Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Birth of Japan (2016) - full transcript

Doraemon and friends trying to save a boy name Kukuru and his tribe from Gigazombie who want to change history for his own sake in the ancient times. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

I've told you about it,
but why did it become like this?

Your teacher called
and I was so embarassed

Also, what is this?

Not only the test paper was fully blank,
you even doodled on it!

It's not just any doodle, it's a pegasus


This is what happens when you always day-dream.
From today onwards, you are grounded!

No more afternoon nap,
and no TV and manga either!



I cannot be patient anymore today!

I'm getting sick of being scolded
at school and at home too!

I've made up my mind!

I will run away from home!

Emm ..

What is "er ..."?

Even if you stop me,
I won't change my mind!

I will not stop you

because you will be back soon enough

Don't make a fool of me!
This time I will plan it well

Plan? Which one?

I've been thinking about it long enough

I want to live by my will...
without depending on anyone

What does it take to survive?
There are three main things...

Clothing, Food, Shelter!

Sometimes, your thoughts are illogical


So lend me your 'Dress Up Camera'
'Gourmet Table Cloth' and 'Camping Capsule'!

Do you still want to rely on my tools?

- We are friends, right?
- Stop it...

- This is still being dependent on someone
- Don't be so harsh

This is the first step
towards my freedom

You even failed at the first step



What's the commotion?

For a long time, I'm indebted to you

You are not studying, but playing instead?

Then, I'm not cooking you any dinner

I'm not coming back anymore!


What is this?




Welcome to my home!

I've moved here after running away from home

I can freely become a couch potato
without having to go to school

Stop behaving like that, Nobita

You have not even succeeded even once

How many hours this time?

Wait a minute!

Everyone makes a fool of me

Let them be, it's time for my afternoon nap...

What's the matter? Stop hitting my home!

I should be the one asking!
Why is this thing on my land?

Even a space like this have an owner?

Of course!

Dear Shizuka, I've decided to
start my new life at the back of the hill

Of course you can come whenever you're free...

It hurts

This is a private property.
Evacuate immediately

Oh, my...

Wow, you came back even faster than before

I'm not coming back yet

Hey, lend me the Anywhere Door

You want to live by your own will
without depending on anyone, right?

Please! This will be the last

Do you know where you're going?

Yes. I'll write you a letter later!

Take care

This village is abandoned
because it's too backward

Nobody will complain about me here

This is not a joke!

You want me to watch the shop and mow the lawn...
I'm not slave, okay?

You can say that after
really working like a slave!

I hate you, mom!


I can't take it anymore!
I want to run away from home!

- Giant!
- Suneo?

- Do you see Nobita?
- Do you know where is Nobita?

Don't tell me...

You have also run away from home?

- Giant!
- We are soul mates!

My mom wanted me to learn many things
From English to Chinese to French

I understand you!
It's horrible having such parents!

I know you'll say that!

Did you guys see Nobita?


Don't tell me that you have ran away from home too?

Not that I have run away from home, but...

My mom's expectation put pressure on me

Everyone is having problems of their own

- Anyway, let's run away together
and search for Nobita
- Okay...

What have you done?

- The village has sank to the bottom of the dam
- We have to close this door!

Pass Loop!

You've flooded the room!

Is there any uninhabited place that I can live in?

There's no such place.
Other than private property, the rest belongs to the government

Well, take out the Ground Making Machine!

I can't make a tool without permission

Just give up already.
It's impossible for you to run away from home

I will help you pass the test together

No! I still want to run away!

You are so stubborn!

It's okay!

I will not ask anything from you anymore!

Oh, my
He's not even listening to me



A mouse!

This is not a mouse, it's a hamster

Whatever it is, take it out immediately!

It can't be helped
I need to take care of the hamster while my boss goes on a family vacation

Who is more important, your boss or me?

- Don't say anything unreasonable
- I'm scared

I found him!


- You guys...
- How are you right now?

You borrowed pretty interesting tools, didn't you?
We want to join you too!

About that...

You don't like it?

You want to keep it for yourself!

Nobita is the worst!

- That's not it!
- Traitor


It's not like that!


I want to run away from home too!

When it comes to this,
land becomes even a bigger problem

Every nook and cranny in Japan
already belongs to somebody

Don't you think that it's kind of weird?

Generally, the land already exists since the Earth was born
4.6 billion years ago, right?

Then human beings who came later
cut it into pieces without permission!

Absolutely weird!
That means they did it on a first-some-first-served basis!


That's right!
We return to the time when there were no humans

There was once a time
when nobody inhabited Japan, right?

If we return to that time,
the entire Japan will belong to us!

That's it!

- Okay, since the room are all tidy...
- Cut it out...

- Hurry up
- Don't push!

We ran away from home! Ran away from home!

This is the ultimate
running away from home!

Because this is totally reckless!

Which era do you wish to go?

To a long ago place
To the time when no humans existed in Japan

There's no input of information
about a place like that

You're a robot from the future, aren't you?

I'm just a cheap robot by the way

Don't be so sensitive

When a fossil and a polished stone tool are checked,
they seem to exist before 30 thousand years ago

The evidence is not too accurate and humans
might exist even earlier than that

Our neighbour, China is also 80 thousand years old...

Is there anything suspicious?

What is it...

What happened?

It's flunked!


Space-time turbulence occured!

Space-time turbulence?

If we fall, there's no way to return!

Everybody, hold on tight!

We are going on full speed!

It's useless!

It's flunked!

Oh, no! The turbo has expired!

We survived the space-time turbulence!


Please decide your destination as soon as possible

Is it okay if we double the 30 thousand years
making it 60 thousand years?

For safety reasons, it's better
if we just add 10 thousand years more

It's been decided!
Go to Japan 70 thousand years ago!

This is it!


It's a beautiful green land

The air tastes so fresh

So vast

This is the Japan that belongs to us only!

Okay! Let's make our paradise here!


What are you doing?

We don't know what the animals here are capable of doing
So I hid the Time Machine

What is that?

This is Donbura Powder
When it is sprinkled around us, the surrounding will become like water


Don't you guys feel cold?

Of course

Somehow, I'm trembling

It's true, because 70 thousand years ago
was the fourth stage of Ice Age

So the weather must be terribly cold

What is Ice Age?

A time when the ice in ocean becomes larger
and the Earth became extremely cold

I don't fancy a cold paradise!

Don't worry, we'll do something about it later

What kind of world do we want to build here?
You guys can give me some ideas about it

- I want an afternoon-nap hotel!
- Game centre!
- Concert hall!

You guys lack ambition

How about a flower garden beside the lake?

That's good

- And a big rainbow up in this large sky
- Is it possible to have aurora at night?
- Of course

It's boring

Let's go!


Let's go look for
more thrilling adventure

Yes! Wild and primitive!

Giant, let me take a picture of you

Sure? Make me look cool, okay?

I wonder if it will look cool



Giant! Behind you...


It's a bison!

Oh, no...

- Help...
- Oh no...

This is what happens
when you wander around freely!


- Great!
- It's like a bullfighter show!

It will bring the bison
to a faraway place

Prehistoric Set!

This is climate clothes that will suit any kind of climate,
regardless if it's cold or vice versa

That's right. Let's warm up!

This spear is amazingly light

Seems like it can't be used to hunt

What is this button?

It's a shock stick
It can even stun an elephant

You should have said it earlier...

Okay, from now on, we'll stay here
But first, we need to make a place to stay

A home

From here to here is my land!

- Suneo is playing dirty!
- Unfair!

Thousand square meters over here is mine!

Mine is 10 thousand square metres from here!

They are so pathetic...

Why did we come here in the first place?
It's because there are lots of land

Shame on me

This side is good.
Southeast of the cliff with exposure to the sun is even better

Let's dig a hole here.
It may seem like the Stone Age

Digging? It's so tiring...

Practical Digger!

We can use this

If we use this digger,
digging a hard stone is as easy as digging a tofu

Besides, there are various types to try

Sounds interesting! I want to try it too!

Not fair! That's mine!

Give it to me!

They are difficult anywhere and everywhere...

Leave the heavy labour to me!
No objection!

You excel in quarrelling...
I just want to appoint you as the Minister of Development

My pleasure

Next is Garden Cylinder!

There are a lot of seeds to grow a garden
in this small cylinder shape!

Let me do that

Shizuka is the Minister of Environment

- I want it too!
- What position comes after this?

Minister of Agriculture

Manage the Farm Restaurant!

Don't appoint the job to Nobita

Every year, you just let the morning
glory dry out and die, right?

I want to be a minister too!

Oh, yes...

We might feel very lonely
in this big, big world

But we can make a pet to accompany us


Animal Genetic Ampoule and Cloning Eggs!

Just inject the liquid inside
the ampoule into the egg

Even you can do it

What minister is this?

I think it's the Minister of Pets

I'm not motivated at all

A river

Just the right place to hatch the eggs

Minister of Pets?
Even Doraemon makes fun of me!

These two trees are entangled

Oh, that's right!
I'll give them a surprise by using this!

Running away from home?
I have a memory about it too


Don't worry
They will sure come home after dark

You're always in the cage.
It must be hard to breathe, right?

Hey, Minister of Environment


How is the seeding progress?

I've almost done sprinkling it.
They seem to sprout so quickly

I hope the rain will fall on this area soon

If that so...

RC Rains Cloud!

It can send down the amount of rain
needed whenever you fancy


Also, there is already fertilizer in the rain

Thanks! I'll take good care of it!

You're very dependable

Hey, Doraemon!

That's Minister of Agriculture's voice

What a stunning Farm Restaurant

This is weird. Although I have sprinkled various types of seeds, only one type of strange leaf has grown

That's good. It will grow even faster
if there is plenty of sunlight

RC Sun!

Use it with the combination of
Shizuka's RC Rains Cloud, okay?


How is the condition of the Minster of Development?
Oh? Running smoothly


I've almost finished digging the cave


Ground Water Pipe!

When installed, it will find it's way
to the water source

It will also extend anywhere.
I also have a pipe to find a gas source

Let me install it!

Right, the problem with Minister of Pets is...


Come back here!

The egg is flying

Yes! A pegasus is born!

I'm such a genius for mixing
the swan and the horse ampoules together!

A combination of eagle and lion formed a griffin.
A dragon is produced from combining a crocodile, deer and bat!

Pega, Gris and Draco.
From now on, I'm your mother!



Hurry, hide in here!

Don't come out until I say so, understand?

Where is it? What kind of animal
did you make?

A dog? A cat?

I fell asleep

As expected. You are totally like that!

You must be punished!
You better resign right now!

Please calm down!


What now?

I am really undependable

I know but please do it seriously

Universal Pet Growth!

If the egg hatches, feed them with this


It's almost meal time.
When you're done, you can return to the cave

This is not good. I've told you guys not to come out
without my permission

Eat well so you can become bigger

You eat too fast.
I have a lot of it, so don't worry

I'm feeling hungry too

I think this Katsudon is done

I knew it! It's just a radish!

You'll see

- It's so fragrant
- Shizuka

Let's rest and eat some food!

I'll come in a bit!

Take a look. The house is done

- Great!
- It's huge!

The individual room is at the back.
There is a kitchen and a balcony too!

- Indeed, Giant!
- It looks very comfortable to live in, right?

Okay, everybody, let's eat

How do we eat radish like this?

I have ordered Katsudon!

I feel like eating spaghetti

We are not eating like this.
You need to open it from here

It look delicious!

Mine too!

Thanks for the food!

Suneo, this is really delicious!


I should have become a farmer already

Smells good

I'm so hungry!

You're late

So? What kind of pet did you make?

Uh, it's a...

You must have fallen asleep, didn't you?

So rude!

I'm not sleeping all the time, you know?

So, what have you done?

I just dozed off

Thanks for the food!


This is real freedom

- It's freedom...
- The best freedom ever!

All our problems seem to just fade away
when we are surrounded by such beautiful nature

But it would be great
if we went home now

Me too! I have been thinking about it

At this moment, we might not be yelled at anymore!

I don't want to!

After all the struggles to find freedom,
only must I go home?

It's okay if I'm here alone!

But our moms would definitely be worried by now

That's right. Don't be stubborn,
let's go home

Shut up!

We'll still run away from home!

Just take it as a little break

After all, we can always come here again
when we wanted to!

Good. If it's so, then yes!

- Promise? We have this secret place just for us. I will hit you
hard if you reveal it to your parents or anyone at school!
- Okay...

Swear it to the stone spear!

Actually, what made me run away from home in the first place?

- Bye
- See you tomorrow

- Good night
- Good night

Doraemon, come on out

- No, I'm afraid of the hamster!
- It's not dangerous

Stop it!

Where did you go until this hour?

Wash your hands and go eat, hurry

- I'll clean it up if you don't want to eat!
- I'll eat...

Strange. Mama did not scold him this time...

A wolf? Impossible

I felt terrible yesterday. If Jaiko didn't open the door,
I'm sure I'd need to stay outside all night

Me too.. A child who does not stick to a curfew
is not considered as a parent's child

We had a discussion
But somehow I still need to read a French book

How about you Nobita?

Me? I...

Whatever it is, problems arise because we run away the whole
day. What about we run away for like 3 hours a day?

It won't raise the alarm, right?

Can we still call that a runaway?

As long as it does not cause a commotion


I'm home

What happened?

That thing ate all of my dorayakis!

What thing?

That hamster ate all of my dorayakis!

I'll settle it!

Cut it out!

He's not home yet?

- But his bag is here
- Excuse us

Whatever. I want to change my clothes


No! Don't change it here!

Where can I change my clothes then?

Outside, okay?

It's more dangerous outside

There's someone in the closet!

- What?
- Really?

Maybe it's Doraemon?

- Suneo, open it!
- What?

This boy...
I'll finish you up!


Attack him, Giant!

Let me go!
For the mercy of a cat!

What happened?

How dare you tell our secret to a guy like him?

I don't even know him!

- Don't play dumb!
- I'm not playing dumb!

It's too loud

- Mama!
- Let's leave before more trouble occurs

This is bad! Who are you, by the way?


I've told you, I don't know him!

Liar! If that is so, why is he wearing like that?

He attacked me all out of a sudden!


A stone spear?

Maybe this kid is a real
prehistoric man...

A real prehistoric man?

But it's strange! Why is he in 21st century Tokyo
if he is a prehistoric man?

Maybe because of that...

Because of what?

The space-time turbulence!

Although it is rare, the distortion of the space-time formed
a pitfall which looks like a so-called black hole

If anyone is swallowed by this hole, they will
disappear from their original world

Disappeared from Earth?

I've never heard of such a thing before

Have you ever heard about spirited away?

It's an old Japanese legend

The incidence about the sudden disappearance
of people all over the world

So, this kid was also from a primitive era?


I'm disappointed... 70 thousand years ago,
Japan was already inhabited by human

I'm not still sure about that

I need to know for sure
when and where this kid came from

Nobita and I will run the investigation. Giant and Suneo,
go search if there are any humans living nearby

Leave it to us!


Shizuka please take care of this kid!


Space-time Research Counter!

I'll float this observation ball in a time hole
and look for a mark of space-time via wave motion

Wave Motion?

Space-time disorder,
which is invisible to the eyes

I sent it up until yesterday.
The data will come at once

This is it!

Let's follow this wave

Where does it start?
And where does it lead to?

It's totally incomprehensible

How about my pets' development?

Pega? Gris? Draco? Where are you guys?

Come out now!

Who is it? Who's there?

You guys!

You're all grown up!

You guys still remember me!

You want me to have this?

- Oh, I know! Let's go! Catch!
- Oh no!


Nice catch, Gris!

Look look, Giant! A flock of ibis!

Oh! So wonderful!

In the 20th century, ibis is extinct

Poor birds...

A bad dream?
Seems like having a really bad one...

Thank God, he's awake!

Don't move!

Don't be afraid!
No one is going to hurt you here

Your injury hasn't healed yet
You need to sleep and rest quietly

Wait for a while!

Here, drink this warm soup

You must be starving
Here, have a second helping

You will be able to recover faster
if you eat more and rest well

Stop that, Giant!

Let's compete and see who can hold their breathe
longer under water

- Bring it on!
- One, two, begin!

Hey, stop cheating! Huh?

Which means that just now...

Giant... Giant!

Yes! I won!

This is not the time to talk about that!

It's a...It's...

It's a giant salamander!

- It's huge!
- We're going to be eaten!

No, it's over!

A griffin and a dragon?

- What's happening?
- Hey!


Everyone! We have a serious problem!


Look, the boy has fully recovered

That's great

Rather than that, I discovered something big!

I discovered something shocking
from the results of the investigation!


What's that?

I'm back!

These are the pets I created

What do you think? Great, right?

Wow, I'm impressed


Yes. I found out where you came from

The time-space distortion that sucked this boy

was West 31 degrees 7 points,
East 118 degrees 2 points

Even if you made such comments...

We won't undestand

In 21st century language, it means somewhere
near Dao in mainland China


Soyu Flavoured Translator Konyaku!

Please tell us everything about yourself

Do you undertand what I'm saying?

My name is Kukuru

I am the son of Tajikara
and Koiyame from the Hikari tribe

I was sucked into a hole in the sky
upon reaching the village

It's the time-space distortion

Was anyone else sucked into the hole?
Your family or the other villagers?

No, they were taken away
by the Kurayami tribe!

Kurayami tribe?

Our tribe has been a target since the long time ago

They will continue to chase after us
no matter where we run to

What happens to those that have
been attacked and taken?

I don't know. It seems that they will be
taken to the North... what happens after that...

Why don't you fight those crazy loons?

Giant, it's the Kurayami tribe

We can't win even if we fight!

They have a strong ally

The Immortal Spiritual King


- Gigazombie?
- Immortal Spiritual King? What's that?

Don't tell me it's a ghost?

It's like a witch doctor, right?

The people from the olden days believed that
there are spirits living in each and everything in the world

That's why those who can chant spells
to soothe the spirits are feared and respected

What? It's only superstition

People from the olden days didn't know anything

Don't worry, Kukuru!
We do not fear this fraudster

That's right, we have this thing
called science and civilization

This isn't fake!

There's no human who can match against
Gigazombie's magical powers in this world!

So? Are you just going to continue to be depressed?

Is it okay to not save your parents?

Of course! I'm going to go save my parents

Yes! It that's the case, leave it to us

We love trills and adventures

We can help

Okay! It's decided then

We will go to mainland China tomorrow to save
those who have been captured by the Kurayami tribe


It's me, me!

You're still awake?

The Gigazombie might come

There's no way he will come!
Do you know how far it is from here to China?

It will be a difficult journey tomorrow

If you don't get some sleep,
let's go to my room

I will stay here

Fine, if you say so...


Wait, Kukuru!
Please don't be reckless!

What's this early in the morning?

Kukuru wants to go to China alone!

You fool! You still don't believe us?

The enemy is the ruthless Kurayami tribe and Gigazombie!
There's no way to come back alive!

You guys are good people...
That's why...all the more...

Here. Put this on your head

On my head?

Yes, just do it

I flew in the sky

I ordered the wind spirits to make you fly

Yes... This person is the almighty
witch doctor, Dorazombie

The fire spirits as well as the water spirits
listen to Dorazombie

With this, you feel at ease to leave it to us?

- Lord Dorazombie!
- Stop it, I'm embarrassed

What happened?

Everyone, are you ready?

- Let's go to mainland China!
- Yes!

Let's go!
Here comes the knight with the white horse!

Nobita is trying to act cool

Can't be helped since he is the Minister of Pets

I got it! Stop getting jealous

Gris, I know it's going to be a long journey,
but please take care of me

The distance to China's Heshen, Anchi Province,
is over 2,000 kilometers

At this rate, we should be able to arrive
at our destination in the evening

But, there's a wide sea
between Japan and China, right?

If Draco and the rest get tired
in the middle of the journey...

No worries. I took a satellite picture before we begin
our journey, just to be safe. Here you go!

Japan is joined to the mainland!

It is the Ice Age now. The ice will increase,
whereas the water will decrease when the Earth gets cold

When the water decreases, the sea level will drop
and the land area will increase

Which means we can land and rest at any time

We are going out to the sea
and keep to the seaside and proceed west!


I can see a big mountain ahead

Don't tell me that is...

- It's Mount Fuji!
- It's magnificent!

Mount Fuji was formed approximately 100,000 years ago

It was around this time.
Let's have lunch here!

Lunch is hamburger, potatoes and Cola

Thanks for the food!


Primitive man also likes hamburgers

Is that so? I understand now!

Japanese' ancestors came from China


It's true

Not only that, it seems that they migrated from
Korea, Siberia and other Southern Islands

The human race were originated from faraway Africa and expanded to all around the world over the time of thousand of years

There are many types of nationalities, but if you go back to the roots of your ancestors, everyone in this world is related

Then, Kukuru might be my great, great, great,
great grandfather!

Stop it, what about being a grandfather?

A good and lively grandfather

Are you okay?

I haven't seen a single big tree since just now

There are only rough rocks?

This area was the bottom
of the ocean just previously

After this area, lies mainland China

It's nearing sunset.
We should be reaching our destination soon

That's where I caught my fish!

Let's descend!

- It's all burnt...
- It's terrible...

Don't cry, Kukuru

We will definitely find them

Anyhow, we have reached the starting line

At daybreak, we will start to go
after the Kurayami tribe

Here, that's it for today

It's ticklish

Bye, good night

Yes, it's a different place
so you can't sleep, right?

Okay! Let's sleep together tonight

Good night

Missing Person Stick!

This stick will point us
to the direction of the missing person


The abducted Hikari tribe should be there!

- Let's get going right away!
- Wait!

Leave Pega and the rest here,
we'll use Takecopter to travel


They attract too much attention. We won't be able to find
Kurayami tribe if they notice us and hide away

Is that so?

These will be able to last
for three days if there's this much

Understand? Be good and stay here

No! I can't bring you guys along!

I will be back soon. Be good!

Where did they go?

It has been four days since the attack.
Four days on foot shouldn't be too far

There should be signs of campsites


Did you find anything?

The Kurayami tribe's spear!

They hunt for food and ate it here

This is the campsite of the first day

Stay close to each other
and search around the area

I found it! The signs of the campsite
on the second day

Third day. Which was yesterday?

Quickly! It's nearby!

Village head!

Go ahead. Don't bother me

- What's all this lingering about?
- Stand up!

Please let us rest awhile

Shut up!

I can't stand it anymore!


Lord Tsuchidama, do you have any instructions?

Kill those who resist
and those who can't walk

We need to proceed.
It's still a long way to Tokoyami Castle


Come by all means!


Listen, everyone

I'm the Spirit King Dorazombie.
Release the Hikari tribe!

Or I will set the lightning spirit upon you
and barbeque you

- Spirit King?
- Dorazombie?

Don't you understand? If that is so,
I'll let you witness... Dorazombie's power!

Doraemon is like a real witch doctor

Suprisingly, it's working

Let's go too!


- What's that?
- Kukuru!


- Yes, we've won!
- Serves them right!

- Kukuru...
- Kukuru!

Father! Mother!


Are you all right?

I've miss you two!

You came to save us

He's able to see his family again

I'm becoming weak with this

What's that?

The sound is coming from the inside of this thing

The porcelain artwork is talking!

We, the Tsuchidama, are the loyal subordinates
of Lord Gigazombie


This fellow! Come down here!

You fool!

- Giant! - What was that?
- It was a shock wave!
- Let's counterattack with the Shock Stick!

You still don't know how to fear me!

Hide behind the rocks!

- The rocks!
- Nobita!

- Help me!
- Nobita!


- Doraemon!
- Do something!

Not that, not this...

Got it!

The last blow!


We did it!
As expected of Doraemon...

Having said that, how can this earthen doll
talk and move?



Hikari tribe would like
to say 'thank you' to you!

Lord Dorazombie, we don't know
how to show our appreciation

Call me Doraemon...

Isn't it fine, just leave it at Dorazombie

That's right. Can we bring
Hikari tribe to Japan with us?

That's great! We won't know when
Kurayami tribe will attack again!

Anywhere Door!

I thought the Anywhere Door
can't be used?

I made it remember the route when we were travelling
from Japan to this place

Okay. Let's go to Japan!

Wait! We have to bring Pega and the rest

I forgot!

Let's go to Heshen in Dao province,
to the Hikari tribe village

This is our village

I suppose everyone has gone through the door?

You raccoon monster...
I will make you pay!




We're going back to Japan!

You'll be left behind!


Where did they go?

It's my fault. I left them here
and now they are missing

Don't worry. They are strong

Maybe they are happily roaming around

Let's go back to Japan first!

No! I will search until I find them!

I understand your feelings,but we have to bring the Hikari tribe to the safe Japan as soon as possible

How beautiful

Is it really okay to stay here?

It seems like there isn't anybody staying here, so please just choose a place where you'd like to set up your village

It's great here, it's beautiful and
near to the lake!

What are you doing?

Cutting wood for the pillars of the house

Cutting with a dull axe is very troublesome

Oh, yes!

Lord Dorazombie, this is the first catch
from this piece of land. Please eat it

Thanks for the food!

- Delicious
- Doraemon

Lend the tools to these people


History will be distorted if the Stone Age people
uses future tools

Humans think creatively and create tools
which are convenient through hardwork

This is called the development of civilization

Inflexible fellow


That's not the problem!


What do we do with the cut grass?

Please stack it there

Stone Age kids sure are hardworking

Shall we help?

Uncle, aunt, I will put this here

Well, thank you

Everyone's so busy, but what is Nobita doing?

I suppose he must be sleeping on the river bank


This is a dog whistle.
I made it from the bones of a deer

I use it to call Ro


The wolf puppy I used to rear

It was very close to me and was a cute fellow

There was a time, the village went on a journey.
There was no more food to hunt nearby

Sun set and sun rise,
sun set and sun rise...

It was a long journey

We found a group of mammoth,
we shouted and cornered them

The mammoth fought, for their lives
and there was a huge commotion

I don't know when Ro went missing!

I wonder if it squashed by the mammoth
or did it sink into the mud

Did you leave it?

I couldn't be a spoilt brat

Even so, I blew the whistle every day

Then one fine day after a month...

- Ro!
- It was covered in mud and had wounds

but it ran into my arms
at full speed

The animals have a strong sense
of finding their owners

That's why, Nobita's three pets
will also do the same


The village will be completed soon,
can you help?

Of course!

I'm so tired I can't move anymore

You skived off halfway

There are blisters on my arms

I was cut by the grass here and there

Do you realize how convenient and easy
you have been living through these hard labour?

I haven't watched television for quite awhile

I have to do homework

Shall we go home for the time being?

I agree!

But we will be scolded by our moms

Don't worry. We just use the time machine
to return to where we left

You're right!

That's great, Stingyzombie!

I'm not Stingyzombie!

Here. I will be back soon, but if Pega and the
rest return, please feed them with these

You can count on me!

We feel uneasy without Lord Dorazombie

Don't worry, Gigazombie and Kurayami tribe
will not come

- Bye, we are leaving!
- Take care!

What's this?

We need to gather slaves
to complete the Tokoyami Castle

That's why I placed you together
with that monkey!

I'm sorry, Lord Gigazombie

Hikari tribe has found a strong ally

A raccoon monster who calls itself
the Spirit King, Dorazombie

What? Dorazombie? Spirit King?

Are you saying that his powers
are above mine?

It's not nonsense!

Quiet! You worthless slaves!

Hear this! Find Dorazombie
and bring him to me!

I will find you until the end of the Earth
and tear you into pieces!

My brain is sleepy

There's a time difference,
a 'jet lag' of 70,000 years

What happened? You look worried

Look at this

- What's that?
- This is the hand of Tsuchidama. I took back one
of the broken pieces


What are you doing, all of a sudden?

It joined back!

It is made of materials I have never seen before

I have sent this data to
Dorami to investigate

Hello? Doraemon? Are you there?

According to the analysis,
it is made out of shape-memory ceramic.

Every particle remembers it's own structure

and it has metals
which have the ability to repair itself

I will continue to investigate further

Why is there such thing in the Stone Age?

I don't know.
There's only one thing for sure

Gigazombie is not an ordinary witch doctor

Oh no! We're too late


There's a big shadow!

That's Gigazombie?

You are here, Dorazombie and gang

I have taken in new slaves

Return Kukuru and the rest!

If you want them,
come to the Tokoyami Castle

But be aware that you can't go back

We won't fall for that threat!

It's useless.
That's just an image to convey a message

Here is where we fought with the Tsuchidama
and saved the Hikari tribe

We have no idea where is Tokoyami Castle
and who is this Gigazombie!

Who cares! Kukuru is our friend!

We can't abandon our true friend!

I'm a bit scared though!

Let's go then.
To the deep vast lands of the mainland!

When is this vast land going to end?
Japan cannot compare to this vastness

It is this far. How did Gigazombie
find Kukuru and the others?

I don't know. Instead of that,
will we be able to find Tokoyami Castle?

But it is really strange

What is it?

Isn't it strange that Gigazombie and his gang are able
to make a round trip in one day even though it is so far?

What? Are you feeling afraid?

We will know the answer
when we meet Gigazombie

That's true

Look, snow

- I'm getting cold
- Me too

That's strange...
The Eacon Suits are supposed to keep us warm

That's possible.
The temperature now is minus 50 degrees

There's a limit to how much Eacon Suits can cover

The Takecopter is not working well!
Let's descend


It's useless.
It overheated because of continuous usage

Are there no other tools we can use to travel?

There is, but it's dangerous
to use it on uneven terrain

Reneamotorcar Imitation!

It's a good thing there's
no one to look at us though

To role play as a train at this age

Stop mumbling. Let's go!


I'm dizzy!

I can't breathe!


Our speed now is at 400 km/h!

Stop this!

It's useless.
We can't move forward!

Hey! There's a cave!

Thank God! Let's take cover there!

We're saved

I nearly fainted

It's great everyone is here

Nobita's missing!

That buffoon!

Maybe he fell off on the way here?

I... I will go save him!

Stop it!

You will be stranded too!

If we leave him outside, he will die!

There's no way we will be able to find him
in this snow blizzard,

rather than that...

Rescue Bottle!

There's a meditative nutrition drink inside this bottle,

it will search for those
who are stranded and saves them

But, how is it going to find Nobita?

Is there anything with his scent?

This will do!

The Zero Mark Answer Sheet!

Listen. Find the boy with this scent

- We're counting on you! - Please do your best!
- Please find him before it's too late!

Doraemon! Everyone!

Terrible, you guys just left me behind!

I'm going to freeze to death...

It's cold...


It's a stove! Let me feel the heat too!


You don't want to ask help
from anyone, right?



Just a bit!
I'm fine with just the soup!

You wanted to live alone, right?

That was...



It's useless

I can't take a single step...

This happened because you ran away from home,

It wouldn't have happened
if you gave up running away

If you had been good
and listened to your mom and your teacher,

you would be in a
warm futon right now


I just wanted to try

It's a waste, at the end,
you can't do anything by yourself

Instead of that, it's about time you go to sleep

I have to go save... Ku... Kukuru

Is it? Do as you like

Kukuru... Kukuru...

What's that? It's suspicious...

Nothing can be done even if you're feeling worried.
We can only believe in the bottle and wait

I can't just wait here and do nothing!

Don't go too far inside, you'll get lost!

That Nobita...
That's why I hate fools!


There are steps going down!

I'm impressed that you could reach here.
I must compliment you even though you're the enemy

How far will these stairs go?

It's probably going to penetrate the Earth

Look! There's light inside

- What's that?
- Let's go!

Such a huge number of villagers
from the Hikari tribe are slaves!

As I thought, this is the Tokoyami Castle!

Look! Kukuru is over there!

That brute!
The only thing I can't forgive is slavery!

Ultra Stop Watch!

- Everything looks like it's frozen.
- There's no movement!

It's a time lock.
Besides us, everyone is frozen in time

You just need to touch the person with this
to let his time move again

We have to hurry and save everyone!

We need to save such a huge number
of people at once and secure the escape route

The tool I always use, Pass Loop!

With these, everyone can reach the surface at once

I will check whether this hole
connects to the surface


We're counting on you, Doraemon!

That's weird.
There shouldn't be any bends

You must be kidding me!
What's this place?!

Why is there such a place here?

Why is there such machine
underground in Stone Age?

Impossible! Time should be frozen

Welcome, little Dorazombie

This room is a sacred place
which is forbidden to everyone

but I allowed you to come in
as a sign of respect to your courage

Why are you moving
even though I have frozen time?

I released the time lock


I understand now!

You're from the future, right? You're a time-space criminal
who intends to change history as you wish

You did well in realizing the truth. But I'm far from being criminal, I am the God who controls history

I came here
to wipe out the rotten future

Where it is controlled
by ignorant primitive man

The Time Patrol will not allow you
to do as you wish!

That's why I build this secret hideaway
deep underground

So that the Time Patrol
will not be able to detect me

Take a look!
The Time-Space Destruction Machine!

- With this machine, I will be able to create
time-space distortion freely
- time-space distortion?

That's it!

You're the one who dragged Kukuru
and us into the time distortion!

I'm sorry. It was just a test

If I drop the plasma ball into the time-space distortion, the time tunnel will be destroyed into ashes. Nobody can enter into this timeline and I will be the ruler of this eternal dynasty

Do you think you could be
the king of the world easily?

And what do you intend to do? Dorazombie

I will catch you!
And hand you over to the Time Patrol!

Very well!
Catch me if you can!

I will let you be my subordinate
if you admit defeat!

Who wants to be your subordinate?

Full power!

Tools from the 22nd century can't work

Tools from the 22nd century are too primitive.
I'm from the 23rd century

Alas, I lost by one century




You're all okay!

I missed you!

That's right! I fainted in the snow

Did you guys saved me?

Thank you! Thank you, guys!

I wonder where are Doraemon and the others.
I supposed they have found Tokoyami Castle?

Gris! Did you find something?

This is my answer sheet!

Which means that Doraemon is nearby?

Who would have thought that Doraemon would lose?

I'm sorry

He isn't helping during this important moment?

That's why I'm apologizing!

Siberian tiger?

- Will we be eaten?
- Do something, Doraemon!

- I can't!
- Mama!

Stop your worthless struggles

You will be living sacrifices to the dark spirits!

If you want to eat, eat Giant!
If you want gourmet, it's Giant!

You rascal!

- I'm so afraid!
- Don't give up until the last minute!


What's that?

Is that...


Everyone, I've come to save you!

You're late!

You're okay!

You still have companions?

Now's the time!

Save Lord Dorazombie!

Defeat Gigazombie!

Useless fool! When did they escape?

What are you doing? Go fight!


- How did you manage to escape?
- Nobita came to save us!

- In spite of him being Nobita!
- He's being impertinent

I'm counting on you! Pega!

You insolent fool!



They'd stick back together after
we manage to break them out!

Instant Stick Gun!

Everyone! Use this to shoot at the Tsuchidama!

Don't worry!

We did it!


Gigazombie is running away!

Leave it to Suneo and I!
Go after Gigazombie!

Got it!

- Let's go, Nobita!
- Yes!


Admit defeat!

Persistent fools!

You can't run away!

Don't be so sure about that!


It's a robot!


If it's going to end like this,
I will initiate the Time-Space Destruction Machine

That was close!


Are you okay?

As I thought,
it is made out of shape-memory ceramic

The Stick Gun?

It's too big to seal it's movements!

We chased the mammoths into the mud
when we were fighting with them!

Mud? That is...

That's it!


use that...

Donbura powder!

That's a good method too!


Pour the contents onto the mammoths

Us, too!

Got it!

It's useless. The entrance is too narrow,
we can't go through

- Pega and Gris wait here,
while the rest of us go
- Yes!

Time Tunnel?

The Time-Space Destruction Machine has been initiated!

It's a pity.
Preparation has just been completed

Stop! If you destroy time and space,
this world might also vanish!

That's interesting! All the more to try isn't it

Time-Space Distortion?

What should we do to stop it?

If we can stop the energy
which flows into the plasma ball

It's impossible at such a tall height!

How about using Takecopter?

It's under repairs!



You monkey! What are you trying to do?

He's trying to break the pole!

How dare you ruin the sacred machine!

Who's that?

Is this a reverse victory homerun for us?

This is two outs in baseball

- Giant!
- Suneo!

Let's go there too!


No! The plasma energy has stopped!


Don't move!

We are not afraid of the difference in one century
as long as everyone's together!

A babysitting robot being impertinent.
I will break you into pieces!

Bring it if you can!


Impossible... It should break
regardless of any machine

It's not a machine!
This spear is a real rock spear used by Kukuru!

Fake history can never win
over the real history

Time Patrol?


Hooray! We're saved!

I have been looking everywhere for you, Doraemon!

- Dorami?
- Dorami!


Stop right there!

Darn it, it was so close...

Gigazombie, you are under arrest
for trying to destroy history!

Dorami! How did you get here?

After that, i found out that the Tsuchidama
was made in the 23rd century

From there, I guessed that
it might be a time-space crime

- Dorami is so brilliant!
- Different from her brother

What did you say?!

All of you succeeded in fighting Gigazombie.
We appreciate your courage!

We will destroy this base so that
it does not leave a mark in history

Everyone hop onto the ship!


There won't be anyone who will attack you.
The Kurayami tribe has also returned to their own place

Thank you very much.
We are truly in debt with you, Lord Dorazombie

We will build a magnificent village this time

I supposed this is where Japan first began

- So, they are our anscestors
- This a moment to remember


Take it... This dog whistle saved my life

Take it, Nobita

In return, don't forget me!

I won't forget you!

- Nobita
- Yes?

Are you the owner of the three animals?

Yes! They are my proud pets!

I'm sorry, but we have to take them
to the Fantasy Safari Park


Fictional animals don't belong in any timeline

It can't be!

No! I'm their mother!
I want to be with them forever!

Nobita. I understand your feelings

but we must think what's the best
for Pega and the rest




Dra... Draco... likes to eat.
So please make sure that he doesn't overeat

Gris... likes to play with the branch

And... Pega...

Please brush Pega every night!

Understood. I will inform the park

I will make sure that the message
is safely delivered!

- Take care!
- We're counting on you Dorami!

- Bye!
- Don't forget us!


Gris! Draco!

Be good to the kids
from the future, okay?

I will go see you!

I will...

I will also do my best!

Okay. I'm leaving

Send my regards to the head of department

Yes. I'm leaving!

Nobita, wake up

Just another 10 minutes


Is he done with running away from home?


Welcome back, Nobita