Dotty & Soul (2022) - full transcript

Hot shot entrepreneur Ethan Cox appears poised to sell his self-driving car company and make his investors filthy rich. But when his problematic Halloween costume gets tweeted, the ensuing social media firestorm nearly ends Ethan'... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I guess the proof
will be in the pudding.

We're about to learn once
and for all,

whether Bob Brannigan
bet on the wrong horse.

♪ Nuclear science ♪

♪ I love my classes ♪

♪ I got a crazy teacher ♪

♪ Who wears dark glasses ♪

Next up,
proposed ordinance 2301.

It is my great privilege
to welcome to the podium

Private Car's CEO
and Dallas' own, Ethan Cox.

The Computer Chip.

The ATM.

The frozen margarita.

Society changing
inventions that have

but one thing in common,

they were each
invented in Dallas.

Flamboyant tech entrepreneur

Ethan Cox is on the
verge of a deal.

Hours after speaking
to the Dallas City Council.

Dallas's most affluent
suburb has made

a controversial decision
to ban public transportation.

And insiders are buzzing
about what that could mean

for the flashy CEO

and his self-driving
taxi company, Private Car.

Private Car, which prides itself

on luxury and privacy,

has become the go-to brand
for well-heeled Texans

looking to get around.

Funded by legendary
venture capitalist,

Bob Brannigan,

Private Car's future
has never seemed brighter.

In recent weeks
word has it,

that the company has attracted
the attention

of industry leader,

Rydze is now interested

in acquiring Private Car

in a deal earmarked
at nine figures.

If that deal is consummated,

Ethan Cox
and Bob Brannigan

would stand to receive north
of $30 million each.

♪ I got wishes ♪

You can't stop there.

Come on, sweet cheeks.

This guy smells terrible.


You understand.

I appreciate you.

Ah, white people.



You're a goddamn genius.

I tell myself that every day.

Well, you pulled it off.

Do you know how close
this gets us

to closing that deal?

Tell me.

It gets us this close.


Tax on the stupid.

I'm the collector.

Hurry along now.
The fans are waiting.

♪ Pump it, pump it,
pump it harder ♪

♪ Pump, pump, pump,
pump it harder ♪

♪ Pump, pump, pump,
pump it harder ♪

♪ Pump, pump, pump ♪

What's up, E?
Lookin' good.



Hey, baby.

Hey. This zebra print suit

is already on the front
page of Style!


You're welcome.

My man! My man!


You pulled off some miracles
before, bro, but this? Yes!

And there he is!

-Thank God, Diggy!

-We need champagne.
-Yes, we do.

-Brother, brother!
-How you doing, man?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Well, well, well,
well, well, well.

For those of you who
don't know yet,

I'm pleased to inform you
that as of this evening,

the city of Highland Park

has just banned
public transportation

within its city limits.

The global business
of transportation

has just been
irrevocably changed.

And the face of that
change is this,

bastard right here.

I don't walk on red carpet,
I walk on toilet paper.

You wanna why?

- Why?
- 'Cause I'm the shit.

To Private Car!

To Private Car!

To Private Car!

Vanilla Charleston Chew,
just got a new box in today.

A real Sam Walton!

Sam Walton is dead.
Use Jeb Bezos.

Jeb who?

When are you gonna
be here with my rent money ?

I'll be there when I get there.

After I murder this landlord,

will you help me
dispose of the body?

-Great. I got my hatchback.

Now listen, if it's 10:01
and Ethan's not here,

you lock these doors.

Yes, ma'am.

Oh Dora! I almost forgot.

Got your water bill refunded.

They were double-charging you,

I swear, you missed
your calling.

Did I come through for ya?

Babe, 14,000 likes in two hours!

That's my future trophy wife!

Hey, to the future trophy wife!


Come on! Right, hey!

I still check her out,
I gotta be honest.

We need a pic.
We need a selfie.

Why am I still sober?


There she is.

I'm gonna miss my bus.

Keep the change.

You know I will.
Lock it up behind you.

And Dotty?

Is that jacket from McDonalds?

'Cause I'm lovin' it.

Hey, ma.

Wish you could have been
there tonight.

You would have gone nuts for
the sparkly table decorations.

We really did it, ma.

We're gonna be richer
than our wildest dreams.

Anything you want, ma.
Anything at all.

Wait and see.

Alright, folks.

Is this is our winner
for best costume?

No way! Last I checked,
MC Hammer wasn't albino.

You wanna win this thing?
You gotta go all the way.

Do it!

Do it!

What's going on?

Where am I supposed
to catch the bus?




What do you think
I'm doing here?


Pardon me, but do you have
any Grey Poupon?

How can this be happening?

I've been taking that
bus forever.

How am I supposed
to get around?

Don't worry about that.
But right this second,

I think you should just
put your feet up

and enjoy the magic that is,
Private Car.

This your company, right?

That is right.

You should remove
the front seats entirely.

I mean if your whole
concept is Privacy,

people should face each other.

Otherwise, they are shouting
private conversations.

Incoming call .

Where's the afterparty, baby?


Are you alone?

Take me off speaker.

Dude, who wears shoe
polish at a party

and who puts it their on face?

Check Instagram.
Your girl posted a pic.

She did what?

Now arriving at
3535 South Ewing Avenue,

South Oak Cliff.

So you didn't do this?

No, I didn't.

- What do you want?
- Worst landlord ever.

Oh yeah?

Why don't you say
that to my face?

I just did.

It's gonna stink in the morning.

Just text me, dude.



And they say chivalry is dead.

I'll tell you what, boys.

It ain't good.

It's not perfect.

God, I hate this thing.

Bob, that's a wedge.

I know it's a wedge.

I'm practicing with a
wedge right now.

I've had some bad things
happen, there we go.

But this could be
the most destructive thing

that's ever happened
in my entire career.

It might undermine
the entire acquisition.

Patton Oswalt re-tweeted it.

113,000 and counting.

Just bought this damn thing.

I got his autograph
at a mouse game.

Just had it worked on.



Goddammit to hell!

Now let me be
crystal fucking clear.

Our company has backed
you for five years.

I have pulled strings

that would have gotten
a weaker man killed.

And yet, we have arrived.

And I don't know why
that floozy of a girlfriend

chose this particular moment
to sabotage everything

that you've worked for
your entire life,

and I don't even care.

You know what,
'cause I tell you what,

if she thinks she's
gonna screw up

my $140 million exit,

then she has no idea
who she's dealing with.

-I'll talk to her.
-Oh, goddamn.

What, you'll talk to her...


You're gonna step aside, son.

Excuse me?

Well you can't be
the face of it

not with what you did.

We gotta have a new CEO.

Somebody else to take
the meetings,

-that is not you.
-You're kidding?

At least until the acquisition
goes through.

It's my company, Bob.

Founded in my studio apartment.

You're welcome.

Nobody and I mean nobody

is gonna be able to
stand in here and

represent my vision
for this company like I can.

Well, I guess we're
about to find out.

Bob, I think
that legally speaking,

replacing the CEO at this
stage in acquisition

is gonna cause quite
a few headaches.

Shut up.

-Just saying.
-Shut up!

I need legal advice from you

like I need a hand job
from an amputee.

I'm your lawyer.

Alright now, Ethan.

Don't get your panties all up
in a bunch.

I'm not gonna cut you
completely out, alright.

What I need,
what you need,

is a person of color,

cleaning this mess up.

Don't worry, you'll still

meaningful consultation.

Meaningful consultation?

It's a--

It's a legal term which means
you'll still get to, um...

I-- I don't really
know exactly, so.


You ruined my life!

I mean I honestly thought

they would be staring at me.

I was basically topless.

Well, they weren't.

Okay, you're the one
who wore it.

You were standing right
there next to me.

- Ah .
- Whatever, man.

There were 15 guests
that I've known for 20 years.

Oh, so it's okay to be
racist in private.

It's not racist!
It's a Halloween costume.

Okay then,
what's the problem?

Jesus, Stef, if you
can't understand

how destructive that was, if you

can't process how insanely
idiotic that decision was,

I honestly don't even know
what we're doing here.

The decision to post it,
or the decision to wear it?

We're done.

This relationship is done!

Done! Done! Done!

You are actually the biggest
fraud I've ever met.

Everyone knows it.

For the record, zebra print,
it makes you look fat.

-That's amazing.

Power of the internet, man.

I got this free delivery
in less than an hour.

Let's just hope
it's as effective

when it comes
to replacing a CEO.

Serious question.

Do you think zebra print
makes me look fat?

Don't worry about it. Okay.

Let's go back
to that Tomika person.

Tomika Robinson, 38.

MBA from Harvard.

-Two years VP of marketing
at Waze.

-Four years VP of sales,
-No, no.

-at Postmates.
-She's too qualified.

I need somebody
who doesn't have an MBA.

You don't think Rydze
is gonna require

our acting CEO to have an MBA?

Of course, they will.
That's why we--

We just have to
doctor the resume.

I'm not comfortable with that.

If we hire someone qualified,

Brannigan is just gonna
push me out entirely

and you along with me, man.

- He'd never push me out.
- He wouldn't?

He's about as loyal as a
teenage prostitute, bro.

Ah, sex worker.

I need you to get a little
more woke. It's 2023.

What I need,
is someone malleable.

Someone I can control
from the wings.

But they've got to know the
business, right?

Just enough to play the part.

So, an unqualified stooge
with a basic

business vocabulary?

-Car salesman?

- Yeah.
- Telemarketer.

- Right.
- Street vendor.


Oh my God.


The street vendor!

Holy moley, you're a genius.

Happy to help.

Nora, my girl.

It's Dora.


Maybe she's born with it,
maybe it's--


It's melanin, dude.

Black don't crack.

Can we talk?

Like obviously,
I didn't mean anything, but--

I-- I was... The costume
by the way was hilarious.

You should see these parachute
pants, they are amazing.

And this sort
of a fish net.

I mean, I look great.
By the way, I'm like a six pack.

I mean, these days
I'm looking great.

You know what I mean?

I know it's a bit confusing.

It's not confusing at all.

You did something racist.

So now,
you need my black face

to save your white ass.

I wouldn't phrase it like that.

Well, that's fine,
but it'll cost you.

No. I'm not sure
you totally understand.

$15,000 up front, in cash,
payable at my house tonight.


No, no. Like I said,
this is only temporary.

$15,000 for one month's work
is really an extraordinary ask.

It's a pleasure doing
business with you.

Love the leopard.

Her mark-up's worse
than Whole Foods.


-Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm-- Um...

Our white knight.

What? Ah...


Two weeks!
And you best get packing.

- Give it a rest, Hector.
- Momma?

Oh, hey.

What's up, Isabella?

When are you gonna make
one of those nice shirts

for big Hector?

On 9:00 a.m.,
the 12th of never!

Who you supposed to be,
Scott Baio?

Two weeks!

14,800, 14,900,

15 grand.

We have ourselves a deal.

You call that wholesaler
and tell him

to increase the inventory
on the cottons and silk.

You'll increase
your annual sales

by at least a third.

-But what about?
-Hector? Come on, girl.

If we pay him two months,
he'll want three.

Pay him 5K,
he'll make it 10.

We gotta let him think
we can't pay him.

Take away his leverage.

Get him to reduce the ask.

I swear you missed your calling.

He don't do that
to anybody else.

Egging our car because he thinks

we're ruining
the property values.

Your landlord eggs your car

and there's nothing
you can do about it?

What do you mean?

I got a new job as a CEO.

Do you mind if I use
the restroom?

Oh, take the left
at the marble fountain.

Then, up the double staircase,
then a right at the balcony,

then the sixth door
on the right.

There's one hallway, boy.

Pee in the room that
don't have my bed.

For the soul.

Oh no, thanks,
I'm gluten-free.

Mmm. Like a hot bite of heaven.

What-- what-- what is it?

-You never had a kolache?

It's Czech. It's like a...

It's like a Hot Pocket,
but less diarrhea.

You comparing my kolaches
to a Hot Pocket?

That's like comparing
the Mona Lisa

to an Etch a Sketch.

But nobody makes 'em like mama.

-What-- what is it?
-Oh, what's in it is love.

That's the only part
that matters.

That and about six
sticks of butter.

Is that what you're selling
in the picture in the hallway.

Hmm, Mama was quite the
businesswoman in her day.

She was once a protégé

to a very fancy
Czech entrepreneur.

Hm. That's one word for him.

Became his
business partner, too,

which was no small feat in 1965.

And mama was just 16 years old.


So you were a chef?

I was a chef.

I did the marketing,
I ran the books.

What'd he do?

He was white.

They even thought about
starting a brick and

mortar together.

That dream died.

Maybe you should tell the rest.

Not much to tell.

Termite stole my money,
I called him out,

my daddy got nervous.

Packed me up in the
middle of the night,

and put me on a bus to Dallas,

never to see my home again.

Young black girl
couldn't get a business loan

in Dallas, as it was.

Kolaches, or anything else.

I shoulda' made them

then I would have had a shot.

Yeah, well, I haven't had
a business partner since.

Did you design that?


But can you make one of these?


Ghost orchid.

One of the rarest flowers
in the world.

Doesn't have leaves,
so it can't make its own food.

Needs constant TLC
or it can't survive.

Tomorrow, 10:00 a.m.

You got the address.

I'll be there.



Great googa mooga mooga suga.

-You're late.
-You're fabulous.

You got any idea how long
it took me to get here

without that bus?

I had to change cars twice,

and then I had to walk
an extra mile and a half--

Not gonna be a problem
for our new CEO moving forward.

Stop playing.

♪ Oh no ♪

♪ Oh no ♪

♪ Oh no ♪

♪ Oh, no ♪

-Don't touch that!
-Oh, sorry.

Leave it be.
How'd you even get in here?

What's going on?
What's going on?

This vagrant
somehow snuck in here.

-She's with me.

In fact, Dotty here is
Private Car's new CEO.

That's right.
And you're fired.

Just messing with you.

Ooh, man. This is fun.

Sorry, miss. I just saw you

on the curb for half an hour.
And I--

You was watching me
for a half hour?

What exactly is your job?

This'll do.

♪ Oh no ♪

♪ Tell me it ain't so ♪

♪ So the two of you are ♪

Jesus, would you turn around?
You're making me nervous.

This car is driving on its own.

Private Car, baby.

I only sit in the front
for appearances' sake.

Hm. You seem to do a
lot of things

for the sake of appearances.

Now arriving, Solomon
East Alley, Highland P ark.

I see white people.

I can cut the line
once I become CEO, too?

I been coming here since
I was 9 years old. Right, Pam?

Number 23, no toast.

That's the one.

I'll have what he's having.

You grew up in Highland Park.

Well, that explains it.

My mother was a housekeeper.

Changed our last name
to hide the fact

that we were Jewish.

Nadelman, that was our name.

She insisted on working for
all the fanciest people in town.

She hoped that seeing those
types of people in the flesh

would rub off on me.

I think it worked.

It's so nice how you come
to see her often.

It's the least I can do.

You pay them bills, too?

That place ain't cheap.

Two number 23's.

One scoop chopped chicken liver.

One scoop white fish salad.

-No toast.

'Cause this is... You eat the
liver of a chicken

and cut off the head
of a white fish.

The main thing you got
to worry about is that gluten.

Bon appétit.

You didn't even try yours.

Boy, I'm 71.

You know that saying, you can't
teach an old dog new tricks.

Well, we're gonna try.

The AMEX Black Card,

subject to gold digger
fantasies the world over.

I seen these on World Star.

I need to use that thing
to go buy yourself

some clothes, some professional
shoes, a handbag.

You going all Pretty Woman,
on me, eh?

I don't care how much money
you let me spend on this thing

when it's all said and done,
I ain't gonna fuck you.

I need you to look the
part on Monday.

Okay? I'm gonna do most
of the talking,

but the main thing
to remember is,

my board wants this to work.

They'll do anything
to make this work.

All they need is somebody,


to stand there
and look the part.

Hm, got you.



Do you accept black?

AMEX black, that is?

Two please.

♪ Got some blue suit ♪

♪ I, I don't bargain ♪

♪ I said it's time to move ♪

♪ Get some me and you ♪

♪ Long legs ♪


♪ I can't take it no more ♪

I like that for me though.

♪ I got new shoes ♪

♪ I'm going to work ♪

♪ I got, I got new shoes ♪

♪ Going to walk out that door ♪


♪ I got some new shoes ♪

♪ I ain't gonna take it
no more ♪

Well, now this young
lady must be--

Dorothy Jean Bolden,
pleasure to meet you.

Pleasure is all mine.
My name is--

Bob Brannigan.

No introduction necessary.

Been wanting to make
your acquaintance for years.

-You have?
-Of course.

Ever since you helped close
the financing

on that voice recognition
company back in '08.

Delegation Machines?

That's the one.

I've to tell you Bob,
nobody saw that coming.

-Shall we?

- Let's do it.
- Shouldn't we wait on Ethan?

Maybe he ought to be on time.

That's what I keep telling him.

No pain.

Did somebody say acquisition?

I think you just did.

The naughty boy is late.

Why don't you come down
and have a seat near me, pal?

Dotty here was just telling us
her brilliant idea

of removing Private Car's
driver seat.

Do you know how much money
that's gonna save us

in the long run?

Yeah, I'd been considering that.

Don't just consider. Act!

Let's get down to the heart
of the meal, shall we?

I'm ready for dessert.

You brought me in
for one reason

and one reason only.

I understand Rydze is hyped
and ready to go.

But we can't afford to mess up
a nine-figure deal

with some tired-ass
white-boy ignorance.

Am I right?

A deal like this,

which could permanently seal
everyone you care about

inside the warm
cocoon of comfort

is now within our grasp.

Don't let it slip.

If there's no further

I move the board to vote.

♪ This is a new game ♪

♪ I'm gonna win it ♪

♪ I got a new plan ♪

♪ Let me tell you, babe,
you're not in it ♪

♪ Ooh, I got a new car,
I'm gonna drive ♪

♪ Let me tell you,
I'm through with your lies ♪

♪ I'm gonna walk out the door ♪

I must have run a thousand

♪ You ain't gonna see me
no more ♪

♪ Yeah, hey, hey, hey ♪

That's what I'm talking about.

Money baby, it's money.

♪ I got new shoes ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ I say hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey ♪

Women empowerment,
women empowerment.

♪ I'm gonna walk,
I'm gonna walk on ♪

♪ I'm gone baby ♪

♪ Oohh, hey, hey, hey... ♪

Is that Private Car's very
own founder Ethan Cox

in the flesh?

Never imagined
packing up my stuff

with this company
still running?

I don't know why they're
making you do that.

Brannigan said they
needed the space.

Hey, can I run a
quick idea by you?

I'm your guy.

Self-driving buses.

The same cheaper algorithm
that you guys

used to launch Private Car,

now extended to people
who need it the most.

Think about it.
Working class folk riding

for half the price.


Oh, I gotta head out.

They're taking me to the
manufacturing plant tomorrow

to oversee the new
interior design.

Without the front seats.

So much for meaningful

I know it's rough.

You think I'm racist?


only you know
what's in your heart.

What you did was racist, though.

What you did was hurtful,
and degrading,

and the same thing been done

by a whole lot
of other racists

to hold people like me back
for a very, very long time.

You asked.

Heading to Creekside?

You got the new inventory.

Like I had a choice.

Ah, that part's all mama.

I just love creating
the clothes, you know.

Inventing designs that can
accentuate the essence

of those who wear it.

It's what I was born to do.

-Right behind you.

She hates you.

Who, Nora?

-She's had it out for me

from the moment we brought
mom to Creekside.

She said you're faker
than a Chinatown handbag.

Well, that's racist.

You're very honest,
did you know that?

It's-- it's unsettling.

She's got a point though, no?

Right here is research
and development.

I get a kick out of it.
They used a lot of my ideas.

Is there any more hard hats?

With this prototype,

utilizing the freed up
square footage

we're gonna add
a conference table,

making this private car

a private business
meeting on wheels.

Not bad.

For long trips,

we might think about allowing
this table to turn into a bed.

A smash-pad on wheels.

I like the way the lady thinks.

Smash pad?

Come on.

Where's my Charleston Chew?

Enough with the finger, Harold.

You're a diabetic!

I'm not a diabetic.

-I'm a leaker.
-Oh jeez.

I shoulda' married Ned Beatty.

Based on projections,

our fleet should be tripled
no later than January 2024.

January 2024?

Don't you think that's
a little aggressive?

I'm just reading the timeline.

And I'm just looking
at the numbers.

Don't worry about the numbers.


These numbers account
for a tax implication

that Bob doesn't feel
is wholly accurate.

I'll worry about the numbers.

Well, now wait a second.

I mean, if these numbers
aren't accurate,

we've gotta rework them
until they are.

Because if we're selling
them inflated numbers,

then we're just a bunch
of snake-oil salesmen in suits.


What did you just call me?

And the fall out
over Private Car continues.

Weeks after the CEO's
insensitive Halloween costume

went viral,
and a new CEO has taken over.

Industry insiders are wondering
can she right this sinking ship?


For her safety and
the safety of those around her,

we need to move her
to a more hands-on unit.

I understand.

This will
be out of care

and the new housing assignment

will raise your invoice
to 12,000.

Per month?

Is that gonna be a problem?


If this deal falls apart,

I'm gonna be broker
than a sumo wrestler's bed.

How is that possible?

You drive around
a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Let's just say I live
slightly beyond my means.

Fake it till you make it,
you heard?


She called me a
"snail oil salesman", Ethan.

"Snail oil."

I believe it was
"Snake oil", Bob.

Well, that's much worse now,
isn't it?

If this thing thinks

she can waltz in here
and screw up this deal,

a deal we have worked on
together for five years.

I don't think she wants
to screw up the deal, Bob.

Somebody ought to shut her up.

With all due respect, sir--

You know Ethan, you built this
company up from scratch.

And I appreciate that.

But on Friday, when Dotty is
introduced to Rydze,

it is you that needs to be
doing most of the talking.

I thought that the
whole point was--

You got one shot here, son.

No more mistakes.

If this deal dies,

your career is deader
than a can of corned beef.

I like corned beef.

You stalking me?

Don't call the cops.

Huh, they wouldn't come
to Oak Cliff.

She's 52 years old
and with zero references.

It's unacceptable.

You've created a monster.

I don't think an elderly woman
should be working this hard.

Who you calling elderly?
An MBA would be nice.

I'll leave you to it.

These are baseline
qualifications, David.

Something written on her butt?

You got the number.

Team wants to run
a cost analysis

on the new designs.

But everyone they keep
sending me is simply unfit.

Alright, what's up?

May I?


Brannigan's asked me to join
the meeting on Friday.

He feels that the--
the board really feels--

Spit it out, boy.

They think that uh,

maybe I should be the one
answering questions on numbers.

Because it was my baby.

Okay, I see.

But we still want you there.

Oh yeah.

For eye candy.

You get what's going on,
don't you?

Brannigan is rude, I know that.

He is uncouth,
he smells like a dead animal,

but he is a legend

and he has gotten me
where I am today.

He's gotten you?

Don't give away all
your power, boy.

He may have helped you,
but it's your idea,

your abilities,

that surely attracted him
to Private Car

in the first place.

At the end of the day,

anything that happens
at that company,

good or bad,

is ultimately a
reflection on you.

Private Car and Rydze,
is it a match?

You bet!

The answer to my
question is right here...


I didn't think I was
gonna echo that loud.

I was just like,
"You bet".

And it was like,
"You bet, you bet,

you bet, you bet."

It's a big room.

Oh Dotty, remember,

smile big,
don't say a goddamn thing.

Scandal is poisonous.

It destroys whomever
it touches.

Unless they are smart enough
to get ahead of it.



This is comfy.

So then, I thought, Bobby,

I call him Bobby.

Let's just ramp up production.

But we have to do it smartly.

We'll save costs
without front seats.

Love that idea.

And double our fleet by 2024.


Your projections say triple
by 2024, don't they?

I just don't think
that's realistic.

Okay, well, Farhad,
with all due respect,

we just had public
transportation banned

in Highland Park.

And Private Car is
the only sanctioned

autonomous car company
in the state.

Pretty soon, there's not gonna
be a bus route

anywhere between here
and El Paso.

And then what happens? I mean
who's gonna pick up the uh,

the elderly, the handicapped,
the blind?

I don't think they're gonna
be buying cars anytime soon.

That's just me.

So, tripling is conservative.

Is this true?

I'm not...

I haven't been
involved in the...

She's new.

She's not up to speed on the
ins and outs of everything.

Fact of the matter is
by 2024,

we're gonna be the only
game in town.

Ask Ethan,
he'll tell you himself.

That's been the plan.

That's been the plan.

Well, it sounds like a good one.

Thank you.

-Dotty, wait!
-Leave me alone!

I tried to explain.

When did you try to explain?

When I brought it up
to your face,

and you never said a word?

When you saw how distraught
I was as they pulled up my stop

and you sat there
with your feet up?

When did you try to
explain to me

that the very company
that you asked me to run

is the same company
that's destroying my life?

-Destroying is a little--
-Oh, here we go,

the same dude who rocks
blackface in parachute pants

is about to defend
this repulsive behavior, too.

Removing the bus stops, Ethan.

That might be, a nice
competitive advantage

for everyone's bottom line,

but in the real world
that destroys lives.

When my daddy packed me up

and sent me away from
the only home I ever knew,

that bus was the only
place I felt safe.

You've taken that option away
from thousands of people

who literally have
nowhere else to turn.

I'd expect that of him,
you know.

A rich, white asshole
who's had it handed to him

from the day he won
the sperm lottery.

But from you?

If your mama really was
a housekeeper,

let me say,
I'm happy she can't understand

what her boy has gone and done.

♪ Another day ♪

♪ I call and never speak ♪

♪ And you would say ♪

♪ Nothing's changed at all ♪

♪ And I can't feel ♪

♪ Much hope for anything ♪

♪ If I won't be there ♪

♪ To catch you ♪

♪ If you fall ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ It seems we meet ♪

♪ In the spaces ♪

♪ In between ♪

♪ We always say ♪

♪ It won't be long ♪

♪ Oh, but something's
always wrong ♪

♪ Another game ♪

♪ Of putting things aside ♪

♪ As if we'll come ♪

♪ Back to them sometime ♪

♪ A brace of hope ♪

♪ A pride of innocence ♪

♪ And you would say ♪

♪ Something has gone wrong ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ It seems we meet ♪

♪ In the spaces ♪

♪ In between ♪


♪ We always say ♪

♪ It won't be long ♪

♪ But something's always wrong ♪

♪ Something's always wrong ♪

Come on, I'll drive you.

♪ Something's always wrong ♪

How's Dotty doing?

She hates me.

Took longer than I thought.

I know I haven't said it
often enough but

thanks for all that
you do, Dora.

It means a great deal
to my mother,

and to me.

No problem.

Mr. Cox?

Apparently, her lungs
filled with fluid, uh,

but fortunately,
we're able to intubate.

She's hanging on.

Can I-- can I see her?

Ah, what are her odds?

I mean, I'm not gonna
hold you to it.

Best-case scenario, 50/50.

I'm sorry I was so late.

I had a little setback
at work.

I think, ma,

I think I've been trying so hard

to prove to you
that I could be the person

that you always
believed I could be.

But I think I lost sight
of who I already am.

I just want you to know
that I'm gonna fix it.

I'm gonna make it right.

I'm sorry to hear
about your mom.

Thank you.

How can I help?

I want you to stop
selling snacks.

Ain't nothing wrong
with selling snacks.

You were born to do
so much more.

We both were.

I'm just fine with exactly
what I'm doing.

I'm gonna be late
for my bus.

I think the act of doing
things the right way

is a lot like raising
a ghost orchid.

Hey, watch it, bud!

Threatened by seemingly
insurmountable outside odds,

they're basically
impossible to keep alive.

Which way you going?

Come on, man,
what are you doing?

Pick a direction.

And the-- the more ignorant
those forces are of the

- very real damage that they do.
- Hi, Dotty.


Excuse me?

The harder still it becomes.

But with the right caregivers,
those orchids grow into some

of the most beautiful
spectacles on God's green earth.

We gotta fight.

We can't just let
the orchids die.

The world needs 'em.

Who you preaching to, boy?

My orchids been growing tall
since the first moment

I planted it.

Your orchid.


There's only so much good
any one of us can do alone.


Oh God! I'm leaving.

Sorry about that.

Blue crab hand roll.

Must have turned.

I just heard the news, Ethan.

And I'm-- I'm sorry.

About your mom passing
and dying. And I...

And I don't--
I don't really know what to say.

I just...

I hope she has the biggest
wings in heaven.

Big beautiful wings
like a bald eagle.

Soaring over a nest

before she eats a salmon

out of the river.




That's for your mom, Ethan.

You're late.

And you're fabulous!

Uh. What I've tried to do is
utilize everything

that made Private Car
successful and--

And you've structured it.

Just like you said.

As Private Car algorithm

applied to self-driving buses,
so that--

People ride for half the price.

-Well, well, well.

A Tinder date gone wrong.

Ethan, this is a wart
on my ass.

Wart, this is Ethan.

You owe that wart on
your ass $5,000.

So, you better start shoving
that money down your pants.



Pulled pork
sliders, our most popular dish.

100% gluten-free.

Why'd you pick this place?

If we're gonna be partners,
we gotta think like partners.

In every decision we make.

Not bad.

Equal partners, 50/50.

And from here on out,
we're only telling the truth.

Real resumes.

Real backgrounds.

Real everything.



-Oh hey.


What is this place?

This is the room
where it happens.

Excuse me?

There he is!

Ooh, Salvation Army
having a sale, huh?

You know, Ethan and I were old
frat buddies at Tech.

Nobody thought either one
of us would amount to shit.

Now look at us.

Now look at you.

Very interesting.

Rides for the needy.

Who would have thought?

The ROI is nearly doubled.
The cash on cash is like...

No yeah, I..

I get it.

It's uh...

he's on board with this?

Uh, not exactly.

But can we count on
your help, man?

For Sigma Chi's
Whammy Davis Junior?

Of course, old chap!

-So Dolly?



I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

I just should have
handled it better.

I should've treated you better.

Well, I shouldn't
have posted it.

I shouldn't have worn it.

Yeah, you win.

I also just wanted
to thank you,

because without you,

I'd still be making
all the same mistakes.

There you are!

Lord have mercy,
you won't believe it.

I was attacked by two bunnies.

Well, if you ever need
some good PR,

you know where to find me.

Thanks, Stef.

Let's go. If we stay here
one more moment,

my skin's gonna turn
into sequins.

- Finally.
- Oh!

Jesus, what are you
hiding in my bushes?

You scared me half to death.

Black woman in
Highland Park, man!

You gotta be careful around
them neighborhood vigilantes.

I um...

I made you something,
for tomorrow.

And after seeing you in
your raggedy-ass T-shirt,

I thought my fashion criticism
may be misinterpreted.

-It's not the clothes, Ethan.

It's the man.

And for my money,
that's plenty good enough.

Now, I'm impressed.

Remember, this is the kind
of thing he wants to do.

This is the thing he
dreams of doing!

When he was a little kid,
growing up in Syria--


He dreamed of making
a difference.

This is that difference.

If he's a bottom line man...

He's a bottom line man.

Once he sees our numbers...

We'll have him wrapped around
our little fingers.

Let's make a dollar
outta 15 cents.


Mr. Cox?

Mr. Ghorbani has an
absolutely jam-packed day,

and since you're both
already here,

would you mind if we just went
ahead and got started?

Do they even know we're coming?

Bob Brannigan doesn't need
a handwritten invitation, Diggy.

Old Sage, Ethan's frat brother,
roommate, butt buddy,

the minute the shit
hits the fan,

whose side is he on?

-Your side.
-Damn right.

I'm-- I'm allergic to
cigar smoke, Bob.

I empathize.
I'm allergic to penicillin.

Golden rule, Dig.

He who has the gold,
makes the rules.

I can feel my uh,
throat closing, Bob.

Open it up.

Your office said urgent.

It is.

We have a new proposal.

You legal?

Excuse me?

Never mind.

We'll leave it right there.

I'm sorry, sir,
you can't just...

Call the cops.

I'm sorry.

And with public
transportation already banned,

autonomous buses could
become the new wave

of transportation in this city.

Fully privatized,
but accessible to the masses.

Very interesting.


We've spoken to our contacts
on the city council and have

been assured
of their full support.

You can't go
in there, it's a closed meeting.


- Really.
- We got ourselves a deal?

- Bob?
- Hey.

We heard 8:00 a.m.

Maybe somebody's secretary
needs to get fired.

I didn't realize you're coming.

Why wouldn't I come?

I'm majority investor
and still Chairman

of Private Car,
ain't that right, Ethan?

Actually Bob, we're here
to discuss Public Car.

Love it.

Big fan of Public Car.

God, I wanna do some
bus business.


Okay, great.
I guess we could uh,

put this on the list
of things to address

once the larger deal
goes through,

which I expect to be
by the end of this week.

Great. So, we'll do our deal

and then we'll work
on the new stuff.




We only wanna do Public Car.

We actually would like to
dissolve Private Car.

-Excuse me?
-Wait, what?

I don't believe in what
it stands for.

And to be honest,
I haven't for quite some time.

He's kidding.

I don't like the idea of
denying people transportation

in order to line my own pockets.

We're doing this deal.

When I got into my trouble,
Bob here insisted

that I step down
and hire a new CEO.

But I didn't wanna step down
from the company that I founded.

So, I decided to try
to control it from the wings

with somebody that I knew
was not qualified.

I chose Dotty.

A 71-year-old snack cart vendor

from my mother's
retirement home.

I know, I look 45.

It was deceptive,
and manipulative. And...

Wow, wow.


I'm hearing this
for the first time.

But listen, you're a businessman

and you cannot be talked
out of your vision.

Now, we're gonna--

We're gonna excuse you
for your impulses.

No, we're not.

Huh? No, we're not.

No, we're not. How dare you?

But Dotty here turned out
to be extraordinarily qualified.

More qualified for this position
than anyone I've ever known.

Maybe not in terms
of fancy degrees

or years on Wall Street,

but every good idea
this team has had

since she was brought
on board, was hers.

A lot of those were team ideas.

Removing the front seats,
self-driving buses.

I like the buses.

They were all hers.

She's got brilliant instincts,
she's made me a better leader,

and I wanna bring her on
as Public Car's co-CEO.

What I don't understand is,

if Dotty's so qualified,

why did you fake her
resume to begin with?

Let's just say I'm not
the first white dude in her life

to stand on her shoulders
and call myself tall.

Now I can't go back
and undo what others did to her,

I can't go back
and undo what I did, either.

I can say I'm sorry,
which I am,

and not just because
it led to this whole PR fiasco,

but what does an
apology really do?

For Dotty, or for anyone out
there that needs to catch a bus?



Oof! That's touching.

I think you had just
the perfect tone too.

Possibly a better apology
than Jimmy Fallon's.

Okay, Farhad.
You want to do busses?

We'll do busses.
You wanna keep the snack lady?

We'll use the snack lady.

We are gonna close this deal.

You can't do both, Bob.

You'll lose all your customers.

As soon as the ugly truth
behind the bus ban gets out,

Private Car, and everything
associated with it,

will become the enemy.

See, I've found that
the best way to increase profit

is by listening to the customer

and giving them exactly
what they want.

- Okay.
- When Harold Eichelbaum

asks me for a Vanilla
Charleston Chew,

I don't hand him
a Three Musketeers.

What-- candy bars?

What are we talking about?

Now I've been riding
busses all my life,

which I promise you ain't true

of anyone else in this room.

What do the customers want?

Cleaner vehicles,
more bus stops

and most of all, lower fares.

Who's Harold Eichelbaum?

I hate that you lied.


And in any other case,
I promise you,

this would be a deal-breaker.


But, I'm first generation
Iranian immigrant

so I know a few things
about barrier to entry for

people with darker skin.

Especially in Texas.

So, let's just say
I'm sympathetic.

If we were to do just Public Car

and that's gonna take
much re-thinking,

you'd all still be our partners?

We'd still be your partners.

Wait just a minute.

I've been working five years
on this deal, okay.

I still control the board. Me.

They'll steal this company
from me when pigs drive.

I'm with them.

What's that?

I'm with them.

Without my vote, you don't
actually control this board.

I put you on this board.

To stack it in our favor,
I'm aware

but it's unethical, Bob.

Enough's enough.

You must be drunker
than a fiddler's clerk.

And speaking of pigs driving...


Makes friends
everywhere he goes.

Just 'cause a chicken has wings
don't mean it can fly.

Don't worry, Bob,
if the deal goes through,

I'm sure we'll reach out for
some meaningful consultation.

No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no!

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Stop that car!


There's a bus stop three
minutes down the road.

Oh, wait.

They pulled that one up!

You uh, cute?

Huh, you think that's cute?

The concept makes sense.

But these numbers have to work.

And if there's even one piece
of funny business

in the calculations,
whole deal's off.

Look, I like the idea
of helping the less fortunate.

But this isn't a charity.

Business is business.

We believe those concepts
don't have to be

mutually exclusive.

Oh, uh, if we do this,

when it comes to PR,
Dotty will be the face.

And deservedly so.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Without all those
media appearances,

you're gonna save a
fortune on clothes.

Hey, you guys are gonna
have a job for me

at this new thing, right?

Uh, is that contagious?

Dotty's got jokes now?

I'd like to remind you both
I still actually have a vote

on this board,
and I'll use it.

We're still gonna need a lawyer.

Who knew you had
it in you, buddy?

Well, I just...

I don't know man. I just saw,
I gotta do the right thing.

I gotta do the right thing.

Were you just like
muttering that to yourself?

3,900, 4,000

Great, thanks.

Now, it's for the next payment.

We thought about paying you
all this money,

but then we decided that
it was rewarding bad behavior.

Yes, we did.

Don't get cute.

We just didn't feel
comfortable with that.

So, we're going to move.


And my friend Kenneth here,

is going to take over our lease.

What, wait?

You can't do that.

Article 17 of our contract,
permitted transferees.

Oh, no. That's just a
standard contract.

I never said that you can
have someone to...

What is he doing?

You signed it.


You kidding me?
He can't make the rent.

-What are you, crazy?
-About that. You see,

according to
Texas Civil Code 1-941,

a landlord is required to
maintain a rental unit according

to a set of minimum standards.

If a landlord does not
maintain a rental unit

according to these standards,

state law spells out
tenants may withhold rent.

So, unless and until,

you fix everything
on this list...

And it's a long list.

Kenneth will be living
here rent free.


You can't do this.

If you got a problem,
we got a new lawyer.

Here's his card
and be warned,

he don't mess around.

Well, what? Come back here!

Come back here!

You got Netflix?


You said she was coming back!

But Dotty's not coming back,
is she?

No, Harold. She's not.

But she wanted you
to have these.

Free of charge.

Eat your heart out, Jeb Bezos!

Ohho! He listened!
He-- he listened.

Don't-- don't baby me, huh.

You know I used to
think you were a

real special kind of ass.

Now I think I get it.

Thanks, Dora.

Sure will miss Dotty
around here though.

Well, if it's any consolation,

she's gonna be one
heck of a CEO.

I have zero doubt.

Joining us tonight,
is Public Car's new co-CEO

Dotty Jean Bolden.

Dotty, it's a pleasure to have
you here with us today.

Thank you, Stefani.

And it's a pleasure
to be here with you.

Building a company
with a mandate

of doing so much good
for those in need

must have been quite
the challenge.

Oh honey, it was not easy.

But this is a dream
that I've had

since I was 16 years old.

And now after all these years
to see that it's happening,

it just makes me feel
so good, you know.

Robert Brannigan?

Who wants to know?


You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can
and will be used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you can't afford one,
one will be provided for you.

Ow! Well, I can afford one.

Public Car, please hold.

Public Car, please hold.

Public Car, please hold.

That's a little hyperbolic,
but uh,

yeah, we're doing really,
really well.

It's a people's business, Dave.

If you've got the right people,
anything is possible.

Hey man, you karaoke?

We gotta sing at the pub
every Wednesday.

I can be Hall, you can be Oates.
I need a partner.

That's a great turtleneck.

You have a great neck
for a turtleneck, man.

Hey, Derek, can I get
an oat milk latte,

little cinnamon on top?

Thanks, man.

Uh, uh, uh, uh.

No rush.

Full eight minutes.

Then flip.

Hoping you was off
to some board meeting,

so I could get some peace.

Look at this line,
I'm doing it right!

Mm-hmm. It's not right,
till I say it's right.

Yes, ma'am.

And Derek?

Keep up the good work.

Ah, there you are.

Five calls to return

and your 6:30 p.m.
has been pushed to 5:30.

Oh, lord, these people
are working my last nerve.

Can I get you something?

Yes, a nice green tea.

Alright. Absolutely.

Coming in right five minutes.

Okay. Alright.
Thank you, doll.

No problem.

Like a hot bite
of heaven, huh?

Nothing like it.

Guess whose designs are
gonna be front

and center at every Target
across America?


Oh my God!
Man, that's incredible.

That's incredible!

-That's amazing.

It's amazing.


Hey, look out.

You wanna hear the
story about it?

Ah, yes, too much

Should have bet that one.

♪ I was so lost ♪

♪ I couldn't breathe ♪

♪ Till you reminded me ♪

♪ Who I'm really meant to be ♪

♪ You touched my heart ♪

♪ You hit me deep ♪

♪ I never saw it coming ♪

♪ But now I believe ♪

♪ There's a reason ♪

♪ That you came to my life ♪

♪ And what we got is ♪

♪ Too bright to hide ♪

♪ Like diamonds,
we were born to shine ♪

♪ Born to shine ♪

♪ You and me
were born to shine ♪

♪ Were born to shine ♪

♪ You and me
were born to shine ♪

♪ You are my north star ♪

♪ You are my guiding light ♪

♪ You are the only one ♪

♪ Burning up my night sky ♪

♪ You saw the good in me ♪

♪ The things I couldn't see ♪

♪ You gave me what I need ♪

♪ And now I believe ♪

♪ There's a reason ♪

♪ That you came to my life ♪

♪ And what we got is ♪

♪ Too bright to hide ♪

♪ Like diamonds,
we were born to shine ♪

♪ Born to shine ♪

♪ You and me
were born to shine ♪

♪ Born to shine ♪

♪ You know we were
born to shine ♪

♪ 'Cause I feel so bright ♪

♪ We were born to shine ♪

♪ I can win this night ♪

♪ We don't have to cover it up ♪

♪ I'm gonna scream it ♪

♪ From the top of my lungs ♪

♪ I'm so glad ♪

♪ I got you here ♪

♪ Right by my side ♪

♪ Here by your side ♪

♪ We were born to shine ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ There's a reason that ♪

♪ You came to my life ♪

♪ And what we got is ♪

♪ Too bright to hide ♪

♪ Like diamonds,
we were born to shine ♪

♪ Born to shine ♪

♪ You and me
were born to shine ♪

♪ Bright as a star and free ♪

♪ Born to shine ♪

♪ Born to shine ♪

♪ Bright as a star and free ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ You and me
were born to shine ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Born to shine ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ We're born to shine ♪