Dora's Dunking Doughnuts (1933) - full transcript

Schoolteacher Andy Wilson makes his usual morning stop for coffee and donuts at Dora's Home Bakery. Today he enjoys talking to Dora so much that he is late to school for the first time. Later that day, Dora tells him about some wonderful new donuts that she has made. Andy is so impressed with them that he decides to have his students help him make a radio commercial, in order to help Dora sell her new product. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
-Good morning, boys.

-Good morning, Teacher.

- Good morning.
- -Good morning, Mrs..

-Good morning, Mr. Wilson.

Good morning, Mrs..

How's your?

-Good morning, Miss Dora.

-Good morning, Teacher.

The usual?


Four doughnuts and
a cup of coffee.

-All right.

-Don't you ever want anything
else for breakfast, Andy?

-Not so long as
they're your doughnuts.

I think you
like to pay me compliments.

-I do?


It's after nine o'clock.

-Wait till I ring the bell.

I'll make him hurry.

-Dora, you know you'd make
a fine wife for some man.

-Do you think so?

-Oh, sure.

I'm sure you would.

Did you ever think of,
uh, getting married?

-Well, yes.

-You have, huh?

-Oh, yes.

But the right man
never asked me.

-He didn't, huh?


-I'm late for school.


-It's the first
time in 20 years.


Hurry, Andy!




-Bye, Andy!




Oh, Andy, dear.

Are you hurt?


That's nothing for a
young fella like me.

off that bicycle.

-Goodbye, Andy!






-Good morning to you!

Good morning to you!

Good morning dear teacher!

Good morning to you!

-Good morning, children.
Good morning.

Good morning.

Sorry I'm late.

But by way of apology we'll
have the music lesson first.

-What is it, Shirley?

-Please, Teacher, what General
with five letters in his name


-What General with five
letters in his name

is better than?

Let's see.


Let's see.



-General Grant!

-Now first we'll
take the roll call.



Tom and Henry Hemingway.


-He stayed home.

Somebody broke his saxophone.

William, John, and



Everybody's here.

Now for a little lung exercise.

-Now hold that note
until I tell you to stop.

-Very good.

-That's my hat.


-That's my hat.



That's yours.

-What is Dora?

What is it?

What's happened?

-Andy, at last I've found a
way to make a perfect doughnut.


Better even than the ones
you have been making?

-Taste one.

-How do you like it?

-Dora, there never was
a doughnut like that.

-Of course there wasn't.

But look.
Watch me dunk it in the coffee.

-My goodness.

Let me dunk one.

-Oh, Andy.


Dora, if we could
only advertise

on the radio, you'd
make a fortune.


But think about the cost.

And how about the actors?

-I never thought of that.


I forgot to tell them.

You see a left them at--
Dora, there's our actors!

There's our entertainment!

You're gonna be famous
from coast to coast.





We're all partners in
Miss Dora's bakery.


-You mean we can have some
doughnuts, Mr. Wilson?

-I sure do.

Come on.

Come on in.

All right, boys.

Help yourselves.

Go on!

That's it.

That's it.

Our radio.

Dora's Dunking
Doughnuts, they float!

-Oh, Andy.

-Come on, everybody.

Come on.

Don't forget to tune
into tomorrow

night at 6:30.

-Excuse me.

-Is there anything on your mind?

Well, they're-- they're all
kissing goodbye.

Continuing the
Program, where hens are happy,

Miss will now
render a song.

As the chicken would sing it.


-Hey, that fellow, Wilson,
hasn't shown up yet.

What do I do?

-Well, keep her cackling until
I see if I can locate him.

-If she cackles another
number, she'll lay an egg.

Are you Mr. Wilson?



That's me.

This is my program.

-Well, hurry.


You're on the air next.

Hurry up!

-We're on next.

We're on next.

Now come on now.

Stick together.

-Right up there.


The, uh, folks are being seated.

Uh, yeah, you'll, uh, pardon
the slight delay, folks.

I had a flat tire

-Oh, yes.

Mr. Wilson had a flat
tire ,

but he didn't say who she was.

Introducing the new program,
Mr. Andy Wilson and his dunkers.

And-- uh, just a moment, folks.

Uh, the noise you heard,
folks, wasn't a storm.

It was Mr. Wilson
arranging his music.

Uh, Mr. Wilson, it's yours.


Ladies and gentlemen,
this program

is to introduce Dora's
Dunking Doughnuts.

They float.

Remember the name, folks.

They're baked by
little Dora herself.

Are you listening, Dora?

-Yes, Andy.

I'm listening.

-Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.

Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.

Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.

They are the rage of the land.

No cookie, cake, or candy
could be as fine and dandy

as Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.

You'll be nuts
about her doughnuts.

You'll dunk them in your
coffee or any old drink.

You'll drunk them day
and drunk them night

and still they won't sink.

Cause Dora's Dunking
Doughnuts-- Dora's

Dunking Doughnuts-- we'll
have you know they float.

-Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.

Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.

They are the rage of the land.

No cookie, cake, or candy
can be as fine and dandy

as Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.

You'll be nuts
about her doughnuts.

-You'll dunk them in your
coffee or any old drink.

You'll drunk them day
and dunk them night

and still they won't sink.

Cause Dora's Dunking
Doughnuts-- Dora's

Dunking Doughnuts-- we'll
have you know they float!

-That was very well played.

Very well played.

Now I want three
boys to do a dance.

A friendly
I love with all my heart.

She gives me cream with all her
might to eat with apple pie.

-You better do it.

Jimmy And Bill.

And Richard.

Teacher, teacher, funny
and old with

and a heart of gold.

more trouble.

Wanna ruin the program?



Line up, boys.
Next thing on the program,

ladies and gentlemen,
is the best

dancing act you have ever seen.


There's nothing--
there's nothing to it.

-I wish that boy of
yours would keep step.

-Well, if you'd use
your eyes, you'd

see that he's the only
one that's in step.

-Oh, yeah?

-Oh, you're going to
chime in, are you?

-I'm phoning Miss Dora.

She's responsible.

-Mr. Wilson, I'm not
given to compliments,

but you have a splendid act.

-Oh, I'm so glad to
hear you say that.

Because, you know,
Miss Dora sunk

her last dollar in this program.

-You have nothing to
worry about whatsoever.

-Oh, thanks a lot.

An awful lot.

-Make yourself at home. -Thanks.




Miss Dora?

Dora, this is Andy.

Are you listening
to the program?

-Yes, Andy.

You sound splendid.






-Don't you shush me,
you French mug, you.

-The manager just told me
we're a great sensation.

Take your hands off of
me, you big.

manager can tell
me where to.




What's wrong?

-No, no.

There's nothing wrong.

Why, things couldn't be better.

We're a sensation.

That's all there is to it.

Oh my.

Oh my.

Oh my.





What's the trouble?

-Be seated.




I'll put on "Little
Red Riding Hood".

-Well, put on something
and be quick about it.


Can I have a table?


Quiet, ladies!

Ladies and
gentlemen, I will now give you

the drama of "Little
Red Riding Hood".

Playing the three parts
myself of the little girl,

the grandmother, and the wolf.

-And the bear?

-And the bear.

There is no bear,
ladies and gentlemen.


Once upon a time,
there was a little girl

called Little Red Riding Hood.

-Mr. Wilson!

-What is it?


-You have on the wolf's head!




All right.

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

Little mistake.

There was a little girl
called Little Red Riding Hood.

She was going to
visit her grandmother

in the middle of the forest.

-The trees were chirping to the
birds-- chirped-- the-- uh--

the grandmother was
sound asleep in bed.

-There's a knock
at that the door.

And the grandmother wakes up.

-The grandmother
wakes up, Shirley!

Would you please-- get away
from here, will you please?

Naturally the grandmother thinks
it is Little Red Riding Hood.

But it isn't.

Who is it?

It's the great, big hungry wolf.

-Mind your business.

-Where's the wolf?


Who's got the wolf?

The wolf.

-Wherever that woman is
there's always trouble.

-There certainly is.


get out of here.

I'm going home.


We're in the middle
of the program.

-Oh, I don't care.

I don't-- I don't

I'm in the middle of--

I will have you


Please. Shh.

Would you get out of here?

Get out!

Hurry up!

-Get them out of here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this program

will just a moment.

I'll find the wolf's head.

There's only a little--

-That's enough.

I've had enough of it.


Be careful.

Don't you--

That's the straw.

-I said get out.

-Get him, men.

Get him.

-Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.

There's no--

-Cheer up, Andy.

You did your best.

-Oh, sure.

But I just wasted all Miss
Dora's money for nothing.

-You know, Miss
Dora, I had no idea

the program was such a
success till after I'd

thrown Mr. Wilson out.


Why, we're simply
swamped with orders.

-That's great.

But to make amends
I want to offer

Mr. Wilson and your doughnut
program free time for a month.

Will you sign here please?

In the bottom line.

So you me out
your radio station, huh?


Andy, what are you doing?

-If it hadn't been for him
we'd have been a success.

-You were a success!

He simply came to apologize.

-He came-- he came to apologize?


-I'm sorry.

-I'll see you on the air
Friday at two o'clock.

-Well, sure.

And I was a success?

Why that comedy
you staged was a riot.



How did you ever come
to think of it, Andy?

-It just happened.

Boys, the band!