Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's New Great Adventure into the Underworld (2007) - full transcript

When Nobita turned the world into a world with magic with the what-if-telephone-booth-gadget, He and his world needed to defeat the threat that became reality in this world. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Voyager 5 was destroyed?

Must, the ship suffered a strong gravity cause it to explode into dust.

No affected so far?

I can not ignore that a strong gravity can exist...

The problem is that an object something floating near our world.

And then will be...


Last signal transmitted from the Voyager 5 finished.

I make sure the signal is passed to him.



Received File!

Bringing up the display.

Ro, the data are open.


Really, how much notice must instructors with me again?

Always eat goose... Do not you ashamed?

Do you understand? I do not pay attention to the school at all!

Nay, Nobita!


This is basically... Some people say this is all a person needs to step into the world.

Down! Hurry up!


... But it is not true.

! Silk - Se - Down!

Do you understand? Nobita.

The importance of addressing these problems is to understand the concepts.

Nobita, hurry up!

Stars? I did not hear you say anything!

Not now! Later in this!

Only resolve the problem, then you can understand...

Go ahead! Later in this loud!

Go ahead!

So, what you're missing now is...

I do not...


Okay, then!



Oh drift...


I said yesterday and then but now I do not clean?!

If that is you, is not finished cleaning this room, do not drug down to eat me!


Yes, we are still investigating.

What about that data?

Does it affect the Earth?

I understand everyone's thoughts...

However, we need time to investigate this...


The cleaning done?

C-What is it? What's going on?

From the freezer yet!

Mami, magical girl!

A! La Mami!

Empty yet!

Lam homework yet!

Is amazing!

Yeah, go on!

Gay a, I need your help today!

Okay! To measure yourself!

In children.





Magic! If we have the magic!

Magic does not exist.


What is considered magic from ancient times has been scientifically proven.

Magic just a concept.

Return to the old site!

Once the concept is proven, then it is science.

I think magic is better than science.

If we had magic is much more convenient everything is.

Just spell a...

"Somewhat", That's it.



'm Not right...


What is this!?

Am I...


Nobita! What are you doing?

I call!

Do not tell me you broke something?!

Tran broke! What do we do here?

I doing?

Heaven and earth! Cleaning done now?!


Oh! Clean too.

Happened! Jyian and people are teased Nobita in the field.

Huh? I?

Just because you're any that we lost.


This is my stone...



Well, Nobita! Why is there a stupid stone statue of him here?

Do not have to stay here!


Yeah, Jyian! It falls to the ground...

Junk But we bring into the house will be mother scolded lost.

Trash what? This is my stone.

Also it is... Who would go to do this stuff?

Looks too.

It looks like real life.

It's like it's afraid of what?

Do not say this is the magical statue?!

How can that be? We still stand here?


Did not I tell you that magic does not exist?

Also strange is this statue falls from the sky...

A! D-Doraemon!

Quick! Look statue just sweating lo...

Huh? Sweating?

Yes, your TV is going to have a storm forecast.

It's not sweat, that is rain.

I felt lost, into the dryer.


I swear I heard a strange noise.

Sure dad say love, right?

I do not think so.

What? Door to open.

Yes, yes. I thought something.

C - Does anyone... one in the other.

What, what?

What is it?

Well, Nobita, you do this night?

His mother, his mother a...

Over there.

What is this statue?

This automatically go to that!

Four children in the backyard...

I do have something there. Rock never move.

Getting late! Kids move fast!

Then go to bed!

Having to move and...

Also still rains.

Well, had to it in this way.

Hey, would not it look different in the afternoon?

Come on!

Yes, yes!

Hey, Doraemon.

A few strange statues there too.

It's strange, but to say after tomorrow. I'm tired.

But I worry so much I can not sleep.

So think about something happy and go to bed.

Think of something fun?

If I could use magic...

Hey, Doraemon.

I think if we focus a little mind'm going to use magic.

Stubborn Toys, spells do exist!

But I'm telling the truth! I just thought of a good idea...

But forgotten...

What is it?! Geez!

Okay, got it.

Do not call me anymore.

A! It hurts!

What is it?

My stomach...



I have a little 22 century.

What do you have?

No stars.

I now.

Is it because the other statue?

'm Not...

Do not tell me because I eat too many donuts!



My stomach... My stomach...

No pain more.


He okay?

Many strange stories too...

Drop, drop out!

That is because he never checked periodically at all.

Just in awhile!

Do not!

Pillow, fly!


I want to...

If I could use magic...




Do not run!

My brother!

It is...


No pain is not no such thing.

No wonder why Doraemon hate periodically check anyway.



Belly he okay?


There's alright, because I eat more than that.


Yes, the thought of it! I remember now!

Huh? What's this?

Phone Cabinets request!

Just call request is the world turned into a magical world.

Yeah right...

This this, we try to see how the Wizarding world, okay?

Listen interesting.

You're smart sometimes, Nobita.

"From phone requests!"

Just a little. After he saw enough memory then asked to come back.



... Wizarding world...


Okay, so I can use magic!

Magic flying carpet, flying up!

Outdoor variables, donuts!

Mantra not correct?

A loud-frying!

God! Let the donut down...

Carpets fly, fly!

No effect.


Bao by his helpless.

It's been said, there is no magic.

Mink Make it!

Earthworm Make it!

Make it insects!

Make it indirectly!

Turned into pigs!

Variable germs!

Variable aliens!

It's stupid.

I go to sleep.

Today unusual.


We are?

They are the people who come here to destroy us.

Flood profane.

It is...

Medusa, go check their power.

Command Compliance.

It seems all the rain already!


Who da...

Nobita! Wake up! Hurry up!

Out of the way!

This is the world of magic!

Chin ka hoi!

Eating hurry.

Not too late to learn it.

No problem, you just have to climb up the flying carpet and fly to school.

I say? What we do have flying carpet.


We do not need a few luxuries.

Nobita, I should soon learn to ride a broom.

Nobita, not perhaps you did not know this?

"Authority" is one of the basic permission.

Here, try it.

Relax on the reef, "Chin ka hoi."

Chin ka hoi!

Chin ka hoi...

What are you doing?

Teacher, let me try.

Chin Ka... Hoi!

Chin ka hoi!

Chin ka hoi!

Chin ka hoi!

Due to much!


Nobita! Our team does not need not fly.

Exit the airport now!

Hiro, hurry up.

Mimi, wait.

Nobita! She was ashamed to hear what you comment about me!

"Authority" is one of the most basic permission!

If you do not perform a simple as that, then I will not be able to level 2 at school any better!

This world is nothing, what is this?!

It seems that magic is a main subject. You still have to learn.

We can not use magic because we have not learned.

Return to the old world only.

Hey, Nobita! Visit Hooking?



Like his bike at the forest.

I just bought a new model from the German broom.

Watch this! Beautiful?

Hut also very impressive.

Also broom is special!

What? I'll let you test ride one.

No, Suneo!

Nobita do know riding brooms!

Oh, Jyian, he says. I should not do that.


Okay, let's go!



It is, two of them still in any world...

Come on, come on our world.


We went to the Wizarding world.

So, at least, we must also know little magic.

Magic I want to know!

At least Nobita and the will to...

Chin ka hoi!

No, it's not. You have to relax a little more.

Chin Ka... hoi!

Do not give up, dress just fly up little.





Chin ka hoi...

Not move at all.

Do not worry, you just stretch the body.

Breathe deeply...

And then, to think that the doll fly.

Bay... Bay... Chin ka hoi!


Bay! Hoi!

Do you see? The dress just fly up little.

Just like that.

If it lighter to make him do it.


Chin Ka... hoi!

Chin ka hoi!


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Sorry, Shizuka...

Shizuka, I'm sorry.


I will not do that, I'm sorry.

What is this?


Black Supernovas...



We went to see the stars.




Wind cool too...

Yeah, balance, balance.

Yeah, balance, balance.

Doraemon, his strange magic.

This is not magic, this is the bamboo propeller, scientific inventions.

You do not joke...

In the world of magic, just science concepts.

It is great, everything is turned into ash.

Look Jyian, this tree burned to the ground then.

Yeah, but I do not see any meteor fragments.

Yeah, I did not see.

So what's up here?


Something has to move.

Over there!



Make sure that the monkey...

Chasing it.

It's cruel... What is it anyway

All for other meteor?

I do not think this is why the ice.

What the...!?


A monkey?

As 2 kids!


Jyian, Suneo!

C - We do not save!


Nobita, are you alright?

Heavy too, get out!

Sore wa...

You're evil! Almost crushed me!

Sore wa...

You guys all right?

In the end we all fall.

You stand up?

I... Thanks for saving me.

Huh? You guys here?

She was not injured?

You guys all right?


She is amazing, she drove the flying carpet is good.

Thank you.

Actually, you have a driver's license Grade A flying carpet

's Great.

C-Thank you.

C-What is it?


Another earthquake.


Last night it happened.

How often? What happened?


No way...


Quickly get out of here.

Just felt very weird here.

There is a tremendous magical powers burn this forest fragments.

This forest... something dangerous!

A! Brush my German...

's Me again! Gone, gone!

Okay, people climb on my flying carpet.

Wait, not okay. This is my guest.

Protection is amazing.

This is to combat the magic figure.

Materials magic?

Yes, this often happened the big earthquake.

For "Planet Magic."

Here is what she said.

Magic Planet?

T-evening too.

Three Well, it 's me.

Hello everyone.

I was lucky because only minor injuries after fighting a demon.

Let me wound healing, people, go into your room.


Mage Mangetsu!

Yes, I was Mangetsu.

Great, is Mangetsu wizards.

Shizuka, who Mangetsu?

Great! Her father Miyako is Mangetsu wizards.

Do not you know!?

He is famous researchers magic, sometimes appear on TV.

Oh, I remember it.

Nobita, he or forgotten too.

Mangetsu, he can speak of the devil...

Can the black meteor that has nothing to do with "Magic Planet"?

Something very strange is going to happen on Earth.

Everyone has to believe in the existence of evil?

Since ancient times, it is true. But human evolution has gradually evil.

That's what they say.

But when I read an old document, I realized something very scary.

Bench document says that people have learned from the evil magic.

That is why today we have magic.

And the evil is not from planet earth from magic.

So... so, evil is from another planet?

The truth is so.

Turn back the pages of history, the Earth has been in very close to the magic world.

Dinosaurs, along with the Great Flood...

The power to destroy mankind from the Earth.

All happens by Magic Planet.

And now, the Earth is once again near the Magic Planet.

But no matter how we say,

Nor the World who believe in the existence of magic.

However, this is true.

When Planet Magic to close, it would be the end of the world. Everything will be too late.

But, I believe in this.

Miyako, mother and daughter...

But, mother...

Even your mother can save her, using sorcery is unforgivable...

It's amazing.

Sorry, I...

Everyone all right? I'm really sorry.


Well, to me...

No problem, I'll get another cup.

Miyako, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Well, her mother Miyako...

Her mother...

I regret, but with legal force now, we are not able to save his daughter...

No way...

It can not be...


Stop! You're reading what?!

If... If you have the power... the Miyako...

Devil Talk to the price of a life...

I do not know what will happen!

And her agreement with the devil, to use her own life.

Do not! Do not do that!

Unfortunately, that is the reason why the Magic Planet close to here.

What is really close to the magic planet earth?

So there is no way to cancel that agreement be?

It is not impossible, but...

About 5000 years ago,

... a man named Nirnaeth sought to seal the power of Mara.

How do write in a scroll titled "The Magic" and is hidden somewhere on Earth...

... In this scroll.

So basically if we roll it, we do not have to worry about Mara.

But the scroll is very old, and I can not decipher what's written in it.


Translation Bread!

Master Mangets, eat a little bit.


Come on, hurry.

Th-this is...?

Excellent, we can read it! So...

Magic of him is wonderful.

This is the first time you see such a remarkable magic.


Like this, though Mara to us also not afraid.



I think it's time we return to our world.

Yes, we ride a flying carpet and use magic.

What do you mean flip that skirt?

It's allowed!


What happened to the phone box here?

Reform to Asia?

I take time to get rid of it off the trick.

But fortunately rug put garbage passing...

Quick! Chase quickly, Doraemon!

O-oh, no...

If we do not have a phone cabinet requirements, how to go back to the old world?!

Do not say that. Think!

Since this is the world you create, you have to take responsibility.

This is also your fault does not prevent me.

Uncontrolled You always do everything up but not clean at all.

If you know, you did not use "from phone requests"!

Did not you say that is a good idea?!

No way, because you're so stubborn.

Do not tell me that from the beginning he did not want to go to the Magic World.

It's getting bigger. Magic planet closer and closer.

Hey, Miyako!



I already know the book "The Magic" is hidden somewhere!


Look, it's right here.

What is it?

Strength sorcery...

What is it? Two little angry?

Hey, looks like the upcoming storm.


Recently, there are many natural disasters too. What happens is that?

Th-this is...



Quick, get under a desk!


Mother, mother!

Earthquake strong too.

Epicenter must have been recent.

View current events.


No, you get out.

Huh? Start button?

No way...

2 kids are doing? You forgot how to turn on your TV?

Tap here with spiritual power.

A hurricane 5 going north.

This is new information about the earthquake,

Epicenter is a small area on the northwest forests.

Almost too small.

Now we will bring you the latest footage

around Tokyo, the earthquake on the Richter scale is 4.

Northwest forest?

Closer to home she Miyako.

Go here.

It is...

Go here.

Hey! The location selfish and think for yourself!


Who da!

Idiot, map items, you abandon your friends yeah?!

Select short legs.

This is...




If you do not mind...

Air We temporarily offline.

Also be.



Argument do nothing.

Must combination and find a way back to the old world.

Yes, yes.

Okay, let's go. I worry for her Miyako too.


D-Doraemon... What is this?

No way... This is crazy?

House is gone!


Mage Mangetsu!

What is it?

What happened to her Miyako and the others?

The mouse!

Why click here!? Quickly chased it away! I hate rats!

Doraemon, wait!

What do you have?



Who skin. Who skin. Who da!

You are the friend of that little girl?

Take this!

Eventually also appear!







Scarves feedback!

Calm down.

This is bad...

I'm sorry for the children involved in this.

She Miyako, shaman Mangetsu?

He has been prone to evil brought to the Magic Planet.

Sister lucky escape.

But she hunted by floods evil is traced her.

Fortunately, this paper is not how to book.

If we find the book "The Magic", we can seal the power of Mara.

As we know, we only have to go to the "Magic Planet".

Go Magic Planet?

If we can not kill the Mara, they will come here.

You must study published...

Please, let me borrow the strength of the two children.

But suddenly do this...

Back to the Magic Planet...

Well, not we do not want to go, but...

But we can do with just the three of us?

Or are we going to tell the police first.

Right... You can not push me into such a dangerous place.

This is her problem.




Ms. Miyako alone to Magic Planet?

I do not know, but it is so.


B-but... To Planet Magic is very dangerous.

We are just kids know each permit.

P-Yes, but...

We'll only be a burden if we go by.

Miyako But she was alone...

The children, afternoon classes were canceled. They go home before the storm landed.

Hurry up.

Wait for me, Suneo, Jyian.


We do not understand what is happening, but storms and tornadoes occur in many parts of the world.

The damage caused from the growing disaster.


Nobita, okay?

I wrong.

If this continues, the world will face danger.

Government has set up special rescue team.

The price announced on the earlier is better.

I almost died.

T-apocalyptic world is coming!

Yes, Magic Planet cause disaster for the earth getting closer.

You're about.


Everything worsening.


Do not know where the Magic Planet has to, right?

Hmm ..

Major earthquake, storm today is to...

And then, the end of the world.

Nobita! You have mail!

For you?


Location Swaps!

May too!

Mouse Back?

Maybe I'm cursed.

This is the scroll of Mangetsu wizards!

Miyako send?

Attached to this letter.

If anything occurs to me, maybe this will help you.

Finally I'm back to cause trouble for you. I'm really sorry.


Ra. So she went to find the book "The Magic" alone.


Doraemon, let's go. Both of us.


We also accompany me!



Guys I noticed something.

Actually, we did not want to go, but rather than waiting for the Magic Planet.

I think we should attack first.

Suneo, he was smart.

Do not abandon me!



Although I can burden,
but most of the set, I also want to do this.

Okay, decisions!

Magic Hats!

Great! Is it possible to call any magic?

No, this is just a normal hat.

Actually, heart and feeling.

Let's go to the flying carpet of Miyako and surprise her.

How so?

Well done!


Come, come!

Everyone has arrived!

I should not go!

Let me go! Let me out!

No, no, no!

Suneo, stop moving!


Hold on one more time before she brought into the cave.

On Top?

Bench "The Magic" is located there.

There is a barrier to evil can not penetrate.

Soon... But a lot of snow so she could not see anything.

"Shawls feedback" and "Gun fired"!


Captures get!


Everyone is cave.


I will instance them this evil, and they are in paper rolls.


So much so that she can fight alone. I will help.

Shizuka adhesive get!

This is it!

Chin ka hoi!

Chin ka hoi!

Pipe too...

Okay, chin ka hoi!



What is good?

Ai da...

Huh? What is this?

They give up already?

We disappears.


Doraemon, are you okay?



Where's Demons?

They naturally run away.

Surely we must be afraid of the cave.

Oh yeah, a roll of paper?

This is it.

I will keep the book "The Magic".

M - Miyako?

It would be better if this roll no longer exists.

To me, this scroll is annoying.

N-Who are you?

You are not Miyako?

L-Being evil!

No way... She was captured by the evil we...

Foolish humans!

These are just acting!

Yes, monsters can not hang!

So you've used they do!

Dammit! What have you done with her Miyako?!

The dying do not need to know!

Coat seasons! Summer!

Coat seasons! Summer!

Weight too!

Dammit, deceived by the evil one.

Scroll license taken away.

Monster play is Miyako.

Oh no, oh no... She had actually stolen scrolls.

In essence, the book "The Magic" is divided into two books.

So there are two parts?


So we have one half of "The Magic"



We have a half, but what happened to her Miyako?

What is it?

Do not! C-Mouse!

Click again?

Strange, from last night...

The curse of the mouse!

This mouse is too.

It collar behold... Or this is the mouse who is adopted?

K-impossible! Who cares, drive it away!

M - Miyako?!


Why did you turn into a mouse?

Her Building attacked by them evil.

Since her father so she escaped.

But she eventually found her and they change shape.

Her father was sent to the Magic Planet.

I... can not do anything about it...

She Miyako. Do not cry. We will go save shaman Mangetsu.

We will go to the Magic Planet.

We will expel them evil!

Really? I will go with you?


Yes, we were already part of the "magic process."

Although only half.


Everyone unanimously save Earth from the forces of evil.

We will save shaman Mangetsu.


Everyone, thank you very much.

Doraemon, Doreamon, wake up!


Do not worry, everyone is trying to neutralize the magic.

Chin ka hoi!

Reverse swap Although people do not know allow,

but at the least they have changed the shape of her.

Not good enough.

Chin ka hoi!

Th-this is...

Do not! I'm not going anywhere!

T-I think we should try once.

Do not worry, will be fine.


Chin ka hoi!

A mouse!

Did not I told you?

I do not want to.


Stop, stop.

Anything, quickly bring "Bread translated" to go.


Okay, everybody ready?


We went to the Magic Planet!


It seems that the curse is to neutralize the face of the moon.


Earth covered by clouds.

We have to stop the Magic Planet approached.

She turned back and behold.

When we win the evil, sorcery will disappear.

But why the moon curse?

Moon ability to neutralize curse.

Is not the moon always orbiting the earth?

Wrote "magical process" has taken power from the moon.

Got it!

Lights moonlight!

For Photo of light like the moon, so I think it will be useful when fighting evil.

Actually, it helped turn into a werewolf.

So we have to turn into a werewolf?

Rather than be turned into a mouse.

Doraemon know more magic too small.

No, I'm not great.

The security context is coming from the future, created by scientists...

Nobita, he is too, believe in things like science...

It is...

A? Is it?

Okay, we're going to speed, people on the go.


Even though the door on the slightly small but very wide.


What is it?

In outer space atmosphere.

Now that you know?

It seems magical world far from our world.

I think so.

's Great.



Just like spaceship!


This is what is inside the flying carpet?

Also downstairs room more.

So far we are new to the Magic Planet, why people do not stay a little?

Bathroom does not it?


's Great.

They still hold a half a roll of paper.

But they are under the ice.


They're going to the Magic Planet.

N-No way...

I am thinking how to punish her,

but because she took half a roll of paper for me,

she let him save himself, Medusa.


Go on.

Like this? Mara.

To Medusa living.

We need her to do something.

I finally understand the power of the moon.


In the next moon phase,

planets will be mine.

Shower flying carpet is the best.

Shizuka Like atrium.

Like it! You also can enjoy a days.

You will be tired.

The past even her baby to have long hair like me.


Why did you cut off?

In her short hair show with her.


But if that is the sister Miyako, also pretty with her long hair.


My hair has short down.

My hair is longer than when I was young

Miyako also long hair too small.

Like who?

Like her!

Here. Finished.

Daddy, look at this, look at this.

Hot too, mother forcing child's hair?

Yes. Cute is not it published?


She Miyako.

Well, Nobita, what is it?

Doraemon said dinner was ready.


That's great, he uses the security context "table linen".

You can eat whatever you want.

Well, happy too, just heard that she's too hungry.

Let's go down to the dining room.

She Miyako?

Well... I will try!

I will try my best to save her father Miyako.

I promise. So, you have to cheer up.


Thank you.

I'm fine.

We have to.

This is the Magic Planet game.

To prevent asteroid approaching, we have to beat Mara.

The only way to reach the outside barrier.

It's a hole in the south pole.

However, if not within 10 seconds, we will be burned to ashes.

10 seconds?

Even we drive to the highest speed, still very dangerous.

A hole in Ngoon fire.

We are going into the atmosphere. Everyone adhesive get!


Coming! Come on!

Not tolerate more!

Everyone, jump!

Hot, hot, hot!


Hot, hot, hot.

Everyone, hide color, four demons are closer.

Look, they are here.



Doraemon, remove the "Badge four seasons".

If we melt the ice, they will be found out.

Although burned to ashes, but this is definitely from Earth.

They want to take over the Magic Planet, crazy!

You must have burned into ashes.

Who knows.

When we went out.

Report Mara immediately.

"Spy satellites" are followed.

We will take us to the haven of Mara.

Okay, let's go!

T-Hair I. .. Cold.

I can not feel my hands or feet.

My mind I freeze whole time.

Do not sleep!

If you sleep, you will be frozen to death!

K-not stand it...



I'm so tired.


Nobita! Do not sleep, Nobita!





Hey, Nobita! Do not sleep!





A warm too...

Nobita, open your eyes!

N - Nobita!

Do not died, Nobita...

's Great...

I applied a little too warm.

Still it!



Everyone, wait! There are things that can fight cold!






"Opposed Cream!"

Everyone, illumination.

Wake up, Nobita!

Great, my body warm too.

Huh? It was not a dream?

Who skin.

I apply more cream too!

At you!

Who da!


So you apply too much, dropping away.

Look at this! We are going from the south pole.

Everyone be careful, we're getting into the territory of the devil.

Chong Bamboo rapidly running out of battery!

's Me too.

's Me again.


We're here.

This is Mara castle?

Dad'm in it.

How do we enter? Evil everywhere.

Leave it to me.

"Mole Gloves!"

's Great.

Okay, they follow me!

Turn left 1.5.


I can not find them.

We check the whole look!


Maximum speed!

Turn right 3.

Top 2.

Left 2.


It is.

We are just below the castle.

We're still yet to find them. It looks like they burned to death in a flying carpet.

They are also remarkable.

Th-this is...

Toys childish.

The name Mara...

The only way to win Mara.

That is we have to use silver arrow thrown straight into his heart.

Everyone, ban took two.


People took Moonlight.

With the "invisible star".

Put ​​on you will become invisible.


Then people would not see him.


Do you see me?


Everyone here at all?

's Great.

Asian, goats neighbors!

Listen to this! After all, what is the smallest can not be left out!





W too!

First we have to find the shaman Mangetsu.

But we have to look at?


Heavens, always tired.

Mage Mangetsu!


Where Him!

He's up there.

Thank you.

Thank you.



Hey, is not this place too wide to detain someone?

I the stupid ngếch! Finally you up here?!

He is!

Not Mangetsu wizards.

He can not see us?

Useless toy. I can clearly see you.


Mara! Turn off the earth!

No way.

Planet Earth as it was like a thousand years ago.

To me, giving up is not possible.

Then prepare to die!

Human Mara behold!

It's just a shadow.

Not name.

This name?

As this name.

This is bad!

Who is it?!

What is this? You tired?

Then, turn.



Tasting get this!

C-We did it.

What light?




N-No way... Why?

We hit...



This time, you have to catch them all.


Everyone be careful! They allow stealth.

Nobita! Nobita!


Quick, find a hiding place fast!

They come.

B-They're coming!

Who skin.

Everyone, run away. We will discuss the following plan.

On the other side of the castle, people see a tree?

After invisible, people run very fast.

We'll meet again later.


Got it.

Nobita, wear it!

Got it. Come on.

Come on!


Over there!



Why? Perhaps they have not seen!

Who da...

Asia, "invisibility Star!"


A name below!

We're surrounded. Where there was no hope.

Nobita, wear it.

When you instance them, I take advantage of the opportunity to run offline.

C-Wait! Though no matter what I have not left her escape!

Can you use magic? You can fight with evil?

If both of us were arrested here, who is going to protect the Earth?

I Miyako...

I'm sorry. But hurry up, run away.

When you fight with people, you no longer feel lonely.

I do not feel afraid.

And when Nobita encourage you,

... she is also very happy.

She Miyako!

I will definitely come back to save everyone!

She Miyako!

Moon... Red too.


Red as blood.


No one to another.


Everyone was arrested.

Why? Why silver arrow does not work?

If we have half a roll of paper, we will definitely know.

This is my fault. I created the magical world...

And things become like this!

Do not cry. Even if you say so, we can not go back to what happened.


Can be there.

How? We do not also "phone Cabinets request" again.

We can use the time machine.

To return to the days of our request, and prevent ourselves from this requirement.


Okay, "Let's find you have lost!"

Okay, from Nobita room in the Earth...

The table of me!

We find the remaining two names.

Chasing them, Medusa! Please stop them.

Please follow orders.

Go back to the past.

Back to the real world.

What is it?

Behind us.


No way, I do nothing in the timeline...

Monsters behold!

Bamboo propeller!

No batteries!


Why did not I think of that? If we have good spells,...


You do know driving.

Had to use this!



Why the stupid stone statue of him here?

Do not have to stay here!


Yeah, Jyian! It falls to the ground...


Oh no! We're going to use "from phone requests"!

We have to stop us.

"Tunnel through walls!"


Moonlight hidden...

What is this statue?

This automatically go to that!

Four children in the backyard...

I do have something there. Rock never move.

Getting late! Kids move fast!


We have to do?

This is...?

Lights moonlight.

If we use...

Come on! Doraemon!


Quick! We have to get out and stop us.

Yes, how?

First, we have to do this disorder pile up.


Ai da... It hurts...

What is it?

My stomach...

Notice the go!

No... Where!

I right!

Hurry notice!

A, "to the moon" took effect.


Oh no...



Great, curse gone.

However, in this, our magic sealed.

So there is no way to escape?

But Nobita and Doraemon sure...

They had been turned to stone by Medusa.

Finally, the planet you will belong to me.

Medusa also has the ability to neutralize the power of the moon.

No way...

Just like this, the earth will be ours...

Tomorrow, Magic Planet Earth orbits.

No way...!

They have come too close...

To celebrate, we're going to cook you! Prepared to go.

Nobita, Doraemon.

I awake?


Why are you here?

He Nobitu said that his magic bag may be the reason that causes abdominal pain.

Test So I try to magic bag.

So I did,

... and see the two of you into stone.


Stop it you two, what happened?

Something bad is going to happen!

This World... The... And...

That's it.

Ra is such a game.

Then, we use "from phone requests" to ask.


His sister is always the best!

We will bring the world back to the same.

Great! Doraemi, you help us to me a lot too!


Huh? Wait...

Let me ask this...

After using the telephone cabinet requirements, then we go back to the old world...

What about the magical world, what will happen to the people there?


Basically we will return to the parallel world.

Parallel? What do you mean?


Everything will remain the same as the Wizarding world. The old world is the same.

Forever story remains the same.

No way... We can not let it happen.

If we do, we will never save Miyako sister!

And evil will...

Back only, Doraemon.

Almost, I forgot.

The promise that.

"We're definitely going to save Miyako her father!"

I swore.

"I have save Miyako sister."

Yes. Come on!

We have to end this.

If you want to eat, take that Jyian!

I only have skin and bones, there is nothing for him!

You're what Suneo? I'm all fat meat!

I prefer fatty meat.

Hey, later in this victory up okay.

No, I'm going to bake it.

2 star Tao that.

Then fry up so...

I want laced peppers.

I have 3 stars.

Then soaked peppers.

What is it?

Level newspaper! There is a blue fox to attack us!

Green Weasels?

Being Doraemon!

Everyone, right?



I come at you here!

Not choose!


Huh? Miyako turn back now?

Yeah, sorry.

Come on! Doraemi distract them!

N-Who are you?

You have one star, two stars, three stars, four stars, five stars... star...

T-I'm sorry!

What is it?

The flying carpet burned before.

This is the through "Hooded Towels time!"


Doraemon, straight to the moon.

Medusa want to extinguish the light of the moon.


Okay, everyone, get in!

Do not worry, I use "opposed cream" on the flying carpet.

They are going to the moon.

I thought Medusa was there.

Damn man, ruin my plans...

Everyone! Chase them!


Although it looks like the moon, but there is so much magic here.

Nirnaeth, long hidden power...

I will destroy you right here!



You were too late, the earth has...



Do not tell me... This is...

No way...



Stars .. Why is that?


Back then, when her covenant with Mara.

Her soul taken away.

And then, she always beside Mara.

I'm sorry. Mother... did all this.

But... Mother... Just wanted to save me.

Everyone! Energy from the moon is gone!

They can not stop us!

They are coming!

Magic Planet.

The Planet Magic, there is a red moon.

Red moon? What is mother?


D-Day... is the heart of Mara...

I! No! Do not go!

Miyako... I just need to see you alive... Is very satisfying...

Earth will be mine!

I Miyako...

The stars! Make a fire bomb! Destroy mankind!


They're going?

N-No way... Arrest them!

This is the heart of the Mara!


I can not come closer!

We will be surrounded!

No way!

They winter too!

Kill them!

Yeah! "Magical door!"


Quick! Use silver arrow!


Stars? But one arrow alone?

Do not worry!

Whatever it throws this big arrow will hit.



Flashlight enlarge!


Do this... What do you think... She... will... long hair...

It will for you too!

Come on!

Wait for me!

I go past!

A few kids in high school in the city to fight with me. I play a total of 30 children.

It seems as though nothing has happened.

That's great, you're right is Jyian.

Right. Right. You next have to follow me.

Or what happened just a dream?!

Yes. I will follow.

Come on, let's go.



Well, Doraemon!

You to.

Hey, listen to this.

Jyian very brave.

Hin ko38} hoi!

Do you see?

I see it!



You're late!

If you come earlier you will see something very interesting!


I see it!

Nobita, goats neighbors!

Probably due to the wind...