Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Little Star Wars 2021 (2022) - full transcript

One day, Nobita picks a small rocket from which a small-sized humanoid alien Papi comes out. He came from the planet named 'Pirika' to the Earth to escape from the PCIA army of his planet. At the very beginning, Doraemon and his friends were confused by the small size of Papi, but with the gadget "Small Light", they became small and play together. However, the whale-shaped battleship, who chased Papi and came to the Earth, attacks Doraemon and Nobita to catch Papi. Papi blames himself for having involved everyone, but he tries to fight against the PCIA army. In order to protect Papi and his planet Pirika, Doraemon and his friends go to Pirika. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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Is it already this far?

Hurry up and escape to the rocket

Is that okay with the Minister ?

Running away only for ourselves...

Together with everyone,
I will fight until the very end!

If you are alive now

Who the hell is this star...



This is... at some point!?

It's inside an escape rocket.

- What!
- What are you doing!?

I will launch it from now on

Stop it!

No problem you can do it

I can't leave you behind Piina!

Someday, surely, on this star,
freedom will come again...

Piina... Sister Piina!

Big sister!

He... He... Heech!

Whoa lights!

What are you doing Nobita!


Oh, don't step over there!


Cut Cut!

The shooting scene is so messed up!

Are you okay?


Don't mess with the background!

I'm sorry.

I wonder how long it took to prepare!

Hey Nobita, what are you doing!


What happened?
Suneo! Gian!

And Dekisugi-kun too

You did something again,
Nobita -kun?

Do... Doraemon!

As expected Doraemon!
Thanks to "Chroma Key Set"

The opening scene is perfect!

Synthetic armor is the cornerstone
of special effects and grass.

Still it's a nice set.

I guess it's thanks to my garden

Then let's start rehearsing
for the next scene!

Hey hey!
What is my role?

Nobita is over there

What is it!
"If only I could clean up the trash... ”

"I'll think about it"!

Hurry up and end this quickly...

Wow! Totototo... Wow

I'm sorry... I did it again

I wonder what?

Let's go to the real show soon!
What about lighting?

This one is good too!

I don't care if it's a fire starter

Okay then the scene of the fortress bombing


Hey, hey, everyone!

Look look look!
I found something amazing!

This rocket is well made...

Hey Nobita!

Why are you always a nuisance?

Doraemon asked me to help him,
So I let you go!

If you want to ruin my movie,
Go home now!






Hahaha... just now...


Welcome back doraemon

This place seems to be

What are you doing unexpectedly?

It's light, but it's made of metal

It feels like the nozzle is burnt,
Just like the real thing

Just now, I was surprised
that you were acting selfishly

I wonder if there's something inside

Let's see?


Please stop!


... Rocket has spoken!

I'm leaving now

Please don't be violent


Nice to meet you!
my name is Papi


Like this dwarf...

If you look from here

You guys are the giants


From a distant star called Pirika

Long distance travel all the way...

So, is Papi an alien?

From your point of view
it will be so

But words are always communicated

Thanks to the use of jelly

It's actually jelly!
It looks like Doraemon's gadget

So... what is the name of this star?


It's Earth.
Did you come here without knowing?

Yes, with this rocket,
I managed to get this far...

Somewhere seems to be broken

The shock when I made an emergency
landing may be the cause.

If so, let me fix it!

No way that...

All right!
Doraemon even if he looks like this

It's a cat-shaped robot from the future .

He has a lot of useful gadgets, right?

Fufu, let's see if we can use something

You can stay here until the repairs are finished .


On behalf of Pirika
I would like to express my deepest gratitude.

Thank you Giant people

Ah, you didn't know my name yet.
I'm Nobita.

I'm Doraemon

Nobi-chan! Dora-chan!

Dinner Time!


Then an alien like small human

Come Alone to this earth?

That's right, it seems like you're
worried about something

He didn't tell me the details...


Nice to meet you, I'm Papi

It's Ms. Shizuka. I'm listening.

For the time being, please
take care of my kindness...


So cute!

Is... cute!?

Even though I look like this, my age is similar to yours .

Ah... I'm sorry

Ah no...

Oh yeah, I heard your story and
brought you home



This is…

What do you think?

Most things should be there, but...

This house for me?

Your room is too big, isn't it?



When I was little, I used to fantasize

I thought it would be nice to live in a doll house .

It's that simple, right Doraemon!

Leave it to me!

"Small light"!

Let's go too

Well then…



It's just... wow!


Isn't that amazing!?

This is the same size!

What happened?

Are you surprised?

Yeah very...

And now, I've thought about it again.

You can feel close to people-

How wonderful!

It's too much for Papi-kun

Hey Papi

I want to see inside the house as soon as possible

That's right, come on over here

It looks like we have become a doll!

It feels weird!

Wow, what a cute kitchen!

And when you climb this staircase...

Luxurious bathroom!

I wish I could get hot water out of this...

Let's remodel it so that
we can use gas and tap water .

Dora-chan wonderful!

Uhaha! The bed is made of
cloth and sponge!

I want something like this too

Please come anytime if you like

That's right!

Hey Hey

May I invite my little friend?


I brought it

my dolls

Here, here, here



let's use this


When attached, the
doll becomes a robot.

Oh ho!

It's a stuffed animal ride!


It's snack time!


I wanted to eat a full stomach
of melons at once !

If you overeat it, you'll hurt your stomach.



Everything I eat is delicious



You're clean now

Already! Piina will always treat
me like children...

Who is piina?


no... nothing...

Ah, next time I want to eat that

When I became small, the
world changed completely

Interesting, huh

You can even swim in the sea or swim in the bath

I can do that!

What is that?

A bath full of milk!
Your skin will be smooth

What's boring


Come to think of it, Papi-kun, how old are
you in elementary school?

I graduated from university when I was eight years old .

Wow! 8-year-old college student!?

You are a genius!

It's not a big deal

It's a big deal!

If I graduate from Pirika star

There is no distinction between adults and children

Each person attaches it to his/her favorite job

Is it free even for children?

Of course
It depends on your motivation and compatibility

If elected
he could become president at the age of 10...

At the age of 10, to become president!?

Nobita -kun
doesn't even know what it means to be president...

I know you're
a great person, aren't you?

your call from home.


Very hard!
I forgot about my piano lessons

Well then
Let's get back to where we were

I disturbed you




What's wrong?


Didn't I say that today we
will start at noon!

I wonder how long I'll have to wait!

Dekisugi went out at the training camp at the school.

Doraemon is the needed one!

If you weren't there, the
"Great Space War" wouldn't

It doesn't start!

A space war, isn't it?!


What do you mean!?

No way, this giant will
attack another planet...


What is this guy!?

You're talking!

Is it called Papi?

I see .
If you look closely, it's very real.

The two of you are
indebted to us for many things.

That's why it wasn't the best time to shoot

Yes, Yes.

I just saw Shizuka-chan go out.


Um... yeah, no that's...

After all, You all played around!

It hurts, it hurts...

Well, we're Earthlings,
we're all on good terms...

Where did you find the Earthlings?

Please stop fighting!

It pinged!


Come on guys a miniature set awaits

Good shot!

It's time to resume shooting!

All right, the fixed trowel camera
setup is complete!

The buggy is ready too!

After that the cameras on this spy satellite

Chasing after everyone on its own accord

Is it really okay to just take a look?

There's also Papi's buggy

I'm sorry, but I don't believe in myself...

Then stay here!

Doraemon! regards!

Understood, "Small Light"...

Me too…

That's it!

Oh this is amazing!



It's like being inside a sci-fi movie!

It's the world that I made

Getting smaller and trying to take pictures

You thought about it

When I saw Papi-kun, I had an idea

The buggy is made to be able to drive properly

Eh, this is the brake...


Just a minute...

Astro Buggy's pursuit scene

Yo... action!

I.. Yaho..!

I won't lose!

Wait for me Doraemon!

While I'm doing this, it's
because of Planet Pirika...

No way! such

The real evening is about to begin,


Oh... Woohoo!
It has come!

As expected of Suneo
you made an amazing creation!

I don't know Doraemon, right?

I don't have that

There's no way that was Nobita ...

That means...


Run away everyone!


Run away, you idiot!

Buggy Buggy!



Get in car!
Hurry up!


We'll go out on the road!

It's on the right!

are you still coming?

Gian Mae Mae Mae!



Wow what!?


Take a look!

We are saved...

Blowing smoke

Ah! I have to put out the fire on the set!

I'm not joking!

Why do we have to face such things!?

Papi you seem to know something.


After all, it's your fault!

Wait a minute!

He helped me out!

It's a seed that I sowed myself

What happened to that?

The boat from earlier

It's the space battleship
from Pishia that's chasing me .

Follow you!?

What is that!?

Let's talk from the beginning

My hometown, Pirika, was a
very peaceful planet.

But one day

General Gilmore leads
the military army rebellion.

Government policy caught off guard

I was hijacked

Is that General Gilmore Shogun the
evil boss?

Shogun used every possible means to eliminate
the opinions that were opposed to him .

I created an organization called Pishia.

The secretary of Pishia is Dorakururu

He is a man like a devil who works with cunning .

Why is that Pishia following
Papi-kun around?

That is…

The output of the anti-gravity engine

It's falling more and more!

At this rate, we're going to crash!

We have to repair it somewhere...

Commander Dorakururu!

Did I look too much at the guys on this planet ?

Go to the mountain in the direction of 10 o'clock!

Find a point that is not visible
to the public and make a landing

You're the President?

Perhaps the shogun wanted to ensure that the victory

I guess he wants to capture me as president

For Papi-kun alone...

A battleship that big...


We are your mates

Next time they come, I'll beat them up!

I'll do it too!

I'm not afraid if I meet someone like a bean blister!

Unfortunately it will take several days
to complete the repair.

Adjutant Fukukan now

Let's investigate all over the whole area

Ha! Exploration sphere release!

You two should rest now.

I can do the rest by myself

Please let me help you

More than that,
how about your summer vacation homework?

Thank you.


Oh? Ah!

Look look look! It's a firefly!

What? really rare!

Wow, it came in!


♪ The water here is sweet...


Close the windows!

Curtains too Hurry up!

Pishia's Exploration Sphere!?

Even using such a machine...

I'll sneak in anywhere
and find out who I'm with.

If you linger, they'll find you!


"Anywhere door"!



Sorry for this time

I never thought that such a terrible thing happened...

The reason they haven't found out about your face yet

Only Shizuka-chan

That's why I wondered if you could hide Papi-kun ...

Leave it to me!

Papi don't hesitate to stay at home

Thank you

But I still feel uneasy, uh...

"Wall Paper Secret Base Mihimitsuchi"!

All right!

Let's go!

Come and see

Take care

Because of the fireproof structure

Even if the house is burnt down,
It won't be

Can't you just get rid of it by burning it?

This is the main room

Wow, amazing!

It sure looks sturdy!

This is a tremendous breadth

From now on, let's do rocket repairs here

I can help

But don't let your guard down

If it's to catch Papi-kun, Dorakururu

Have to search hard

I'll take care of it

Even fireflies shouldn't be in the room

"Exploration sphere"

I'll lock the door and close the curtains

And please...

It's okay

See you tomorrow

Good night!

Identify 4 people who are Papi's collaborators

It's been 3 days, but I'm fine except for the
blue blue Daruma doll and the dumbass .

There is no sign of them making contact with each other .

If Papi is already...

No, this behavior is rather suspicious


Except for the fact that the air conditioner is not
working properly, the condition of the boat is perfect.

Now is the time to attack them!

Adjutant Fukukan, don't
get upset about things.


It seems like she's not here?

But the curtains are closed properly

Even with just the members together

Let's start the meeting

No matter when I come, it's a long flight of stairs!

They can't find it either.

OK, now finally...

Hey Papi-kun!

Ah Doraemon!

Welcome everyone

I have good news today

It was just right

I have a report too.

It was there!
It's Papi!

Good job!

Find out the exact position!


They got smaller!?

What is that tool item...

It's a technology that we don't have


So that's the president's
provisional official residence?

Hey, what's wrong!?

Exploration sphere is out of battery


Think of it as a child, don't underestimate it

Go all out!


Are you saying there's a
great discovery about Pishia?

I checked the radio waves in that probe sphere
that is keeping an eye on us .

Then, the source that issued the command to that was ...

Did you find it!?

They were hidden in the back hill

Alright! Let's go kill him at once!

If it's now, I'm sure I'll let my guard down!
In addition…

I have this!

Named it Astro Tank!

I made it for the climax of the movie-

The strongest all-purpose tank in the universe!

I definitely won't lose with this!

Wait a minute!

Actually just a while ago

I have just finished repairing the rocket!


Is that what the report was about?

Yes so I'll do the rest

It's fine as long as you leave

If you do that, the battleships of Pishia
will chase after me...

Nonsense Papi!

I'm saying we're going to be strong

That's right!

It's a miniature toy!

It's too much! Think again!

It's time to action!

Come on!

Oh? I wonder if Nobita and
the others are coming

Sorry I was out for shopping

I have a delicious cake



I wonder where everyone went...





Take a bath before dinner

yes, right now I'm getting ready


♪ Huh huh huh...



What is it?

I wonder if everyone is back...


Could it be Pishia!?

Just as you should,
surround yourself from the left and right sides!



Papi! You can't run away anymore
Give up and come out!

What are you going to do!

I can't let you use that light.

Say where did papi go?

Dorakururu Commander!

Ha! This person...

There is no one inside the building.

You can tell by looking at how he is doing.

You are also a collaborator

Say where's Papi!

I don't know when I came...


No, I'll listen to the story inside the ship


No! let me go!

Did you read our movements?

For now, let's evacuate!

There's nothing

Do you really have the right place?

It was definitely here until an hour ago

Surely they noticed us and ran away

Ke! I thought they are going to be bullied.

I can't help it, let's just start over!


Oh, it's so refreshing

Is Shizuka-chan here?

Who did this ?


What is this?


Shizuka-chan... Ah

Milk shower?

Tonight at 9 o'clock
come alone to the fountain in the park.

If you don't come, there's no life for her,
a girl who's a collaborator


It's really hard!

Shizuka-chan should have been there until just now!

Maybe after some incident...

Papi-kun, isn't this the same
as Pirika's letters?

What is written?

Shizuka was caught by Pishia

What the hell?

It's all my fault

If you're talking about responsibility, why not!

We have to go for help!

Let's go back to the original size!

I won't show mercy anymore.

I will smash them with my feet...

But what about "small light"?

You left it right here, didn't you?

Looks like Pishia took it

What the hell !?

Then... then

Do we always stay small!?


No kidding!

Something should be here!?

Hee hee hee hee...

It's impossible to use other tools!


Does that mean we have no choice but
to take it back from them?


It's too much!
I'm sure we'll have to wait for you next time !


We have no choice but to do it even if it's too much

I have to help Shizuka-chan

I can't leave her alone!

Of course, Nobita !

I understand, so let's find her

But how can I fight...

Hana turtle

I will never forget your friendship

Can you modify my tank sensible?

After all, it's the only way

"Genius Helmet" and
"Technical Gloves"!

The helmet will think about how to modify it

The fingertips of gloves are shaped
like various tools

Any craft can do

How long does it take?

No matter how hurried you are,
The night will come

I have to get home by dinner time

Mom will be worried about me...

Dinner or Shizuka-chan, which is more important!

You can return to home later in the evening with
"time machine"

Time is running out Let's get started

The remodeling work has started!


Nya ?



I'm sorry it's a translation jelly

Do you understand my words?

The remodeling work is completed!

I got a cockpit

Now we can help Shizuka-chan !

It's possible!
It's time to action!


So where are we going?


Eh? eh?

Where are those idiots who don't even know
where they're going to ?!

It's myself!

Papi-kun is also gone...

Didn't I just start running away...





Broad bean?


Papopi parapepe!

Who is this guy?

Polpappa Papyrus pin?

I don't think he's enemy

He want to tell us something

At times like this...

"Transaltion Tool"!

If you eat this

You will understand the words of any partner

Following the rocket

Chasing the smell of the president

I finally found this place!

Do you know Papi-kun!?

How can you understand my words!?

I'm Papi-sama's pet dog,
and my name is Rocoroco.

Please tell me!
Where is Papi now?

I've come exactly as promised!

Release Shizuka!


What is that creature, Papi?

This machine is borrowing the body of a cat to speak

Right now, I'm in a lonely place

If you let go Shizuka-san,
I will appear


As always, it's not a straight line

Show your appearance first!
girl is after that

No! Shizuka-san is
safe and secure

Nyo who leaves is the first!

You can trust me

It's Drakoruru

Have you ever kept your promises !?

Then after releasing the girl

Where is the guarantee that you won't run away!?


Have I ever lied?






What are you doing!?

Hurry up and disappear!


Wow... Oh!



We'll talk later

Hurry up, hurry up

Let's go!

Thanks Everyone!

No way Papi...

Let's go! I will not escape!

Stop this farce

Hurry up and take me with you!

Needless to say

Hurry up and take him away


No, Papi-san!
This is not good!


Shoot, shoot!

Fool !




Don't shoot him! make him alive

I'm fine.


We did it!

Don't shoot blindly!

Board! Shizuka-chan and Papi-kun have landed
on the boat!

Everyone follow me!
After that, just follow the match!




Hurry up and get on!

The promises and disappointments with Dorakururu...

Let's go!

Everyone, we are going to retreat!

Stop the firing! Ready to take off!


Are you sure you're not missing out on
the arrangement for the exploration sphere?


How dare you let us have a failure.

Can he lie?

It's all the result of underestimating Papi's friends .

Slow down!
Haven't you started yet?

It's a communication transfer
from the secretary's bank Pirika.


Leave that behind!

No, connect me


It's from General Gilmore.

Doggie! Bow-wow…

Dear Papi!
Good luck and be safe~!

I got it, I got it,
Stop it

Thanks guys!

I wondered if I could ever go home again...

With the help of Rocoroco

We know where Papi is going

It was Suneo's idea to install the anti-gravity device .

Eh? It pinged!

You wouldn't expect a tank to come from the sky,
would you?

It was refreshing!

Why did you do such a reckless thing


Yes, even Shizuka-san

If I run away like that, it will be good...


Are you telling me to just leave Papi alone?

I'm not asking you to help me!

I don't know how the Pirika people are

We won't abandon our comrades!

That's why you're completely different

I turned Pishia into an enemy

You must be hostile from the beginning!

Well the operation was a success, so...

This is not the end

This place is also known to them

We have to run away as soon as possible!

I understand, so calm down

I don't understand!

Oh you know!

Stop fighting!

You don't know anything

The horror of Pishia...

Hahahahaha that's right!


As expected from the president


Originally, if it was true,
I would have been on a secondment there.

I've done some important decisions

I decided to return to Pirika one step ahead

This "small light"

Bring it home and let me do some research

It's mine!
Give it back, thief!

And for you, President

would like you to attend the coronation ceremony
which will be held soon .

The coronation ceremony !?
No way Gilmour...

The coronation ceremony !?

Gilmore is willing to make a big and big statement
that he is the king.

Stupid! There's no way the people of Pirika
would approve of him!

I appreciate it because

President Papi, who has the trust
of the people, from himself

Will be going to lie down on the Shogun


Do you believe so?
Look at this.


Piina sister...

She is now in our hands.

Don't forget that

Let's meet again at the coronation ceremony


Is Piina-san
Papi-san's older sister?

Only one family

Because I did something unnecessary...

No way! It's all my fault not your!

It's no one's fault

The bigger problem is what to do next

You've already decided on that sort of thing, right?

With a body like this bean blister?

Isn't it together over there too !

A large army with even the space
battleship is enough for us right?

I have to beat Gilmore

I can't help myself!

It's already messed up!
Let's be calm and clean here

Hey Shizuka!

Even if it's difficult

If I can become Papi-san's strength, then I...


Even I am not afraid!

Good, good, well said for Nobita



We should go, should we go?

I'll do anything even if it's a space war

It's a tough opponent
If you can win, there's only one way

Go to Pirika Star

Take back the "Small Light"!

How do we go?

There is Papi-kun's rocket!

Warp preparation completed

Before that connect to Pirika's Pishia Headquarters


It's been a while, Piina


Commander Dorakururu!

No way Papi...

I'm sorry, but
I'm still waiting for the reunion with him.

But I found his place

It's a barbaric and nasty planet called Earth.


Man, if I didn't talk about you,
Hereally wanted to see you.

I wanted to invite you to the coronation ceremony

President is not coming!

Papi will come for sure

I'll wipe out all the people who belong to the
Liberty Alliance

A coward!




This is a transmission image I'm
still on my way home

If tomorrow comes, we'll be able to meet in prison

You can wait happily


Departure from the gravitational field Confirmation

Warp preparation completed

We will be entering the hyperspace space soon.

Warp in!

Come to think of it,
I haven't eaten anything since it's lunchtime .


Let's have a meal, please come here


Great feast!

I just added a light touch to the preserved food,

Papi you can't eat it all by yourself

Thanks for the meal!




So what are you going to do now?

First of all, I will join the Freedom Alliance.

Liberty Freedom Alliancei?

We oppose General Gilmore's way of doing things.

This is the organization of our friends

Create a secret base and collect weapons

We am ready to fight at any time

This time I also came to Earth

In order to bring President to the Alliance ...


What is it?

I think a machine that was once broken

I'll take a look at how the autopilot system works.

Everyone please take it easy

You're always a restless fellow

The sense of responsibility is just too strong!

Papi can do anything just like that, right?

On top of that, he's a good person and hates lying.

When he see people in trouble,
He can't leave them alone

The only thing that resembles you is that you're a
good person

I want to be of help to everyone, even if just a little ...

Such Papi-sama's thoughts grow endlessly

Before I knew it, the Pirika star was first born

That's why the boy president was in trouble!

I'm so different

It's just a perfect superhuman, perfect, amazing

But he's a boy of the same age and age as you.


Even his older sister was taken ...


I wonder if I'm used to Papi-kun's strength

Of course!

If you look at Papi-sama now, it's
obvious at a glance!

It 's the first time I've seen such a lively figure !


That's right! I understand

How much your friendship supports

I'm looking for a strange star like that... Ah, excuse me

He is talking too much


"Dog toy"!

RocoRoco Look!

One! Gung Gung…

Ahahaha Rocoroco-chan
you're surprisingly talkative, aren't you?

Come to think of it, what happened to Suneo?

Haven't you been dumb since a little while ago?

Suneo does he have a pain in his stomach too?

I wish I could just leave it alone...


This is Papi-kun's problem, why are we...

What is it? Even now, you...

That's right!

I want to be a soldier, But I'm not a hero

To put it bluntly, I'm sorry!




I'm groaning all the time

Ah Suneo-san!

As for the boat, there is a particular problem...


I will enter

I'm sorry I got everyone involved...

It's not something you can just apologize for, but...


Even I know how hard it is for Papi

But... I'm scared

I'm sorry

Even Nobita made up his mind

When I come...

It's the same, even I'm really scared


When you start talking

Even though I'm the president, I'll be ridiculed

I just can't say

In the end, always drive away your
fear somewhere

Only do what you can do

I have no choice but to do it recklessly

What can I do?

Suneo is not miserable

Without your wisdom and courage
I wouldn't be here now.

Suneo is my benefactor

Papi-kun! I…


Collapse Collapse!

Oh Papi-kun!

Catch! Very hard!

Oh, I'm sorry!

Are you all right, Papi-sama!

What is this, everyone ?

Huh huh huh huh…



Hey everyone!

Maybe there's something I can do now

It pinged!

You brought a tank driver, right?

It's stored in the "wall paper hangar"

Yes, it's even more powerful with remodeling!

Before that, you're hungry Suneo

Warp out Switch to cruise mode

It looks like I'll be able to get there somehow

Shall we wake everyone up now?

No, they should still be exhausted...

You worked really hard on the remodeling work of the tank

Especially Suneo-san alone

Until very late...



I slept well

What time will it be on the Earth?

This is…!

Good morning everyone

Oh, that is...

It's the planet Pirika

First, let's head to that small satellite zone

A big ring surrounds me, right?

That's actually a collection of small stars

In the middle of this star-dusted jungle

There is a secret base of our Freedom Alliance .

I see

There is no way to find

No that's what I'm looking for


The patrol boat is wandering around

Maybe even now...

Something is approaching from the right

To the shadow of that satellite monster!


What's being chased is a fellow shuttle!

Is he from the Freedom Alliance!?

It's being held by Pithia's unmanned fighter jet.

Once you arrive

You can't leave until you've defeated your opponent !


I will borrow a tank!

Oops! There's no more time waste!

Be careful


The right engine is...


What there are 5 new arrivals!?

Suneo Let's try the new feature!

Okay everyone

When I give the signal, turn
the red lever on the right

Pull as hard as you can!

This is it!


That idiot!


That guy... he did it all by himself


Nobita-kun, are you okay?

Nah... Somehow it's okay

Wow my eyes are spinning...


Suneo this fighter plane is amazing!

Eh? That's right!

Name it Astro Thruster!
Our first victory is here!

Look at it!

I'm not afraid of Pishia!

Call me anytime !

The first victory of the Miniature Tank
Corps is convincing!


Take a look! At the bottom of the crater...

Originally, it was a
mining factory for mineral resources.



It's RocoRoco!

I'm back now!

I wondered who helped me

I'm not the only one
with those people and...


No way...

Ah... that was...

President !

Great Minister Genbu!

Oh my God...


President Papi, I'm worried about you.

It's good to see the Minister
in the midst of that attack...

At that time, I had no choice but to do that...

I know that life is like this

Thanks to you and the piinas

That pina...

I heard all the stories

I also have to think about the next move

RocoRoco Who is that person?

Leader of the Freedom Alliance

In other words, the leader,
Mr. Genbu.

I'm the former Minister of Security, Chian Daijin,
But I'm rebelling against Gilmore.

Escape from where you were about to get caught

Secretly gathering comrades

He's a successful player
who formed this Freedom Alliance

I'm Commander Genbu, the person in charge of this base .

Thank you for helping President

I have no words to say thank you

No, we just...

Mr. Genbu, he looks silly, but

He's young at heart

His beard is dyed black

Hey RocoRoco


Here you go!


Once again,
I would like to welcome you all.

This is the command room.


Well done so far...

It's all thanks to piina


After the war,
she became a decoy herself

She gave me time

In search of Piina and President

While Pishia is distracted

We were able to gain power


Finally got caught

Naturally, Pishia intends to execute Piina.


Probably the day after tomorrow

After the coronation ceremony
where Gilmore will become emperor.

We don't have much time!

We weren't just sitting around!

Pirika secretly has comrades
from the Freedom Alliance.

We are creating an underground organization

The day of the coronation ceremony and the death

He plans to launch an offensive attack
with them all at once .


To make final contact regarding the operation

On my way to Pirika, I was attacked.

Was that so?

Um...can't you use the communication device?

This place will be marked as specific

I have no choice but to tell you directly

How many people are there in the Liberty Alliance?

303 people in this base,
508 people in Pirika

What about Gilmour's side?

About 800, 000

800 vs. 800, 000 man!?

It won't even be a game!

No, it doesn't matter

Most of the people of Pirika
fear and hate Gilmore.

That's why if the members of the Freedom Alliance put
up a hand at the coronation ceremony...

People also stand up with us

There is a possibility that there will be a large riot

In addition, the technical team

Of communication that prevents the source of
transmission from being exposed

I am diligently searching for

You are here

Nobita, why are you here...

Well, I'm a little worried...


Amazing scenery!

Once upon a time when I came to inspect

This is the place I found with Sister Piina

Pina and...


I still can't believe it

I can't believe my younger brother is
the president of this planet!

I'm still new

But look at me, sister

From now on, I'll show you that this star
is one of the stars in the universe, a star with hope


You'll be stronger, Papi

No matter what

Big sister...


Because we are friends!


Didn't you tell Suneo

Everyone says there are things that only
he can do

I don't have a good head like Papi

He seems clumsy and has no courage

But if there's just one thing

Even if he can't do it, you
may be able to do it!

That's why I want you to make a promise

Don't stop worrying alone, we too...

Of course Nobita

You are all my friends!

When I get lost, I
always consult with you.

Now I'm going to be busy



Thank you Nobita!

I'm really, really glad! I met you!

President on a Shuttle!?

Forced out of the sub-hatch to get out...

Call him back!

Communication has been cut off

Yeah! how can I manage it!

That's... why...




Papi, I didn't expect you to appear alone.

As expected of President

However, that
will be until the day after tomorrow.

President, you have a final mission

Attended the coronation ceremony of Emperor Gilmore

Officially, the mission is to hand over that position.

The game is over!

Accept my justice

Let's build a new order on this planet together!

Of course, my heart is determined

Great decision!
If you refuse.

Of course, your older sister,

And many more Pirika people
will be sacrificed.


Papi will appear at the coronation ceremony!?

You guys...

The Dorakururu's guys are
advertising all over Pirika.

Former President Papi

Now with Pishia

Just like President

As if they betrayed us ...

At first, President

Why did he go alone!?

I'm sure there's something to think about

Isn't this the end result?

Either way, it's an unavoidable

Genbu Commander, once again
to get in touch with the underground organization

Let me go!

Don't stop early

Security guards are getting stricter

Too conspicuous in our fighter jets

Leave that role to us!



To put you in such a dangerous position...

These people are very helpful!

Especially Doraemon

He has a lot of very mysterious tools

If you talk about how
strange it is, it's going to be a long story, but...

Hey RocoRoco!

That's it!

One! One-one-one...

We brought Papi back with us

And if the Liberty Alliance loses

We can't settle for free, either.


how are you?



Nice to meet you

All right!

Infiltration Operation!

Me and Nobita..

And Gian can you come over?


Say you'll leave me alone I'll beat you up!

Leave that kind of guide to me!

Hey why can't I go?

It's important to protect the house when we're away

That's right, Shizuka-chan

Doraemon "Technical Glove" and "Genius Helmet"

What are you doing, Suneo?

I'm thinking of starting maintenance work
on the tank operator now.

That guy should have a strong heart!

Then everyone else

Please take a rest until the dispatch

♪ Maybe it's something I don't have

♪ You're always with me

♪ It's been a long time

♪ I'm jealous of you

♪ It's a dream

♪ It's like a feather

♪ If we're not together

♪ Surely, surely, I couldn't fly

♪ Thank you for your heart

♪ I know when

♪ Because you were here

♪ I could be myself

♪ thank you

It's almost time to leave the small satellite belt.

Until Pirika ahead

You will cross the empty space

You'll find me on Pithia's radar, won't you?

Well what to do...


Attack attack!?


A tiny satellite collided with it.

Sometimes there is

Attracted by Pirika's gravitational pull

It turns into a meteor and falls down

Which one?


Pretend to be a meteor Ryuusei and fall!


Sounds interesting!

Let's go!

Start free fall!


It will turn over just by touching the surface of the earth!


Get ready for the shock! Hmm!

How is it!

Reinforced armor or plastic armor
doesn't flinch

Ya... I'll do it



Mr. Hokubu, in the northern mountainous area
confirmed the fall of the meteor

But... it's funny

Compared to the size of Ryuusei Meteor

The damage from falling is too small

You came

Are you going to cheat on me with that?

But I made up my mind

I'm the only one who doesn't want to be a burden

I don't believe in myself but...

All right!

Even that Nobita could do it

Are you training?

From now on,
we will train excellent and successful pilots.

It's fun!

I'm asking for permission to start



That's Philippolis

President is over there at Pishia's headquarters.

Should be trapped

Oh, let's hit the ground right away!

Oh wait wait!

What is it.

In the middle of the city, can you
ride a tank or something like that around?

Our goal is to get in touch with the underground
organization, right?

Then give "Takecopter"

Let's use this too

"Clean up Spray"!

If you keep the appearance of earthlings, you
will be deceived.

Let's become transparent and gloomy with this

But if we can't see each other, we'll get separated


Then don't worry!

Because I'm Pirika's dog

I think it's fine just to disguise myself a little



That beautiful LocoRoco

Did a little disappear?

Even if it disappeared!

Tank is hided with "vanishing paint"

Let's sink into the ground

Then, I will guide you to the hideout
of the underground organization

Please follow me!



Strangely enough

After that, the footwork of these guys stopped.

Disappear like smoke!
Search well!


It's about them

Disappearing and already at Philippolis.

It's better to think that they're on their way

On all traffic routes heading to the city center and

Stretch the emergency cordon under the water!

Surveillance is also strengthened today!


I'll wait, and sooner or later
I'll definitely start throwing out rags

This is Philippolis...

It's a lonely place for a capital city

It's not as small as a person

It used to be different

Before Gilmour's coup defeat

It was very busy.

The fires of war spread to the city,
And the people were exhausted.

Right now, only Pishia is in charge


In the portraits of shoguns around town

Please be careful

His eyes are like a surveillance device

Beh! Beloberobero…

No matter when or where people go

They're being watched by Pishia


How to make Pirika the bright,
fun and joyful place it used to be

We must combine our powers to
defeat Gilmore!

For that reason, even if it's just one second

We must rescue President Daito and Miss

To that end, the underground
organization of the Liberty Alliance...

It's the hideout of that underground organization

Where the hell are you?

Passed through


Didn't the ruins just pass by the front of our building?

Inside there is an entrance...


Appearance is...


I was careless!

The effect of the spray
was cut off in 4 hours!


What is it now!

Come here!

Stay... Wait!

It's here!

Get out!

Wow... Oh!


Finally got the tail!


Block off all the exits from the N-57 area!

If they want to resist, you can use
artillery fire!

Don't let one mouse go!


What is the secret word?

Give us freedom!

What is it, isn't it RocoRoco?

You've arrived safely

I can't get in touch with the satellite base.

I was in trouble

Then let's go

Let me give you an explanation of the strategy !

At exactly 8 o'clock tomorrow morning,
The operation will begin!

The main unit really is the Kantei... Um...

The rest is me


Please listen carefully to what I am about to say
and tap it into your head.

The point is cooperation with the universe

If the timing is off by even one minute, the
strategy will not succeed!

It's amazing,

Even I can't compete anymore

That's still not the case

I need to improve more

I will summarize

The main force is the coronation ceremony, and we're
going to take a surprise attack

Capture General Gilmore Shogun

At the same time, the detachment corps

We're going to rescue President Daito and Piina!

And we will open the broadcasting station

Call out all over Pirika to fight Gilmore !

Let's do it, leader!

Give us freedom!

It's burning!

I'm fast too

I have to start looking for the "small light"

What are you going to do with that light somehow?

Just hit our body with the release ray ...

It's getting big in no time

We can crush those guys!

That kind of thing...

leader! 2 days ago.

I saw that the space battleship brought
the machine of unknown purpose .

This is an image of that time

It's "Small Light"!

We found it!

It's Pishia Headquarters !

Okay! tomorrow we too

Let's go ahead with the operation
to recapture "Small Light"!

What is it?

I'm going to take it back!

It's really hard! Pishia is outside!

What did you say!?

Don't move!

Stop your useless resistance!


Here we come!


Oh my god...


RocoRoco please guide them!

What about the leader?

See you again


Come on this way

All right come out!

Walk slowly!

If you make a funny move, I'll shoot you!

Look! They...

How was it?

I think they got caught

we were being followed

Kuh... Let's go back and help!

If they catch us now
everyone's hard work will be in vain!

If this happens even if it's just us

Take away the "small light" and take it back

Fight them!

Shogun I finally found it.

From the Prisoners of the Underground Organization

I started asking about the location of the satellite
where the headquarters of the Freedom Alliance is located

Well done

Immediate move to the all-out attack of the enemy headquarters

I'm going to bundle up the unmanned
fighter jets and throw them in!


Unmanned combat aircraft?

I'm sure it would be better to send the
main force of the Air Force...

General Shogun is afraid

Could it be our sacrifice?

It doesn't matter,
the rhino was thrown

Send the unmanned fighter unit to the
small satellite belt!

Don't miss the start!


Shogun is afraid of rebellion.

You can't even trust us

No way...

What is that...

What's going on?

Oh, as expected Shizuka-chan!

No matter when Pishia attacks
we'll fight evenly

Don't say scary things

Even if it's okay
if we combine our powers...


What the hell!

Pishia's unmanned fighter plane

are heading straight for us!

Hundreds of thousands, thousands of hordes...

We are expecting it to arrive in about an hour or so!

Finally found this place...

All planes in full force!

What is this...


Suneo... Huh?

Each member raise your all-out efforts to intercept!

Suneo! Where have you been?


This is Suneo's...


Ah I knew it...

huh Shizuka!

What are you doing?
in a place like this

The enemy is coming, you have to hide!

Now is the time for your tank driver to be
active, isn't it?

Hundreds and thousands of things with the other party?
I can't beat it!

That's why I didn't want to come to a star like this!

I don't even have a single word that I want to fight...

Ha... Huh?

I'm scared too


It's not so miserable to lose like this !

I have to do what I can!

That's Pishia Headquarters

And that's the side gate with the least
number of people going in and out.

There's a "small light" inside that building .


Is that all there is to lookouts?

I'm sure many of the Pishias here

It has been dispatched to prepare
for the coronation ceremony.

So now is the chance to infiltrate


"Stone cap"!

If you wear this, it's like a stone on the road

Other people won't care about you at all

With this, you don't have to worry about running out of time

Huh? that?

It seems that someone has been here before...

We have to hold onto each other tightly

Because we'll get separated

Can't you really notice

Hey Doraemon...

It's okay


Hey did you say something?

No, it's you...

Is it just my imagination

It's already started

Wait, Shizuka-chan!

Mr. Suneo! Youcame!

It can't be helped, can it?
no matter how much I

I can't let you go through dangerous eyes all by yourself

I'm out!

Mae Mae! Before!







It's done...


Mr. Suneo!
Are you okay!

Yeah nothing

It's because of the results
of the enhancement remodeling class!

I'm glad...

My tank driver is the strongest in the universe!

Two planes are coming from the right direction!


I'm not scared anymore!

Nobody's here

You did a great job writing the back!

This is the room

There it is!
It's "Small Light"!

Doraemon Hurry up and press the unlock button

Hmm... ugh!



Welcome, gentlemen of Earth

What's there is a
sensor that doesn't understand


You're the only ones who can do this trick

I thought that if I circulated the information about "Small Light",
You would come.

Show your appearance while you count three!

Otherwise, I'll smash the light into pieces!




Okay, the rest of my friends

Was it all a trap

No wonder I thought it was safe

This guy…

Nu... I can't remove...


3 nieces secured and hid

For three people?

There should be one more idiot !

Hey where is he!

If you're stupid, I'll plant a bomb in the corridor!

I have to stop it quickly,
The wall will blow up!

What is it!?


wait! Do not open the door!



Wow wow...



What are you talking about?

No one goes outside






My ally also suffered a considerable
injury, but

The enemy was almost annihilated

This is also thanks to Suneo !


Everyone, please prepare for
the next attack and return to thebase.


Shizuka-chan and I
will head towards Pirika star.

What was that!?

Nobita-san and his friends are working hard
on the ground floor .

If you want this machine, you can still go

I have to help my friends


I'm coming!

Give us freedom!
what the Hell!

Drones are about to be annihilated!?

Ha! This tank driver's armor makes
him immune to any attack.

Earth's guys
always come to help their friends .

Tell the Shogun that the
battle is continuing.

I have an idea

this, Gilmore is new emperor

Perform the coronation ceremony!

Former President Papi

will receive words of congratulations!


That will be your last job in this world.

It's Papi!

President Papi...


Everyone who lives in Pirika

if it's true

I'm not the one to stand in a place like this

Because I
stand up and face the trials I turn my back on

It's because I'm a coward who started to run away
into space alone .

But this time
I realized something very important.

I really want to tell everyone about this...


While lying to myself

It means you can't live


You taught me this

Beyond the universe,
I ran away.

They were Nobita and his friends
who met on the star called Earth .

Those boys and girls
are giants like mountains

It was scary at first

I couldn't even speak

But they share the joy with their friends

Or the state of tears streaming down from the
bitterness of their companions

Realizing that there is nothing different from us

We became very close
to each other very quickly.

They came from a strange star
without doubting my word.

They believed in me, that's

For the sake of Pirika,
leave the city of my hometown

The darkness and wounds we suffer together

And even now, they are still fighting

When I saw that figure, I
finally understood

I think it's Pirika's people

Earth's people

No matter what other stars
you want, it doesn't matter

The feeling of caring for others

It's the most important promise in space

I lied for my own desires

without hurting anyone

That's not right!

Whoa... this guy

you pirika

A dictator who rules with fear and deceit !

The day when this kind of lawlessness will be forgiven
won't be long!

Before long, people's anger

Burning up in the sky of pirika

I will burn the dictator to death!

How dare you let this man
feel ashamed

As you wish,
I will send you to the afterlife together with Piina!

It's time to prepare for the execution!


Can the coronation ceremony be postponed with this?


Papa what is "Execution"?

Can you stay like this?

You can't say no!

I'm sorry to be tied up anymore!

We are Pirika people who think
so much about freedom!

Is it okay to leave it to someone else!?

We have to save President!

Gilmour's Official Residence!
I'm going!

I'm going too!
Let's go!

Hey look!

What are they...

Eee... ugh!


Reached here

Master Papi! Miss Pina!


People in Earth don't care!

Shut up! All the traitors should
be executed together!

Hey where are the Doraemons?

Earthlings Earthlings Earthlings Earthlings!

If it's them, go
to the execution ground on the rooftop...

Execution ground !

What happened to the place of execution?

Ah... no, nothing


Philippolis coming soon

Yes, the port side is weak and thin, so
check it out on the radar!

In addition, I was
able to collect various information

Here we come!
It's just as the chief's plan was.

No matter how tough you are
if you take this guy...

Pulse Missile Launch!

Something is coming!

It's a missile
Leave it to me!


I can't control it!


From now on, papi is not a former president

Five cooperators will
be executed for treason.

Execution Corps Placed first!

I wanted to beat them up once

Suneo and Shizuka are still here!

Oops, come to think of it, just now

Two Earth tank operators were shot down,
and reports came in that they had been severely injured.

Could it be that your friends were on
board that one?

This is the end of the alliance!




Please wait!

Are you heartless?

why Pishia has no popularity!

And if you know that President didn't even
leave behind his last words

Citizens are more and more silent!

In the first place those
who should be above people...

Yeah, I got it, I got it!

If you have anything left to say, I'll listen


Then just a word from me

That was 3 years ago that I can't forget

It's a cold, snowy evening that's been pushed down
by the end of the year ...

It's flooded...

Ah... Cat!


Hmm... Oh!


Yeah? yeah?

Yeah? Hmmm...


Oh...What is it!?



What is this...?

Hey, what is it?
Don't worry! You!

What is this hat?

More than that, who is he now?

He is human!

Time goes back even further, when my
grandfather Sofu was not yet young...

A group of citizens who watched the broadcast

Are heading this way?

Skip that kind of thing !

You guys can't judge anything by yourself?

Yeah enough!
Hurry up and execute!


What's now!?

It's giant Human!
Two giants human, have appeared!

Giant Human!?

It's a big man!

Did you hear?
About me I'm a big man!

I wonder if everyone is safe...

Shizuka-san... Suneo-san...!

All right!
It worked!

What works?

The effect of "small light" is cut off

It's back to its original size!

Then why don't we get big?

Time shifts from person to person

I'm sure we'll soon...

You want to join the army,
but you can't come back from the city!

In that case, I will fight back
with the unmanned aerial vehicle Mujinki!

Take it easy!

The entrance to this place has been breached by citizens!



Help President!

Defeat Gilmore!

This way!



Goodbye General Gilmore!

Withdraw your troops immediately!

Right now, we can still talk to each other

Any more strife is pointless!


Doraemon... Let's go now!

There it is! He is human!


What happened with him?

Papi! It's all your fault!

Yeah give it to me!












Have you seen it?

Eee ok!
Those who turn their teeth against me

No matter who or what they are








Feel safe and secure

Look, Papi is safe too!



Come on, come on!

Me too!

If it's like this, it's this one!

Don't be dazed!
Shoot, shoot!


That is!

Gilmore! Dorakururu!

Did we miss it!

When this happens... What?



Well... can it really be like this...!?


Well done so far

It's all over here!

Rest assured!
They are allies!

President! good luck!

That's it!
Gilmore in a helicopter...

Yeah, first of all,
I have to let people know about this situation .

To the broadcasting station!
Fellow friends are waiting

Leader, please take care of Papi-kun and the others.

See you later!

This whole area is going to a
closed area!

Don't worry about citizen!

I want to evacuate! I want to escape


Come on... come on...

Are you okay?

What are you doing?

It's Nobita!


Dora-chan! Nobita!




Ahaha... Eh!?

Let's leave the happiness of the reunion for later

This tank sniper and helicopter...

The unmanned aerial vehicle that
I have researched is terrible!

Then don't hold back!

Let the battle begin!


That's it! That's...


How is it?

That's it!

Don't be blinded by the hot wire!


Catch! You did it!

Look look look!

You've done quite a bit!

This is too hard!




You're finally here!

I'll make a secret decision next time

From the left and right Sayu to the enclosure!

Missile launch!



Don't be hard!

Follow me! Don't relax!


Well, the next time you show yourself,
I'll finish you off!

Open all cannons!

Shoot Okay!

Not even now!

Shoot... Oops!?

Shoot, shoot, shoot !

I want to retreat!


Don't be silly!



Nuuuuu! Oh!


At this rate, I'm going to have a hard time crashing!

Let's go to the sea!


I hijacked it!


Fall down!

All Members Prepare for Shock!

Boss of Pishia Come out!

Otherwise, I'm going to sink like this
Are you okay Hey!



I don't like it, Dora!


If you don't want to be crushed,

You savage giant human!
Keep your hands off the chief's bank!


Stop it, adjutant Fukukan!
We lost

Commissioner's Office...

Come on!

Full surrender

However I want my subordinates,
To let me unload the ship safely.

That's good

Let's make a promise to ensure the safety
of our team members So what about Gilmore?

He's probably on their way to the airport

But I don't want to be run away

By now...



Ugh... Geez!

Give us freedom!
Give us freedom!

Hey wait!

Don't leave me behind
Hey... Oops!

Give us freedom!
Give us freedom!

Give us freedom!
Give us freedom!


So far...



It's over


Ah, it's an allied fighter jet!


Let's hurry a little faster

I was shown my cool ability

Thank you everyone.
Thank you so much!


Minister Daijin, please do the rest


Ah Doraemon!

Papi-kun and
Piina-san... ugh!


Let's leave it to just the two of us

Ah yes

Good for you papi


Thank you

For protecting papi

Sister Piina

Hey ... it's bad
The hero is in a place like this...

I knew

Even if I could beat Gilmore

For that reason,
Someone's sacrifice cannot be avoided


But even though I know that

I want my sister...

A little more to my sister...

There is no better president than you, papi.

I can't believe you're my brother

I've never been so proud

Thank you papi


When I approached from the sea

Big man, oh man!

I'm always called a Giant!


Then I got back the "small light"


Is that so…

You're going away

It's been a blast and I feel refreshed!

Hey, Papi-kun please come to Earth again!

This time, Piina-san will be with us!

Then, on the airship I made

I will guide you to various famous places !

Thank you! please!

Is that?

What's wrong, RocoRoco?

I just realized that when I look at it like this

You two are so similar...

Hey RocoRoco!

One! One-one...


Even if it's far away

People of Pirika

will never forget your courage

And that compassionate heart...

See you all!
Cheer up!

Thank you!
Everyone in Earth!

I'm sure we'll meet again!



Phew this is amazing...

How on earth did you
take this picture... huh!?

Do you want to ask?

♪ I wonder what the future will be like

♪ As I was swinging on the swing, I suddenly thought

♪ The question mark floating behind my eyelids

♪ I'll be

♪ Are you thinking?

♪ Happy or sad?

♪ Which is right or wrong?

♪ I was rushed by Yuuhi, and stretched out

♪ Alone in the park

♪ Sandbox Sunaba Answer Sheet

♪ Squat down

♪ I've been looking for you

♪ Living with a zero point heart

♪ Don't laugh and cry, know the answer

♪ In the midst of a sky full of stars,
my planet is born

♪ Don't wander around, come here

♪ If it's tears, it's a mistake

♪ Nono Saku Saku Universe

♪ Just one thing

♪ Looking at the starry sky
My palm turned brown

♪ I'm swinging on the swing

♪ I'm in love with you

♪ I go back and forth between
troublesome and happy happiness

♪ Scattered in a zigzag, my constellations

♪ The cracks in the piled up days
are the origins of a distant planet

♪ It's time to forget

♪ From the past or the other side

♪ You

♪ The meteor dragon that came to my heart in the dark

♪ Don't laugh and cry, know the answer

♪ In the midst of a sky full of stars, my planet is born

♪ Don't wander around, come here

♪ Let's go home today

♪ One day Himono no ni saku universe

♪ Just one thing

Everyone! Was interesting?


That? Oh…

Chi chi chi chi!

Neither that nor this...