Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur (2020) - full transcript

Nobita accidentally found a fossil dinosaur egg mixed with rocks in the dinosaur fossil exhibition site that he had visited before. He returned it to its original state with the "Time ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
It's Alamoron

The toothless pterosaur was flying in the sky!

Look, it's a spiny dragon!

That's awesome!

It's a triceratops.

So cool

Baba baba baba baba baba

Why are you suddenly calling Daddy?

Tyrannosaurus rex

Do-do-do-do Doraemon

Is it okay?

Nobita, is everything all right?

Hey, hey, what are you afraid of?

How can there be real dinosaurs?

It's hard to say.

What are you talking about?

Somewhere in this world, there might still be dinosaurs alive.

So, Nobita...

Dinosaurs disappeared 66 million years ago.


The Earth was hit by a huge meteorite and the dinosaurs became extinct.

How could

It's huge!

That's great

That's a flake dragon.



It seems to have something

Where is it? Where is it?

That's it.

This is a fossilized dinoflagellate

It's great!

That's great, Fat Tiger.

Let me see

The fossil you found, you can take it back.

Last 5 years

Many dinosaur fossils have been found in Japan

Japan may have been a dinosaur kingdom.

Excuse me, is this a dinosaur fossil?

That's impressive.

No doubt it's a dinosaur's

No way!

00:04:16,290 --> 00:04:18,290 An ordinary stone that trips over your foot

How could Nobita find the fossil of a dinosaur

00:04:25,510 --> 00:04:28,350 If shit, it's possible to find it.

What's a fossil?

I'm here to announce

Not some fossil. I'm going to find a living dinosaur and show you.


Okay, I'm recording.

What are you going to do if you don't find it?

What do you do?

00:04:54,120 --> 00:04:58,290 Table: Showing you how to chew peanuts with your eyes

Here we go again.

How exciting!

The video of the evidence was also well captured

Wait for me.

I'll find a live dinosaur and leave those guys speechless.

In the world

There are still many undiscovered dinosaurs

That should have existed in the course of evolution, but were not discovered.

It hurts.

A new dinosaur buried in a transitional fossil like that

Perhaps it's up to you to discover it.

At that time

it will be possible to name the dinosaur after you

Doraemon Doraemon

doraemon doraemon doraemon doraemon

Doraemon Doraemon


Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur

Dinosaur eggs?

Oh, you're so

Naive or innocent, I should say.

Give me back this shape, this size

It's a dinosaur egg from any angle.

Such naivety.

It's a good thing that you say it's a good thing that you are

But then

How do you know it's a dinosaur egg?

It could just be an ordinary stone.

Even if it's a fossil, it could be the fruit of an ancient tree.

00:08:21,790 It could be the poop of an archaic rhinoceros.

It's a bit of a bummer.


Just to be sure, take out the time wrap.

If you wrap it in a time wrap and rewind time

you will be able to tell if this is a dinosaur egg or not

It's not.

What are you going to do if it's really a dinosaur's egg after doing that?

I'll keep it.

It's too hard for Nobita


00:08:48,900 --> 00:08:50,770 To raise a life like this

It's not as easy as you think

And raising dinosaurs in a world where they're extinct

00:08:57,780 --> 00:08:58,870 And they're so pathetic.

Before thinking about that kind of thing like a dream

Learn how to take care of yourself first

Give me back my gumbo!

That means Doraemon believes it's a dinosaur egg, too.

No, it's not.

If you don't believe me, take out the time wrapper.

It'll just end up as shit anyway

Time wrapped towel

That's fine

I can't wait!

Could it be a Triceratops or a Brachiosaurus?

I told you it's the poop of an Archaeopteryx.

I don't know, it could be a Tyrannosaurus.

Mum, what's for dinner today?

Huh? Nothing's changed.

Sure enough, it's probably just an ordinary stone.

Nobita also needs to sleep well

Good night

Good night

Nobita, get up!

It's itchy, Doraemon

Glasses Glasses

What's up, Nobita?

Do Doraemon

No, not sure it's a dinosaur yet.

It's going to be born

Gotta get the hot water going

Ambulance. Ambulance. And... and...

It's a dinosaur.

So cute.


Do... Doraemon.

Double Yolk Egg

How rare!

Thanks to the time wrapped scarf

The twin dinosaurs inside the egg grow up

Slow down. It's dangerous.

That's great. You can walk already.

This child won't come out.

Look, it's not scary. Come on out.

So warm

So, your name is Khoo.

And you are Mew

Kew and Mew?

It's got little feathers. It's lovely.

What kind of dinosaur is this?

Let's investigate

The Complete Encyclopedia of the Universe

Speaking of dinosaurs with feathers

Dinosaur and also Chironomus

Not this one. Not this one either.


How can

This dinosaur has not been recorded

It must be a new species of dinosaur.

If that's the case, it's a big find.

Name it Nobita Dinosaur

But, Nobita, you can't keep them here.

If Mom or anyone else finds out, it'll be a big deal.

No, I want to keep it.

I'll show them to Fat Tiger and Little Husband when they're old enough.

And leave them speechless

Please, Doraemon, can you just grow a little bit bigger?

Really, really cute.

Look at that. Isn't that nice?

You can only keep them until they grow up.


Please tell me more, Mew.

I'm full

What's wrong? You're eating so fast.


Thank you

Nobita, you've left the green peppers again, haven't you?

I ate it.

Mum, I'll have another bowl of miso soup too.

Okay, okay.

Eh, there's a lot left.

It's not good to be a picky eater.

I'm full

You're hungry, aren't you? Come on, eat.

Eat up eat up

Come on, Kew, eat too.

Not eating?

It's obviously so tasty

So, this

Ming Miao will eat

Kew if you don't eat properly

What's wrong?

00:16:55,010 --> 00:16:57,640 Mew will eat it, but Kew won't.

I don't care


You said you wanted to keep them, but you said so yourself, Nobita!

I feel like you guys are so much alike

Who are you talking about and who are you talking about?

Because Nobita is just like their parents.

We have to think of more ways

What do dinosaurs eat anyway?

What kind of place do they live in?

It's a fossilized plant.

It's beautiful.


Please teach me how to keep dinosaurs

How to breed

What kind of nest to sleep in, what kind of food to eat, etc.

That's it.

When it comes to dinosaurs, there are also carnivorous and herbivorous species.

00:17:54,280 --> 00:17:55,900 And how did that dinosaur look like

Also related to how it lived

For example

Although like a lizard

But with feathers

So, why don't we find out what lizards and birds eat?

Do they live near the mountains or do they live near the sea?

In this case the food would be different again

Oh, a dinosaur with feathers.

Nobita, little Dora, time to eat

Today it's sashimi with tuna

I had a nice tuna today, so I went for the luxury

This is what Nobita likes to eat

I'm on.

I'm on

Eat up

It's delicious. Eat up.



That's good, that's good. One more.

Oh, that's good.

It hurts.

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts

Really, Khoo.

Good pain, good pain, good pain

It's not good


What's wrong with you? It's so late.

How can I cure the dinosaur?


I checked it with the medical kit

It should get better.

Come on, Khoo.

Seems to have fallen asleep

Nobita, go to sleep too!

Good boy. Good boy.


I'm going out

Late. Late.

Nobe, look what time it is!

You go and stand in the corridor.



Izumo Sugi

Nobe Nobe Nobuo

I'm calling you.

What the hell!

to to

Sending you yesterday's question paper

It's not 0 marks

What kind of guy is happy with 3 points?


That's good. Keep it up.

Come on, Nobita.

Come on, Nobita!

Come on, one more time.

Very good

Not even close.

That's it.

Oh, it's great to have Nobita on the bottom

It's really great

I feel a little bit more confident.

It's true


When you've seen grown up Kew and Mew

Don't cry afterwards

I'm back

Xiao Qiu Xiao Miao

Welcome home

Did Mew just fly?

Yes, I was shocked too.

Khoo, Khoo, fly over here too.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

But... it hurts.

00:23:39,330 --> 00:23:41,910 If it becomes capable of flying, it won't be able to keep it in the room.

It's only a matter of time before mum finds out.

Why? Can't you do anything about it?

Yes, I'll look for it.

Diorama set for breeding

This is a diorama for keeping animals or bugs


First decide on the terrain

That's about right, isn't it?

Then it's with this

In the words of the fast miniatures manufacturing camera

No matter what it is, it can be turned into a small part.

You can arrange them freely inside


But... it's going to be discovered.

Don't worry, it's here.

With size adjustment

Size can also be adjusted freely

And then, if you reduce the size with the reduction light

Really wide

What's up, Nobita?

If people are here, no one can find them.

Okay, I've decided to build one here just for us.

Nobe Dinosaur Land.


Wrong! Do the math again!

It's so noisy!

This way. This way.

Maths homework is difficult

That's right, it's really hard

Hey Nobita

Did you find the dinosaur?

Than practising the bar flip

How about practising chewing peanuts with your eyes?

No more practice

It doesn't bother me if I can't do this kind of thing

This is a safe place.

I'm coming too. I'm coming too!

This is it!

Do it, do it!

Mew, that's great!

In that case, I want them to be able to soar under the blue sky

That's fine.

This diorama has a weather adjustment function

What about, for example

Come on, it's Kew next.

A slide?

I think this should allow Kew to practice flying

That's right

Come on, Kew. Come here.

Right now

Is that okay?

Let's try again. With practice.

You'll be able to fly like a mu

It doesn't seem to like it

You can't do that. It just failed once.

If that happens, you won't be able to support yourself for long.

How dare you say such things, Nobita!

What a mouthful

It seems to be saying that it's OK to have this


But why can't Kew fly?

It obviously looks exactly the same

Speaking of which, Mew's tail is a bit longer

Kew's tail is much shorter



Kew is much smaller than Mew

I didn't realise I'd grown up so much

It's time to...

I understand

What was it that Nobita said would be important

That goes without saying.

Definitely no dinosaurs to be found

Performing the peanut chewing with the eyes as promised

Show us

What is it? What is it? What is it?

What is this? What is this?

It's a real dinosaur.

This one is even better with all the fat!

Bastard, that's what a friend should say!

Me, me, me... I'm skinny as a bone.

I can't believe I'm eating peanuts

Nobita what the hell is going on here?

This is the new dinosaur I found, Nobita Dinosaur.

This is Khoo. That's Mew over there.

Don't be afraid

All three of them are my good friends

I'm so sorry.

What's that scream?


Oh no, it's Mom. Doraemon.

No problem.

Reducing the light

Why is it a can of locusts

That's strange.

Anything is good. Get it out.

That's it.

Space Mobile Crayon

Use this red crayon to circle the range

You can then move to the position circled by the white crayon

Don't illustrate at this point



Hello, Auntie

Beautiful today too.

I've been hearing barks lately

There's also inexplicably less food in the fridge

Did you have kittens and puppies in the house

I swear I don't have a cat or a dog

Is that so?

That's weird.

If it's actually a dinosaur that's being raised

00:32:12,180 --> 00:32:13,680 Mom would have been scared to death

Oh no.

Mum! Is that a dinosaur?

It's true. It's a dinosaur no matter how you look at it.

Do... Doraemon.


Where the hell did it go?

All right, next up is Kew.

You've both grown so much


It is no longer possible to continue to feed them in this era

Mew is already higher than me.

For them

Wouldn't it be better to live with your mates

But where do we send them back to?

Back to the time when they existed, right?

If you work backwards from the time spent on the Time Wrapper

is from the late Cretaceous

Go to that time with a time machine

Let Kew and Mew return to their companions

I don't want it!

Absolutely not!


Nobita I understand that it hurts to be apart

But you can't stay together forever

This wasn't their world in the first place.

But Kew can't fly yet.

If we send it back to the age of dinosaurs, it's not going to survive!

But that's the principle

We can't change history

And if you grow with your companions

Kew can definitely fly too

So, Nobita

Tomorrow. Tomorrow, the two of us.

Let's send Kew and Mew back to the Cretaceous

Okay, it's late. Let's go back.

This kind of thing

Of course I understand

Well done. Well done.


Khoo and Mew

I was born from the egg because of my caprice

So I had to protect them.

Let's go. To the Cretaceous!

Go in search of Kew and Mew's companions


Fat Tiger, Little Fu, Shizuka

That costume is going to

You were planning to go to the Cretaceous anyway!

You're not going to leave us behind, are you?

I'd like to come along too

If I can be of any help, just ask.


Everybody, are you ready?


The heart is beating


To the Cretaceous

Engine start

Battery charge 1200%

Time space navigation system fully operational

Destination 66 million years ago in Cretaceous Japan

Hold on tight, folks!

Doraemon Where are we now?

About 600 years ago

6,000 years ago

It was the time when the Egyptian civilization of the Nile Valley flourished

I know this one.

Time of the birth of man

It was about 2.5 million years ago

And the Cretaceous period we're going to is

More than 60 million years ago

Now about one ten thousandth of a mile away

One ten thousandth

You'll have to wait in here a little longer.

There will be occasional shaking, so hold on tight

Doraemon This is the Cretaceous Period?

Well, we've gone back 66 million years.

Okay, let's go.


We're going to the Cretaceous later. The temperature is very different from now.

00:38:05,690 and the concentration of oxygen was also different than in our time

And so?

Expedition set

This suit is waterproof, windproof and coldproof in every way

It can be adapted to a wide variety of environments and thus protects itself

It feels like an expedition now.

Super suitable

So let's go

This is Japan in the Cretaceous period

Come out

This is your hometown!

What is it?

Next, so that we don't get separated.

Locating the square scarf

Put this scarf around your neck like this

This button is the signal transmitter

When expanded, it becomes a map

This way we know where each other are at all times

Does that work?

So cute

Mew wants to put it on too, right?

We're the same colour

Kew also wears

That's good.

Then set off in search of Qiu and Miao's companions

I'll be the first to find them.

Me too

Why can't I see dinosaurs anywhere?

You're so ignorant, Fat Tiger. This is Japan.

How can there be large dinosaurs?

What's wrong, fat tiger?

What's the matter?

This way

Wait, Fat Tiger.

JD Dragon

It's a real dinosaur

Won't they attack us?

Stegosaurus is a herbivore

So just get close to it and you won't have any problems

To be precise, they're close relatives of Stegosaurus.

So it's true. There were many dinosaurs in Japan.

But something doesn't feel right.

What do you mean?

Isn't Stegosaurus a Jurassic dinosaur?

What do you mean?

Indeed, Stegosaurus is a Jurassic dinosaur.

If that's the case, this is 100 million years older than the Cretaceous.

Jurassic is correct.

100 million years

But it shouldn't be

Does it mean that

Isn't that an Allosaurus that lived in the Jurassic?

It's not the Cretaceous period.

It's the Jurassic

But why would


I may have accidentally pressed the wrong destination for the time machine

What the hell are you doing, Nobita?

You nerd

Everybody run full speed back to the time machine


Nobita, come on!

Wait for me

Run away!

Nobita, come on!

Wait for me


Went to the Cretaceous?

Call Dr. Gill.

So crowded

Nobita, what about the diorama set?

I just lost it.

Really, what can I say about you?

You're not going to get it wrong this time, are you?


No mistake. This is Cretaceous Japan.

That's great. That's great!

Doraemon It must be here!

Nobita, Shizuka, Kew and Mew are counting on you.

Okay, let's go!

Come on, Kew.

Little Mew

This is Japan in the Cretaceous period

To be precise, the islands of Japan were not yet formed at this time.

It is still part of a huge continent

Look over there!

That's awesome!

It's the real Alamosaurus

This is too big

Look over there.

That's awesome

It's like a dinosaur kingdom

Is this the home of Kew and Mew?

Flight practice Flight practice

Kew's not a birdie. Don't give him a hard time. All right, let's go.

Sorry sorry sorry

Say it's this way!

You know what?

How can

What a beautiful lake

Look around here

Why can't I see dinosaurs anywhere?

Are they extinct?

How is that possible?

It's difficult because it's a new dinosaur, so there's no habitat in the database.

What are the clues?


Footprint stamp

Footprint stamp?

Kew, come here.

Lend me your feet for a while


What is this

It's a footprint.

If you stamp the ground like this

A footprint of the same shape will glow

I can't believe there are so many footprints

This is it.

Look, these footprints are all going in the same direction.

It must be a mass migration.

But why is that?

Report the number!

Doraemon What's this?

Egg Expedition

They'll help us find the footprints

So cute

I'm counting on you then

This is not edible

Is it really okay?

Stop talking nonsense and get after it!

No, it'll be dangerous if we fall behind.

Let's camp here today

Camping Balloon

Sleep in this tonight

This way. This way.

There are rooms for everyone. Choose your favourite.

That's great. I'll take this one.

It's so slick.





And what else?

Raise the balloon like this

And you won't be attacked by the beast!

That's great!

Unbelievable, isn't it?

We are now, 66 million years ago.

What a great meteor shower!

There are monkeys in this era?

It's not surprising if there were

Of course, I'm keeping an eye on them.

Got it. What do we do?

Catch them now?

A little more observation


Surely a new dinosaur


Information about footprints came in from the egg expedition

Where exactly are they heading?

Anyway, let's go.

Okay, everybody, don't get separated.

All right?

Is it true that you passed through here?

What's wrong, Kew?

Doraemon Back!

Yes, it's a toothless pterodactyl.

No, this is their lair.

Everybody, run away at full speed.



Do these guys want to eat us?

This is better.

Is this what friends do?

No, no, they're not here to attack us.

It looks like they're in a panic because they've been scared by something.

00:52:10,500 --> 00:52:12,670 Everybody take refuge in the forest below

We're saved!

Doraemon Here are the footprints


Egg Expedition

Footprints continue in front of this

Thank you for your hard work

This is not edible

Be careful, everyone!

There's no telling what kind of dinosaurs are lurking around here.

How so

Dora, don't scare us!

You'll save us if we're in danger, right?

Whatever it is that's coming

My lord would have sent it flying

Rats are scary. Rats are scary.

Oh, really. Don't make a fuss.

There are animals like rats in this day and age.

Are you hungry, fat tiger?

It's not me

Want some chewing gum?

I told you it wasn't me.

Baba Baba Baba...

What's with the dad again?

Tyrannosaurus rex!

Look here

Momotaro Rice Ball


Cannot be eaten

Nothing else? Nothing else?

There you are. Chocolate partner.

Chocolate at a time like this

Divide this chocolate into two before giving it to the others

Then you can become friends with each other

is now

not possible

I'm not a civet

There should be more

Somebody help!

I'll take care of that.

It's so easy.

What's going on?

What are you doing? Let go!

Pain, pain, pain

Really? Your name is Gale.

Great, Fat Tiger.

That's awesome!

Everyone, let me introduce you

My friend from the heart, Gail

That's nice, Fat Tiger.

Sharing partner chocolates with each other after becoming partners

You can acquire each other's characteristics and abilities within one hour

If you become friends with a dinosaur

00:56:07,610 --> 00:56:10,940 then we can protect ourselves from being attacked in our search for Kew and Mew's companion

Good idea.

Let's all become friends with our favourite dinosaur

That's great!

Dinosaur sauce. Dinosaur sauce.


I want to be friends with little Mew

Same as Mew

If you don't mind, can you be my friend?

That's awesome.

Let's do it too

We're going, Kew.

Let's fly

Pain, pain, pain, pain

The flightless Qiu and Nobita are a perfect match


Only one horn. It must be one of its kind.

It's called a trophy.

Please tell me more, Topper.

A friend of a friend is also a good friend

It's okay.

One day, Kew will fly too.

Although I'm not qualified to say that either

Everyone, let's go!

And then

It's the sea.

The footprints have disappeared

There are many footprints

Good work, everyone

It seems that the footprints break off here

Where the hell did it go?

It didn't fall into the sea, did it?

It can't be

It must be around here.

Then let's split up and look for it.

That's too dangerous.

What's the matter, little Dora? Are you scared?

We have Gale and Topper with us.

All right then.

But be careful

In case it doesn't work in the middle of the day, take this with you

We'll use the scarf to confirm each other's positions

I see

Let's go too

Fat Fat Tiger These are

Are they all dinosaur skeletons?

Let's go back.

What are you afraid of?

What's wrong? Even Gale is like that.

Topper too, like he's afraid of something.

And I feel like I've been watched since a while ago.

See, Fat Tiger?

Let's go after it


Gere and Topper are waiting for us right here.

Don't worry about it.

We'll be right back

Junior Expedition Departure Follow Me Purple Team

Purple crew?

This is

Cretaceous actually existed in this kind of place

Some bad guys would poach dinosaurs and sell them for a high price

I've heard Doraemon say that before

Okay, let's both find out.

Let's go, purple team.

If I'm purple, what's a fat tiger?

The captain is red of course

Not orange

Don't let me hear the word orange again

Yes Red

Hey, look at this!

This is

Similar to Kew and Mew

Found it! Catch it!

Wait for me!

Sure enough it's that monkey

Very good. Go on, purple.

Why me?

Red as captain should take the lead at times like this

Scouting is a subordinate's job, isn't it? Come on, purple.

No, no, no. Red please.




You're a bit noisy, aren't you?

It's orange

Old Mother



What a brave expedition

The Monkey Speaks

You... You saved us, didn't you?

Half right

Yes Yes people

However, the other half of the answer is wrong

Sure enough all the footprints disappeared off the coast

Little Dora

What's this one?

Is that a footprint of something?

No, if it is, it's too big.

What's wrong, Mew?


Do-Do-Do Doraemon

So Big

Everyone, use the bamboo dragonfly to escape!

Xiao Qiu

Fly up, Khoo

Fly Up


Flying up Khoo is flying up

Da Xiong




Open Door

Bastard! Let us out!

Where's this ship going?

How do I know about such things

Is everything okay, Fat Tiger?

Damn it, can't I?

If it had such sharp teeth it would have broken the lock

There is still this solution

O Friend of the Heart

No mistake, it's Nobita's signal

Must have been swept away by the current

Little Dora, Nobita, he must be okay.

The expedition set should protect him, right?


Good Boy


How did we get saved?

Can we climb up?



Great, you're all right.



I'm so worried about you

It's really good that you're okay

But... what is this island?

I just saw a dinosaur that looks exactly like Kew and Mew

So, here's the new dinosaur...

What are you going to do?

It looks like they've reached the island too.

That's pretty good.

You're really taking it in stride

That island is a decisive place for the planet

If anything changes because of them

I understand everything

Already caught two of them

Hurry up and get away!

How can I go back after being screwed so badly?

But why this island?

The new alternative dinosaurs are the underdogs, forced into a life on the move

Finally cornered on a cliff by the sea

And from there gliding all the way to the island

Achieved a solitary boom

Even so, the island is still a mystery

It looks like it leads to a very deep place

Kew, wait!

What's wrong?

So that was

Go after it

Little Mew

Let's go too

Quickly Khoo

So spectacular


Mew is already with them

Qiu, they are your companions

Go on!

No, the battery is dead.

Is it okay?


Stop it, Mew!

That's too much

Khoo too

Qiu is also your partner


That's because

Because it can't fly?

Because it's small?

Because of the short tail?

In that case I would definitely

Help Kew learn to fly


Not much time left before meteorite impact

It's almost time to get the kids under control

Otherwise everyone could be buried here

will die?

Can you wait a little longer?

This new dinosaur is slightly different from all the individuals so far

And, about the enigmatic island

01:15:24,010 --> 01:15:25,810 Perhaps we will soon be able to find out what it really is

However, if we have less than two hours left, we'll be on the island too.

I see

Try again. Don't be afraid.

This is not working

Whether mu or other similar

Neither will flutter their wings like that

One more time

That's not how you fly. Why can't you do it?

I'm sure you can do it too.

Just a little more effort




What just happened

If Kew wants to survive in this world

you must learn to fly

But I'm not really in a position to say such things

I can't do either the race or the test or the bar.

No such thing

Nobita knows the pain and sorrow of others

and can give companionship and dependence

This is the kind of Nobita I like
01:17:40,320 --> 01:17:43,280
Khoo must be waiting for Nobita too

Thank you, Shizuka.


Seeker's Cane

Thanks a lot

Looks like we've reached the island

Let's get out of here while we still can, Fat Tiger.

Fat Tiger

Come on, Purple

Do you want to continue investigating here?

Look at this!

I mean, you don't look like an explorer, you look like a thief.

Who the hell are those guys?

Is this a thumbnail sketch of the island?

I feel like I've seen it somewhere before

Could this island be

We need to inform everyone quickly

I'm sorry for saying such a mean thing.

I obviously can't even do one thing myself

But one day I'm going to learn how to flip a bar too

So, Khoo too

Don't give up so easily, Khoo too

That's the deal between us


Little Dora The one just now was

This can't be

Little Dora, this is

How could I be so stupid?

I can't believe I didn't even notice such a thing



Fat Tiger

Little Husband

I'm glad you got here safely.

What the hell just happened compared to this?

Does it mean that this is



Doraemon What the hell is going on here?

This is exactly 66 million years ago.

as expected

So that was a meteorite that just fell?

No way.

Meteorite crashes into Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The meteorite stirred up dust that would have spread over the whole earth

What would be the result of that?

There's no danger on this side, is there?

Mexico is on the far side of the world, isn't it?

Dust from the fall of a giant meteorite

It will be accompanied by a heat wave sweeping the world

Burning everything on the surface of the earth to the ground

After this the cumulus clouds will block out the sun for a long time

The temperature of the Earth is thus lowered

The dinosaur metropolis


I can't believe it's going to end like this

But Doraemon will find a way to solve the problem, right?

Just like it always does

Sorry Nobita

I Can't Change History


Nobita, stop it!


No. What do you want to do?

This is it

That's the reversing clock.

Give it back to me!

Little Dora

I'm going to use it to reverse time and send the meteor back into the universe

Stop it, Nobita!

This is the end

Time Patrol

Now leave the two new dinosaurs over there immediately

Boarding Time Ship

Otherwise you will be arrested for time crimes


Fat Tiger

In other words

Sorry for the bad memories

01:24:24,930 To prevent history from being changed, we have been monitoring the times

I say, can't we really help Kew and Mew?

I've been studying dinosaurs for a long time because I like them too

I can understand how you feel
01:24:35,690 --> 01:24:38,610
But, sorry, we can't do anything to save them.

This is too cruel

The falsification of history must not be allowed

If you stop the meteor from falling, it's not just you.

None of you will ever be born

How can this be

The mammals only flourished when the dinosaurs died out

And that's how humans came to be

I'm not going to save you from death

I could never do such a thing

I want to reverse time and send the meteor back to the universe

Can't do it, Nobita.

Keep him under control

Be honest with me

Stop it!

Got him under control.

I want to protect Khoo and Mew


What's wrong with this guy?

This guy

We're here to help too

I'm not going to let you arrest Nobita

Nobita is just trying to protect Khoo and Mew


Only a few hours left before the heatwave arrives here

Get everyone out of here.

One moment

Can you give me a little more time?

Stop it, Jill. Everyone will be burned to the ground.


Untie the boy!

Don't interfere with anything they do

What the hell is going on here, Jill?

sure enough

as you can see

We cannot interfere with their actions

How about witnessing the moment when history is made

01:26:42,860 What about the Time Patrol? They're not approaching us.

What the hell is going on here?

The guy using is checking the card

Will react in case history is about to be rewritten

That it reacted to Nobita and Kew would mean

I can't imagine this kind of teenager who has the word ordinary written on his face

How to Change History

Pingfan is still really sorry for you

But Nobita was so handsome just now

No, I'm trying my hardest

So what should we do next?

That would be to save the dinosaurs, naturally

But how do we do it?

About that, right, Fat Tiger?

That's right, our Junior Expedition.

We've made a big discovery

It's better to see than to hear

What the hell is going on?

Look at that mountain. Does it look familiar?

Like what?

That's what I thought before

It feels like a slide on that hill

In that case

Then this is

Single Pole

This is

Tyre Jumper

This hill has three holes

I see

This is the concrete pipe in the open space

Then here is


There's no mistake, this is

Nobe Dinosaur Land

I can't believe it's written as Inuyasha again

No doubt it's Nobita's handwriting

The dinosaurs' lair is actually a climbing frame

I see

Device dropped in the Jurassic damaged the size adjustment

got bigger between 100 million years

And so in the long years

It became just like an island of nature ah

That's right.

If the island is a diorama set, then it has a weather adjustment function

It should protect the dinosaurs from outside disasters


But what about the dinosaurs off the island?


Can we use that prop?

The prop that moved Qiu and Miao to the roof

There's still this one

And this?

That means space moving crayon

Fat Tiger, Xiao Fu, Shizuka, Miao

You go to the mainland outside the island

Gather the dinosaurs in one place as far as you can

Use this red crayon to draw a circle around them

Nobita Khoo and I will

Drawing a circle around the island with a white crayon

Press this button when you have finished drawing

Move all the dinosaurs from outside the island to here


This way everyone is saved

Great, Khoo Mew!

But time is running out

Let's finish before the heatwave hits, although it's extremely dangerous

But we still have hope

Okay, let's do it.

Okay, let's start the battle to save the dinosaurs.

They're acting a little suspicious.

If something goes wrong, can you take responsibility for it?

This could become

A decisive moment in the evolutionary history of living things

Can we wait a little longer?

One more hour

Take them away when the time is up

Got it

Let's go too

Kew is waiting here

There are no more working bamboo dragonflies

It doesn't matter, Kew will be able to fly too.

I thought we had a date

Let's go Nobita

Enclose the whole island as large as possible


It's that guy again

Why is it here

Flying away

Over there is the dinosaurs' lair

Oh no, Nobita continues to draw down


I can't believe it's not working

so big

That one is

It's too dangerous, isn't it?

Is it coming?

Shizuka drawing as big a circle as she can here

Let's go lure all the dinosaurs over here

Got it.

Look at that

Oh no.

That's the heat wave that exterminated the dinosaurs

Hurry up

Egg Expedition

Let's get these guys to help out too


This is not edible

But how do we get the dinosaurs to listen to us?

This is where we need to use that, isn't it Fat Tiger?

That's right.



You're here too, my friend of the heart.

I'm so glad you're all right.

Gert Torp

They don't understand what people say

They always listen to what their friends say, don't they?

Air Cannon

This way

By the way, if you make him smaller with the shrinking light

Shrinking Lamp

Why are all the cans of locusts


Oh no

Run, Kew!

Come this way

Run, Kew!

I said run, run, run!

Come on, come on, run, Kew.

This way! Come this way!

Come on, this way!

Everybody, this way!

Don't panic


Please, just a little slower.

Do you want to keep reading?

At this rate their lives will be in danger too

Wait a little longer. Wait a little longer.


Come on, it's Khoo's turn this time!

Come on, Khoo, this way.

It's too dangerous. Let's get out of here.

Wait a minute. Look, the new dinosaur.

Come on, Khoo.

This won't work

Whether it's mu or something else like that

Neither will flutter their wings like that

It's okay, right?

With practice, you'll be able to fly just like Mew!

Kew, you can fly.

I must too


I'll definitely learn to flip the bar too

So, Khoo too

Don't give up so easily, Khoo too


Fly Fly up

Go Go Go

Fly up, Kew!


Your name is Khoo

Flying up

Kew Flying up

Khoo So good

It's flying. You're not flying.

Here we go again

Oops, here it is

Where's Nobita?



Watch me, this time for sure

Tinned Locusts!

Coming out

Nobita, just like that, flying straight over


Shrinking Lamp

Success Doraemon

Nobita, we don't have time. Get the crayons out.

After that, it's all yours.

Just go like that

Flying up

Flying up This is the moment of evolution

That awkward looking movement

Is that the precursor to soaring wings?

That's how dinosaurs once learned to fly on wings from gliding

Took the first step to evolve into a bird

We are now witnessing this moment of evolution

They didn't go extinct

but became birds to survive

If the boy hadn't been here

Guarding the words of that new dinosaur

The history of the earth may be about to change


Xiaowu Xiaofu

Pretty much all in one place

Still haven't connected with Doraemon?

Hey, little Dora.

Shizuka, how's it going over there?

Ready to go.

Do it!

It's burning.

Okay, ready to move.

Khoo, come on!


Running out of crayons

Saw it


Nobita, are you sure you don't want to say goodbye?

Saying goodbye will only make the separation more painful

It's our turn now. Let's go back to our time.

01:43:17,770 --> 01:43:19,810 Take care, Gull.

We'll always be good friends

Thank you, Topper.

See you later

Take care!

Don't come with me. You can't come with me.

You have to survive here

Be sure to stay alive

I'm sure you'll make it

Khoo, take care.

Miao Goodbye



We'll meet again

A Heart for Others

Perhaps this feeling is something that only humans have evolved to be able to produce

Like the dinosaurs evolved the ability to fly on wings

Humans have also evolved a wealth of emotions

Looking at them makes me think this way


I can't keep sleeping in even if I'm on summer vacation

Get up!

It's turning over

Everyone, isn't it wonderful?

We'll see you next time