Doubtful (2017) - full transcript

Assi, a screenwriter and poet, is stuck in his personal life. He is full of doubt, disturbing thoughts, and existential restlessness. He is sentenced to community service due to a drunken-driving motorcycle accident in which he was involved. For his community service, he is sent to work with juvenile delinquents in Beersheba - the desert city in southern Israel - who are under house arrest and must attend sessions with Assi in the neighborhood shelter as a condition for their parole. Their extreme personalities, their riotous energy, and their charm awaken in him curiosity and attraction; together, they break through the boundaries of the rehabilitative framework.

The Rogovin Brothers

Inspired by actual events


Son of a bitch.

Come on in.

Where're you going?
- To pee.

Didn't I tell you no gambling for money?
- It's not for money.


Who said anything about money?

I don't want to hear it.
Get up.

Go turn off the music.

You're gonna break it.
- Wait a second.

I don't have a second!


Fuck you.

Let's go.
- Last shot.


Hurry up.

How can you play without a cue?

Make a square.
Stop making trouble.

Do I have to repeat myself?


Thank you.

That's enough.

This is the film teacher,
be nice to him.


My name is Assi
and I'm not a film teacher.

Generally, I write stories for movies,
poems, reflections...

What's that?
- What you see in the mirror.


You had your disco, now it's a zoo?

Reflections are words describing

what I think or feel about people.

Sit down.

It's all right. Stand up.

Stand up.

Let's form a circle.


Stand up and walk around the room.

Move around.

Hands off.


Hands off. -We're hugging.
- It's okay to hug.

Keep going.

Keep walking around.

Ouch! Asshole...

Daniel! -Don't "Daniel" me,
did you see what he did?




Go up to the person
in front of you.

This'll be your partner
for our introductory exercise.

I don't want Rikki.

Who wants to be with you?
Stupid idiot.

"Stupid idiot..."

Who do you want to be with, Rikki?
- I don't care.


I'll be with Michael.

What do we have to do?
- It's like this,

everyone tells his partner
a story that happened to him. Okay?

You'll choose one story
and then tell us that story.

We'll have to guess who
the story really happened to.

Got it?

What story?

I don't get it.

What am I supposed to say?

I'll be with you.

Just look at the camera.

A few months ago I stole
my brother's ID.

I needed money so I went
to donate sperm.

At 15 you can't donate sperm?

It's just a story, stupid.
Forget it...

Let Michael tell.

Rikki, finish the story.

Then tell them not to laugh.
- They aren't laughing at you,

finish your story,
then well hear from Michael.

My big brother Amit is 22
and he's done it a few times.

I needed...

What an ass.

You're gonna get it, I swear.

Just you wait.

My big brother Amit is 22
and he's done it a few times.

I needed the money and
since we look alike I pretended to be him.

I went, had a few tests,
and donated.

Rikki! Rikki! Rikki!

Very good, Rikki.

Your turn, Michael.
- Don't want to.

See, Rina? You're such an Arab...

You're gonna get it.
- Sure you don't want to?

Rina, I did it, so should he.

Why isn't he...

We'll do it.
- Die, you piece of shit.

I was arrested last summer...

I can't fall asleep at night,
I get bored.

I met a girl and got her to come over.

I was drunk.

I drove her on Elad's scooter.

I ran a red light and only stopped
in the middle of the intersection.

That crazy bitch went ballistic on me
and ran away.

The judge made me do
community service for drunk driving.


You interrupt everyone, you jerk.

I just don't get it.

Okay, let's calm down.

I was arrested half a year ago.
- This is obviously Eden's story.

Enough, Daniel.
- "Daniel" again?

Move your arm.

I can't fall asleep at night
so I go on jitney rides.

The 5 line from the bus station
to north Tel Aviv,

back and forth, all night.

Of all the people that got on and off,
there was a tourist who caught my eye.

Do you want to leave?
Do you?

I've never seen such a retard.
- Then stop it!

You're bothering everyone.


Count to three and calm down.

Why to three and not ten?
- Don't encourage him.

Anyway, there was a tourist
who caught my eye, so...

I took her to my place
and after two shots she went down on me.

You mean "blew me.
- It's the same thing.

This is boring.
You said we'd make movies.

What kind of movies do you want to make?
- Like on the Viva Channel.

Viva la diva

Viva Victoria


Like on the Viva Channel?
- A comedy.

A comedy, something funny.

They also have those movies
with Indians... -Indians?

Those with the hat...
- Horror! Ah ah ah!

Cowboys, Westerns, stupid.
- I'll fall off my chair.

Westerns, you moron.

Porn... -Okay.
- Porn!

Calm down, Elad.
Be quiet.

And don't be gross.
- There are comedies, horror movies,

porn... -Red movies.
- What are red movies?

Eden's mom fucks animals.
- Whoa!

He whooped your ass.

He whooped you.
Go home. -Enough.

Let's make a porn flick with Ilya's mom,
she'll play herself.

It's about a whore who has babies
with her clients for another fix.

Don't start in...
Ilya, don't start in...

Stop it!
Cut it out!

Please stop it!
Please stop!

Leave him alone!
I'm begging you.

Stop it, Ilya!

Leave him alone!

Please stop it!

I'm begging you, leave him alone!

When we lived in the Ukraine
we lived near the airport.

Every time a plane flew over

the whole house shook.

When my mom brought a man home
I'd go up on the roof.

I liked to imagine
I was catching a plane and flying away.


Can you sign this?

Is the train station on your way?

No, but I'll give you a ride.


Leave him alone!

It's okay, he's with me.


Calm down.

I'll be right back.

Is Eden here?

One floor up.

Is Eden here?

He's not home. Who are you?

I teach him filmmaking.

Eden's learning filmmaking?

I know he's under house arrest.
He must be here.

Someone stole my wallet.

I can lend you a few shekels.
- And my phone.

What phone?

Someone stole my phone.

If she wasn't here now
I'd kick your ass.

You're blaming me? -Eden!

Thanks to you I'm gonna get
another month of house arrest.

How is it my fault?

Can you call him?
- He says it isn't him.

Then who is it? He bumped into me
when Rina chased him.

Eden may be many things,
but he's not a liar.

I have no way to get back to Tel Aviv.

Can you please call him?
I need to talk to him.

Wait a second.

He says if you leave the camera

as collateral he'll loan you some money.

Rina, how long do we have to
wait for that prick? -Elad.

Director my ass.
He can direct my dick.

Don't "fff" him,

he has an annoying voice.

I have an annoying voice?
- Let's go, guys.

Sorry. I owe you ten minutes
at the end of class.

You don't have to.
- Rikki...

Class ends exactly on the half-hour.

Class ends when I say it ends.

You're out.


Eden can't stay.

Someone stole my wallet
and my phone.

- How do you know it was him?

Fine, it wasn't him. He can go home.
- I can't go home.

Did you steal his wallet?
- Who stole his wallet?

Quiet. Quiet.

It's not him.

Did you see him?
- When you chased him and he hid behind me.

You actually saw him?

Class is over. You can go now.

Stop, stop, stop.

Stop! Back in your places.

Right now!

Violation of community service
means prison time.

You need us, we don't need you.
They won't be writers.

I will.
- Good luck. And you get up and leave. Not another word. Up!

Poor guy, he hasn't been
out of the house in 6 months.

He'll be stuck at home for a year.

You want to join him?

Nobody's keeping you here.
- Who do you think you are?

Who do I think I am?
- Yeah, you think you're hot shot.

What a dick. -Daniel...
- Don't "Daniel" me.

Not with your mouth.
- Dickhead.

I'll tell you my plans
for our time together.

You can't be here
until I get my camera back.

Well deal with the camera later.
- No.

Tell him to go.

It doesn't work that way.

Come here, Eden.


It's not fair, Rina, let him stay.
You know how difficult it is for him.

Are you finished now?

As I said, I'll tell you
my plans for our time together.

How's it going?

Okay. Are you around?

Where else would I be?

Come on, coffee?

I'll drop off the filmmaker
and come by.

What filmmaker?
- Never mind. What's up?

Wait, listen. One of your kids, Eden,
has been at the marketplace for two hours.

Looking fortrouble?
You want another four months?

They take off the ankle bracelet
in two weeks.

Get in, I'll take you home.

I'm not gonna chase you.
If you don't get in now, it's all over.

Our charming Bar Mitzvah boy Assi
has the floor.

I want to thank you for coming
to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah with me today.

I want to thank my mom
for putting this event together for me.

To all my friends who came to celebrate
with me I hope you enjoy it. Good evening.

I never feel like I belong.

I'm never there.
I'm always halfway outside.

So I learned to be alone,
I learned to survive.

I learned to feel alone, to play alone.

It's much easier for me to be alone.

I wake up when I want to
and go back to sleep when I want to.

How does this work?
- I don't know.

- Stop it.

You know what this is, don't you?

A camera.
- Right.

These cameras are yours.

You can film yourselves at home,

at work, wherever.
- How boring. I don't get it.

When you get home,
turn on the camera, talk to it,

tell it about your day.
- What if was a shitty day?

Perfect. Tell it you had a shitty day.

Then you better give us each
at least ten cassettes.

Can someone tell Eden?

Eden won't want to.

Shut up.
What happens after I film myself?

Don't tell me to shut up, Rikki.
- Stop it, Daniel.

Who does she think she is?
- Shut up, let Assi talk.

Can you tell Eden?

Yeah, I'll ask him.
- Okay.

You'll each use the video you shoot
to make a film that tells a personal story.

Yes, Daniel?

Don't feel like it.

Can we do it together?
- Yeah, I'll be the star.

But then it won't be personal.
- So what?

I'm the leading star.

We get it, you are all stars together.
- Watch your mouth.

I don't want to see your ugly ass.
- Chill, Mr. Holy Man.

Get out of my face.
- Another hot shit.

If he thinks he's hot shit, then for him
you don't exist, don't worry about it.

It's not what he said.
Who's worrying? Little prick.

How can anybody miss her?

So now you want to see me?
Make your mind up, blind jerk.

Just because you feel her,
it doesn't mean she exists.

Rikki, you don't really exist.
- Look who woke up.

As I see it, only my existence is certain.
The rest is in doubt.

The object is questionable.
Rikki is questionable.

You're questionable. You must be crazy.
- It's true.

To you, I'm questionable. Why?

Because your senses can fool you.

What are you sensing?

You know what senses are?
- Don't patronize me.

I'm not.
You know what senses are?

Perceptions. -That's right.

Oh, really? -Yeah, really.

In each of us is a demon.
That demon can... fool our senses.

That's why an object can be in doubt. Maybe
Rikki isn't Rikki at all. You aren't you.

I'm me, and there's nobody like me,

I don't get it. -Great, Rikki.
- What don't you get?

My mom is turning me
into a Clonex zombie.

She doesn't think I know
she's spiking my corn fritters with it.

She never even boiled an egg

and suddenly I can't
live without breakfast.

She drugs me so I won't bother her

and her stupid husband.

Want to hear something?

"In the springtime of youth a butterfly sprang
forth and flew off into the skies of blue.

"With each flutter, it went deep, probed
deliberated and drew conclusions.

"Detached from reality and need
when it fluttered its soft wings."

What was its conclusion?
- That it wanted to see you sometime.

I told you, Assi...

it was fun, but I'm not interested.

Neither am I.

How about this afternoon?

Oh, no, I'm volunteering this afternoon.

Volunteering? Doing what?

I work with kids with disabilities.


Yeah, something like that.



It's for the horse...

Why's it so dark in here?
- What are you doing?

Turn off the light.

Rikki, please don't be late again.

What a day. I shouldn't have come.

Just sit down.
- Shut up.

All that just to buy a horse?
- Of course, stupid.

It's what they always wanted.

Would you shine shoes for a horse?
- No, but for something else I would.

Don't we collect bottles?
- That's not the same, honey.

I don't get it.
Why'd they cheat the old lady?

For money to buy the horse,
didn't you get it?

No, I thought they were
just being assholes.

What would you do if you were them?
- I'd steal for sure.

But then you'd end up in juvie.
No horse, no nothing.

What would you do, Re'em?

I'd earn the money for the horse,

but not by shining shoes
like those retards.

They shine shoes and still go to juvie.
What was the point?

You didn't get the movie.
- As if you did.

It's not whether they get the horse,
it's what they'd do to get it.

Nobody gives a damn about them.
Let's watch the end, Assi.

I had a good friend who...

We were close.
We went out drinking together.

Sometimes we'd go to the train tracks

and play "chicken".

Just before the train came
we'd jump off.

Until it finally happened...

His mom still blames me.

- Did I steal your wallet again?

Be nice, Eden.

- Want to come in?

Come on in.


Assi! My man!

Have a seat, bro.

If longing breaks your heart

If you dream without care

Forget your pride

Be happy in love

Don't play with love

It changes the whole world

It knows no limits
or what it means to compromise

Forget your pride

Be happy in love

Don't play with love...

I've been thinking...

You can rejoin the group.


You guys, congratulations to Eden,
on his release from house arrest.

To Eden!

How could you fool around with love?

You'll get buzzed faster with a straw.

It gave you all the beauty in the world

How could you fool around with love?
Why weren't you more careful?

It will never return
It will never return

Love wraps your tears in a big smile...

What do you say, Eden?

I'm not under house arrest any more,
I don't need it. -Eden...

You what?
- I don't need it.


Come here for a sec.

It gave you all the beauty in the world

How could you fool around with love?

It's not working.

It will never return

It gave you all the beauty in the world

How could you fool around with love?
Why weren't you more careful?

It will never return
It will never return...

Going already?

Yeah, I have a train to Tel Aviv.

Eden, tell him he should come visit.

I can't delete what I filmed.

Why delete it?
- I have to.

You can't delete footage.

Then I'll break it.
- Rewind it

and film over what you want to hide.

You rewind it.

Can I see it?
- No, it's personal.

Here, have some for the road.


No smoking in the house.

Be right back.


Where're you going?

Tel Aviv.

By train, from the bus station.

Send me a lotto card from the station.

A lotto card?


Rewind it.

I did.

Now film over
what you wanted to hide.

Keep it. It's worthless.

That's why I came.

It's a present.

I don't need it.

Everyone got cameras.

It bores me.

I really want you to come back.

I don't have to go any more.
So I don't know

Come on, I'll get you a lotto card.


G'night, babe. Good luck.
- Thanks. -Bye.

What's up, Eden?


You two step back.

- Got any ID?

Yaniv, are you kidding?
He's got a beard.

Beard my ass, he looks like a detective.

A detective? He's a teacher.

You marked Germany.
- We know.'

How much will they win?
- 1,985.'

Go to the back and bring me some empties
and well split the cash? -Sure.

But you told your mom you'd be right back.

Fine, back in half an hour.

You just got off house arrest.

Half an hour and we're back.
I'm going with him.

Where do I dump them?
- Plastic, glass, cans.

Finished, Dima.
- Try a little harder next time. Here.

Are you saying we didn't try?

Get outta here.

Is that all you pay?

I told him to bring more bottles.

Go on, go to bed.

That's not fair.

Who are you?

Then butt out.
Now get lost.

Give us what we have corning.
- Move it.

Empty your pockets.

I said move it.
- Okay, okay.

Trash. I'll fuck you up. -It's okay.
- Now fuck off. -Let's go.

"Empty your pockets" he says.

What are you doing?

- Come on, motherfucker!

You think you're bad?

Eden, put it down!
- You think you're bad?

Assi... Assi!

You're good.



You know they're gonna call the cops.
- How do you know?

They'll look for the truck.

His lotto booth is illegal.

What will he tell the cops?

How'll you get home?

I don't know.

Why don't you answer?

I'm with friends. I'll be home soon.
- What friends? They're all here.

Tell them to go.

Now that I'm free
she'll drive me nuts.

If I get...

3,250,000 bottles,

I'll open a restaurant for her.

What's up, you guys?
- We're feeling good, don't ruin it.

You see me upstairs
and you ignore me?

We're being quiet. Whaddaya want?
- I want my daughter to go to sleep.

Shalom, we're being quiet now.
- I don't mind you sitting here drinking

but we have to work tomorrow.

We're working stiffs.

You're right, man. We'll be quiet.
Here, want a drink?



I don't drink at night.

Give him a Coke.
Want a Coke?


It was an accident.

Everything okay?

Everything's great. Want some cake?
- Someone complained about noise.

That was my wife.

You have ten minutes to pack it in.

Why not now?

They have until 11:00.

I'll come back then
and I don't want to see you here.

Tell him to stop riding his scooter,
we can't sleep.

Whose scooter is it?

You wanna get hurt, huh?

It's mine, motherfucker!
- I was driving.

I was driving the scooter. I was
driving around and it made a little noise.

Step Asside and butt out.

Why are you out to get them?
- 'Cause I feel like it.

Can you please leave him alone?

I told you to step aside, didn't I?

Stand up straight.
- Listen, he complained

about the noise.
So what?

Are you serious?

Where are you going?

To the shelter. Get your stuff.

You're getting rid of me?

You're doing community service.
It's a punishment, not a summer camp.

Rina, there's nowhere else I can go.

They'll find you somewhere.

You're too delicate for these jungle kids.
- Rina, they were out to get us.

Could be.

You're just gonna let me go.

Where am I meant to go?

Go home, get some rest.

Stop the car.

Let me out.

Let me out!

Get out.

Get out of here!

Go home. Please.

Fifty, please.

Excuse me.

I'm making dinner for us. You're
coming over. We'll celebrate New Year's

Do you mind...? Sorry.
Let me check him out, okay?


I'll be waiting.
- Happy New Year, Assi.


You must be starving.

Why, isn't it good?

It's good.

Are you still with that roommate
who complained that I make noise?


I have another roommate,
from college.

You're in college?

You think I'm just a checkout girl?

You didn't mention anything.

We didn't talk much.

What are you studying? -Teaching.

I told you I volunteer with kids.

They're really sweet.

It's really exciting work.

I have to show you something.

Is he one of the autistic kids?

No, Eden... Eden isn't autistic.


I'm not hungry.

She means: "Come eat and
go to the store to buy groceries".

All the mothers here are the same.

Eat and drink.

When they said I needed help

and I got a scholarship...

What did she do with the money?

Bought groceries.

400 shekels worth of vegetables.



I'm not hungry.

How old are you? -33.

So the other place didn't work out?

It says you made trouble one night
and got arrested.

We weren't making trouble.

You're lucky you're not in jail.

I'll find a good place for you.

Get it over with.
Read them stories, listen to them,

the time will pass.

The Ministry of Immigration...

sent me to the Welfare Bureau.
The Welfare Bureau sent me back...

Hold on. The Ministry of Immigration
sent me to the Welfare Bureau,

the Welfare Bureau
sent me to a probation officer.

The police sent me back
to the Welfare Bureau.

The Welfare Bureau sent me to
the Youth Advancement office.

I ended up at the Employment Bureau

and they sent me to a computer course.

I'm still waiting for them to call me.


This is insane.

"No matter where your dreams take you, e're
here to help you fulfill them. State Lottery


You disappeared.


Where are you?
What's that noise?

I'm on the road.

Assi, I need to talk to you.


I want you to come back.

Will you come tomorrow?
We're having a Hanukkah party.

You hear me?

Bless You, 0 Lord,
King of the universe,

who performed miracles for our forefathers
in those days at this season.


Rock of ages, let our song

Praise thy saving power

Thou amidst the raging foe

Wast our sheltering tower

Na, na, na, na...

But your arm availed us

And your word broke their sword...

Don't call me a snob
because I don't show off

I don't take whatever I find

I want a nice guy to walk with forever

To take his hand
and walk with him forever

Don't go, please don't go

You'll see that...

Who's this nutcase?
Count me out.

Let's decide on a story,
then we'll pick a song.

Assi is Naor's big brother.

Naor, you're in trouble with David-EI,
you owe him money for dope.

We'll put on suspense music. David-EI,

wake up, you're the lead actor.

Naor sends his brother Assi

to threaten David-EI.

The confrontation gets out of hand
and David-EI stabs Assi in the liver.

Eden, where do you come up with
these stories?

Eden, hands down I love it.
- Not fair. Either one of the gang is a girl

or Naor's brother has a girlfriend,
but I want a part.

Somebody write her a part.
- Hey, I want a part, too. -Mom...

Don't start with me, Naor.

As far as I'm concerned, Rikki,
you're an object,

only my existence is real.

And Rikki, fuck off,
you mean nothing in my existence.

Did you leard how to talk?
- Right, Assi? Who's the man?

I didn't say that Rikki doesn't exist, I
said that for me, only I exist, and Rikki...

and the object is in doubt.
- Rikki's an object?

As if you know what an object is.

Of course he knows.

When you sleep, do you dream?

Don't you dream? Everyone dreams.
- We dream. Go on.

And you feel like it's real,
don't you?

So what if all this isn't real?
It may just be a dream.

So all this could just be a dream?

Could be.

I'm trying to say that the sense of reality
exists even in our dreams.

That's why it's doubtful.
- I get it. You can't tell until you wake up,

I mean, you don't know if it's just a dream
until you wake up.

I wish it was just a dream.
- If this is a dream, in reality I'm a soccer player.

I know I'm really Messi.

I'm inviting everyone to Thailand
for a week of partying, big-time.

Corning, Alma?
- Me? I'm staying home.

What? -Hey, you aren't going anywhere
until the script is finished.

I have a train to Tel Aviv.
- Assi! -You can sleep here.

Wow. -Like it? -It's delicious.

You make these yourselves?
- I make the dough but I buy the jam.

Hands down the best latke.
- Thanks, honey.

Alma, the donuts are to die for.
- Thanks, sweetie. Enjoy.

Eden, there's Coke in the freezer.

Do you get paid well for your work?

No, it's a penalty.

A penalty?

Community service.
- With these kids?

You'd be better off in jail.
What did you do?

I took someone on a motorcycle
and she got hurt.

She wasn't killed.
- No.

Your wife?

I don't even know her name.
- Oh.

As long as you're okay.

So what do you do?

I'm a film director. -Oh.

Do you really make movies?


I made one movie about
my experiences in the army.

- Yeah, and I'm doing a lot of writing now...

What do you do?
- What do you think?

You're a chef.

I take care of the elderly.

At a nursing home?
- No, through Social Security.

When they need a cleaning lad/
they send me. I love movies.


Vodka? Now?

Huh? Just a little.

What do think of his idea?

All I got was that you're Naor's brother
and you get stabbed in the liver.

One Passover night,
in the middle of the Seder,

I ran away from home
and slept with Daniel on the bridge.

In the middle of the Seder are the plagues,
blood, frogs and so on,

where you pour wine into a box,

so my uncles added Arafat,
Saddam Hussein and Rabin,

and I said Ruthie - she's my mom.

My uncle dumped the wine on me
and I ran out the door.

I went to get Daniel
so I wouldn't have to sleep alone.

I stank of wine and we couldn't sleep
so we threw rocks off the bridge.

Honestly, we didn't mean to hit the cars,
we meant to hit between the cars

but one rock hit a car.

The car flipped over
and there was lots of blood and tears.

I'll never forget it.
Good thing nobody died.

Those kids...

Let me help you.
- No, it's okay.

If you want to help,
stay out of the way.

Are you sure?
- Yeah. Just throw that out and leave it.

All right.

Ow. -Oh, no...

I'm okay. -Are you sure?
- I'm fine.

Your shirt is ruined.

I'll get you one of Eden's.

Here, change into this.

Go walk around for half an hour, okay?
You're in my way.

- I don't know. Get me some bleach, okay?

You know what to get, right?
- Bleach.

Here, take.

From the charity box?

I always take from it
and pay back with interest.

That's plenty...

There's a clean towel
in the bathroom.


Let him sleep!
He has nothing to do.

Why do you wake me up?
I have nothing to do either. -Shh.

Come on..

Come here.

Leave it. Shhh...

You're just making noise. Move.

What kind of fish is this?

Moroccan fish.

It's good, but what kind is it?
- Moroccan.

"What kind offish...

I seasoned it.



Why aren't you eating?
- I'm not hungry.

You're more relaxed lately.

Not at all.
- Don't say that. You're happier, calmer. Not the Eden I know.

Does she expect me to be sad?

They let me off house arrest.
- If he's like this when he's calm,

what's he like when he's upset?
- I don't know, but it worries me.

Don't worry, I'm not that happy.

I didn't say I don't want you
to be happy.

I just said that if you have sex,

please use birth control, okay?

Can you pass that over?
- What're you talking about?

You're in love.

Who could I fuck
after being stuck at home for 6 months.?

Just don't say I didn't warn you.

You made me hungry.
- Then eat. Who else is this for?

I think we'll charge him.'

I don't know...
- Why not?

It's not nice to charge for food.

Have some kubeh,
it'll just get thrown out. ’

I want to charge him.
40 for the meal, 80 for the couch.

Plus 20 that he owes me.

For what?

When he needed money for the train.

You owe us a thousand.

A thousand? For what? -

A thousand.

And why are you being so generous?
You're broke.

Relax and eat. -Don't tell me to relax
when he's ripping you off.

The bastard's rich.

Are you into him or something?

Are you?

Don't start in, Eden.

You and your bullshit.
Then I have to come up with the money.

When did you ever give me money?

I'm always giving you money.
- Fine. Sit down and eat.

What're you doing?
I said not in the house.

Put that out.

Put out the cigarette.
- Eden, put out the cigarette.

Bringing home strangers...'

I brought him? You brought him.

I'll smash the house up
and torch the TV.

You think I have time for TV?

It's your TV!
- But you have time for your new boyfriend?

You're showing off for him.

I'll shove his head down the toilet.
How's that? -How's that? -

You're a little shit, that's how.

Why doesn't he work?

You're off house arrest,
go get a job.

He does, he collects bottles.
- That's no job.

It hurts you that I'm happy.
- You little beast.

Shit. Garbage. That's what you are.

Get out of my house.
- Shit, a beast, that's what I am.

I'm a son of a bitch, okay?

Get out.
- A son of a bitch with a crazy mother.


Get out, you dirtbag!



Here are your bottles!


Keep that up and you can
find a new home.

Where're you going?
- Tel Aviv.

I'm coming with you.
- I don't think so.

Go home.

Brown rice noodles with crispy chicken,
scrambled egg, broccoli and sprouts.

There's also Kung Fu,

that's stir-fried pork with cashews
and smoked goose

which is really good.
- I'll have what he's having.


Gimme a shekel.
- Huh? -Gimme a shekel.

I'm gonna open a restaurant
for my mom here in Tel Aviv.

Great idea.

We'll make it big, I'm telling you.

The fish was good, wasn't it?


Listen, your mom's amazing.

Sometimes she loses it.

She goes on a week-long
starvation strike.

She doesn't eat for a week?

She doesn't cook.

She gives me money to eat out.
Then I know something's wrong.

Are your parents together?

They never got married.

My dad was already married
when they met.

Fuck all the dads.

I saw him maybe once
when I was nine.

And then my mom got married and...

had a daughter.

Great idea, opening a restaurant
in Tel Aviv.

I think people here
will like homemade food.

Want to hear something?

- In the mirror.


"I can't switch houses
any more, I'm tired.

Tve done it all my life.

"So many houses,
I remember moving when I was a kid.

"My home is like a houseboat.
We're moving again.

"This time we're moving out of
Gilad's house.

"I really wanted a dad
but all I got was Gilad.

"And suddenly: Pack up, we're leaving."

"I'm lonely, I'm miserable,
I'm going crazy, I'm burning up.

"I don't have a woman because
I'm ugly as sin and I can't afford

"to cover up my ugliness..."


Speak up.
- "I wouldn't mind giving it all up

"but unfortunately I'm a healthy guy."
- Yes, thank you.

"My heart wants a place in the sun.

"I have desires and dreams
so I can't even give up.

"Basically, whichever way you turn me,
I'm a disaster."

No more...

You know what I went through?

I'm sorry. Stop it.

Disappearing without a word?
I didn't sleep a wink.

I made him come with me.

Not a word out of you.

What's up, Gabi?
- How's it goin', Eden?

We got 30 cans, 40 glass bottles,
and... what was it?

39 small bottles.

- Plastic.

Does it work?

Like new.


And it doesn't leak? -Not a drop.

Is that it?

How do you turn it on?
- Move, I'll do it.

I'm hungry.
- There's plenty to eat.

I like hot, heat it for me.
- Eden, heat it up yourself.

It's good.

Want me to box some up for you?
- No, he doesn't.

Yes, I do. Butt out.

So you're a man now.

No, you're a man now.

I am a man.
- Oh, yeah?

Don't overdo it. Ow.

Don't overdo it, okay?

You have to,
you're playing Naor's brother.

I'm playing him,
not getting my hair cut like him.

Okay, okay. Don't move.

Cut off here.


You son of a bitch.

Shut up.

Look at you.

Son of a bitch.


I phoned a thousand times.

She doesn't answer.

She doesn't answer.

She doesn't answer.

She got a new number,
I managed to get it.

I call, she doesn't answer.

I missed her.

The love of my life.

It's hard after a year together.

I took her to the best restaurants.

I spent my whole salary on her.

I pictured him running
his fingers through her hair.

I felt like I was boiling over.

I wanted to burn him alive.

In the end I messed up his face.

I slashed him from here to here.

I didn't want him to die.

I wanted him to live and suffer.

One, two, three...


Wait, I'm in the fight scene, too.

No, Rikki, it's a fight scene.

All I do is sit on the bench?
I want to do something else.

There is nothing else, Rikki.
- I'll be Naor's brother's girlfriend.

Wait, what about me?

You're the cop. Go stand behind
the camera, behind Re'em. -And?

And come in
when I signal you.

One, two, three...


Police! Police!
- Cut! Cut! Cut!

What don't you get?
I told you to stick it in the liver twist?

Take the knife and stab him.

Ever stab someone? -Yes.

Then take the knife and stab.

Feel your life is in threat,

just stab him, like in real life.


Let's go, let's go. Ready?




Police! Halt! Halt!

What happened?

What happened?
- Help him.

- Cut!

Guys, it was good...

It was great.
Well done.



There's someone at the door.


There's some kid there.

- There's a kid there.

What's the matter?

Who's she, your girlfriend?

Eden, what's the matter?

Did you run away from home?

Answer me.


He's one of the kids
from the group I led.

I know. Eden.

Are you hungry?
- No, he's not hungry.

He doesn't eat when he's upset.

Your mom's probably looking for you.
Give me your phone,

I want to talk to her.
- I don't have a phone. -Don't drive me nuts.

I need two nights.

Can you help me?

How can I help you
if I don't know what happened?

Can't sleep either?

She isn't like I pictured her.

Flow'd you picture her?

Tell me the truth,

just the truth.


Do you love her?

My mom?

Swear you'll tell the truth.

The truth is, no.

You don't know her well enough.

I hope my wife is like my mom.

I used to think that too.

That my mom would be your wife?

That my wife would be like my mom.

Well go home tomorrow
and everything will be okay.

Good morning.

Looking for something?

Do you live here? -Yes.

Do you know him?

Yes, he's a student in a group I led.

When did you last see him?

I don't know...
about two months ago.

If you hear from him, let us know.
- Sure.

Tell me...

Why did you come to me?

It's a murder case.

We're checking everyone he knows.

He stabbed a neighbor.
Left a wife and a daughter, the bastard.

Did you kill someone?

I didn't want him to die.

What if it's a dream?

Maybe we're just dreaming, Assi.

Assi, maybe we're dreaming.

It's just a dream.

Maybe we're dreaming, Assi.

Maybe it's just a dream.

Is it a dream, Assi?

It's just a dream.

It's just a dream.


Please, Assi.





On Friday night in May 2012
Eden stabbed his neighbor to death

Eden was sentenced for life in prison

Ran Danker

Adar Hazazi Gersch

Hilla Surjon

Bat-el Museri

Liron Ben Shlush

Elad Hudara, Riki Hodara, Elroi Fass
Re'em Taco, Orel Sapir

David Vili, Osher Amara, Melodi Frank,
Idan Naftali, Shalev Girgin

Director and Screenwriter
Eliran Elya

Oren Rogovin

Producer in Charge
Asaf Nawi

Casting by
Orit Azoulay

Cinematography by
Shai Goldman

Editing by
Arik Lahav Leibovich

Line Producer
Yankale Amzalleg

undtrack Design and Mixing by Yossi Appelbo
Sound Recording by Ashi Milo

Original music by
Yoram Hazan, Ran Elmaliach

Art Design by
Yoav Sinai

Costume Design by
Sarit Sharara

Makeup Artist
Emily B

Screenplay Editing by
Gur Heller, Michal Vinik, Grit Azoulay


Translation and Subtitling: