention, Attention..."

- What is it?
- I think we've arrived. Now go play.

Okay. Pick me up as soon as you can.

Just take your time,
because it's not that simple.

- What are you going to do with them?
- A mouse must have a hiding place, right?

- And with Kopetsky?
- Well... Let's go!

- You think she'll believe you?
- She should.

When you come to get me,
wait for me over there.

Honk your horn three times.
- Yeah, okay.


What are you saying?

What? Huh?

A photo? A photo of what?

Central Prison?
Why is that?

Yeah, I understand.
No, I don't like that. So?

What are you saying?

Three inmates escaped last night?

That's funny...

Of course, I'm coming. I wouldn't
miss it for the world. Be right up.

What time do you need them?

Okay, you'll get your photo
on time.

I'll take care of it right away!

I know my job...

Hey, Barbara!


Come on, hurry up! Come on down!

Make some coffee.

There was an escape from
Central Prison tonight. They were three.

The guard got knocked out. I'm supposed to
take a photo of him in his hospital bed,

with a bandaged head...
It's going to make a great shot.

People like that. I'm not going to let
the gendarmes out of my sight.

Maybe I can be there for the arrest!
I'm sure I can finagle it!

Especially if they kill someone.

They go nuts
for stuff like that in Paris.

What do you think?

You could answer me!

Why are you looking at me
with such a disgusted look?

I'm doing this job to feed us, no?

Where is my revolver?

What do you want with your revolver?

I need a gun. I have to be
careful in case they're armed.

- I'm not stopping you from taking it.
- But it's no longer in its place!

Where did you hide it?

And why would I hide it?

So you sold it?

May I ask to whom?

Where is the money?

It would be convenient for you
if I get killed, huh?

A few tears on my grave, and
monsieur Blanche's will be done with.

Well, you're wrong, my beauty!

Your troubles won't be over;
they'll only begin!

If anything happens to me, a letter
will be delivered to the police


and it will say where you came from
and what you did.

I'll explain everything to them.

A real gem, this letter! So better hope
I live as long as possible, baby!

Yes, I'm coming! Stay here.

Yes, yes, I'm coming!

Yeah, coming!

- Good morning, monsieur Blanche.
- Oh, Maitre Chebochez, good morning!

You're an early bird today.

I decided to
take a walk this morning, so...

I thought I'd come and see you.
But maybe it's too early?

No, no! Early morning is the best time
to take care of business.

And you'll be satisfied.
I'm sure of it. Come take a look.

Tell me, surely you know
the great painter Manet?

- Oh, yes, yes!
- So you'll see, I'm not exaggerating:

The sun peering between the trees,
the gentle shadows...

And in the middle is the main object,

the characters. Ah, I adore Manet.

Don't you?
- But of course, of course.

Watch out for the steps.

You know, at our age,
we must be careful not to fall down.

Follow me.

Watch out! Careful...
- Yes.

You'll see it in a moment.
It's a real masterpiece!

Look - did I exaggerate,
talking about Manet, huh?

No blurring, not a single spot!
I enlarged slightly for more detail.

The real Manet
is worth... 10 million?

I'll give you this one
for 30,000 francs.

I'm making a sacrifice here.
- Aren't you ashamed?

And you, my dear sir?

The forest belongs to everyone.

I was passing by, and we met.

You were thinking only of your own
pleasure, and I only of my work!

It's all very human and understandable.

- 10!
- 30.

- 20!
- 30.

Including the negatives.
It's rare to find a notary in the woods!

There you go.

What if I go now and tell
the gendarmes everything?

Who's going to stop you?
This way, please.

I'm just going to have to tell
the whole truth.

By the way, just show them the photo,
and they'll understand it right away.

One more technical tip, if I may,
about the photo.

Don't tear it up, burn it instead.
Fire cleanses, everyone knows that.

And my regards to the Mrs.


So, how's it going?

Well, how's it going?
You're a little sluggish this morning.

But yesterday, it wasn't you who
exhausted himself working!

It was you! So, what? What's with these
decorations? Raise them higher!

Not everyone likes these decorations!

What did you say?

I've had enough! If you're not satisfied,
take this! Find yourself someone else!

Marie! Where are you going?
It's the 14th of July, we have to get ready!

I've had enough of your 14th of July!
I'm sick and tired of your work,

of madame, and of you! I've had it!
- Don't be stupid!

- I'm looking for Madame Cesar.
- Ask the owner.

- May I see Madame Cesar?
- Oh, no, not now. She's asleep!

Then we have to wake her up.

Yeah, right! A woman
who had worked all night?!

Is there no other option?

No. I need to see Madame Cesar,
and I'm in a hurry.

She'll be pissed.

I don't care. If she makes a fuss,
tell her that "things are getting better."

Are they getting better? How so?

You don't have to understand.
Just repeat what I said. Go!

Hey, do you have a garage?
I've got a loaded truck baking in the sun.

- I don't have a garage!
- What about the shed?

We removed all the tables.
There's nothing there now...

Well, well, well.

Looks like the little one knows
your business better than you do!


That's it!


Worked all night?
- Yes!

Between waiting tables,
serving lemonade and beer,

and today, it continues for
Bastille Day.

What are you looking at?

- The glass...
- Because it's dirty?

No... Because it's a glass.

You're a strange one!

- Life is good, huh?
- Have you forgotten about your truck?

It's your fault.
Okay, where is this shed of yours?

Over there.

What, you don't knock anymore?

Uh... what is that?

What's what?

Don't you know Octave?

He worked all night,
and now he's recuperating.

You have no idea of how
to treat your staff.

That's my razor, man!

Say, you bothered me
just to tell me that?

There's a guy
outside asking for you.

A guy? What guy?

A guy...

- And what does he want from me?
- I have no clue.

He told me to tell you that
"things are getting better." - What?!

He told me to tell you,
that "things are getting better"!


Are you afraid someone will steal
your sheep?

You're accountable for the goods you
carry. Don't you get that?

I have 22 of them.
And that's what I have to deliver.

I can see that you're a serious person!

- That's right.
- Hey!

Madame Cesar is waiting for you.

- See you later?
- Later.

Thanks for the garage.

I know you're having fun,
washing up naked in front of me.

You're doing this
to show me that...

... I am no more to you
than a dog or a bug on the wall!

Only I'm not a dog nor a bug
that you can squash, you know?!

I'm a man!
I'm a man, you hear?!

I thought you were in a hurry.

After all I've done for you,
no appreciation!

Where would you be right now
if it wasn't for me? Where, huh?!

In prison.

I shouldn't have helped you.
I should have left you where you were.

That's not true.

You felt strong,
having the old fool in your pocket!

Because you can do
whatever you want with me!

Well, go ahead and
tell me, so I can hear it!

If that's what you want to hear,
you only need to repeat it.

- Do you know who you are?
- You've already told me.

Here you go.
Your ragu for lunch.

Cook it over low heat.

I don't know what time I'll be back.

But when I come back, I want to see
a revolver on this table!

Do you understand?

Put the revolver down.

And get dressed.

A revolver in the hands
of a naked woman is rather funny.

You should always think carefully
before you pull the trigger.

If you shoot too soon or too late,

there can be unfortunate consequences.

For both.

Allow me to give you some advice.

Tread carefully with the old man:

he has, after all, done a lot for you.

Just a little gratitude, huh?!

What are you doing here?

Your friend sent me.


Where is he?


He's taken care of by a friend.

Why didn't he come himself?

With three bullets in your hide,
you can't always go where you want to.

Why did he run away?

He had only three months left to serve.

82 days, to be exact.

He must have gone crazy.


This is clearly hard for you
to understand.

Women get used to everything.

What is three months?
You haven't been to prison.

I don't have time to chat.
The barge leaves at 6 o'clock.

Do you have the documents?

- What documents?
- Yours!

I'm not going.

Oh, yeah?

What about Kopetsky?

He's waiting for you.
Do you know that?!

It doesn't concern you.

It's my business.

Give me the money!

HIS money. 300,000 francs.

Not a penny less!

We need what Kopetsky left you,
for passports and ticket fares.

I had the money. Now I don't.


Here's my advice to you:

I asked you a question.
Think carefully before you answer.

I don't want to upset Kopetsky

when I tell him what I had to do
to get his little dove to talk.

It's not just about HIS life,

but also about the lives of two others.

And above all - my own!

I told you, I no longer have that money.

They took it away from me.
- Then who has it?

The old man.

Do you think if I had that money,
you would have found me here?

Why did you give it to him?


When the police came
to arrest Kopetsky, I ran away.

I met the old man,
and he took pity on me.

I was innocent,
but I couldn't prove it.

He put my suitcase and the money
in a safe place, saying:

"If you need them, I'll give them
back. You can trust me!"

And when I asked for them,
he said, "You can go to the police!"


Well, I'll wait for his return.

And what are you going to do to him?


I'll just ask him a few questions.

I know him. He won't answer you.

I am convinced of the opposite.

If you don't have very strong nerves,

just get out and let me
do the talking.

And don't be afraid of anything.

It won't take long.

There are four of us.

- I was told three.
- We're taking one woman with us.

- A woman?!
- Yes.

The one with the money.
- And where did this woman come from?

She's the one who's
with the photographer.

Anyway, do what you want,

but I don't know anything!

- Yeah, yeah.

That's funny!
You couldn't choose a name?

You'd better see
if the description fits.

You have the photos?
- Oh, crap, the photos!

Yeah. You don't think I have
photos of every gangster on earth?

What about the photographer's girlfriend?
- Yes, but I have to go there for that.

That's your problem.


Don't forget...
- Yes, I will. Later.

You'll get this later, too.

Hey, what do you mean later?

What am I going to do?
- Go get your photos taken!

Yes, I know that.
But I still have a problem.

What problem?

My friend has 3 bullets in his stomach.
He needs to be taken care of!

Well! Oh-la-la-la... Well, then...

That doesn't concern me!
- What do you mean, doesn't concern you?

It's included in the price!
You're going to keep him here!

Are you crazy?
Today is the 14th of July,

with people coming and going.

Where is he?
- In the truck.

You mean, you have a truck?

Maybe you'd have preferred
that we come by bus?

Okay. Wait for me.

I'm going to get dressed.




What do you want?

Oh, what a bed!

It feels so good!

Listen, don't put your dancing
shoes on my bedspread!


Don't you know better than to look at
a woman when she's getting dressed?

And if he tells you
there's no money in the house?

Where did he put it?

In the bank, maybe? Do you think
he'd be happy to take you there?

People like him don't trust anyone.
The money is probably here.

I'd be surprised.
The one he trusts least is me.

Why does he lock everything up?

And why does he always leave me
without a penny?

Because he lives in fear that one day he'll
come home and find I'd flown the coop.

- You don't need money to fly away.
- Maybe.

But you need tickets
to take a train or a boat!

It's also possible
to take off on foot.

No, I have to go far
away to save myself.

Otherwise he'll call the gendarmes
right away and I'll be arrested.


I have no choice.

Here it's either him or prison.

I don't think you're interested
in my story. All you want is the money.


I'm going to have to go somewhere else.

Let's talk about this revolver.

Do you know how to use it?

Then why?

No, I hide it.

When the old man looks at me...
if you could his eyes!

For four years, day and night,
I was alone with those eyes!

Those eyes that never stop
watching me.

Are you afraid of him?

Anyone would be afraid.

If I were you, I'd have preferred
prison. It has windows with bars,

but luckily, there are also files,
without which...

I wouldn't be here today.

I wish you the best of luck.

Oh, I forgot. A friend of mine will
arrive in a truck to pick me up.

Tell him to wait for me at the port
at Madame Cesar's, understand?

- What are you going to do now?

That's my own business.

What do I tell Kopetsky
if he asks me?

The truth.

And you think he could bear
such truth?

No, I'll make up a story for him.

I'll tell him, for example,

that you're dead.

A dead woman doesn't sleep
with monsieur Blanche.

I mean, the dead know
how to behave, right?

I hope he can take a blow.
That's what I'll tell him.


I'll try to save him,

even if I have to use means
that disgust me.

And you think that in a few hours you can
find 300,000 francs? Are you kidding me?

I know a man...

whose interest is to help me.

Is that so?

This explains why you haven't written
Kopetsky for 14 months.

But that's none of my business.
What matters is that he give you the money.

He doesn't have any,

but his fiancee is very rich.

But why would this girl help you?

He cares about me.

I don't get it.

And she cares about him even more.

Who is this man?

A man.

I first saw him, when he came
to have his photo taken.

Since then,
he's been coming here often.

As soon as Blanche looked away,
he immediately came to see me.

And does she know that he loves you?

She doesn't know anything.

Yeah, I see.

This is all very nice,
but we don't have time.

The barge departs at 6 o'clock.

That gives you another eight hours.


Put me through to 326-42.

Hello, I'd like to speak
with Monsieur de Tercy.

A contract is a contract!

And a good financial relationship
leads to friendship.

Besides, I don't see any
any real discrepancies.

The interests of the newlyweds will remain
interconnected for the rest of their lives.

Everything is settled
to support their happiness.

If your father were alive, he would've
never signed a contract like that!

Don't be nervous, godfather.

I know very well what I'm doing, and
I'm not leaving any of my family out.

But you do!
You're shortchanging yourself!

You and your mother, and your aunt.

Excuse me, Monsieur de Tercy,

but what do you bring into this
besides your son?

I didn't ask for anything, monsieur.
It was offered to me.


My fiance has no money, and
I'm lucky enough to have it.

Why shouldn't I share this money
with the man I'm marrying?

Yes, but to pay the father's rent?!

I can have a penniless fiance,

but I can't be a poor man's

Thank you, dear child.

If I may make one observation,

Let's briefly summarize both points of view
so we can see things more clearly.

- What is it, Angele?
- There's a call for monsieur Maurice.

Tell them to call back later.
Leave us.

I told them, but they say it's urgent.

If it's urgent, darling, go!

Excuse me.

Let's continue, counselor.

The interests of the newlyweds will remain
interconnected for the rest of their lives.

- Who's asking for me?
- A lady.

- What lady?
- I've no idea.

Do you think I know everyone
who's chasing you?

Does it concern you?

So, have they set a date?

No, right now they're discussing money.

You can't live on love alone...

when you're of a certain age...



That's impossible!

Look, I can't leave.
The lawyer is here.

What do you mean,
"so much the better?"


Are you crazy?!

You can't do that!

Listen to me!

But... listen to me!

Okay, I'll be right there.

Bad news?

When you get married, affairs
are over and done with.

But that still leaves the maids.

How nice the birds are!


The birds are nice, yes.

The birds aren't the only ones
Who are nice.

You think so?

Why, don't you?

- You, for example?
- Why not?

What will your mistress say?

Oh, I don't care.
Are you afraid of her?

I have business with her.

I don't want to mix business
with pleasure. It gets in the way.

If you have business with her, it's best
to mix the two. She'll know right away.

You have to be nice in life.

Oh, I see.

Do you know how to be nice?

If you ask me nicely.

Well, then I'm going to ask you


A bottle of red wine,

a slice of bread,

and cheese.

- That's it?!
- That's it.

- Are you hungry?
- Always.

Ah, that's how...


I warn you, I don't
know where he came from!

- It's none of your business.
- What do you mean, none of my business?!

Look, this is a high-profile case.
They talk about nothing else!

They're talking on the terrace right now!
- Well, let them talk.

We'll all get in trouble!

But not you.
You've got nothing to do with it.

Certainly not!

Me, then?

Will you miss me, monsieur Cesar?
- Miss you?

Maybe at night?

Take this to the terrace.

Yes, madame.

He behaves like he owns the place!
He doesn't even bother to ask anyone!

- Where are you going?
- To see what's in his truck.

Why are you so curious about what's
in his truck? It doesn't concern you.

You've just said it yourself.

Can't you give him the documents?
Why is he still here?

Because I asked him to.

Listen well, if you behave,
I'll give you a bottle. If not...

Do you understand?


- You want a sip?
- Yes!


A little patience,

and then you'll be able to go
to the dance tonight.

But I'm warning you, if you play games,
you won't live to see another day.

Did you hear me?

Come on, eat!

As a matter of fact,

you're lucky to be transporting
sheep instead of pigs.

"...Fourbieux, Raoul, 35 years old,
1.72m, chunky, brown-haired.

Sentenced to six years
for burglary.

Van Doren, Serge, 40 years old.
1.75m, thin, blond.

Sentenced to 12 years for...

Would you like to know,
what I got 12 years for?

It's of no interest whatsoever.

In life, we are forced to
take justice in our own hands,

except that the judge doesn't
share this belief.


What's done is done.

Your friend is making us wait.

We need to give him time
to come up with an excuse.

Let's hope he'll think of something.

If he doesn't come,

there could be serious consequences
for him.

The money you're going to give me was
your only chance of getting out of here.

This may be your last chance.
Why not come with us?

A woman doesn't run with a man,
because he loves her,

but because SHE loves him.

And if this man loves her
too much, it bores her...

Is that it?

Go into the next room.

Come in.

Are you alone?

Of course.

Otherwise, would I have asked
you to come?

If anything happens, you can say
you're a customer.

You sure picked a good time.

In truth, no. But in the end,
I think it works out fine.

What a sense of humor!

Hurry up, or they'll start asking
where I've gone. What's the matter?

I need money.

- Excuse me?
- I need money, like you.

What's so unusual about that?
- But...

Nothing, of course, but...

I don't really understand
What this has to do with me?

I'm counting on you
to give it to me.

As a parting gift of sorts.


You know I don't have a penny!

You understand that
I'm going to marry Lucette precisely...

Or else...

Or else I'll make a scandal!

You're crazy!

Do you know what you call
what you're doing?

Blackmail. I know.

But when you promised me
to get me out of here

if I became your mistress...

what would you call that?

But see here, Barbara!
It's not the same thing!

Don't argue, it's useless.

I need 300,000 francs by 3 o'clock.

300,000 francs!

Where do you expect me to find them?
- Wherever you want.

It doesn't concern me.

But if you can't find it,

I'll invite myself to
your engagement dinner tonight,

to tell the whole community,

that you're marrying Lucette
for her money, but that it's me you love,

and that you're my lover.

- But I was never your lover!
- And who would believe that?

Especially if I add a few intimate details
that you told me about your fiancee,

which aren't very flattering for her.

That's not true, Barbara!
You won't do that!

If you do, I'm done for.
But so are you!

I know.

But if you have no hope,
you've nothing to lose.

Oh, if only it were true!
If I had really slept with you!

Getting laid or wanting to get laid...
Do you see a difference?

So, hurry up!

Listen, Barbara.

At least wait until I get married.

Then maybe I could steal
from the cash register.

I'll give you until three o'clock.

After that, no marriage, no fortune.

What if I can't actually
get that money?

Then you will never have
any yourself.


You have the right to say
anything you want.

What matters is

that you get here in time.

So hurry up!
They're waiting for you.

And so am I.

Let her come quickly!

Quickly? You're so funny.
Do you think that's how things work out?

- We need her to hurry up, because...
- Because what?

- I'm afraid...
- Afraid?

Now that the hardest part
is behind us, you're afraid?

You'll see your Barbara!
Now try to get some rest.

Believe me, it's best for you.

I'll go get the guys,
and we'll be back as soon as possible.

When I see a guy
like that, it's just...

- He seems to be in a bad shape.
- That's not the point...

It's in his head...
It keeps spinning and spinning..

Thank you, you were great.
- Well...

So, is everything okay?

Taking him to a doctor would be better,
but he's in hiding, so it'll have to do.

All right, it's okay for now.
But I'm taking off at six o'clock!

And if there's no money,
I'm going to kick him out!

- What are you going to do?!
- Come on, don't get excited!

He has a right to discuss the price,

Look, you always got your dough!
We always keep our word.

What a heel!

- You've never been self-serving?
- Never like that!

Don't be mean.
Go see the photographer.

Hey, learn to smile! If you make
a face like that in the photo...

Say, what if he croaks
by the end of the day?

It's the same price for the dead.

- Fear not the dead... See you tonight.
- See you tonight.

He wanted to live with me.

He ran away because of me.

He was wounded because of
his love for me.

Now he cries for me to come.

And if I don't go to him,
I'll be blamed.

What gives a man the right to make demands
on a woman just because he loves her?

The fact that she once loved him too.

Now you've fallen out of love with him
and you think you're even?

I know he loves you.

And I know,
that you loved him, too.

I know your life better than you do.

Every gesture, every look,
every word you say.

I know the story of your
meeting in Marseilles,

on a Saturday, in the middle of summer.

How in the evening you got
undressed for the first time.

How your body was tanned...

Up to here.

The room was small, the bed narrow...

Shut up.

And you left for Monte Carlo.

And there you were starving.

And one day at the market
he stole oranges.

He couldn't bear to see you suffer.

He found a job for a few days,
you were able to rent a room.

To celebrate, he went out
to buy you candy and cake.

Your favorites.

You ate them,
sitting naked on the bed...

And he's been nibbling crumbs
off your skin.

You laughed like children.

I know all about you.

Your face when you sleep.

The expression of your eyes
in the morning, when you wake up.

You wake up very slowly.

He takes a long time to move
his lips over your forehead,

until you deign
to open your eyes.

One evening,
when you couldn't sleep,

he told you a story about a child,
that he heard from his mother.

An old fairy tale.

You laughed at him,
and he was offended.

And you never understood why.

Do you remember?


It's quite possible.

Women prefer to forget,
often unconsciously,

such uncomfortable memories.

Have you also forgotten
the cashier that he attacked

to get you food and clothes?

Four years!

He paid the price for this lunacy.
Four years!

Four long years in a cell
alone with his love,

of which he spoke to me
every single day.

Every night!

Until your face appeared in front of me.

I begged him to shut up,
I couldn't listen to it anymore.

But he talked and talked.
Nothing could stop him.

He, too, felt that there were
three of us in the cell:



and I.

When I decided to escape,
I had to take him with me.

Or else he would have given me away
out of jealousy.

I thought you were his friend.

His friend...

Who has friends?

No one.

Do you have them?


We're beginning
to understand each other,

but not like those who lie to themselves,
so as not to face the truth.

Not like Kopetsky,

who absolutely refuses to believe
that you no longer love him.

And you don't love him anymore.

Say it!

Please say it!


I want to hear you say it.

You may have noticed that in case
of separation or divorce,

Maurice will leave only
with what he came with,

and monsieur de Tercy's rent
will no longer be paid.

I don't see how I get hurt here.

Your father turned a crappy little shop
into a terrific store!

He created this house you live in
by his work and enterprise!

Oh, godfather, if daddy could read
what's in my heart and in my head,

I'm sure he'd approve of me.

I'm sure he would!

This young one
is better than all of us!

I think Madame is right.

Would you like me to re-read the
paragraphs about everybody's share?

Exactly, exactly!

Especially the part about
the death of my goddaughter!


You took a long time!
Where have you been?

- Come out, we need to talk.
- Now? Don't even think about it!

It's very urgent.

In that case, solicitor,
please excuse me.


I need to talk to you in private.

Okay, let's go.

Say it!

It's not that easy.

What's going on? You've been gone
for almost an hour. Where were you?

I'm in a terrible mess.

Everything is in jeopardy:
our wedding,

our love.
- I'm sorry, I don't understand.

It's pretty simple:

I need 300,000 francs
by 3 o'clock

and I don't have it.

300,000 francs? What for?

It's a debt of honor.

And if I don't pay it...

I knew you had debts.
But a debt of honor is something new!

It happens.

What does she
offer you in return?

Who is "she"?

Your mistress.

What does that mean?!

Everybody knows that.

Me too, of course.

At the store, they made allusions...

On the street, snippets of phrases,
knowing smiles...

- I swear...!
- Oh, don't swear.

Soon you'll be swearing allegiance
to me. I need to believe it.

- You don't believe me.
- But I do.

You never answered me:
what does she offer in return?

She'll go away.

Аnd if you don't give her the money?

She'll make a scandal.

Can you help us?

- Us? Who are you talking about?
- You and me, of course.



I agree.

We can't let her live in sorrow
alongside our happiness.

- I need the money by 3 o'clock.
- She has a train to catch?

Don't joke.
When are you going to give it to me?

I'll bring it to her myself.


Women can settle such cases better
among themselves.

But, of course, you'll accompany me.

Let's go!
We don't have much time to lose!

Have you lost your mind?

You're supposed to honk your horn
and wait outside.

You didn't know
who you were going to meet here!

Don't get upset.
I'm here to see the photographer.

But if I'm disturbing you...

Aren't you going to introduce me
to the lady? - What's wrong?

Everything's just fine.
But knock on wood, you never know.

Don't play dumb! Tell me!

Hey, I've been on edge since
yesterday, so watch it!

So, for the passport photos,

I decided to see a photographer.
So here I am.

For us, it's going to be easy.
But Kopetsky? I couldn't bring him.

So I thought, maybe she has some
souvenirs from the good old days.

I have no souvenirs.

Maybe among all the photos
you have in your closets,

there'd be one of some guy who
resembles him a little.

Find a guy who's skinny...
Well, you know him...

It's quite possible.
Would you look for it?


Well, you didn't pick the worst job!

What did you do with the old man?

He's doing his own job.

He's with the gendarmes, taking
hunting photos.

And the money?

It's not as simple as we thought.

How's that?

Did she spend Kopetsky's money?
- No, it was taken from her.

- Is she fucking with you?
- No.

It's true.

Well, well.

Just remember, everything has to be
taken care of by 6:00.

From my end, everything is arranged:
The barge, the passports.

And Kopecky?
What have you done with him?

He's already aboard, hiding.

How is he?

So so.

And his wound?

Not so good.

Do you think he'll make it?

I hope so, for his sake.

Not for yours?

What are you trying to say?

Nothing. Just a thought.

After all, he's your pal,
not mine.

It's normal that you'd
worry about him, but...

that filly over there
doesn't seem to care much.

She hasn't asked me about him.

- Did he talk to you about her?
- He did, but do you realize

that he can't talk about anything else?

- Will you go back to see him?
- I have to keep him informed.

After all, it's his woman
and his dough, isn't it?!

What are you going to tell him?

For him to do as I did - wait.

Here you go.

Take all this.

It feels good to give me all this
for Kopetsky, isn't it?

All right, come on.

After all, if it were me,
I don't know what I would have done.

That's what I would do.

Take a look at what's in here. He must
have changed in the past few years.

I'm not sure I'd recognize him.
Come this way.

Let's get on with it. I can't keep
my load for hours in the sun.

Sheep are good natured,

but I'd rather have them
in the shade, locked up in the barn.

If you want it to go faster,
shut your big mouth!

All right. Come on, lady, as you can see,
he can't wait for me to leave.

That's it?


It's better to hurry up
with the money.

We have to be on the barge
by six, don't forget.

Don't worry.

Pick us up at 5:00. Got it?
- I'll see you then. And thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Your turn.

Look (at the camera).

You told him to come pick us up.


You know I'm not going with him.


Not with him. With me.

For four years I've been living
next to a woman I don't know.

And today...

she's here in front of me.

I don't want to ever lose her.

You're coming with me!

I'll take care of all the rest.

You agree?

- Did you see her?
- Yes.

And, young man, you didn't exaggerate.
She has a great figure!

What did she... what did she say?
Did she talk about me?

About you?

Yes, a little bit.

- And what did she say?
- Come on, pal, all these questions!

How could I remember everything?
She filled my head with Kopetsky!

Kopetsky this and Kopetsky that!

I don't know what you do
with the girls, but they love you!

- Why didn't she come with you?
- And the money? She has to get it.

You don't think she keeps it in a drawer,
do you? She has to look where she hid it.

On top of that, today is a holiday.
And that doesn't make things easier.

- And Serge?
- He's helping her.

- Are they together?
- Look, what other option is there?

I'd rather have you stay with her.

Me or someone else,
what difference does it make?

The important thing is that all four
of us are out of here tonight. Right?

Yes. Did she tell you why
she didn't write me,

She did! She said, she said...
She said to give you this.

Isn't that enough? Look!
It's better than words.

Here's some clothes for you...

And she gave me this
to cheer you up.

See, she thought of everything.

Come on, have a drink.

A few more hours.
and you'll have everything:

freedom, a doctor...

and your Barbara.

Is that okay with you?

Bye, kid.

And long live the king!

Long live the king!
Long live...

Hey, chase him away.
He's out of his mind!

Come on, let go of your king.

- Hey, what's that?
- We've had it with you and your king!

Come on, come on, let's go.
- Long live the king!

All the same,
it's a beautiful July 14th.

- To your health!
- And yours.

And life is beautiful!


- Am I interrupting something?
- No, no, no, no.

Armand. My cousin Armand.
The black sheep of the family.

A gendarme. And this is a friend...

An old friend from Morocco.

Hello, monsieur Albert.

Don't tell me you came all the way
from Morocco just to see Juliette?

No, silly! He came from Lyon
with a load of sheep. He's a trucker.

What's up? How's Mathilde?

It's not working.

Are you going to cry
on my shoulder again?

It's the same thing every time.

You could have warned me
about your niece!

- But I did warn you.
- Only not enough!

I mean, really, how could I know?

When you look at a woman, you only see
the facade, not what's inside her.

Isn't that so, monsieur?

Are you married?
- No, no.

- You're in luck!
- Hey, Armand, take your hand away!

Who likes to see a gendarme's hand
on their shoulder?

Yes, that's true. I'm sorry.

- To your health, Albert.
- And yours!

- Oh, hello, Cesar!
- Don't you say hello to Armand?

- Yes! Hello, Armand!
- Tell them to set the table for four.

- Four?
- Of course. Armand will eat with us.

Yes...? Ah, yes!

I... need to talk to you.

All right, you two go to the dining room,
Monsieur Cesar needs to talk to me.

- So you're a trucker?
- Yeah.

- How long have you been doing this?
- Well? What is it??

- You must be crazy!
- You're scared, Henri!

Not only do you keep him here,
but you introduce him to Armand!

Don't you realize it would be best if
he spends all day with Armand?!

What did you tell
Armand about him?

That he's an old friend from Morocco,
His name is Albert.

He has a truckload of sheep.
He comes from Lyon.

As for the rest, all you've got to do
is keep quiet. Is that clear?

But that's it, I tell you,
She broke everything!

- Now I understand your nervousness.
- You don't say!

- Cigar?
- No, thank you.

No, she doesn't like that.
- Who?

- Mathilde.
- Did she cheat on you?

- No, she's faithful.
- What then?

She's nervous. She broke everything.

Broke everything? Like what?

Everything that can be broken.

Mind you, I don't care.
She bought the aquarium herself.

And the pendulum clock
is from her mother.

In any case, it never worked.
- Come on, because of a clock...

But it's the noise! And the neighbors...

The wives of my colleagues must have
have heard everything through the wall.

And the inevitable gossip!
- Scared to slap her a couple of times?

- What?
- Back and forth.

- Mathilde?!
- Right.

I can't do that, monsieur.
I'm a gendarme.

- Yes, sorry, I forgot.
- No, I'm the one who's sorry.

I'm not such great company today.

Come on, it's no big deal.

It's normal,
when a person has problems...

What a nice friend you have!

You see, a trucker and a gendarme
can get along quite well!

I could ask for nothing more.

Of course, men always agree
when it comes to women.

Well, what did you decide about her?
- I left.

- For good?
- No! Well... for one day.

A furlough...
I came to see...

if you'd be willing to talk to her.

Look, I don't want to interfere,
but at a time like this talking isn't...

Either you're a man - and you break everything,
or you're a gendarme - and you forgive and forget.

You think it's that easy?

Well, I'll take my leave.
It was nice to meet you...

You're not going to leave now, when I
finally meet someone who understands me?

- Yes, but I have sheep to tend to...
- So? You've got them in the shade.

You see, your friend needs you,
just like you may need him.

Me? A gendarme?!

Why? Do you have something
against gendarmes?

No... No!

Well, then... friends?


What is it now?

Identity check.
Your documents, please.

This is the fifth time I've shown
my ID card!

Oh, come on! It's as if I change
my identity every ten kilometers!

It's me, isn't it?!

So, come on!

- You may drive on.
- Ahh, drive on...

What are you worried about?
These are firecrackers.

Are you that excited about July 14th?

No, that's not it.
I was afraid it was my tires.

So you left the truck in the sun?
Let's take care of it!

Sit down! Leave his truck alone.
It's in the shade!

Oh, well...

It's the job, right?
The same with me.

Whenever I see
someone, my first thought is:

"What illegal things did he do?"

Hey, I'm right here in front of you.

- Where are you going?
- I'm not hungry anymore.

But you're my friend! You can't deceive
anyone with a face like yours.

You know what, Armand?

I'm starting to like you, too.

You know, a real friend
isn't easy to find.

Therefore, if found...

I need to talk to you
about Mathilde!

Talk, my pal, talk about Mathilde
as much as you like. I'm listening.

Anything is better than talking
about politics...

- You know women, Albert...
- Well, let's not exaggerate.

Yes, yes, I'm sure you do.

There isn't much to know.

Women, let me tell you,
are like... a rat trap!

It smells good,
looks appetizing...

and all you have to do
is take a piece of lard and... Bam!

And be careful with the latch.
That's it.

It's just that you've gone so far
with Mathilde that the latch...

Yes, of course,
with Mathilde, it's a little late.

I should become an officer.



What's taking you so long to open?

No one asked for me?
- No one.

Did anyone come here?

- Were you expecting someone?
- I wasn't. But maybe you were?

Your Kopetsky is
one of the 3 fugitives.

I know.

You know?

How could you possibly know that?

He came to see me.

And where is he?

If you think I hid him, you only need to
search the house from attic to basement.

And when you're done...
I'll tell you what happened.

- What happened?
- Search first, or you won't believe me.

- What did he want?
- To see me.

Does that surprise you?

Did he touch you?
Tell the truth, did he touch you?!

- He came for his money.
- And what did you tell him?

I told him I no longer had it.

Did you say who took it?
And why did the old fool take it?

Ah, you must have had fun
talking about the old man!

Did you make fun of me?!
- He doesn't know you.

Well, he will know who I am!
I swear he will!

I'm going to find
that dirty little scoundrel

and show him
what I'm capable of!

Tell me right now where he went,
you hear?!

Maybe you think he left
his address for you?

For me, no. But for you, yes,
so you can join him.

I'm not going with him,
and he knows it.

How does he know that?

Because I told him myself.

- What did you tell him?
- That I don't love him anymore.

Is this true?

Did you really tell him that?

I've never asked you to believe me,
have I?

I believe you. Yes, I do!

I want to believe you with all my might!
You don't love him anymore!

Did you say that? Say it again.
You said you don't love him anymore?!

You can't deny it now, Barbara.
Just wait and see!

You'll see how good I can be.

I have to deliver one of my photos.
But I'll be back!

Wait for me and you won't regret it!

I want you to look beautiful!
Beautiful, you hear?

Thank you... Ah, thank you!

Thanks for sticking around!

When he returns,
the house will be empty.

It would be terrible for him.
I almost feel sorry for him.

He should have searched the house,
as he was about to do.

He would have found me,
and I would have had to kill him...

It would have been a better way out
for him than what awaits him tonight.

Tonight, tomorrow and
the day after tomorrow.

And every night...

The nights I had to spend with him,
I could never...

...forget nor forgive myself.

And you wouldn't be able to either.

And you? Would you be able to forget
that I killed a man?

Do you want me to tell you why I did it?
- No!

I don't want to know that.

Listen, Armand, you're beginning to
piss me off with your officer shtick!

Maybe you should
kick her in the ass, that's all.

- I can't! I'm a gendarme!
- Then you should slap her sometimes.

Believe me, it won't hurt.
- I don't want to!

- I know, I know. You're a gendarme.
- Yes, I'm a gendarme!

- Everyone knows that.
- Yes, I am a gendarme!

They don't let you
do much in the police.

Not much...

- Listen...
- Yes...


Have you ever tried
to take her for a walk?

- For a walk?
- Mm-hmm.

A little walk
at night up on the rocks...

...and then one push...!

And Mathilde...

will slip.

And this is what you're telling me,
Albert, my friend?!

Look, I was just kidding!

You can't joke about such things!
You're my friend, Albert!

Okay, okay.

We mustn't lose sight
of each other!

We'll see each other again.

- Is that what you want, too?
- Yes, why not?

- Sometime on Sunday.
- Yes.

I'll wear civilian clothes
so nobody bothers me. In Toulon.

Alright. Sunday, in Toulon!

Meet me at Marini's.

Do you know it? In Toulon?

Marini's? You bet!

You know... On Rue de la Harpe.

Yes, yes, Rue de la Harpe, Marini's
on Sunday in Toulon!

I got it!
- Eleven o'clock, huh?

At 11 o'clock...
You won't forget?

I already said I got it!

You promised me several times...

You can do that every day.

You know, sometimes,
after a day on the truck...

Yes, that's true...

Like yesterday on Highway 7.

When you drove from Lyon,
you took highway 7.

Of course!

The road work
must have given you trouble!

I should think so.

It was crazy. I had to do 10km an hour.
- 10km an hour?!

Not the entire time...

10km an hour, you say?


A friend who was driving...
at 10km an hour...

Come to think of it,
I hardly know you, mademoiselle!

I didn't take you for someone
with good taste, my dear!

Oh, sorry.
I shouldn't have used that word!

That's your right,

Thank you.

To be honest, it was me who chose
Maurice rather than the other way around.

But life is terribly complicated...

Just when you think everything's in order,
an unpleasant problem pops up

and needs to be solved.

- Is that what you're here for?
- Exactly. I think you know what I mean.

My weakness is my love for Maurice.

But I know very well
how to be happy with him.

We all try to pursue happiness.
And so do you, isn't it?

And that requires sacrifice.

Maurice owes you after
what happened between you two.

I swear to you,
that nothing happened!

Don't swear! He didn't mean
to misbehave. He lost his head.

I even feel
embarrassed for you.

As if it weren't
a natural thing!


Let me finish, please.

You said it was urgent?

Yes. Very urgent.

I trust you completely,

I'm glad I can help you, but...

I must be sure that you're
definitely leaving.

Would you mind giving me a receipt?

Here's something to write on.


"I, the undersigned,

-fill in your name-

admit that I received

the sum of 300,000 francs,

and pledge not to hinder

the marriage of Monsieur de Tercy

by the scandal

that I threatened him with."


And don't forget the date, please.
Thank you!

Great, thank you.

Take this.

No need to count.
You don't cheat in a case like this.

You can say goodbye.
I'll wait for you outside.

Bon voyage, mademoiselle!

I'm sorry.

Alone at last!

To think
you're leaving tonight!

Have you seen what time it is?

Naturally, now you're in a hurry.

Have you forgotten about your dough?

I'll go get it.

Just be careful,

I don't like you walking around
town with a mug like yours.

I'll take the truck, because
I have to bring the others.

In the meantime, get the paperwork ready,
so you can paste in the photos.

Well... See you later.


Where are you going?

- Aren't you dead yet?
- I'm coming with you!

- I want to go with you.
- Oh, no! No, no...

No, no, sit down!

Sit down and wait for me here.
- I'm going with you.

No! I don't want to drink anymore!

- I need to take care of my sheep!
- And I'll help you! I'll help you!

We'll all help you...
- All right, all right. You can help!

Go get some warm water and clean them
up well, because sheep are delicate!

- Yes, that's right!
- Got it? Let's go!

- They're tender, the sheep...
- Get going!


Stop the music!

Gentlemen, have your
your papers ready! Quiet!

Your papers!

Let's give your sheep
water to drink, Albert!

We have to give water to the
sheep, who are thirsty.

Hey, stop! I'll do it myself!

- But you said they had to drink!
- You'll get your uniform dirty!

No, I won't...
Oh, come to me, my little lamb...

Come, my little one.
Oh, how pretty you are!

Oh, yes! You're going to make
a great leg of lamb!

You are a good sheep from
the Lower Pyrenees. Albert!

Albert! Aren't these sheep
from the Lower Pyrenees?

Hey, gendarme,
I want to show you my ID!

We don't need you.
You're not an outsider.

It's brand new. I've only had it
3 days, haven't shown it to anyone!

- I'll put you in jail to sober you up?!
- Oh, come on!

So what's the point of obeying the law?
- What do you want from my clients?

Let them keep dancing!
- Where does this door lead to?

To my apartment.
Would you like to see it?

- And there?
- To the the courtyard.

- Gendarmes, go check!
- What?

- With you permission.
- Where are they going?

- Would you like to see the guest register?
- Do you have guests?

- There's no one now.
- Then it's absolutely useless.

Oh, my God!

Oh, it's nothing!
These are my colleagues! Are you afraid?

No, but... I have sheep...


Well... more precisely,
the health certificates!

I'll take care of it.
Hand me the bucket!

- What?
- Give me the bucket! Quickly!

Hey, you!

What are you doing here?

Gendarme du Valon, Adjutant
of the Toulon Brigade.

What kind of outfit is that?!

I'm on furlough,
visiting family, Adjutant.

Your furlough papers!

My furlough papers?

Here they are... I was...

helping a friend...

to clean up his truck...

He's a trucker,
hauling sheep...

I was getting them water.

- Is this his truck?
- Yes, Adjutant.

Have you seen anything suspicious
around here?

- No, Adjutant.
- All right.

You're lucky it's July 14th...

but in the future, when you work at home,
put on civilian clothes!

All right, Adjutant.

- You're a real friend!
- That's nothing!

- Yeah, right!
- No, I'm a gendarme,

but I'm against harassing people
over a piece of paper.

They're sheep! Can you believe it?
Documents for sheep!

That gendarme...

What happened?

- Nothing.
- What did he want?

It's me he yelled at...

because I was badly dressed.

See? Maybe it's time for me to leave.

What? You're going to leave right now?

It's urgent...
and I can't drive at night.

- No, you're not going...
- If I were you, I'd wait a little longer.

There's a police checkpoint
down the road.

There's a terrible traffic jam...
You couldn't even get through.

And even more so with your
sheep documents!

Come on, let's go get a drink.

C'mon, Albert, just one!

Or two... Let's go!


I have to seize the moment,
can't you see?

At midnight, my freedom
will be over.

And you have your whole life!
- That's right. Let's go get a drink.

There's someone at the store,

- Today? But we're closed.
- I told him, but he insists!

It's the photographer,
monsieur Blanche.

monsieur Blanche?

Okay, I'm coming.
Finish setting the table.

Hello, monsieur Blanche.

- Hello, Mademoiselle.
- What can I do for you?

Excuse me for interrupting...

but I would like to make
a small purchase.

Monsieur Blanche, it's a holiday,
and the store is closed.

But between us entrepreneurs...

I won't keep you long,
I know exactly what I want.

So be it.

Thank you.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

Again, I apologize,

I wanted to give a gift
to my... my assistant.

She's a great employee.
You know her.

Yes, a little bit.
And what exactly does she want?

A fox... The silver fox you had
in your store window last winter.

In the window.
- A fox?

That's a pretty strange wish
for the 14th of July.

Yes, I know, mademoiselle.

I'll go look for it.

She saved up for it
from what I was paying her.

And since she doesn't have enough,

I said I would make up the difference.

Show it to me!

We should incentivize the staff.

Of course.

Besides, she's right to take
precautions for the future.

Precautions? What for?

What are you trying to say?

For the winter!

In three or four months, the fox
will be very appropriate.

And in July, winter goods
are always cheaper.

We haven't received
the new price list yet,

so you're certainly
getting a good deal.

It's priced at 30,000 francs,
as you can see.

Tell me, between us entrepreneurs,
can you reduce the price by 3,000?

Look, monsieur Blanche,
I'm sorry.

It will take too long to explain, but...

even at this price, I'm selling it
at a loss. Believe me.

Alright, I'll take it.

Since there's no other way...

She liked it so much!

Here, 30,000 francs.

Here you go.

Thank you. Give my best wishes
to Mademoiselle!

Yes, thank you. I will.

If I get up, you get up too?

And if I take a few steps,
so do you?!

But any friend would do
the same for you!

Armand, I'll give you
one piece of advice:

Get away from me and sit down!

I said sit down!
- And you?

- I'm leaving!
- Where are you going?

I have a shipment! I'm pressed for time
and I old you I can't drive at night.

Look, but I'm a gendarme,
and your papers aren't in order!

- I can manage without you!
- No, I'm not leaving you!

I'm coming with you!

I'm coming with you!

- What more do you want from me?!
- I want to take a walk with you.

I told you, we'll take a walk
on Sunday in Toulon!

No, it's the 14th of July!
Let's go dancing!

listen to me carefully!

I wanted to say goodbye nicely.

Let's go dancing.


You asked for it.

Let's go!

Where are you going?

- For a walk.
- But you don't have time!

- You won't leave me alone?
- You don't leave friends alone.

Bye, Juliette,
thanks for the treat.

Bye, Cesar!

Let's go, Albert!

He asked for it!

- Albert!
- Аh?

Shall we go?

We can't wait for him anymore.

We'll have to get to the port
on our own,

and, if possible, separately.

Wait for me at Madame Cesar's.

And if I don't show up,

give her the money.

At least, this way you can
get on the barge.

See you soon.

I'll go with you.

You don't have to hide
to get to the port.

You can go there directly,

and I'm going in a roundabout way.

I can get there faster on my own.

I promise you I'll be there.

I'm scared.

For the first time in my life.


For you.

Thank you.



Barbara! Open up!

It's me!

I brought you something!
You're going to love it.

I want you to be happy.
As happy as I am,

Ever since you said you didn't love him
anymore... I'll never forget that!

I have a good memory, you know.

I remember you
looking at the store window.

You didn't dare say you wanted it,
but I guessed it myself.

Look! Do you like it?


I'm sorry, monsieur Blanche,
but we don't have a minute to lose.

Come, Barbara.


No, monsieur Kopetsky,
she's not going with you.

Understand this!
- Let her go immediately, you hear?


She won't go with you!

She told me it was over,
and you're nothing to her anymore!

I said let her go!

Come on, say it again,
he's nothing to you!

Come on! Say it!

I bought your story, but now you're
going to tell the police everything!

Maybe they'll believe you. But
you'll have a lot of explaining to do!

They're waiting for you -
and they don't like it.


Let her go.

Go ahead.

Well, go!

Get away! Get away from him!

I'll take the shot!

I'm going to shoot!

If you won't move away,
I'll shoot anyway!

Don't touch anything.

I'll go get the police.

If they ask,

you'll say you don't know him.

And killing him was in self-defense.

Got it?


Do you know what time it is?

And your friends, where are they?

If they don't get here before we leave,
you're never going to make it.

Where are you going?

To look for the others.

Armand, you shouldn't have
come with me.

I won't leave you.

- But I'll see you on Sunday!
- So what!

- You asked for it!
- Asked for what?

Oh, fine.


I don't believe it!
Are you crazy?

Put that away! You're drunk.
It can go off by itself!

I'm not drunk.

- So what gives?
- It's not going this way.

It's that way.


The police station is that way.

Don't come any closer, Albert!

You're too strong.

I'll be forced to shoot.

And I wouldn't like that.

You've never been to Toulon!

Marini's on La Rue du Harpe

has nothing to do with Toulon.

As to Highway 7...

I'm sorry, but...

there's no road work on it.

You said, 10 km an hour!

To do that to a friend!


Come on, let's go!

You have to understand me.

I must do my duty.

Start walking.

He's indeed one of the three,
but not the one you named.

What, it's not him?

It's not Kopetsky. And the witness,
your employee-- where is she?

It's not Kopetsky?

Barbara! Barbara!

Wait... She was here a minute ago...

She's somewhere around here...


Well? Where is she?

I don't know...

Probably in the garden.

Barbara! Barbara!

Follow him!





Barbara... Barbara!


Be reasonable, Albert.

Tell them where the others are,
and that'll work in your favor.

So, that's it! You want me
to be filth like you.

- But I was just doing my duty, Albert.
- Don't call me Albert!

It's not my name!

Albert was your friend,
whom you sold out for a promotion!

You didn't rat me out back then,
so you could get me all by yourself!

Admit it!

Except it was all for nothing,
you hear?

You gave me up for nothing!
For nothing!

- How's that, for nothing?
- If you become an officer one day,

then your Mathilde will want
to make you an adjutant,

then a lieutenant, then a
captain, and then a general!

And you'll never get out,
you hear? Never!

No, never.

You're a loser.

Don't look over there.

It's best if you don't.

The sea, the sailing ships...

seen through these bars, will
only make you depressed.

It hurts, Albert.

The dead pay the same price.

The End.

Subtitles by feufollet77 for KG